Baby (2018) s02e02 Episode Script


Fiore told me to give you these.
How sweet! Next time, tell him to send some flowers.
Listen, let's get one thing straight.
I don't want to be anybody's babysitter.
Be on time and don't cause any problems.
Otherwise, I'll manage fine without you.
Listen, you're not doing me any favors.
Stay out of trouble while I'm gone.
According to Kierkegaard, man finds himself in a condition of Absolute Freedom.
Maybe you think that's a great condition to be in.
But no.
Because he says that - from Absolute Freedom derives - I HAVE TO TALK TO YOU the Absolute Responsibility of our choices Storti.
Give the phone, please.
I was just checking the time.
I don't allow any phones in my classroom.
That's unfair.
Why me? If you keep complaining, I'll kick you out of class.
- I just said that - Out.
Give me Saverio's phone.
- I have to message that Tommaso.
- Why? Don't worry.
Just give it to me, I'll tell you later.
- I don't have it anymore.
- "Don't have it anymore"? The consultant was onto us, I had to throw it away.
You should've just given it back to me! What's happened? Nothing.
I just wanted to see him again.
I'm sorry.
- I promise, we'll find another way - How did it go with Damiano? We did it.
Sorry, I should have told you.
You're right.
Storti, when you've finished chatting, you can come back inside.
And you, get to class, it's not recess yet.
Is that the new teacher? - Not bad, eh? - You just think about your honeymoon! Younes? Starting with a fail isn't a very good idea.
Time's up, guys, time to hand in your assignments.
Quickly, now.
- Didn't you sleep last night? - I was up late.
How come? Nothing, it's just, I'm not sleeping well.
- Can we hang out this afternoon? - I'm a little busy.
But if you want, we can have dinner together.
At my place.
- At your place.
As in, at your house? - Yes.
At the embassy? Can I have my phone back? Here.
Next time, pay attention in class.
All right? It's just, I've had a hell of a day.
You'll speak to me in a respectful way.
- And I want to speak with your father.
- Good luck, I haven't seen him in ages.
Your mother, then.
She's too busy, she can't come.
Make sure she finds time, or I'll have her summoned by the principal.
COLLODI HIGH What the hell are you looking at? Well, maybe we should talk about the other night.
There's nothing to talk about.
I think there is.
Fine, let's talk about it.
I was high and nothing happened.
Don't start imagining some gay movie in your head.
And you don't be wanking over me.
I've got a boyfriend.
- Where are we going? - I told you, you'll soon see.
If this is about Ludo's money, don't worry If I want to talk to Ludo, I'll talk to her.
Anyway, say hi for me.
Tell her I miss her a lot.
Tell me what you want! That's more like the girl I know Emma.
I wasn't expecting this, you know? - What? - That you'd keep doing it.
You stole Saverio's phone to meet clients.
Very impressive.
I didn't meet anyone.
If you had to pretend to be Saverio why didn't you just ask me? We've got a great thing going at the club.
Now it's the girls who are coming to me.
Listen, I told you, I don't need anything and I'm not planning on meeting anyone.
Now, let me out! Fine, fine, fine! Go on, get out.
I get it, now you've got a boyfriend and you wanna be a good girl.
Who's she? A friend of mine.
And of Damiano's, or so it seems.
If you tell him anything about me, I'll report you.
I just wanted to show you how things stand.
For the sake of being honest.
Because I don't think Damiano is the guy you think he is.
He has his fun.
Let's try.
The only difference between a caprice and a lifelong passion is that the caprice lasts a little longer.
- You're an asshole.
- It's very good.
I can get it out for you.
Sure, or else Fabio, what are you doing? Put it back.
Want to get a different copy? Everything all right? Something happened? No.
- Are you sure? - What's with all the questions? Nothing's happened.
Fabio Look, I miss you.
School sucks and you're never around.
Fabio, I've got lectures, get it? I can't just miss one and then get a note from my daddy.
I didn't find the time to tell you, but I'm proud of you for getting your driving license.
Not so much for the exam itself but for how you overcame your fear.
You're brave, like your mother.
How come you're so tired? It's school.
It tires me out.
You know, during the war in Lebanon we used to go out to the disco at night till five in the morning.
And then we'd go to school.
Maybe in Beirut.
Not in Parioli.
But there's no war here.
Fear is never the problem, Damiano.
It's your relationship with fear.
I want to show you something.
Come with me.
They're from Jezzine, a small town in Southern Lebanon.
Some of them are more than 300 years old.
It'd be nice to go there together some day.
Actually, you've already been.
But you were very small, you wouldn't remember.
Anyway, I've got to go.
Yes, me, too.
Every so often, you could come with me.
I could show you my work.
It might get you interested in something new.
What do you say? Sure, but I'm busy today.
How about tomorrow? I'll let you know about tomorrow.
Who's she? A friend of Damiano's.
Why are you so happy? Have you been drinking? Don't you get it? We don't need Saverio's phone.
We just have to take some photos of you being sexy and mysterious, where you're not easily recognizable, and we'll create a profile for Desireé.
Come on, get dressed! Okay.
Okay, nice! Try to, like, lean this way.
Show me your back.
- You're so sexy like that.
- Thanks.
Put this on.
No, I don't feel like it.
- Come on! - No, I don't feel like it.
Put it on.
Stay like that.
A bit sexier.
- Wanna try another one? - No.
I've got to go and get ready.
I'm having dinner at Damiano's this evening, with his parents.
Wow, so it's serious.
I'm a bit nervous.
He's never introduced me before.
It means he cares.
Of course, if you were to wear this Sure, perfect for meeting his father! Can't you count it at home? No.
Come on, yes, I've got stuff to do.
Fine, go.
No problem.
- So, you do smile every so often.
- Yes, every so often.
- Hi.
- Hi, baby.
- Hi, sweetheart.
- How are you? Fine, fine.
I've missed you, but I'm really tired.
I know, but I've been waiting here for an hour, come on.
I know, sweetheart, but you know you shouldn't.
- Have the panties I gave you? Let me see.
- Yes, I do.
Show them to me.
Don't do that.
- Let go of me.
- Don't.
Where are you going? - Let go of me! - What are you doing? - I told you not to do that.
- Let go of me.
- Let me - What do you Hey, are you gonna leave her? Who's this boy? Is he why you don't want to see me anymore? I told you to leave her be.
Martino, enough.
Enough, hey.
Look at me, look at me.
That's enough, okay? Now, get out of here, okay? See, you do need a babysitter.
How do I look? With or without? With.
They're here.
- Welcome.
- Here we are.
An apron.
You look good! You think so? I was about to take it off.
- How are you? - Good.
And you? - Good.
- Fabio, how are you? Fine, thanks.
Ludo? Oh, thank you.
What a lovely living room.
Will we open it? Let's open it.
- Chiara, hi.
- Hi, Monica.
Sorry, I'm a bit early.
Early for what? For dinner.
Dinner? Damiano didn't say anything to me.
Don't worry, he's probably on his way.
Come on.
This is all I've got.
Yummy Hold it for a bit.
Do you have flat mates? Yes.
Two, they go to Sapienza University.
- Are you in university, too? - No, not me.
But for a while now we go out and have fun together sometimes.
Do they know what you do? What is this, an interrogation? Anyway, they guessed.
They're always asking lots of questions, but I tell them as little as possible.
They find it fascinating, but for me, it's just a job.
A job? People like that guy earlier are dangerous, you shouldn't be Listen, I've been doing this for years.
He's in front of my house every evening.
A man like that, either you go along with it or cut his throat.
You don't seem like that kind of guy, so concentrate on your job and I'll concentrate on mine.
Aren't you ever afraid? You're only afraid if you got something to lose.
Don't use your hands, Ludo! How are things going with the shop? Good, great! Yes, I'm selling a lot.
- Your advice was very useful.
- No - Fabio, do you mind clearing the table? - Sure.
While you're in there, bring out dessert.
I'll help you.
Thank you.
Dad always puts them in the back, he's convinced it keeps them fresher.
You're so nice.
Thank you.
Ludo told me you've got a boyfriend.
What? When I was your age I dated a girl, too.
It even lasted a while, nearly five months.
- What happened? - Oh, I don't know.
Who can remember? I wasn't the type to ask too many questions.
Her name was Claudia, I think.
My boyfriend's name is Alessandro.
So, you really do have a boyfriend.
Dad's still getting used to the idea.
I understand.
And how is it going with Alessandro? Well fine.
I think.
It doesn't sound very promising.
I don't know, sometimes I don't know if we're well-matched or if we're together because I've never been with anybody else.
Listen, at your age, you're allowed to make some mistakes.
So, in my opinion, if you want to try new experiences, don't think twice.
Ludo's very lucky to have you.
You know, the other day she took us to the hotel where your ex worked.
- My ex? - Yes, it was cool.
We had a great time.
Where were you? I had dinner by myself with Monica.
I didn't know what to do.
I know, you're right, but it wasn't my fault.
How can I cover for you with your parents, if I don't know what you're doing? What can I say, Chia, it's got nothing to do with you.
- What happened? Who did it? - Nothing.
No one, Chia.
Tell me, what happened? It's better if I don't.
- You're working for them again.
- Them who? - Don't hide things from me! - What do you think, I'm having fun? They've been blackmailing me since the accident.
I thought about leaving, of going home a thousand times.
But if I haven't, it's for one reason.
Because I don't want to lose you.
I don't want to lose you either.
Great, now let's do some stretching, then skipping and squats.
Why won't you answer my messages? Forgive me if I don't pay much attention to the stupid videos you send me.
No, wait, a parrot calling his owner an asshole is hilarious.
There you should've answered me with this face.
Which is? This one.
When you act all superior, but really you want to laugh.
I've got to see the principal, what do you want? Can I see you tonight? I want to show you something Niccolò Okay, I'll show it to you now.
- What are you doing? - Relax.
Do you like it? - It's nice.
- Nice? It's dope.
When I got it done I was thinking of you.
Well, I wasn't thinking of you.
I mean, I did it because Go on, get out of here.
- At nine, there.
You have to leave Natalia alone.
She's not yours.
Do you understand? Excuse me, do you know where Fiore is? The face of an angel.
Do we know each other? No.
I'm Natalia.
You? Emma.
I see you two have already met.
Shame I would have liked to introduce you.
This way.
I've thought about it.
It's okay if you pass me some contacts.
I want to restart.
I have a lot of people asking about both of you.
This concerns only me.
Don't even think about going near Ludovica.
I understand.
And forget about Damiano, too.
That's my only condition.
We've got ourselves a deal.
Welcome back.
- Can I help you? - I'm looking for Tommaso Regoli.
Does he live here? And you are? Hello, Ludovica.
Don't worry, darling, she's a student of mine.
Oh, sorry.
- Why didn't you say she was coming? - Because I didn't know.
Excuse me.
Such a pretty wife.
- How did you find out where I live? - I've got my ways.
You can't turn up at my house No, you have to forget about meeting my mother.
Otherwise, I'll say that you had sex with me.
It never happened.
No, but you did come to the hotel.
I made a mistake.
That mistake could cost you dear.
- Careful, there are cameras! - What? Cameras! - Sure, didn't you see that one? - Where? Go fuck yourself.
There, that's the face I like.
When you act all superior, but really you want to laugh.
I used to train here every day when I was your age.
It's easy as fuck to get inside, come on! You wanted to see me? Not many people would have done what you did today.
- You've got balls, Damia.
- Thanks.
But you're an idiot.
Have you got any idea who you threatened? - Some psycho - A psycho that counts.
You're not in Collodi, where you do what you want! - How could I have known - You ask me first! You ask me! - I will next time.
- There won't be a next time.
You're a risk, and I don't take risks for anybody.
It's what you wanted, isn't it? Go.
So long, Damia, see you around.
- Hi, Mom.
- I went down to the basement.
Can you please tell me where all that stuff came from? Well? Where did you get all the money from? Think about this shop, not my clothes! Who do you think you're talking to, your friends? I'm your mother, show some respect! You want respect? Then stop spreading bullshit around! What I say to others is none of your business.
And neither is this shop.
Don't you realize that everything, everything I do, is for you?! Have you gone crazy? I wanted to surprise you.
It's just something small.
It's beautiful.
What are we celebrating? Freedom.
You're the only thing that matters to me, and I don't intend to lose you.
I love you.
Don't worry, you don't have to answer me now.
You're the perfect girl.
I'm sorry, Dad.
From tomorrow, I won't miss any more school.
I promise.
- Good night.
- Good night.
WHERE ARE YOU? Matteo? Are you Fiore's girl? Emma.
Follow me.
How was work today?