Baby (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


1 [CHIARA] If you're 16 and live in Rome's most beautiful neighborhood, you're lucky.
Ours is the best possible world.
We're immersed in a wonderful see-through fish tank, but we long for the sea.
That's why, to survive we need a secret life.
[SIGHS] Hey, you have to wake up.
Come on! Nico! Nico, get up, come on! You have to get up.
Get dressed.
- Come on.
- Yes, yes.
See you at school.
[WOMAN] Madam.
[SIGHS] - Good morning.
- There you are.
- Do you want a smoothie? - No, thanks, I've got to go.
You shouldn't keep skipping breakfast.
- Are you going out like that? - I'm going training first.
Listen, did you know your athletics teacher's husband, the ambassador, has another son? Apparently he didn't raise him and Bye.
What happened last night? I called you ten times.
I crashed.
I was exhausted.
Ready? [YAWNS] I had a croissant heated up for you.
I didn't know what you like I'll just have a coffee.
[WOMAN] Good morning.
- No uniform? - I'm good like this.
They won't let you in like that.
No? Are there guards there, too? [MAN] Here we encourage students to follow their passions.
We try to help you find yourselves.
Starting half way during the year is never easy.
You'll feel a little lost at first.
The level is high, much higher than at your previous school, but if you study and stay focused, I'm sure you'll soon settle in.
- Hi.
Sorry, but this is my desk.
Not anymore.
Damiano Younes.
[TEACHER] Your desk is here, at the front.
We have a seating plan.
[CRYING] Are you okay? What the fuck do you want? Nothing.
I thought you weren't feeling well.
I've got a math test, and I know fuck all, so I was just practicing.
Do you need a hand? I've only got one copy.
I can't mess it up.
Thanks anyway.
[CHUCKLES] Now Let's see.
- Is this your father's? - Mm-hm.
[CHUCKLES] How do they look? Perfect.
Okay, but now get out of here! I have to rehearse again.
[LUDOVICA CRYING] [CHATTERING] Have you still not handed in the forms? I was just about to.
In any case, I told my father not to let you go.
That way, instead of a year abroad, you'll have to stay here at Collodi.
What a jerk! I know, but haven't you thought about me? What'll I do without you guys? You know we'll miss you.
But you can't beat breakfast in Central Park.
- No, you're right.
- You see! [ALL CHUCKLING] Are you coming to Brando's party? Everyone's going.
[VIRGINIA] Here comes Pudding Bowl.
What were you doing in the toilet? Making another porn movie? Send it to us.
[FABIO] Do you think she'll go? [CAMILLA] I don't think so, not after what she did.
I'm going to hand in the forms.
See you later.
[SPEAKING IN GERMAN] - How did it go today? - Bad.
It's normal.
Give it some time.
Will you give me a lift back to the house? I want to get the moped.
Unfortunately, I have a meeting.
What about on Sunday? And what, I have to walk all week? - We have a driver.
- Not a chance! Damiano, that moped is old.
I'm fond of it.
It was Mom's.
Maybe it'd be better if I bought you a minicar, it would be safer.
Don't worry, I get it.
I'll go myself.
These assholes can have your minicar! - What's up, Damiano! - Hey, Fa'! Looking good.
I'm glad.
You too.
Cool top.
Listen, what happened to that stuff I gave you? I'll give it back.
I haven't been able to sell it.
I've got guards outside my house.
Return it? Do I look like a shopkeeper to you? - I'm sorry but - You don't understand.
Find a way, get imaginative.
Okay, relax.
I'd rather give it back to you.
Damiano, I like you, but that's not going to happen.
Either you give me the money, or this crappy moped of yours.
Give me another week and I'll sort it, okay? One week.
Oh, if you pass by the square, say hi to my cousin.
She'd like that.
Grandma's darling! - Hi, Grandma.
- How are you? - Have you gotten bigger? - [CHUCKLES] - You look taller.
- It's you that's shrinking! And try not to stoop so much.
It's less effort like this.
You'll see Listen, I've got to get something from my room, then I'll be back, okay? Where are you off to? - Aren't you staying for supper? - No, Grandma, I can't.
Wait, wait How are you? How are things with your father? Is he treating you well? It was better here.
You promised your mother Sure, sure.
Bye, Grandma.
Damn me for opening my mouth in the first place.
[WOMAN] Who'll pay the school fees, and the hairdresser? You can't just abandon your daughter.
Call me back, asshole! - Your father's an asshole.
- So what's new? The older he gets, the more of an asshole he becomes.
[SIGHS] [HUMMING] What are you up to? How was school? Fine.
- I've got some good news.
- Really? I'm taking you out to dinner tonight.
I want you to meet someone.
A man or a woman? A man, of course.
- Not another one! - [LAUGHS] Make yourself look pretty, but not too pretty.
Oh, look, we're wearing the same nail polish.
- Wow! - Let's immortalize it.
daughter's uh, blue nails.
" They'll kick him out after a month.
My father says he was problematic in public school too.
- Annoyed he tried to steal your seat? - You're the problematic one! Do you need a fork? [FABIO] Laugh all you like But if the school becomes like San Basilio, we'll see.
- [CAMILLA] Well, I think he's cute.
- [VIRGINIA] Do you mind? Go ahead.
He can bring home anyone he wants to, but they bust my ass.
[FABIO] Oh, God, Cami, you never stop with the feminism.
[CAMILLA] It's not feminism, Fabio, it's a question of double standards.
[IN ITALIAN] I'm getting old now, but Ludo's a fashion expert.
- She can give us a hand.
- A hand? Lele is a buyer now and he's buying clothes for my store.
We're in business together.
Yes, clothes imported from Peru.
- Peru? - Peru.
[MAN] Thank you.
Chia'! - Yes, I agree.
- Exactly.
If you brought a boy home, I doubt your parents would be happy.
There's not much risk of that.
[CHUCKLES] Anyway, we'll find someone interesting in New York.
Leaving me by myself with the chav.
[CAMILLA] Stop moaning! Maybe he'll teach me how to use a gun.
Then you can shoot yourself.
[CHATTERING] Can you hold him for a minute, please? Thanks.
How are you? Getting by.
Listen, can I kiss you? [CHUCKLES] No marks, so you can't get mad.
[STARTS ENGINE] Virginia? [NICO] She left.
Did you have a fight? We don't have fights.
We "disagree," she says.
What's the difference? It's normal to disagree.
But if I say that things aren't working, I'm the jerk.
If you want to dump her, you don't have to ask her permission.
- Really? - It's obvious you don't care about her.
She says that I love her.
Virginia doesn't care if you love her.
She cares about how you look in photos.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I do look good in photos.
Look, I worked my abs today.
- Feel them.
- What a shame.
Before you became hot, I had a smart brother.
[WOMAN MOANING] We'll do anything you want.
- Really? - Yes.
[TAKAGI & KETRA'S "DA SOLA/IN THE NIGHT" PLAYING] Some sport would do you good.
- I go skate-boarding.
- Big deal! - Listen, I'm heading off.
- Hold on, I'll be done in half an hour.
[BLOWS WHISTLE] Hello, how are you all doing? - [ALL] Hello.
- Good.
- Sabina, how's your back? - [SABINA] Fine.
Okay, whoever has done their stretching, can start with some jogging.
On you go.
Matteo, what did you want to tell me? - [MATTEO]I bought new trainers.
- [STEPMOTHER] Well done! He bought new trainers! [GIRL] About time.
[STEPMOTHER] Let's practice our starts, okay? Hey! Hey.
I wanted to thank you again for the signatures.
They were identical.
I told you so.
- Are you coming to the party tonight? - Hell no! I'm going to this really cool club.
Listen, why don't we hang out? And go where? Why do you always have to go somewhere? Mama, I can't come to the shop anymore, I'm studying with Chiara.
Mama is working.
She never finds out.
Do you know how to drive? [COSMO'S "CAZZATE" PLAYING] - Careful! - [LAUGHS] [LUDOVICA SHOUTING] Ludovica, stop! [TIRES SCREECH] [LAUGHING] [SPEAKS IN ITALIAN] Oh! [CHIARA] It's amazing.
- [LUDOVICA] Haven't you been here before? - No, never.
Are you already on a downer? [CHUCKLES] You guys need to chill out.
- You who? - You.
I'm me.
You wish.
Fuck you! You don't know me.
You have to look beyond.
If you want to change something, change it.
So, are you coming with me tonight? This city needs me.
[BOTH LAUGHING] That skirt looks nice on you.
Yesterday, I saw Dad with another woman.
Why does he have to bring them here? Why, was she inside the house? No, the driveway.
Oh, that's okay then.
What's okay? Doesn't it bother you? Look, I got you your colors.
- What do you do when you go out? - Don't you worry about me.
- Are you seeing someone? - Huh? Are you seeing someone? No.
Not at the moment, no.
Do you want to get divorced? No, darling.
Your dad and I are separated but we live together.
We made the decision together.
We did it for you.
But if you start getting upset, there's no point, is there? - Don't you want to fall in love again? - Chiara, people grow up.
Love doesn't exist.
[WAREZ'S "SKILLS" PLAYING ON SPEAKERS] What you gonna do about it? What you gonna do? Yeah, I got skills Yeah, I got skills What you gonna do about it? What you gonna do? Le skills What you gonna do about it? What you gonna do? Yeah, I got skills What you gonna do about it? [NEX CASSEL'S "RAPPER BIANCO" PLAYING ON SPEAKERS] Crappy party, isn't it? It's awful.
- Listen, this calls for something strong.
- What? We need something strong.
Shot session: game on.
Down in one.
Your head will spin but you won't vomit.
- What's the point? - Just do it! Go on! [SHOUTS, THEN LAUGHS] [GROANS] Are you nuts? How much are you selling this shit for? Have a toke.
On the house.
Problem is this is my house.
And Collodi's mine too, understand? I'm all for a bit of competition.
How much do you sell it for? - Twenty.
- Oh, twice as much as mine.
Where do you get your grass from, the local park? Twenty euros is way too much, even for you spoiled shits! Get the fuck out of here, Damiano! Shame, because your friend liked it.
- Listen, why do you want to go to America? - What? The papers I signed.
Don't you like it here? - I don't know - My sister's studying in America.
She says it's normal, just like here.
In what way? Houses, trees, cars There aren't even any superheroes there.
[LAUGHS] - [LUDOVICA ON TV] More? - [BOY] More? - [LUDOVICA] Come on! - [BOY] Yes, come on.
What's underneath? And under that? - [LUDOVICA] Come on, come here.
- [BOY] What's underneath this pink thing? - [LUDOVICA] I don't know.
- [BOY] You don't know? Let's find out.
- [LUDOVICA] Do you want to find out? - [BOY] Hell, yeah.
- Oh, no - [LUDOVICA] Come here, I'll suck you off.
[BOY] All right.
What are you doing? [LUDOVICA] I'll lick it if you want.
Come on, let's fuck.
Do you know now? Have you understood? [BOY] Yes, but - [LUDOVICA] Come on, that's enough! - [BOY] Come on! - That's enough! Switch it off! - Should I put it over here? [LUDOVICA] Let's make love.
Do whatever you want but [BOY] Okay, let's do what you want to do.
- [LUDOVICA] Tell me I'm yours alone.
- What? - [LUDOVICA] Tell me I'm yours alone.
- You're mine alone.
- Again.
- You're mine alone.
"Tell me I'm yours alone.
" [ALL LAUGHING] You're hurting me, bitch! What the hell are you doing? Damn it.
Take it easy.
[VIRGINIA COUGHING AND PANTING] [CRYING] [GRUNTING] What the fuck are you doing? - What the fuck are you doing? - Get lost! Stop it! What the hell do you want? Get lost.
[PANTING] What's wrong? They stole my moped.
It was my mother's.
It'll be insured.
She won't get mad at you.
That's for sure.
She's dead.
What a super haircut you have You could win everything You know we are suspended In an old ad, where in the mirror You sing with the hairdryer Of course you know You take everything and go To see if it's true And then I come looking for you You return only if Everything changes except you I wasn't there at your party But they saw you dancing In the night Alone in the night [BOTH LAUGHING] - How was it? - Dreadful.
- Hey.
- Some friend you are! What did I do? You knew.
No, I didn't.
Besides, it's my fault, because I got that asshole to video us.
I'm sorry, it was a sick joke.
Swear you didn't know.
I swear.
And you feel bad for me? Really bad.
Then help me turn this shitty Saturday night around.
Sorry, I have to go.
[SIGHS] Sure, you can keep my hoodie.
Ludo! How are you? Better now.
Let's go inside.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
I even know the owner.
They'll give us free cocktails.
Come on! They won't even let us in.
Look how I'm dressed.
Everyone else is dressed up.
Of course they'll let us in.
- I'm going.
- Okay, bye.
Come on, don't get mad! Then come on! WHERE DID YOU GO TO? - Enjoy yourselves.
- Thanks.
Look at who it is! Nice to see you again.
My pleasure.
- Pardon me.
- Of course.
Hey! Uh, Sandro.
This is cocktail guy.
- Saverio.
- Saverio.
- Hello.
- Come on, I'll let you in.
Excuse me.
Ready? Have fun.
- Hey, give me a ride, will you? - What? My moped's been stolen.
I need to find it.
If we're quick, there are a few places where - I have to go home.
- I'll drive.
It'll only take two minutes.
Listen, get off.
- No, you get off.
- Look, just get off! [SIGHS] [VITALIC'S "POISON LIPS" PLAYING ON SPEAKERS] Everything's set for tomorrow's deliveries.
- [SAVERIO] So, you do use them? - [MAN] What? The two brain cells you have.
You wanted super powers? All you had to do was come here.
Those two will make us a lot of money.
Bring them two drinks.
Two fruit juices? - Yeah! - fortunate ones And girls, they wanna have fun [CHIARA] For us, life is simple.
We want to feel all-powerful, have fun, make mistakes.
And if we can't do all that in broad daylight, we take shelter in a dimension all of our own.
The best thing about having a secret life is that you never know what's in store for you.
Oh, Daddy dear You know you're still number one But girls, they wanna have fun Oh, girls just wanna have fun That's all they really want Some fun When the working day is done Oh, girls, they wanna have fun Oh, girls just wanna have fun Some boys take a beautiful girl And hide her away From the rest of the world I wanna be the one to walk in the sun Oh, girls, they wanna have fun Oh, girls just wanna have fun That's all they really want Some fun When the working day is done Oh, girls, they wanna have fun Oh, girls just wanna have fun They just wanna They just wanna They just wanna They just wanna They just wanna They just wanna They just wanna They just wanna When the working day is done Oh, girls, they wanna have fun Oh, girls just wanna have fun