B: The Beginning (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

1 It's here.
[woman vocalizing.]
[metal clinks.]
[metal clinking.]
You know, you're quite somethin'.
However, this is as far as you go.
I'm gonna put an end to this once and for all.
Keith? [gasps.]
Bran?! You're alive? You're okay? I could ask you the same thing.
Come on.
You shouldn't be trying to sit up yet.
I need to know, how long was I knocked out? A few hours, maybe.
Huh? [yelping.]
Wait! What are you do - My clothes! - Damn it! I tore my stitches! [yelling.]
Where are my clothes?! Koku will come.
He'll come.
[Minatsuki shuddering.]
[woman vocalizing.]
There, a ship hidden among the stars.
[alarm blaring.]
That's enough, Minatsuki.
Calm down.
You can hear the alarm, can't you? He's moving fast, and he's already close by.
So someone's coming.
Who is it? Minatsuki? [chuckles.]
You mean that one? You okay? Yeah, sorry about that.
It's all coming back.
I was going to kill him, wasn't I? Kill.
I'll kill them all.
Then it will end.
I suppose he will at least buy us a little time.
[Yuna gasping.]
It's just like the myth says.
I guess the end won't be happening here.
It's as if the inscription longs for the ending to take place at that spot.
[woman vocalizing.]
That's it.
The platinum silver coloration.
This signifies the beginning of the end as well as the long-awaited hour that will mark the crowning of a new black-winged king.
Welcome aboard the "Moby Dick.
" I was starting to think you'd never arrive, my black-winged king.
Right here and now, I'm going to take everything you have.
Then I'll become the lord of all creation! [overlapping chatter.]
Are you sure? [CSI.]
- [detective.]
- Hmm? It seems you were right after all.
These bodies have all been embalmed.
Given the sheer number of 'em, it must cost around eight figures to keep this place up and running.
Then it's just like Eric was saying.
This isn't the type of facility that can be run by only one person.
- Yeah, that's my take.
- [cell phone buzzing.]
Hmm? Hmm? Hey, Eric, Lily's calling.
- It's Lily? - Wait.
Is she awake now? Hello? Hello?! Hey, Lily.
It's me, Boris.
- Where's Keith? - Huh? Keith? Isn't he at the hospital? Last we heard, he was staying with you.
He said he was going to the scene of the crime, - but that was three hours ago.
- What? [Lily.]
Right before Gilbert got away from you guys, he stuck some kind of weird capsule thing in my mouth.
Keith took it out of my mouth as he carried me away, and then I think he said something.
[Eric groans.]
Eric, wait! Listen, Lily.
We're heading your way! Sit tight, all right? Yes, sir! [Minatsuki panting.]
[woman vocalizing.]
[blade clatters.]
Tell me where Yuna is.
Do that, and at the very least, you'll get a quick death.
Yuna? Who is Yuna? Wait.
Whoam I? [boy.]
Whois that? Withdrawal symptoms? That's it.
You're a Reggie.
Reggie? We don't need the Reggies.
Kill them all.
Actually, I can use this Reggie.
Our eyes are the same color.
I know it.
That eye I-I know it.
I know it.
I know it.
Don't be afraid.
Look deep into my eye.
From now on, you will be my phantom just as I have been his for as long as I can remember.
I need to know.
Who are you? Who are you? Also who am I?! Don't let it end like this.
This isn't the guy.
[train clattering.]
[film projector whirring.]
Yuna, you were waiting for me.
She waited for me.
She was waiting for me, but I was too late again! [telephone ringing.]
Well, now, what took you so long? I was starting to worry that you wouldn't crack it.
We used to use that cipher all the time when we passed notes in class.
Doesn't it take you back? Badmouthing the professors.
Asking about our nemesis.
Our favorite records.
Yours was Blue Oyster Cult, and mine was Thin Lizzy.
Yours was Kate Bush.
Hurry over.
This place has seen better days, but things are as they were back then.
He said that he would bring all this to an end.
And those were his exact words to you? Yeah.
If he's going to the scene of the crime, that's the murder scene up there in the mountains.
But you're forgetting something.
That's where her body was dumped, not where she was killed.
The place where Erika was actually murdered was Tell me one thing.
What? You couldn't have carried it out on your own authority.
Tell me who ordered it.
Hmm? Oh, you mean the attack? There's a simple explanation.
Jaula Blanca's main product was the living weapons called Reggies.
The king and military couldn't care less about resurrecting gods.
Success was the last thing they wanted.
And I'll let you in on one other detail.
The one who proposed and led the attack on the Institute was none other than myself.
I instructed Minatsuki to kill Dr.
Children are strange things.
They'll believe anything you tell them, as long as it's what they want to hear.
QuestionWhy weren't you controlled by him? Oh, you're referring to the ability in Minatsuki's right eye? [laughs.]
You know why, and yet you're asking anyway.
It's because you were controlling him, right? [chuckles.]
When it comes to childhood beliefs, unless the child sees irrefutable proof with its own eyes, they will never fade.
It's a sort of hypnosis, you see.
It was quite the clumsy lie, yet he still believed it.
Even now, he believes that if he kills Koku in the manner set out in the inscription, he'll rule over a new world as its invincible king.
How many? How many lives will you toy with before you're satisfied? Surely you see it now.
These cravings of mine will never be satisfied.
Truth is, I have to kill in order to survive.
But, you know, Keith, if you gave it an iota of thought, you'd see that we're the same.
Don't you agree? My impulse to kill and yours to study, we're the same in that neither one of us can control ourselves.
That's a trait that's common to all Flicks.
If I recall, Erika wasn't able to control her emotions either, and so I [chuckles.]
Since we both belong to such cursed bloodlines, what do you say we put an end to this? [woman vocalizing.]
In this place, the glyph for "black" is repeatedly used as a synonym for "perfect.
" Do you know how one makes the color black? You have to mix all of the other colors together.
That's the reason black stands apart from the other colors.
It's the perfect color, one fit for a king.
You don't know, do you? You don't have the slightest idea why I'm doing this.
I listened to you.
I heard your voices in the distance as I listened through the window.
[children chattering.]
To pass the time, I imagined what the rest of you were like.
Until Izanami came, I'd been alone my entire life.
More than anything, I wanted to know why I was the only one kept isolated.
And on that bloody night, he explained everything to me.
I was created and kept alive to be used as spare parts for Koku.
My destiny was that I'd be carved up as we grew and eventually put down like a stray dog.
That's why there isn't any record of my existence in the inscription.
Until then, I was nothing more than a phantom.
He was the one and only Reggie who was successfully stabilized through treatment and showed no signs of one day rejecting Koku's eye.
He was kept in strict isolation, which is only natural, considering that if the military learned of him, he'd be eliminated.
He's the last hope for stabilizing the Reggies.
I get it now.
The real target of that attack was Minatsuki, wasn't it? [Minatsuki.]
I didn't want to believe it.
I fought against the inscription with all I had, but it was hopeless.
The first time I laid my eyes on his eye, it convinced me it was all true, and so I swore to myself, whatever it took, I'd steal everything from him using my own two hands.
You can't.
I know that Koku will never lose, so there's absolutely nothing you can steal from him.
You still don't seem to get it.
[Koku gasps.]
Can't you see? We're all playing out our roles precisely as it's written in this inscription.
Life, death, and everything in between, there's no fighting against it, no matter what you do.
We are nothing more than bit players in a repeating story, which is why you're going to die here along with Koku.
Yuna! Someday I'll be gone There's somewhere That we belong And God Has never played his role 'Cause I'm the one Who saves my soul It's a perfect world We're longing for So long Cursing shadows Hunt and gather In the city of no answer As we follow Endless questions Hands up In the same reflection Sometimes we try to feel How things just used to be In yesterdays Now or never, Make it better No one ever lives forever Wake me up, and let me go Someday I'll be gone To somewhere we all belong For so long Subtitle translation By David Fleming