Baki Hanma (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

The World's Strongest Senior

What am I up to?
Just having a tiff with my old man.
Mr. Saman,
you are the sole survivor
of this accident.
Are you aware that you are now
drawing criticism from around the world?
I am.
You brought the army in to hunt down
a single African elephant.
The whole world is shocked by this.
Our duty as park rangers is to protect
the plants and wildlife of the Savanna.
To the point of mobilizing the army?
Do you all think that was
any ordinary African elephant?
We have seen
aerial photographs of the site.
Are you saying
it was not an African elephant?
Go to the site and verify
the size of the corpse for yourself!
Its size is absurd!
Like something
out of prehistoric times.
It's beyond anything!
Please calm yourself, Mr. Saman.
The issue is the use of weapons,
no matter how over-sized
977 animals, 41 people.
Those are the numbers of animals and
people that fell victim to that monster.
21.2 tons.
That is the average volume of food
that monster devours in one day.
If left alone, in two years time,
90% of the park would turn into a desert.
The inevitable result
of all the herbivores dying
would be the death of
the carnivores, as well.
Our methods were not mistaken.
If anything was mistaken
it was the number of troops we deployed,
and the effectiveness
of the weapons we chose!
We should have
fired missiles from the air!
Are you aware that your words are
being heard by the entire world?
But, we didn't.
We didn't fire even a single shot.
Then, how did the elephant?
A man appeared.
Who's there?
As that monster was leaving,
having destroyed us,
a man in a black costume appeared.
With no weapons, bare-knuckled,
he defeated the monster.
Do you expect us,
no, the whole world to believe that?
I've stated the facts.
What more do you want of me?
Wait! Mr. Saman!
You're running away?
Why should you believe it?
I saw it with my own eyes,
and even I can't believe it!
- Daddy!
- Hm?
I believe you, Daddy.
Even if the whole world
is caling me a liar?
Sometimes, you go back
on promises with me because of work,
but, that doesn't make you a liar.
Daddy, was that man really so strong?
Extraordinarily so.
Stronger than a lion?
Indeed, I think so.
Stronger than a rhinoceros?
My son.
I will tell this only to you.
This fantastic story
no sensible adult would care to hear.
A fairy tale, unbelievable, but true.
Who could beat him, Daddy?
No one could beat him, son.
Even if there was another of him?
How about his child when they grow up?
All right!
Do you think he'll go in?
No way.
What do we do if he doesn't?
Torment him until he commits suicide.
But his opponent is a high schooler!
Who cares? He's the one who has to do it.
He went in!
He really went in!
What an idiot.
Well, it's not our fault.
He went into the building.
- Yeah.
- Right.
You know about this school?
They say there's a monster here.
A monster?
A delinquent?
My uncle told me,
the strongest high schooler
in the world is here.
You say you have something for us?
You delivering something?
Excuse me!
This kid's making a raid!
He's come to wipe us out!
What, you've come to fight?
S-send out
Send out
your strongest guy Please.
So, you said that and ran away?
They told me to wait.
For what?
After school, at Tama River.
Sorry, kid.
None of us here is the strongest.
We'll bring you the strongest in the
world, okay?
But kid,
the strongest in the world
This is all for real.
If you break your promise,
we're gonna have a serious problem.
This just got interesting.
- Take that!
- Whoa, ouch!
Take that!
Whoa! Yu!
He came. He really came.
The strongest high schooler
in the world came to fight me!
He's here!
I'm Baki Hanma.
To be honest,
for being touted as the world's best,
he was smaller than I expected.
I'm Rumina Ayukawa.
So, you're gonna use that?
Uh, well, I thought
It was the first time in my life
seeing real muscles.
In that case
And then before my very eyes,
so that even I could tell,
Baki morphed into the world's best.
I won't hold back.
Against an elementary schooler like me?
Are you kidding me?
He's serious!
H-he's taken a stance!
He's not serious.
I was bullied into this,
but I was hoping
there was no way a high schooler would
take an elementary schooler seriously.
And he's the world's best!
I'm just pretending to be tough.
I thought he'd smile brightly,
and take it easy on me.
I was so wrong!
Can you swim?
A little.
What? What in the world?
Why are you ask
The world's best
disappeared before my eyes.
My ass!
Even if I live to be 80 years old,
this will undoubtedly be
the greatest
I guess he was serious.
- Oh, what the hell?
- Huh?
It's shallow!
For the first time in twelve years
for the first time in my life
From now on,
we're buddies.
I became aware that I was a man.
I hit you as hard as I could.
I hit you, Rumina Ayukawa,
an elementary schooler,
with all my strength.
All my strength, Rumina,
is over a hundred times theirs.
They look so small.
They do, don't they!
Hey, Captain Strydum!
It was like a fairy tale.
Baki's father, the strongest in the world,
had killed a dinosaur-like elephant.
A dinosaur-sized African elephant?
Baki, do you know what that means?
- Oh!
- Whoa!
He accepted?
The Ogre has recognized you
as the challenger.
How will you respond?
Captain, this is just
a silly quarrel between father and son.
A common occurrence in any family.
It's not anything an American like you
should be poking your nose into.
I will be poking my nose into it, Baki.
Just a quarrel between father and son?
You don't understand a damn thing.
This problem is equivalent
to two countries fighting!
Aw, he's upset.
Hey, Captain!
In the meantime,
I'll find some random to spar with.
Ha, he's bent out of shape.
Baki, can I ask you a question?
Um, your father's stronger
than an African elephant,
but you're sparring a "random"?
"Random" doesn't mean "half-assed."
A "random" opponent,
as strong as a dinosaur.
Wanna see?
I'm going to spar with him now.
Baki's movements this is shadow boxing.
I'm actually well-versed in boxing.
Shadow boxing is a kind of basic training.
Everyone does it,
from top class boxers, to beginners.
You imagine your opponent before you.
Slipping imagined punches
and striking at imagined openings.
He's getting faster.
He's getting more focused.
There's nothing half-assed about it.
This was no longer
the kind of shadow-boxing I knew.
Rather than imagining an opponent
it's like there's a real one
right in front of him.
I saw it! Or rather, I see it!
I couldn't believe my eyes.
It's not clear,
but there's definitely something there.
It's undoubtedly facing off with Baki.
It punched?
He slipped it!
I could no longer deny what was happening.
The opponent
Baki was imagining was a boxer.
To be clear, I'm well-versed in boxing.
Baki's focus and the fact
he was struggling, all made sense.
I could see it.
The movement of Baki's feet,
of his hands.
The movement of his body.
It's blatantly clear from all of his
The guy Baki is fighting,
is the former heavy-weight world champion
Iron Michael himself!
Iron Michael.
I don't know everything
about the history of boxing.
But, at one point in time,
this Michael guy was considered
the strongest on Earth.
And now I'm seeing Iron Michael
right before my very eyes.
He's so fast, just like in his prime!
The Michael I've only ever seen in videos,
in his prime and at his best,
is fighting right in front of me!
Oh no!
A left to the body to draw
the opponent's guard, then an upper cut!
Michael's KO combo!
Baki, the upper cut!
It connected!
W-What are the two of them doing?
A pantomime?
Baki, your nose is bleeding.
It's fine.
Bruises on his body?
Now I'm warmed up.
finish this.
That's illegal.
That's right, it is illegal.
In boxing.
Um, what were you doing?
Shadow boxing.
By yourself?
Well, it's shadow boxing.
But you have a nose bleed, and bruises
There can be damage,
if it's done properly.
No way.
Right now, I have five pickled plums
and a slice of lemon in my hands.
Sour pickled plums, and a sour lemon.
I'm going to shove all of them
into your mouths.
I'll be covering your mouths,
so there's nothing you can do
but chew.
Your mouths are stuffed with pickled
plums and lemon.
So sour!
A mystery of the human body.
There are no pickled plums
or lemons in your mouths.
And yet they are full of saliva.
I'm surprised you saw.
The shadow boxing.
Well, I'm a boxing fan.
And the opponent I was fighting?
Iron Michael.
The former undisputed
world heavyweight champion.
That's what you meant by "random"
but not "half-assed."
Iron Michael is the perfect fit.
A "random opponent."
It'd be a breeze, if I was going
against someone like Michael.
That was a warm-up.
Just to get loose.
Iron Michael was a warm-up?
Subtitle translation by: Harry Darkins
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