Baby Fever (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

It's You!

1 Obviously we need to address this.
And I hope we can work together to get to get to the bottom of this issue.
Um, sorry.
I thought you were in the conference room.
It's fine, Nana.
Just sit down.
Uh, Niels-Anders, did we get any closer to Well, to knowing what went wrong with regards to the woman with the wrong sperm? First of all, I would like to clarify that it was New Anton who didn't cross-check the identification number on the sperm straw before I inseminated the client.
And Niels-Anders, you should know that I'm not trying to put the blame on you.
I think it would be best to remove the the issue of blame, altogether.
Yeah, and it's not exactly Anton's fault that it was the, uh, wrong sperm, is it? So, if you're implying that this is our fault, then let me remind you, if Simone hadn't been such a scatter brain, and forgotten to set the alarm, then we wouldn't be here to begin with, would we? - I'd say I agree.
You're right.
- Especially Great.
- Yeah, but - Great.
Let's just talk about the facts.
Uh, the current situation is we've "persuaded" the client to not pursue the matter and naturally, as precaution, she took - Yeah.
- a morning-after pill.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
You're quite right, Carsten.
Uh, I was thinking we could come to some sort of agreement - over the, uh, financial compensation.
- Mm.
We're not paying.
It's simple.
Uh, I don't know New Anton, but I already told you I think it's only fair that Simone pays.
Jannick, we don't really know what went on.
Surely, the arrow doesn't just point to Simone.
Well, that's kind of the nature of arrows.
They usually point one way.
Otherwise, it's just a line.
If she ends up getting pregnant with a wrong baby because I fucked up the clinic will lose all of its clients, and it will end up going under because I didn't set the alarm.
They didn't do their job properly at all! This is not your fault.
- I'm going to get sacked.
- I promise, you won't.
You are not getting sacked.
If anyone's getting sacked, it'll be New Anton.
Sometimes I forget that you're my best friend as well as my union representative.
It's a good combo.
Like this.
I fixed the steamer.
So you can make - Thanks.
- That's a heart.
It's very good.
I made it for you.
Are you free tonight? Yep.
I am.
- It's a date then.
- Mm-hmm.
I think that's what they call love You make the sky turn blue ♪ - Can you hold this for me? - Yeah.
What the fuck? Without you The day is dull and grey ♪ Yes, you bring me smiles of joy ♪ I've been struck by Cupid's arrow ♪ You are my greatest love ♪ - My fucking mother.
- Forever ♪ - Whoo-hoo! - Oh.
Thank you.
Bravo! - Thank you.
- May I May I ask you for a - Do you have a pen? - Yes, of course.
Could I trouble you for an autograph? Reach up.
There you go.
- Thanks, darling.
- Uh, Nana.
Why didn't you tell me that your mum was Lise Lacour? - Hi, Mum.
- Hi, sweetie.
Would you take a picture? Sure.
- She's your mum? - Yep.
You should be in it too, Nana.
- Let me take it.
- No, no, no, it's okay.
There we go.
Come on, Mother.
It was just lovely meeting you, Jens Emil.
- I'm actually called Niels Anders, but - Yep.
All right, let's go, Mum.
Likewise, Miss Lacour.
Just call me Lise.
- Okay, Lise.
- Come.
- No.
Oh, my.
Oh, my.
- Oh.
- Sorry.
- What's going on? - Somebody help me? - Let me.
Careful, it's delicate.
- Could you hold still, Mum? - Maybe get some scissors? - Nana, would you get us a pair - Oh! There.
Well, what nice colleagues you have.
They couldn't help themselves when they saw me.
They insisted that I sing.
- La ♪ - Yeah.
Nana, this is such a nice office you have.
- And you have it all to yourself.
- Yep.
It's all mine.
- I've been working - Okay.
Mum, oh, please don't touch that.
It's quite heavy.
Can you just watch out for the glass table? It's a bit off balance.
It's fine.
I didn't know you were you were in Copenhagen.
- Well, I left you a voicemail.
- No, you didn't.
- Oh, I definitely did.
- When was that, huh? - Yes.
This morning.
- What, this morning? What'd you mean? - Come on, Nana.
- I'm working! Why do you always have to concentrate on finding fault? - I'm singing for Jørgen de Mylius.
- Right.
And he's publishing his long-awaited Eurovision book.
So of course they wanted me to sing.
It's at Café Liva tomorrow at 8 p.
I've already told you Jørgen will be there.
He's really looking forward to seeing you.
- I can't - And this year is the 25th anniversary of the song.
So I thought that that you wouldn't want to miss it.
- Yeah, I'm afraid that - But I don't know whether I should Whether I go solo or I ask them to get a pianist.
What do you think? One second.
Nana? Have you been bingeing again? Seriously.
So, can I stay at yours? It would be so fun.
Uh, yeah, I've got plans.
- I'm busy tonight.
- Nana.
- At it again? - Yeah.
- Yeah, it's taking forever.
- Yeah.
Yeah, it does.
Nana taught me how to use it.
You, uh, just have to be patient, but the coffee turns out good.
You're a doctor here? No.
I'm a physio.
I help with pain management for pregnant women.
In my day, we just put up with it, so, I so I just had pelvic pain the entire pregnancy.
- Mm.
- The pain was horrific.
- Sounds like a hell pregnancy.
- Yeah.
- Sometimes, pelvic pain can - Soren, did you want anything here? Coffee, maybe? Uh No, uh, I'm fine.
Don't worry.
- Okay.
- I'll have a water instead.
And, uh - See you tonight.
- See you tonight, yeah.
Are you and that guy seeing each other? Kind of, yeah.
Oh, I see.
What do you mean, "Oh, I see"? Nothing.
- Now, go on, what do you mean? - I didn't mean anything.
Just tell me what you mean by, - "Oh, I see.
" - Well, it's just He's a little boring, isn't he? - I mean, just - You've gotta see that, for Christ's sake.
I I wasn't in love with your father, either.
Mum, seriously, stop it.
She can't just waltz in here in sequins.
It's so mental.
It's also really funny.
- Yeah.
- It is.
It's really funny.
She's not like anyone else, is she? I don't think it comes naturally to her.
Being a mother.
I get the sense that she's, um, not always been there in a conventional way.
One time when she was wasted, she told me she wanted an abortion.
- What? - Well, she didn't say she wanted one, she said she almost had one, at a 12-week limit.
You can't just say that.
Does she just think you should know, or? My mum's mental.
Well, I think it's good that you're going out with Soren tonight.
- Well, not any more.
- Why? Well, she asked if she could stay at mine.
Uh, you can still go out with him tonight, Nana.
Even if she's staying at your house, oh, yes, you can go.
It'll be great.
Oh, come on.
Nana? - Nana! Do you have a screwdriver? - What for? - We need to loosen - What you doing? We need to loosen this, so it can go around and onto the right side.
It shouldn't go on that side.
It's So, the leg goes It has to go down.
- But that's the leg.
- Yes, of course, that's the leg.
Yeah, that's the leg.
- It goes there.
- It goes this way.
- Don't just stand.
- It's the leg of the bed You'll have to show me what you mean.
- Here.
- Why are you taking the mattress off? - It goes on top, so you can So you can - On top? So you can lie on top.
Did you think you had to sleep under the bed.
- Silly.
- On top of the bed.
You know, it would look better if you got some colour in here.
Painted the walls.
- I'll get you a duvet.
- Then maybe some bookshelves and ornaments.
Oh, dear, it's a little too soft.
- Maybe I should just sleep with you.
- No, no.
- You wouldn't be comfortable like that.
- I don't take that much space, Nana.
Uh, yeah, no.
You won't be comfortable like that.
- Neither of us will, or I won't.
- The thing is, I can't sleep with my feet hanging off.
Well, can't you just move up? Well, as soon as I move up here like this No, I really don't want it.
- It's a bed.
Your head needs to go - Well, I'm not doing it.
- Here, Mum.
- You know why? - It feels like I'm going to tip over.
- Listen.
- Your feet go there.
- And I feel like it's gonna collapse.
Your head goes that end.
It's Okay, fine.
You sleep in my bed, and I'll stay here.
- No, sweetie.
That's not what I meant.
- Mum, you sleep in my bed, - and I'll sleep here.
Okay, Mum.
- I didn't mean it like that.
- I'm sleeping here and - Okay, you sleep here if you want to.
- Good.
Come on.
Go to your room.
- Go ahead.
I'll go.
All right.
- Come on.
- Let's sit a second.
Come on.
Let's just sit for a moment.
- Why? - See the day out and all that, no? Okay.
And this blood test is 100 percent accurate? Yep.
Uh, the blood tests are really sensitive to the hormones.
Much more than the home tests.
There's no doubt.
You are pregnant.
I don't want it.
It It is often very overwhelming when it finally happens after trying for so long.
Tobias left me.
Uh He he met someone else at at his work.
I'm really sorry.
That's Do you do abortions? No, we don't do that here.
But I I really encourage you to give it give it some time to think it through, so you can be certain.
This is a big deal.
In a couple more years I don't think Tobias will matter much.
You'll have a very different kind of love in your arms.
Some water? - Yes, please.
- Okay.
I'm not keeping it.
I just can't.
Fucking idiot.
This is Helle Svane.
Yeah, I This is Mads Knudsen from BT newspaper.
Um, I have a couple of questions about, uh, your clinic treatment.
Are you the person to speak to? Uh, that, uh Well, I think that will depend on the topic.
Well, we have a source who said she was wrongfully inseminated at your clinic recently? Um, you allegedly used the wrong sperm.
Uh, do you like to comment? Who did you say you were? - Upper right corner? - Yeah, that's a really good one.
- And the two others are pretty good.
- How about that one? - Hey, Nana? - Mm? Um, there's a a gentleman at the reception who'd like to speak with you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How did it go? Uh, it went well.
- Good.
- It went well.
You're fine.
- I'm fine.
- That's great! Thanks for all the flowers, and the lovely texts and all the - Yep.
And all the sweets.
- And all the sweets.
So what you doing here? Well I had a meeting with the sperm bank.
They have lost, uh, my deposit.
Which is insane.
That is insane.
- Yeah.
- Did they Did they find it yet, or? - No, or at least I don't think so.
- Right.
They offered me some money, - which I don't want.
- Yeah, that's not great, is it? But I still have some swimmers left in storage, as they say.
- So - Okay.
Yeah, uh Have your time now, do you? The courtyard? - Yeah.
- Great.
Obviously, we We've taken what happened very seriously and we've also addressed the situation with, uh, the client and, uh Well, what happened was due due to human error, so the employee in question, um, doesn't work here any more.
Yeah, thanks.
Yeah, I'm I'm really sorry.
We'll we'll work something out.
So when are you leaving? I don't actually know.
I hadn't decided, or I did, but then I had a second option.
Why is that? Well, I started thinking about us a little.
Actually, a lot, you know.
After everything with my health, I've been thinking a lot about things.
I mean, there has to be a a reason that we that we run into each other.
You always were a big believer in fate.
I think the universe is trying to tell us something.
So what does it say? I don't want you to disappear on me like last time.
I'll never do that.
I can't do that again.
Believe me.
I won't go away.
- I waited in that airport for ten hours.
- I know that.
I know you did.
I was on my way, and I'd packed all my stuff and I then just couldn't, I Truly, it's not that I wasn't It's not that I didn't love you, I really did.
And I I'm still in love with you, actually.
And I'm really happy that you're saying "again.
" That's amazing.
Yeah, that's great.
Well, you know what? Um, yeah, I'll come straight away.
Yeah, I will.
So, I'll see you in a bit.
Yeah, great.
- Hey, Simone.
- Hi.
I, uh I've just had the best news.
Yeah, I, uh I guess I'm going to be a dad.
Whatever whatever you call it.
I I didn't know you already knew.
As as Nana already She already told me.
Congratulations! It's really amazing.
Have you just spoken to her now, or? Uh I haven't.
They have they have found about the Border Collie pup It was on the waiting list.
A Border Collie, yeah.
Um - Ah, uh - What's up about Nana? When do you want to have kids? For God's sake.
But seriously, when do you want to have kids? - That's a very forward question.
- Do you want kids? Yeah.
- I do, actually.
- Mm.
Do you? Maybe the whole family and kids things isn't such a bad idea.
With you.
Sorry, with with who? - With you.
- I can't hear what you're saying.
Remind me again.
- Who do you want that life with? - With you.
With you.
Uh, hi.
I, uh, just saw Simone.
She said Is it true that you're Are we going to have a kid? Hmm Excuse me? Are we going to what? You're not pregnant? - You're pregnant? - No.
I am.
But, um But what? Yeah, it's I mean, it's not that.
I mean, it's not simple.
- So Simone's a liar? - Hey, can we please talk about it later? No.
I don't want to talk about it later.
- I wanna talk about it now.
Is it mine? - Listen, I'll I will ring you later, Soren.
Can I ring you later, Soren? No, I don't think so.
Seriously, Nana.
Wait wait.
No, please.
Let me explain.
Let me explain.
I know it's weird.
- Yeah, it's fucking weird.
- I promise you, it's not like that.
- So, you're not having a baby with, uh - Soren.
He's called Soren.
- Soren.
- No, I There's nothing between us, honestly.
We got together a couple of times, but it meant nothing, okay? Okay, great.
Okay? I want it to be you and me.
So you're not having a kid with Soren - No.
- but you're pregnant.
It's It's not like that.
Just fucking yes or no, Nana.
- Are you pregnant? - Yeah.
Haven't seen you for years and the first thing you've asked is if I want children.
But you're already pregnant? - It's not like that.
- What then? What is it like? CALL ME! SIMONE IUI - M.
DAHL - 3871 - 1 - Oh.
- Let me just get this straight, okay.
and you sort of ask him - if he wants to have kids with you? - That's right.
Can you go and lock up for me? If the alarm goes off, you're paying the fine.
What the fuck did you tell Soren? - I, uh - Are you out of your mind? - I told you not to say anything.
- Nana, I I've been I've been fired.
Oh, my God.
Was it you who who broke into the sperm bank that night? I saw the sperm straw.
Was it? Just be honest.
I don't know what you No, you don't have to Just be just be honest, will you? - Please.
- What you're talking about, I've got no idea.
Here you go.
I keep on going into a closing time, but I won't, because now, we need some music.
Lise, well, now it's over to you.
Let's go.
I can't imagine anywhere else I'd rather be, or anyone I'd rather sing for.
So here we go.
Every person has a secret friend ♪ Something we don't share But keep to ourselves ♪ But dear, if the truth must come out ♪ You are the most beautiful to me ♪ I think that's what they call love ♪ You make the sky turn blue I always think of you ♪ Without you, the day is dull and grey ♪ Yes, you bring me smiles of joy ♪ I've been struck by Cupid's arrow ♪ You are my greatest love ♪ Forever ♪ Even when you're far away from me ♪ We are connected The heart finds its way ♪ I have a thousand kisses for you ♪ Because we will never be apart ♪ You make the sky turn blue I always think of you ♪ Without you, the day is dull and grey ♪ Yes, you bring smiles of joy ♪ I've been struck by Cupid's arrow ♪ MEDICAL ABORTION BOOK APPOINTMENT HERE Feels like I lost my own will ♪ I'm going mentally ill ♪ What's keep dragging me down? ♪ And if you're trying to be nice ♪ I go all good, I'm fine ♪ Am I stuck here to drown? ♪ I'm losing control ♪ My head's spinning round ♪ Could this be love? ♪ You came out of the blue ♪ It's like catching the flu ♪ Could this be love? ♪
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