Attack on Titan (2013) s04e30 Episode Script

The Battle of Heaven and Earth

What is that?
I see him!
Get ready to jump!
Onyankopon, you get over here, too!
Not yet! I'll keep going
till we're over the Founder!
Afterwards, I'll make an emergency landing!
So make sure you land
on the Founding Titan! Got that?
The bastard's down there.
That damned Beast!
That saves us the trouble of finding him!
Target the Beast Titan!
Put all your power into taking him out!
Let's stop the rumbling!
Damn it! I can't land!
The Armored Titan
and even the Cart Titan?!
That's ODM gear
Could it be?! Paradis Island
came to stop the rumbling?!
I have another question to ask you,
once we drag you out of there.
"In what way are you free?"
Corrections by masaca
Chapter 3
The Battle of Heaven and Earth
I guess killing some empty husk
isn't gonna do anything.
As I feared
Zeke's using the same method as
the War Hammer Titan to hide himself.
You mean we have to find one tiny body
in this huge mass of bones?!
There ain't no way!
We gotta face up to reality!
- Armin!
- I know!
In one minute, I'm blasting this area away.
Work with the Cart Titan to get clear!
Eren knows this attack could be coming.
I can't imagine this'll kill him!
But if I blow these bones apart,
we might figure out where Eren or Zeke is!
Be careful, Armin!
If you get into trouble,
ignore us and just go full blast!
Those who can't abandon anything
can't change anything.
I know that.
If I don't let go, nothing will change.
I can't cling to my comfortable hopes.
I have to deal with Eren.
On three! One, two, three!
He's not moving.
He's breathing.
It appears he hit his head.
Do you think he came here
from Paradis Island, too?
Hey! Can you hear me?
Do you know Annie Leonhart?
She's my daughter!
Hey! Sir! Do you hear me?!
Here they come! Reiner!
What the hell are these guys?
They don't look like Pure Titans.
That's for sure.
What do we do?
We'll run out of Thunder Spears!
More importantly, is Armin alive?
The slightest injury,
and he would've transformed.
Which means he was captured
without a scratch.
But he was whisked off towards Eren's ass,
with countless Titans blocking our path.
Even in perfect condition,
I wouldn't choose to leap into that mess.
So keep cool.
Mikasa, don't charge off.
I'll act as bait and draw
the bulk of them away first.
That won't work, Captain.
I've figured out what we're dealing with.
the past generations
of the Nine Titans.
Who knows if their minds
are still in there, though.
I would bet the Founding
Titan's power can
resurrect an unlimited
number of them
These past Titan soldiers
created only to fight.
We're no match for something like that.
So we can't afford to be
so easygoing with this.
I'm not even friends with Eren, so
- What?!
- Hey! You're not gonna
Aw, hell.
No matter how you look at it,
this is the first place to strike!
I've only ever had one aim here!
Begone, nightmare!
Over here, Reiner!
Keep him still!
Hurry. We're getting Armin back.
That's our only path through this.
Otherwise, we'll all die here for nothing!
Paradis forces have
engaged the Attack Titan,
but its path and speed remain
unchanged. It's headed this way!
We can't just sit back and do nothing.
All units, meet the enemy with cannon fire!
Yes, sir!
But, sir! The majority of our personnel
were sent with the airships.
We only have enough remaining
to operate three cannons at best
Is that any reason for us
to sit back and do nothing?
Even now, those brave
individuals are fighting
desperately on the enemy's massive back.
Just what is it that you think
they're fighting for?
Come on, Reiner!
I was naive.
I'm gonna pass out
You're just going to suffocate me?
Is that it, Eren?
No, this isn't him.
It's her, the Founder Ymir.
If Eren only intends to keep
moving forward, as he put it,
then this resistance is
the Founder Ymir's will.
Which means Ymir wants
to slaughter humanity, too.
The Founder Ymir is invincible.
There's nothing I can do.
Is this where it all ends?
Are you kidding me?
Wake up, Conny! Captain!
Sorry. Looks like my ODM gear is damaged.
Mine, too.
My right handle's
busted. I can't pull us up.
Jean, let go! I can
transform one more time!
And then what? Only to get trampled
in the rumbling, armor and all?
For being armored,
your Titan sure gets smashed up a lot.
You think we can still win?
But let's at least keep fighting
all the way to the end.
We're Scout Regiment.
Scouts don't know when to quit.
Come at me!
I'm strong!
No matter how many times you attack
Mikasa, you're kinda in the way!
Grab on!
Listen, I didn't think
he'd really be able to fly, either
But then he actually did it,
so what choice did I have but to come?
Still, I'm glad I did.
A bird
It's got people riding on it!
Gabi, why did you come here too?
Because you left us behind, Reiner!
I can fight too, you know!
The Azumabito ship sank.
It couldn't withstand
Falco's Titan transformation.
Even though we had no
definite proof he could fly,
Kiyomi agreed to try it.
So we have to repay her faith
by stopping the rumbling!
So where's Arm—I mean, Pieck?
Armin was captured,
and his life is in danger.
The Titan that took him
should be back by the tailbone.
Annie, we need your help.
Your childhood friends are always
getting captured, aren't they?
We'll get him back. Count on it.
What about Pieck?
She's by the skull.
She tried to blow up the nape.
But the War Hammer Titan
is blocking her.
Blow it up?!
We'll launch simultaneous operations.
One group rescues Armin.
We need the Colossal's explosion.
The other group goes after Eren
and attacks the nape.
We'll split into two teams
and strike simultaneously.
We no longer have the luxury
of worrying about Eren.
No, we never had it to begin with.
But what?
Falco being able to fly was a miracle.
Without that, we'd already be dead!
Yeah, and never have
accomplished anything
I had a long list of shit
to tell that idiot off about
I don't wanna give up on Eren, either!
But the captain can't
fight anymore because of me,
and even if he could,
we're up against the Founding Titan!
How can we win if we're still holding back?
kill Eren.
You just concentrate on rescuing Armin.
You don't have to think
about anything else.
They're heading for the Attack Titan again!
We can't let up, either!
Even if it's just one or two cannons,
it's better than nothing!
Wait. Maybe not.
Look at the fading on their left sleeves
You're Eldians, aren't you?!
Hold on!
We only came to seek
treatment for our injured!
We don't have time to deal with this!
What's your real objective?
See, Mr. Leonhart? I told you.
We can't expect help from Marleyans!
We have them beat in numbers.
And probably in live
combat experience, too!
The Marleyans always sent us
to the front lines, after all.
Put down your guns, Eldians!
They said to put down your guns!
When did you?
Secretary Müller!
What was that?
People are still trying
to kill each other?!
Falco! Watch out for projectiles!
Jean! Reiner!
Don't get killed!
Don't you guys die, either.
I'll draw the War Hammer Titans' attention!
Pieck, find some way to hold out.
Now, Jean!
Just hang on, Reiner!
Until I can activate that detonator!
Of course there'd be even
more Titans thrown at us.
I wish I could move
omni-directionally, too!
Dammit! I can't get close!
Don't! Get outta there!
Jean, if you think I'm a Titan for odd jobs
and not cut out for combat,
you're dead wrong!
With the Cart's endurance,
as long as I'm not taken out,
I can keep going until I've won!
Even if it takes hundreds
of transformations!
So, Jean, don't worry about me.
Get to the detonator!
Though, a hundred victories won't
do much against a million enemies.
How dare they make Bertholdt into a puppet?
There it is!
That one! The pig
one, or whatever it is!
Which one?
That one! The thingy. Over there!
Which type of the Nine Titans is it?
Might be Cart or Beast or maybe Jaw.
What do I do with that?
Mikasa, give me a serious description!
I did!
There! The one Titan that just ran!
Isn't that an okapi?
What the hell is an okapi?
Go, Falco!
We'll corner that okapi, or whatever it is,
at the tailbone and get Armin back!
I can provide support with this rifle.
It'll take more than that
to do in these Titans.
Where's Zeke?
Where is he?
Even if I find him, in my condition,
I'll only be in the way
I've never failed to carry out
one of his orders. Not once.
Why has his final order
caused me so many problems?
Maybe our jobs were over at that point.
If all we had to do was deliver
the brats to the sea, then
Tell me, did the lives
you gave in sacrifice
exist to crush others' lives underfoot?
The world without Titans we dreamed of
was supposed to be an astoundingly
joyful place. An ideal world.
Otherwise, it wouldn't be worth
the hearts they gave.
Erwin, I have no regrets about
my decision not to choose you
to entrust the future to someone
with the same look in his eyes you all had.
Conny! It went your way!
Get back here!
Now it can run back toward the skull!
Stop running, okapi!
We have to stay together,
or we'll be too easy to kill!
The okapi is headed toward Bertholdt!
Not good.
Behind us!
Come on, move!
You're my body! Why won't you move?
I'm begging you! Move!
Everyone's going to die!
They're all gonna die!
Get up, you human garbage!
Piece of shit!
Waste of space!
I hate you!
Through everything, you've
just continued to betray me!
The second life we were given! The
hopes pinned on us! Our responsibilities!
All that, and you haven't even
begun to repay any of it!
So what the hell are you
doing lying here dead?
Get your ass up!
If I were really dead,
how could I think in a state
where my brain is deprived of oxygen?
This isn't a dream, or a hallucination,
or the afterlife.
This is the Paths.
This is
I should be inside a Titan's mouth. So
how is it I know what's happening to them?
Is it because Eldians are all
connected through the Paths?
If that's true, there might be
something I can accomplish here.
That's it. Think.
Hello, Zeke.
Hello, Eren's friend.
You were consumed by Ymir, too?
Chapter 4
A Long Dream
Long, long ago,
before anything besides inert matter
existed in this universe
All manner of insignificant things
came into and out of being.
Eventually, something survived.
We call that thing "life."
In the end, the reason life survived
was that it had the ability to multiply.
In order to multiply,
life kept changing form
and adapted to any environment.
And that led to us as we are today.
Growing more numerous,
more widespread, more abundant
In other words, the objective
of living is to multiply.
This sand, the pebbles, the water
none of them attempt to multiply.
However, life is still doing
whatever it can to proliferate.
Considering that death and extinction
run counter to the goal of multiplying,
we are deterred from meeting our end
by the punishment known as fear.
Like any of us, she did whatever she could
to escape the pain of experiencing it.
She created a stronger,
bigger, immortal body,
and then she escaped into a world
where death doesn't even exist.
That is the truth about the Founder Ymir, and
this is the world where death doesn't exist.
If that's the case, then I wonder
What on earth is Ymir's objective?
I wondered that, too.
I spent a maddening amount of time
here trying to understand her.
Even with all this power,
she couldn't defy King Fritz.
What would make her stay here for 2,000 long
years, obeying King Fritz all the while?
There was something she couldn't
let go of. That much is clear.
Eren managed to understand
what it was, but I failed.
And so, Ymir sided with Eren.
I need you to tell me something. How does
one return to the outside world from here?
Who knows?
Personally, I don't think it's possible.
I haven't given up on anything.
Uh, because
To keep multiplying?
Is continuing the species
that important to you?
You could call what's happening right now
the tragedy of life's being ruled by fear.
A calamity of fear brought about
by the meaningless activities of life.
My comrades are fighting!
It's not too late to save
a lot of people from fear!
They're fighting their fear!
Why would it be bad to lose?
Being alive means dying eventually.
The moment before death
might just bring relief.
No longer being driven solely to multiply,
never knowing what
the point of it all is
It might feel like being set free.
It was as the sun was setting
I was racing Eren and Mikasa
racing to the tree on the hill.
Eren started running the moment
after he suggested the race,
and Mikasa deliberately lagged behind him.
Of course, I was last.
But the wind that day was slightly warm,
and it felt so good just running.
The wind stirred up
all the dead leaves.
In that moment, the thought
entered my head
that maybe I had been born
to race Mikasa and Eren up this hill.
When I would read inside on rainy days,
when I fed acorns to a squirrel,
and when we walked
around the market together,
I felt the same way.
I had the sense that these insignificant
moments were incredibly precious.
Where'd you get that?
I found it buried in the sand.
Why would that be here?
Who can say?
But even though this isn't needed
to multiply or for anything else,
to me, it's an incredibly precious thing.
Oh, that's right.
We would just throw the ball,
and catch it, and then throw it again.
Just that. Over and over.
There was no point to it.
But it's as you say.
I would've been happy
just playing catch forever.
I can still fight once my arm heals!
We've reached our limit!
Let's retreat to Reiner's position!
Jean! Pieck!
What's this?
Porco! Marcel!
Did he Did B-Bertholdt save us?
I don't understand it.
I won't let this chance slip away!
I hit it!
Give Armin
I'm sorry, everyone.
But I'm fine now.
Annie, behind you!
What's going on? Titans are saving them?!
Looks like it.
Over here!
It can't be
I'm the one you wanted to see, right, Levi?
I didn't want to see you, though!
What's going on here?
It's all thanks to Zeke.
To Zeke?
He awakened our comrades in the Paths,
where there's no life or death.
All Eldians are connected via the Paths.
That's because, most likely,
the Founder Ymir is seeking connection.
She's searching for something from us.
Mr. Ksaver, our dream
didn't come to fruition.
I still believe the
euthanization plan was right.
If it meant I could play catch with you,
I wouldn't mind being born again.
So, I'll thank you for
that at least, Father.
I took everything from you.
Your life, your power,
and even your treasured memories.
Which is why
I already know that you don't
want to just stand here.
All of you
Please lend us a hand!
The weather's downright lovely.
If I'd felt that way sooner
After I killed so many people,
that'd be asking for too much, wouldn't it?
The rumbling stopped?
Jean, go!
You damned
suicidal dumbass!
That thing's gonna go
for Eren's head again!
- Reiner!
- Jean! Pieck!
We're getting out of here!
Armin's gonna blow all of this up!
Wait! Reiner's down there!
The Armored Titan should be able to
withstand the Colossal's explosion.
Regardless, to pass up this chance
would be to trample on Reiner's resolve.
Thank you.
We couldn't have stopped the rumbling
without the help of all of you.
Goodbye, Eren.
Karina! Are you okay?
What happened?
That was a crazy explosion!
Did everyone make it?
Look! The bones
Does that mean
Eren's dead?
Ackermanns with awakened powers
apparently get sudden headaches.
That was the last time we spoke?
Ever since I was little
Mikasa, I've hated you.
That can't be
I can't say I don't have regrets.
Still, what we did was right, wasn't it?
We did stop the rumbling.
You came here from the
internment zone? How?
It was Mr. Leonhart.
He led us this far.
Go see him, dear.
Do you see Reiner?
- Reiner!
- He's okay!
Hey! Look over there!
It's still alive,
even after taking that blast?!
What on earth is it?
Beats me.
But I do know we can't let it live.
Well, that figures.
I didn't think that'd
be enough to kill you.
Yeah But what do we do?
This is bad!
If the glowing thing and Eren come into
contact, the rumbling might start again!
Yeah. We gotta kill it.
How're we gonna kill something
that survived a blast like that?
The one we should target
is Eren.
You've caught on, right?
This nightmare won't end
until we take him down.
Dad, I have one last job to do.
I'll see this through.
For Colt's sake, too.
Why did it turn out this way?
Did you hurt your leg?
No, it was already like this. Thanks.
Lift him slowly.
- Can you walk?
- Bring the injured here!
If you hadn't emptied
your gun into the air,
we would've still been fighting each other.
I've made more than enough mistakes.
- Let's work together and overcome this.
- Agreed.
This vapor is coming
from the glowing thing!
Did it die?
No It doesn't smell
like when Titans die.
Could it be What if it's like the stuff
that was used on Ragako Village?
- What?
- Mikasa! Pieck!
Get on Falco! We're getting out of here!
Huh? What are you talking about?
Ackermanns and Titan wielders
are immune, remember?
You know better than anyone
what we've gotta do!
But that
It's too much
Right now! Go!
So this is how we go out.
Guess so.
We'll entrust the rest to our comrades.
That's how Scout Regiment
soldiers meet their end.
Do you remember, Jean?
The night we burned the corpses.
This was all your fault, you know.
That we got stuck
with having to save humanity.
This is absurd.
How can something like this be happening?
Hey! Hey! Annie!
Are you all right?
What on earth happened?
The bastard summoned an army.
Damn it! Enough already!
I'm not gonna let you pass!
You really enjoy hell, don't you, Eren?
Fine. We'll do things your way.
I'll see this through to the very end!
Conny? Jean? Gabi?
It can't be
When will our torment end?
Pull it together!
We're the only ones who can kill Eren now!
It's too much
I can't take any more.
I wanna go back.
I wanna go back to our home.
Mikasa. Wake up.
You'll catch a cold.
When did I fall asleep?
You must have been exhausted.
It's just, I feel like I had
a really long dream.
Let's just take it easy and do nothing
for the rest of the day.
I caught some huge fish, so
Why are you crying?
I don't know.
I suddenly felt like I shouldn't be here.
There's nothing we can do anymore.
That day, we cast everything aside
to run away to this place.
Two months after the end of Marley's war,
an invasion of Paradis Island
was on the horizon.
If we hadn't run, they
would've killed us all.
I'm sure Armin has been
desperate to find us.
I couldn't bring myself
to plunge Historia into
hell and commit to an
endless cycle of killing,
and I couldn't bring genocide
upon all humanity outside the island.
So let's just go
live out my remaining four years
in peace and quiet
Just the two of us, somewhere
with no other people.
You're the one who said all that, Mikasa.
It was your idea.
I'm sorry.
I know we promised we
wouldn't talk about that stuff.
Can we make another promise?
Once I'm dead, throw this scarf away.
You're going to live
a long time after this.
Forget all about me.
Forget, and be free.
Please, Mikasa.
Forget about me.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
Eren is in the mouth!
Everyone, help me get there!
Roger that, Mikasa!
I'll see you later, Eren.
Final Chapter
Toward the Tree on That Hill
I get that it was for
the sake of the future
you saw with the Attack Titan's ability,
but did you absolutely have to
beat me up that badly?
Was the knee to the
stomach really necessary?
I was doing whatever I could
to push you two away.
It seemed kinda crazy to me, too.
I let myself get carried away.
I'm really sorry.
Don't apologize to me. Apologize to Mikasa.
She's the one you hurt with your nonsense.
Yeah, you're right.
It was all to push us away,
and make us into the heroes who killed you
and saved humanity from annihilation?
That's right. Every surviving human would
owe you a debt of gratitude.
Island devils who went against the island
and stayed true to the path of humanity.
It would make you the most
respected individuals in the world.
So you're telling us to protect Paradis
from reprisal by the rest of the world,
like the Tybur family
after the Great Titan War?
There's no way we can become heroes, Eren.
Sorry to disappoint you,
but neither I nor the others intend
to play the hero like you want.
Where're you going?
The places we wanted to go.
While we walk, I'll tell you
about the Founder Ymir.
So this is that "fiery water"?
It really is flowing like a river.
Where did I leave off?
You said the power
of the Titans still exists
because the Founder Ymir has continued
to obey King Fritz for 2,000 years.
He burned down her home, killed
her parents, and ripped out her tongue,
and yet even after attaining godlike power,
she remained subservient to him.
What in the world made her do that?
There's something I felt
when I touched her in the Paths.
I couldn't believe it.
The Founder Ymir
loved King Fritz.
That's what it was that kept Ymir bound,
even after 2,000 years.
I can't understand the deepest depths
of the Founder Ymir's heart.
But it was clear that she'd been suffering
for the entire 2,000 years.
She kept searching for someone to
release her, and finally, they appeared.
That person was Mikasa.
What?! Did you just say "Mikasa"?!
I did. So you weren't listening after all.
I was listening!
Why Mikasa?
Only the Founder Ymir knows that.
I still don't know what Mikasa did.
What I knew for certain is that
the outcome Mikasa brought about
is what I kept moving forward to reach.
I slaughtered humanity, caused
Eldians to kill each other on Paradis,
and dragged my dear friends into combat,
without ever knowing
whether they'd survive.
That's the future you saw
at the medal ceremony
my head has become a total mess.
One of the effects of the Founding Titan's
power is that there's
no "past" or "future."
It all exists simultaneously.
And so I had no choice.
That day, in that moment,
Bertholdt had to stay alive.
So I sent it
toward my mom and not him.
Let's go, Eren.
So, how did it go?
What do you mean?
With Mikasa!
Do you think she's gonna
be able to forget about you
and live happily with someone else?
The way you wanted.
Mmh. Dunno.
The hell kind of answer is that?
I still haven't forgiven you!
How do you feel about the fact
that you ignored Mikasa's feelings?
Mikasa risked her life
and only ever had eyes for you!
Did you think you could just say
"forget about me" and that'd be that?!
At the very least, Mikasa
should forget about
a heartbreaker like you and find happiness.
Well, she just might find a good guy sooner
than you'd think and hit it off with him.
That'd kill me!
I don't want her to find someone.
I want to be her one and
only for the rest of my life!
And after I die, I want her
to pine after me for at least ten years!
Oh I see
I didn't think you'd
say anything that pathetic
Don't tell Mikasa any of this.
I want her to find happiness. I really do.
But I Ugh, damn it!
I don't wanna die.
I don't wanna leave Mikasa, or any of you!
Eren! Let's keep trying!
Let's find another way!
We can't!
I'm sure none of them
wanted to die, either.
And yet
Eighty percent.
I trample eighty percent of humanity.
How could you?!
Eren! Why?
I attempt a complete eradication
of humanity outside the walls,
and all of you stop me.
And ultimately, eighty percent die.
The world outside the walls drops to
the same level of civilization as Paradis.
Which means there won't be
a one-sided war of reprisal,
but this conflict doesn't end.
What the hell do you mean?
Are you trying to say what
we've done is all pointless?
The massacre hasn't occurred yet!
Just stop it!
I can't.
Twenty percent of humanity
is all you manage to save.
It's already been determined.
"Been determined"?
Didn't you determine it?
Didn't you kill them?
So, so many times I tested it,
all to no avail.
Things always occurred exactly as I saw
in my memories of the future.
Armin, it's just as you said.
a slave to freedom.
This is absolutely crazy!
You're saying it can't be undone?
This can't be!
This isn't a solution at all!
What, you can't have war
if there are no people?
It's like a bad joke!
Who would take it seriously?
Eren, it's true that there's no
end in sight for this conflict,
and I'm sure the hell we went through
has happened over and over.
But we need to think
that despite it all, one day,
we can eventually come
to understand one another
And now no one will have any faith,
not even in something as small as that!
The only lesson they'll be left with
is that they must kill, or be killed.
That's all.
And you're saying you did all this for us?
That's your name.
No. I didn't.
Eren, you're free.
I wanted to level everything.
I wanted to see this sight.
I don't know why. I just wanted to do it
so very badly.
I thought I was doing everything
to protect all of you.
But Sasha and Hange died because of me,
and I wound up putting you
in lethal confrontations with Floch.
Why did it turn out this way?
I finally know.
It's because I'm an idiot.
A garden-variety idiot
who got his hands on power.
That's why this resolution
was the only possible outcome.
That's all there is to it, right?
I get it.
Wanting to erase people from the world
I've felt that way, too.
Liar. You would never
Nobody would guess it,
considering I'm a hero
who saved twenty percent of humanity.
Still, it was me that showed you
the book about the outside world.
The one who put the idea of a free,
unoccupied world in your head
was me.
What's that?
So you finally noticed it.
It was at our feet the whole time,
but you were always looking off
into the distance.
Thank you, Eren.
For showing me what was beyond the walls.
For showing me this sight.
We did this.
So after this we'll be
together forever, won't we?
After this? Where?
In hell, assuming it exists.
We'll suffer for the sin of killing
eighty percent of humanity.
Armin, it's time.
I'm erasing your memory of our time here,
but once everything is over,
you'll remember again.
I know.
Our next meeting will be
a fight to the death.
And the next one after that
I'll be waiting for you.
In hell.
Right. We'll be together, forever.
Are your wounds healed now?
Huh? Annie?
Yeah, since we've had some time
I remember now. I
You got your memories back too, right?
Of the times Eren came to see us.
He told me that the outcome
you bring about through your choices
is to erase the Power of
the Titans from the world.
I remember now, you damned
conscientious dumbass.
Eren, I can't believe you
Listen to this: Eren said my mom
would turn back into a human.
He told us to live a long life.
But what about you?
Worry about yourself, you suicidal maniac.
Is that so?
I wish I'd gotten to chat with him.
Welcome home.
I'm home, Dad.
Look who showed up.
Were you watching?
Seems this was the resolution
that you gave your hearts for.
Oh, Gabi
Mom! Dad!
I'm apparently not
the Armored Titan anymore.
- I'm glad.
- What?
All this time I'm so sorry, Reiner.
You were all I ever needed.
I'll be going now.
Huh? Where?
If I stay here, I'm sure Eren
won't be allowed a proper burial.
Good point.
Put him to rest in a nice, quiet place.
You know, the place where Eren
was always taking naps.
Yeah. I think that's a good spot.
Please listen, Secretary Müller.
Eren Jaeger is dead.
The Power of the Titans is gone, too!
We're just regular people now!
Can you prove that? Right here, right now?
A blood test would
I said right here, right now!
Please prove it to us.
Whether you're human or Titan.
If we still possessed Titan powers,
we'd use them to resist.
But even with those barrels pointed at us,
we remain powerless.
There's no greater proof that we're human.
Who are you?
Armin Arlelt, an Eldian
from Paradis Island.
I'm the one who killed
the Attack Titan, Eren Jaeger.
It was you, wasn't it?
The one who was peeking
into my head all this time.
I think your love was nothing
but a long nightmare.
The lives taken will never come back.
Still, I exist because
of the lives you created.
Rest in peace, Ymir.
It's been three years since the day now
known as the "Battle of Heaven and Earth."
After the loss of an extraordinary
number of lives,
those who managed to survive surely
still suffer from unhealed wounds.
Just as the world, still
reeling from the loss, feared,
Eldia formed a military led
by the Jaegerists
which gains strength
with every passing day.
Out of fear of reprisal from the
survivors of humanity across the sea,
the island shouts with one voice:
"If we win, we live."
"If we lose, we die."
"We have to fight to win."
"Fight. Fight."
Even with the Titans gone,
the conflict will not go away.
Eren passed on to me
all that he knew of the future.
Though I cannot see the future
that lies beyond this one,
I have been able to
see this future clearly.
I'm certain this outcome was not
the result of Eren's choices alone.
This world is an outcome
wrought by all of our choices.
We must fight,
so that we need fight no more.
Even if we should find ourselves
living lives divorced from peace.
This isn't the life he wished for us.
But whether he wished for it or not,
it is the life he passed on to us.
How will we live in
the reprieve that remains?
In this
world without Titans?
I can't get over how beautiful
Historia's handwriting is.
It even smells good.
I'll repeat what I said before:
Don't lust after married women.
It's creepy.
I can't help but notice
your fixation with your hair.
Who are you trying to look good for?
The ladies who'll be reading
the history books in school.
Don't you mean the field guide to horses?
It's a real shame your
life got longer, Reiner.
Paradis Island has come into view.
Armin, do you really think this will work?
We destroyed the walls,
betrayed the island,
and killed Eren, whom the Eldians revere.
Can we really be the Allied Forces'
ambassadors for the peace talks?
I wouldn't be surprised if they
sank our ship right about now.
Yeah, I'm amazed we're still afloat.
This is the role of "international heroes"
that idiot forced on us.
"I want you to have long lives," my ass.
Annie, don't tell me you got on
this ship expecting to go home alive.
Of course not. But it's not like any of us
came to commit suicide, right?
Walking into hell again
like this is the answer.
The Scout Regiment is made up of a bunch of
dreamers who don't know when to quit.
I'm Military Police, though.
But for the time being, we won't be killed.
After all, everyone on Paradis
will want to know.
To know our story.
To know why a bunch of people who tried
over and over to kill each other
would show up and call for peace.
The story of what we've seen.
Let's tell them all of it.
Eren, the others are coming to visit soon.
Doesn't that make you happy?
I want to see you again.
Eren, thanks for wrapping
this scarf around me.
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