Babylon 5 s05e17 Episode Script

Movements of Fire and Shadow

Personal journal, Captain Elizabeth Lochley: Addendum.
The Centauri War continues to spiral out of control.
The threat of retaliation has already reached Babylon 5.
Over a half dozen Centauri have been murdered in just the last three days.
Fifty CCs of hydromorphazine.
Medlab 2, let's move.
- Franklin.
- Got another in Red 4.
Yeah, I'm right there.
In an attempt to reduce the number of casualties I've doubled security on every level.
Excuse me.
Pardon me.
It hasn't helped.
All right.
Let's get him to Medlab 2.
Everybody, clear on out.
Move on out of the way.
If this continues, we may have no choice but to quarantine the Centauri.
We'll have to try and limit them to parts of the station where they won't run into anyone they're currently at war with.
Unfortunately, that seems to be just about everyone right now.
So my options seem to be somewhat limited.
Yes? Mr.
You're up late.
It's almost 2 in the morning.
Yeah, I know.
I was just on my way to my quarters.
Figured I'd stop by and bring you up to speed on the latest from Mr.
We've had reports, unconfirmed but reliable that the Centauri have begun targeting enemy jumpgates.
But that's a violation of every rule of civilized warfare.
Wars come and go, but the jumpgates have to go on.
Otherwise the entire hyperspace beacon system falls apart.
If that happens it'll hurt them as much as anyone else.
I know, but they're doing it anyway.
They're completely out of control.
Which means they might even be willing to strike here.
I've considered that possibility.
We're on Level 2 alert.
The defense grid is online And I've stationed half our fighters outside the station the other half are standing by in hyperspace.
I don't think we're gonna have to worry about it for a while, though.
Even the Centauri have to realize that Babylon 5 is vital to the peace process.
I don't think they'll come after us until the White Star fleet gets into it.
I gave the formal "go" order a few hours ago.
The White Stars are authorized to fire at any Centauri warship engaged in combat with Alliance vessels.
Any hope of neutrality Babylon 5 had until now just went up in smoke.
- Lochley to C & C.
- C & C online.
We've got a problem.
And so it begins.
- There's a hole in your mind.
- What do you want? No one here is exactly what he appears.
Nothing's the same anymore.
Commander Sinclair is being reassigned.
Why don't you eliminate the entire Narn Homeworld? I see a great hand reaching out of the stars.
President Clark has signed a decree declaring martial law.
These orders have forced us to declare independence.
Unless your people get off their encounter-suited butts and do something - You're The One who was.
- lf you go to Z'Ha'Dum, you will die.
Why are you here? I think of my beautiful city in flames.
Giants in the playground.
Get out of our galaxy! We are here to place President Clark under arrest.
Something's bothering you.
What is it? I need to ask you to do something I don't want to ask you to do.
Well if it's about my wearing those little - No.
- I appreciate the gift.
And I didn't say I wouldn't wear them, I just said that for me, from a Minbari perspective, I thought it looked silly.
It doesn't have anything to do with that.
Business, then.
Since we got into this war l've been going over the files of our resources: Ships.
We lost a lot of White Star ships during the Shadow War the battle for Earth, and we're bound to lose more now that we're in this with the Centauri.
Sooner or later we are going to run out.
I know.
The problem is we've been using them against everything from medium-size cruisers to full-blown destroyers.
So far they've been able to hold their own against ships five, six times their size and that's commendable, but we can't keep doing that.
We are going to need more ships, Delenn.
Bigger ships.
That may be a problem.
The Grey Council approved the White Star fleet for use during the Shadow War.
We were fortunate to inherit them afterward.
But the resources in going back and building a whole new class of ship Can be spread around a little.
I just had a courier deliver a message to President Luchenko suggesting a joint Earth/Minbari project.
Now, we'll start with one or two prototypes.
You'll provide the design specs and the material for a destroyer-class White Star.
Earth handles the finances and the construction.
And her government benefits from the new technologies involved.
Very tidy.
I assume she said yes.
Well, she said she'd say yes if the Minbari said yes first.
She's not gonna stick her neck out if it's not gonna happen.
So you would like me to contact the Grey Council and propose this.
Why were you so reluctant? I need you to go there in person, Delenn.
This has to be done in secret until the first prototype rolls off the assembly line.
But the hyperspace routes from here to Minbar are not safe we've got Centauri all over the map, we've got firefights every inch of the way.
- Lf you run into trouble - I'll walk out of it.
More dignified that way.
- You don't have to do this.
- I know.
I'll arrange to leave at the first opportunity.
All right.
But don't take any unnecessary risks.
People always say that.
They want to find lives in which risk is unnecessary.
There's only one problem with that: It's impossible.
- Sheridan, go.
- Mr.
President we've got more reports from the front line coming in.
All right.
My office, 20 minutes.
- Vir, you wanted to see us.
- Yes, yes, thank you for coming.
Please, sit.
I'm sorry about the accommodations.
The captain had me moved here because my other quarters weren't safe.
- Too many people knew where they were.
- That's fine, Vir.
So, what's up? I have a favor to ask both of you.
As you know, our ships have been in combat with well, just about everyone, really.
Our biggest losses have been in the Drazi space.
They are real good fighters.
Not terrific conversationalists and their table manners can make you go blind in one eye but really tough behind the weapons consoles.
But on the occasion that we've destroyed one of their ships we have always returned their bodies to them.
They have not done the same for us in return.
Well, the exchange of bodies during hostilities is a key point in the Declaration of Principles.
Now, the Drazi signed on, same as everyone else.
I know, but they're still not returning the bodies.
That's unfortunate, Vir, and I feel for you but what are we supposed to do about it? Well, it's the way that they're refusing to return the bodies that makes me think there's something else going on behind the scenes.
You, as the chief medical officer of the Alliance you could put pressure on them into returning the bodies.
And a telepath, a good one could find out what they're hiding and where and why.
Vir, this isn't exactly my area of expertise.
- Now, Mr.
Garibaldi - Would not know what to look for.
I mean, what if they're not releasing the bodies because our people are still alive and they're just torturing them for information? I mean, you could find out who died in space and who died elsewhere.
You know this means going to the Drazi Homeworld.
Well, I have a Vree transport standing by.
And since they're declared neutral in the war they would have no problem landing on Drazi Homeworld.
You're the only one who could do this.
Please say yes.
- I'll have to clear it with the president.
- I'll abide by his decision.
- Thank you.
Thank you both.
- I haven't said yes, Vir.
- I'm sorry.
I assumed that you were - Don't.
I'm willing to go along and help out Stephen.
We've worked well together in the past.
But considering the risk, I have to ask for a slightly higher fee than usual.
Well - All right, I can - 500,000 credits.
That's a lot of money, Lyta.
Depending on how the war goes, that could be as cheap as one credit per body.
- I could do 4, but - It's 5 or I stay home.
This is the uplink address for the account.
The money goes into a general fund to be used in helping other telepaths escape the Psi Corps and eventually secure a Homeworld of our own.
Consider this a charitable donation.
Hell, it might even be deductible.
I'll be in my quarters when you've made up your mind.
Good day.
- Has she changed, or is it me? - Oh, she's changed.
Have you talked to Londo about this? Maybe he could pull some strings.
The prime minister is otherwise engaged just now.
I still think you should leave, Mollari.
I said where you go, I go.
It's become a matter of principle.
You picked a terrible moment in your social evolution to develop principles.
Perhaps you could start with something simpler.
The moral equivalent of an opposable thumb, for instance.
- Mollari, your people are at war.
- I know.
And while it pains me to be in here I think that I may do more good in here than out there.
G'Kar, the regent either ordered the war directly or allowed others to act on his behalf.
Either way the only way to stop this war is to go up against the regent himself.
In order to do that without being executed, I have to have supporters.
Now, when the word gets out that the prime minister is being held without charge in a cell in the royal palace, the people will be outraged.
Even the Centaurum will have to respond.
Demonstrating that the regent is not acting responsibly is the first step in countermanding his orders to our ships.
The Centaurum may even issue a cease-fire over his objections.
I see.
And how long do you plan to wait for this popular uprising to take place? Just until morning.
That would make three days.
More than enough.
Now, please leave me alone.
I am tired and I need to get some Adira.
Who are you? What do you want with me? Yes.
He will be sufficient.
You were having a nightmare.
- What time is it? - Morning.
I woke up when I thought I heard the expected angry mob coming to storm the palace on your behalf.
But it was just you.
- Did you know that you snore? - I have to get out of here.
That's what I've been saying for some time now.
No, I have to get out of here now.
I have this feeling something is terribly wrong.
You're at war with everyone in the known universe.
- Perhaps you were thinking of that.
- No, more than that.
I have to get out.
But I have to be sure I save face.
I said I would stay with you until they released you.
So how can I? - Leave it to me.
- What are you doing? - I have to concentrate.
Concentrate on what? Last night's supper.
No, wait.
There has to be another way.
Wait! Thank you! Who knew they could make such a stench as that! Great Maker, I don't even want to think about it.
I couldn't stay in there a moment longer.
And the smell was not the worst of it.
It was the burning in my eyes! I think my buttons are melting! Mr.
As you requested, Generals Na'Tok, Daro and Kulomani.
Thank you for coming, gentlemen.
I believe you all know Captain Lochley.
Since time is precious to us all, I won't keep you.
I just wanted to get a personal report on the progress of the Centauri conflict.
With the help of the White Star fleet, we are holding our own, Mr.
Several incursions on Brakiri Space have been beaten back in just the last 24 hours.
The Narn Homeworld and territories have experienced similar attacks.
With the depletion of our forces after our last experience with the Centauri we would've suffered even greater casualties without the assistance of the White Star fleet.
Am I correct in that each of your governments is primarily engaged in defending your own borders? Yes.
Why haven't you consolidated your forces? The Drazi have endured fewer losses in recent months.
You could send some ships to the Narn sector of space the Brakiri could - Brakiri will not take orders from Drazi.
And the Drazi, I'm sorry to say, will not take orders from us.
We can win this war on our own.
We do not need their guidance.
We have experience with the Centauri that might prove useful.
We know all we need to know.
I thought this was supposed to be an alliance all of you working together in common cause.
We are, in our own individual and sovereign ways.
We can settle this later, captain.
At the moment what I am trying to get from all of you is a sense of their strategy.
We've detected two different parts of their program.
One part is designed to protect their bases from attack while the other wing engages primarily in offensive maneuvers.
Has there been any exchange between the two? Little or none.
It's like having a defensive and offensive special team in football.
Is this typical of their strategy, General Na'Tok? No.
- Perhaps they have changed.
- Yeah, maybe.
It's strange, though.
Anyway, those are their tactics.
What is the overall strategy? You can't just fight a war to fight a war and honk off your neighbors.
There have to be definitive and, to their minds, achievable goals.
Now, what are they? What does it look like they might be? Are they moving toward anything? Their strategy has not yet become clear.
And this doesn't seem strange to you? Lochley, go.
We've got a situation developing up here, captain.
On my way.
If you'll excuse me.
What does seem strange to me is that we are reacting and not acting.
We have the resources to be more aggressive to strike at their holdings in a more meaningful way.
Why are we not doing so? Our first goal should be to draw a line in space contain their forces and then - We will win the war more quickly by attacking the Centauri Homeworld, as they have attacked ours! No! I won't sanction that.
Military targets are one thing, but if you hit Centauri Prime you are hitting civilian targets! They have not hesitated to kill our civilians! Now, I know that.
- But you can't - Mr.
President we must have our revenge.
This isn't about revenge, general.
This is about taking out their ability to make war.
We strike cleanly, surgically, and we do not hit civilian targets.
Do I make myself absolutely crystal clear? Okay, what do we got? One of the long-range hyperspace probes picked this up a few minutes ago.
It's definitely a Centauri cruiser.
- Shall I go to red alert? - Not yet.
If they have people on this station, they'll know we've seen them.
- Any sign of support vessels? - Negative.
Just one cruiser.
That doesn't make sense.
A war cruiser that size would never go out alone.
- Is Alpha squadron still out there? - Standing by.
Getting some additional readings from the probe.
- Weapons systems currently not active.
- Well, that's encouraging.
Getting some unusual readings from the jump engines.
Could be an error in the scanners.
Life signs read Captain, life signs read negative.
There's no one aboard that cruiser.
She's on auto-control.
Captain Lochley to Alpha squadron.
Break and attack! I repeat, break and attack! Roger that.
Alpha squadron heading in.
She's gonna blow the jumpgate.
Jump engines at critical mass.
Approaching overload.
She'll probably open a jump point, come through and blow it sky-high.
Thirty seconds to jump.
Move the struts as far apart as we can.
- We minimize the damage when it explodes.
- Ten seconds.
Alpha squadron, I want that ship out of my sky! Damage report.
How bad was the gate hit? Most of the energy was deflected forward by the jump point instead of spreading out.
Minimal damage to jumpgate struts and control mechanisms.
- Structural integrity? - It's holding together.
Get a repair crew out there ASAP.
All traffic will stand by during repairs.
That was too damn close.
If it had gotten all the way into the jumpgate - I want those long-range probes extended.
- They're at maximum now.
Use the Starfuries to boost the signal.
I do not want another situation like this.
Very sloppy of them.
It's as I told you, Na'Tok.
The humans do not have the stomach for this war.
We will end it as it should be ended: By striking the Centauri Homeworld if you are with us.
The Narn government has no special love of the Centauri or its citizens.
We are with you.
Is everyone all right? Inside the station, yes.
Two Starfury pilots who were guarding the jumpgate were wounded one killed in the explosion.
Lochley's got the place buttoned up tight.
They won't get a second chance.
How badly was the gate damaged? Well, it'll be out of commission at least two or three days.
That means the civilian traffic will be stranded.
Fortunately, the White Stars and other warships can jump in and out on their own.
It looks like I was worried about you when I should've been worried about us.
- How long until you get to Minbar? - 48 hours, your time.
I've already spoken with the Grey Council, told them I need to talk to them though I haven't said why.
- Good.
And let me know when they come to a decision.
I could use a little good news right about now.
Well, I should be getting back into things, Delenn.
It's frantic around here, and with you and Stephen gone - Stephen is gone? Where? - I thought you knew.
Stephen and Lyta took off for the Drazi Homeworld about a day before you left.
Some kind of mission of mercy.
- Lf you turn that the other way, maybe - Yeah, you're right.
- Why don't you ask somebody? - No, I got a map.
- What is this with men? - Excuse me.
Excuse me.
All right, here we go.
- Are you sure you know where we're going? - Yeah, it's the same hotel that Michael stayed at.
He said the room service is good and the food is cheap and the staff is friendly.
Meaning the food stinks, the rooms are small and the staff will knife you in the back.
- Exactly.
All right, I think it's It's that way.
Well, now, don't worry, all right? We only have a few hours before our contact.
You got that? Let's go.
And there is no one more fond of the regent than I am.
It was I who recommended him for the position after the death of Emperor Cartagia.
The Centaurum agreed.
After having endured so much pain and suffering, he seemed a safe choice.
- Apparently we were wrong.
- I disagree.
You disagree? On what basis? Minister Cholini, as head of the defense ministry you know that our ships have been used to Defend the Centauri holdings from enemy attack, that's all.
That's not true.
I have seen our ships attack members of the Alliance.
I'm not responsible for what you have and haven't seen.
All I can tell you is that I'm in daily contact with our fleet commanders and their orders, straight from the regent, have never altered.
We've been on a strictly defensive footing from the beginning.
Anything else is propaganda.
Now, if you wish to move against the regent l'm afraid you must do it without the backing of the Ministry of Defense.
Good day, Mollari.
What? - Mr.
President - Do you have to lean on the doorbell? I'm sorry.
I ran all the way over here.
You gotta see this.
This is the latest on the disposition of our forces.
Thirty percent of the Narn and Drazi fleets have gone missing.
- What? - They tried to hide it but we got IDs on all the ships in the fighting area.
They left just enough behind to defend their assets.
The rest took off.
- I think they're headed for Centauri Prime.
- I need proof.
We don't have time.
You are the only one who can stop them.
You gotta get between them and the target or we'll end up with a quarter million dead Centauri on our hands.
Damn it! Get me a White Star, any of them.
I don't care, just so long as it's fast.
- How much head start do they have? - Unknown.
They could have started when we were meeting.
If that's true, Michael, I'll skin them alive.
Come on.
- Dr.
Franklin? - Yes.
- Dr.
Literana Varda.
We spoke.
- Yes, come on in.
I was hoping that was you.
This is my associate.
Lyta Alexander, this is Dr.
I cannot stay.
We're very busy right now.
But I have checked as you asked.
We have no Centauri bodies here.
I see.
And do you know where the bodies are? Out there.
I surveyed the damaged ships and the bodies were in such disarray that you could not put them together and make sense of it.
Just parts floating in space.
Why are you lying to us? - I'm not.
This is an outrage.
- Lyta, down! Lyta.
Varda! What are you hiding? What? What? What is it? Take me there.
Now! - Any word from Na'Tok? - Negative.
All right, keep trying.
We're heading out.
I just hope to God we get there in time.
Here we go again.
Hit it.
- Gravimetric engines online.
- Navigational thrusters ahead.
- We're two jumps from home, Delenn.
- Good.
Any further news from Babylon 5? No, not since the - What is it? - Trouble.
I read four Centauri warships.
Too many to fight.
Evasive maneuvers.
They've seen us.
Jump to normal space.
Notify Babylon 5 before Which way? Which way? You tell us which way or I'm gonna give you back to her.
You understand? Left.
Let's go.
Open it.
Open it.
Let's see what the hell was so important you were willing to kill us for it.
Come on.
Holy I don't get it.
Where are all the bodies? What is this stuff? There are no bodies.
The attacking Centauri warships were empty.
No crew members aboard, no one to capture, no bodies to return.
There were only these attached to the system.
I know this.
I know what this is.
Run! They're onto us! Hello, Mollari.
Regent? I told you we would speak again before the end.
I've always try to keep my promises especially to those who have been kind to me as you have been.
It is no burden.
Regent, I've been trying to see you for some time.
- Our ships - Yes.
I know.
Then you gave the order.
After a fashion.
I have always tried to do the right thing.
You know.
When circumstances allowed.
- Yes, we all do, regent.
- Yes.
And now it is your time.
Mine is almost over.
I have to say l'll be glad of it.
I'm so tired of it all, Londo.
I'm glad I won't live to see what follows.
Why? What is going to follow? What do you mean there were no crew aboard? Garibaldi said that there were two separate Centauri fleets engaged in the war: One defensive, one offensive.
But no one in the Centauri military knew anything about the attacks only that they were defending themselves against us.
Now we know why.
This isn't making sense.
This is leftover Shadow technology, Mr.
The Vorlons gave me information on them in case I ever ran across one.
I understand a few years ago one was found by the Psi Corps.
It's an organic device used to control a ship from a long distance.
You put two or three of these onboard a starship and you don't even need a crew.
How the hell did the Centauri get their hands on them? Well, that's the real question.
We know that a lot of aliens who worked for the Shadows got away with their technology.
How much, we don't know.
But it's possible that one of these races sold the stuff to the Centauri.
With the cooperation of a few others in charge of the military the regent could run an offensive war without the military knowing about it.
But there's another possibility.
A third party could use these devices to set up the Centauri turn everyone against them.
And the Drazi, they wouldn't tell anybody about these things.
They've always competed with the Centauri for trade.
A war would be in their best interest.
Besides, this is pretty advanced technology.
If they told the Alliance, they'd have to turn over the devices for study.
And meanwhile, the attacks go on.
Of course.
Of course! That's why we couldn't figure out a strategy behind the random attacks.
We couldn't see a goal because there was no goal.
There was no strategy beyond alienating everyone in the Alliance turn them against the Centauri so that So they'd attack! Listen, all the White Stars in your area are out.
Can you get out of there in one piece? - I think so.
- Good.
Get ahold of Garibaldi if you can.
Tell him he has to keep trying to reach the Drazi and Narn fleets.
Now, they are jamming us, but he has to get through to them before it's too late.
Give me everything you've got! The lives of several million people are riding on this.
What? Delenn we've been hit.
I managed to get to the consoles and check on our condition.
How bad is it? Jump engines are off-line.
Most of the crew are dead.
There are a few survivors on a lower deck.
They can't get past the debris between levels.
We have enough power in our navigational thrusters to keep from going too far off the beacon.
But once they run out we'll start to drift.
- Distress signal.
- Activated.
But I can't tell if it's working or not.
And my leg appears to be broken in two places.
This is bad, then.
Very bad, Delenn.
It's going to be a pretty night.
The last one I will ever see.
You shouldn't talk that way, regent.
You still have many years ahead of you.
That's why it's important to recall the ships.
- We can still make peace.
- Oh, there will be peace for a while.
It never lasts, really.
They said so.
They said both things, actually.
That there will be peace and that it won't last.
They also said I would be dead by morning.
And that tomorrow you will be emperor.
They said many, many things.
Things I didn't want to hear.
Things I didn't understand.
And things I didn't want to understand.
"They"? Who are "they," regent? Oh, you will find out for yourself soon enough, Londo.
You shouldn't rush your last free hours.
And there was something else they told me to do.
And I did it just a few moments before I came to see you.
The last thing I will ever have to do for them.
And in a way l'm glad it's over.
What did they ask you to do? To send away all the ships guarding Centauri Prime on a false emergency and turn off the planetary defense network.
I think I'll stay and watch from here.
The sky should be lighting up anytime now.
I imagine it will be quite beautiful.
No! No.