Baccano! (2007) s01e09 Episode Script

Clare Stanfield Faithfully Executes His Professional Duties

1 But then, you're gonna pay! I can use these guys.
That's all that people like you are good for, at best.
They're gone! They've both disappeared! T-The woman wearing fatigues who was sitting there! It's already overtaken us! The Rail Tracer! I see.
So she arrived without incident? Well, apparently, it wasn't exactly without incident.
What do you mean? Word is that the Flying Pussyfoot switched out not only its engine, but its passenger cars, as well.
Do we have a read on the circumstances? Only fragments.
Nebula is moving to suppress information about it, so we can't really get a grasp of the whole picture, but there's no question that there was quite an incident.
It appears that a good deal of the passengers are dead.
She was aboard the Flying Pussyfoot, as I recall, wasn't she? Yes.
Why don't we wait until we've gotten her report.
What did she see, what did she hear, what does she know? It looks like she's already here.
Rachel-kun, I'm glad that you are back.
We've had nothing but unpleasant information coming in regarding the Flying Pussyfoot, so I've been most worried.
As president of the Daily Days, I am proud to have employees like you.
Thank you very much.
Did you hitch another free ride? Yes, that's right.
Is that a problem? Nicholas-kun, looking at Rachel-kun's injured leg, it's evident that the situation must have been serious.
Please refrain from such levity.
Please excuse my impropriety.
Now then, Rachel-kun, ordinarily, I would have you take plenty of time off to recuperate, but we are information brokers.
I will ask you for your report right away.
What happened aboard the Flying Pussyfoot? All I know is what happened within the scope of what I saw.
That is fine.
Please tell me, who were the people in the black suits? Who were the people in the white suits? President, you appear to know more than I do.
Also, what was this "Rail Tracer"? Rail Tracer? W-What's the Rail Tracer? Oh, Jacuzzi, you don't know? The Rail Tracer is Now that you mention it, some of the passengers in the dining car were talking about it.
A legendary monster, that traces the shadows of the railways.
Monster? Yes, monster.
I don't know if that much is actually true but there was indeed a monster aboard the Flying Pussyfoot.
A crimson, brutal monster.
Call it strange, or really, call it unbelievable No, really, why is there a sea of blood in here? Isn't it strange? Or rather, isn't it amazing? What is it that can kill a man in such a messy manner? Hey, come on, now.
Is this man without a face that one guy? Could this be Dune? Man, that's amazing.
The hunter has become the hunted.
So then, who was it that killed Dune?! If I'm to avenge him, I can't do anything if I don't know who did it.
Oh, Dune, you poor man! You can't even have your friends avenge you.
Now then, as for the all-important way to be spared Everyone who heard this story died right away.
They say there wasn't a single way for any of them to be saved! There is one way to be saved.
Kill before you are killed.
W-Wait! Wait a minute! I don't think so.
Oh, yeah.
To continue my story, the way to keep the Rail Tracer from coming for you is to believe this story, and if it is already here, to keep running until the sun rises.
Although, it's too late for that.
The Rail Tracer is certain to show up for you people.
This gunshot will wake it up.
It will be awakened with your death.
Now sacrifice, die.
What's going on here? Who are you? Just a minute, please! I'm not doing anything wrong! The two of us are the only conductors that are supposed to be on this train.
Who are you? Hey, please put that dangerous thing away, will you? How can you be so composed, given your situation? Who are you? What are you after? Uh oh, is the secret out already? Huh? What's that supposed to mean? You seem to be the type that doesn't crack, even with a gun pointed at you.
So I'm going to have to torture you for a little bit.
What do you mean by that? Torture? What year did you come from? Hey, now, I'm glad you got rid of your gun, and all, but I've got this fine little piece here Huh? I'll ask you again! Who are you?! That's too bad.
I'll ask you once again.
Who are you? D-Dune Where are you from, Dune? Oh, man! Just what kind of person would do something like this? I'll just bet it's someone incredible! Someone so incredible, they've never thought that they themselves might get killed! But then, there's me.
I won't be outdone by them! Dune-kun, friend of the Russo Family, I know what your plan is.
Can I ask you one more thing? Why are you dressed like a conductor? I like I like how it feels! Ladd says killing is fun! I see.
For the fun of it, huh? Well then, where did you get that uniform? This morning, at the station! From that old geezer conductor! What did you do to him? I killed him! It felt good! Fun! Fun! That conductor's name was Tony! He's the man who taught me what I know about conducting.
Watch yourselves.
I don't know what, exactly, but there's something dangerous on this train.
I'm going to go kill whoever it is and those black suits, so you stay hidden.
Okay? Don't forget, I'm going to be the one who kills you.
Okay? Lemures? The Russo Family? Don't make me laugh.
I am a monster to you.
A monster who is going to devour you all.
As of now, I am going to be this train's I am going to be your Rail Tracer! Conductor? Yes, conductor.
It was wearing a conductor's uniform.
So, what did this monster say to you? Ticket, please.
Excuse me.
I think that it knew I had boarded the train without paying.
There doesn't seem to be any question, then.
That conductor is Vino.
How do you know the red monster was Vino? Vino is feared as an elusive monster, appearing in every city in America.
In fact, he suddenly appears in unpredictable locations, then leaves, then appears in yet another unpredictable location.
How is it possible for him to do this? What if Vino was a conductor on a transcontinental express? It would explain why he's so elusive.
If that's the case, it's only natural that he'd be seen often in those cities.
Vino I've heard of him.
Vino, also known as Claire Stanfield, was raised by the Gandor brothers' father.
The Gandors lived next door to him when he was orphaned.
Thus, the brothers considered him part of the family, and you could safely say that he was essentially the fourth brother.
Later, it's said that he ran away with the circus.
That is correct.
In the circus, with superhuman abilities and effort, Claire gained physical strength and skill that literally surpassed human levels.
Those must be of use to him, now that he is an assassin.
Hey, would you pipe down! You and Master Ladd might be content with just the killing, but there's something more important that I'm Vino's methods of killing are famous for being messy.
The bodies of those that fall under his hand are utterly destroyed.
Almost as if someone had dumped wine over them.
He seems to have to go that far, or he cannot rest assured that he has done a complete job as an assassin.
Were you able to confirm whether or not Vino made contact with the three Gandor brothers? Yes.
What happened? You look like hell.
Live long enough, and I'll tell you someday! Excuse me, might you be Gandor-sama? Yes, I am.
I have this to give to you.
Keith Claire, you're a conductor.
What are you doing out here? I'm no longer Claire, nor am I a conductor.
Then, what should we call you? Well, you can call me Vino, or the Rail Tracer.
How lame.
Now, let's get going.
First of all, who should I kill? I only got a little light exercise last night, so I'm getting flabby.
I want to do a job that I can go all-out on for a change.
Let's finish this up quick.
There's someone I have to track down later.
Someone to whom there's a chance I might get married to.
But why would that be? Why would Vino have committed such indiscriminate killing? It may appear to be indiscriminate, but his actions are based on some ethic of his own making.
It has been reported before this that Vino seems to possess a somewhat warped sense of justice.
But, to kill a child as young as that Which child is that? It was a young boy, about ten years old.
I see.
Perhaps you can ask the boy himself why he did that someday.
Himself? What do you mean, himself? Now then, Rachel-kun, there are still a great deal of things I must ask of you.
You still haven't even told me about how you got hurt.
What is this? What the hell? Dallas, that girl injected us with something.
It looks like you're awake.
Who are you?! What are you going to do with us?! I am Szilard Quates.
After I have asked you something I need to ask you, I'm going to have you killed.
Does that answer your question? You're going to have us killed? You just take your best shot! H-Hey, hey! Hmph, he didn't live a respectable life, huh? I can't tell whether or not the medicine is safe.
Dallas Genoard How would you like to make a deal? Looks like the shock is too great.
We'll continue this later.
Ennis, what happened to the other two who were there? They left the area right away.
There's no sign that I was followed.
I see.
Then there shouldn't be any problem.
The finished product appears to be in the den of a mafia family named Gandor.
We can't afford to botch negotiating with them and revealing any information about us.
Have those three steal it back.
This bunch appears to have a grievance with the Gandors.
Once they find out they have been given immortal bodies, they will gladly obey.
Szilard-sama! Even if it was the unfinished product that you injected them with earlier Why would you give it to those hoodlums? Be quiet! This could turn into a quarrel with the mafia.
That bunch are tools to that end.
Once I am done with them, I'll devour them.
Any problem with that? If any of you have the strength to tussle with gangsters and win, that's another story.
Mary! I trust you are relieved? We have rescued your daughter from those despicable white suits.
Now then, if a signal flare goes up tomorrow morning on a bridge that this train will pass over, then provisionally, you will be spared.
Provisionally, you understand.
This is a negotiation.
Since we cannot negotiate from inside the train, I'm having my men conduct the negotiations with your husband.
You mean In the event that we do not reach an understanding with your husband, to assure him that our actions are not a bluff, I regret to inform you that your daughter's body will end up being left along the side of the tracks.
I do hope that you will not ask us to kill you, instead.
There is no particular reason why, but for the trouble it would cause, I must refuse.
Further, please be aware that if there is any police obstruction on the tracks along the way, it will mean the loss of your daughter.
I should tell you, for your information, that it will be death by shooting, so please prepare yourself.
I'll raise.
Whoa, aren't you the bold one? I'm out.
Well then, I guess I'll call.
Who are you guys? Oh, as it happens, we were here this afternoon, and forgot something.
You forgot something? Yes.
Ah, that box.
I hate to say it, but I've got no way of knowing if that's really yours.
You'll have to wait until Luck-san comes back tomorr-- Is that all you've got?! You go calling us nothing but scum, and this is all you've got?! This is so gratifying, it's laughable! The phone Have to contact Luck-san I'm pretty sure Luck-san is That hurt.
We really are immortal! I'm overcome.
I am absolutely overcome! What did you want from me, kid? Mister, you're really powerful, huh? You really surprised me! Oh, really? You think so? Mm-hmm.
Mister, if you stepped into the ring, I'm sure you'd be wearing the belt by now.
I don't dislike kids who are good at flattery.
So, what do you want? The thing is, I need a favor from you, mister.
A favor? Don't look at me so scary, mister.
Shut up.
Don't you forget that the only reason you're still alive is because you didn't call me, Ladd-sama, who turns 25 this year, "Uncle.
" Whether this favor you're going to ask of me makes me angry or makes me laugh will determine how long you live, boy.
Okay, listen.
Would you kill all of the people in the dining car for me? What? Do you realize what you're saying? Mm-hmm.
Looking up at the starry sky that goes on forever, we sing a melody of a dream we have of our limited eternity The water of adoration, overflowing in our hearts will reach someone in the distant future I believe so Running through time prolonged, our voices calling out will someday become a great song We can go on spinning our Io ve though it may still be such a tiny light now Hey, Miria, what exactly is Czes-kun so scared of? That "sha" in "fushisha" refers to people, right? Then what does the "fushi" part mean? I bet it's the fushi from "fushidara.
" Which means it's a person who 's slutty? Can't say I blame him.
Besides, it's their specter, and all.