Baki (2018) s02e13 Episode Script

The Centennial Tournament

Good work! It's just as you've already heard.
No need to worry, Kozue.
Retsu Kaioh is a famed warrior in China.
Thank you for making this happen.
Don't be ridiculous.
I'm the one who should be thanking you for coming forward to help.
We will save him no matter what! No need to follow procedure, just fly straight to China! What's happening? Where are we heading for? BAILIN TEMPLE, CHINA Where am I? A Chinese restaurant? You're awake.
I've brought you some food.
These are medicinal dishes.
Um, where am I? What did you say? That the boy will be participating in the Raitai Tournament? With all due respect, I am being serious.
He will stand at the Raitai.
He is more than qualified.
The boy is still young.
Not only that, he is being consumed by poison.
Yes, he is still young and being consumed by poison.
But even so, he is qualified.
How do you plan on proving this? Well, let's see.
For now why not have him fight someone here? Someone you trust.
While in Japan, you let a mere 17-year-old boy defeat you.
I had heard the rumors.
If I recall You're right, sir.
He is Baki Hanma.
- That's him? - I can't believe it.
Bring Cho, here.
Master Cho, sir? What? I realize what I'm asking is unreasonable.
But you must overcome this challenge.
You must fight Cho! Kozue.
I'm grateful.
Retsu believes I can still fight in this condition.
I can't turn my back.
He even believes I can win.
Thank you.
" A training technique in which one's own limbs are used to carve a rock.
Only those with well-trained fists, are able to strike the rock into a sphere.
The favorite candidate to become the next Kaioh.
Presenting Youou Cho.
Where is this person now? He's in the first match room.
I won't let him off easy.
This young boy is a candidate for the legendary Raitai? This can only be an insult! Both of you step forward.
It's the end of the road for you.
Raitai my ass.
Fight! Cho's strikes aren't getting in.
He did it so easily.
Pardon me.
Sir! Do you still wish this match continues? Foolish! It is my loss.
Baki Hanma is set to participate in the great Raitai! Rai-tai? It's called "Raitai.
" RAITAI It's a martial arts tournament held in China and Taiwan.
This is what the tournament arena is called in Chinese.
And so, Baki You will be fighting on the Raitai stage.
He'll die! Leaving him as he is won't save him! This is a fight to survive.
But he'll die.
It's crazy for him to fight! I understand what you're trying to say, Kozue.
But the history of China and Chinese martial arts is vast and deep.
I'm not speaking hypothetically.
I'm saying this fight is a practical necessity for him to heal.
The Great Raitai Tournament is held every 100 years.
One hundred years? In ancient Rome, there was a popular mixed martial art form called Pankration, but it died out.
Did you know? - Yeah - Pankration? Many plausible reasons have been cited throughout history, but none are true.
There is only one truth.
It's because the winner was not a local Roman, but Chinese.
The history between Pankration versus Chinese martial arts began, when Li Kaioh, the first Kung Fu master of his time, fought the Roman, Dorius, while he was training.
Since that fight, Chinese martial artists crossed that well-known road in droves.
At times, inexperienced trainees, overwhelmed by physical size difference, were forced into bitter defeat.
But our people have always been obsessed with fighting, eating, sex, and anything relating to our basic instincts.
We never allow ourselves to fall behind another nation.
They diligently devoted time upon time, until finally, they reached a level the Romans could never reach.
The prideful Romans, called our Kung Fu "Dragon of the East" and feared it.
And the path you know as "Silk Road," was called "Dragon Road," and they detested it.
The Romans, realizing their own people will never win, decided to put an end to the tradition of Pankration themselves.
However, that tradition has been continued here in China.
Pankration in China? The true Kaioh will be chosen in this Raitai Tournament.
The true Kaioh? Yes, I am Ryu Kaioh and we have Retsu Kaioh here.
There are several Kaiohs spread across China.
The Kaiohs will fight to become the true Kaioh.
KAIOH Such an important tournament and I'm in this condition You will want to participate.
I'll want to? An inordinate man has entered the tournament.
That's right.
No! ATSUGI BASE Fly me to Hong Kong.
Yes, sir! Yujiro Hanma will be participating in the Great Raitai Tournament! No! I see my old man's going to be in it.
Your father's reputation as "The World's Strongest Creature" has reached even China.
We plan to welcome Yujiro Hanma in the name of the "Kaioh.
" But Retsu will you tell me your impression of the Yujiro you saw in Japan? His participation will be an unprecedented event, in the history of our glorious Chinese martial arts.
That didn't answer my question, but I assume you mean he is that skilled.
If I were to compare him It would be as if we, martial artists, were to fight with our bare fists, against the modern weaponry of a great nation.
Well, well Then, we know what the result will be.
Yes, a unanimous victory for our Chinese martial arts.
Now then, it's getting late.
Excuse me for interrupting.
Master What? What a fun night this is.
Please wait a moment.
Our Master will arrive shortly.
I apologize for coming like this.
Needless to say, I thank you for welcoming me at this hour.
Thank you for waiting.
He's huge! You look just like your father the great boxer, Muhammad Alai.
The Great Raitai Tournament held once every century I heard it was possible for non-Chinese citizens to participate.
It's just as you say.
However You want me to prove my strength? Just as your father did, through the way he lived his life, and continued to prove his strength.
I'm sorry, can I have someone take off my gloves? Had the Great Raitai Tournament happened 30 years ago, I would have liked your father to have participated.
But it seems you've perfected what your father was aiming to.
The Muhammad Alai Mixed Martial Arts.
I'm looking forward to it.
Muhammad Alai Jr.
will be participating in the Great Raitai Tournament! Do your best.
Did you just Do your best.
Baki you can do it! You're okay with me doing this? I can't stop you.
Even if you knew you died, you'd fight.
That's what To fight your father that's what you've lived for.
Even love, can't stop you.
A century later, we are gathered once again.
The planets of our solar system are aligned in a row of twelve! The number of months in a year are twelve! The number of gods that guard the universe are twelve! The number of guardian angels guarding Shakyamuni are twelve! The number of the Αpostles of Christ were twelve! And now, the twelve warriors that protect our beloved country are right here! The ministry has also approved three last-minute guests Muhammad Alai Jr.
from America! Yujiro Hanma from Japan! Baki Hanma, also from Japan! The death row inmates have gone, but the poison remained in Baki's body.
He came to China on the verge of death Will Baki be able to fight? Will he even be able to survive? All the answers lie in this Great Raitai Tournament.
These are your 16 participants of this Great Raitai Tournament! The once in a century, one day tournament! The once in a century chance to release some major stress will now begin! Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi