Atypical (2017) s03e09 Episode Script

Sam Takes a Walk

Why are we here? I know, I'm a monster.
If I'm feeling really evil, I'll take you to a fancy lunch after.
How you feeling, honey? Not bad for a heartless garbage person.
I know.
Breakups are so hard.
You made a kind and brave choice.
I'd like to think I'd make that choice, but we both know I'm not that strong.
I mean, it does really suck.
And maybe it was the right thing to do, but I just can't get him out of my head.
No matter what I do.
So, Zahid interesting name.
Where's your family from? Vermont.
We moved here when I was in sixth grade.
But we still head back every fall to peep them leaves.
Some say love is a burning thing [CASEY.]
It's like he's always there.
Hey, Sam.
Play a little ultimate in my downtime.
I'm a beast! Hey! Ow! [SAM.]
You were right, this does take my mind off things.
Ow! See, honey, I saw love You see, it came to me It put its face up to my face So I could see [CASEY.]
Everything reminds me of him.
I just miss him.
It sucks.
I know it does.
I may have something to make you feel better.
Check it out.
"Casey rocks.
" For your track meet.
These are gonna look great in fingerless gloves.
Nothing looks good in fingerless gloves.
- Uh-huh.
Casey rocks! - [LAUGHS.]
Oh, my God.
Casey rocks! - Calm down.
What am I looking at? Justice.
Tiny little person up against a monster.
I did a lot of that kind of art during my parents' divorce.
You're angry.
No, I'm not.
No, it's good, channel it.
My best friend said he doesn't wanna be friends with me anymore, but I'm better off without him.
And I had sex so I'm not angry.
You're still gripping that pencil awfully hard.
It's just how I hold my pencil.
Okay, listen up, pups.
Midterms are upon us.
Now, we live in a time where a lot of bad shit is happening.
Your mission, if you so choose it, and you kind of have to if you wanna pass, is to create a single piece of art that sheds light on a political cause that you are passionate about.
Oh, my God.
I have so many ideas, how am I gonna pick? Factory farming, right? No, homelessness.
Oh, but abortion, though.
I'm not very political.
Can I have one of your leftovers? Nonsense.
Sam, if you have a heart, you're political.
If you don't, you're a jellyfish.
Dig deep, sheep! Give into the dark side, Sam, what makes you furious.
The Magellanic penguins of Argentina, it's the single largest penguin colony in the world.
It's like New York City for penguins.
- How cool.
- And it's a bloodbath.
Oh, dear.
Normally, baby penguins have a one-in-three chance of survival because of predators, starvation Let's talk about something more sunny, yeah? And thanks to humans and climate change, thousands more are freezing to death because of increased rainfall.
I watched a video of a duck drinking out of a baby bottle.
It was pretty cute.
The odds were already stacked against them and now this? I have to spend all weekend working on this project.
Um Well, I was hoping that maybe we could spend some time together this weekend, you know, since your family will be away for the track meet.
Sorry, this is too important.
I have to get this right.
Okay, Sam, enough.
We had a very special time the other day, and you haven't even mentioned it.
I mean, ever since that early afternoon in your dorm, everything has changed.
We're a pair of adults now.
Okay, but look.
See? Now that's better.
Look at those little guys just taking a nap in their nest.
They're dead.
It's a mass grave.
Seriously? Sorry, didn't see you there.
Come on, let me study.
I'm not gonna be able to get anything done this weekend, so I gotta You nervous about regionals? Yeah, of course.
But I'm mostly just Sad about Evan? Look, we're friends first.
You can talk to me about it if you want.
I know.
Not about this.
It's okay.
I'm biased anyway.
Okay, bye.
So is she your girlfriend now? Jesus, Sam! Warn a person.
That I'm sitting on the couch? Okay.
I'm sitting on the couch.
So are you a couple? I am not having this conversation with you, ever.
I mean if we were, would that be a problem with you? What? No, why? You'd be like Sphen and Magic.
Who? Sphen and Magic, the two male gentoo penguins at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium.
They courted each other and built a nest.
When a negligent heterosexual penguin pair left their egg exposed to the elements, the aquarium staff gave it to Sphen and Magic.
They have a baby now.
Its name is Sphengic.
Look at him.
Hello, you.
I think they could have done better with the name.
Isn't your penguin named Stumpy? Exactly, something good.
For what? For not being weird about this.
Or being weird, but in your own way.
You're welcome.
Now, can you please leave me alone? I'm kind of busy.
- I like your bloody penguins.
- Thank you.
Is that everything? Pretty much.
We're supposed to stay at your dad's cabin.
If you want, I can stay at a hotel.
No, it's fine, and I think it's too late to get a room anyway.
It'll be nice for us to go through all the stuff we have there anyway.
- Honey! - Let's go, Casey! Your first weekend alone.
I can't believe it.
Are you sure you don't wanna come to the meet with us? Yes, I have too much to do.
Ooh, that's very bloody.
What's the rope for? [SCOFFS.]
Rope? That's a large intestine.
A falcon just disemboweled that one.
Okay, you seem a little dark and stormy.
You sure you wanna be here by yourself? Yes, there's something terrible going on in Argentina, and I need the quiet so I can concentrate on the most effective way to portray the carnage.
You're not making me feel better.
Okay, if you need anything, this is a list of emergency numbers.
Why's animal control on here? Remember when the raccoon had babies in our basement? - Things happen.
- Ugh.
The sounds.
I'm never having kids.
Okay, all your meals are in the fridge, labeled, of course.
And remember, the front left burner knob is tricky, so you gotta push it all the way in when you turn it, okay? Otherwise, it won't light, but the house will continue to fill up with gas until the whole place is filled up, and then even a tiny little spark, boom! The roof is blown sky-high along with my baby boy all the way to heaven.
- Or hell.
We don't know his life.
- Okay.
I won't do whatever you just said.
Let's go, guys.
We're gonna be late to drop Casey off at the bus.
Sure you don't wanna drive there with us? No.
Oddly, I prefer the company of 30 screaming girls to you two lumps.
You wanna walk to the bus? You could walk.
Is that what you wanna do? [KISSES.]
Hey, at least that little guy's escaping.
He's not escaping.
He's committing suicide.
The carnage around him pushed him over the edge.
You try walking on eyeballs.
Oh, God.
Are Honeycrisps a new kind of apple? I'm usually a Pink Lady lady but these are nice.
Well, they're both good apples.
It'll be nice to see the cabin again.
We haven't been there for so long.
I wonder why we stopped going.
'Cause you didn't wanna go anymore.
What? That's not what happened.
It just didn't work for us anymore.
Nobody ever got any sleep, and I was the one having to deal with grumpy kids all week.
Well, I slept fine.
You can't throw that out the window.
It's biodegradable.
It's illegal.
Hey, you can't just be hurtling down the highway and throw that out the window.
What if it hits a person in back of us? Don't do it.
Please, don't do it.
Oy! [SAM.]
The problem with the Magellanic penguins is an extremely frustrating one.
The penguin babies are too big for their parents to sit on to keep warm [ZAHID.]
If you have any questions at all, you can please find me, I'm your guy.
Name's Zahid, starts with a Z, ends with a beautiful friendship.
I wrote my Insta-handle on that receipt there.
It's brown sugar underscore doing it.
but too young to have their waterproof feathers yet.
I'm gonna sleep in the bunk room.
Sounds great.
I just hugged or high-fived at least 63 people on the way in.
Do you have any hand sanitizer? Yeah, nerd, I think Elsa might have put some in here.
Thank you.
Look what Sam made me.
Who's Sphen and Magic? Gay penguins in Australia.
He told me about them last night.
Wait, did Did you tell Sam about us? Not really.
- Not really? - No.
Well, I didn't tell him anything.
He just saw us at the door.
So What would be the big deal? He's my brother.
The big deal is I don't feel like broadcasting my personal business to the world.
Okay, jeez.
No, it's not okay.
There's Claire.
I'm gonna go say hi.
Hello, beautiful.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What's wrong? - [SIGHS.]
I know.
- Poor Evan.
- Yeah.
Poor you.
Izzie is a villain.
Oh, come on.
I'm so confused.
'Cause I miss Evan so much.
But when I'm with Izzie, it's so exciting and kissing her was amazing.
And when it's just the two of us, she acts like she's so into me, but when we're around anyone else, it's like she's afraid to be around me.
Sounds like my cat.
Casey, whoever you are with should treat you like the precious, precious princess you are! Why am I even having this conversation with you? [DOOR OPENS.]
- [IZZIE.]
Can we talk? I'm gonna go.
I have dinner with the team.
- Say hi to them for me.
You can tell them yourself.
There is a party tonight in Tanya's room.
You're invited, too.
You know, if you're cool.
I'm sorry.
This is just all so new, you know? Yeah, it is.
And I don't know what any of this means.
- Or who I am.
- Look, I'm confused, too.
I know.
I just think that I need to take it slow.
But it was really nice hanging out in your room the other night.
And I really like hanging out.
Me too.
Do you maybe wanna go to that party together later? - Um - [LAUGHS.]
Look what I found.
"Sam Takes a Walk.
" I remember that.
I loved making this so much, I think I actually got more out of it than he did.
He learned a lot from that game.
I always got stuck being the neighbor's dog.
- Biscuit.
- Biscuit.
That's crazy.
You wanna play? Yeah, sure, why not? You want a glass of wine? [SIGHS.]
I do, but I didn't bring any.
I did.
I know you.
Sam! Great news.
Now that we're adults, you know, since sex, I decided enough moping around.
It's time to get back in the job applying game.
And I already have an interview.
It's for a nanny job, so it's not exactly the internship at the mayor's office I was envisioning, but it's a start.
That's great.
Well, what do we have going on here? I can't get this Magellanic penguin assignment right.
Everything I do seems not important enough to make a difference.
Do these dead penguins make you wanna stop using hairspray? Oh, you wouldn't like me without hairspray.
All right, that's it.
Up and at 'em, mister.
- What? - We're going for a walk.
My mee-maw said there's nothing a brisk stroll can't fix.
Except for glaucoma, it can't fix that.
Grab a hoodie.
It's a little nippy out there.
Now my lovely threads are all soaked.
Sam, can I borrow a shirt? Guess what I what are you doing? - What? Nothing.
- Were you checking the knob? Oh, it was a little loose.
And, you know, one spark can send the roof sky high.
My mom sent you, didn't she? Uh well, she was a little bit worried.
- Spy! - Sam, look, I understand that you're upset.
Yeah, I am upset.
I'm really, really, really, really upset.
But I'm not just upset at you.
I get why you're having an issue.
I mean, you could practically take this thing to Antiques Roadshow at this point.
Look at this.
It's thicker than a deck of cards, man.
Sam, I don't have you on the schedule today.
I came to give Zahid his shirt back, but I'm too mad to go talk to him.
I get that.
I walked into a Chili's the other day, saw my ex-wife, turned around, walked right out.
That Chili's is hers now.
You take your time.
Zahid I know you don't wanna be my friend anymore, and I don't care! But I keep being reminded of you, and it's making it very hard for me to draw dead baby penguins.
I even knew you were working today because I memorized your stupid school and work schedule.
But I want every reminder of you gone.
So here's your stupid shirt back.
Not to mention everyone keeps treating me like I'm a baby.
They don't even think I know how to turn a burner off and on, which I do! On, off! Uh, Sam.
Magellanic penguin chicks aren't built for heavy rains.
Their feathers aren't waterproof.
Maybe if the weather had changed more gradually, they could have adapted.
But it was so sudden.
So how could they? - [CHATTERING, LAUGHING.]
I don't know, Newton, looks like enemy territory.
Tonight, we dance with them.
Tomorrow, we crush them.
Does look kind of fun.
Oh, shoot, I forgot you hate fun, though.
So maybe let's go back to the room, and we can study something, anything.
Hey, guys.
I don't wanna take from you I don't need an IOU Keep your pocket superglued I got nothin', you got nothin' Be my Yoko Ono muse Serotonin, bulletproof What are you doing? Nothing.
I'm I'm dancing.
We talked about this.
I don't need to advertise my personal business to the world.
- I'm not trying - I just I need water.
Keep your money You can take my time I don't need it [VOCALIZING.]
A car to drive alone I don't need it A house that ain't a home You used your placement behaviors, you get an extra turn.
All right, I hope I roll a three.
I wanna stop off at the Guptas.
They were such nice neighbors.
Remember how good it smelled when Sarita was cooking? Oh, she was such a good cook.
- Pick a card.
- Okay.
- Nah! - I know.
"You hurt Casey's feelings, and now she's sad.
What can you do to cheer her up?" I'm gonna say take her out for ice cream with the entire family.
That is an option.
We would also have accepted "Do a crazy dance to make her laugh" or "give her a pillow to punch.
" Shit, have we been accidentally encouraging all this punching? Well, it's too late now.
- Move ahead four spaces.
- Okay.
But why is it always four? Well, it's Sam's favorite number, of course.
All right.
"It's time for a haircut.
What do you need to be ready?" [ELSA.]
Remember when you used to cut my hair? Yeah.
But now you prefer Eddie.
No, I don't.
I loved when you cut my hair.
I don't know why it stopped.
I know.
We got busy.
- I shouldn't have stopped.
- No, it's okay.
I used to be at the top of your priority list.
And we had the kids, and I went down a little bit.
It happens.
But then, I always What? I don't know, I always thought that when they didn't need you as much that I would go back to the top, but by then I I think I wasn't even on it at all.
Where am I on your list? Well, I'm trying to get you off it.
But I can't.
I can't do this.
I'm sorry.
I just I would love this to happen.
I would, but you just remember, like, a couple months ago when we you know, and then the next morning you couldn't even talk to me and I just I can't do that again where we get close and then you freeze me out.
I understand.
If this is gonna happen, I just want us to be thoughtful about it and for it to be something that we really choose.
- I understand.
- Okay.
- I got it.
- Okay.
I'm gonna go to bed.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Open your eyes Free your mind Open your eyes Oh, Casey, did you brush your teeth? 'Cause I think I'm to do some flossing.
Now, come on, let's see those fancy private school moves, Gardner.
Come on.
Open your eyes Truth you will find Consciousness, you will rise [SAM.]
There is some good news about Magellanic penguins.
I'm an idiot.
You're not.
I am pining after this confusing hot and cold mess of a person.
I just never should have done any of this.
You're right.
You should have pushed these feelings down, down, down forever and never looked at them.
That's healthy.
Shut up.
If they can survive the rain and grow up their feathers change.
They transform.
They become waterproof.
That helps them be more resilient.
C-A-S-E-Y! - Casey! Casey! She's my guy! - Whoo! - I made that up.
- It's catchy.
- Hmm! - No butter, way too much salt.
C-A-S-E-Y! - Casey! Casey! - Casey! Casey! She's my guy! - Whoo! - Whoo! Let's go, Case! [CASEY EXHALES.]
On your marks! I feel the motion and kiss that wind Running and running It's a race with no end, no more [VOCALIZING.]
But I like it So bring me closer Till I know it's the edge I got a minute till it's over my head Oh, no, no Let's go, let's go, let's go! [MAN.]
His feet won't touch the ground I'm running it, running it down Running it, running it down - Hey, good, go! She's flying! - Go, Gardner! Go, go! [ELSA SHOUTS.]
Running it, running it down [GRUNTS.]
Running it, running it down [SHOUTS.]
Running it, running it down Go, go, go, go, go! Running it, running it down We're running it, running it down [CASEY.]
Whoa! - [SHOUTS.]
- [DOUG.]
Good job, Casey! [CHEERING.]
She used to be ours! Oh, she's got the heart of a Newton Owl! - Casey! - [BOTH SHOUT.]
- Yes! Way to go, Casey! - Whoo! [BLOWS KISS.]
- Yes, yes, yes! - [LAUGHING.]
You looked good out there, Newton.
- [GIRL.]
There you are.
How was it? I'm just gonna hold you like this for about 20 minutes.
It went fine.
I finished my art project.
I found the missing piece that made it come to life, - or I mean, death.
- [CASEY.]
Wow, that is cool! We missed you, buddy.
Your sister crushed her race.
Of course she did.
- Thanks for the drawing.
- You're welcome.
What drawing? The drawing of you butting out.
- Whew! Quite a weekend.
- Oh, yeah, I'm exhausted.
So I was thinking, um your hair is getting kind of long.
If you want I could I mean Would you like me to cut it? Sure, yeah.
I'll get my scissors.
So when I'm doing this for a kid on the spectrum, I usually ask if they want headphones or a popsicle.
So do you want headphones or a popsicle? No, thank you.
'Cause all the days They pass us by And all the nights They wander on by I miss this.
Me too.
I can't keep up with my own life I just wanted to apologize.
I'm sorry for causing a scene with the karaoke machine and starting a fire and a rainstorm.
It's not entirely your fault.
There isn't usually gas hooked up to the floor model stoves, but someone might be living here, while they're weathering a bad time in their marriage.
Who? Me, Sam.
- Oh.
- For what it's worth, I think Zahid is making a huge mistake.
By not being my friend anymore? Well, yes, but also by eloping with Gretchen.
Choosing a partner isn't something to be taken lightly, believe you me.
What? He's getting married? When? Tomorrow, 25th.
But Zahid has his Fundamentals of Nursing final tomorrow.
It's one of the dates I memorized for him.
I need you to say the words, "I promise not to let you screw up nursing school.
" I promise not to let you screw up nursing school.
I have to stop this.
Go get your man, Sam! [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING.]
No, we'll never know No, we'll never know No, we'll never know what we lost No, we'll never know No, we'll never know No, we'll never know what we lost Oh, we'll never know No, we'll never know No, we'll never know what we lost