Backstrom (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

Enemy of My Enemies

So, are we going after the gopher or the guy trying to blow up the gopher? Two days ago, a bomb was detonated in the unfinished underground pump station connected to the liberty pipeline.
The local sheriff traced the video to activist Sabine Weiss and linked her to the bomb.
The old town bus station security-camera footage tagged her coming into town late last night.
The sheriff specifically asked for us to help find and capture her, and he's on his way to the Portland area now.
The liberty pipeline inspires such passion.
On one hand, it's the freedom of energy independence, and then Sorry do you mean the freedom to have your water supply poisoned by toxic tar and sludge? Get a room.
There was one fatality security guard Harlan Brand.
Why isn't Homeland Security handling this? The local sheriff is calling it vandalism.
Vandals use spray paint.
Bombers use bombs.
I don't know.
Maybe it was an accident.
Maybe she was just trying to draw attention to the impending environmental disaster and things went too far.
Why would she send in the video? To apologize? She's looking for other eco-terrorists, planning her second attack.
Well, the sheriff thinks she's acting alone.
Alone? Who is this idiot? Wabacooche County Sheriff Blue Backstrom.
Any relation to you? Uh, it's the lieutenant's father.
We're not getting involved.
Okay, but what about the fraternity of law-enforcement officers? Making city cops look stupid is blue's idea of a great day.
He lost her.
He can find her.
And with any luck, he'll be standing really close when the second bomb explodes.
- Hey.
- Sorry, sir.
Excuse me.
Was that nadi shodhana pranayama? It's stress breathing, right? Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you, pervert? What do you want? Uh, Paquet she found something to corroborate your conspiracy theory.
What are you talking about? Sabine Weiss was given a college scholarship by the environmental defense league of women extremely opposed to the liberty pipeline.
Of course.
Lesbians always help each other out.
If they were lesbians, it would be consistent with modern tribalism thinking.
Lesbians and environmentalists are both tribes that possess a consciousness of mutual unity.
Lesbians help each other out 'cause even gay guys think they're impossible.
Forgive me, sir, but I can't help but notice that you're reaching for stress solutions beyond your normal self-medication.
I wonder if the reason is your father.
I hate you, Niedermayer.
You know, it's been said that all males must slay their fathers to become men.
Yeah? How'd you slay yours? Make him commit suicide? Perhaps, sir, if you find the bomber before your father does, you'll find the peace you crave.
According to Eleanor Deering of the environmental defense league of women, "all climate-change deniers should be shot.
" A woman of few but deadly words.
Deliberately misquoted by her enemies.
Eleanor Deering has been a collaborative force for change.
Collaborative? She heads up the environmental justice league of "no men allowed.
" Trying to undo the damage caused by your generation's indifference.
Getting you kids hopped up on hysteria and false hope is the real threat to this planet.
The environmental defense league believes violence only ever shifts the focus to the wrong part of the issue.
Our response to the liberty pipeline is a state bill that will tax gas-guzzling cars into extinction to render the pipeline useless.
Bomb seems faster.
How well do you know Sabine Weiss? My only interaction with her was during the scholarship-selection process.
I just can't believe she'd be capable of such a thing.
No? You paid for her terrorist training.
We gave her a scholarship to Hastings college.
We're nurturing future world leaders, not criminals.
I'm you, bleeding-heart lesbian.
I'm not a lesbian.
I decide to ignore all the poor, black, mexican, crippled girls and give my money to a pretty jewish princess instead.
- Why? - Mm.
Maybe I finally found someone angry enough to be my own private unabomber.
Deering, the lieutenant does not mean to suggest in any Yes, he does.
- No, he does not mean - I do mean to suggest.
- What he's trying to say is - Will you let me suggest? Sorry to burst your bubble, but Sabine is part Coquille indian.
A jewish indian.
Fantastic! Why are you smiling? She just told me where Sabine is hiding.
Where? Oxbow indian reservation.
Sabine is an indian.
Tribes possess a consciousness of mutual unity.
Stay with Michelle Obama.
If the Indians see your ginger hair, they'll think you're a witch, which you probably are.
Moto! A few years ago, I was part of a task force.
We were hunting down human traffickers.
We chased them to Cooch County, where I ran into Blue Backstrom.
Said, "rattlesnakes can tell the enemy's coming "by their vibration.
You guys are shaking like an overloaded washing machine.
" Well, while we debated what to do next, Blue and one other deputy busted the entire ring.
The old-fashioned cowboy way.
Like Wyatt Earp.
My impression from Lieutenant Backstrom is that he is also a cold and possibly abusive father.
Can you imagine raising Everett Backstrom? - Detonation receiver.
- Mm.
That fits perfectly.
Wake up, lieutenant.
We're on indian land.
Oh, hell.
You know that guy? From a serial-killer case.
He hates me.
Why? 'Cause he worked with you? 'Cause the serial killer was targeting indians, and I caught him.
Talk about ingratitude.
Is that a totem pole in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Long time, same lieutenant.
Hand over little Miss Terrorist, and we'll get out of your ponytail.
I don't have a ponytail.
You have no jurisdiction to carry guns on sovereign land.
You people have no respect for the fraternity of lawenforcement officers.
And by "you people," I mean "mall cops.
" I'm enforcing the law right now.
Set your guns on the ground.
How come they get to carry guns? Deputies.
Escort the lieutenant off our land with extreme prejudice.
I thought only cowboys had deputies.
- What you looking at? - Okay, whoa, whoa.
No, no.
No, this isn't necessary! Hey! What you're doing to that black man is racist! That's racist aah! Get up, son.
Cavalry's here.
S01E07 Enemy of My Enemies I taught you never piss off native Americans on their own land.
They're hiding your mad bomber.
- She's not there.
- How do you know? I asked.
What? Indians don't lie? Not to me.
You know this whole honorary tribal membership thing is a bunch of crap, right? I do not know that.
The girl has coquille blood.
I respectfully informed them that we intend to apprehend her.
"We"? You've never shared credit before.
I thought I'd make an exception for family.
We're not family.
I made a lot of mistakes with you.
First is not showing you the respect that you deserve.
Why are you talking this way? Are you dying or something? I just thought this would be an opportunity for us to work together if not as father and son, then as equals.
You want my help finding the girl you stay the hell out of my way.
Let me do my job.
You're nodding.
You do know that signifies agreement, right? How much time do you need? Okay, you're nodding again.
Does that mean you're gonna give me a day? It's the least I can do.
I've watched you fool people my entire life.
It won't work on me.
Meeting in secret places would be a lot sexier if Moto wasn't here.
Really wasn't going for sexy.
Civilian Oversight Committee received complaints from the Oxbow Indian Reservation.
Already? They send smoke signals? Carrying illegal firearms, assaulting a tribal officer, using offensive racial slurs.
They were impeding a highprofile woman hunt.
Moto can vouch for me.
He's named on the complaint, too.
Then I'll vouch for him.
Am I the only cop in Portland you're trying to destroy? I heard Blue was there.
So? We're after his fugitive.
You wouldn't help Blue out of a pit of vipers.
I know how it is with you two.
I just wanted to see if you were okay.
I'm fine.
Last time you and Blue ran into each other, you ended up in a drunk tank in the Yukon.
That was three years ago.
I'm surprised you're keeping tabs on me.
You drunk-dialed me and asked me to come and bail you out.
I got to go.
Look, my advice just let Blue do his thing.
Stay away from him.
Uh, lieutenant, can I borrow you for a second? So, we were able to reconstruct the bomb in this virtual space.
The incongruity is this magnetic coil trigger.
See, the technology, it's more advanced than the rest of the bomb.
Extensive electronics training is what it suggests.
Jewish indian princesses who study semiotics and visual literacy at Hastings college don't build bombs by themselves.
Look for somebody smart but desperate enough to want to help a geeky guy who stalked her in high school, a fuzz bumper she got tattoos on a road trip with.
Losers and lesbians I'm on it, hobbit.
Accepting sheriff Blue's olive branch might be a more effective way of redefining your relationship.
What? You should meet him.
You want me to babysit Blue Backstrom? You don't have to give him a bath or anything, but I'm sure he'd appreciate the conversation someone to share feelings with.
Yes, sir.
Is that a poop-eating grin? Yes.
My dad is gonna kill Niedermayer for me.
So, I cross-referenced Sabine's high-school class with the Portland tech industry and found Graeme Hellman, a design engineer for Klamath Electronics.
They specialize in communication systems.
Did he like her? Well, his graduation quote was, "S.
W Leaving your orbit is like making earth say goodbye to the sun.
" He really likes her.
No mention of him in her quote.
I definitely know her.
I thought about nothing else for almost four years.
When's the last time you talked to her? Uh um High school.
But most of those conversations happened in my head.
Do you really think she, uh, had something to do with this pipeline bomb? Yeah, we do.
If she's capable of that kind of violence, maybe it's a good thing she never knew I existed.
You're lying.
Guys like you never wish for things to not happen with girls like Sabine.
You know, Blue once held a suspect out over a balcony until he confessed.
You know we can't do that, right? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey! I-I told you everything! I swear! No, you didn't.
Lieutenant, put it down.
It's surprisingly heavy.
Must be a lot of information on here.
What the hell is going on in here? Graeme? Lieutenant Backstrom did not intend to damage company property.
You from Klamath Falls? The city of sunshine.
Ex-farm boy? Luckily, we gave up the farm before I was forced into the business.
We will reimburse you for the computer.
We have plenty of computers.
My concern is why you think Graeme is connected to this terrorist.
We found this at the bomb site.
Do you recognize it? This is definitely ours.
What did you do? What did you do? Tell them.
Sabine came to see me out of the blue.
She said she was working for a clean-water project and thought our induction technology could help with the well drilling in Africa.
I-I showed her our coil system for obstructed wireless communication.
She she was so impressed with me.
I figured if I gave her one of our old prototypes I don't know.
How might this coil work with the bomb? It would make wireless detonation possible, even through thick pipes or if a bomb was buried underground.
Okay, I-I had no idea.
I swear.
Will this go public? I ask because we do contract work with liberty pipeline, and if they find We're expecting another bombing any minute.
So, she uses another one of your fancy detonators again They'll know.
What if I offered a reward to help the investigation? $100,000.
That's a small price to protect my company's reputation.
You know, rewards rarel Might work.
Could be good.
What are you doing, Moto? Well, Detective Gravely said to Steal it.
I'm impressed.
We bought it, we keep it.
And anything Paquet finds is admissible.
Big corporations are always hiding something.
What is this occupy Portland? You know there's no actual evidence pointing to a second bomb, right? Yet it was real enough to scare Klassen into offering a reward.
Okay, yes, please please spell your name, sir.
Not gonna be able to give you that information right now, sir.
Special Crimes Unit.
What's going on here? Well, some idiot offered a reward, so now we're getting tips from every Tom, Jerk, and Harry.
It's a disaster.
So each pin is a Sabine sighting and each color represents a two-hour time period between last night and today, darkest being most recent.
She's hiding with everyone.
Okay, where do we start? There's the progressive students in Goose Hollow.
The activists in mid-city.
There's a big occupy movement in Mount Tabor.
Yeah, but many of these tips came in after the Portland eco brigade told people to flood us with fake calls.
I'm a lesbian terrorist planning my next bomb attack with a $100,000 bounty on my head.
Do I risk hiding with the lazy, unemployed losers who would sell me out for a cool new pair of headphones? Or do I go where people spend $100,000 just to join a country club so they can have a second place to drop a deuce? I'm gonna go with where people are too rich to care.
Pearl District, West Hills, Lake Oswego.
Anyone else have a theory? Eleanor Deering is the head of the Lake Oswego conservancy board.
And owns a home there.
Husband in the house, lesbian lover in the shed overlooking the water.
You're welcome.
You and Almond, search these areas for possible bomb targets.
Let's go arrest your heroes.
Excuse me for interrupting, gentlemen.
Sheriff Backstrom, my name is Sergeant Peter Niedermayer.
I work with your son in Special Crimes.
It's an honor to meet you, sir.
Everett assign you to be my babysitter, Pete? He hates you that much? Well, I believe that love and hate are the same energy.
It's just how you choose to accept that energy that matters.
That's about the flakiest thing I ever heard.
You wrote that article about identifying suspects using behavioral dynamics.
Good piece.
I quoted Lieutenant Backstrom in that article.
When you were searching the Internet, were you looking for him or yourself? No need to search for myself, Pete.
I always know where I am.
This have something to do with the case? One of these kids is nephew to the tribe's chief.
He got in trouble in my county, and I'm returning him to be tried by his own people.
They got a volunteer thing here.
Yeah, the peace-giving courts.
Do you believe in restorative justice? I don't much trust our system.
They can't do worse.
You won't mind if I tell the lieutenant, would you? Not at all.
Hell, send him a picture.
Good to see you, captain.
Then you're an even bigger idiot than I thought, Niedermayer.
I think that he is trying to smooth things over between you and the tribe.
I have a photo.
He hasn't lifted a hand for me one day in his life.
Except for hitting.
Well, maybe he's changed Yeah, that doesn't happen in the real world.
- Hold on.
- No, I got to hang up.
We're looking for lesbians in a shed.
Son, you got a good man here, but look, if you want to keep an eye on me yourself, I don't mind coming where you are, or listen we'll send you pictures an hour apart.
Got to go.
How did you know about that? Brand-new tools, rusty old shovel.
I can't believe you were right about this.
I can't believe how stupid Blue's theory of the lone vandal looks.
I'm a lesbian terrorist racing off to my next bombing attack.
Why make time in my busy schedule to have safe sex with a man? It's not a diaphragm.
That's a menstrual cup.
I'm an environmental loser who doesn't believe in tampons.
Why would I wipe up spills with the bleached skin of a murdered tree? I had no idea she was there.
Then you have the worst-kept secret fugitive safe house in all of Portland.
She must have found it during the scholarship tea party.
If you're withholding any information from us Ask her about the second bomb.
I am weeks away from historic fossil-fuel legislation.
Why would I risk it all by harboring a fugitive? Because to you, she's not a fugitive.
She's the love of your life.
I am a happily married woman.
All the more reason to keep your terrorist sex pet hidden away.
But the real secret is, she's two-timing you with a man.
I know.
If you can't trust a terrorist, who can you trust? This is Sanford Einhorn.
From Eagles for Enterprise.
Eagles for Enterprise is a rightwing advocacy group.
Enemies of the environmental defense league.
They fight Eleanor on every issue.
And Sanford Einhorn is a longtime member.
Retired Air Force Captain, divorced.
He's a lawyer who specializes in suing the government eminent domain, healthcare, E.
Anything that's good for mankind.
And what's this guy's connection to Sabine's plan? It gets weirder.
In the last month, they were both seen at several of the same Eagles for Enterprise events.
Was she trying to infiltrate? Or she likes a good barbecue? No, I think she wants to drop the next bomb from his fighter jet.
He's not gonna talk to cops.
He seems to like young environmentalists.
So, Paquet, why don't you go? Yes! My first undercover mission! Thank you, Charlie.
He works downtown, so I'll get him at lunch.
Okay, hold on a second.
Nadia, all due respect, I actually am a young environmentalist with actual undercover experience, so Which went so badly, you ended up here.
Have you pinpointed targets for the next bomb? Homeland Security agrees with your father.
One-time act of vandalism.
But if I were her, I'd hit the control center.
Find the next target before somebody dies.
Is this seat taken? You don't remember me.
We've never met.
I'm crushed.
"Grilling for Gas Guzzlers.
" The fundraiser to fight Eleanor Deering's MPG legislation.
A mutual friend introduced us.
I'm sorry who are you? I remember you.
I was mesmerized by the way you spoke of courage and righteousness.
Oh, and and you wore a "don't tread on me" golf shirt, and I gushed at how well it fit you.
Maybe I just thought it.
Who are you? Our friend is in trouble, and I need to reach her.
She told me to come find you if I had nowhere to turn, that you help girls like us.
Hey! Please.
Help me find her.
Are you some kind of crazy hooker? You need to let go of my arm before I call the police.
He left this when I freaked him out.
And? Well, Klamath Electronics sponsors Sanford Einhorn's son's baseball team, the Klamath Braves.
Baseball is boring, but it's not a crime.
Einhorn's law firm acted several times for the Klamath C.
, so handsome Jim Klassen is linked to the crazies.
But Klassen's rich.
He probably has dozens of lawyers protecting his riches from the government.
This is Gravely.
Gravely, it's Almond.
Backstrom was right about a second bomb.
Bomb dogs found it at the pipeline control center.
We have to assume she'll strike again.
We're saving the bomb squad's ass gives us an hour of alone time with this baby.
You sure that crazy white girl can't just push a button on her phone and blow us all up? - Nope.
- Uh So, this is going to be the liberty nerve center, from where they can monitor the entire pipeline.
The plan was to remotely fix the damage from the first bomb, but to do that, they needed to fast-track the completion of this place.
So, the first bomb made the second target more valuable.
All the fancy equipment got rushed in yesterday.
A bomb going off now would set the project back years.
That and kill people.
Son of a bitch.
What are you doing? Preparing our spirits.
Strip down.
Give it a try.
I don't have a spirit.
What's with the two kids you gave back to the tribe? You drag them all the way from Cooch? No connection to the bomber, if that's what's got you turned red.
You traded them to the Indians for what? Stop lying to me.
You're being what's that word? Paranoid.
Don't help, Niedermayer.
Go to hell, dad.
They were in my custody.
I knew you'd be on the case.
I know you got a bad history with Rocha.
I help the tribe, they withdraw the complaint from Civilian Oversight.
I did it for you, son.
Making a lie more complicated doesn't make it sound more true.
If I was dying, would you give me another chance then? No.
I wish you were dying.
Well, I'm not.
But I am getting older.
I'd like to put things right before one of us dies.
Which would probably be you.
You you look like you're almost there.
You used to be a better liar.
You got kids? Uh, no, sir.
Not yet.
I got lots.
Everett's my youngest.
Their mother died on me and forced me into becoming a real dad.
I'm good with the others, give or take.
But, uh, I could never reach that boy.
Couldn't then, can't now.
You know, I think you're asking him to trust you when his earliest memory of your relationship is being pistol-whipped when he was 10.
I saw the scar.
Yes, I did that.
Woke up from a nap.
Surprised him messing with my service revolver.
He picked my lockbox.
You understand? My one unbreakable rule don't touch my gun.
Lost my temper, and I'm ashamed of that, but, uh, I'll tell you one thing he never went near my gun again.
No, sir.
He went and got one of his own.
Same bomb as the one that blew up the underground pump station.
Same magic get-through-thick-walls detonation system.
But with the detonator intact, I was able to calculate the wireless range.
Security was on high alert.
There's no way that Sabine could've gotten through to detonate this one.
the pump station.
But everything inside the pump station is blown to bits.
Sabine didn't push the detonator on the first bomb.
He did.
He wasn't a victim.
He was an accomplice.
But who's her accomplice this time? The nerdy kid.
Blowing up a control station is the number-one way to get a terrorist to sleep with you.
Except Klassen had him shipped out of town, where no press could ever get to him.
What about Klassen? Klassen said he was from Klamath Falls and his family gave up the farm.
So? So, a while back, the government did something really dumb involving birds or bison or In 2001.
To protect an endangered fish, the federal government took over the Klamath basin and cut access to anyone using it for irrigation, so hundreds of farms dried up and disappeared.
Klamath Falls, John Klassen, 100 acres foreclosed in 2002.
Jim Klassen really hates it when the government takes away people's property, whether it's to protect fish or build pipelines.
Was Klamath Electronics involved in the final push to finish the control station? Yes.
There's a communications system check scheduled for today.
Sabine wasn't gonna detonate the bomb.
Klassen was.
Lieutenant, Detective.
Come in.
Well, you can go ahead and write out that reward check to Everett Backstrom.
You caught the fugitive? You were acting within the scope of a predefined duty.
Well, okay.
Can you make it out to "cash"? - I just witnessed you say that.
- Okay.
- All right.
Forget the reward.
- Just saw it happen.
Excuse me.
Did you catch the fugitive? Even better we figured out who was pulling her strings.
Let me give you a little hint.
It's you.
Me? So, now you're a conspiracy nut? It's a short trip from thinking everyone's lying all the time.
And how exactly do I play into it? Graeme Hellman wasn't working with Sabine Weiss behind your back.
He was doing it at your request, which means you're guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.
This is ridiculous.
So then you don't mind if I take a look upstairs, do you? Go right ahead.
And yes, I have permits for all the guns upstairs, detective.
Nice place.
Deep down, you must know how big a mistake this is.
I'm you.
I'm a loyal patriot who hates the government for abusing its power and for destroying my family's farm.
The best revenge is stopping them from shoving a 300-mile pipeline down the throats of all the helpless farmers, like my father.
But I can't be seen to be anti-business, so I team up with someone who hates the pipeline even more than I hate the government.
Environmental defense super mascot Eleanor Deering.
Eleanor Deering is a radical nutjob.
She hates everything I love.
And together, you're a conspiracy dream team.
You make the bombs, she provides the bombers.
Who would've ever thought? Let me give you a little hint.
I'm gonna call my lawyer.
The fact that you haven't already shows me how crazy you are.
Stop! Stop! Sabine, stop! Sabine! Stop! Running is just going to make this worse.
We want the same things.
You have no idea.
I'm you.
I'm an eco-terrorist so committed to the cause, I'm willing to partner up with the right-wing scum I hate the most.
I know they'll keep quiet, but what about that rent-a-cop who's only in it for the cash? Can I trust him to keep his mouth closed? No.
You killed him? You think you know me.
You don't have a clue.
Stop! Freeze! Gravely, move! Move! Gravely! Out of the way! Oh Sabine, stop! Stop! What made you think you could ever outrun an indian even a jewish indian? What made you think that shooting me would stop her? I fired in the air.
It was a warning shot.
How was I supposed to know that? Trust.
Trust?! Oh, right.
Oh, 'cause your trust instincts are so good? Eleanor Deering lied to your face.
And the only reason Sabine got away is because you wanted to believe in her more than you wanted to stop her.
Listen, if you want to believe a single-ply toilet paper can save the planet, fine.
But false hope in the line of duty can get you killed, or worse me! Being wrong about Sabine isn't gonna make me a cynic.
Hope is what drives me to be a cop, and hope's what's gonna drive me to catch her.
What drives you? Um, detectives? I found something on the remains of Graeme Hellman's computer.
This plane belongs to Klassen.
Maybe he's picking up Sabine.
It pulled up to a private seaplane dock just a few hours ago.
Where? Oxbow Indian Reservation.
The seaplane dock is on the north end of the reservation Yeah, no.
I hear you.
I'm, uh, on my way.
Hop in.
We got to stop that plane.
- You know? - I just heard.
Turns out handing over those kids got us more than goodwill.
Got us a bomber.
Well, lieutenant Backstrom is on his way.
This is his case, remember? The terrorist is hightailing it, Pete.
No time for a pissing contest.
This is the Portland P.
We have your plane surrounded.
Come out with your hands up! Put your hands up, Sabine.
You, too, pilot.
Come on out! Hands up.
Einhorn? The eagles for fascism guy is giving little Miss Indian a ride.
Lieutenant, she's all wired up.
Stay back! This whole dock is rigged to blow! Put the detonator down.
I'll blow up you, me, the pilot, and the plane! Just carefully set it down, Sabine.
Oh, no.
Come on! You want to do this jurisdiction dance again? Put down your gun.
Come on, Rocha! You got to be kidding me! She's the one with the bomb! Put down your guns.
Oh, hell no! Get back! Or I'll blow up the plane! Just lower the detonator! No, no, no! Come on, now.
Lower your gun now! She's got a bomb! I'll do it! Come on! Call your men off now! Sabine! Put it down! Call your men back! Call them off now! Captain Rocha! By threatening your men and the lives of these police officers, this fugitive has officially declared herself a terrorist.
That is a federal offense and an exception to your jurisdiction here, sir.
You're not FBI.
I am a deputized U.
You might want to stand back, son.
Stay back.
That's enough, now.
I can kill us all with one twitch.
The thing is I can't let you get back in that plane.
Now, that leaves me killing you or you killing yourself.
Or all these people get a chance to live and fight another day including you.
I know what I would choose.
But it's not my decision.
It's yours.
So Make it.
Good choice.
We'll take it from here, sheriff.
I have jurisdiction.
Yeah? We're gonna see about that.
Captain Rocha, what do you say? No, I'm good.
There you go.
Let's go.
You made a hostage trade.
While I was running around like a crazy man, you stayed here, knowing she'd come back.
Old hunter's instinct.
Better to be where your prey is going than where it's been.
I was the beater, rattling the bushes to drive the prey out.
How do you like that? I thought you were always too busy wise-cracking to ever learn anything from me.
John Almond.
Been a while.
You can score one more for the good guys.
You played your own son? I offered him my hand.
He refused it.
Backstrom got to her before you did.
I got her in the end.
Take care, Everett.
Maybe next time.
I'm sorry, lieutenant.
I really wanted to believe him.
In a way, sheriff Blue is the common enemy that strengthens the unity of We're not a tribe idiot.
Did any of you bother to check to see if he was, in fact, a marshal? He was probably lying.
You guys suck.
We're going out.
Do I look like I'm in the mood for a gay bar? Do I ever look like I'm in that mood? It's a Western bar.
Come on.
We're gonna beat up some old cowboys.
Or have sex with them.
Whatever helps you work through your daddy issues.
It's for you.
- What am I denying now? - Nothing.
The allegations from the Oxbow Indian Reservation have been withdrawn.
They had a change of heart after talking to your father.
He really saved the day, huh? Oh, relax.
I know he screwed you over.
Of course he did.
It's your own fault for taking the case to begin with.
I didn't have any choice.
Obviously, he arranged it that way to make sure he could screw you over, so why are you being such a baby about it? Love your cowboy, by the way.
Thank you.
I was just not leaving.
Why are you here? Because I hate how good he is at making you feel bad.
Jealous? A little.
Except when I treat you that way, it feels like payback.
When he does it, it just seems mean.
I stopped caring long ago.
Look, I didn't come here to play shrink.
What do you want to play? I want to eat.
Can we go get something to eat? Why don't we order in? Because I hate this place.
And yet here you are.
You are such an idiot.
You really are an idiot.