Baghdad Central (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 CAR HORN BEEPS MUSIC PLAYS THEY LAUGH Are you sure you want to do this, Mrouj? You're feeling well enough? Baba, yes, for the tenth and last time.
Stop stressing.
- Do you think that it will be over? - I hope not.
Not until I've eaten, at least.
It will solve nothing, Sawsan.
It will mean change.
Iraq needs to change.
- How do I look? - You've really made an effort.
Is that a clean uniform? ALL SING TO TUNE OF HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Sana Helwa ya Gameel Sana Helwa ya Gameel Sana Helwa ya Sawsan Sana Helwa ya Gameel.
Sawsan, enough of the dancing.
Not in front of your uncle.
Baba, it's my birthday.
- That's no excuse.
- Muhsin, I said that she could.
And Aunt Maha is the boss.
- Yes, I am the boss.
- See what I have to deal with.
Can you see this one move? Baba, that's rude.
I've heard enough of "glorious Iraq", I'm sorry.
- You think we are all stupid? - I will not have us talk war.
I say let them come, the Americans.
As long as you don't say it too loudly.
It will mean an end to him.
It will mean freedom, democracy.
- Eat.
Come on, all of us, let's eat.
- Looks delicious, Maha.
It tastes delicious too.
EXPLOSIONS PAN SIZZLES You're supposed to be fasting.
- I'll make just half a cup.
- Morning, Baba.
Good morning.
Sleep well? Mmm, at times.
I dreamt of yoghurt.
The water is on.
Should I fill the buckets and pans? - Done.
- Good boy.
HELICOPTER WHIRS OVERHEAD Stay away from the balcony.
They will see you with your tea.
- The imam or the Americans? - God! HE LAUGHS LOUD BOOM NEARBY MUSIC PLAYS PHONE RINGS - Yes? - Mrouj, it's Uncle Nidal.
I need to speak to your father about Sawsan.
ALARM BLARES Muhsin, I don't know what to say, I feel responsible.
Sawsan's friends, they saw her last when? Her friends from the university say that she has not been attending.
- You didn't know? You didn't notice? - What am I supposed to do, follow her each morning, question her each night? She spoke of her classes.
I'm not her father.
Nidal, I know you're not her father.
I am her father.
She should have been at home.
She should have been with me.
You have been good to her.
And to me.
Has she stayed out all night before? - No, never.
- Only when it has been agreed, when it's family you can trust.
What time did she leave the house yesterday? Her normal time, 7am.
- So she has a routine? - Yes.
So then she must be going somewhere, - if not to the university.
- Yes.
Did she seemed distracted, worried? - Was her behaviour normal? - Yes.
Did you or Sawsan have any threats? - No.
- Any arguments with other families? None, none.
- Any debts? - Do you have any debt? Nidal, I need to ask these questions.
Is there a chance she could have been abducted for ransom? I have no debts, I have no ransom, none.
I need you to write down everything you have told me.
Every detail.
Her friends, her teachers, the addresses, phone numbers of her friends, anything.
I need to see inside her room.
SAWSAN'S VOICE: Are you afraid, Baba? Sawsan did not return from university yesterday.
She has not been attending university.
She is missing.
She has been working for the Coalition Authority, for the Americans.
Which now is a very dangerous thing to be doing.
Mrouj Did you know? Yes.
She said she was translating papers.
She gave me dollars.
I should have told you.
Sisters have their secrets, it's normal.
Did she ever tell you who gave her this work, who arranged it? - Did she say? - No.
She mentioned no one, she gave no name? But her professor is Professor Rashid.
A woman.
- OK.
- I know that she liked her.
I want you to look at this list of names.
- Not now, later.
- OK.
Is there anyone she mentioned more than the others? - Are there any names missing? - OK.
We will do everything we can to find her.
You and me.
SHE SOBS QUIETLY Almost there, Mr Kibbert.
- Not far.
- Has this all been entirely necessary? You cannot be seen.
Meetings like this do not happen in Iraq.
I guess not.
Sanaa, you know her father's dead? She has no brothers.
I'm her elder cousin.
- You're privileged, Mr Kibbert.
- Understood.
I am fond of Candy.
My intentions are good, honourable.
My cousin's very beautiful.
DOOR OPENS Zahra? Sanaa? Sanaa, we're here.
- Candy? - Maybe I should just leave.
Sanaa? This way.
Follow me, Mr Kibbert.
HE GASPS BLOWS LAND You will tell me the names of the men who attacked my cousin, or I swear I will kill you.
MAN CRIES OU Tell them about the reward! No.
No, I ever.
You? No.
Who is he? A US citizen.
Move along.
I'm Zubeida Rashid.
The young woman you spoke to just now, she is your student? Do you know her? No, but I know the look on her face.
At the very least.
Several weeks ago, she received a death threat.
From who? Could be any one of the 20 groups, righteous or criminal.
Her crime that she is a woman, with her own ideology.
- It is a concern.
- Very much so.
My daughter.
She worked within your department.
She is missing.
She has not been home for two nights.
Tonight will be the third.
I'm truly sorry she's missing.
She has been earning dollars.
I have seen them.
Have you seen an identification pass like this before? I'm sorry.
I have nothing more to say.
My daughter is missing.
There's a chance she may have been kidnapped.
There is the possibility that she has already been killed.
I think you should leave now.
Is it possible she had also been given a note? A threat? Yes.
She is an intelligent, patriotic woman.
Patriotic? Sawsan, like many, believe in a secular and free Iraq.
But as her father, you will know that.
She is young and impressionable.
Where is this free Iraq? Show me.
Look inside yourself.
I would like a list of names of all the people Sawsan has worked with.
I'm sorry, you're not an inspector any more.
- I'm a father.
- You have no authority.
- You will soon be a trespasser.
- She is missing.
Did you not hear? I have another appointment.
Why do you not appear surprised she has disappeared? Because women in today's Iraq have a habit of disappearing.
I will pray she is safe.
The pomegranates are supposed to be good for you.
Your kidneys.
They taste good.
Pop? Do you believe she is alive? Yes.
The professor knows more than she is saying.
In the beginning, Sawsan was in favour of the Americans.
But not any more.
- She was earning dollars.
- I don't believe she would help them.
Not simply for money.
Why risk herself working for people she did not like or trust? She wouldn't.
I looked at the list you gave me.
I don't remember her talking about any of these people.
Not recently.
She sometimes spoke of friends she called Candy and Laura.
As a joke.
- Candy and Laura? - Yes.
Western names like Susie? DOGS BARK Why can't the Americans repair the electricity? Because they are only good at war.
Want me to read you poetry tonight? No.
Thank you.
I'm ready to sleep.
You're brave.
Like your mother.
THEY SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY It's not a toy, it's a responsibility.
- You're getting older now.
- I want one.
When you're old enough, Sawsan.
We'll see, when you're old enough.
I want one.
HE SCREAMS CHAOTIC YELLING Papa! Yes! Yes! All you had to do was ask.
Papa! Make the fucker compliant.
We've got him, sir.
Confirmed three of diamonds.
HE QUESTIONS HIM IN ARABIC Yes, yes! I am Mr Kadr al-Khafaji.
Good, we're getting somewhere.
Now will he confirm that he served as party chairman and commander in the militia? No.
No, fucking no.
I am police.
- Not militia.
- Ask him in Arabic.
HE ASKS HIM IN ARABIC No! I am Inspector Muhsin Kadr al-Khafaji, with the Iraqi police service, Baghdad Central police station.
I am not militia.
I've never been, never.
IPS, look at my files.
You burnt your files.
Not the archives, we never burn the archives.
Look at my files.
I respectfully suggest that you are looking for someone else.
- Sir.
- Sir.
Mr Temple, I have an urgent request from Holding Facility Number Two.
The Three of Diamonds is claiming not to be the Three of Diamonds.
I know you can see me, Frank.
I know you heard me.
Just leave it right there, Parodi, I'll deal with it.
Urgent was the operative word in that sentence.
I'll wait for a file of one Inspector Muhsin Kadr al-Khafaji, IPS Baghdad.
It'll need to be located and copied.
No file leaves this office.
I'll wait.
I like the taste of your coffee.
- I'll deal with this, sir.
- Thank you, Megan.
You know you're wasting your time, Frank, finding and retraining Iraqi police officers.
They're not interested.
True story? It's my boys that stand guard over Baghdad Central police station, and it's my boys who deal with all the shit that comes through the door.
Iraqi police services do nothing but watch TV and polish their pistols.
They flat out refuse to go out on the street.
Have you found your missing American citizen yet, Captain? What's his name? Kibbert.
- We will.
- Dead or alive? The former, I would guess.
You are military police.
Your job is to prevent Chad kicking the shit out of Chuck, and that's it.
- I know those guys! - You're not real actual police.
Did they not tell you? And those recruits you're talking about that lack nothing except leadership, senior officers, the very men your president in his limited wisdom decided to dismiss.
And you're the one to put it right.
You wear a cape, not a coat.
- Fuck off, Parodi.
- Oh, that's fuck off, Captain Parodi.
And a word to the wise, Frank.
Do not diss the president, not here.
Me, I couldn't care less, but it's still called the Republican Palace for a reason.
Party members everywhere.
Megan, I'll have a copy of that file, please.
- Translated.
- Sure.
Thank you.
You think he's a dick too, right? No, sir.
He's a dick.
MAN STRUGGLES TO BREATHE Argh! - Cigarette? - Of course he'll have a cigarette.
Hates Americans but loves their tobacco, huh? Which one of you is Muhsin Kadr al-Khafajl? Can you bring us some tea, please? And we'll take a biscuit if you have it? A cookie.
You'll be relieved to know we've determined you're not the Three of Diamonds after all.
Then I can leave? One thing does not follow the other.
These are not my clothes.
I really don't care.
Erm My name's Temple, Frank Temple.
Like you, I'm not military, never have been.
Like you, I have a police background, Metropolitan Police, London, England.
I left my second career in business to come to Iraq.
I want to help.
As much as I can.
May I see my daughter, please, Mr Temple? She is sick.
Yes, we'll talk about that.
- You are an inspector in the IPS? - I was.
Twice over.
You were promoted then demoted.
Then worked your way back up the ladder.
What was the reason for your fall? It's in your file, but I'd prefer your own words.
My son, Tariq.
He was arrested as a dissident and executed.
But you remained loyal to Saddam? I remained loyal to my wife and daughters.
What happened to your wife? Your truth.
She died.
And sanctions.
Where is my daughter? DOOR OPENS Here.
I've been reading some of your memos and reports.
I have access to the archive.
As well as being a detective, you were an analyst, a strategist.
I believe that men like you, Inspector are Iraq's future.
I'd like you to visit me tomorrow.
Or we can talk a little longer right here.
Visit you where? The Green Zone.
The Republican Palace no less.
I will not work for you.
Keep the appointment, that's all I ask for now.
Bring your daughter.
Bring Mrouj.
If you wish, I can arrange for her to see a doctor.
Get the dialysis she needs.
A functioning society begins with law and order, Inspector.
The entire criminal justice system's being rewritten.
We've got experts working on it right now.
Experts? But what we really need is people.
People of integrity.
You can help me identify those people.
Men like you.
This'll get the two of you through the gates.
Checkpoint three.
That's my pitch.
Join me.
I pay in dollars.
It's Baba.
She's sleeping.
I called hoping you had news of Sawsan.
Mrouj told me what had happened.
And she sounded afraid.
SOFT MOAN HE SOBS What happened to your moustache? SHE POURS TEA It was confiscated.
It will be sent to Washington as an example of Iraqi culture.
SHE LAUGHS THEY CHUCKLE Thank you for coming here.
I couldn't not come.
HE SIGHS We should have left years ago.
I would stay longer, but I can't.
Of course.
I will find you a taxi.
That is not necessary.
Omar will be waiting.
Professor, I allowed myself to believe that you may have been responsible for my arrest.
I apologise.
You must do everything you can for Mrouj.
She's your country now.
be ready.
Be prepared HELICOPTOR WHIRS OVERHEAD I was about to say the exact same thing.
Read the signs and be ready.
Be prepared.
That way, the line will move more quickly.
Have a good day, sir.
Read the signs and be ready.
We can go back if you want to, Baba.
We've come this far.
We keep going.

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