Bang (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Alright, love? Yes.
Come on, Sam.
It's time to go.
Come on, Sam.
It's time to go.
Not yet.
Don't be long.
Come along, sweetie.
CAR HORN SHOUTING AND CAR HORNS Any time today, like! Fuck's sake.
Right, you're going to have to shift it.
What's that? The van, get it moved.
The van, get it moved.
Five minutes.
No, now.
Do you want me to see if your road tax is up to date? New neighbours? Rhys Morris, his brother's a regular at the stati Fighting, shoplifting.
The duty sergeant sees him more often than his mother.
What's wrong? What's wrong? I'm alright.
You're bleeding.
Don't fuss now, I'm fine.
That bike is supposed to be in the garden, Sam!/fo It's safer in the house.
That's why I bought the lock.
Gina! That's my best tea towel.
You shouldn't have tried to move it.
I wanted to clean the floor.
I wanted to clean the floor.
The floor is clean.
It hasn't been done since Monday.
It hasn't been done since Monday.
I've never washed my kitchen floor.
That's not something to be proud of, girl.
Does it hurt, Nanny? It's just a scratch.
It's just a scratch.
Shall I put the kettle on? Shall I put the kettle on? Give me five minutes and I'll make you something to eat.
Nanny, you promised the doctor to take it easy.
Are you sending your brother to work on an empty stomach? Sam can make a sandwich, and when you have your bypass When I get my bypass, I'll be straight round your flat .
with a damp cloth and a bottle of bleach, good girl! Let me know when you're coming.
You can do my ironing too.
Come on, Slayer! You can do better than that.
Come on, Slayer! Oi! Yeah, that's right.
That's right.
Do as you're told.
No-one gets hurt.
I am your worst nightmare.
Worst nightmare! Come on! Where do you think you are? Bermuda? Have you seen how much they charge for a spray tan these days? Welsh cakes.
Nanny likes to feed people.
Do you think there's a chance for a coffee? I'd kill for a cappuccino.
She's not a barista, Luke.
Instant's fine, splash of milk, two sugars.
What? Come on.
Bloody hell.
What are you two doing here? We heard about the hold up over the radio.
Why aren't you at the RV point? Why aren't you at the RV point? Armed response said we could come.
Where do you want us to start? Where do you want us to start? The DI's still interviewing victims.
Whoever it was can't have gone far.
Sooner we get cracking, the better.
The senior officer decides how to proceed.
Ma'am, they were wearing balaclavas and pushing a fruit machine.
With all due respect .
we could have them in custody by teatime if we get a move on.
You aren't the one leading this investiga # I'm still standing better than I ever did # Looking like a true survivor # Feeling like a little kid Haha, Sam! No, no! No, no! You're not embarrassed, are you? What about your heart? What about your heart? It's still beating.
# I'm still standing after all this time/f # Picking up the pieces of my life without you on my mind # I'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah #/fo Where are you going? I'm off, bye! I'm off, bye! Nobody's watching! No-one around here is going to answer the door to the They're too busy tending their cannabis plants.
Lip balm? Yeah.
You want some? Gina, you're pissed off with the boss.
Don't take it out on me.
We were on scene first, Luke.
We shouldn't be here wasting time, knocking on doors.
I don't know what I've done but the woman doesn' She's like that with everyone.
She's not in the job to make friends.
/font Come on.
I don't know, I mean I'm not sure.
Shops or something, probably.
Yeah, I know.
We're having a party later if you w Yeah, come around.
Yeah, the neighbours are alright.
Got to go.
Hi there, are you alright? Alright, cool, thank you.
Yeah, alright, thank you.
The car's registered to Douglas Rose Motors The car place on the way out of town.
Stolen? Stolen? There's nothing on the system.
Joyriders? Do joyriders drink Sauvignon Blanc? Do joyriders drink Sauvignon Blanc? When I was 17, I drank everything.
Even cherry brandy.
"A man has been reported as drunk and disorderl .
"radio if he is violent or dangerous to himsel .
"and I'll send back up.
" "Searching for the address for you now, hold on.
" "Approach with caution, we don't know if he still has a knife.
" Do you want to phone the recovery service?/ Leave it to me then.
As always.
Alpha lima four zero Hello? Police.
Hello? Hello? Oi! Have you got permission to be here? You're not funny, Luke.
You're not funny, Luke.
That's a matter of opinion.
If that's blood, we should report it.
/ We shouldn't be here.
Come on.
Alpha lima four zero Alpha lima four zero "Yes, Luke.
" I'm down at the marina, we've stumbled on som What are you doing, Gina? Possible crime scene, blood.
Follow protocol, don't stick your nose You're asking for trouble.
We'll wait further instructions.
I don't know why I waste my fucking breath.
Com .
Do you know who it is yet? Have you arranged to see the counsellor? I'm fine.
Are you sure? It's not every day you find a dead body.
Carl, tell me.
Stevie Rose.
He owned the boat.
The car is from the family garage.
What happened? Forensics will be there for hours.
Forensics will be there for hours.
What? Don't you have any idea? He was shot.
You should go home.
I want to be a part of this.
I found him.
It's only fair.
Let me speak to someone who knows what's going No, I won't take a seat.
If you can't tell me what's happening/ .
find me someone who bloody well can.
/f I'm not leaving until I've got answer I want to know if it's my husband you found today.
Is it? Mrs Rose Just tell me.
Is it Stevie? I had a bike like that once.
Aluminium frame, 20 gears.
It's in a skip now, after my brother rode it into a wall.
Prick, like.
Where've you been, then? Work.
I'm on the night shift at Simians.
Thought only gimps worked there.
Rubbish money, zero hours.
Why do you bother?/fon It's a job, I suppose.
I wouldn't know, son.
I've never fucking ha You look after it, butt.
I can see that.
Yeah, the brakes are new.
Pedals, front wheel.
I'd like a bike.
Don't know what Mel would say, though.
Probably laugh her head off.
Oi! She's fit, isn't she? She's fit, isn't she? You can get a decent one for 300.
The shop on the way to town does good deals now and then.
Buy one? Why would I do that? Might as well keep this one now.
You can't have it, that's mine.
It was my dad's.
Shitting yourself Daddy's going to give you a bollocking, is it? I was right about you, son.
Proper gimp.
Don't look at Mel again.
Breakfast? Where's Nanny? Where's Nanny? I've bought a loaf.
Ray took Liz to the surgery.
You look pale.
Are you ill? You look pale.
Are you ill? No, I'm fine.
You'll be better now after eating.
What do you want on your toast? Your favourite, peanut butter? We don't have any peanut butter.
We don't have any peanut butter.
Here we are.
Back in one piece.
What did the doctor say? What did the doctor say? What does he always say, Linda? He wants me to stop running half-marathons.
Have you had a cuppa? Have you had a cuppa? I just filled the kettle.
Good girl.
Your nan's tired.
I'm sure Sam's helping out as much as he can.
/f She had to walk down the shops yesterday on her own.
/ What if she had a turn? What if she had a turn? Leave the boy alone.
Nothing anyone can say to stop this stubborn old woman .
from doing exactly as she bloody well pleases, understood? Good.
Out of the way.
They estimate the body had been in the water for two days.
Stevie Rose had been shot three times in the ches The unusual location and saltwater complicates matters for forensics.
We should know more soon.
In the meantime, search Stevie Rose's house, o .
emails, bank accounts, everything.
Learn as much as you can.
The whole town is talking about this murder.
/fon We need to be on top of things.
DI Roberts tells me you found the body, Gin I was lucky, Ma'am.
Not lucky but, you kno You should have stepped out of the crime scene.
as soon as you realized something was wrong and reported it.
Luke radioed it in.
You investigated anyway.
You investigated anyway.
I didn't know it was a body.
It doesn't matter.
You could have jeopardized the investigation.
/fon The Chief Inspector and I spoke about you joining the inquiry, Gina.
We've agreed now isn't the moment for you to step up.
There are more experienced officers in line for the opportunity.
With time, though.
I tried to persuade her.
I tried to persuade her.
Did you? Gina.
Well? Of course! Are you sure having me around wouldn't be awkward fo Come with me.
Where is it? I'll phone Gina.
You'll get your bike back straightaway.
We don't want to make him angry.
We don't want to make him angry.
Make him angry! What's wrong with you? It's your father's bike, you can't replace it Stand up for yourself, boy! Knock! Knock harder! Nobody's home.
Nobody's home.
Go round the back! Go round the back.
The back! Mel.
You back already? Yeah.
Look, it's fine.
Stop shouting, Steffan Put it in the house.
Are you in the house? I'll come over now.
It's fine.
Just calm down.
/font Look, you're doing my head in now.
Calm down, I'll come round and we'll sort it out Alright, what can we do now? Seriously, what can we do now? Right, I'll come round now.
I've got to go.
I've got to go see Steff.
He's freaking out.
/f What's happened? What's happened? They found Stevie Rose.
I don't want him opening his gob or doing anything stupid.
What? Have you got to go yet, or what? Aye, aye.
See you later.
See you later.
Bye, love.
Did you enjoy that? Take your bike.
You've kidnapped me.
That's what you've basically done.
Don't be a drama queen, Luke.
If I knew we were coming here If I knew we were coming here You'd have jumped out of the car.
Grow some balls.
Listen, I've got nothing else I told the other detectives everything I know about Stevie.
People sometimes remember details after we've left.
Not me.
You've been through his desk, you've questioned the staff.
We're sorry to disturb you.
Let's go.
You didn't see Stevie talking to anyone unfamiliar r Arguing with someone, perhaps? Stevie hadn't spent a lot of time at the garage lately.
He came in when he needed to sign papers and meet his accountant.
Aled! Aled! Was anyone looking for him? People hanging around? People hanging around? Only you lot.
Look, if I knew anything, I'd tell you.
Stevie could be a royal pain in the arse.
I wouldn't wish this on him.
Shot, dumped in the water, it's bloody horrible.
You'll have to excuse me.
Douglas Rose Motors.
Well, that was worth doing.
I don't know.
She's asking question I better go.
I'll ring you back later.
Can I ask you something? Of course.
Was Stevie a good boss? Well, he paid me at the end of every mon Is that what's important? It's why I wear a tie every day.
Do you know why he stopped coming to work? He could afford to stay away.
Stevie was loaded.
He didn't care who knew it either.
A word.
I just wanted to see where he worked.
A man's been shot.
He's left a wife and child behind.
Is it wrong for me to want to help catch whoever killed him? I know you're frustrated and that you want more responsibility.
Trust me, this isn't the way to prove yourself.
/fo What are you doing back here? Gina.
Come on, don't play that game w Stevie arranged poker nights at the garage.
We want to find out if anyone here knows.
/ I'm sure everyone knows.
According to that guy, Stevie wasn't shy about having money to burn.
Back again? We might as well set up a desk for you in the c This salesman, Aled, is it? We need another word.
/ Shooting or no shooting, we've got work to do today, you know.
We won't keep him long.
Now where's he gone? I'll see you in the morning, Nanny.
Nanny? Are you ill? Are you ill? No, love.
I was cleaning the bathroom and I feel a little faint, that's all.
Don't worry.
Don't worry.
I'll phone the doctor.
I just need an early night.
Gina said to phone the doctor.
Gina said to phone the doctor.
Gina's over the top.
We don't need to call for help.
You better hurry up.
You don't want to be late for work, do you? I'm not leaving you on your own.
I'm not leaving you on your own.
You'll lose money.
It doesn't matter.
I'm not leaving you alone tonight.
Alright? Is everything OK at work? Nobody's upset you? Nobody's upset you? No.
No, I'm fine.
Steffan! Are you home? We need you to open the door, Steffan.
We have an appointment.
Steffan! Reckon you can break into my house and get away with it, do you, son? I'll teach you a lesson.
Ha ha! Fair play, you've got balls, mind.
I'll say that about you.
There aren't many clowns around here who steal from me.
It wasn't your bike to take.
Look at you, sticking up for yourself.
Not such a gimp after all.
Come on, son, shake my hand.
Come on, shake it.
You won't catch nothin Mel'll be pleased.
I don't know why, she's got a soft spot for you.
Come on, come and join us.
Come on, come and join us.
I can't.
My nan's been ill.
I shouldn't.
My nan's been ill.
I shouldn't.
My nan's been ill and I shouldn't.
Come on, shut up, you're coming.
Look who I found hanging around like a bad smell.
What's your name, anyway? Sam.
I know.
People have been talking about us, have they, butt? As long as what they're saying's nice, I don't mind.
Come here, now.
Come here, now.
Oi! Do you know what you've done? Do you know what you've done? Get off.
I shouldn't have said yes.
I shouldn't let you talk me into it.
Rhys, tell him! Rhys, tell him! You said it wasn't a problem.
Steff, mun.
You alright? Yes.
Did he hurt you? Did he hurt you? I'm fine.
You'll have to eat that on the way.
You'll have to eat that on the way.
Why? Someone matching the description of Steffan Morris .
has been seen in Pontrhydyfen.
No-one else is available.
No-one else is available.
They're all on the Stevie Rose case.
Thank you for looking after Ruby when I was last he You're very kind.
Sorry to keep you waiting, Mrs Rose.
This way.
One minute, you're cooking .
and then you're identifying your husband on a slab You look happy with yourself.
Forensics have come back from Stevie Rose's boa Guess who was there.
Guess who was there.
Who? Aled, the salesman from the garage.
Aled, the salesman from the garage.
Are you bringing him in? We'll have to find him first.
You're full of hidden talents.
You're full of hidden talents.
I don't know about that.
Normally, I fall off.
Then why do it? My dad used to surf.
Not any more? Dad's gone.
What? Do you mean he's dead? Yeah.
What's that? I was supposed to deliver it to a friend but she wasn't home.
Are you headed home now? I've got to do some shopping for Nanny.
I'd like to have someone who looked after me.
/ You've got Rhys.
If I can do anything if I can help, all you need to do is ask.
Fixing this for your grandmother .
is something you should be able to do for yourself, don't you think? It's best if I leave it to the expert.
Liz told me that you missed your work again.
She wasn't well.
I didn't think you could afford to skip a shift.
I can't.
Who else was going to look after her? I'm still looking for my money at the end of the week D'you hear me? So, what do you actually do? Cardio on Monday, legs on Tuesday, chest on Wednesday Pity there's no-one at home .
to appreciate the work you do at the You're single.
I'm single.
Not my type.
You haven't seen my lats! Steffan Morris? Steffan Morris? Yeah, that's him.
Steffan? You haven't been in touch with your caseworker.
We just need to take you in for a chat, that's all Steffan! Steffan! I'll catch him on the bridge.
We have sight of Steffan Morris.
He's on foot and we're in pursuit.
Steffan, just stop.
Steffan! Just stop! Steffan! Steffan, stop! Steffan.
Steffan, stop! Steffan, come back.
Stop there now.
Steffan, stop, take it Steffan.
Please, Steffan.
Suspect is in the water.
Suspect is swept away.
Get off! Get him out.
You can get out as well Get out! Go! Fuck! Fuck! What's happened? What's happened? Steffan.
Sam! I'm putting the kettle on.
Five minutes, OK? OK.
What now, Sam? I don't want it.
Find someone else to k You opened it.
Hide it in your house or your garage.
Rhys thinks I got rid of it.
Rhys thinks I got rid of it.
Take it back.
I can't.
I can't.
Why? Here's what's going to happen.
You're going to go home and look after it Don't say you're scared.
I thought you were a bigger man than that.
Well, are you? Take this.
When I've organized something more permanent, I'll come and get it.
CRASHING Nan, it's alright.
It's alright, it's OK.
OK, stay there.
Ambulance! Sam.
If I lose her.
She'll be fine.
What else have I got? A job, a home, me.
You need to be strong.
OK? Mhmm.