Ballers (2015) s03e03 Episode Script

In the Teeth

1 I'm gonna bring pro football here to Vegas.
That's how you do it! Have you seen Vernon Littlefield's recent wardrobe choices on Instagram? Man, High Powered ain't about blazin'.
(TIRES SCREECHING) RICKY: You remember Amber? She's late.
It's yours, Ricky.
You expect me to believe that you want to bring a team here for the public interest? I mean, after all, you are a tourist.
I'll show you fuckin' tourist.
- (CAR HORNS HONKING) - (TIRES SCREECHING) (ENGINE REVVING) - (HEART BEATING) - (HEAVY PANTING) (CROWD CHEERING) I'm gonna bring a professional football team to - the great fans of Las Vegas! - (CROWD CHEERING) Kane is in the building, nigga Now tell me how you love it, you know you at the top When only heaven's right above it, we on 'Cause we on Who else is really trying to fuck with Hollywood Cole? I'm with Marley G, bro Flying Hollygrove chicks to my Hollywood shows And I wanna tell you something that you probably should know This that "Slumdog Millionaire" Bollywood flow And, uh My real friends never hearing from me Fake friends write the wrong answers on the mirror for me That's why I pick and choose, I don't get shit confused Don't like my women single, I like my chicks in twos And these days all the girls is down to roll I hit the strip club and all them bitches find the pole Plus, I been sippin', so this shit is moving kinda slow Just tell my girl to tell her friend that it's time to go.
(men shouting) - There he is.
- Joe: El capitan.
King of the seven seas.
I pilot this boat a whole lot better than you drive a monster truck.
It was good promotion for the deal.
It's a puff piece in a gossip rag owned by Wayne Hastings.
Pass me my robe and don't look at me.
Well, 600,000 Las Vegans read this gossip rag.
Joe: You know what they say No such thing as bad press, right? I think Vernon Littelfield would beg to differ, don't you? And what's the point? What exactly are you trying to promote with this stunt? Bringing football to Vegas.
It says it right here.
Spencer got the support of the mayor and a key committee member.
- What's in it for us? - Money.
As always, money.
- Really? How much? - Well, that's not really clear yet.
Well, it better become crystal clear real fast 'cause I'm not letting Evel Knievel over there run amok flipping monster trucks or jumping a motorcycle over the Grand Canyon just to announce to the world that he's Mr.
Las Vegas.
- Who's financing this thing? - Wayne Hastings says he's gonna give us big money if the deal looks right.
You're simple enough to take his word for it? Bret, the process started three days ago.
We have Wayne Hastings in our corner, we have the entire city of Las Vegas on our side.
I'd say we're moving at fucking light speed.
Anderson: But the people still have to vote.
So unless I see legislation passed and a big, giant fucking check cleared and sitting on my desk, I'm gonna stand by my skepticism.
I'm flying out to see Schlereth in LA today.
He's gonna give me some good inside dope, and the Raiders wanna talk about relocation.
Now, if I can convince the team that that move is good for their business, then it puts us in a position where we can change the entire landscape of the NFL.
Joe: We'll be vanguards, Bret, and our company will cash in huge.
Who said you could use my first name? Bret, Bret, you're gonna be the toast of Las Vegas.
It's the reason why you wanted to get in the casino business with Wayne Hastings in the first place.
You're gonna get it right in the teeth on this one.
You know that, right? Right in the teeth, great.
That's where I fucking like it.
I played fucking football.
Come on.
Manatee! It's been a tumultuous couple years for you down in Miami from the Bullyinggate to missing on free agents like Mike Wallace to even having one of your players' wives rip on your quarterback Ryan Tannehill.
And despite you guys making the playoffs, there's still somewhat of a toxic environment down there.
We made some mistakes, sure, but we learned from them and persevered.
I like to think the adversity has fueled our success.
Look at Seifert's posture easy smile, - not a hint of defensiveness.
- What's your point? Sometimes the best way to improve is to watch a pro.
Glazer: The best way to success is really through the draft, but didn't really hit on those draft picks.
A few fell short of expectations.
Well, you did find one guy, and that's an undrafted rookie free agent center, - Anthony Sutton.
- (Julie squeals) Siefert: Yes, he has done a fantastic job.
Was that just a lucky find? Hell, no! That was my man's pick.
Shh, shh, shh.
Siefert: Ah, lot of doubt about the kid, but I wouldn't say we got lucky.
I spent some time with him down in Athens and saw he would walk a straight line and deliver.
Glazer: So, this was you hands-on with him? I impressed upon him the importance of being somewhere with a strong support system, where he could grow.
I did the same thing with Tunsil, and look how well he turned out.
Any extra convincing to come down to Miami? Siefert: Just a lot of frank conversation over a healthy meal or two.
- Healthy meal at Mama Jewel's? - Mama Jewel's, indeed.
Well, I'd sign with the Dolphins for Mama Jewel's.
Siefert: There it is.
Guess I just learned to lie like a pro.
Glazer: That was different with Sutton.
Siefert: I mean, look, Sutton knew he had hard work ahead, and I told him straight up that he needed to improve at the drive line.
Is there any way that you can move my LA Live meeting to 2:00 PM? Plus, I wanna see if I can get an earlier flight out to Oakland.
I'll try.
As of now, Tim Brown is still set for 7:00 PM and your urologist called to confirm for 4:30.
Ah, fuck! I forgot to cancel that.
Everything okay with your hard drive? Everything's fine with my hard drive.
Don't put your health on the back burner.
Virginia, I'm not.
Thank you for being concerned.
Anything else? Yeah, a Ms.
Brewer from the league office called about meeting for drinks tonight.
- Candace Brewer? - So, you know her? Yeah, we go way back.
She say what it's about? Her assistant didn't give details.
Before we agree, let's get some intel.
You got it, boo-boo.
I'm on it.
Guy from High Powered is in from Denver.
Reg and Vern are insisting we meet with him.
Can you handle that by yourself? You bet your big, fat hard drive.
- Your mom is so fat - How fat is she? - (chatter) - (scoffs) Why the fuck was he gambling? - (bubbling) - I don't know.
Maybe he got caught up in the moment.
Hey, what you doing still here? Last time I checked, this is my house.
No, you got that thing with Amber and the baby doctor today.
That's tomorrow.
It's in 20 minutes.
I reminded you last night.
Man, you better get your ass over there.
There's no way I'ma make it over there that fast.
She'll call when she get out.
This ain't something you do by the phone, son.
We don't even know if she's pregnant.
She did lie to him twice already.
Man, look, that's all the more reason for you to go over there and confirm for yourself.
Man, I got too much shit to do.
Oh, man, what, you gonna head to Vegas and blow another million dollars at the crap table? Man, you do need your head examined.
If you would've come along instead of sitting around here passing judgment on every-damn-body, maybe you could've talked me out of it.
Look, you know my knees swell up when I fly.
And when was the last time anybody talked you out of anything? Don't blame me for your being an ass.
What I do with my paper is my business.
Somebody better figure out something to do with that paper other than please themselves.
He's got a point, Rick.
Fuck you.
Ricky, I'm not saying you gotta wife her up.
All I'm saying is that girl is going through something right now that is scaring the shit out of her, and that baby's gonna soak up all the fear.
Trust me on that.
- (bubbling) - You need to switch to crack.
You lucky I still got some in here.
Mo' money, mo' problems I'm sippin' Moet out the bottle I'm headed to the top from the bottom Yo, yo, hey, y'all, I'ma holler at you over there.
Okay, so let's hear it, super agent.
Hear what? How you plan on getting me all the money I deserve.
You said some things that got you in trouble with your team.
Come on, man, look, half the locker room talks nigga this, faggot that, and that's excused by the brass.
The minute I mention Pep getting fired or Lucas hating on Muslims, now I'm the angry fucking ape? You did mix it up with some of the guys.
I don't take shit from nobody, okay? Look, that don't give them the right to dictate who I can roll with.
When there's this much money at stake, you know, sometimes it's Makes sense to edit your social circle.
All right, agreed.
(scoffs) But that's why I told them I'd oblige if they did the same thing.
The same thing what? Stop donating to all those right wing fucks denying my people equal opportunity.
Fair enough.
But, honestly, I don't really care what you say or you do, short of slapping nuns.
I need to know that you're being straight up with me.
- I am.
- 'Cause if I go to bat for you, I'm gonna need to know everything.
- You got it all, okay? - You sure? I promise you I didn't do shit.
- Damn! - Okay.
- All right.
- Cannonball, baby! - (whooping) - What the fuck? I ask, no, I'm sure I'm the illest little chick that you've seen this far (chuckles) Yo, big Stink! - Look at you.
- What's happening, brother? - You're looking good, brother.
- Thank you, man.
Yeah, you're killing it out here in La La Land.
Come on, now, you know I don't watch musicals.
Come on, buddy, you look like Ryan Gosling's ugly step-brother.
Yeah, ugly and fat step-brother.
So, tell me, what do you think about Vegas? It's hard to say, really.
Yeah, I gotta tell you something, Mark, man, I'm really surprised that Spanos wants to even split the fan base.
The metro in Vegas is over two million, over 40 million people visit per year, spending over Listen to this $30 billion a year.
Who are you? I don't even know you, man.
You've done your homework.
I'm one of the few guys who waits till after college to become a goddamn bookworm.
Come on.
(sighs) I'm here, so what are you hearing from the worldwide leader? About what? About Vegas, Mark.
Jesus, I flew all the way out here 'cause you told me you'd give me the inside shit.
Spence, I'll be honest, I can't risk it.
This TV gig, it's It's too important to me.
Did they tell you not to talk to me? They did, didn't they? I got called into the principal's office.
- God damn, man! - The network said, "You can't say anything on or off the record.
" What about off-off the record? - Off-off the record? - Yeah.
I'd say watch your ass.
We already own two grow houses - and nine dispensaries in Colorado.
- Shit.
We invested early in Florida.
Now that the laws are changed, we got a jump on the competition.
Aiming to be the Starbucks of weed, boy.
(chuckles) Well, unfortunately, the league sees a big difference between sipping lattes and getting baked.
Well, actually, most of what you see here isn't even psychoactive.
Reggie: It's low-THC cannabis - prescribed for epilepsy and cancer.
- Wow.
And with Vernon, what we plan to do is show how it works for pain and injuries.
Especially for the athletes who want an alternative to the Percs and Vikes.
You mean the legal medication? I mean the over-prescribed, addictive pills that fuck up your head and turn your guts inside out, man.
That's exactly right, Reggie.
And that's why we've created a line of safe, side effect-free products.
- Boom.
- I bet you did.
Now, in the foyer here, we have these oils and balms.
They're low-THC, high-CBD, so they'll leave you thinking straight but feeling great.
So none of this gets you high? Not at the dosage we recommend.
However, the law does allow us to harvest a few full-strength varieties for the terminally ill.
Make dying a little less shitty.
That'll be the candies and chews.
Super yummy.
AKA "the good shit.
" Relax, man.
Ta-da! - Holy shit.
- Pretty good, right? Now, this is what I'm talking about.
Um, Dave, can we get a sample? Nobody's watching.
Sure, help yourself.
I recommend the sour apple.
No, dude, I'm on the clock.
Man, how we know you cool if you don't sample none of the goods? Oh, because I'm a narc of all people? Oh, fuck, okay.
Yeah! - There, we're friends.
- All right.
Vamonos, mis amigos.
- Let's go talk shop, yeah? - All right.
Shh! (phone chimes) (spits) The fuck am I doing? I think as we begin to take a closer look at player safety, there will have to be some rule changes.
The players and fans say that you've been firm but fair, but what happens when you start penalizing these guys for the new contact violations? Well, there will be an adjustment period for everyone.
But this is what is best for our players, for the fans, and for the future of our game.
- For the future of the game? - The future of our game outside of you.
Seriously, Jay, you gotta back me up on this, okay? When I am in beast-mode, it is next to impossible to pull up on a QB that I've been waiting three quarters to hit.
Not easy, but not impossible.
She's quite the optimist there, Spence.
Gotta give her that.
Quite the optimist who's never put on a pair of shoulder pads or a helmet, though I'm sure they would go beautiful with your baby-blue suit.
Sorry I didn't wear a hoodie.
Spencer just got the first fine of the season.
Good job, Spence.
(line ringing) Boo-boo, what did you do? Virginia, that happened over five years ago.
The statute of limitation on insulting a woman on live TV is death.
It actually might chase you into the afterlife if it exists.
All right, fine, just set the drink meeting with Candace, okay? Will do.
And I'd call her "Ms.
Brewer" if I were you.
All right, good point.
Listen, I'm jumping on the jet now to see Tim Brown.
He just called and cancelled.
What the fuck? Did he say why? Just said sorry, something came up.
- That's it? - Unavail for the rest of the week.
All right, I'm gonna make his ass available.
I'm heading up to Oakland now.
- I'll see you next week.
- (phone ringing) Hey, here for Amber Kelley.
- Okay.
- (mouse clicking) She should be out shortly.
- Shortly? - Yeah.
Great, I'll sit here.
- Wherever you like.
- (chuckles) Uh, say, bro, somebody sitting here? All yours, man.
(exhales) You having a kid, too? (scoffs) Just here to support a lady friend.
She's in there finding out right now.
Shit, I feel you.
Me, too, bro.
Man, you know what? This Zika virus is crazy, huh? Yeah, yeah, she's getting tested for that, too.
- Gotta take precautions, bro.
- Yes, you do, sir.
- You feel me? - I feel you.
- Yeah.
- (door opens) Hey! (door closes) Receptionist: Your next appointment's confirmed, Amber.
- Okay, thank you so much.
- Man, hey.
Congratulations, man.
Receptionist: I'm glad everything went well.
- Congratulations.
- Amber: Thank you.
- All right.
- Amber: Ricky, you made it! (door opens) (door closes) We got Albert, Tunsil, Sutton, Turner, James on the line.
- Mm-hmm.
- The question is the ends.
Cameron or Sims? Stoneburner or Duarte? Something on your mind there, Charles? - Nothing.
- You seem distracted.
Wife's on you about the hours? No, I guess I'm just a little bit gun shy after I heard what you said to Jay Glazer on TV.
Oh, sometimes I gotta put a spin on things to keep the media and the fans on our side.
Yeah, but you took sole credit for Anthony Sutton.
I'm the one who sent you down there, signed off on bringing him in and training him up.
Yeah, but I'm the one who found him and trained him.
Charles, if I give credit to each individual contribution, I have to do the same for every mistake.
What's the problem with that? It's a waste of time and it breeds resentment.
We have to put up a unified front now.
Okay, but I still don't see how that translates into you taking credit for something you didn't actually do.
All right, Charles.
Next time, I'll say "one of my guys" or "we," okay? Okay.
Good, 'cause we have to lock in a lineup, and in order to do that, we need to get Coach Berg on the same page.
- You want me to invite him up? - No, we need to go see him.
And by we, I mean you.
We both know 4.
5 over three is an insult considering his rank and record.
Doesn't excuse his bad behavior.
Well, you can't punish the guy for speaking his mind.
Maybe not, but we sure as shit aren't gonna reward criminal mischief.
- That's ancient history.
- Ancient, my ass.
He's under investigation for drug trafficking.
- What are you talking about? - I guess he didn't tell you.
He and his posse got caught with a load of narcotics.
Fortunately, it went down in my hometown of Carmel and I was able to impress upon the authorities the need to keep it quiet for now.
I'll have a conversation with him.
Came from up the road, boy, you know we tax homes You want a whole thing, hit me on the black phone Hood nigga, Hot Cheeto, what I snack on I was in your wedding party and now you blow me off just so you could do biceps today? You really shouldn't be here, man.
What the fuck's going on? The boss doesn't appreciate you stirring things up.
- I'm not stirring things up.
- We know you've been making inquiries.
- Who told you that? - I'm not saying.
Tim, there's nothing unethical about me just getting the lay of the land.
We wanna stay under the radar, not like the 49ers, leaking every piece of information they get.
What happens in the building stays in the building.
I'm not the one causing problems.
I fix problems.
I got Wayne Hastings, the stadium commission, they're all in my corner.
Good for you, but don't forget you're not the only game in town.
- Who got to you? - Nobody.
Who got to you, Tim? Relocation talk has been going on for years.
Way more experienced businessmen than you have failed, and a lot more are in pursuit, so don't take it so hard.
- It's the nature of the biz.
- You're out of your mind if you think I've failed already.
And enjoy the rest of your fucking workout.
Fucking bicep workout, if that's what you wanna call 'em, those little motherfuckers.
Ricky: Yeah, right, you ain't got shit.
- Bluffing.
- (phone buzzing) Oh, shit, she's calling again, Rick.
- (doorbell rings) - Oh, hell, she ringing, too.
Ignore that shit.
- (tablet chimes) - Oh! Straight flush! I swear to God, this motherfucker is rigged! - What you think? She leave? - (Amber grunts) Ow.
(grunts) Oh, that can't be good for the baby.
- Huh.
- Oh.
Maybe it means she ain't pregnant.
- You okay? - You got something you wanna say to me? Yeah, mazel to you and your giant, white boyfriend.
You really think I would invite a sidepiece to the doctor's office when I knew you're supposed to be there? He was backup.
I'm sure he'll make a wonderful father.
- That is, if you even pregnant.
- Oh, I am.
- And you are the father.
- You can't prove that till it's born.
The doctor said the baby was conceived six weeks and two days ago.
The first day we hooked up.
I don't even know if I was with you that day.
- I'ma check the calendar.
- Yes, thank you so much.
- He's really nice.
- Yeah, all right, check the calendar.
And if we can confirm, I got no problem manning up.
But if we can't, I'ma need you to exit through that front door like a lady.
- Okay, I will.
- Yeah.
And I'ma need you to not lock me out - and hide like a child.
- Ooh, snap! TTD: Okay, the 6th, you woke up, you had training 7:00 to 9:00.
Game tape till 11:00.
We had a long lunch at the W, did some shopping, went home, had dinner, and then we hit the club.
In the immortal words of DJ Slugo I ain't yo baby daddy, I ain't yo baby daddy - I ain't yo baby daddy - Ho! Ho, ho, ho.
- Uh, uh, uh.
- Ho, ho, it says dinner was cancelled from 8:00 to 10:00, but it don't say why.
Mm, that probably was me.
- Hold this.
- Uh-oh.
Right there.
You said leave through the front door? I can do that.
I can definitely do that.
Let me just go ahead and leave through the front door right now.
Cute dance.
Have a great day.
I like her.
(both singing along) Every day, I need an ounce and a half SP, the only flower that you know With a bounce and a half Listen, kid, I need a mountain of cash So I could roll up, hop in the whip And, like, bounce to the ave I get high 'cause I'm in the hood The guns is around, it take a blunt - (phone ringing) - Oh, shit.
- (radio turns off) - Shut the fuck up.
This is Spence.
Shut the fuck up.
Shut up.
Hello? Did you talk to anybody about my plans today? Pardon me? Did you tell anybody about my plans? Did you tell anybody where I was going? Uh, I think not.
I'm pretty sure someone's trying to derail me.
Shit, you know how much I love trains.
Let me tell you something, I think it's the fucking league.
Oh, shit, that's for real, man.
Eyes and spies.
'Tis the world we live in.
You sound really fucking weird right now.
That's probably just our connection.
- How'd it go with Reggie and Vernon? - Oh, Reggie's right here.
- Say hi.
- What up, though, Spen - (coughing) Spence? - Shut the fuck up, Reggie.
- How'd it go, Joe? - Uh, what? Did you get them out of the fucking weed business? Um (coughing) I can't really hear you.
- Joe.
- You should ask back later.
- Fuck, dude, that sucked.
- (both giggling) This fucking cocksucker just fucking hung up.
All the time! I like that, but with bass in your voice.
- (low-pitch) All the time.
- There you go.
- (line ringing) - (sighs) Hey, Virginia.
Brewer's insisting you have that drink tonight at 8:00.
There's no way I can make it back to Miami in time.
Don't have to.
She's right there in Oakland.
(engine starts) (chuckles) I'll be there.
(music playing) - Hey - Hey - Unh, baby - (whistle trills) And I'm about to blow it all on chocolate Yeah, I'm about to blow it all on chocolate Sweet tooth, baby, make that dollar stretch - Berg: Come on, Rico! - (whistle trills) Rico, you've got to explode off the ball.
You should've been five yards downfield.
That should've been your ball.
Working them hard, Coach.
Got the boys looking good.
A lot of kinks, but we're getting there.
So, Mr.
Siefert asked me to come down to give you a sense of what he was thinking, you know, rosterwise.
Do I look like I give a shit? Rico, you're gonna do everything wrong today, maybe one right thing, quit arm wrestling and drive off your legs.
Move! You may wanna take a look at it just in case.
- (whistle trills) - Man: Nice adjustment! There you go.
- Man#2: Come on, Reg.
- Man: Right there! This is pretty much exactly what we talked about, save a few changes.
Changes? Yeah, Aiello's gonna be starting at center.
- What about Sutton? - All this attention's gone to his head.
He's showing up late and he's dragging his feet.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
You know what? Let me have a talk with him.
- I'll make sure he steps up.
- You have a talk with him.
Ain't gonna change a thing.
I already made up my mind.
- (whistle trills) - Oh.
Hey, Coach, Mr.
Siefert ain't gonna be happy about that.
- (players cheering) - Once again, Charles, no shits given.
Come on, Coach, you gotta at least give it some consideration.
- He is the GM.
- Charles, you're a smart man.
Attaching yourself to Siefert is not the move a smart man makes.
Coach, I'm not trying to choose sides Rico, I saw it.
You actually did something right there, didn't you? - You wanna make your fucking mom proud? - Yes, sir.
- Well, then fucking do it again! - (whistle trills) So, how'd it go with Indy? - Well, not like I planned.
- No? You left out some critical details.
- Like what? - You know like That smells amazing.
- Thanks, honey.
- You know what? I told you that I needed the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and you held back on me, all right? So you can give it to me now or I'm gonna walk.
- (sighs) - You know what? Fuck this.
All right, all right.
Look, come here.
Me and my homeboys used to kick it at this club in Indianapolis, right? And we met this Brazilian dude.
He was known for hooking people up with party favors and whatnot.
And whatnot? No, man, like weed, blow, pills, shit like that.
Party favors.
He offered one of my homies a deal on some Molly.
- And you didn't know about the deal? - I ain't gonna say I wasn't aware that he was gonna buy something, but, yo, I didn't even know he was gonna deliver the shit to my house.
- Come on.
- That was stupid.
Especially 'cause the dealer dude, he was trying to beat a case.
So as soon as they dropped it, instantly, police just swoop in, arrest everybody.
- But you weren't at the house? - They picked me up later.
Said that I'd be in for trouble down the line unless I turned on one of my homeboys.
But, look, I didn't do shit.
- That's the truth? - The whole and nothing but.
I'ma trust that.
But if I'ma stick around, I need to know that you trust me, too.
(kid chattering) - Okay.
- No, I mean for real, full on.
- I will, I do.
- Okay, good.
I clipped Indy.
(scoffs) You told them I'm out? I told them to eat a bag of dicks.
- (whispers) Yo! - Sorry.
You said that shit? Yeah, I did, verbatim.
Fuck Indy.
Yo, you a crazy-ass white boy! - (music playing) - (chatter) - Candace.
- Ah, Spencer.
- Good to see you again.
- It's good to see you.
- You look great.
- Thank you.
Nice suit.
Thank you very much.
I traded in my hoodie for a tie.
- Thank you.
- Excuse me, Don Julio, chilled, please.
- Well, congratulations.
- On? - Your registration approval.
- Ah, thank you very much.
You gave a compelling performance at the rookie symposium.
I was just speaking from the heart.
And your exploits at the monster truck rally - were equally impressive.
- Ah, yeah, well.
You have a very unique way of getting what you want.
I take it you're not too keen on Vegas.
The sex, drugs, and gambling factor is a bit tough to overcome, especially when it's out in the open.
That makes it less of a draw, right? I mean, nobody wants what's easy to get.
- You speak from experience.
- Oh, I've had my day.
- Mm.
- I don't try to hide it.
The truth is being in Vegas might even bring you fewer arrests and less negative publicity to tarnish the Shield.
So you clearly understand the concerns.
I take this business venture very seriously.
Spencer, you're one of the few ex-players who managed to build a successful second career that is arguably better than your first.
Why risk everything you've built? Sounds like you're trying to discourage me, Candace.
It's a free country.
I just wanna know if you're an enemy of the league.
Am I an enemy of the league? Something to think about on your flight home.
(line ringing) - (sighs) - Tim: Hello? What if I told you I was very sorry that things got shitty between us and I will never speak to another soul again - about our dealings? - I'd say I'm listening.
I will deliver you an additional 300 million in private financing plus whatever Mark Davis needs to bring the team to Vegas.
You think you can do that? Oh, I know I can.
(sighs) I'm in savage mode, whoa I'm in savage mode, whoa I'm in savage mode, whoa I'm in savage mode, I'm a savage on these hoes Savage on these hoes Savage on these hoes, I'm a savage on these hoes Cup, whoa, muddy, yo Hit the yolk, got the stick, whoa Keep it on me, yeah Do you got it? Yeah One in the head, yeah - (imitates gun cocking) - Bitch, I fucking dare Nigga, I double dare Why the fuck you stare? (imitates gunshots) Bet your ass don't stare Red bottoms, yeah Bitch, watch where you step I'm in savage mode, cook a nigga like a chef Ain't no loyalty, these niggas all for self All these fuckin' stripes, I should've been a ref I'm in savage mode, whoa I'm in savage mode, whoa I'm in savage mode, whoa I'm in savage mode, I'm a savage on these hoes Savage on these hoes Savage on these hoes I'm a savage on these hoes.