Attack on Titan (2013) s02e12 Episode Script


You're a man! Show some restraint! You need to be there for Mikasa, too! Stop! "Scream" Damn that Reiner! He's tossing Titans like a madman! This is all your fault! It's you who screwed up my entire plan, you damn commander! Ymir! Conny, that way! I know! Commander! I can always be replaced.
More importantly, find Eren and retreat! Time is of the essence! Eren! Hannes! What are the odds of this?! Check it out, you two! You just watch.
I'm about to avenge your mother and butcher the shit out of this! Hannes! Give the old man backup! Huh?! Reiner? What's he doing?! Does he not care if Eren is eaten?! Don't get in our way, you big sack of shit! Ymir! Dammit What am I supposed to do? If I can't count on Reiner, should I cooperate with the Scouts and try to survive? But what happens after that? Even if I can somehow live through all this there's no avoiding the hell that's to come trapped inside the walls.
Now's my only chance to hand Historia over to their side! I won't be able to protect her alone, no matter how hard I try.
Christa! Conny, that's wrong.
My name is Historia.
Hey, Ymir Why was it you were trying to take me away? You said it was to save yourself, but was that a lie? No it has to be.
Why? Why did you do it? For me? To protect me again? It's a Titan! Ymir You're the one who said it, so listen to yourself! Stop living for other people! From now on, let's live for nobody but ourselves! It's strange, really When I'm with you, no matter how screwed up it gets I'm not afraid! Shit! Don't, Mikasa! You're injured! Untie my hands! Hands? Hurry up! I've gotta be the one to do it! Who said I was done with you?! That one's mine! Eren! Wait! We're trying to get you out of here! It's time to settle the score! Just watch! Huh?! Commander! The Armored one is It's coming! Jean! Jean! Are you okay?! Hold it together! Shit! Shit! What's wrong?! Eren! Commander! Right now I've gotta become a Titan or it's all for nothing! Eren Nothing changed! You haven't changed one bit, dammit! You're still as useless as you ever were! Nothing changed! Mom I can't I still can't do anything at all.
Eren That's not true.
Eren Listen I need to tell you something.
You've always been at my side.
Thank you.
You showed me how to live with purpose.
Thank you.
And you You wrapped this scarf around me.
Thank you.
I'll wrap that around you as many times as you want.
Now and forever As much as you want! Why are they? They're eating it? Dunno what's going on, but now's our chance! Let's hurry and run! Right! So that's how it is That's why Reiner was so desperate for Eren.
Which means, even inside the walls there's a future.
This is the worst Why did the Coordinate have to fall into the hands of the worst person imaginable? We've gotta get it back I can say without a doubt the one person in the world I wouldn't want to have it Eren is you! Get away from me! You bastards! I'll kill you all! Not good! Bertholdt! I can't protect Bertholdt like this! What? The Titans? Eren! Get on! Armin! Hurry! Don't let this chance escape! Full retreat! Ymir! Hey, ugly! What are you doing?! We're heading back! I sorry Huh? Ymir! Where are you going?! Leave her! But Ymir is In that moment, I couldn't understand the motivation behind Ymir's actions but the Armored Titan didn't pursue us any further.
Ymir Why did you come to us? Oh, well It's because I'm an idiot.
I'll be your souvenir to take back home.
You can't just go back empty-handed.
Ymir If you hadn't come to bust up this wall I would've never woken up from that nightmare.
All I'm doing is returning what I borrowed back then.
Because I'm probably the only one that understands the situation you're in.
Thank you, Ymir.
I'm sorry No It wasn't so bad, you know being a goddess for a while.
With reports declaring the possibility that Wall Rose has been breached, the citizens of Wall Rose were forced to take refuge in an underground city within Wall Sina.
However, with more than half the population surviving off food stockpiled for emergency, rations would last at most for a week.
Any longer than that, and people would turn on each other, stealing and killing to survive.
To stop this from happening, within one week from the initial outset, authorities declared that Wall Rose was secure.
"Trost District" It's Hange.
Come in.
Pardon the interruption, Erwin.
I'm glad we came while you're here, Commander Pyxis.
Good timing.
This is A Scout from the 104th.
Conny Springer.
Conny comes from Ragako Village.
The village the recent Titan invasion originated from? Yes.
Actually, I confirmed with him the findings of our investigation on the village.
This only brings further credibility to that hypothesis.
He's come to report.
I was taken away And because of that, the Scouts lost more than half their veteran soldiers.
Just to rescue me Still, there were no casualties on our way back.
The Titans completely ignored us and ran off to chase Reiner and the others.
About that, Jean and I sat down to try and figure it out.
We have an idea what made the Titans act that way.
It was you.
Of course, that's just our theory.
But without assuming that, there's just no explaining what happened.
It's a tough spot to be in, Eren.
Whether or not all those people died for nothing it all depends on you.
If you're worth the price they paid, you better show it.
We don't have time to waste.
Yeah, you're absolutely right.
I've gotta do this.
I'll control the Titans.
I'll plug up Wall Maria.
I'll capture Reiner and make him pay.
That's what I've gotta do to atone for all those lives lost.
Say again? The Titans responsible for this incident were the citizens of Ragako? In other words, the true identity of Titans is humans? We don't have proof yet.
So you're telling me I've spent all this time and energy running around killing people? Is that right? I said we don't have proof yet.
Tell me.
The hell you smiling for? It's nothing.
It's just with this, we've taken one more step towards the truth.
Just one step, huh? We'll run out of people before we learn the truth.
It's not worth the cost.
But it is a step towards the truth.
One day, we'll break it down.
This wall hiding the truth will fall.
Not yet, eh?