Babylon 5 s05e20 Episode Script

Objects in Motion

I don't care what it says on your system.
That's a perfectly valid passport.
- Lf you'd listen - What's the problem here? - Who are you? - Security Chief Zack Allan.
- Who are you? - Theresa Halloran.
This isn't an Earth Alliance-sanctioned passport.
I know that.
Look, Mr.
Allan l'm a duly elected member of the Mars provisional government.
Under the new treaty we're authorized to produce our own passports, Identicards and currency.
It's not my fault that Earth isn't recognizing that in practice.
They're holding off putting our data into the system as a form of harassment forcing us into using Earth documentation because it isn't worth the hassle.
Well, I have no intention of putting up with bureaucratic blackmail.
If you have a problem with it, take it up with someone who cares.
That would be me.
Doc, you know this lady? Well, I can vouch for her.
She worked with the Resistance back on Mars helped bust Sheridan out of jail and coordinated the attacks on Clark's bases that allowed us to free Earth.
- She's okay.
- All right.
If you say so.
Download the station regs once you find a place to stay.
I have a hunch you'll need them.
- Thanks.
- Hey, no problem.
Just a good thing I happened to be passing by.
I would've kept my eye out for your name on the incoming transport but you never told me what it was.
It wasn't that kind of a world, Stephen.
So, what brings you to Babylon 5? I'm looking for Michael Garibaldi.
Is he still around? - Yeah, he's still here.
- Is he okay? Well, yeah, yeah, he's had some problems lately but he's doing much better now.
Why? Man, when is this gonna stop, Lise? When you finish detoxing and get all that alcohol out of your system.
You should know this.
You've done it enough.
I know.
I know I keep asking the same question every Yes? Hi, Stephen.
Come on in.
Lise, this is Number Tessa Halloran.
This is Lise.
- Hello.
- Is Michael in? I feel like I have just thrown up everything I've eaten in the last 12 years.
He's here.
Michael, company.
Stephen, what Hey.
You're a long way from home.
I know, but I wanted to give you the news myself.
What news? In the next couple of days someone's going to try to kill you.
Both of you.
And so it begins.
- There's a hole in your mind.
- What do you want? No one here is exactly what he appears.
Commander Sinclair is being reassigned.
Why don't you eliminate the entire Narn Homeworld? I see a great hand reaching out of the stars.
President Clark signed a decree declaring martial law.
These orders have forced us to declare independence.
Unless your people get off their encounter-suited butts and do something - You're The One who was.
- lf you go to Z'Ha'Dum, you will die.
Why are you here? I think of my beautiful city in flames.
Giants in the playground.
Get out of our galaxy! We are here to place President Clark under arrest.
So within days of Mars declaring independence every major corporation with ties to Earth was running for cover.
They'd been exploiting and strip-mining Mars for decades, so they were scared covering their tracks as fast as possible.
It got so bad that in Dome One you couldn't buy a paper shredder for love or money.
So, what does this have to do with Lise and me? After forming the provisional government, we went after their records offered immunity to anyone who would come forth and help us.
Along the way, we developed sources inside most of the major corporations still working on Mars.
Corporations like yours, Ms.
- But I haven't done anything wrong.
- No one's saying you did.
But with your husband's death, you own one of the 10 biggest medical research companies on Mars.
It's a company that financed several black projects under Clark's administration.
Now, we know about the telepath virus he was working on but who knows what else they were cooking up.
William didn't bring me into any of that.
He deliberately kept me out of it.
Now that she's in charge, they're afraid she'll find out something she shouldn't.
Is that what your source said? And because you're the sort of person who could help her expose them they want you gone as well.
Did they say who was gonna do the job? No.
All he knew was the hit would be going down in the next couple of days.
My guess is they want it done before the two of you leave for Mars.
"Two of you"? Michael, is there something else you'd like to share with us? There he is! - G'Kar! - G'Kar! G'Kar! Citizen G'Kar, over here! If I could just Citizen G'Kar! - Hello, Lyta.
- G'Kar.
Do you mind if I talk to you? You'll forgive the accommodations.
It's a cell.
I've gotten used to them.
Frankly, I've done some of my best writing in places like this.
In here, you cannot run from yourself.
I assume they told you about my offer.
Makes sense.
Because of my growing abilities, I can't go home.
I can't stay here.
So I may as well go with you.
It's ironic.
You have to leave because everybody wants you.
They're fighting over you.
And I have to leave because nobody wants me.
And yet we are the same, in many ways.
We are all the sum of our tears.
Too little, and the ground is not fertile and nothing can grow there.
Too much, the best of us is washed away.
My rains have come and gone for now.
Yours are just beginning.
So any idea where we'll go? No.
That's what makes it so exciting.
I don't think I'd choose that word for it but beats being stuck here.
So I appreciate the offer even though I know this isn't entirely for my benefit.
- I don't know what you're - G'Kar, come on.
I'm essential to your getting your hands on telepath DNA.
You have a vested interest in staying close to me.
That's why you think I'm doing this.
Just that? My own personal interest? Well, yeah.
Then my decision was even more correct than I had imagined.
I'll see to it that your belongings are transferred to my ship when we are ready to leave.
Meanwhile consider the walls around you.
In a little while, we will leave these behind.
Now you have to decide how many others you will bring with you when we leave.
I think we have a handle on your problem.
Because we don't know who was sent to kill you or where they are we can't protect you as long as you're exposed.
So the first step is to limit your exposure.
You and Lise will move into unregistered quarters.
We'll keep them off the logs.
Nobody'll know but the four of us.
- That's fine, but I can't hide forever.
- You won't have to.
Zack's gonna find G'Kar and see if he's up for part two.
We will stage an elaborate going-away ceremony for G'Kar.
Everyone will be there, including you.
Now, by making sure that he has only one shot at you we'll force him to take it there, in a controlled situation.
Zack'll have the place crawling with security.
The second he moves we'll take him down.
Zack came up with all this? You taught him well.
I guess so.
Who would have figured? So Stephen tells me you're leaving too.
Lise and I are getting married.
You sure you aren't rushing into things? Rushing things.
We've known each other on and off for something like 15 years.
We break up, we get back together, we break up, we get back together.
I think we finally got a chance at making it right.
- And the job? - Oh, come on, don't kid a kidder.
We both know I'm not getting my job back not after everything that's happened.
Well, you better get settled in your new quarters.
Leave the rest to us.
You've been taking care of everybody since you've been here.
Let us take care of you for a change.
Hold the door! Oh, thanks.
It's kind of a bad area down there.
I didn't wanna wait around too long.
Anyway, thanks.
That's the thing about transport tubes.
You never know if you're gonna get the car or just the shaft.
Sorry, buddy.
But I need what you got.
The body was found in Transport Tube 6.
We're checking the tubes to get a record of all stops Well? Pending a full autopsy, it looks like a stab wound where it'd do the most damage the quickest.
No other signs of violence, so he was taken completely by surprise.
I don't get it.
As far as we can tell, he wasn't robbed.
He didn't break up a fight.
He was a new guy.
He wasn't here long enough to honk anybody off.
- Maybe it was a random attack.
- I don't believe in random attacks.
Maybe there's not an obvious reason, but there's always a reason.
Besides, if you're gonna knock off someone for fun you're not gonna take on an armed officer.
Whoever did this was a professional.
Okay, then why was he killed? I don't know, but I'm gonna figure it out.
Access security channels.
Unable to respond.
System locked.
DNA identification sequence does not match.
I appreciate your taking the time to see me, Mr.
Well, it's the least I can do.
How are things on Mars? We've had only trouble with Earth since we became independent.
They're treating us as if we were still a colony.
Everything has to go through Earth: Supplies, money transfers, documents.
They couldn't kill us with bullets, so they're drowning us in red tape.
Frankly, I preferred the bullets.
At least there I could shoot back.
Well, that's the problem when you go from being a soldier to a politician.
You have to listen to people you would've shot six months earlier.
When we were fighting we were able to put our internal disagreements on the back burner.
Now they're all coming out, and we've had some violence.
Historically, wars of independence have almost always been followed by civil wars.
I think that's what Earth wants: To pressure us so we fight among ourselves.
So they can ride in on a white horse stop the fighting, restore order put their own people in charge for the general good.
We'll be right back where we started.
What are your options? Doing what I'm doing right now expanding my contacts as much as I can.
If something's gonna blow up, I wanna know before it does.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Whatever Earth says the Alliance recognizes the independence of Mars.
You could set up a diplomatic office on Minbar.
We could help you establish an account outside Earth's jurisdiction.
It would be a big help, Mr.
It would mean a lot to the folks back home.
There is one thing I would like from you in return.
Wait a few days before heading back to Mars.
- Why? - I'd rather not say yet.
I need some more time to think it over.
But I've had an idea and you know how dangerous that can be.
Unable to respond.
System locked.
DNA system unable Identification sequence match.
Does not match.
System locked.
Identification sequence does not Access security channel.
Security Red 7 C & C, this is security.
We need an update on the situation.
A little bit more.
That's good.
- Okay.
- A little bit higher on the right.
- They say you are leaving.
- Yes.
You can't do that.
You are an important figure to our people.
You have an obligation to either stay here and teach or return home and lead.
My obligation is to do what I believe is right.
If that means leaving, then I will leave.
No, you don't understand.
I spent all my money to come here to sit at your feet and learn from you.
There's nothing you can learn from my feet.
And I am not responsible for your choices.
We put you in this position, G'Kar.
Our reverence is our gift to you and you are responsible to us.
You owe us.
Without us, you are nothing.
Then I am nothing.
Good day.
But I made these for you.
You made these? You are the one who has been selling these? Yes.
It has been my way of honoring you.
Go home.
Don't tell me to go home.
Don't turn your back on me, G'Kar.
G'Kar! - You wanted to see me? - I've got the guard's personal effects.
- Thought you could send them to his family.
- Thanks.
I'll take care of it.
You got anything else on cause of death that might give us a perp? - No.
Anything on your end? - Zip.
I haven't been able to give it time because we're up to our ears looking for the hit man after Garibaldi and there's less than eight hours until the ceremony.
I'll have my people there in plainclothes, but that's the best we can do.
We still don't know who he is or how to stop him or - Doc.
- Yeah? Any of your people do anything to this link? No, not that I know of.
Why? It was stuck to the bottom of the box.
It's got some adhesive on it.
That's odd.
Links don't use adhesive.
It's a molecular bonding material genetically coded to the owner.
Whoever killed him took his and substituted this.
Which means he has access to the security channels.
Which is the kind of information a pro would need to pull off a hit and get away alive.
I gotta go! Security, this is C & C G'Kar! G'Kar! G'Kar! G'Kar! Thank you.
Thank you very much.
With Ambassador Delenn on Minbar overseeing completion of the new Alliance facilities it falls to me to single out two individuals for appreciation.
One, Michael Garibaldi who has served Babylon 5 with distinction for six years.
The other, Ambassador G'Kar of Narn.
I have had the distinct honor and pleasure to serve alongside both of them.
And now that they are leaving Babylon 5 to pursue other goals well, I think it only proper to give them a going-away party.
Open secure channel.
Station house, you get the ID on that link programmed in? Confirmed.
All right.
Go in five seconds.
Four, three, two, one.
Over here! We got him! G'Kar, you are not worthy of us! Lise! How is she? I don't know.
We're not gonna know for a while.
I'm sorry for what happened.
If I could go back in time and let the bullet strike me instead of her, I would do so.
I know you would.
It's not your fault, G'Kar.
We wouldn't have been there if it hadn't been for that other guy.
Allan assured me that the Narn who pulled the trigger will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Okay, now, watch her BP.
That's not gonna do her very much good right about now.
Doc, how is she? It's just too early to tell.
We've done everything we can.
Now it's up to her.
I'll let you know.
She is strong.
I know.
I know she is.
I know it feels as if there's nothing you can do, but No! No, there is definitely something I can do.
Michael! I wanted to talk to you about pressing charges against the Narn.
I wanna see the guy who came here to kill me and Lise.
- You know I can't do that.
- Yes, you can! Damn it, I haven't asked anything from anybody but now I am.
And I'll get it or I'm going to the president.
I give you my word, I will not lay a finger on him.
But you're giving me five minutes, or you'll have to shoot me because I'm going down there.
You can't do this to me! Shut up and sit down.
I need a favor.
- I'm not in the mood.
- Tough.
- It's not admissible in court.
- We had a deal.
We both need each other.
Get in his head and tell me who hired him or the deal's off.
The hell with you and your little war against the Psi Corps! Well, since you asked nicely.
Look, you can't do this to me! I've got my rights! L All right, who sent you? Who hired you? He's actually fighting me.
He's been trained in countering probes.
He's singing songs, doing math.
You forgot to carry the seven.
That's better.
Push harder.
Who hired you? Up yours.
That was a mistake.
By getting mad, you distracted yourself from distracting yourself and I slipped in through the back door.
He's alive, but I fixed it so he won't remember any of this.
- Who sent him? Who hired him? - The board.
The board.
I figured it was one of the directors of Edgars Industries.
What I need to know is which one.
Not one, all of them.
That was the deal.
They all had to agree and back each other up in case things backfired.
Of course, there's nothing you can do about it.
There's no proof.
You leave that to me.
Thanks, Lyta.
I'm not sure if I'm gonna get to see you before you take off, but Just remember our bargain, Michael.
Help me create a force I can use against the Psi Corps and I'll give you the chance to strike at Bester.
If you don't pull that off in two years, when I come back this way again well, consider that a sign of things to come.
Yes? G'Kar! G'Kar! Mr.
What can I do for you? Nothing.
I just wanted to come by and see you before you left.
I was hoping you could stick around a little bit longer till Delenn got back from Minbar.
She'd want to say goodbye.
I'd hoped for the same thing but as recent events have demonstrated my continued presence here will only cause further disruption.
Best to leave as soon as possible.
I've purchased a long-range survey ship.
Perfect for exploring.
I'm told it can handle just about any sort of environment and it only has 240 light-years on it.
Maybe you'd let me take it for a spin around the block sometime.
You know, G'Kar what I said earlier, at the podium I meant every word of that.
You know, we've had our differences.
We've yelled at each other.
I mean, there's been more than a few times when I wanted to deck you.
But when the day is done l've always had the greatest respect for you.
I'll miss you.
You see I believe that when we leave a place part of it goes with us.
And part of us remains.
Go anywhere in the station when it is quiet and just listen.
After a while you will hear the echoes of all our conversations.
Every thought and word we've exchanged.
Long after we are gone our voices will linger in these walls for as long as this place remains.
But I will admit that the part of me that is going will very much miss the part of you that is staying.
You take care of yourself out there, old friend.
Maybe we'll meet up again down the road aways.
Maybe so.
Goodbye, John.
Oh, you know that is the first time that you have ever called me John.
- No, it isn't.
- Oh, yes, it is.
- No, it isn't.
- Yes, it is Goodbye, G'Kar.
G'Kar! BabCom unit online.
Computer, I would like to dictate a message for later delivery.
Stand by.
Hey, yourself.
How do you feel? Like I've been sleeping for years.
It's the painkillers.
Doc said if you woke up, though, you'd be okay.
Hurts like hell, though.
- More painkillers? - Definitely.
I'll get somebody to get them for you.
You know, having you in this somewhat delusional state puts you in the right position for what I have in mind.
Look, I've got a minister standing by down the hall.
- You are a Baptist, right? - Yeah.
First Baptist Church of Mars, reformed.
- That's it.
- Michael.
What? You said I was gonna be all right.
Oh, you are.
Oh, no, no, no.
It's not last rites or anything like that.
Lise I just thought that before the universe threw us anything else that we should get married.
I know that I don't have a lot to offer you.
I'm out of a job here, I've got my problems.
And sometimes I can be a real pain in the ass.
All I know is, anything that I've ever wanted I've never gotten.
But I do know the one thing I want in this world more than anything else is you.
All right, so it'll be Lise Hampton-Edgars-Garibaldi and we'll never get all that put on our bathrobes, but Tell him to get his ass in here.
Yeah? Yeah.
All right.
Look, don't move, just stay right there, okay? Hey.
I'm getting married.
Maintenance Chief Willis to Cargo Bay 4.
Chief Willis to Bay 4.
Please remove that.
As long as she's with me she's a free citizen and will not be restrained.
But if you could have removed them at any time It made everybody feel safer.
Besides, I think I kind of liked it after a while.
Well Well, anyway I suppose we should go.
I suppose we should.
I find I'm actually looking forward to seeing the universe with you alongside, Lyta.
Perhaps we'll find something extraordinary.
Perhaps something extraordinary will find us.
Either way it's going to be quite an adventure.
I smell another book coming.
What a wonderful idea.
- Yes? - He's on the line and waiting for you.
Good evening, Mr.
We heard about what happened to Ms.
Is she all right? Lise? Oh, she's fine.
Couldn't be better, actually.
Good, good.
Please tell her that everyone here at the company is very concerned about her well-being.
Really? That's kind of odd, since the guy who came here to kill her was hired by someone in the company because you didn't want her poking around in all those little back projects you've been running.
Well, that's still under investigation in-house.
All we do know is that, for some unknown reason this unfortunate undertaking was executed by Gregory Fitch, our head of security.
We were planning to confront him but apparently he hanged himself in his home last night.
In his suicide note, he took responsibility for the whole thing.
So anything else you might have heard would be sheer speculation and impossible to prove.
Yeah, looks like.
- Mr.
Paretti, is it? - Yes.
I see.
By the way, how's your daughter? - Oh, fine.
She starts at Vassar in - No, no, no.
The other one.
The one back on Earth, the one that your wife doesn't know about.
Everson, you're looking well.
Surprising, considering that little blond you've got on the side in Syria Planum.
I gotta tell you, she'd wear the hell out of me in just a few hours.
My regards to your wife, by the way.
Amestoy that woman that got spaced when you and Paretti here got a little out of hand - Just a minute - I know, you're wondering how I got this since I'm not the head of intelligence for the Alliance anymore.
After all, that had to be one of your biggest fears, wasn't it? An alliance between Lise and someone in a position to dig into your past must be your worst nightmare.
Well, I have a new one.
Let me introduce you to the new head of intelligence for the Interstellar Alliance.
Pleased to meet you.
I've heard so much about you.
Well, since I started poking around, that is.
The timing was perfect.
You see, we've had a lot of problems on Mars ever since we went independent.
I had no idea that you six Sorry, you five were responsible for so much of it.
Your personal issues aside if even half of what I know now about the role you played during our fight for independence got out well Does the expression "skinned alive" ring a bell? Thank you.
I think that just about covers it.
Why don't you go on ahead and I'll catch up later.
If you think you can blackmail us Oh, no, no, that's not the end of it.
I just wanted her out of the room before I got to the really good part.
That was just the short-term solution to easing all of you out of the building.
We've still got the problem with the long-term solution.
Now, since I don't work for the government anymore I don't feel I have to play by the usual rules.
And since Lise and I are married now we've got some plans for the future of Edgars Industries.
Now, part of all that money is gonna go to repair the damage you did back home.
Some of the rest, well This is a check for 500,000 credits.
It'll be deposited in a secret account tomorrow morning.
If anything should happen to Lise and me you know, slip in the shower, fall down a flight of stairs or die from anything other than old age this money will be paid to certain people who will take out each and every one of you.
I would have to imagine, at 100,000 credits a head every mercenary from here and Earth will be out looking for you.
Am I clear, Mr.
Paretti? As glass, Mr.
I would like all of your resignations on my desk before we arrive on Mars or the rest of what we have will be leaked to the media.
I think that about covers it.
Oh, Mr.
Paretti? Leave the cigars.
Life is full of surprises, huh? Tell me about it.
I figured I'd come up here for a few days exchange some information for an offer of support from Sheridan.
Who knew I'd end up with a new job? The ironic part is that I'm in a better position now to help Mars than when I was there.
Yeah, well when this place was built, I think irony was one of the primary materials used in construction.
Like the irony of you coming here just when most of us me included, are getting ready to leave.
Yeah, I noticed that.
On the other hand, maybe it's for the best.
I mean, look, Stephen, what we had when we had time to have what we had it was great.
- Yeah.
It meant a lot to me.
And it's not that I don't need someone else.
It's just that I don't need someone else right now.
There's so much going on in my life these days that I can barely keep up with it.
I know.
You don't have to explain anything to me.
You're talking to another workaholic, remember? - Yeah.
- I understand completely.
It just wouldn't be you know, practical.
I mean, you being here and And you'll be back in Earth Dome, working at your big, important job.
Probably pulling 24-hour shifts, same as usual.
Yeah, same as usual.
So it really couldn't No, you're right.
It couldn't - So there we are.
- There you go, yeah.
You know, I do have about an hour before my next shift starts.
In case you wanted to celebrate your new job.
More than an hour or less than an hour? About an hour and 10 minutes.
You go on ahead.
You know how I like the lights.
I'll take care of this.
Check! Check, please! - Hi.
- Hi.
- How was Minbar? - Fine, fine.
The new facilities are almost ready for us to move in.
I should think another week or so at most.
That's just great.
Well, I told you this was going to be tough on me, Delenn.
It's like I said, I'm gonna miss this place.
But, you know, I'll adjust.
- I hope so.
- Yeah.
Speaking of which, did I miss saying goodbye to Michael? I wanted to see him before he left.
You made it here just in time.
Another few minutes and you'd have to go all the way to Mars to say goodbye.
Mars Starliner Kafka ready to board in Bay 7.
Mars Starliner Kafka boarding now in Bay 7.
I'll go ahead, tell them to wait.
Take your time.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
I I've never been really big on goodbyes, and I - This just isn't gonna work.
- It's all right, Michael.
Go on.
It's just that all my family my mom and dad, they passed away a long, long time ago.
The two of you and Stephen, G'Kar hell, even Londo, you're the You're the closest thing I've had to a family.
You know, I never thought I was gonna make it out of here alive.
I always figured I'd end up facedown somewhere in Brown Sector.
I'm glad that didn't happen.
Because now I I have a chance to have a family of my own.
Maybe I can find a little happiness.
I have the I have the two of you to thank for that more than anything in the world and I don't I don't have the words.
I just wish G'Kar was here, because he'd know what to say.
You did just fine, Michael.
Final call for Mars Starliner Kafka, boarding in Bay 7.
- Mars Starliner Kafka, final boarding call.
- I gotta go.
I know.
- Good luck, pal.
- You too.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Of all the recent partings, I think this will be the hardest.
You think he's gonna be all right? Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
But you're right: The place won't be the same without him.
We're next, you know.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
It occurs to me I have never walked the length of this place, end to end.
Well, Delenn, it's 5 miles long.
I know.
Coming? Now? Now is all we have.