Babylon Berlin (2017) s03e01 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 1

Previously on Babylon Berlin: I will guide you to the truth.
Gereon! - Did you go to war? - I followed my brother.
I came back alone.
My mother never got over that.
For her, the wrong son came home.
Anno was officially declared dead.
- And now? - We're here if you want us to.
Lotte? Where have you been? Everywhere.
- I want to join homicide.
- No women there.
- I don't do detective sergeants.
- Don't worry.
Let's settle the matter between ourselves.
What's the matter with you? Get lost! I don't want to see you again.
- Mr.
Benda is not a murderer.
- He's the boss of the polit police.
No! Fritz! That Benda of yours, it was his people.
Tell me what to do and I'll do it.
Fritz, what are you doing here? You're mistaking me.
What's this, Daddy? Do you recognise me? Anno? Stop! What are you doing? You can't go out there.
Don't go out there! Stay inside, mate! We want our money back! FIVE WEEKS EARLIER 20 SEPTEMBER 1929 - Why so many rolls? - I don't know.
- Morning.
- Didn't he - Morning.
When did you get home? - Morning.
Didn't want to disturb you.
Don't get upset.
It's my heartfelt wish, Madam.
Greta Overbeck and I are close.
She doesn't give us that impression.
- Why ever not? - It doesn't say that here.
She expressedly refuses to see anybody.
In particular DS Charlotte Ritter.
I'm just an assistant detective.
It says DS here.
Well, I can't help you there.
You're not even related.
Please sign here.
One more thing, Weintraub.
This is Mr Ulrich from police records.
What does the joker want? Dactyloscopy.
- Fingerprints.
- Just a formality.
- For the discharge? - For our files.
Well then, show me how you do it.
This is part of it.
GATE 2 Look at that, Stick-it-in Fuchs.
Well, well, well.
Clothes become people, huh? Senor Walter.
Cigarette? Here you are.
Vera? Mr.
Caught red-handed.
You know what? You go ahead.
- I'll go for a little spin with madam.
- They're all waiting.
All the more suspense.
Come closer.
Don't you worry.
I won't hurt you.
Come on.
FILM STUDIOS NEUBABELSBERG POTSDAM-NOWAWES We'll repeat the stage part of "We've long lost each other", the third and fourth shot.
Let's get to work.
- Quiet, please.
- We're rolling.
- Sound.
- Sound is running.
- Roll it.
-89-15, take two.
And action.
I don't see where you are going When there is silence, and loneliness Is heavy on my mind, and there is A wind of grief and sorrow blowing You don't want to tell me where Your travels lead your contrary self Then I must painfully but with purpose Ask the question you are posing It was looming inside of me for a long time It was pressing inside of me for a long time The longing that I once had Indignation has displaced it now We have long lost each other We've grown apart in our hearts We are the tail of yesterday's magic And in our souls pain alone is burning Yesterday is melting Tomorrow is stony Hope is making way to doom There's no world where we are still safe And lonely I go who knows where So much happiness was allotted to us But now it's extinct in our souls The long wait is followed by giving way It's cold in my heart I make no secret of it We have long lost each other We've grown apart in our hearts We are the tail of yesterday's magic And in our souls pain alone is burning Betty? Oh God.
What are you doing? I'm sorry, my little flower.
First, you have to do what you have to do.
And then you can do what you want to do.
- Yes? - This is Bellman.
There's been an accident at the studio.
- What kind of accident? - I, I, I Stop the stammering, Bellman, talk.
Betty Winter is dead.
I'm coming.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
You'll have to hurry if you want to read all these before your exam.
No, I'm just returning them to the library.
May I? - What's the exam? - Forensics.
With Ulrich from the records department and Gennat.
30 minutes with practical part, crime scene analysis and securing of evidence.
Not exactly my strengths, I fear.
You can do this.
- You think? - Why yes, of course.
Did you go to prison this morning? Yup.
Greta doesn't want to see me.
She expressedly put that on record.
- The judgement is still out.
- I have to go.
Break a leg! I didn't mean it like that.
Hi, boss.
- What's up? - Stay there, we have to go downstairs.
- Where to? - Babelsberg film studios.
Buddha's order, we're to go there immediately.
Betty Winter.
One of the greatest, what am I saying, the greatest hope we have on stage and in film.
- Had.
- Pardon? Well, now she's This is a huge tragedy.
And I only just met her.
- You mean personally? - Less than a fortnight ago.
An autograph session in Babelsberg, on Betty's birthday.
Studio shoot for her last film.
Demon of Passion.
- Doesn't that already exist? - Only on stage.
But now a brandnew musical film, with sound.
So you hear them talk, at the cinema? Yes, and not just talk.
They also sing.
Incredible woman.
No wonder the Americans wanted to lure her there.
Who was that again? Her husband, Tristan Rot.
He plays the male lead in the film.
Her husband? I thought he was queer.
Yes, he is, but he loved her.
Very much.
What's going on here? Once again, the press was faster than us.
Detective, what's going on here? Do you know more about the Betty Winter case? CID, make way.
- No recordings.
- Article 118 of the Reich law: - Every citizen has the right - But not now and not here.
- There is no censorship.
- That's enough.
Reinhold, can't you do something? Please.
Close the gates.
Don't touch anything.
- Homicide division, hello.
- Homicide? But it was an accident.
- Who are you? - Jo Bellman, I'm the producer.
It was obviously an accident.
I mean, we all saw it We're here to clarify this.
You stay with me.
Everyone else please wait off the set.
So, what exactly happened? Case study no.
A lifeless body, found in the early morning by the family gardener in the property's garage, identified by the wife, who called the police immediately.
All external circumstances point towards suicide.
Miss - Ritter.
Charlotte Ritter.
- Please, Miss Ritter.
Ladies first.
What? Explain the five steps of the procedure to determine death, Gennat method.
One, I get a first general overview of the crime scene.
- Here? - Exactly here.
Please don't touch.
Two, staff will look for evidence and clues.
- How could this have happened? - The lamp toppled and the screw heads were torn out.
Where's the cable for the spotlight? - It's here.
- Don't touch! It's quite the weight, 10kW.
Boss, shall we start? - Search the set for clues.
Gennat method.
- Yes, sir.
Gloves! Very good, the gloves.
Each detail is tagged.
The spotlight was fixed with these screws.
Completely intact.
Three, take pictures of the crime scene.
Four, witnesses are questioned.
My husband was with me all night.
One moment, Mrs Klopsch.
First the question, then the answer.
- Sorry.
- What's your name? Tilly Brooks.
I see.
Where are you from? - Boston.
- Boston? Can you tell me in more detail? I didn't see anything, I was looking the other way.
- What about the husband, Tristan Rot? - Tristan? I didn't see anything, I was up on the rope.
- Rot wasn't here today.
- It was his day off, as far as I know.
Who's responsible for the lighting? Peter Glaser, the gaffer.
Where is he? He only oversaw the set up.
Then they changed shift and he left with the others.
Do you have his data on file? - Of course.
- Where do you suspect fingerprints? - Up there, on the balustrade.
- Correct.
Take your time.
On the door handle, on the steering wheel Keep going.
- And on the hose on the exhaust pipe.
- Very good.
Detective, the incident was filmed by this camera.
We need to have it developed immediately.
I ventured to have that arranged.
Here you are.
Peter Glaser's personal file.
Very well.
That's it from us now.
Mr Bellman.
The fifth and last step, evacuation of the body and evaluation of the results at headquarters.
Very good, Miss Ritter.
Thank you.
Detective! We need you to sign that it was an accident.
You'll get it once we've evaluated everything.
And if it was an accident.
In the lab, the dactyloscopic examination showed that the deceased's fingerprints are not congruent with those found on the hose on the exhaust pipe.
A comparison with the wife's fingerprints, seen on the right here, confirm the assumption that this was no suicide, this was an insidious murder by the wife.
Thank you.
And the motive? - Revenge.
- Really? Yes.
The husband had poisoned her lapdog.
- Miss Doris, please write - Hang on, not so fast.
Please switch it off again.
Miss Ritter, please explain in more detail the differences of the fingerprints.
Yes, the The grooves are different.
The grooves? Well, the dorm The dormal papillae.
- You mean the dermal papillae.
- Yes, I'm sorry.
The dermal papillae are different in all people.
Yes, well, every child knows that.
But how do the images of the dermal papillae differ? The basic form.
By their basic form.
There are three basic forms and the minutes.
Minutes is what the clock has.
They are called minutiae, deduced from? Latin for? Minutiae.
Latin for detail.
But maybe you can give us the basic forms.
Well, there are whorls, and And? Whorls and Esther? Walter is here.
About time.
Looks like you've been expecting someone.
Welcome back.
Oh, my favourite pests.
What do I see there? Well, look at that.
Where do these come from? Thank you.
Welcome home.
I need to show you something.
- What, right now? - Yes.
We'll go to Moka Efti.
Won't take long.
No, wait.
I'll take that myself.
See you later, guys.
STOCK EXCHANGE BERLIN-MITTE Every single sector is joining in.
Each segment we banked on did well.
Some of them in two-digit percentages.
Mrs Nyssen, the ralley is going up.
The Dow Jones is at a historic high.
Prosperity for everyone.
The history of world finance is re-written.
A few months ago, no-one would have believed that every American chimney sweep, each German employee could have stock.
Our fund is banking on growth.
Particularly for large-scale investors like you.
Mr Ahrensen, the trust is interested in the new offer of your consortium.
This is encouraging.
What sum? BUSINESS STATISTICS 45 million American dollars.
The economy is growing.
It's going uphill all the time.
Prosperity for everyone.
Do you believe that? I beg your pardon? You see, Wegener, I am someone who is seeing a mad-doctor.
He says he's a "psychotherapist".
But I say he's a mad-doctor.
I see him because I was peculiar as a child.
Never played with the others.
I would have liked to but I didn't really know how.
Anyway He says I'm manic, my mad-doctor.
That's when you want to do and achieve a lot very fast at the same time.
Off the cuff, without practice or skills.
You could say megalomaniac.
And he says I'm depressed.
That's when you don't want to do or achieve anything at all.
Except maybe die or just lie in bed.
And those two phases, the manic and the depressive, they alternate with me.
My mad-doctor is supposed to anticipate the changes and to adjust my medication accordingly.
Right now, for instance, Wegener, a manic phase is coming.
And do you know how to recognise a manic phase? You suddenly grasp all the interdependencies.
What we see right now is a mania at the stock market.
Something is inflated here.
Wegener, that Ahrensen guy and his Jewish business finance, they are nothing but a state-subsidised, international criminal gang.
We'll put a stop to their game.
And we'll get our money back and our country.
With their means.
We need to get a hold of the client lists of the large banks.
I want to know if the small investors really all fall for this scam and And how much they actually know about this.
I'm sure it's possible to procure those client lists.
But illegal.
Yes, we're turning criminal now, Wegener.
The mail! - Hello.
- Hello.
It's heavy.
Here, let me help you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- Ok.
- Bye.
First he acts all friendly and gives me a "you'll be fine" look, and then he fails me.
- Because of the minutes? - Minutiae.
- Can't you take the exam again? - In a year.
What do I do without investigatory powers for one year? Now I'm not allowed first access at crime scenes.
And Doris told me all male candidates passed and they were a lot worse.
- So you need to be better.
- I am better! They simply don't want any women in the department.
I do.
Charlotte, stop it.
You're still an assistant detective.
Even without the crime scene permit.
And I need your alert mind now.
Are you coming? Where to? We're going to the pictures.
You have to learn to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant questions.
Is it irrelevant if you know what minutiae are? The young woman established the circumstances of the crime perfectly.
And then you threw her off track.
I asked for simple technical knowledge.
It's your credo, Criminal Counsellor.
The biggest secrets are hidden in the smallest of details.
Precision is important in our work.
But pettiness is harmful.
This is where we disagree, Mr Ulrich.
Mr Gräf.
Go ahead.
Can we see the last part again? I can only show you all of it.
But we have a cutting table.
Well, I never.
How did this happen? Someone tampered with the water pipe.
It was a proper explosion.
- So it wasn't an accident? - No.
Who would have done that? I don't know yet.
There's more bad news.
Betty Winter.
No accident, either.
What makes you say that? I tidied the place before the cops arrived.
The spotlight had been tampered with.
- Who knows about this? - No-one saw anything.
- No-one.
- Is that clear? Sawed through? Walter, there was something fishy about the production from the start.
Right away, a fire in props storage.
One week later, a crane falls onto the set.
The next day, someone steals the camera off the truck, and then two weeks later, there's a murder.
Who is behind that? What do you think? Walter, we invested a lot of money, you hear? A shitload.
How much of ours is in there? One million.
And a second million from the bank.
Screw me.
If the cops find out that it wasn't an accident, we'll be left with the costs.
I think we'll have to visit some people in the near future.
What is she doing? What is she looking at? - Do we know who it is? - Tilly Brooks.
That name doesn't ring a bell.
The lady's name is Mathilde Spielmann.
Tilly Brooks must be an alias.
- Do you have her address? - Yes.
I'd like to question her.
- I'll visit her.
- Or I.
Or both of you? Yes, boss.
Oh, I'll take that now.
I'm going to the lab now, Mrs Rath.
- Do I have to do anything else? - The nurse wrote down your appointment? Yes.
That's it? No examination? No.
We'll inject a mouse with your sample.
If there is chorionic gonadotropin in your urine, the animal's ovaries will react with ovulation within the next 72 hours.
Come back later this week for an appointment with Dr.
Next, please.
Finished your work, miss? Where's Toni? Toilet.
And, has he been in already? - Who? - The day sleeper.
Oh, him.
Yes, just now.
Just now? He's supposed to be out by seven.
He's got the day, we have the night.
It's in the lease.
It's nearly eight now.
You can discuss it with the man himself.
But I don't know him.
What? Still haven't seen your fellow tenant? Not so far, no.
Give it to me, moron.
There you are.
Come on.
Oh, he's left a mess again, that idiot.
Just drops everything.
He should read it, that swine.
House rules.
At least he has a gramophone.
Right, now we'll put everything in his bed linen.
Through all of history A breeze of emancipation is blowing From human beings to infusoria Woman wants to be on the throne everywhere From the Amazons to the girls of Berlin Look at this.
Disgusting thing.
Throw it away! What men can do We've been doing for a long time And maybe a whole lot more Out with the men in the Reichstag And out with the men in the Landtag And out with the men in the manor house We'll turn it into a woman's house Out with the men in existence And out with the men who are still here And out with the men who are over there They should already have gone Yeah, out with the men in the den And into those places with the women Well, there you go.
Truth is a treacherous beast.
Our alliance with the past is diffused by our desire to form versions and variations of our experiences.
But there are no versions of the truth.
The truth is singular.
There is a subject across from me today, let's call him Siegfried.
The challenge is to demonstrate with him how much man tends to get tangled up in lies and self-deception, solely because of his desire to have everything he experiences and which seems incomprehensible make sense.
Siegfried, are you ready? Yes.
Don't waste any time for your answers.
The more time an answer has to follow a question, the less room there is for the truth.
So answer my questions immediately now.
- Do you love the ocean? - Yes.
- Do you love mountains? - No.
- Do you love cigarettes? - Yes.
- Have you ever killed a human being? - Yes.
- When did you kill them? - In the war.
And in civil life? - Yes.
- Do you love your father? Yes.
Do you love your father? Yes.
- Why are you crying? - I don't know.
- You distract.
Why are you crying? - I don't know.
Your tears are distracting.
Why are you crying? Because - it hurts.
- Correct.
- You feel the pain because you lied? - Yes.
- You redirected it into tears? - Yes.
Speaking the truth will conquer your pain.
Do you love your father? I hate him.
- Do you desire other women? - Yes.
- Do you desire the woman you live with? - Yes.
- No.
- If not, why not? - I don't know.
- If not, why not? - I don't know.
I don't know! - If not, then why not? - Because I am lying to her.
- Why do you have to lie to her? Because he's demanding me to.
- Who is he? - My brother.
Where is your brother? Where is your brother? My brother is dead.
- Is that the truth? - Yes.
What is demanded of you? To tell the truth.
Why do you lie to the woman you live with? - I don't lie to her.
- That's right.
- Where is your brother? - He is dead.
- Do you lie to the woman you live with? - No.
You see? But I'm losing her.
- You're not losing her.
- Yes, I am.
- You're not losing her.
- She's leaving, I'm losing her.
You can't lose her.
Why? Because she's not yours.
- Repeat this.
- She's not mine.
You can't lose anything because you don't own anything.
I own nothing.
You're not afraid because you can't lose anything.
Say it.
I'm not afraid because I don't own anything.
You have embarked on a journey, Siegfried, on a journey to the light.
Do you understand what I'm saying? Yes.
Do you want to guide us, from the darkness to the light? Yes.
Do you want to guide us from the darkness to the light? Yes.
The truth to the light? - To the truth, to the light.
- To the truth, to the light.
To the truth, to the light.
To the truth, to the light.
To the truth, to the light