Atlanta (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

The Big Bang

1 What the We ain't even - Hey, man! - Hey, Alfred! Hey, man, I'm gonna need some cash for this mirror, man.
Alfred! Hey, hello? Hello? Hey, hey, hey! Man, I know you hear me talking to you, man, - I'm speaking English.
- All right, cool.
Let's just keep it cool, okay, guys? Nigga, if you don't get out of my face.
Worldstar! - No, don't do that to us.
- No, no, no, no no.
I think I'm being more than fair, calmly asking for compensation.
So let's go, bro.
No, y'all staying broke tonight.
Well, you trying to get in the club before 10:45, which means you trying to get in before 11:00, which means you also broke.
Nobody's stunting on anybody here.
Ain't no one stunting on anyone here.
Bitch, will you please shut the hell up? Don't talk to me like that! I'll talk to whoever however I want, if you got a problem with it, we can settle it, but my car was not involved, man.
Hold on, hold on, man, I'm getting crazy déjà vu right now.
Okay, where's the dog with the Texas on him? Oh, there he is.
That's a trip, man.
Yo, what's your man on? Yo, worry about this mirror, man.
Just get another mirror.
You Paper Boy.
- You rich, right? - Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You Paper Boy? - You know it.
Boy, you so garbage, that postal mixtape was garbage.
What it was? Uh, "Mucking.
" Mucking what the hell is mucking, Paper Boy? Man, you know what it is, I explained in the hood, nigger.
Why we even talking, man? Why Shit, what's going on? What's good? This is definitely going on Worldstar.
No it is not! Stop it.
Nigga, what are you doing? Nigga, what are you doing? Okay, well, what's up? Hmm? Yeah.
I got my people waiting right over there.
Watch out, baby.
What's up? Let's go! What's up? Wait.
This is so weird, man.
[OJ Da Juiceman's "No Hook" playing.]
Back at it craftmatic All I know is mathematics On the stove cooking chicken Right wrist just did gymnastics Acrobatic with the whip Like Houdini do the magic 'Migo bring me kilos so I bust them squares up Out the plastic, get in traffic Also to traffic, known to make that shit happen Got to use the razor 'cause The chickens in some turkey wrapping After 15 years of trapping Now young Juice done started rapping Blowing 93 OG from Freddy that he sent [muffled.]
From Cali, American deli swag 'Cause my pockets on a Caesar salad Catch your girl Then I snatch her Fuck her like a jackrabbit Sliding in that 50 Shorties looking like they tap dancing Oh, my God.
Why are you up? I had a weird dream.
I was swimming in this pool, but it was like the ocean and I was swimming with the seaweed, but it wasn't seaweed, it was, like, hands.
And I was swimming with this girl.
And she was saying if the hands grab you, they pull you down and drown you, so swim above them.
- Hmm.
That's deep.
- I know.
I think it's about society, 'cause, like Who's the girl? I don't know.
What she look like? She was fat.
And not interesting.
You jealous? I'm disappointed in your story, 'cause you're first saying that she's fat and annoying, and then you all of a sudden turn around and you're making out with this bitch.
I never said we were making out.
- Were you making out? - Yeah.
- Yeah, we were.
- [laughs.]
Oh, man.
- I know you.
- No, you don't know me.
- Mmm oh, no.
- What? - My breath.
- [sniffs.]
Oh, I love it.
What is that? Curry? - Are you kidding me? - Like a very deep curry? That is not that's, like, some freaky shit.
- [giggles.]
- Ooh, I like that.
- What are you - I love that.
You're so stupid.
- [giggles.]
- I don't care.
- Tell me you love me.
- [laughs.]
Why did you just laugh? 'Cause you always say that, and I'm always, like, "of course.
" Then why don't you just say "I love you"? I love you.
She's awake.
She's gonna kill us all with her cuteness.
You remember you have Lottie tonight, right? Hey, there.
Of course I did.
I did not.
'Cause I have parent teacher conferences.
Also, I don't always want her at your parents' house.
She lives here.
I promise she won't be at my parents' house.
I'll pick her up after work.
And if you're gonna be staying here, I'm gonna need your help with rent.
I'll get it to you tonight.
What time are you coming back? I don't know, probably like 11:00? 11:00? 11:00's a little late.
You, uh, taking the parents to Magic City's? Follies? You know, Cheetahs is actually a better spot for that.
I have a date.
You're with Daddy tonight.
Mommy's going on a date with some corny dude.
Yeah, some corny dude.
What? No, this is a great environment for you.
Thank you very much.
You have a nice flight, now.
- Excuse me, sir - Fuck off.
I know, right? That was just rude, man.
Hey, yo, Compound was lit last night.
Man, my cousin had, like eight bottles up in that bitch.
They fought with, like, three ho's a piece, my nig.
Shit was crazy.
Hey, we gonna hit $2 Tuesday at the Ultimate, you want to roll? Earn.
Hey, yo, Earn.
How you look when you high at work.
Van's dating other people.
She's gonna kick me out the house.
I'm also broke and I can't sign anyone up 'cause I'm not an old lady.
Can I go to the Caribbean on this? Well, of course you can, honey.
I'll even give you an extra flight.
As long as you keep flirting with me.
Oh, okay.
This bitch is amazing.
That's really rough.
I don't know, I would watch.
That's more rough.
Hey, yo, you heard that new Paper Boy mixtape, man? I heard it's coming out this Friday, man.
His last one was hot.
I haven't really been keeping up, man.
I don't know who that is.
Man, get out your little cave, little boy.
Hey, look, check it out, here go the video right here.
Head to Magic City And I bet that paper Make her strip Paper Man, Paper Man Catch me in the paper man Like "Wall Street Journal" Hey, yo, that's fly, right? That's my cousin.
Damn, she is thick as fuck.
Is that weird for you? No, Paper Boy.
Paper Boy is my cousin.
That's your cousin, man, you gonna want to get in there before he gets signed, man.
Offering that boy seven M's on the table.
Is that a real offer? That's a real offer, them real M's.
All right, man, I'll catch you later.
Where you going? You going to talk to him? Hey, tell him I said "what up.
" Is that really your cousin in the video with the big tits? You don't know Paper Boy.
Hey, Dad.
Where's Mom? - Hey, Earn.
- Hey, Mom.
- How are you? - Good.
How're you? - I'm good.
- Good.
You gonna invite me in? - [chuckles.]
- Why not? I can't afford it.
Come on, you really think I'm here for money? We do, yes.
I'm looking for Alfred.
Also, could you pick up Lottie from Kaya's? I'm getting a job and Van's on a date.
You got a job? Hey, good for her.
Yes, I got a job.
And thanks, Mom.
I'm your son, Earn.
I used to live in there with you, remember? Used to? There was a turd the size of my arm waiting for me when I got home yesterday.
You supposed to be so smart, you can't remember to flush? - That wasn't me.
- It was you.
I checked.
You better eat something real.
Instead of all them candies and cookies and whatever other stuff was in there.
Did you break it up with a stick? Alfred's at the Glenwood apartments.
Love you, son.
["Paper Boy" playing.]
You flexing you's a hater boy Paper Boy, Paper Boy Always getting paper boy If you ain't making money Man you ain't a money maker boy Paper clip, paper clip Yeah I need a paper clip Hey, is this milk any good? What you using it for? Drinking.
Yeah, no, man, don't use that to drink.
[knock at door.]
Your peephole's for real.
That's Darius.
[clears throat.]
Cookie? Thanks.
- So, Zoo Tycoon - You want in on Paper Boy.
What? - No.
- Please, man.
People ain't just nice, Earn.
When was the last time you were nice to a girl - you weren't trying to smash? - This morning.
You talking about your daughter, man, that's gross.
No, it'd be gross if I was trying to smash.
I don't want a handout, I want to manage you.
Manage? You know where the word "manage" come from? "Manus," Latin for hand.
Probably, but I'm gonna say no for the purpose of my argument.
"Manage" come from the word "man," and, uh, that ain't really your lane.
- My lane? - Yeah, man, I need Malcolm.
You too Martin.
You know what they did to him? They killed him.
Didn't they kill Malcolm, too? Oh, no, they say that.
But ain't nobody seen the body since the funeral.
That's how funerals work.
Alfred, you already Malcolm, okay? You have that already.
What you really need is a silent wild card, somebody who's about the money, the opportunity, who can play both sides if needed.
Oh, like Don Lemon.
Fair point, let me rephrase what I'm trying to say.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
It's 4:30.
Oh, damn, man, we late.
- No.
- Since when? I'm doing business.
Hey, you want a manager a rapper, but you can't do business hot? VH1 is hiring interns.
And that sound like a joke, but they actually, they tweeted that this morning.
How's Princeton, by the way? Still on that year off? Three years is a long year off.
I guess.
- I think I know what happened.
- I really think you don't.
Look, man, is there somewhere we can talk for real? 'Cause I'm sorry, who is this dude? - Darius, man.
- Man, I'm fine with talking When you first walked in; I gave you cookie.
No, yeah, I remember who you are.
Look, I'm not asking for money.
You should be, ain't you homeless? Not real homeless.
I'm not using a rat as a phone or something.
Don't be racist, man.
That make you schizophrenic, that don't make you homeless.
Wait, wait, not if it worked, man.
No, if you could use a rat as a phone, man, that'd be genius.
I mean, there's like five rats for every one person in New York alone.
Everybody would have an affordable phone.
Yeah, man, I mean, it'd be messy, but worth it.
Is he your manager? [sarcastically.]
Rappers need managers.
I'm just trying to get paid right quick.
Yeah, man, rap is D-E-D.
- [giggles.]
- This isn't about rap.
If we do this right, your kids can live good, my kids can live good, Darius's kids.
I can't have kids.
I'm sure I'll find out why when the time's right.
When is an appropriate time to talk about my balls getting smashed? Right now, apparently.
Look, I'm not dumb.
You're older, you have no real fan base.
You're not white and/or selling sex.
I sell sex, man.
- Hey, track 28.
- Yeah.
[smooth hip hop music.]
Oh! - Come on.
- Uh.
Hey mucking, mucking That's massage and Fucking, fucking - See, the concept is a massage - I got the concept.
Okay, 28 tracks? Lot of skits.
- I'd cut 'em.
- No, but his is different.
Yeah, mine are really good.
I'd still cut 'em.
Well, you not my manager, Earn.
I still know people at Diamond House.
People who manage big time artists now, man.
Oh, boy, you think you slick.
You coming in here, acting like you saving me, when really, I'm saving you again.
Nigga, I'm trying to help you.
Man, nigga, I ain't seen or heard from you since my mom's funeral.
And the first thing I hear out your mouth is "let's get rich.
" Walk, man.
What's up, dude? Earn? Yo, what's up, man? - Yo.
- Good.
Did you just come from that dumpster? No.
How are you? Oh, yo, I'm good, man.
I didn't know you were in town.
Uh, yeah, I've been low-key, man.
Yo, obviously oh, dude, if I knew you was in town, I would've hit you up with this party last night.
Yo, we needed a real DJ.
This dude well, he can't spin worth of shit, but then he goes and he plays Flo Rida.
- No! - Back to back.
So I calmly pull him aside, I was just like, "Really, nigga?" - You actually said that? - Yeah, man, I had to.
You know that song "Paper Boy"? Yeah, "Paper Boy" by Paper Boy.
Yeah, I've heard it.
Shit's fine.
Dude, the streets love it.
Y'all should play it.
Yeah, for real.
You guys should really play it.
Uh, I mean, KP picks all the music.
Well, slide it past him.
I mean, KP will usually spin some records for some scratch up top.
How much? - Half a stack.
- $500? Am I buying the station? Everything is who you know.
Then introduce me.
Yeah, I'm gonna introduce every dude in Atlanta with a mixtape in my box.
Come on.
I'm not every dude.
Uh, you kind of are.
Look, I don't have $500.
I make 5.
15, plus commission.
I got to pay rent tonight and my parents won't let me in the house.
It's like those drug commercials, only not funny.
Man, you know how niggas out here are.
I mean, he usually charges a full safe.
Then what's in it for you? Why am I so lucky? What's your cut? Oh, I'm not about that, I'm too busy, man.
I mean, it's just business.
You give me the money, I pass it on to KP.
But you know, it's probably for the best.
Music business is gross.
All right, man, well, you know, it was great seeing ya.
I'm taking over for Speedy tonight.
All right? Keep it locked.
What's up, my dudes? What's up, bro? Hey.
That guy ever say nigger around you? Yeah, right.
I'd break my foot in his ass.
Hey, um - what's your name? - Prince, man.
- For real? - Yeah.
Hey, how late are you here tonight? [hip-hop music playing.]
What's up, Uncle Riley? Hey, what's going on, Al? Man, you know.
Hey, Auntie.
Oh, hey, Lottie.
Hey, bring Lottie over here, let me say hey to my cousin.
That's okay.
She getting a contact high from here.
Contact high that's that new leather you smelling.
You smelling it wrong.
Yeah, well, I'm smelling it 'round your head.
- Say what? - Hey.
You got a weird wife, you know that, huh? Hey, um hey, look, I know you don't know me my name's Darius.
Um, I was just wondering, could I measure your tree? No, not right now.
Not right now? That basically means no, man.
Look, I got a question.
So Earn want to manage me.
- Really? - [chuckles.]
And I don't trust him, no offense.
- I understand.
- That's what's messed up.
I don't really think I know Earn anymore.
[hip-hop music.]
Like, what happened at Princeton? I never asked.
He'd tell you before me.
Earn is good at keeping his mouth shut.
[muffled hip-hop music playing.]
Earn trying like the rest of us.
But when he wants to do something, he does it.
On his terms.
[faint pop music.]
Your mind's racing.
Tell me, yo.
I just keep losing.
I mean some people just supposed to lose? For balance in the universe? I mean like, are there just some people on Earth who supposed to be here just to make it easier for the winners? Like, really.
Resistance is a symptom of the way things are.
Not the way things necessarily should be.
Actual victory belongs to things that simply do not see failure.
Let the path push you like a broken branch in a river's current.
No, no, I'm not going out like that, but thanks for the advice.
Bite this sandwich.
No, I'm good, man.
Nigga, if you don't bite this sandwich [police siren wailing.]
[cell phone rings.]
- Hello? - Hey.
Hey, man, you hear that? Hear what? Hey, turn it up, man.
Turn it up.
Hey, man, tell him I sketched Uncle Riley's Yeah, yeah, yeah.
"Paper Boy," boy! ["Paper Boy" playing.]
That was quick.
Hey, man, look, you should come down here.
We need to talk right quick.
Like you would with a manager? No, nigga, like I would with a calm yo ass down! [thunder rumbles.]
This is an exclusive.
WMQG exclusive.
Paper Boy, Paper Boy All about that paper boy You want some dots? Paper Boy Paper Boy Always 'bout that paper boy Doin' underground Yeah.
Then you ain't a money maker boy Paper clip, paper clip Yeah I need a paper clip I'm stacking up this paper man And I can make that paper Ah.
You found us.
Hey, guys.
- Hey.
- 'Sup? How'd you get in the building? It's all about who you know.
I knew somebody.
Yeah, well, I mean, that was unprofessional.
- And KP's pissed.
- Can't be that pissed they're playing this on the radio right now.
Hey, man, this is Dave.
He works at 106.
He likes your stuff, so he's got good taste.
Actually, to a fault.
Yo, tell them that Flo Rida story.
It's so funny.
Yo, tell them.
Oh, uh yeah, so I was at a station party.
And, uh, the DJ a friend of a friend, was awful, and, uh you know, it's a big event for the station, and the party's going and going and he's ruining it, and so then he goes and he plays Flo Rida back to back.
I had to go into the booth, calmly take him aside, and look him right in the eyes, and just said, "Really?" Paper boy, Paper boy Watch me blow that paper boy I don't know, man, I like Flo Rida.
I mean, moms need to enjoy rap, too.
Yeah, I mean, that was a wack-ass story, man, I don't know why he made me tell that.
Yeah, I don't know.
All right, man, well, it was good to see you, Earn.
It was nice to meet you guys.
Later, Dave.
Say hello to KP for me.
Racer X, racer X Always racing through the check Hey.
Hey! Hey, girl.
- This is me on the radio.
- So what, bitch? Well, same to you, stank-ass broad.
Paper Boy All about that Paper Boy I feel you about them zeroes in kilos See you later boy It's a good song, man.
Kind of hate this song.
What the f Really, man? Hey, man! Hey! See, these niggas in the streets, man, they Don't mess with the money.
Hey, man! Hey! - Alfred! - Hey, man! Goddamn it.
Hey, man, I'm gonna need some cash for this mirror, man.
- Hello? Hello? - Hey, hey! Two lanes of blocked road off US highway 78 headed westbound.
Lottie's in her crib, Earn had some business.
- You out of wine.
- The bottle? Thank you.
Knocked down a power line in Northwest Atlanta.
This was the scene on Mount Paran Road where a tree fell on a power line.
At the height of last night's storms, more than 27,000 Georgia Power customers were in the dark.
A shooting tonight in DeKalb County.
Two suspects, rapper Paper Boy, and his manager, Earn Marks, are now in custody.
And one apparently wounded suspect is still at large.
Police are still looking for the wounded suspect as well as the assault weapon.
Witnesses say the altercation started outside the WETBAR nightclub over a damaged car.
- Paper Boy Paper Boy - Really - All about that paper boy - Paper - Got 'em till we serve 'em - Paper - From Cali to Decatur boy - Stack it
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