Ask the StoryBots (2016) s03e04 Episode Script

Why Do We Have To Recycle?

1 Aah! Netflix.
Come on, guys, let's go! - Yeah, whoo-hoo! - Yeah, dude! Boop.
StoryBots Livin' inside computer parts The StoryBots Helping kids get super smart They love to learn Love to learn - And adore adventure - Whoo-hoo! And answering questions Is their business and pleasure There's a whole department Whose only task Is to answer anything we ask So let's see if Team 341B Can solve another mystery The StoryBots Meet Beep and Bing Bang, Boop and Bo Just ask them what you wanna know Just ask the StoryBots And when they get a stumper That demands investigation It's to the outer world On a hunt for information StoryBots Got a question? Got lots? If something's got you baffled Worry not Just ask the StoryBots Just ask the StoryBots Boop.
Oink! Moo! Quack! Huh? You called? I was just answering questions! Get back to work! - Whaddya got? - Observe.
Some dilly-dalliers.
The anti-dilly-dallier.
That's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
Now make it louder! Mongoose! Fingernail! Minivan! Holy bananas! Who am I gonna get to answer that? Oh, no! Where's Inky? No worries, dude! She's right there! Hey, Hap, she likes you! Inky is a great hugger! Stop this dilly-dallying! We've got a question to answer! Answer Team 341B reporting for duty, sir! It's about time! Just answer the question.
Hi, StoryBots, my name is Asher.
- Hi, Asher! - How ya doin'? I have a question for you.
What do you want to know, Asher? Where do planets come from? You mean, like, how are planets made? - Yeah.
- Oh, that's a great question! I love planets! Oh! What planets can you name, Asher? Earth, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.
What does this kid need us for? Yeah, why not just call up someone on Saturn and ask them? Other planets other than Earth can't have life because they're either too hot, too cold, or y or your head will get frozen.
Um thank you for the warning.
Oh, I got it! I know where to find the answer! StoryBots, prepare for transport.
Let's find out where planets come from! Outer World, here we come! Get off of me! There's work to do! Dilly dally! Aah! Oh! I could get used to landings like this! I'll say! Outer space is the best! And it's a great place to find out how planets are made! - Sweet! - All right! Awesome! Come on, guys, let's go! Planets, here we come! thirteen! Fourteen! Excuse us! Mercury? Fifteen! I'm not gonna be the smallest planet forever.
Sixteen! I'll show them! Um, it looks like you've got your hands full.
We'll just go to the next planet.
Good luck with your workout! Twenty! Spotter! Spotter! Spotter! Excuse us, Venus? Venus? Hey, StoryBots.
Ohh! Um, are you okay? If you can call 800 degrees Fahrenheit okay then I guess I'm doing okay.
Aah! Uh, maybe we'll just go ask Earth.
Bye! Earth, can we ask you a question? Can I get you a glass of water first? No, thank you.
We Are you sure? I just have so much of it, you know? We're okay, but we really What about some fresh fruit? Pineapple, kumquat? - Huh? Huh? - Can you just tell us Oh, I know what you would like! Don't you go anywhere! Um, maybe the next planet will help us? Uh, Earth, we really need to get going! Thanks for your hospitality! Snow cones! Aw, shoot.
Hello, Mars, can we ask you a question? I-I mean, sure.
We're trying to ans Ahem, sorry, go ahead.
Do you know how I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You were saying? Can you tell us Come on, guys, let's try the next planet.
Stop! Stop! Stop! That tickles! Excuse us? Jupiter? Saturn? Good day, StoryB Terribly sorry! Please excuse my friend, StoryBots.
Saturn and I are gas giants, which means we're made mostly of gas.
Excuse us? Uranus? Hi, StoryBots.
Sorry to wake you, but we were wondering if Uh, hello? Sorry.
Lying on my side makes it hard to stay awake.
What were you saying? Do you know how Ugh! Hello, Neptune? What?! We were wondering if you know how planets are made! Same old, same old.
My storms are still loud, but other than that I'm doing well! No! Can you tell us how planets are made? Thanks! I think the blue looks nice too! Well, guys, I think we've officially run out of planets to ask.
What are we gonna do now? Ash needs an answer! Uh, that dude kinda looks like a planet.
Uh, excuse us, we're trying to answer a question about planets.
Did you say planets? Yes.
I was classified as a planet once.
I was Pluto the ninth planet! But the definition of a planet changed, and that status was taken from me.
One day, I will be a planet again, and we'll see who gets the last laugh! Uh, Mr.
Pluto? Huh? Do you know how planets are made? Alas, the answer lies somewhere beyond our solar system, out there, in deep space.
Whoa! Unfortunately, I'm stuck here, in the Kuiper Belt, with all of these non-planetary knuckleheads.
Duh, hello! Hm well, it looks like we have to go deeper into space.
Let me give you a hand! Ahhhhhhhh! If you find out how planets are made, let me know! All right, let's see here.
Oh, there's the star Sirius the Pleiades star cluster mm-hmm, mm-hmm, and uh an undiscovered planet? I've done it! I've discovered a new planet! I'll be famous! Hmm? Planets.
We are The planets of the solar system Different sizes for every one The music never ends We are such good friends And we all orbit the sun Here comes the sun Rapping first on this track From the beginning I'm the center of the solar system Planets be spinning around me So hot I'm roasting, ya see? Now I pass the mic To the planet closest to me Mercury, the smallest planet Small as earth's moon Yo! I get super hot and cold And I spin very slow I'm Venus, I got mountains And volcanoes that spray I'm the same size as Earth But spin the opposite way Yeah, I'm Earth I'm the home to every boy and girl Such a beautiful, beautiful world I'm Mars, the red planet I got deserts and ice - And I've got two moons - Nice! That's like one moon, twice! I'm Jupiter, the biggest planet I'm humongous, gargantuan I spin the fastest, rap the fastest, Plus I'm handsome - Blam, son! - Oh, please, I'm Saturn Check out my beautiful rings Made up of billions of rocks, dust And other things I'm Uranus, I say that with pride Okay, I lied I'm embarrassed 'cause I'm the only planet lying on its side I'm Neptune I'm cold, dark Windy and mysterious I'm very stormy, so bring An umbrella I'm serious We are the planets Of the solar system Different sizes for every one The music never ends We are such good friends And we all orbit the sun Goodness! We've been floating for a really long time.
Yeah, man! Outer space is, like, so totally vast and stuff.
Ooh! It really puts things into perspective.
We could be floating out here forever Huh? Whoa! A spaceship, man! Greetings, space people! We are your friend! StoryBots! Huh? Hi! Wait, what are you guys doing all the way out here in interstellar space? What are we doing out here? What are you doing out here!? Oh! I'm doing my job.
I'm a professor of astronomy! Buh a professor of what-cha-see? Astronomy! The study of celestial objects and phenomena.
You know, the study of planets and stuff.
- Oh, right, I heard of that.
- Of course! I'm a Gemini.
Well, it was nice to see you, StoryBots, but I gotta run.
I got a class at 2:00 back on Earth.
Before you go, can you help us answer a question for a kid named Asher? Oh I don't know if I can.
Uh well, I can if it's quick! He wants to know how planets are made.
Oh, that's easy! It's just dust, gas and gravity! I gotta run! Bye! Wait! Professor! Yes? We know what dust and gas are.
But, like, what's gravity? Gravity's a force in the universe that pulls objects together.
I really have to go.
Good day to you! Wait! Yes, I know, I know.
I'm not gonna be running behind.
I'm gonna be there super, super early.
What now? We still don't understand what gravity is.
Okay, here.
Watch this.
Uh professor? Oops! Wrong program.
Oh, no.
Oh, hi.
Intensive! Ah, here we go.
Now, to understand gravity, imagine this grid represents empty space.
Watch what happens to it when we introduce an object.
The object is bending the grid! Correct.
That's because it has mass! What's mass, Professor? Mass is the amount of stuff that an object is made of.
The more mass an object has, the more it bends space.
Oh, cool, man! Look what happens when we place an object with less mass nearby.
Whoa, it's like it's rolling down a hill! Exactly! The bending of space causes objects with less mass to move towards objects with more mass.
That's gravity! - Wow! That is so cool! - Wow! Amazing! Oh, dear, look at the time.
I really have to get going.
Bye, StoryBots! Wait! Really? We understand what gravity is now, but we still don't understand how it forms planets.
Remember, gravity alone doesn't form planets, StoryBots.
That requires an enormous cloud of dust and gas.
So to get our answer, all we have to do is find an enormous cloud of dust and gas? Exactly! Now can I go? Yeah! Of course! You don't wanna keep the students waiting, dude.
Okay, bye! Come on, guys, let's go find an enormous cloud of dust and gas! Yeah! Let's go find some dust and gas, man.
Gas! Hmm? Huh? Aaahhh! Hmm? Gravity.
Spinning all around us In the universe Is what scientists call space-time Matter is the stuff That makes up everything From a star, our planet To a lemon or a lime, so Where there's matter It'll bend space-time Which is curious as can be And that bending action Is the cause of attraction That we now know is gravity Now, mass is a word For the amount of matter In anything you'll ever find And the greater the mass Any object has The more the bend it'll make In space-time So, the bigger the bend The stronger the pull On other things all around It's how the mass Of a great big planet Pulls smaller things Down to the ground It's how the moon keeps spinning So close to the earth While the earth spins happily Around the sun With its super humongous mass Creating powerful gravity That's the force of gravity That's the force of gravity That's the force of gravity Whoa! The professor wasn't joking! This cloud of dust and gas is, like infinite! Yeah, but I still don't see what it has to do with making planets.
Well, hold tight, 'cause I think we're about to find out! Whoa! Whoa! Who are you guys? We're dust and gas particles! You made it just in time! Just in time for, like, what? Just in time for this cloud to collapse.
Um, what do you mean by collapse? There's finally enough dust and gas particles at the very center of the cloud to bend space! That causes gravity to kick in! And that gravity will make most of the other particles in this cloud fall to the center, like this! Aaahhh! I don't like clouds that collapse in on themselves! Dudes, is it me, or are these particles getting bigger? We're getting bigger, all right! The collapse is causing all of us To smash into each other And form clumps! The collisions release energy, which creates heat! Eventually, the center of the cloud gets so hot, it forms a star! Like a cute little twinkly star? More like a huge ball of burning gas star! Let's do this! Cannonball! Let's get outta here! - Hi! - Huh? Sorry I almost incinerated you! Oh, don't worry about it! These things happen all the ti Ohh! What's happening now? Well, after a star is formed, there's still some dust and gas particles left floating around, and we get to become planets! Planets? So, can you tell us how planets are formed? Ahhh! As dust clumps move around the star, we smash into each other.
And grow more massive! So now you're a planet, right? Not even close.
We're just planetesimals.
What's a planetesimal, man!? We're massive enough that gravity keeps us together and makes us round.
But we're just the building blocks of planets.
You're just building blocks? Are you a planet now? No, I'm a protoplanet.
We're like baby planets.
Look out, dudes! Incoming! Ahhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! StoryBots! Huh? Hi! You gotta be a planet now, right? Well, am I massive enough that my own gravity has made me round? - Yep.
- Oh, yeah, definitely round, uh-huh.
Am I orbiting a star? Hi, again! - Yeah! - Oh, yeah, uh-huh.
And are there any other clumps in my path as I orbit the star? I don't see any clumps! Smooth sailing, dude! Then I'm finally a planet! Yay! Well, it looks like we got our answer, guys! - Bye, planet! Bye, stars! - Buh-bye! Buh-bye, now! Bye, StoryBots! Come back soon! StoryBots fun fact number thirty-nine million, six hundred twenty-two thousand forty-two.
Did you know that Brussels sprouts stink when you overcook them because they're rich in a compound that contains sulfur? Ooh.
Ew! Ohh! Huh! It's not me! Huh? No, no! I-I'm just overcooked! I swear! It was only an extra two minutes! Aww! Go Brussels, go Brussels Go Brussels sprouts! Go Brussels, go Brussels Go Brussels sprouts! Whoo! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, what now? Oh, yeah Oh, boy, get down, Brussels! Go, get down, Brussels Go, Brussels sprouts! Whoo! Brussels, Brussels, Brussels Brussels, Brussels, Brussels Sprouts Brussels sprouts Baboon! Unicycle! Jug band! Huh? Huh? Anyone see Hap? Huh? - Not me.
- No, I don't see him anywhere.
Must be in the bathroom.
Hm? Boop.
Huh? Gravity at its finest! What are you doing here? I told you to get an answer, not dilly-dally! We got the answer, Boss.
We know where planets come from! It all starts with dust, gas, and gravity, man.
Gravity is a force in the universe that pulls objects together.
It causes huge clouds of dust and gas to collapse in on themselves.
That collapsing generates so much heat that a star is born! After the star is born, there's, like, still some dust and gas particles left floating around.
Those particles smash into each other and form clumps! Those clumps smash into each other and form planetesimals! And those planetesimals smash into each other and form protoplanets! When protoplanets get big enough that they're rounded by their own gravity Orbit a star And clear all the other objects in their path out of the way That's where planets come from! Just just gimme that tape! Oh, hi! Huh? What the heck is this? Oops, wrong tape.
When giant clouds of dust And gas collapse, a star is born And from the leftover Bits of dust and gas New planets often form It starts with the force of gravity Which pulls objects together That's what causes clouds Of dust and gas to cave in Cave in And a crash as big as those ones are Makes so much heat That it forms a star And that's when A planet's story begins Because that new star is surrounded By leftover dust and gas around it And those little bits, they bump And sometimes stick to form a clump At first it's called a planetesimal And if it keeps on growing Then you call it a protoplanet Which as the name implies Is almost planet size! And when it gets so big That its own gravity rounds it out And it's cleared a path around the star That we just sung about There's one more planet in the sky Giant clouds of dust and gas collapse A star is born And from the leftover bits Of dust and gas New planets often form When giant clouds of dust And gas collapse, a star is born And from the leftover Bits of dust and gas New planets often form Whoa! That was out of this world! Hey, look everyone, it's Asher! - Hi, Asher! - Hi, Asher! Hello there! Good to see you, buddy! So, what do you think, Asher? Whoa! Gravity is cool! Yeah! Gravity is awesome! And sometimes painful! Thanks, StoryBots.
See ya! Enough with the farewells! We've got questions to answer! Scram! Move! - Go! Go! Move! Go! Go! Go! Move! - Bye, Boss.
Bye-bye! StoryBots Livin' inside computer parts The StoryBots Helping kids get super smart They love to learn Love to learn And adore adventure And answering questions Is their business and pleasure There's a whole department Whose only task Is to answer anything we ask So let's see if Team 341B Can solve another mystery The StoryBots Meet Beep and Bing Bang, Boop and Bo Just ask them what you wanna know Just ask the StoryBots Boop.