Ballers (2015) s05e03 Episode Script


1 You need to be fully financed by the end of the week if we're gonna push you through.
Ah, so this is a collection call? Full transparency, there are competing offers on the team.
Is this a joke? (HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYS) What if we bought a franchise? Who's gonna run the show now that Joe Krutel is no longer? The moment we take control of the team, we can bring in our own people.
DOCTOR: Surgery went well.
- How long is it gonna take? - To recover? You're looking at eight months.
Time has run out.
We are about to break ground on a one-of-a-kind campus.
Sports, art When we're done, this is gonna be the house that O built.
How's the world of security? Is that Kasan Teague? I ain't do nothing but be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
I need you to be the new president of Kansas City.
I'm getting a promotion.
You're making me the number two? You set me up.
I know that you're resourceful.
And there's no one I'd bet on more than Spencer Strasmore.
Kane is in the building.
Now tell me how you love it You know you're at the top When only heaven's right above it We on 'Cause we on Who else is really trying to fuck with Hollywood Cole I'm with Marley G, bro Flying Hollygrove chicks to my Hollywood shows And I wanna tell you something That you probably should know This that "Slumdog Millionaire" Bollywood flow And, uh, my real friends never hearing from me Fake friends write the wrong answers on the mirror for me That's why I pick and choose I don't get shit confused Don't like my women single I like my chicks in twos And these days, all the girls is down to roll I hit the strip club, and all them bitches find a pole Plus I been sipping, so this shit is moving kinda slow Just tell my girl to tell her friend That it's time to go [INDISTINCT SHOUTING.]
Long as I have Competitive spirit, people think you're born with it, that it's in your DNA.
But that's not how it works.
More often, it's born out of experience.
My rice and it's tastin' nice The only thing worse than losing is being cut.
How's the executive search going? I thought that we could grab Candace Brewer, but she's gonna stay put.
That's not exactly the update I was hoping for.
It's gonna make my meeting with these bankers that much more conflicted.
I'm heading in right now to have a meeting with a potential GM.
Spencer, potential isn't enough! I need to know whether you guys are in or out.
Well, I need to know who the management team is.
That's not too much to ask for 3 billion.
I thought you guys were "fuck you" rich.
Yeah, fuck you! Nobody keeps that kinda stash underneath their mattress.
Look, for the first time in his life, my brother, the dick, is being reasonable.
I agree with him, though I'd never tell him that.
All right, what's the solution? Well, how 'bout we put the old band back together? - Which members? - Which members? You and me! Hall & Oates, Sam & Dave, Donny & Marie.
I'd be the chief CFO, and you'd be free to focus on football operations.
See, now that's something I can sell to my brother.
I'll take your silence as acquiescence.
There he is.
Yo, Reginald, how's V's deal comin'? Gettin' closer, but I also got him a tryout with Splyce for their League of Legends team.
- I mean, it's really - Whoa, Reggie.
Focus on dominating a real league, not a virtual one.
So what do ya got? Got to admit, I'm in a little bit of a mood.
I think you're really gonna like what I did here.
Needs a statue.
Yeah, something enormous.
What, like our version of "Christ the Redeemer"? Yeah, is that so wrong? I want a temple.
That's not in the fucking budget.
- Ah.
- Your ego's getting a bit biblical, mate.
It's very Spencer-like.
What the fuck did you just say? Would you give us a minute, mate? [SIGHS.]
- Can I ask you a personal question? - Mm-hmm.
Were you abused as a child? - No.
- A little bit? No, as an adult, every single fucking day, and I'm sick of it.
I don't wanna be David anymore, Lance.
I wanna be Goliath.
Goliath lost to David.
You've missed the point of that story entirely.
But, listen, I think you're gettin' a bit cloudy 'cause you're obsessing about your ex-partner.
I won't deny it.
I wanna bury the fuckin' guy.
I'd like to be the bigger person, but I'd rather be a better version of him.
Then let's figure out how to bring the big man to his knees.
There's my special guy.
I mean, that's easy, right? We just have real influence over the league and the game.
It's a little late in the day to try and become Goodell or Belichick there, mate.
Well, then you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna buy an agency.
Yo, Chuck, you got a minute? Hos, if you got more bad news, save it.
I'm having a rough day.
Come on, now, there's always more to know.
Yeah, well, what now? Should I stay away from Red Lobster? [CHUCKLES.]
That's funny, Chuck.
I like that.
No, the latest Jack in the Box recon brought some new Intel to light.
Spit it out.
LAPD found a 9 millimeter registered to Kisan Teague.
Oh! This idiot.
For using his own gun or for being there? Both.
I was just curious what side of the aisle you were on.
I'm on the side that thinks it's amazing that a guy just can't enjoy making a few mil while playing the greatest sport on the planet.
Millennials, I mean, they're just never fucking happy.
Oh! You know what, Hos? I need you to do me a favor.
Stop telling me stuff.
I need some sort of plausible deniability.
Right, you and everyone else.
There's a lot of chat about the moves you've been making.
Yeah, I know I shoulda stayed retired.
People need you.
The league needs you.
Besides, now that they're being smart about their business, presenting a new beautiful face - [CHUCKLES.]
- Although to those of us that know you, we see two beautiful faces.
Now, that hurts.
Nothing hurts more than the truth.
Jason, I know I fucked you last year with Quincy.
I wanna make it right.
What is this, a mercy fuck? I want you to be my new GM.
You want me to cross over? [CHUCKLES.]
Like motherfuckin' Steph Curry.
Wow, you have more confidence in me than I have in myself.
Well, and for good reason.
You think I could be good at this? I think you'd be great at it, yes.
Plus I think it's time you had a new challenge.
Yeah, I mean, shit, I've already proven to be the best agent in the business, right? So is that a yes? That's a let me think about it.
Yeah, humble as a mumble in the jungle, ya dig? That's what I'm talking about.
Let's go! 14.
That's my boy.
Well, you only need to do ten, Rick.
I know, two dimes, two dimes.
- You doing two dimes? - Oh, shit, Ricky.
Look at you, man.
You actually look like you may come back this season.
I ain't coming back.
Yeah, be careful, buddy.
Sometimes rehab will fuck with your head a little bit.
Shit, my mind is clear.
Oh, yeah, you're a model of stability.
Anything you need, you know I got ya.
Actually, networks, they're always looking for a new chiseled jaw.
That ain't my thing, man.
That's you.
Smart move, Ricky.
I wouldn't wanna compete against this either.
Pfft, let's go.
Melvin! - Yo.
- What's good? Yo, Rick, coolin', baby.
- You a'ight? - Yeah, man.
You healing up from that Kia collision? Seriously, it was a Prius, man.
You can't hear 'em comin'.
- Yeah, I hear you.
- Yo, where y'all headed? - Nowhere fast.
Look, I got a couple cats comin' to the crib, man.
Y'all down to hang? Shit, that's all I got is time, brah.
Yeah, see you then.
A'ight, we'll be there.
Text me the address.
- Got you, bro.
- My man.
There's nothin' worse than being ahead of your time.
Pfft, how about being behind it? See, some people just can't handle new ideas.
Right, if it ain't their idea, they don't like it.
That's real.
Hey, bro, what can I do to get Joe to buy in on me? Man, I believe in you, always have.
Isn't that all that matters? Sadly, I need more.
Dude thinks that messing around with architects is more important than the future of sports.
Galileo had the same problem.
What you know about Galileo? Almost as much as I know about Copernicus.
Yo, are you seriously dropping Galileo and Copernicus on me? How you know about them boys? Blinkist.
It's the app that shrinks books to audio.
So then you know how I feel.
Yeah, man.
Only one way to do this, then: show Joe the future, and it starts today with your tryout.
I ain't been this nervous since my pro day.
Babe, if you get stuck out there any longer, I'm gonna have to get new batteries for the vibrator.
I know, babe.
I'm sorry.
Besides Ricky, who's never gonna play again, Kisan and his gang decided to go "Boyz n the Hood" on this rival crew at a Jack in the Box.
Doesn't take a clairvoyant to see Kisan was gonna fuck up.
Maybe it's time for a career change.
- Why'd you say that? - I don't know, maybe 'cause you're stressed to shit all the time, talking like you're a 60-year-old mine worker? It is so weird that you would say that because I had a meeting with Spencer earlier today, and that fool bought the Chiefs and offered me a job.
Maybe you are clairvoyant.
Maybe I'm the Miami Medium.
What's the gig? GM.
Isn't the GM spot just as stressful - as what you're doing now? - In a way, but, you know, I wouldn't have to answer to clients, although I've never worked for anybody, so I'm not sure I'll be crazy about having a boss, although it would be Spencer.
You work for everyone, even me, and you're doing just fine.
Well, thank you for the report card.
Maybe you should change those batteries after all.
Don't be a dick.
I'm just saying if we're gonna have to move to fuckin' Kansas City, you should at least make sure you guys would be a good team.
Well, no shit.
Business isn't friendship.
You should do due diligence.
Go talk to Joe.
He'll tell you what it's really like to work with Spencer.
- That's a good idea, babe.
- Good.
Now, why don't you show me a little somethin'? [DENZEL CURRY'S "RICKY".]
Daddy said, "Trust no man but your brothers And never leave your day ones in the gutter My daddy said, "Treat young girls like your mother" My mama said, "Trust no ho, use a rubber" I'ma act, one, two, stop the track Bring it back, what it do? See, Ricky said, "Never let nobody get the one up on you "If they run up on you, hit 'em with a one, two Or a bitch slap" - Yo, Rick.
- Hey, Money Mel! - What's up, man? - Oh, Big Mel! - Okay! - What's up, my baby.
Hey, man, your crib is plush, man.
- You design this shit? - Appreciate it, Rick, man.
Gettin' into the interior design thing.
Actually just renovated the place.
Nigga, you're like a natural Martha fuckin' Stewart.
Yo, you should check out my real spot.
- Your real spot? - Come on, Rick, man.
This where we play, not work.
This is the fun house.
- Oh, shit.
Oh, yeah, he got a fun house, okay.
Man, look, I gotta go check on my mom, man.
I'ma hit you up later.
Oh, yeah, tell her we love her, man.
Oh, bet, I'll make sure I tell her.
Back again, 81.
Damn right, I'm diggin' the mixology.
Can I get another one, please? That's like five, Rick.
Think that's wise? Come on, man, I ain't got shit to do, all right? I got no worries.
You know, matter of fact, this is a celebration.
Just pour us up a couple shots while you at it.
I'm driving, man.
You forget that too? We could leave the car here, all right? You can take us over, right? You can drive.
Do I look like the valet? Oh, I'm sure Amber would love that.
Look at Jessica's beautiful face.
She don't want that messed up.
I can handle myself.
I do jits.
Ooh, whoo, strong and independent.
I like you, Jess.
Go ahead, take a shot.
Give her the keys.
Charles, your job is to manage a winning football team, not to be the judge and the jury.
Just don't know if I can wrap my conscience around it.
Rocking the boat now based on a rumor does not seem like a smart idea.
It's not exactly a rumor, baby.
- They found a gun.
- Well, did he shoot it? 'Cause if not, I don't know what the big deal is.
He's a running back, not a judge up for a seat in the Supreme Court.
So I should turn a blind eye? I'm saying it's irrelevant, Charles.
Extracurricular activities is not a statistic you get paid to look at, especially when we're about to have two kids to put through college.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
Of course I'm right.
If the Ravens woulda cut Ray Lewis after his little incident, they woulda never won the Super Bowl.
You are a straight-up thug, Julie Greane.
Hm, There's nothing more thug than being a mommy.
You know, baby, you always help me clear my head up.
I really appreciate you for that.
How 'bout you, though? How you feelin'? Like I'm carrying an extra 30 pounds around with me everywhere I go.
But seriously, baby, maybe everybody else has the right idea and we should just start looking out for ourselves.
Not giving a fuck takes practice.
Tuning out the noise, going with your instincts, staying committed to what you believe, that shit doesn't come easy.
You'll feel like you're taking body shots, but if you stay on your feet, no one will fuck with you.
Antolotti the Italiano, buongiorno.
Joe Krutel, the whitest man in America.
I was just dialing you.
Oh, yeah? What about? Well, I have an odd question.
I'm wondering what it's like to work with Spencer.
Yeah, that that sounds like an odd question, all right, just like you promised.
How do you mean? I mean, I know we're all boys and shit, but on the day-to-day, did you enjoy working with him? Why are you asking me? Well, he offered me the GM job for the Chiefs.
No shit.
I thought you loved being an agent.
No, I do, I definitely do.
It's just gettin' to be too much.
It's a young man's game, and I'm, you know Not young.
Exactly, I gotta start thinking about the future.
So sounds like you and Donna are talking about starting a family.
No, we actually don't even talk about that sort of thing.
Why, that's odd, huh? [SIGHS.]
Why? Why would I bring that shit up? Well, just because you're not talking about it doesn't mean she's not thinking about it, idiot.
Yeah, you're right.
You see, that's why I need to be thinking about my professional future.
Oh, yeah, that's the sexy stuff right there.
Now let me add a little bit more sexiness to it.
Since you're considering making moves, what if I buy your agency? You know, hire a couple young bucks to help you do your thing, and what's old becomes new again.
Well, I should find a card game, 'cause I'm on fire today.
Well, think about it.
Talk to Donna and, uh, hit me up with a number.
Oh, and J, Spencer's a fuckin' nightmare.
Yeah, I figured.
It's gotta be the shoes.
I don't charge my energy I no got time for no enemy Tori pe won Le Tomi I got an idea, listen.
I think what we should do is lock down one of those bungalows down the street for the next two days.
What's good, Jess? What you doin' later? Hmm, shacking up with a guy doing rehab isn't really where my head's at.
Hell yeah, Jess.
You tell him.
Doesn't mean I don't wish you well, just I have to go to Laguna after this anyway.
I could make that work.
Laguna? I could make that work.
Laguna's perfect 'cause just in case your wife needs something with your baby, you'll be a short drive away.
T means 'scuse me.
What the hell are you doin', man? How you gonna go from the best wingman to the biggest cockblocker, bro? 'Cause I love your family, nigga! I don't need you judging me, all right? I'm not judging you, man.
I don't give a fuck about no nigga gettin' no strange as long as it's for the right reasons.
Oh, but this is for the right reasons.
A'ight, me and her, we vibin'.
That's bullshit, man.
She don't give a fuck about you.
Look, I'ma go get the car, man.
We rollin'.
How 'bout you call a Lyft after you dry off? What? - Oh! - Ooh! [WATER SPLASHING.]
How you gonna push a nigga in the pool? Omo, omo, life Na turn by turn Whether you like or not To Ba ginger me, gbeskelego burst Ki gbe, je Kan gbo oh Hey, there he is.
Vernon, nice to meet you.
My name's Chris.
I'm the GM.
This is Dev.
He's the assistant GM.
This is Max.
He's our team captain.
This is Reggie, y'all.
Hey, nice to meet you, man.
Uh, let's have a seat, boys.
Thanks for meeting with us, fellas.
We know you're busy.
So are we.
So if you don't mind, I'm just gonna kinda [TONGUE CLICKS.]
Knock right into it here.
Is this just a dalliance for you? W-what's a dalliance? We're not into publicity stunts, and we don't make vanity signs.
So are you serious about being a professional gamer? I like to play.
He likes to play.
Yo, I like to play football.
Maybe I should just walk on for the Cowboys.
Yeah, dude.
Max, let's line it up.
It couldn't be that hard, right? I'm sorry, fellas.
My bad.
No disrespect.
Vernon, you don't need to apologize for shit.
Who are you? I'm the head of the eSports division at Sports X.
What's Sports X? Have you heard of Colby Parker? Yeah, of course.
Well, he and Vernon had a head-to-head at the office, and let's just say the rest is history.
What's your rank? Diamond II.
That's impressive.
Though even landing a solo kill on a superstar, that doesn't really prepare you for the pros.
Role? Top lane.
- How long you been playing? - Since season two.
What's your schedule like? If you made the team, would you have time to train with us in the offseason? Let me worry about Vernon's calendar.
And if you're lucky enough, you'll land him.
If I make the team, I'll drop everything.
He wants to be a player.
Fuck it, let's hook you up, Vern.
I'll see what you got.
Let's go.
I wanna say somethin' 'bout you I went to, but I Yes, look at them ribs.
Hey, let me see that giraffe pose.
That sexy giraffe ooh, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's wonderful.
- Shake it.
- Oh, yeah, that's beautiful.
- Hold up.
- Oh! Oh, yes.
It's all about the angles.
Yeah, and I got that covered.
Gotta wait till you do What's the deal, though? - [POUNDS ON DOOR.]
- Ricky.
Man, leave me alone, Dennis! - [POUNDS ON DOOR.]
- Ricky, answer me, boy! I could make you feel as though [DOOR CLATTERS.]
Oh, shit.
What the hell is wrong with you? What the hell is wrong with you? Meet the parents.
Regina, this is Dennis.
Dennis, this is Regina.
Nice to meet you.
You want something to drink? Wh what you got, a Henny? Yes, come on.
Hell no, he don't want no drink, and you done lost your damn shit.
Come on, man, why you trippin'? I'm just having a good time and then going home.
Oh, so you back to being Dirty Ricky? Just make sure you leave him here.
In case you haven't noticed, he is pretty depressed.
Oh, we've noticed.
You a canary, man.
You didn't leave me no choice, nigga! You oughta be ashamed of yourself, Ricky.
If anybody understands shame, it should be you, old man.
Look, I made my mistakes, but you ain't gotta make the same ones.
My choice, all right? Y'all ain't finna to judge me while I'm just havin' a drink with a friend.
You had 17, and you shacked up with some ho you don't know.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Watch what you say.
Clean yourself up, Ricky.
- I'm standing.
- No, no.
We going home, Ricky.
Better not say shit, either.
There ain't shit left to be said except you pathetic.
You rude.
You know, you blowing me up like this is borderline creepy, Bret.
I told you I need the day.
Well, I don't need a day, Spencer.
I don't need a day.
Besides, I don't like leaving bad news on voicemail, not to mention good news.
Which is it, good or bad? I wish you were as good at your job as I am at mine.
You know, one day I aspire to be like you, Bret.
Until then, you wanna spit it the fuck out? I'm so pumped up that your snarkiness isn't even gonna get to me.
Get this: my brother and I met with the bankers this morning, and they're in.
They're officially in.
You are so goddamn good at your job.
There's just one thing left for us to deliver.
Lay it on me, partner.
You just need to get a quality GM, which I told 'em was already done.
Fait accompli.
So don't make a fool outta me.
Tell me, please.
Tell me you got your guy officially.
I'm working on it.
You're working on it.
Let me tell you something, you oversized fuck.
Do not come back without a yes.
We've got three billion with a capital fuckin' B riding on this.
What the fuck? Which one of you fuckin' geniuses neglected to tell me that Jason Antolotti was coming by? [WHISPERS.]
For God's sake, would you What's the matter with you? Hey, buddy.
- Hello.
- How's it going? Good.
Come on up and see your new office.
All this can be yours.
It's colorful, chill.
Well, it's not always this chill.
Don't lie to me.
All right, yeah, it's always this chill.
It's a great way to work.
It's very refreshing.
I mean, so what? Look at these guys.
They're not buttoned-up football types.
Do they even watch football? Listen, if you're looking for an ASM vibe here, you're gonna be disappointed, pal.
No, no, look, if I want stuffy, I'll sell to CAA, right? My man.
- In that case, hey, Siri! - [SIRI CHIMES.]
Play my third-favorite song.
- Uno, dos, no tres, she a thot, though Ah, that's fair.
Big chop, knock a nigga out, zapatos Oh, I don't smoke during the workday.
Uno, dos, no tres, she a thot, though Too much? [CAR ENGINE REVS.]
Welcome back to "Glazed and Confused" on SiriusXM.
Today we're talking about big moves.
All right, so, Jay, now the Russell Wilson deal is up.
Time for the next shoe to drop, and that shoe? - Patrick Mahomes.
- Listen, you think Russell Wilson and Carson Wentz got paid? Mark, you ain't seen nothin' yet.
I mean, the league's gettin' top-heavy.
Kinda like this show.
When's it gonna end, Jay? This is America.
Why would it end? [ENGINE POWERS DOWN.]
Them boys think they got all the answers, but some shit don't have an answer.
Like who's better, Pac or Biggie, right? There ain't no better.
"Godfather" or "Goodfellas"? Cutty Sark, Chivas Regal, both of 'em damn fine scotches.
I mean, you understand what I'm saying, right? These fools just being divisive, trying to come up with hot takes.
So you think you can do better? Shit, in my sleep.
I believe him.
I could do that shit too.
You boys.
Y'all love jerking each other off.
I'd love to hear y'all try.
Hey, T, man, get me a meeting.
I totally choked.
Fuck, man, I felt so good warming up.
Man, whatever, man.
Fuck them guys.
Who was I to think I could go pro? Man, them guys was right.
Those guys were assholes.
Besides, man, you got a career.
I'm more concerned about me.
I can't believe I don't have a voice in a company that I helped finance and build.
Man, you gotta let go of that anger, Reg.
And you gotta let go of your depression.
Wait, what's up? Did I make the team? No, better.
It's Jason with some big news.
Cowboys came through with 80 million for your new deal.
I don't care about none of that.
Are you fuckin' kiddin' me? This is your real fuckin' job.
Man, whatever.
I think I might wanna retire.
Get the fuck outta here.
Wh what am I supposed to tell Jason? Tell him nothing.
Now I'm getting depressed.
I wish I had $80 million being thrown at me.
I already got money, Reg.
At some point, you gotta ask yourself, "How much is enough?" - Stay ten toes, I'm down - Ten toes - Jenny Craig with them pounds - Brandy? I never did much day-drinking myself when I was playing.
Oh, this ain't nothin'.
Hey, so, um I hear there may be a little bit more information about the Jack in the Box situation that you may have left out.
Anything at all? No.
It's all good, Chuck.
You know what I know.
- Is that so? - Yeah.
It's cool, all right? Look, check it out.
See my boy right there? That's the shooter.
- With the weed? - Yeah.
All right, he's already come forward.
He gonna turn himself in.
We all good.
I got it, Chuck.
So he's the fall guy? Come on, Chuck.
Does that matter, for real? Yeah, to me, it does matter.
Look, Cliff did what he did, all right? What you want from me, Chuck? What you what you want me to say? You could start with the truth.
That is the truth, all right? Well, then the truth is, I gotta let you go.
Thank you for your service.
Like that, huh? Good luck in your career.
In the greatest battles, there are no winners, only survivors.
The wins, they all blur together, but the losses are etched into your mind forever.
War is bloody.
Ask Aaron Rodgers, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady.
You want to trace a path to greatness, you start with defeat, loss, rejection.
You wanna be endlessly motivated, failure is key.
Antolotti, you ready to jump on that team jet? Not quite.
I'm actually calling because something came up.
Well, "something came up" is never a good thing.
Well, not for you, but it's good for me.
I got another offer.
A GM spot? Sports X.
Joe is in the market to buy an agency.
Since when? I think he just decided.
Ah, when it rains, it pours, huh? You know, I could hardly believe it myself.
What's the offer? 50 million.
That is a big chunk.
Must come with golden handcuffs.
More like winning the lotto.
It's a five-year payout with a personal service contract.
So you're gonna be an agent till you die, huh? Come on, I'm really surprised.
I thought you said the day-to-day is getting to you.
It is.
So are you.
Jason, money isn't everything, but I promise you I will make it worth your while.
Ah, I hear you.
J, listen, don't make a mistake that you're gonna regret.
I understand your disappointment, Spence.
I'm sorry to say it's a pass.
All right.
Either way, I'll see you on the other side of the table, buddy.
Well, who's next on your list? You're talking to him.
Good luck working with him.
Yeah, good luck working with Joe.
He's a real fuckin' nightmare.
You get blacklisted if you hate on my team Fam, I say what I mean I keep my demons close Late night, I speak to the ghost Get high, fell asleep in my clothes Animal instinct Sex, money, murder, I fear nobody Keep somethin' on me 'Cause I'm better safe than sorry I'm a top boy like Sully with a six-figure hobby You're still on the road Better be getting that belly Kicking off doors, better give it some wellie I came in the game, ran it like an athlete Got a big money scheme, all my brothers had to eat Thought I was a scrub sitting in the back seat I was counting my money, making sure it's complete They can't compete There ain't no competition I take what I want, you get what you were given They calling me a rapper, man, I think I'm a magician I didn't wanna kill 'em But these niggas never listen The hustle is still in my genes When I fell asleep, I was still in my jeans Then I had a one gyal licking me clean She wan' eat man like Idi Amin What do you mean? I come for the cream We all make mistakes, I'm a human being North Korean, Kim Jong-un when I spray the machine You're on the other side if you ain't on my team [BRIGHT TONE.]
(HIP HOP MUSIC PLAYS) Spencer Strasmore's a narcissist if I've ever seen one.
All he cares about is himself.
Now is the time to go all in.
We're way beyond all in.
- (MUSIC STOPS) - Yeah, we are.
I get it.
(MUSIC CONTINUES) I got a proposal.
If we start our own esports team, and you gon' play on it.
Bam! I got the perfect player in mind.
- SPENCER STRASMORE: You have a name? - Kisan Teague.
(GUNSHOTS) So you value truth? Above all else.
(SIGHS) Who pulled the trigger the other night? (MUSIC CONCLUDES)