Baccano! (2007) s01e01 Episode Script

The Assistant Editor Refuses to Discuss the Possibility that He Is the Main Character

1 Carol Mr.
Vice President Mind your manners.
I'm sorry! I just got carried away.
What were you doing? I was thinking about this story.
Story? Yes.
The series of strange tales that started in November of 1930.
Once, we traveled together on a train, didn't we, Carol? Do you remember what I said to you at the time? Let's see Wow! A rainbow! Carol From the time that we were children, we have thought of rainbows as being beautiful things, without any doubts at all.
Why is that? People who do not know about the refraction of light may also think of it as a harbinger of a natural disaster.
Something unwelcome might be coming down through that rainbow.
The vegetation may be burning up at the base of that rainbow.
Why is it that we feel a sense of fairy tales from that bit of seven-colored information? Have you ever thought about that? No.
I mean, even if I did think about it, I couldn't tell, and besides, our job is not to think about things, but to report to others the outcome of what has already happened.
319 points.
Out of how many? It's true, our job is to convey the truth to others, but the moment that we obtain any information, be it truth or falsehood, we must not stop thinking.
We must not stop at just determining whether the information is true or false.
Such is the responsibility of those who deliver information to others.
But, what is there to think about? Just thinking about something doesn't change whether or not it's true, right? Yes, it does change.
Do you remember, Carol? Yes, Mr.
Vice President.
A story is neither information, nor is it accumulated information.
It is the result of what has been thought.
Carol, why did you think that these stories started in November, 1930? Well What's the matter, Carol? And you call yourself the assistant to Gustave Saint-Germain, Vice President of the Daily Days? Well, I Let's say, Carol It is 1711, and it would be best to start inside the Advenna A vis, as it crosses the Atlantic.
Or, perhaps, it might be best to start with the nasty business that happened aboard the transcontinental Flying Pussyfoot, which was covered up.
Either way, Carol, you have chosen November of 1930 as the start of the story.
Why is that? Mr.
Vice President, it's because It's because, you see, I thought about what would be easiest to understand.
It was at that point when these incidents first came before our eyes.
That's why.
156 points.
Out of how many? Indeed, it is easier to understand.
But Carol, you should think about more than just the time axis.
The characters are also crucial.
Let's say Yow! Isaac! What if we were to look at that eccentric pair of robbers as being the main characters? Or, perhaps, the young lad, suffering with a cursed destiny? Or, perhaps, the Gandor Family's brilliant young capo? Or, perhaps If that's what you mean Charity? Please, do you have any charity to offer? The Lord is watching your actions.
In time, the Lord will judge your actions Old-timer He seems main-characterish.
"-ish"? Yes.
" I'm in a good mood today.
Take it.
Thank you very much, sir! The Lord is sure to bless your actions! Quit being so pious only when it suits you, old-timer.
Just a moment, sir.
I have some flowers I picked this morning, to thank you.
They're probably wilted anyhow.
I'm not so sure about that sir! Well, he's pretty close, isn't he? Say, tell me something Stay back, you monster! Did you know that I was Firo Prochainezo, of the Martillo Family, old-timer?! I see now! "Main-characterish.
" You may indeed be right about that.
Aren't I? Still, Carol, depending upon whom you focus on, the same incident switches form in an ever-changing manner.
In other words, there is one incident, but there are as many stories about it as there are people involved.
Listen up, men! Destroy everything! No need for warnings or negotiating! Now, it's our time! Nobody else exists in our world! Gandors, Martillos, it doesn't matter! Crush them till there's nothing left! Make it as though they utterly never existed! So, what became of that idiot, Luck? Chick-san is handling him.
He's seeing if he still has enough sensitivity left to feel any pain.
Boss, they got us again! What's the damage? A gambling parlor, a bar, and a ticket window.
Luckily, nobody is dead.
Those Runoratas! I'm gonna blow them away! Clobber them! And kill them dead! We dragged back one of the guys that went after the ticket window.
All right You're the bastard that came after our turf, are you?! You've got a lot of spunk, huh? So you're saying, it starts when the Mafia and the Camorra go after each other? In one instance.
Luck Gandor has been put to sleep.
Word was that he was pretty capable, but it was child's play.
The Gandors are a small-time outfit, anyway.
It won't take much trouble to wipe them out.
We've made arrangements to purchase some newer, special bombs from certain sources, so in time, we'll also round up the Martillos.
Never mind that.
There's something that I need you to do.
Or, perhaps Big Brother Dallas Where are you? Or perhaps, Carol, it wouldn't be too surprising for us to be the ones at the start of this story.
We couldn't be! Dallas Genoard.
You know him, right? Yeah.
He's the second son of the Genoard family.
He's the son of Raymond Genoard, whom you killed on your own, without instructions from me.
Dallas Genoard is the younger brother of Geoffrey Genoard, whom you also killed on your own.
You follow? Yeah.
So what about Dallas? He contacted the office.
He said that you're the one who killed his father and brother, Gustavo.
He also says that he has proof.
T-That can't be right.
I even paid off the court officers.
There's no way there's any proof.
Then how is it that Dallas named you? Well Deal with it.
Find him, and bring him here.
Y-Yes, sir.
But what about the Gandors? Dallas has first priority.
Find him as soon as possible.
Y-Yes, sir.
Do I get to decide whether he comes in dead or alive? Dead or alive? Suit yourself.
Listen up, men! Get Dallas! Find that despicable second son of the Genoards! Dead or alive! He's going to pay for making a fool of me, Gustavo, He's going to pay for making a fool of me, Gustavo, What a wretched man.
What a wretched man.
and the entire Runorata Family! What a wretched man.
and the entire Runorata Family! Say something! Where's the nerve you had when you attacked our territory?! You were ready to answer for this, weren't you?! "Ugghh"? Don't you "ugghh" me! I said say something! Why are you You look like you've seen a ghost.
You're supposed to be dead Chick-san! Chick-san! Yes? What is it, Luck-san? I need to ask you to do one more.
Very well.
But I haven't washed off the blood and grease from the last one yet.
So I think it's going to hurt an awful lot.
Sorry about that.
P-Please, wait! I'll tell you anything! I'll tell you! Just don't let that freak near me! Who was it that turned me into a honeycomb? Luck Firo You look creepy when you smirk like that.
What are you reading? "Thy soul shall find itself alone 'Mid dark thoughts of the grey tomb-stone; Not one, of all the crowd, to pry Into thine hour of secrecy.
" Long ago, I was so scared of this poem, I couldn't stand it.
But that's not the case now.
Not since the incident a year ago.
Why is that? Maybe because as much as I've lost any need to be afraid, I've also lost any feelings of anxiety.
Towards death, I mean.
Firo, don't you think anything of it? Nope.
Forget about it, please.
Be that as it may, there's been an unusual bunch that has been hanging around on our turf lately.
Probably some guys who have the Runoratas backing them.
I'll be there to help you, whenever it hits the fan.
Firo, please, pretend you don't know.
This is our problem.
That's a pretty standoffish thing to ask.
I'm not going to put the Martillos out.
Don't worry.
We've called in Vino.
Vino? Claire is coming in? Arriving on the Flying Pussyfoot tomorrow.
In that case, Isaac and Miria are on the same train.
One of Maiza-san's old friends is aboard, too.
Then, let's go pick them up together- And you're certain? Yes.
The damage is severe, but there's no mistake that they were passengers aboard the Flying Pussyfoot.
How many bodies does that make? The number we've discovered is somewhere in the teens.
They've been left along the side of the tracks here and there over several dozen kilometers.
Inspectors, what on earth happened here? The matter is classified.
You're better off not knowing.
Looks like they were aboard, all right.
Immortals? Yeah.
Their names were on the passenger list at the station in Chicago.
What about the lady's safety? Our orders are to investigate that next.
You think we can keep an incident like this covered up? Inspector Sullivan What? There appears to be a survivor among the passengers that fell out.
What?! L-Luck-san Hey.
Are you hurt? Y-You just got shot up! There's no problem, right? Ee-yow! Huh? It doesn't hurt.
Isaac! Your wound has disappeared! That's an incredible trick! Maybe doves will appear next! He's so useless.
There's no way you can still be alive Firo! Firo, where are you?! Right here.
This can't be! At least let me do this much.
I'll pay for the damages.
So what you saw here today N-Not at all! I didn't see anything! Besides, if I ever did tell anyone, they'd put me in a sanatorium, at best! Still it doesn't look like we can ignore this.
I'll find you.
I promise.
The Flying Pussyfoot is quite an unusual train, huh? I've seen it once before and it's overly ornamental, to put it one way.
If I had to say, it looks kind of ostentatious.
I want to see it even more, now.
That's too bad.
There was an announcement a moment ago that the Flying Pussyfoot had a breakdown, and all the passenger cars were switched to another train.
Huh?! Are you serious?! Either way, the lead car will be switched with a smokeless, electric engine before it enters Manhattan, so you won't be able to see the whole thing.
Maybe so, but Oh, by the way, what kind of person is this old friend of yours, Maiza-san? Ah, yes He tries to carry everything on his shoulders, despite being so introverted.
That's the type of person he is.
The type who wouldn't last long, were they a normal person, huh? Claire is the same way, for the opposite reason.
Cheerful, but far too obstinate.
That's the truth.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Would you decide whether you're just gonna stare, or if you're gonna take me in? Despite appearances, I'm in a pretty foul mood.
If I'd known this would happen, I would have killed you sooner.
Or would you like me to kill you, right here? But, Ladd What's wrong? You saying you don't wanna be killed by me?! It hurts! It hurts! Just a minute I'm sorry, Nice Please, can we go a little slower? Hey! Hey there! Oh! Ennis, Firo, and Maiza! Long time no see, my fine fellows! I'm so glad to see you're all doing so well! You too, Isaac-san and Miria-san.
We're doing fine! We're doing fine! What happened? You look like hell- What happened? You look like hell- Live long enough, and I'll tell you someday! It's been too long! Looking up at the starry sky that goes on forever, we sing a melody of a dream we have of our limited eternity The water of adoration, overflowing in our hearts will reach someone in the distant future I believe so Running through time prolonged, our voices calling out will someday become a great song We can go on spinning our love though it may still be such a tiny light now Hey, Miria, where could this "aside"place be? It means not at home, right? Which means that it's somewhere not at home, right? Then, where is "somewhere"? I'm sure it's aside, where the old woman's qualms are.
That's incredible, Isaac! You're so smart!