Babylon Berlin (2017) s03e12 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 12

Previously on Babylon Berlin Who profits from our downfall? These gentlemen wanted to get revenge on the Armenian financier of the film.
Hostage situation! The first suspect is the gaffer, but he gets eliminated.
I personally managed to identify and match the projectile with the crime weapon.
- What do you want, money? - No.
That's not why I'm here.
I want you to carry on.
- With the sabotage of the film shoot? - With the murders.
The hunt for the Phantom, that's a good story.
You lost.
There's a lawyer.
He represents our comrades.
I know he'll have your case reopened.
I'm sure your chances are good.
Greta, if you take all this on the chin, you'll spare the real perpetrators.
Your death only helps the ones who abused you.
They'll get off scot-free.
Execution after such a short time? Yes, it is indeed unusual.
- Who instigated this? - The Ministry of Justice.
In five days.
Five days.
1929 Thank you for finding time for me so soon, Councilor.
What I want to discuss with you requires a certain discretion.
I can bank on that? - Of course.
- Good.
I asked you to come here because I know you are influential in certain circles.
In circles which, let's be frank, show great disdain for our politics.
If Seegers and his men recognize that politics come first, we will all recover in the great boom which will happen all over the world.
Together, we can achieve much more than as opponents.
At what price? If you mean the concept of the nation state, that has outlived its usefulness since the last war.
At what price should I exercise my influence? You tell me.
How about the position of chief of the police? Why not? How about the Prussian Ministry of the Interior? If you offer me the Berlin police, why not think bigger? Don't overestimate yourself.
How about the home office of the Reich? Councilor, you are being presumptuous.
Prussian officers are not for sale.
Councilor, I'm afraid you have to go now.
It appears that you are badly informed, Mr.
I'll become the chief of police either way.
So if you want to negotiate, do it properly.
Talk to me about the role of the military.
The SPD will have to leave the current government in the coming months.
We're working on that.
The President of the Reich will appoint a new chancellor who will come from our circles.
You, Minister, are welcome to participate in a nationalistically oriented government.
Your party can cogovern.
You personally can even keep your position.
If you recognize that the military and the racial corpus have priority.
You're absolutely right about one thing, by the way.
The army leadership around Seegers is a rotting bunch of old men.
Men who are lost in the yesterday Are you unwell? A doctor.
Get a doctor, quick! On the double! We need a doctor.
Quick! Anyone here? Stop! Freeze! Freeze! I'll shoot! Stop! Henning! Henning, quick.
Boss! - Are you all right? - Yes.
He's hors de combat.
We know by now that the starting point of this unprecedented series of crimes was an act of revenge.
The murderer of Betty Winter had a score to settle with a personality of Berlin's underground.
Can you confirm that this person is the so-called Armenian, Edgar Kasabian? That's speculation.
Your business, not mine.
Counselor, how can we trust the police when there are criminals and murderers in their ranks? When suspects get murdered in police headquarters? The incident you are referring to is highly regrettable.
But you and your readers should trust the police, just like you trust your fellow citizens.
Go on, get in.
Naturally, most of us are well-trained and tested, steadfast officers.
But there are black sheep in the best of families.
We can only do our best and keep identifying and arresting those black sheep and traitors in our midst.
The incident you mentioned has painfully confirmed this.
But it goes without saying that it should never have come to this.
The cold-blooded actions of these perpetrators leave no doubt that this is an internal affair between rival underground gangs.
The brutality of this crime tells us that we are only at the beginning of a relentless battle.
This smells of war.
The war of the underground of Berlin.
- What are you doing? - They're moving me.
Why? Why? It's the rules.
Tomorrow is the day.
What? What about Litten? - Greta, what about Litten? - He was here.
- And? - I signed something.
- And the revision? What - I don't know.
Thank you.
And farewell.
I'll see you again.
For sure.
Don't forget me.
The car is waiting outside.
It's yours.
Both of you.
I've had enough of you two scoundrels.
Why do you want him to leave? We've discussed everything.
But that doesn't mean we're doing it that way.
- Esther, come on.
- Don't you start! Just because he tells you to make like a tree, you go ahead and do it? And good riddance? No, my friends.
I'll tell you another thing altogether.
He's staying.
And you, too, and me, too.
- Esther, stop it.
- I won't stop.
- Stop it.
- I won't stop! I won't stop.
You wanted to see me? I wanted to know if the lawyer - if my lawyer has been informed.
- Yes.
Litten has been informed.
I called him.
Although this is not in the rule book.
Thank you.
You still don't want the chaplain? But a piece of paper, please, and a pen.
If that is possible.
I will be there tomorrow morning.
You are very brave.
I have taken careful note of all of your repeated adverse decisions regarding our application for a stay of execution, but I insist that you please bear with me in the case of Greta Overbeck.
The sentence is to be executed today at 10 a.
I implore you to at least agree to a stay of execution.
We mustn't deny our democracy the chance to do its duty and properly conclude this trial.
Respectfully yours, Litten, Solicitor.
- Done.
What now? - We'll take the letter there personally.
I'll take Hindenburg's office, you the Ministry of Justice.
We'll meet there at 8 a.
And you think he'll read this? Before the act of state? His office is manned around the clock.
Of course he'll read it.
Excuse me.
- What did you just say? - I wondered if someone will read it.
Before the act of state.
Stresemann's funeral is about now.
Help me search.
- For what? - Special decrees.
No, no, imperial decrees of His Majesty Wilhelm II, 1890-97.
A green tome.
Here, this one? Very good.
"Decrees on public celebrations.
" You! How smart you are! This sovereign decree was included in the constitution in 1918 and is thus still valid.
I quote, "On days of national mourning, all acts must cease.
" End of quote.
The execution of a delinquent is such an act.
And, Your Honor, if you don't stop this execution, woe betide you.
Sign this stay of execution.
Right now! And now call the prison.
Can't reach them.
Keep trying.
We'll go there.
Who'd have thought I'd be grateful to old Willy one day? - Taxi! - No.
In this case, the law is unambiguous.
- Keep talking.
- Imperial special decree.
I can't stop them now.
for miles around, over the heads, over the shakos and over the top hats, is the coffin, wrapped in the Reich flag, visible among the green and the colors of the flower wreaths.
Behind the coffin we see the President of the Reich following the coffin on foot.
From the empty glass caps of the streetlights resting on heavy stone pedestals, electric light is shining feebly, dead, into the light of the day.
What's going on there? You can't get through here.
- What's happening? - Stresemann's funeral.
- We need to call them.
- Who? The prison.
- Keep the change.
- Why? I don't trust the judge.
I have to try to get the prison director personally on the phone.
- There.
- OK.
- Give me the paper, I'll - No, I'll come, too.
You phone, I'll try to get there.
Yes, operator? Women's prison on Barnimstrasse, the security entrance gate, please.
- Barnim ten.
- Attorney Litten speaking.
- I need the director.
- You what? - Get me the director.
- I'm not authorized for that.
- Get her to the phone.
- No, she's busy.
- Interrupt her.
- I can't Of course you can.
Go out there and tell the director that the delinquent's counsel Hans Litten is on the phone.
- No, I won't.
- I have crucial information.
I've got my orders.
You need to call the director's office.
Hello? Excuse me.
Excuse me.
May I? May I? This is an official court paper.
Exceptional urgency.
Let me through.
A matter of life and death.
You'll have to wait until the end of the procession.
Hey, miss! I need to get through! Let me through! Let me through! I need to get through! - Let me go.
- Stop! - What do you think you're doing? - Let me through! Stop! Stop immediately! Come back! Get her back! No.
No! Let me through! I need to get through! I'm CID, let me through.
Greta Overbeck, I will now read you your sentence.
I'm CID.
This is a stay of execution, signed by the judge.
The execution of Greta Overbeck must be stopped immediately.
Right now! Let's see what you have here, OK? If you don't act right now, we'll so tear you into pieces, - you'll never smile again! - Listen, I'm only doing my duty.
Exactly! Greta Overbeck, born on June 14, 1907, in Groeningshusen, was sentenced to death by the district court of Berlin on September 26, 1929, for the insidious murder of Councilor August Benda and his daughter Margot Benda according to current law.
Be brave and composed on your last, difficult path.
Executioner, discharge your duties.
Oh, God.
Don't! Open up! Open up! What are you doing? Unlock this door immediately! Unlock this door right now! Open the door! Open the door! Open the door! No! No! Open this door! Open this door immediately! No! Greta! Greta! Greta! No! No! No! My little boy, when you read these lines, I'm with you.
Very close to you.
I am with you all the time anyway.
Because I am watching you from the cloud I'm sitting on.
You are probably thriving splendidly and never think of your mother.
But I just want to tell you that she is with you.
And she loves you.
Your mom.
We're to blame.
We arrested, questioned and sentenced her.
I wasn't expecting you at all.
What can I do for you? I just need a moment of your time.
I'll just put the horse away.
Shall we take a walk? If you don't mind, I'd prefer to stay here.
Must be hugely important if you've come all the way out to see me.
It is important.
I know it was you who solicited the murder of August Benda.
I also know that you covered all your tracks.
You put all confidants away.
You forced the sentence of Greta Overbeck and expedited her execution.
And your motive is nothing but personal gain.
Your career.
Personal gain is not important to me.
Our country stands to gain from the removal of Jews and Bolsheviks from influential positions.
Our country would also stand to gain from the police not having murderers in leading positions.
You see, Rath, I am responsible for actions which will be deemed groundbreaking for the reconstruction of the German Reich.
But I can't expect you to understand this perspective.
You're a simple policeman with a simple assignment.
Yes, that I am.
Why don't you arrest me? Because I can't prove anything.
And that which can't be proven in the eye of criminal law is tantamount to never having happened.
To being nonexistent.
Even though I am responsible for everything you have mentioned, you can't pin any of it on me.
That's why this conversation is a waste of time.
Goodbye, Detective.
Did it work? I think so.
Why don't you arrest me? Because I can't prove anything.
And that which can't be proven in the eye of criminal law is tantamount to never having happened.
To being nonexistent.
This is really remarkable.
Even though I am responsible for everything you have mentioned, you can't pin anything on me.
That's why this conversation is a waste of time.
- May 16, you say? - Yes.
Ah, yes, here.
Erwin Trollmann and wife.
On May 16, 1918, two days.
Erwin Trollmann.
They came every year.
Hang on.
- Always in summer.
- Yes? Yes, always room two, and later with his son.
With his son? - Yes.
- What were they doing here? Fitness.
Physical exercise in the park.
Seems to be making it, the little one.
May I? Yes, but don't touch.
I can imagine this will turn into something long-term.
What are you doing here? Hands off my sister.
Don't you have any manners? We're just neighbors having a chat.
Not you, you rat.
Let go of me.
So that's where you got the money for the birds from.
Look at me! How could I be so stupid? Come upstairs.
You can't tell me anything.
- Why not? Who else? I'm your sister.
- No, you're not.
What? - What did you just say? - You're not my sister.
My real sister is blind.
Because of you.
- Mrs.
- Colonel.
All the brass today for a change.
You have to look impressive as chief of the police, Colonel.
That's exactly right.
ZÖRGIEBEL TO FALL OVER 1 MAY - The large clasp? - The small one will do.
Chief Constable? Come on in, Rath.
Excuse the chaos.
You are resigning.
At some point, everyone's time is up.
I just wish the accompanying ills were less unpleasant.
The moment is inopportune.
Every office is finite.
The minister of the interior is announcing my successor as we speak.
In the face of this unexpected resignation the Prussian Ministry of the Interior has decided on a successor you all know.
It is thus a solution which lends itself to this special situation, and the level of experience turned the balance most of all.
Who? Take a wild guess.
I myself will therefore take on the office which I had before I entered politics one more time.
Thanks to your help.
Grzesinski himself? He was it before me, he is my successor.
Where does it say that you youngsters can do it better? Taking my leave.
All the best to you.
Here at headquarters and anywhere else.
Thank you.
I'm Red Rieke.
They are Buxe, Peppi, Olschen, and, well, the rest.
And you? Toni.
Toni is a good name.
Yes, Toni is good.
Can stay.
The film that was never to be completed.
Now it is finished after all.
And they are all here.
The mayor, Pommer, Lilian Harvey, Fritsch, Helm.
Even Max Reinhardt.
And Charlotte Ritter! The most sparkling star of the Berlin police.
Good evening.
- What are you doing here? - Looking around.
And? Does she have some inside intel for me? Backgrounds, motives, and so on? Pity.
We would have made a dream couple.
Purely professionally, of course.
- Why? You have him.
- He won't say anything.
Why are you two wasting away at the police? Why not at Ullstein? It's the same job, just pays much better.
- A writer, me? - Yes.
A cheeky lass with bite.
Young women are doing well at the moment.
And you? Take pictures of living things for a change, not just of the dead? Cobbler, stick to your dead.
Korda! "DEMONS OF PASSION" STARRING BETTY WINTER TRISTAN RO AND ESTHER KORDA I don't see where you are going When there is silence, and loneliness Is heavy on my mind, and there is A wind of grief and sorrow blowing DEMONS OF PASSION Elsa, listen.
I won't share you.
Never, ever.
You will have to, Balthasar.
It's the new era.
Where have you been all night long? Balthasar.
If you don't say anything, I'll go.
- Balthasar.
- Elsa, I I'm not the man I once was.
Not anymore.
The bond of our love will tear.
I can feel it.
We're losing each other.
We're losing each other! I'm tumbling.
I'm falling! Now! Balthasar! Look what you have done.
I can't.
I can't do it! A look into eternity My heart is torn out But you don't feel the pain - Empowerment is will - Will - Fate's right and stress - Stress - So scream in the silence - Silence - Feeling is but coercion - Coercion THE END Bravo! The premiere of the new Bellman film Demons of Passion last night had been awaited with baited breath.
But the audience was presented with an indigestible patchwork of outdated expressionism, melodramatic parvenu art, and a framework plot which had obviously been added later on and had brazenly been borrowed from classic literature.
As if the demise of the main protagonist during the shoot hadn't been enough of a tragedy, the film's other big tragedy is its wasteful expenditure, witlessly blown for nothing, for a decorative gesture of nostalgic transfiguration.
Not even Tristan Rot can save this, who just a few years ago had put the fear of God into us with his demonics.
But what's the point? The masses will flock to see it.
Too large is the desire for a dream world, too big the fear of reality.
The attempts of German film It is time to tell Bellman that these painted image mockups don't concern us anymore.
It is time for film art that is facing up to life.
TONI What are you doing here, mister? If I may politely ask you to get out of our bed.
Hey! Yes.
What kind of depraved individual are you, to be lying here all the time? You mustn't be here.
Turn around! You? Who else? I don't bite.
25 OCTOBER 1929 Oh.
Excuse me.
Yes? - Mr.
Nyssen? - Speaking.
This is Wegener.
Prices on Wall Street They fell.
They hit rock bottom.
It has started.
We need to go to the stock exchange.
- Boss! - What's the matter? Something with the stock exchange.
People are ganging up on the banks and demanding their money.
- Why is this our business? - There's been an emergency call.
One of our guys lost his head.
Who? You have ruined me! I'll finish you off! Look at the bastard.
He's as much a filthy swine as the rest of you! To the side entrance.
This is it! He duped me! Henning, I'll take the side corridor.
I want my money! I demand that you give me my money back! - Or I'll shoot you all! - Böhm! - What is this nonsense? - Don't make yourself unhappy.
They cheated us all.
I'm putting the gun down now.
Put that thing away.
We'll just go.
You still have a chance.
You have a life.
It doesn't belong to the money.
Not to the bank.
Not to the debts.
Your life.
You are a good policeman.
You have a wife.
You have two children.
What do we do with him now? What I said.
Go home.
We'll keep the gun.
Get a good night's rest.
Tomorrow is another day.
Come on, Böhm.
Ready for the next session? We must find a way to make the injured soul unassailable.
What are you doing here? Helga? You have embarked on a journey, Siegfried.
To the truth to the light.
You are not afraid.
You are free of pain and fear.
Your path inevitably leads us to the fusion of man and machine.
We are creating the new man.
We are creating the man-machine.
An android, free of pain and fear.
The war-torn soul is the best foundation for this.
Only he knows the abysses of the soul so profoundly that the will for numbness occurs in the most natural of ways.
Our new, synthetic substances will rob the destroyed soul of all feeling thus freeing it from all pain and fear.
Do you want to lead us from the darkness to the light? The truth to the light.
To the truth.
To the light.
Subtitle translation by Stephanie Geiges
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