Baccano! (2007) s01e14 Episode Script

Graham Spector's Love and Peace

1 What'cha doing? --Hey! --Hey! Shh! Keep quiet! You might knock them over! You could knock them over! Oh, these are dominos, are they? What do you mean to do by lining so many of them up like this? What are we going to do, you ask?! You ask?! As you can see, it's so we can knock them over! To knock them over! Where's the sense in lining them up to knock them over? That is a difficult question, isn't it? Isn't it? If I had to say, it's because there are dominos here! Domina! Dominist! It's a pastime that's becoming popular among children.
It's something that kids who don't know the rules for dominos do.
Oh, I get it.
Pecho-san and Randy-san? Yeah, we tried knocking a few over, and it was fun.
I did this a lot when I was a kid, too.
Lia and Ennis, you too? Firo-san, why don't you come join us? This is fun.
Yaguruma-san? I amused myself a lot as a kid knocking down Shogi pieces.
Even Ronnie-san I have to ask, who designed something on this huge a scale? I like this sort of thing.
Maiza-san All done! We're finished! Silence! Keep quiet! All right, we will now knock them over.
We're going to knock them over.
The fun starts now, huh? Is this really all that amusing? Ah, how sad Let me tell you a very, very sad story.
And here, today is the day when we had the perfect chance to make ourselves dramatically known in New York The day when the name Graham Specter would, without a doubt, ring throughout the whole city Such a such a sad story this is! If you're going to cry, now's the time.
They say people grow amid hardship, and sing the praises of life amid the pleasures of indolence.
But I have no plans to grow.
And yet, why is it that I must tell this sad story? What good is it going to do to make me grow any further? Where are you planning to take me? I want to become depraved, singing the praises of life amid indolence, and yet Boss Ladd has been seriously injured and caught by the police.
What's going on here? Boss Ladd not only have you been caught by the police someone threw you off the train! Are you telling me there's someone in the world that can do that?! Someone who could hurt you like that, Boss Ladd?! The parts have been swiped? The high-grade parts are being swapped out with inferior goods, and sold on the black market.
Zacharius, one of my regular customers, noticed it, and came to tell me.
So, you want me to make them pay for it? No, not yet.
He's allowed us to save face, for now.
Zacharius is being a patronizing bastard.
He's doing you a favor, isn't he, Uncle? The Van Dyke auto plant.
Ladd, go have a word with them.
Oh? You mean, you're going to let me handle it? I'm just saying, go have a word with them.
To me, that means the same thing as "Go there and kill everyone to your heart's content.
" Are you sure about it, Uncle? All I'm telling you to do is go have a word with them.
I love you, Uncle! Idiot.
You say something? Would you get going! Now then in a few minutes, you're going to end up like that, too.
N-Now hold on I'll at least listen to what you have to say for yourself, before I put you to rest-- no, I'm not going to put you down that easy.
So, start talking.
I-I've got nothing to say Right, right, right You're saying you did it for no reason? You're saying you made fools of the Russo Family for no reason? Nothing backdoor, then? No one behind the scenes, then? Are you saying that I, Ladd Russo-sama, was a fool to expect any sort of truth, that would get me all fired up, to come spilling forth out of your mouth? D-Don't do this Uh-uh.
There really isn't anything shady going on Well then, can't you at least be considerate enough to lie to me?! I'm not going to kill you easy.
You're lucky enough to be killed by me, after all.
You should be more grateful, and enjoy getting killed by me! Who are you?! How can this be? You want to know my name? Which means that you're concerned about me! That notwithstanding, you've wounded my heart.
For you to wound the heart of someone whom you're concerned about, you don't seem to understand what the meaning of love is, do you? I mean, look! I was supposed to dismantle this car.
And yet, you've gone and destroyed the car in a most unsightly fashion.
No! No! No! I cannot accept this! I cannot accept it, but it is the truth.
That is something I cannot tolerate! You're going to pay for putting me into this intolerable mood! You're not making any sense! Let me show you! I don't much like you! Since I don't like you, I'll clobber you! --Stop it, Graham! --I'd even clobber you if I did like you! I'll clobber you because I want to! I'm just going to clobber you! What's wrong with that? Tell me! You can't, can you?! The reason why, is that you don't have a chance to speak, because of my violent attack! Now be grateful! Thanks to my attack, you don't have to offer any foolish excuses! Shut up, you rotten lowlife! What you're doing is effectively protecting this thieving old man! Those who protect thieves become thieves themselves! In other words, you are a thief! Die! If someone who protects a thief is a thief as well, then what does that make a person who is hit by a bullet shot at that thief?! Something less than a thieving thief's thief? Now you've really made me angry.
Die!! That's impossible Did you think you could do anything to me with just this? Even if this could do something, it couldn't do it against me, you filthy little punk! Just do as you please.
I won't do as I please.
I love killing people who are at ease, not even realizing the possibility that they're going to be killed, but I don't go for killing anyone who takes initiative by wanting to be killed.
Besides, I love it when guys are so brazen and impudent that only I can kill them.
Oh, right.
To celebrate our advance into New York, Boss Ladd was going to wreck people spectacularly! And, in return, I was going to wreck something on a grand scale! Just thinking about it made me look forward to it so much, I couldn't sleep! How ironic that it would end up being a pipe dream! Such a sad story Ah, what is God thinking, making me tell such a sad story? What is the world trying to do to me?! Sad! Sad It feels like being snubbed by the rest of the world, it's so sad, so sad, so sad, so sad, so sad, so sad, so sad Oh! Ennis, Firo, and Maiza! Long time no see, my fine fellows! I'm so glad to see you're all doing so well! You, too, Isaac-san and Miria-san.
We're doing fine! You sure are looking well, Maiza.
Sorry, but I'll have to pay my respects to you all a little later.
Yo! What trick did you pull to get in here? Hmm? Oh, that's simple.
Smiles, smiles.
I just made that crabby bunch smile.
To think that you would resort to those methods.
Well, you live for 200 years, and you get a little wiser.
I've learned that it takes more than this to spoil mankind.
The more you change, the more you're still the same.
You, too, right? So, what do you want? Oh, a smile.
I came to see your smile.
What for? I want to see it.
That's all.
Ask me to smile, and I'll smile all you want.
But what good will it do? What does my smile change? Will it bring the world happiness? Will it cheer it up? It sure will.
My world, at the very least.
Come on, smile, Huey! That's it! That's the face I wanted to see, Huey! You astound me.
Imagine, you coming here, just for that.
I'll do anything for a smile! There's someone I'd like you to meet.
My daughter.
Daughter? Will you be able to make her smile? Will you still be able to smile, once you've met her? I'm curious.
I'm very curious.
Chane Yes, Dad? Do you love me? Yes.
Could you do anything for me? Yes.
You really are a fine little girl.
You would never disappoint me.
You are my daughter, my protector, and guardian of my knowledge.
That is the reason you were born, after all.
Right, Dad.
I will tell you I will tell you a portion of the knowledge that only I have.
But I am only telling you.
You will only be allowed to listen to it, and memorize it.
You must not tell anyone this knowledge, and you must not use it for your own purposes, either.
Can you promise me that? Yes.
Wonderful, Chane.
There's no way you will ever let me down, after all.
That's my daughter.
Chane, you're going to be taking on a terrible burden for me, so I will give you some sort of reward.
Ask me for anything.
I will grant it to you.
Elmer I wonder what you would have said if you'd seen her.
Chane, my lab rat.
Sometimes, guinea pigs take actions that are unexpected.
Your voice? Please, take my words my voice from me In order to protect the knowledge you will get from me? You really are a good little girl, Chane.
It's a simple matter to take your voice from you.
A very simple matter.
Here Chane, my dear little girl, keep meeting my expectations from here on, as well, okay? What loyalty she has "You must not tell anyone.
" Having received that order from me, Chane-- my daughter chose to surrender her own voice.
Listen, Elmer Smile Junkie, Mr.
Happy Ending do you think that a happy life can come to that poor guinea pig? I'll see the answer through for myself.
Such is my duty, as a researcher.
Huey, happiness is something, like unhappiness, that strikes without warning.
I'm sure that your daughter cannot escape them, either.
I took it apart I totally took it apart I took it apart without it touching the floor once! Did you see? Did you see? Wow, that was damn refreshing, but now what? Life is fun! Yeah, try chanting that 10,000 times each day! It will mess with your head, and all of your pain will disappear! Okay, okay, okay! I've gotten past the sadness, and as of now, I'm evolving to a higher stage! Right? Don't you all think so? It's magnificent! Life is magnificent! I'm starting to get excited! My okay brain is so beyond okay that it smacks of okay! You guys tell me an entertaining story.
Um, do you know about the folks that entered the city right after we did? Oh, no.
I don't know this story.
For some reason, I'm starting to get excited.
How am I going to control the beating of my heart?! Do I break it? I'm going to have to break something! W-Well, they seem to be a gang of thugs, like we are.
I hear they've been coming and going at Millionaire Row.
Millionaire Row? --That rich area? --Yes.
I love an upbeat story.
So Why is a gang like we are coming and going there? Burglary? It has to be burglary, right? Damn! Before they get ahead of us, we have to start dismantling houses, carry out their sturdy safes, bring them back here, and take them apart, apart, apart, apart Ah, I'm starting to get wound up! Transcendentally, hopelessly, wound up! No, er, I hear they are friends of the Genoard family head, and they appear to be hanging out at one of their villas.
Genoard? Oh, I know them.
The ones who, last year, had their head and his son killed out by the dam, or the river, right? Yes.
Right now, their other son, Dallas, is also missing, and their daughter, Eve, is said to have inherited their estate.
I get you! What you're saying is that these guys are kissing up to this Eve, or threatening her, or something.
This is amazing! Ingenious, isn't it? Sorry, I just wanted to use the word "ingenious" right then.
What I mean is, if we can co-opt these guys, and take over their turf, then we'll be able to suck up some of that sweet nectar for ourselves-- Yes, yes, yes, yes.
No, no.
What sort of parasitically disposed plan is that? Still, no! The no! What good is a timid ploy like that, I ask you? I don't get to break anything that way, do I? What I want to break is something physical, understand? If you understand, I expect an answer.
What's your answer? You don't have an answer.
In that case you can become a common corpse! Rachel-kun thank you for your lengthy report.
Thanks to you, the outline of the events aboard the Flying Pussyfoot will be made much clearer.
Please, go home and get some rest.
Excuse me.
Ah, Rachel-kun, about that boy If you would, stop by the honey shop at the entrance to Little Italy.
You will probably find the information you are looking for there.
Also, you are under no obligation to report anything about it.
Thank you very much.
What's the matter, miss? Aren't you supposed to be dead? What are you talking about? Sissy Ennis, I'm going to go have a quick word with this lady.
Let's go, miss! Miss, you saw me die? When my head was shot off? Or when I was mashed against the tracks? I'm Thomas! Nice to meet you.
I-I'm Rachel.
I see.
Miss, I'm so relieved that you aren't an immortal.
Did you just happen to come by here? No.
The president of the Daily Days told me to.
Oh, the information brokers.
Well, since you'll find out anything I lie about here later anyway, I'll tell you the truth.
My real name is Czeslaw Meyer.
You can call me Czes.
The truth By your reaction, I see you really don't know anything.
Where should I even begin to explain? I guess I'll start with what an immortal is.
I'll tell you everything.
I was kidding, of course! No reason to faint, is there? I feel all full of guilt now! Oh, no! I'm really starting to get excited now! What do I do?! This sensation is like sadness, mingled with glee, or the feeling you get the day before a trip! So, in light of that sensation, forgive me, okay? Now, this group must have a leader, right? Yes! I've seen him once in a while at the hospital.
He has a sword tattooed on his face, and is unusually timid! A tattoo of a sword on his face, huh? Sounds like something worth breaking, all right.
Here he is! This is the guy, isn't it? Yes, that's him.
No two ways about it.
Bingo! Now then, let me tell you a happy, yet sad story.
Happy-- that's the flip side of sad.
Put another way, it's heaven and hell, love and peace! Love and peace! We catch this guy Jacuzzi, then we'll get some money out of the Russo bosses! If we go to prison, it will be a tribute to Boss Ladd! We'll start by kidnapping this girl Eve.
Kidnapping a girl of her age is enough to get me excited by itself, but unfortunately for me, I prefer older women! Once we use her as a hostage to draw Jacuzzi out, we'll get Jacuzzi! We'll also get some ransom money! Well? It is indeed a happy, yet sad story, right? Where's the sad part to it? We're the ones who are happy, and they're the ones who are sad, right? Looking up at the starry sky that goes on forever, we sing a melody of a dream we have of our limited eternity The water of adoration, overflowing in our hearts will reach someone in the distant future I believe so Running through time prolonged, our voices calling out will someday become a great song We can go on spinning our love though it may still be such a tiny light now Let me tell you a sad, truly sad story.
The same as always? What does that mean? Only these delinquents know what it means! It's a simple matter to grieve over the unknown! I'm not a simple man, so I won't grieve anymore! For now, I may be sad, but you all are happy, right?