Bad Mothers (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 [WHISPERING] It's the hot teacher.
- Hey, Luke! - Hey! Did you want to meet up after school, maybe get a glass of wine? It's Luke Jassick you care about.
I'm married.
Happily married.
That's what they all say.
How could you throw yourself at him? - I didn't mean to hurt you.
- Well you did.
- Hey, are you OK? - I feel like killing her.
Join the club.
Cops knew about the affair.
They're saying that she was strangled before she fell.
That's the chef that got arrested.
- Anton.
- Oh my God! Did you tell Sarah that you don't want to have another baby? I just don't think I could cope with another kid.
I do have feelings for you, and if it was just us it wouldn't matter but we'd just be like Charlotte and Anton and I just couldn't live with that.
We're nothing like Charlotte and Anton.
Jeez, stop! I will stand by you until this trial is over.
But beyond that I just I can't make any promises.
My little girl.
Mwah! Xave, come on.
How about a hug for your dad? Why do you have to go back to jail? I made a mistake, mate.
You said you were staying home.
Yeah, I know I did.
Listen, why don't you take a sister and go for a little play.
Just going to have a chat to your mum.
SARAH: Go on, please? [MUSIC INTENSIFIES] Well, he's upset.
There is a way that I can be home.
For certain.
In five years.
[MUSIC BUILDS] Prosecution put an offer on the table.
If I plead guilty to manslaughter - I get a reduced sentence.
- Wait, wait, wait.
But You're not guilty.
And what about the new evidence? It's only reasonable doubt.
Yeah, but if they're willing to make a deal, - then it must be pretty strong.
- Stop, stop, listen.
Being out being at home with you and the kids it made me realise that what I need is certainty.
And if I do it this way then I can be out before they finish high school.
You can't just rush into a decision like this though.
- I don't have a choice.
- Yes you do! The offer is on the table, Sarah.
And I'm going to take it.
[MUSIC BUILDS] Downtown shutdown Taking over! [DANCE MUSIC] Downtown shutdown I can feel it Move on Turn the lights out Downtown shutdown Taking over Rock your body Sam! Sam, Sam, Sam.
You were going for it! My shout for brekkie? I can't eat, I'm too nervous about the tribunal.
As if they're going to kick you off the force for one little look at a computer.
Yeah, it's against the rules.
Yeah, but you're a really good cop, OK? They can see that.
Oh, yeah, I'll put that to the assistant commissioner at the hearing.
Well at least Faith's on your side.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
I mean, she might say some nice things but I just don't think it's going to cut it.
Alright, well why don't I come? I can tell them that it's all my fault.
Yeah, that's not how it works.
Just leave it alone, OK? I've got to go.
[MUSIC] Hey, Faith! - Did you get my email? - I did.
Oh good, because I really want it on record, that this is all my fault, OK? Sam is the most amazing cop.
And he never would have broken a rule it wasn't for me.
He only did it once because of me, because of a stupid guy.
He got jealous.
This guy called JJ.
Bindy, I really can't discuss this any further.
- Is that another the rule? - Yes.
Oh my God, doesn't it drive you mad trying to remember them all? It can be tough.
So it's all my fault, you understand that, right? Yes.
Great! [MUSIC] You guys have a good day, OK? Love you.
- KIDS: Bye, mum.
- I'll see you later.
Got something for you.
Stuff was in Charlotte's car.
I figured it must've been Xavier's.
I wondered where these got to.
Pretty sure that this isn't Xave's.
I thought it might have been your husband's tie.
I heard about Anton, by the way.
Five years for what he did.
- That's bullshit.
- He'll be admitting guilt.
So my kids are going to have - to live with that.
- It's nothing personal, but Why should he get off so lightly? I don't have any control over this, OK? Look, I'm sorry that you're angry.
- Sorry? - Yeah, I am.
Charlotte was no saint but her life's not something - to be haggled over.
- I'm not saying that.
How many years is she worth? I don't know.
Five, 10, 20? Just stop.
I'm not going to give up on this, Sarah.
[MUSIC] So if it's not Anton's tie, who's tie is it? It kind of looks like one Mr Jassick had.
- Really? - Yeah, remember when we all did dress up for cup day? Yeah, but what would Mr Jassick's tie be doing in Charlotte's car? If it is his He gave it to her? - Or they were sleeping together.
- [LAUGHS] He's totally got a thing for yummy mummies.
- Like you, Danielle.
- Stop it.
She starts dating a policeman, then she becomes one.
[Whispering] Oh, shit, that reminds me.
- Yep, I gotta go.
- Wait, wait, wait, Bindy, the tie! It's alright, leave it with me! It's probably nothing, right? Well, I have to go and chop onions for my sins.
- Sausage sizzle.
- OK.
Hey, I got a message this morning from Anton.
Something about taking over the restaurant? Well, would you do it? Maybe.
Is he really going to plead guilty? Yeah, he seems set on it, so Maybe if you believed in him more.
Excuse me? - Sorry, that's not what I meant.
- Oh my god, alright, fine, yeah, yeah, fine, I am, I'm disloyal, I'm a bad wife.
Look, I just don't know want to think anymore.
I'm sorry, you are none of those things.
I just I feel lousy.
I've got a flu or a UTI or something.
Oh, OK.
Well I can check it out for you if you don't totally hate me.
[WHISPERING] I'm sorry.
Here's your float, eh, if you run out of change just ask 'em for a donation.
Do not let anyone past this point without buying a sausage.
- Yes sir! - Ja Herr Kommandant.
[LAUGHS] We're selling sausages, not war bonds.
I mean, how many sausage sizzles does it take to build a school hall? Surely we've got enough money for this by now.
- Eugh! - What do you think? Tom? - Tom! - Eugh.
- Ah! - What is it? - [GRUNTS] - [YELLING] Help! Look, I did a quick check and I think I know why you've been feeling unwell.
You're pregnant.
Tom's not going to be happy.
[PHONE RINGS] Hey, Maddie, how's the sizzle? [MUSIC BUILDS] Oh! Hey! What happened? Well, I blame the sausage sizzle.
One of me arteries is stuffed.
But you just had your work medical, everything was fine.
Yeah, well, I might have fudged that a little bit.
What are you talking about? I didn't go for the ECG, I cheated on my medical.
Tom! You idiot! Yeah.
You can say that again.
I've got to get a stent put in today.
- Oh my god.
- No, that's the normal procedure.
Hey, hey, come on.
I'm not dead yet.
Don't say that.
You OK? I'm great.
Tom was literally just lifting some sausages.
Sausages are probably not the main point here.
- Um - Oh my God, it's him.
- Hey, Mr Jassick! - What are you doing? Hey! How are you doing? Good? Miss Hicks.
I heard there was a problem with Francesca's dad? Oh, yeah, Tom's in hospital.
I'm here to pick her up.
Well, I hope he'll be OK.
Thank you.
Um [LAUGHS] This is really random but is this your tie, by any chance? It is.
I've been looking everywhere for this.
Where did you find it? I uh yeah.
I uh Danielle actually found it in lost property.
- Danielle did? - Yeah.
I'm surprised she remembered.
She's very thoughtful, isn't she? Yeah.
Well, thank you.
No probs.
You know what this means, right? Questionable taste in ties? The tie was in Charlotte's car, that's actual evidence! And you just gave it back to him.
Oh, shit.
- Yeah.
- Oh.
So Mr Jassick is definitely a person of interest.
A tie is not proof of an affair.
Charlotte once accused me of having a thing for Luke.
- SARAH: Really? - Yeah.
What if Jassick was jealous of Anton? Oh my God, that is motive right there.
Hold on.
When could he have done this? It was a school day! Tom was building the chicken coop - And? - I-I spoke to Luke.
Hey, it's good of your dad to help us out like this.
Actually that's my husband.
Oh, right.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] He was acting quite strange.
I'm pretty sure he left the school grounds.
You have to go to the police.
What, with a tie? Alright, well, we check.
- Bindy.
- What?! We could build a case from the ground up, establish motive - Wow.
- and opportunity! How else are you going to get Anton out? [MUSIC] OK.
Ladies? Let's see what we can find.
- Alright.
- Thank you.
[MUSIC] I had my suspicions about Jack Johansson, also known as JJ, based on a tipoff.
He had a background as a dealer, so I thought it important to look into his background further before pursuing it.
That is what Sam said to the sergeant at the time.
I have always known Sam to be a very honest officer and a great team player.
But, um I also have to let you know about some new evidence that has been reported.
[MUSIC BUILDS] Hey, I've been texting you.
Yeah, I've been at the pub.
Oh, celebrating? Oi! Did Faith give my evidence? Yeah, she had to.
Oh my God, so it's a good thing, right? No! It's not a good thing at all.
Yeah, but I told her it was all my fault.
So I put in a report that suggested I was looking into JJ - in the line of duty, right? - Mmm-hmm.
And what you said to Faith, completely contradicted that, OK? It made it look like it was personal, I was jealous, that I only did it because you're my girlfriend! But if it was bad then why did Faith say it? Because you put it in an official email! It was on the record so she had to report it! I mean, she's about to make sergeant.
God, so she threw you under the bus.
You did.
Sam, I was just trying to help you.
Well, instead you could get me charged with an offence and fired.
Is that what they said? It's still got to go through official channels, but by next week goodbye career.
Sam, I'm so sorry.
So am I.
So, the prosecution are no longer keen with the manslaughter.
Why, what happened? It was pushed back.
It was a victim impact statement.
So they've taken the offer off the table.
Well, you can still take it to trial.
Pleading guilty to murder is another way to get a reduced sentence.
You can't do that.
10 years is better than 20.
No! What about the kids? They'll think you're a murderer.
You thought I was a murderer.
Look, you know you know when you're with Charlotte, you had another phone, you had that spare phone.
Please, I don't want to talk about this now.
Did she have another phone as well? Yeah, she did.
She did.
She said it was safer that way.
OK, well did the police know about this? - Did they find this phone of hers? - I don't know, maybe she tossed it, I don't know why what to talk about this now.
I just have a lot of things going on in my head, that's all.
Yeah, me too.
I need you to know that I regret ever getting involved with her.
And I regret hurting you.
And this is going to be over soon.
And you can get on with your life.
I can't ask you to wait for me.
I can't.
[MUSIC] - Hey.
- Hi.
Um I just need to ask you something.
On behalf of your husband? No.
They've withdrawn the manslaughter deal so that's Yeah, well, the victim impact statement hadn't been filled out - so I was very honest about it.
- LUCY: Dad! Yes?! Look, that tie that you found in Charlotte's car, that was Mr Jassick's.
Luke Jassick.
- Lucy's teacher? - Yeah.
Did anything ever happen between him and Charlotte? I don't know, like what? Well, you said that she'd had affairs before.
- You're unbelievable.
- I just need to know.
First you think it's me, that it's Patrick, then it's Julius.
I mean, can't you just accept what Anton did? I think that Anton is telling the truth.
For God's sake, do you realise how much damage he's done?! Of course I do.
Julius tried to kill himself.
Lucy's just been suspended - for whacking some kid.
- Wait, why? Some kid who was bullying Xavier at school and now she's in trouble - Dad! - Yeah, I'm coming! I know this has been hard for you and your family.
Now I've got to start to look after mine.
Just give up.
[MUSIC BUILDS] [MUSIC] Hello? Sam? Oh, hey, I just wanted to pick up a couple of things.
Bindy's not here.
That's good.
Ah How is Tom doing? Yeah, he's um on the mend.
We hope.
- Ah - Look, you need to - hear me out about Bind - No, no.
- I really don't want to talk about it.
- She's an idiot.
I agree entirely.
- Yeah, she drives me crazy! - Understandable.
But I also suspect she loves you.
She is sorry.
If you could find your way to forgiving her? Think about it.
[INTENSE MUSIC] What's going on? I thought he was fine! There were some complications.
He has a blood clot, they have to take him back to theatre.
Oh, God! They said it will be fine but they didn't sound too confident.
Oh, God, I'm pregnant! - Holy moly! - Yeah.
I can't keep it, I can't.
Tom doesn't want to have a baby and even if he gets through this there will be recovery times and Shh, shh, shh, shush! - One step at a time, OK? - Eugh.
God, why do they call it morning sickness? I've been feeling sick all day.
Yeah, nature is cruel.
[PHONES DING] Detective Bindy Burrage.
'Urgent meeting at control'.
[SCOFFS] [MUSIC] You stay here.
Anton and Charlotte, they used these secret phones to contact each other when they were together.
Wait, so you think Mr Jassick has one? Surely he would have thrown it away.
Unless he kept it.
Like a trophy.
Guys, that's what killers do.
On cop shows.
Guys, Anton's lawyer is meeting with the prosecution this afternoon to offer a guilty plea to murder.
Oh my god.
Right, we've got to be quick.
We need to break into his house and we need to get a phone or evidence, anything.
Break into his house? What if we find nothing? We get him to confess.
How is that going to be possible? Honey trap.
It's genius.
What? You're the only one that can lure Mr Jassick out and get him to confess.
OK, but why would he do that? If he's guilty, part of him might want to.
You're going to have to work on him a little bit.
Sleep with him if you have too.
You know I married? Remember Tom? He's in surgery? I know, but if you don't do this, Sarah's husband could go to jail for life for something he didn't do.
Do you really want that on your conscience? All you'll be doing here is worrying and pacing.
I can do that.
I'm an excellent pacer.
You just don't have to do this.
She really does.
I can sort the kids out.
I'll let you know if you need to come back.
It's up to you.
Call Mr Jassick, get him to come around your house and record everything that he says.
I'll be in there, - and we just record what we can.
- OK.
Oh, God, I feel so sick.
Can't tell of it's morning sickness, - or nerves.
- It's probably both.
[PHONE RINGS] - Hey, Bindy.
- Hey.
Have you got your little honey trap ready? Yeah, she looks perfect.
You just concentrate on your end.
Alright, Roger and out.
- Sam, hey! - I was hoping we could talk? [WHISPERING] Oh, shit.
Sorry, I can't.
What's so important? Um, I've got to do something for someone.
With someone I I'm really sorry, I can't.
[MUSIC] [PHONE VIBRATES] [WHISPERING What? He isn't here yet.
Yeah, well, he'll be there soon.
What if he changed his mind? - [KEY SOUNDS] - Shit.
DANIELLE: Hey, Luke, is everything alright? Yeah, no, no, I am just on my way.
Just picking up the wine.
Well, don't be long.
[FOOTSTEPS] [DOOR SHUTS] [MUSIC] [GASPS] Oh my God! How did you get in here? - The back door, it was open! - No it wasn't! What are you doing here? I followed you.
- Wait, why? - I was worried about you! And then I saw that teacher dude.
Is there something going on with.
? God, no, no, I was just breaking in.
Why would you do that? I'm looking for evidence.
Of what? An affair.
Between Mr Jassick and Charlotte Evans.
- Oh, you can't be serious.
- No, no, we think that he might have killed her.
OK, I'm looking for a burner phone or any kind of proof, that they might have had an affair.
You have to help me.
Please! [MUSIC BUILDS] Great place you got here, Danielle.
Real family home.
Oh, thank you.
To be perfectly honest I'm a bit surprised you wanted me to come over.
Well, I'm glad you did.
How about that drink? Yes.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[MUSIC] [PHONE DINGS SUCCESSIVELY] Romi, my stepdaughter, she must've left her phone behind.
Yeah, most kids would rather lose a limb than their phone.
[LAUGHS] Here's uh, here's cheers.
Hope Pinot Gris's OK? No, it's lovely.
No! I've looked in all the obvious places, you know? I looked in his sock drawer.
Oh my God, his socks were so creepy.
They were all perfectly paired up and lined up.
It was so weird.
- Yeah, doesn't everyone do that? - No! So what did you want to talk about? Um Well, us.
Us? Yeah.
I feel like we have a connection.
I wanted the chance to get to know you better.
Yeah, what's this Mr Jassick like? He's pretty hot, obviously.
I'm talking about his personality.
Oh, um, he's really sincere.
Um, little bit awkward.
Like, mysterious, little bit romantic.
Like, wait, what are you doing? Oh my god, what is it? Uh Nothing.
All my friends think I'm crazy for teaching.
They're off making lots of money in IT and computer science, but You know, they don't get the buzz that I get from being a teacher.
Well, you're an amazing teacher.
Really? Yeah, all the mothers think so.
Thank you.
And very cute too.
OK, now you're just embarrassing me.
What else is he into? Uh, yoga.
And saving the planet.
Works out.
Yeah, he's pretty muscly.
Sam, maybe this is just useless.
[CLUNKING SOUND] Is it his phone? Uh 'Hey sexy teacher, want to help me with my homework?' 'So hot for you, C.
' My God, this is Charlotte's.
This is it, this is gold.
[PHONE DINGS] Um, I just need to use the bathroom.
Excuse me.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
[WHISPERING] Bindy found Charlotte's phone, and they were having an affair.
Look! OK, just because they were having an affair, - doesn't mean that he killed her.
- I know.
So we need to confirm that, so just keep doing what you're doing, please! [SIGHS] Yeah, OK, I'll do my best.
Everything alright? Just a minute! Where were we? We have to give this to the police.
It might be inadmissible.
I mean, how are you going to explain what we were doing here? What about, you happened to be passing by and you saw someone trying to break in.
And you tried to stop the perpetrator and you were unable to identify said perpetrator.
You almost out like a cop.
I know, anyways.
So then you happened to come across a piece of evidence that was linked to another case and you couldn't just pass it up.
That could work.
Would you mind if I kissed you? [LAUGHS] Have you ever done this before? Kissed a woman? No, I mean been with any of the other mums.
They must come on to you.
Sometimes, maybe.
- It must be tempting.
- No.
Did you know that Charlotte Evans was jealous of you and me? Charlotte? Yeah.
I've always wondered why.
I wouldn't have a clue.
Come on, you can tell me.
Did you and her have a thing? [MUSIC] I'm sorry, Danielle, I don't really want to talk about her.
- Why not? - Because I just I don't.
OK, I just I thought that if it was good enough Charlotte W-w-why why do you keep talking about her? You slept with her.
OK, this is getting a bit weird, Danielle.
I think I'm just going to go.
Just admit it.
We know about your affair with Charlotte.
And we know that you left the school the day she died.
Can you please did get out of my way? Or what? You'll kill me like you killed Charlotte? [MUSIC] Danielle, how's it going? There was nothing going on with me and Charlotte! Well then why was your tie in Charlotte's car and why did you have a phone of hers that had photos, messages It must have been so hard for you being in class day after day with Charlotte's daughter.
And with my son.
His dad in jail for something that he didn't do.
[MUSIC BUILDS] I wish I'd never met her.
She had this way of making you feel so special, didn't she? [ECHOEY APPLAUSE] When you were with her she built you up.
Made you feel like anything was possible.
And then she just she just cut you down.
She was prepared to take my husband.
And ruin my life.
She didn't give a shit about anyone.
So I know.
I know what it's like to feel so angry.
[ECHOING] What are you going to do, huh? - [ENGINE REVS] - Huh? What are you going to do, huh? [TYRES SCREECH] So betrayed that you want to hurt her.
Push her down some stairs in those stupid high heels.
[INTENSE MUSIC] Being cast aside, you know? Like we were nothing.
I just wanted to talk to her.
She couldn't even see why was there! It was like I was nothing.
She didn't love me.
Oh no, she loved Anton.
[ECHOING SCREAM] Charlotte Hey, Charlotte.
But I didn't mean to hurt her.
I swear, I swear, I didn't mean to hurt her.
I didn't, it was an accident.
I didn't.
I understand why you did.
I wanted to.
I'm just so lucky that you got there first.
[GENTLE PIANO MUSIC] [MUSIC BUILDS] Oh, God, I'm so sorry I wasn't here! That's alright, you're here now.
I I had to do this thing and to get someone to tell a secret I've got one.
And God, this timing could not be any worse.
And I know you don't want to have another baby.
You pregnant? That's incredible.
[LAUGHING] That's so - Are you high on drugs? - [LAUGHING] - No, come on, that's awesome! - Really? Another kid! Brilliant! I mean, if you want.
Um, yes! OK! [LAUGHS] - Oh God.
- Oh my God.
I'm a dad again.
My goodness, you're a felon.
Um, well, almost.
I mean, pretty lucky I have good connections in the police force.
Yeah! Oh, and Sam is pretty much a hero at work now - for finding really important evidence.
- Stop it.
Which means he is going to get unsuspended.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Excellent! Well, I better get these into the kids.
Unless you want to hear more about this school hall.
Yeah, nah.
No? Didn't think so.
So Mmm? I was wondering would you like to renew our contract to be exclusive? Another 30 days? I was actually thinking maybe a little bit longer.
Like Six months? A year? [MELLOW GUITAR MUSIC] Mr Jassick.
He was always so painfully sincere.
Well, you don't have to be a bad person to do a bad thing.
I can't believe how lucky Anton is.
I just couldn't let it go.
Well, it paid off that he had you in his corner.
I have to put my family first.
Yeah, we all do.
I meant what I said, you know.
If you ever change your mind.
I know.
I haven't forgotten.
This day would end As it comes to a close I'll see you around.
Try to make some sense Yeah.
You will.
What this life is That I'm better at carrying the weight for the both of us But it leads me back to you Always leads me back to you Oh [MELLOW MUSIC] Hello?! La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la Hello?! Surprise! Here we are again Running from the start here we go again Smile in the smoke and find something to say Smile in the smoke and find something to say And who the hell are we to start this chain again And who the hell are you to break this chain again Trying to imagine giving it away Now, don't overdo it.
Remember last time that you tangled with a sausage.
[LAUGHS] Here we go! Woo hoo! And for you.
And Oh.
I'll drink yours.
So, what are we going to toast to? Uh, being old and unemployed! - Stop! - Hey, you've still got the school hall to organise.
I thought you didn't care about that.
Yeah, I really don't.
Um Oh my God, how about we toast to Sarah? Happily ever after.
Ooh, yeah, not so sure about that.
[LAUGHS] OK, well how about to me? For pretty much saving the day, and being like, the baddest mother ever.
Trust you to make it all about you.
Well, Sarah's not even that bad! Uh-uh-uh, I can be a lot badder.
- Just wait and see.
- Can you? - Am I your inspiration? - No! [LAUGHS] You all are.
- Aw.
- Sweetie.
[MUSIC] To the bad mothers.
- Yeah! - Bad mothers! I'd love to be on the outside looking in No matter how you flatter you never fool me Into where I've been It took years to love myself as a misfit No matter how you do it I'll never tell you Where I've been