Baki Hanma (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Prison and Hell

He only uses it
when the water level is high.
It seems he has taken
a liking to our hotel pool.
The murderous pool
that flows 20 km per hour?
That is hardly the norm.
Only when the water level is high.
Use is prohibited past four km per hour,
for anyone else but him.
Take me to him.
He's been expecting you.
Describing it as natural
may sound nice, but
To be honest,
it was a complete design error.
This would be impossible
even for an Olympic-level athlete.
Yes, he is the only one who enjoys it.
What's the flow speed today?
It's beyond 20 km per hour.
Use will be prohibited for a while,
for anyone else but him.
I don't see him.
He is most likely diving.
In this?
How long has he been doing this?
It has been about an hour.
At 20 km per hour?
He hasn't come out once.
Doing the most
energy-consuming butterfly too.
More like the eagle than the butterfly.
No, he's like a tuna.
More like a killer whale than a tuna.
Mr. Yujiro Hanma,
good to see you doing well today as usual.
I'm on vacation.
What do you want, Strydum?
Normally, Ogre,
you climb out the pool,
not jump out of it.
A praying mantis over 100 kg.
That boy is a prodigy.
It's true, no beast could win
against a 100 kg praying mantis
As expected from the Hanma bloodline,
or rather, your rival.
His ideas when it comes to martial arts
are on another level.
What do you think, Ogre?
An imaginary praying mantis, you say?
A picture is worth a thousand words.
One taste is worth a thousand pictures.
You won't be killed, you won't be eaten.
No matter how big you make it,
it's still just imaginary.
It's a counterfeit,
worthless than even a real-life pup.
History originated
from a single gunshot.
On this day in 1963, November 23rd,
here in Dallas, Texas, United States,
the overwhelmingly popular
president at the time
was gunned down not by one,
but multiple shots.
What was supposed to be
a brightly colorful broadcast,
instead began with an unsavory image.
The tragic hero's name:
John F. Kennedy.
Perhaps taking advantage
of his charismatic legacy,
today the current president, George Bosch,
will be holding a parade here in Dallas.
"In order to rewrite
this unsavory history."
"To recover the image of Dallas"
President Bosch gave many reasons,
but the reality may be that he is trying
to revive his falling popularity.
We can say the reaction of the majority
of the citizens has been cool.
We can see them now.
It's the same time,
day and place as in 1963.
Spurred by the cheers of
his supporters along the road,
he is now about to reach the fateful spot.
He's all smiles.
He's protected by ten times
the security back then,
as he is about the pass that spot
Mr. Yamamoto?
It seems we got disconnected.
Will this parade lead
to the revival of President Bosch?
Mr. Yamamoto?
He's been kidnapped
Mr. Yamamoto?
It seems the President
has just been kidnapped by someone!
Something happened it seems.
In the public eye, President George Bosch
Take a look, he is Asian.
A young Asian male
carried off the President.
The site has descended into chaos!
We've received new information.
It seems the perpetrator
has locked himself in a nearby restaurant.
You seem quite young.
I just turned eighteen.^~
Then you must be fully aware
of what you've just done.
The kidnap, abduction and confinement
of the President.
Serious crimes.
Why did you choose this restaurant?
There are no windows for snipers
and it was close by.
That's about it.
But this building
is completely surrounded.
Did you know that?
That's not an issue.
My goal is to get caught.
What are your demands?
The US Arizona State Prison.
I want to be imprisoned there.
The Arizona State Prison?
It's where "Mr. Unchained,"
or Biscuit Oliva resides.
What do you want with that monster?
I'm the one making the demands.
You're right, of course.
If I refuse your demand?
I would immediately add assault.
Not enough for you to die.
What a sad state as president.
One-on-one, I'm powerless as a man.
I suppose I've lost.
Let them know.
The people outside are worried.
Mr. President! You're safe?
How many million?
No, hundreds of millions? What?
Ten dollars? What?
To pay for the coffee?
Everything moved unusually quick.
I'm now headed to my requested place.
The President kept his promise.
There are two pentagons in America.
One is the well-known
United States Dept. of Defense,
also known as the "White Pentagon."
The other, is here.
Okay, ID number?
Go ahead.
Maybe because the building
is shaped like a pentagon,
or because the nation's top criminals
are gathered here,
but because of those two reasons,
it's also known as the "Black Pentagon."
Take your clothes off here.
Number 22067, nothing abnormal.
Number 22068,
foreign object found in the body.
Huh, what?
This way.
Your fingerprints.
Fingerprints are taken, of course.
Look into here.
The retina is scanned,
cells are collected from inside the cheek
to get DNA on file.
Over here next.
All of the criminal's personal information
is documented.
It's as if it's a medical examination.
It makes me realize
that criminals are VIPs in a way.
Your build is impressive.
Many types are gathered here,
including Olympic-level athletes.
But your muscle density
far surpasses theirs.
Is that so?
Speaking of muscles,
I hear you want to see that man.
He is most likely
the only man in the world
who comes and goes freely from prison.
There are many proud
and reckless fools who want to see him,
but to be honest, I was surprised.
The moment I said your name,
he told me to bring you right away.
This way.
From this point on
are those who've committed special crimes,
or those who would most likely
cause harm within this prison.
Don't make eye contact,
or you'll get sucked in.
An acrylic barrier every ten meters.
The tight security seemed
to directly reflect
the caliber of those imprisoned here.
Wanna be my prison wife?
I'll share my ham and lettuce
with you everyday!
What about the area
we just walked through?
It was hard to believe
the space before me
was still within the prison.
But what was most surprising
was how Mr. Oliva was treated.
To say he was "well-treated"
would hardly cover it.
This is Unchained's area from here.
This is as far as I can go.
This is still
This is still prison?
What kind of prison is this?
Is it not delightful
to have a friend come from afar?
Well? Have a seat.
How about it?
I got a hold of some premium cognac.
No, thank you.
I knew you'd say that.
This is top-end Jasmine tea,
their second harvest.
Mr. Oliva.
"Please fight me.
It's what I need right now."
I hear you're fighting your old man.
The world's greatest parent-child quarrel.
you want to use me for practice.
It's just as you say.
I'm number one here.
In other words,
I'm the strongest fighter here.
Where 4,071
of the nation's villains gather,
here at Arizona State Prison,
4,070 are after my head.
Understand, boy?
You're the rookie boxer
who just took the pro test.
Your debut match can't be
with the world champion.
You're too relaxed.
This isn't boxing.
I'm talking about fighting.
Your biggest mistake
was letting me in this room.
Take this!
Now, now. Relax, boy.
I'm going to fight next week.
My opponent will be
the number two out of the 4,071.
enter that man's room today.
The guard will kindly inform you
of the rules here.
But the only rule you really need to know,
is the commandment
that exists among the prisoners.
This is my room?
There are two empty beds.
My room?
My name?
Iron Michael!
- What?
- Shh!
I'll explain later.
Just sleep tonight.
That one is open.
so you're the number two.
watch your words.
I'm number one!
I'm not even in the top ten.
I don't have anything to do
with the prison ranking.
I don't want to die young.
Michael, the former Heavy Weight Champ,
is in prison, completely afraid.
The mouth is a source of trouble.
Enough talk for now,
or you'll aggravate Mr. Second.
He may be asleep, but he hears everything.
What kind of guy is he?
He's huge!
Go get rest.
Tonight will be
your last night of peaceful sleep.
Number two
Step out to the hallway.
This guy,
is the number two!
Put your clothes on.
His height,
is two meters and 40 centimeters.
50? More?
Should I fight him here?
What? The broom closet?
Huh? What?
So it's this guy!
I welcome you.
Mr. Second!
This guy?
I whole-heartedly praise you
for what you did to President Bosch.
If you had killed him,
it would've been even more perfect.
Ask me about anything you want.
There's something I don't get.
Why the broom closet?
I'm a warrior.
If I want to lay down,
I can enjoy that plenty when I'm dead.
One more question.
Ask me anything.
If I beat you here, right now,
will I be the number two?
It's a good day to die.
Subtitle translation by: Harry Darkins
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