Ask the StoryBots (2016) s03e07 Episode Script

Where Does Chocolate Come From?

1 [giggling.]
- Aaah! - [crash.]
- [giggling.]
- Netflix.
- Come on, guys, let's go! - Yeah, dude! Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho! Boop.
StoryBots Livin' inside computer parts - The StoryBots - [all.]
Aaah! Helping kids get super smart - They love to learn - They love to learn And adore adventure And answering questions is their business and pleasure There's a whole department whose only task Is to answer anything we ask So let's see if team 341-B can solve another mystery - The StoryBots - [all exclaim.]
Meet Beep and Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo Just ask 'em what you want to know Just ask the StoryBots And when they get a stumper that demands investigation It's to the outer world on a hunt for information StoryBots Got a question? Got lots? If something's got ya baffled, worry not Just ask the StoryBots Just ask the StoryBots Boop! [whooshing.]
- [angry muttering.]
- [phone ringing.]
Banana! Bandana! Gary, Indiana! Forget it! Not a chance! - No way! - [chatter over phone.]
I love you too, Mom.
Signed! Signed! Signed! Oh.
I didn't know you were a fan.
- Signed! - [gasps, exclaims.]
Pumpernickel! Snickerdoodle! - Onomatopoeia! - [beeping.]
I thought I told you guys to install the airbag [crash.]
[both giggling.]
- [beeping.]
- Mother-of-pearl! That's a heckuva question! Get me the best answer team we got pronto! [clank.]
Huh? [whistling sound.]
[StoryBots screaming.]
Wow! That was our softest landing ever! Yeah! Using our pillows was a great idea, Bang! You always get your best ideas right before bed, man.
What am I gonna sleep on tonight? [blubbering.]
This isn't a sleepover, Storybots! We got questions to answer! [coughs.]
Answer team 341-B reporting for duty, sir! Kid [coughs.]
Questions [coughing.]
You know the drill.
Hi, StoryBots.
My name is Rory.
[all greeting Rory.]
- Hey, Rory! - Hi, Rory! - Glad to meet you! We can, like, barely see you past all this pillow plumage, man.
One time I, like, made a fort and I put some pillows in the fort and outside the fort.
Whoa, that's super smart! Who told you how to do that? My friend told me.
His name is Miguel.
He knows a lot of stuff.
He knows what kind of dinner there is, what kind of breakfast it's called, he knows how to count to a million [all.]
He can count to a million?! He actually can.
- Whoa, man! - Holy mackerel! - Awesome! - Sweet! But what's your question, Rory? Why do people have to recycle? That's a good question.
Why do people have to recycle? [all.]
Um Boop.
Boop boop! Boop! [beeping, horn blows.]
StoryBots, prepare for transport! Let's find out why we have to recycle! [tires squealing.]
Outer world, here we come! [engine revving.]
Finally, peace and quiet.
Hm? - [ding.]
- Aaah! - [crash.]
- [both giggling.]
Aaaah! Uhhhh! Oww! Eeeee! Ohhhhh Whoaaaa [revving.]
[birds singing.]
[StoryBots yelling.]
- [thud.]
- [all exclaim.]
Oh, yuck! This is gross! Ach! Nasty! Yeah.
Why'd you bring us here, Boop? [Boop muttering.]
Well, we know recycling has something to do with trash, - so I guess this makes sense.
- [vehicle back-up alarm beeping.]
Uh, does anybody else hear that rumbling? - Yeah, what is that thing, man? - [loud clank.]
[hydraulics whine.]
[StoryBots screaming.]
This must be the worst place ever! [back-up alarm beeping.]
[StoryBots screaming.]
Well, maybe this is the worst place ever.
Wow, man, this stuff is, like, really stinky.
Yeah! It smells like feet! [sniffs.]
And cheese! Come on, Bing, we need to focus and find that answer for Rory.
Ah Beep? Rory is gonna have to wait.
What do you mean, Bo? Why? - [machinery rumbling.]
- [all.]
Bulldozer! [all screaming.]
- Whoa, man! - [tires squeal.]
Get in if you want to stay alive! [both.]
Huh? Now! - [all screaming.]
- Boop! Boop! [Bo.]
Boop! Seatbelts on! Now! Now, now, now, now, now, now, now! Whoa! - [tires squeal.]
- Aaaah! [Bo screaming.]
Look out! Waah! [continues screaming.]
Whoa, yeah! Wow! That was the coolest thing ever! Yeah, thanks for saving us, Ms The name's Annie.
Some call me Angry Annie.
Why do they call you Angry? - Why?! - [tires squeal.]
Look around, StoryBots.
Could you imagine living in this unholy, stinking landfill? Landfill? What's that? It's where humans dump all the stuff they don't want anymore.
Bag after bag, can after can, truck after truck! It all comes here.
I thought when you put garbage in the can, it just, like, goes away.
Goes away?! Some of this junk'll sit here for 500 years! [echoing.]
Years years years And to think, generations ago my ancestors called this the Green Place.
Uh looks kinda gray and brown to me, dude.
Of course it's gray and brown! The garbage is contaminating our water supply! [skull.]
Rotten It seeps into the ground and pollutes the soil so nothing can grow! [flower coughing, wheezing.]
Oh, that's terrible! It gets worse.
The trash releases methane and other bad gases into the air.
Heck, you can see the air! You're not supposed to be able to see air!!! - [StoryBots agreeing.]
- [Boop muttering.]
You sure do know a lot about this place, Ms.
Angry Annie.
Maybe you can help us answer a question.
Yeah, I know a lot about this place.
I know that it's hopeless! [Boop grunting.]
- [thud.]
- Ahh! Huh?! Boop.
The Sign! Hmm? Boop? He bears the Sign! Boop? You carry the answer! Quick.
We need to go.
Now! Did she say "the answer"? Come on, guys! I need to show the others.
[starts motor.]
There might be some hope in this wasteland after all.
Let's ride! [tires squeal.]
Huh? [speaker.]
Surprise cleanliness inspection! [both gasp.]
[both grunting.]
- Hmm.
- Huh? Mm-hm.
Gold star for cleanliness.
- [metal groaning.]
- Huh? [growls.]
- Trash.
- Hmph! [both giggling.]
When the truck comes by on pickup day To haul your bags of trash away Where, oh where do you suppose That grimy, grungy garbage goes? The truck picks up your table scraps, greasy napkins, bottle caps Packages from crunchy snacks and every kind of junk Twisty ties and grocery bags, broken crayons, worn-out rags They all go to a landfill, in other words, the dump The landfill is a giant pit somewhere out of town Where all the trash is trucked in from homes all around We can't make it disappear or shoot it into space So it ends up in a landfill, it's gotta go someplace Just look what people throw away A rug made out of macramé A spatula, a spool of thread An action doll without its head A cowboy hat, a pair of shades A doggy brush, the ace of spades A catcher's mitt, a running shoe - A pile of dirty diapers - Eww! Banana peels, a rotten plum A comb, a tire, a busted drum Someone's chewed-up bubblegum in one giant lump Candy wrappers, dental floss Every piece of trash we toss Ends up in the landfill, in other words, the dump Be careful what you throw awaaaay It winds up in the dump, a really stinky dump [flies buzzing.]
So this is, like, where the others live? [Annie.]
You got it.
Just do what I do, and don't make any sudden movements.
- [all gasp.]
- [voice.]
Halt! Who goes there?! It is I, Angry Annie, from the hinterlands.
I seek an audience with the leader.
Huh? - [door unlocks.]
- [all gasp.]
[hinges creak.]
Huh? [animals growling.]
[StoryBots gasp.]
- [growling continues.]
- Gee, uh those are some really nice outfits! [nervous laughter.]
Huh? [voice.]
State your business! [Annie.]
I bring to you the Chosen One! He bears the Sign! [animals gasp.]
Chosen One? - Can it be? - [all.]
Huh? Humungo, set me down.
Greetings, Chosen One.
I am Lord Wormo.
We've been awaiting your arrival.
[animal, gasping.]
The Chosen One [Lord Wormo.]
As you can see, times have been very difficult.
- [animals.]
The Chosen One - [StoryBots.]
Huh? [rhythmic clanking.]
Save us, save us Uh, excuse me, Mr.
Lord Wormo, would you mind telling us what's going on here? The prophecy is clear! Humungo, my spotlight! Humungo light.
[animals whispering.]
The prophecy [whispering continues.]
Ahem! Legend tells of a time in ages past when plants flourished and animals lived happy and free.
They called it the Green Place.
[clanking, rumbling.]
Then came the dozers.
Mound after mound, bag after bag - the people bought stuff - [slurping.]
and threw it away.
- Bought stuff and threw it away! - [cash register ringing.]
Bought stuff and threw it away! Over and over and over, until the Green Place was buried in trash!!! [words echo.]
And now you're here to fix it.
Um Mr.
Lord Wormo, are you sure our friend Boop here is really the Chosen One? Ho ho! Humungo, show them the Sign! [heavenly music plays.]
The Sign! Yup, looks like you're the Chosen One, dude.
Boop? The prophecy foretold of a visitor bearing the Sign.
He would teach us of recycling and return us to the Green Place.
- The Green Place! - The Green Place! - Recycling! - Recycling! Did you just say "recycling"? Yeah! We're trying to learn about recycling too! Wait.
You don't know anything about recycling? Nope.
'Fraid not, man.
Not even the Chosen One? Boop? I see.
Hope is lost! The Chosen One knows nothing! Everyone panic! [all screaming.]
Hope is lost! Aaaah! - Waaah! - [clanking.]
Aah! Eee! Aaah! Stay calm, everyone! [Humungo.]
Why? Why? Hope gone! Arrgghh! [rumbling.]
[rock crumbling.]
[metallic groaning.]
- [all.]
Huh? - [Lord Wormo gasps.]
Something special is happening! [bottle clanking.]
[heavenly music playing.]
Boop? [all.]
Huh? [Bing.]
Whoa! It's the Sign! Come on, guys, let's go check it out! [tires squeal.]
Hop in, StoryBots.
Let's ride.
Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go! - Yeah, good idea, man! - Let's do it! Let's go! Whoo-hoo! [whooshing.]
- [Hub grunting.]
- Huh? [grunting.]
Whew! - [ding.]
- Wha? [both giggling.]
- Oi! - Huh? That's the sound we've been lookin' for! Welcome to the band, mate! [whistles.]
One, two, three, four! [heavy rock music playing.]
Ohhhh! - [music stops.]
- [clatter.]
- Triangle.
- [ding.]
[both giggling.]
I'm a triangle and I've got three sides I'm a triangle, draw me with three lines - An arrow or a tree - A tree! You can make with me - I can be a mountain - Let's climb the mountain! - I can be a hat - Do I look stylish? - I can be the ears - Hello there! - On a kitty cat - Meow, kitty, kitty.
I can be The beak on a birdie - I can be a nose - Gesundheit! - I can be a corn chip - Crunchy! - I can be the sail - Hoist the sail! - On a sailing ship - Ahoy! I'm a triangle and I've got three sides I'm a triangle, draw me with three lines A rocket ship or a teepee - Wowee! - You can make with me - I see! I'm a tri Tri Angle [whooshing.]
[motor revs.]
Hey! There it is, dudes! I see it! The Sign! [heavenly music playing.]
Huh?! Oh, no! Another dozer! Nothin' I can't handle, StoryBots.
Aaaah! [all screaming.]
[heavenly music playing.]
Wow! [Bo.]
It's beautiful! Huh? Uh-oh.
[StoryBots screaming.]
- [clanking.]
- [StoryBots groaning, exclaiming.]
- [thud.]
- [all.]
Like, who turned out the lights, man? - [clank.]
- [all.]
Huh? [music playing.]
Buckle up, StoryBots, and hold on tight! [all.]
Whoa! Wow! Welcome to the materials recovery facility, StoryBots! The name's Chuck, and I run this wonderland of recycling! [all.]
Recycling? We're trying to answer a question about recycling for a boy named Rory! Well, you've certainly come to the right place, Beep! First, giant spinning discs keep lighter material, like cardboard and paper, bouncing along the top! While heavier materials, like metal, plastic and glass, - fall below.
- [StoryBots.]
Whee! All of the items that dropped down pass an enormous spinning magnet! It snags the metals like steel, tin and iron.
[mechanical humming.]
- [Bing.]
All riiight! - [Boop.]
Boooop! - [clank.]
- [Bing.]
Whoo! [Boop.]
Next, we use optical scanners to separate plastic and glass.
It finds the plastic items and uses great blasts of air to carry them away! [Beep.]
Whee! [Chuck.]
The glass, which is heavier, - falls below again! - Whoo! [jar clinking.]
Now that the materials are separated, they are ready to be shipped to factories and processed so they can be made into new stuff! [giggles.]
What do you mean, new stuff? That's what recycling is all about, StoryBots! Taking old stuff and making it new again! Wow, that's really cool! - Incredible! - Amazing! Long live Chuck! We understand the Sign! All is saved! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Not so fast.
Recycling is just one of the three arrows on the Sign.
The other two or "reduce" and "reuse.
" Reduce and reuse? What is that? First, you want to reduce the amount of trash you create.
Like instead of using lots of plastic bottles you can use one single glass.
Yeah! That would put a lot less trash into the landfill! What about reuse? What's that all about? Reuse is when you find another use for something after you're finished with it.
Like I could reuse an old jelly jar as a new flower pot! Precisely! Now you truly understand the Sign.
Hmm! Well, it looks like we have our answer, guys.
And we have ours.
- Thank you, Mr.
Chuck! - Thanks so much for your help! - Take care! - Goodbye! Nice meeting you! Don't forget to recycle! Ha-ha-ha-ha! [whooshing.]
[synthesized voice.]
StoryBots Fun Fact number nine hundred three million one thousand two hundred four.
Did you know that the triceratops had as many as 800 teeth? [snoring.]
[Tooth Fairy giggling.]
Looks like you have a tooth for me! [laughing.]
Whoa! [laughs.]
Wowee! You must be the luckiest kid I kno [Tooth Fairy screaming.]
[Tooth Fairy.]
I need a new line of work.
One, two, three - Check out my horns - [trumpets play.]
One, two, three - Check out my horns - [trumpets play.]
I'm a triceratops, all up in this place Triceratops means three-horned face What do I use 'em for? Scientists debate Maybe for defense, or to find a mate But I love my horns, three up on my grill I'm also really special because I have a frill - A frill? - Yeah, a frill, you heard what I said It's a plate of bone on top of my head Cool Sort of looks like a crown, I'm a king of a kind [T-Rex.]
Hey, I'm the king of the dinos - And I'm hungry! - [Triceratops.]
Never mind The T-Rex would eat me if he had the chance But I'm a herbivore, I only eat plants Got hundreds of teeth to chew my veggie food Got a small, pointy tail, but I'm a big dude I move pretty slow and got hooves on my feet But check it, come on, these horns are pretty sweet, right? One, two, three - Check out my horns - [trumpets play.]
One, two, three - Check out my horns - [trumpets play.]
One, two, three Check out his horns.
One, two, three I wish I had a horn.
Here you go.
[playing trumpet.]
- [angry muttering.]
- [phones ringing.]
Sea shanty! Conga line! Crème brûlée! Huh? [StoryBots all exclaiming.]
What are you StoryBots doing back here?! I need an answer, not a headache! We got the answer, boss! We know why people need to recycle! And reduce and reuse.
Yeah! It's because of what happens when people throw away trash.
What are you talkin' about, StoryBots?! I thought trash just disappeared! No! It's sent to this horrible, stinky place called a landfill.
Some of the trash in landfills will sit there for hundreds of years, man! Yeah, and the rest of it rots and pollutes the water, soil, and air.
It's a real bummer, man.
With recycling, you can take some of the stuff that people throw away and make it new again! - You can recycle cardboard - Paper - Metal - Plastic and glass! But recycling is just one of three ways people can make the Earth a healthier place.
They can also reduce the amount of stuff they use to begin with.
And reuse things instead of throwing them away.
If everybody reduced, reused and recycled, the water, soil and air would be healthier for plants and animals.
So [all.]
That's why people need to recycle! And reduce and reuse.
Just Just give me that tape! [muttering.]
When we throw our trash away It's as if it disappears But actually It's packed into a landfill where it sits and rots for years Muckin' up water, ground and sky For the animals and plants nearby And that's why We reduce, reuse And recycle You've gotta reduce.
reuse And recycle Think about all the things you buy And the bags and tags that come with them All those things when you're done with them become trash But if you buy a little less, use a little less We reduce the amount of trash that we produce Next up is reuse Turnin' somethin' old into something new It might take some alteration, and imagination, too A tire can be a playground swing A can can be, well, anything - Next up is recycle - Recycle what? I'm so glad you asked Paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and glass They're broken down into materials to use for other stuff So remembering to throw your trash away is not enough You gotta reduce, reuse, and recycle You gotta reduce, reuse, and recycle You gotta reduce, reuse, and recycle Reduce, reuse, and recycle [static.]
Whoa! That was not bad.
- Whoo-hoo! - Yippee! - Yay! - We did it! Hey! Guys, look! Hey! Look, It's Rory! [all.]
Hi, Rory! So, what do you think? Well, StoryBots, I'm definitely gonna separate my garbage now.
Wonderful! Way to go, Rory! Good job! Thanks, StoryBots.
You're as smart as Miguel.
- Smart as Miguel?! - Thanks, buddy! Thanks, StoryBots.
Bye! [all talking at once.]
Quit your jibber-jabberin', StoryBots! We got questions to answer! Move! Now! Go! Work! Move! He should, like, reduce his stress levels, man.
Go! Go! Go! Work! Move! Move! StoryBots Livin' inside computer parts The StoryBots Helping kids get super smart - They love to learn - They love to learn And adore adventure And answering questions is their business and pleasure There's a whole department whose only task Is to answer anything we ask So let's see if team 341-B can solve another mystery The StoryBots Meet Beep and Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bo Just ask 'em what you want to know Just ask the StoryBots Boop!