Baki Hanma (2021) s02e09 Episode Script

Devouring Each Other

[dramatic theme music playing]
[Japanese rock music playing]
[woman singing in Japanese]
[music ends]
[Jack] Get up.
[growls softly, chitters]
You may not understand our language
but you understand what I'm here for.
I'm here to fight you, Caveman.
[narrator] Yes, he understood perfectly.
His hair stood on end,
and he broke into a smile.
[snarling softly]
"This place is good," he thought.
"Very good."
He flexed in anticipation.
Ever since he'd come here,
wonderful things kept happening.
And now again today,
here was another plaything for him.
This one wasn't like that one or that one.
Nothing he'd faced here before
had come at him like this.
[Jack grunting loudly]
[narrator] With such a simple,
basic, straightforward attack.
[guttural snarling]
[narrator] This kind
of undisguised ferocity
brought back nostalgic memories.
Yeah, I was afraid of that.
You can take the full brunt
of a blow like that, straight to the head
without it having
hardly any effect at all on your brain.
I bet you've got
the bone structure and neck muscles
of a water buffalo, don't you?
But as impressive as that is,
what really impresses me
are those canines of yours.
That punch didn't knock
a single one of them loose.
Those chompers are way too big
to be called teeth.
They're fangs.
They're weapons in themselves.
[Jack snarling]
[confused growling]
Let's have a bite-off.
I've built up my jaws and my teeth
until they're strong enough
to chew coconuts to shreds.
In your day, I bet those fangs of yours
could bite through
a dinosaur's armor, right?
So let's just find out
whose bite is better.
[narrator] Even without knowing the words,
he understood,
like an infant understands
the beating of its mother's heart
like two lovers understand
what draws them toward each other
without the need of words.
These two weapons
from two vastly different eras
were drawn toward each other,
as if by some primal instinct.
- [yelling]
- [narrator] They wanted to meet.
To converge.
To join.
- [yelling]
- [snarling]
[narrator] To be with each other.
[Baki] That's right, Noble Elder.
Yeah. Sorry 'bout the short notice.
Mm I see.
Tomorrow morning?
You wanna a fight in the arena?
[Pickle growling softly]
Well, yes, that might have worked
but it's a bad idea.
And anyway,
your timing's a bit off, I'm afraid.
- What?
- Huh?
[Jack and Pickle snarling]
Listen, Baki.
It might be easier
if I were to just tell you
what I'm watching at this very moment.
[Jack groaning with exertion]
You've gotta be kidding!
[Mitsunari] Afraid not.
I'm sorry, Baki.
You're just too darn late!
[Baki] Uh.
What is it? What's wrong?
[strangled groan]
[Jack yelling]
[Baki thinking] How humiliating.
What is it?
[Baki thinking] What a disgrace!
[pained snarling]
Good heavens!
His face!
- It's been eaten!
- [grunts angrily]
[Jack groaning painfully]
[Jack laughing]
[continues laughing]
Is he really
[thinking] Yes, he's laughing!
He's actually laughing! Incredible!
Even after all that,
even with half his face chewed off,
he's still not ready to give up!
[snarls ferociously]
[Jack yelling]
Yes, Jack!
[thinking] Whoa, look at that!
What a haymaker!
He sent Pickle flying,
and he must weigh over 450 pounds!
Jack has knocked him back
into the Stone Age!
[Jack thinking] That didn't feel right.
I've punched a lot of jaws in my time.
I've smashed a lot of jaws.
But but Pickle's jaw
felt totally different.
Harder, heavier.
It was like his jaw alone
weighs nearly 450 pounds!
I can tell that
even though I put all my muscles,
my bones, my breath,
and every bit of my training and skill
into throwing my very best punch at him,
I barely even managed
to send a quiver through his skull!
I didn't get his brain
to move a fraction of an inch!
Oh my.
[thinking] How is it possible
that Jack's blow didn't knock him flat?
I've been around Pickle for a while.
When you've seen him fight
as often as I have,
you learn not to be surprised
when you see him take a blow
that would have felled an ox.
[thrilling music playing]
Oh! That looks familiar.
Yes, it does.
We've seen it before, haven't we?
That's the very same fighting stance
that Pickle took on
right before he destroyed
that supposedly unbeatable
Chinese kung fu master, Sea King Retsu.
Obviously, the last punch Jack landed
has fired up Pickle's blood.
You have to give Jack credit.
After landing only two blows,
he's forced Pickle
to take him seriously enough
to regard him as a real threat.
[snarling ferociously]
[Jack growling loudly]
[both gasping]
[all gasping #
[Jack] Where's Pickle?
[gasps loudly]
He grabbed Pickle
and just threw him out of the arena!
[Payne gasps]
[Retsu gasps]
[narrator] Half his face
had been torn away.
Clearly, the doping was proving effective.
Meanwhile, even though
he'd been thrown 50,
no, 65 feet,
Pickle was already starting to get up.
[narrator] As he stood there watching,
Baki understood he had arrived too late.
And with that understanding
came a realization.
And with the realization, pain.
[snarling softly]
[Jack thinking] So tell me, boss.
Come on,
I really want to know your opinion.
What do you think of us modern humans?
Have we evolved since your time?
C'mon, boss, what do you think?!
[yelling mentally] Tell me!
[yelling frustratedly]
[Baki thinking] This is
[Payne thinking] This fight is
[Jack thinking] Do you get it now, boss?
Are you beginning to understand?
You see what I've done?
You see what I've spent
my whole life becoming?!
Good food.
Good drink.
Women. Money.
Fame and glory.
I've given up on all those things.
There's only one thing
that truly satisfies me
[Jack yelling]
I wanna be strong!
That why I abandoned everything else!
I was always training,
even to the point of incontinence.
I pumped so many drugs
and 'roids into myself, I nearly died.
I wanted to make myself bigger,
so I had my bones lengthened.
And I got taller.
But that cost me unbelievable pain.
Everything I've done has been
for one purpose. To gain strength.
That and that alone
is what my whole life has been about!
And now here I am,
representing the modern age.
So tell me, boss.
[both gasping]
[Jack] I'm doing pretty good,
don't you think?
[both gasping]
[narrator] Jack versus Pickle,
a battle between the cutting edge
and the primeval.
He had come from long, long ago,
in the Cretaceous period.
But even though Pickle was a primitive man
who had never seen a mirror,
he understood at once that what he held
in his hand was a part of his body.
Even as he felt intense pain,
or perhaps because of that pain,
he could hear it.
The arena was located underground,
shut off from the noises
of the world above.
In this place where
not a single sound could be heard,
only Pickle could hear it.
Not a “sound,”
but the soundlessness of silence.
The silence in his right ear,
and the silence in his missing left ear,
they weren't the same kind of silence.
It was unforgivable.
This man stole a part of me
[Jack thinking] So, boss what do you think
of us modern humans?
[narrator] This man must be destroyed!
Have we evolved?
Or have we gone backward?!
What was that sound?!
He didn't budge.
Did he dodge it at the last second?
Could this guy really be that fast?
This dust
Why is there so much dust?
And that sound!
What was that sound?!
- See that?
- Sure did.
Mr. Tokugawa. so you saw it too, huh?
Eh? You know what this means, don't you?
[Jack thinking] That weird sound
and all this dust,
and him just standing there,
not moving an inch.
I don't know what the hell's going on,
but I'm close enough this time
that there's no way I can miss!
[pained yelling]
There's that sound again.
Did I miss?
He hasn't moved!
That kick should've knocked
his legs out from under him!
It can't be!
Pickle has more tricks up his sleeve
than we thought.
[Jack thinking] There's that sound again.
[shuddering breathing]
[yells angrily]
We been focusing only
on his great strength.
We forgot that he's incredibly fast.
Wait a second.
How'd that happen? What the
[frustrated yelling]
[thinking] Now I get it.
That's hilarious.
With the power and speed
behind those punches I was throwing,
I figured there was no way
this caveman was
quick enough to dodge them.
I didn't think he moved an inch.
What an idiot I am!
Yeah, he was quick enough, all right.
And he moved
a hell of a lot more than in inch!
It's gotta be more like 30 feet!
All the way back to those walls.
And then he used them like a springboard
to end up right back where he started,
standing there
with that dumb look on his face.
That explains that sound.
But I didn't see it!
He did it twice,
and I couldn't even see it!
Reminds me of something I heard once.
Let's say you put a man and a cat
together in a cage to fight it out.
Now, the cat has claws,
fangs, and quick reflexes
But put all those aside,
because more importantly,
the cat has coordination
and speed superior to anything
a human can hope to match.
Even with a weapon as an equalizer,
the man knows that, physically,
he's not in the same league as the cat.
Even though he may be
dozens of times heavier and stronger!
That's what this is about!
I'm forgetting that Pickle lived
in the age of the dinosaurs!
The only way he could have survived
was being faster, smarter,
and better than they were!
So that's what it comes down to.
To win this fight,
I've got to beat the guy
who beat the most powerful creatures
that ever walked the Earth!
God, I've never asked you
for anything before,
before, but I'm asking now.
Let me win!
Please help me
[Pickle snarls ferociously]
[all gasping]
[Pickle yaps victoriously]
[groans] This fight is over.
[yapping victoriously]
Is that a victory dance?
Well, why not? He won.
[Pickle yowls]
Good grief, he's crying again!
A worthy opponent is like a good friend.
But only one of you can win.
And when the fight is over, you part.
And the victor eats the loser.
You have got to be kidding!
To hell with Pickle,
I'm the one who should be crying!
First it was Retsu,
then Katsumi,
and now Jack!
[groaning] All of them
men that I admire greatly!
Come now, Mr. Tokugawa.
This is no time
to be indulging in sentimentality.
[Baki gasps, sighs]
Baki, wait!
- [dramatic music sting]
- [buzzing]
[snarls fearfully]
[thinking] What the
- Huh?!
- Huh?
[narrator] Long ago,
longer than long ago,
when Pickle was still a youth,
he found himself for the first time
being attacked
by a creature smaller than he was.
[narrator] It was very annoying,
but eventually, he managed to kill it.
As he usually did with his attackers,
he dismembered the creature's crushed body
and ate it.
When its honey sac burst,
his mouth was filled
with a beguiling sweetness.
Then it happened.
A shock.
He felt a sudden shock of pain
in his mouth.
But this sensation
was worse than mere pain.
It went beyond pain.
It was as if
a volcano had erupted in his mouth,
filling it with hot magma.
Though Pickle's mouth was small,
the pain was huge.
Beyond imagining.
[pained yelping]
[narrator] For some time,
he flopped around in agony.
And then,
he lay paralyzed,
his body incapable of any movement at all.
At that moment,
it was engraved on his mind
that some things don't die
when they are killed.
This man was clearly one of those.
He may appear helpless,
but Pickle was sure
he had something left in him.
This is how Pickle
might have described these feelings,
if he had the words to express it.
But, of course, he didn't have the words.
It was only a thought
that passed through his mind.
A memory, an instinct,
and a sense of danger.
So he's calling it a day
without eating him.
- Huh.
- [Mitsunari] Huh?!
But why not? He's completely helpless.
Jack may be a fearsome opponent,
and he put up a terrific fight,
but look at him!
He's certainly not capable
of fighting back now.
- So, why would Pickle just withdraw?
- [fearful grunting]
What could he possibly be afraid of?
- What is
- No, don't touch him!
- [dramatic music playing]
- [stunned whimpering]
Huh. What?!
But but he's unconscious!
[Baki thinking] So that's it.
If Pickle had come
close enough to touch him,
Jack's middle fingers would have pierced
both of Pickle's eardrums,
and probably would have severed
his medulla oblongata!
An amazing attack!
That would have changed everything!
[narrator] It was a cell memory
that Jack had engraved
into his innermost being,
so that even when he'd lost consciousness,
he could still administer
the world's most powerful "Fuck you."
[dramatic theme music playing]
[music fades out]
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