Banished (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

God will say to those on the left, "Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting life "that was prepared for the Devil and his angels.
"For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat.
"I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink.
"I was a stranger and you did not take me in.
"I was naked and you did not clothe me.
"I was sick and you did not tend me.
"I was in prison and you did not visit me.
" And they will say "Lord, when did we fail to do these things?" And the Lord will reply, "Whatever you fail to do for the least of men, you fail to do for me.
" And they will go away into everlasting fire, while the righteous will have eternal life.
Thank you, Letters.
Are they where we dumped the body? It was dark.
God Almighty Shall I tell you what I love about this place? They've seen Marston.
Shall I? There is nothing to see.
God hears our prayers! He's 20 fathoms down, on the seabed - invisible.
On the Sabbath Day, in England, millions of people, in hundreds, if not thousands of churches, all praying - all God hears is a babble.
He can distinguish nothing.
But here, not one church - just a few hundred Christian voices - and God hears every single ~ word! ~ Oh, God Did I hear an "Amen" to that? Amen.
And a "hallelujah".
Hallelujah! Who will help me build a church, who? Letters Molloy, Lord.
Letters Molloy, Lord! And the thing which you most desire, Letters? To see Tashan Lake once more, before I die.
And you shall - because God will grant your dearest wish.
He will hear you, loud and clear.
We're finished.
Who else? Who else will help me build a church? We? ~ William Stubbins, Lord.
~ I ~ William Stubbins, Lord! ~ .
I am finished.
And the thing that you most desire, William? To be back home in England, with the woman I love.
And you shall.
Gentlemen, if you could lower the body, please? "I am the resurrection and the light.
"He who believes in me even though he dies shall live.
"Whoever lives and believes in me shall never die.
" Cannot hear you! Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Be sure of certain knowledge of the We cannot hear you! He's telling them to come.
Get Major Ross! Corporal! I said, get me Major Ross - now! Major Ross, sir! Shoulder advance arms.
If I see that again, you'll be on a charge.
Do you understand? ~ Sorry, Sarge.
~ Fetch Timmins.
~ Sir.
Shoulder Sir.
~ You found her, then? ~ Yes, sir.
Where were you yesterday? ~ Here and there, boss.
~ I was looking for you all day.
I'm sorry, boss.
I sent soldiers to look for you.
Did you, boss? I told convicts I was looking for you - and if they saw you, they were to tell you that.
Nobody did, boss.
Sergeant Timmins, sir.
I have pride, Katherine McVitie.
I demand respect Go.
And with the help of Sergeant Timmins here I am a soldier, woman.
~ A soldier does what his commanding officer tells him to do ~ Go! Going, sir! With the help of Sergeant Timmins here, I will get your respect.
~ Sergeant Timmins.
~ Sir.
What number were you on the list? 19, sir.
~ You had 19th choice of a woman? ~ Yes, sir.
Whom did you choose? Sarah Parkinson, sir.
Why did you prefer Sarah Parkinson, an ugly, foul-mouthed hag, to Katherine McVitie here? I did not see Katherine McVitie, sir.
Would you swear to that at court martial? If I had to, sir.
But it would suggest she hid herself away, to reappear only when it was her lover's turn to choose.
It would get her lover shot.
Yes, sir.
Shall we arrest him, Katherine? Corporal Macdonald, sir! Oh Sir.
Yes? ~ Captain Collins needs you, sir.
~ Oh.
Katherine? I will come to you tonight, boss.
Thank you.
Do not come sullen.
I will expect to see a smile upon your face.
~ Sir! ~ Come on.
I only have an hour or so left to live - and I am going to enjoy it.
I'm sorry.
Please do not be frightened.
What are you doing here? ~ Where does he keep his rum? ~ Has he sent you for it? In a way.
Where is it? Over there.
~ Who is that for? ~ Er ~ Me.
~ You intend to drink the Governor's rum? ~ Yes.
~ He will hang you for it.
~ Hm.
Is it true, what they say? What do they say? You and the Governor.
Who says it? Everybody.
~ Everybody? ~ Yes.
They all say that he sent your husband to Cape Town, ~ so that you and he ~ No, it is not true.
Would you like it to be? Please go.
I will make sure you get this back.
I am sorry for startling you.
~ Rum? ~ The Governor's.
What? ~ They've found something.
~ The body? Perhaps.
The Governor's.
You stole the Governor's rum? Can he hang me twice? Captain Collins.
Good morning, sir.
Our nets, sir - they've been ripped to shreds.
~ Sharks? ~ Natives.
They must think we take too much fish with them.
~ Yes! Too much? We hardly catch anything.
Nevertheless Shit! Oh, no! So cocky before.
So timid now.
I thought I had nothing to lose .
but I have.
Please do not tell the Governor.
Please do not hang me.
What did you do to end up here? Will that affect your decision? Yes.
In that case I am doomed.
I am not a man of honour who stood up to the Lord of the manor.
I am not a farmer who turned poacher to feed his 14 children.
I am not a dashing highwayman, either.
I am .
a pickpocket.
If I agree, will you do something for me in return? Yes.
Whenever you hear anyone talk about me and the Governor, will you put them straight? I will.
The Governor did not send my husband to Cape Town - he volunteered - and I would never betray him.
I will put them straight, I promise.
Very well.
I agree not to tell the Governor.
Thank you.
I have never been pick-pocketed.
Is there such a word, in fact? Er "Had your pocket picked," I think.
I have never had my pocket picked.
Could you? Could you see if you can take it .
without my knowing? I have done.
How were you ever caught? Freeman - where is he? It is taken care of.
~ You dug up Marston again? ~ That is none of your concern.
We are in this together.
Have you dug him up? We had to, or the dogs would have done it for us.
We could not dig him in deep.
Where is he now? The bottom of the sea, weighed down with his own chains.
We, er We all swore an oath of silence.
Was that necessary? Would you grass on us? No.
Stubby? No.
~ Letters? ~ No.
~ Anyone? Anyone? ~ No.
So why the oath, if I am already sure of you? Stubby.
We want you to speak to the Governor.
What about? This cut in the rations.
In return for your silence? Our silence is a given, Elizabeth.
You complain to the Governor, you are a marked man.
He has already marked you - a man ready to die for a principle.
He has respect for you.
You're the only one that can tell him.
You know what he will say? "You're getting above yourself, Barrett, because I did not hang you.
"So now I will, "you big-mouthed, big-headed, rabble-rousing fool.
" No, no, no.
He will thank you for it.
You tell him that this cut in the rations ~ endangers him and all the soldiers.
~ How? We are governed because we allow ourselves to be governed.
1,000 of us and 100 of them? They wouldn't stand a chance if we chose to rebel.
He will see that as a threat.
He will see it as a word of warning from a man that he respects.
~ You think so? ~ Yes, I do.
Then you tell him.
Elizabeth .
you tell them our plans? We cannot go back to England.
We have to believe that this really could be a chance for all of us - a chance for a new start.
We intend to keep our heads down, our noses clean and start a new life for ourselves, one day.
That is all that matters - me, Elizabeth, our children if we have any, and our future.
Nothing else.
You want me, Reverend? Yes.
If my wife comes, you're here to take our laundry.
Yes? Yes.
How did you find out about our babies? How did you find out? I read it in her eyes.
Anne people here are unsophisticated.
Talk like that can get you burnt at the stake, do you understand? Best not to hear it any more.
And stay away from my wife please, Anne.
Will you do that? ~ Yes.
~ Good.
Not a word to anyone about this.
Of course.
Thank you.
Oh, Lord, we ask you to bless all who labour on this church.
May the end result be a thing of beauty - and may it be the first of many churches in New South Wales.
We ask you also, Lord, to bless the marriage of Elizabeth Quinn and Thomas Barrett.
May you look kindly upon the circumstances of their union.
Excuse me.
What is going on here? We are blessing the marriage of Elizabeth Quinn and Thomas Barrett.
I mean this - who has done this? These men.
In their own time? ~ In the heat of the afternoon? ~ Yes.
We we are attempting to raise the crucifix by the end of the afternoon.
Today is your day of rest! When this service is over, you will find some shelter from the sun and you will rest.
~ You must do no more work today.
~ Yes, boss.
Is there something the matter? No, no, boss.
Thank you.
Will you come and see me tonight, please? Of course.
Have we done something wrong? We will talk tonight.
Dear Lord, may you look kindly upon the circumstances of their union What is it? Are you unwell, Elizabeth? I am fine, fine.
Please, please continue.
A union brought about by their great love for each other, as demonstrated by Thomas Barrett's willingness to forsake his own Hey, hey, hey What is it? I think I am pregnant.
I am to be a father! The boy's still got it! This boy's still got it! Yes! This is William Stubbins, Governor.
~ How do you do? ~ How do you do, Governor? He thinks he can help us.
Yes? I know my way around the forge, Governor.
I did one year as an apprentice.
I would have done it all, but I went to prison.
~ Can you make anything? ~ Nails.
Nails? ~ Yes, Governor.
~ Nothing else? Hammers, or? No, Governor.
But I can repair things.
I will practise, practise, practise.
In a year or two, I will be able to make anything you need.
Till then, I will fix everything that gets broken.
Find yourself an apprentice and show him everything.
Yes, Governor.
May I ask for something in return? Yes.
I have a wife, back home .
and she means the world to me.
She has written here that she will wait for me.
But I am doing 14 years, Governor and I cannot ask her to wait for 14 years.
Work hard, serve us well And you will be together in four or five.
~ You may go.
~ Thank you.
We have our blacksmith.
Yes! Yes! Congratulations.
~ What's wrong? ~ We've been told to stop.
~ By whom? ~ The Governor.
But it works! God hears us! Captain.
Can I help you with something, Major? Katherine McVitie says she's innocent.
Really? She told me she was working in His Lordship's bedroom.
He entered and forced himself upon her.
~ Yes? ~ She could be telling the truth.
~ I am afraid not, Major, no.
~ No? She was the downstairs maid, Major Ross.
She should not have been anywhere near His Lordship's bedroom.
~ Ah.
I see.
~ I am sorry.
There's no need to apologise.
She's only a whore.
Good night.
Good night.
How do you know that? It is in her file.
You have a thousand files.
Would you know what is in them all? ~ No.
~ Then why Katherine McVitie's? Because she is so beautiful, Major Ross - and I heard you were getting rather close.
Well, thank you.
Come back to me.
What do you want? It could be mine.
~ What could? ~ Your baby.
Your baby could be mine.
I doubt it.
It needs a man, not a shirt button.
~ Should I tell him? ~ Tommy? Yeah.
That would not be a good idea.
~ I should stay silent? ~ Yes.
And in return? What do you suggest? I want you .
Five men to every woman.
A man must do whatever it takes.
~ And you would enjoy that, would you? ~ Yes.
Shagging a woman who you know despises you? Yes.
You would get pleasure from such a thing? It seems there is no-one here that does not despise me so, yes, I would get pleasure from it! Let us talk to Tommy, then.
What? You can tell all this to Tommy.
~ You are joking.
~ I am not.
~ You are bluffing.
~ I am not.
He would kill you.
He might.
He would definitely kill you.
~ Private Buckley! ~ Yes, sir! You did not salute.
I am sorry, sir.
What is wrong? Nothing, sir! Bring Katherine McVitie to me.
~ Yes, sir.
~ Drag her, if you must.
Sir! We could run away together.
To where? The bush.
We would die there.
Jefferson did not die.
~ How do you know? ~ He has not returned.
Jefferson did not return, because he died in the bush.
Or he has not returned because he was right - you can live in the bush.
~ Katherine McVitie, please.
~ We could go now.
~ In darkness? ~ Yes.
I scream at the sight of a mere mouse - a cockroach, even.
How would I cope with the things that live in the bush? I will look after you, I promise I will ~ Katherine McVitie, you are to come with me ~ We are talking! ~ I have orders to escort you to Major Ross immediately ~ We are talking! ~ .
so if you do not come with me right now, I will drag you to him ~ We are talking, man! ~ .
because my orders include the right to use force, if I have to! ~ Private Buckley! He has to share his woman - but at least he has one to share.
You do not.
You never will, Major Ross' pimp, because you're a very ugly man.
What are you? ~ A very ugly man, Sarge.
~ Inside and out.
Now go back to Major Ross and tell him that Katherine McVitie will be with him in half an hour.
Tell him that Sergeant Timmins has given his word on that.
~ Sarge.
~ Go.
Sarge! ~ Half an hour.
~ Sir.
Take off your stripes! Take off your sash.
I am sick of being treated like shit! Take off your sash and fight me, man to man.
Take off your sash and fight me, you bloody coward! Right.
Enough? Private Buckley again, sir.
Sergeant Timmins says Katherine McVitie will be here in half an hour, sir.
He gives his word on that.
~ What happened to your face? ~ I fell over, sir.
May I go, sir? Are you crying? No, sir.
Tears, sir, yes, sir - but tears of anger, sir.
Not crying, sir.
Why are you angry? Because I fell over, sir.
You may go.
Teach me to box.
Why? Lots of reasons.
The main reason being to defend myself.
They all saw you humiliate me.
They won't put that down to you being good, but to me being bad.
They'll think they have nothing to fear from me and they'll attack.
You should have thought of that before you challenged me.
I had to challenge you.
There's only so much contempt a man can take.
If people have contempt for you .
there must be a reason.
I duck and dive no more than any man.
I sniff around no more than any man.
I am no worse than any man here but when people are in a place like this, they need someone to shit upon.
Why a soldier and not a convict, I do not understand .
but I am that person.
I am the shat-upon.
Teach me to box.
~ And all that I teach will be used against me? ~ No.
I promise I'll never attack you.
What did you expect to find here? Shall I tell you the truth? Yes.
Native women.
All naked .
all carrying armfuls of fruit .
all wanting to fuck me.
Teach me to box.
You like yourself.
I don't mean that in a bad way.
I mean that in a good way.
You like yourself - you like the kind of man you are.
And boxing helps to make you that kind of man? Yes.
I need that.
Teach me to box.
Make me a better man.
We'll start tomorrow.
"So maybe your Stubby will be home in four or five years.
" Anything else? Yes.
"I hope "I hope" "To be able to write my next letter myself.
" Captain Collins is teaching me to read and write.
Only half an hour or so each day, so it'll take a long time, but And even when I no longer need you, others will.
Hundreds will go on needing you.
I'm sorry.
I am sorry if I have hurt you.
"I hope "to be able" May I help? Elizabeth Quinn Elizabeth Barrett is pregnant.
In England, that would not be good news.
It would be a scandal.
Why is it not a scandal here? Hmm? Well, they are married here.
They are 10,000 miles from home.
If it were ten miles from home, would it be a scandal? Of course.
100 miles? 1,000 miles? How far must we be for rules to change? I think I can manage now, thank you.
I am only thinking aloud.
Yes, I realise that.
Come in.
You wish to see Oh, hello, Deborah.
Hello, Reverend.
You wish to see me? Yes, yes - about the church.
I know what you are about to say.
~ You do? ~ Yes.
"Have I thought of a name?" And the answer is "yes" - we want to name it after you.
That is not what I was about to say.
It is very good of you, yes, but I wish you'd spoken to me about it first.
It is a spiritual matter.
I need not discuss spiritual matters, Governor.
Will you join me in a tot of rum? ~ You have rum? ~ Yes.
~ Oh Yes, I abstain for a month, so I can spoil myself the following month.
Would you, Deborah? Of course.
Better not to drink at all than to drink and feel no benefit.
Reverend this is difficult, because I know how much the church means to you.
But I do not think the convicts should be building it.
~ Why is that? ~ Ah, thank you.
They are half-starved.
They are not strong enough.
Someone has been at this.
~ Yes.
~ Do you know who? Me.
You? Yes.
You do not drink.
~ I thought I would try it.
~ Why? I was feeling nervous and tense and I thought ~ I will replace it.
~ No, no, no, no, no.
It is fine.
~ Two small ones, then.
~ No, save it for yourself.
Two small ones.
Now, where was I? You were saying that the men are not strong enough.
What you take in must equal what you put out.
If it is more, you go fat.
If it is less, you die.
There is physical strength and there is spiritual strength.
In this case, the men are building a church, so their spiritual strength will sustain them.
There is just strength, Reverend.
Good night.
Are you going? Yes.
~ So early? ~ Yes.
~ Good night, Reverend.
~ Good night, Deborah.
Are you not well? No, I am fine.
Good night.
I am sorry - where was I, again? "There is just strength.
" Yes, yes - and what strength they have is needed for clearing the land, building - things on which their very survival hangs - and I am sorry, I cannot allow them to do anything else.
Then my wife and I will do it ourselves.
That is beyond any couple.
I would like to show you what spiritual strength can achieve, Governor.
I have offended you.
No, not at all.
Do you have any objection? No.
Thank you.
Oh, please - finish your drink.
I would sooner not.
I do not usually drink, you see.
I do not feel the need.
Good night, Reverend.
I will not speak to him.
He made me speak last time, but this time I will not.
He can have my body, yes - there is nothing I can do about that.
But he will not have my mind .
or my heart.
I will go on from here.
Katherine McVitie for you, sir.
He is ten times the man that he is - and 20 times the soldier.
His Lordship walked into the room, you said.
Threw you onto the bed and would have raped you, but for his wife happening on the scene.
I put that to Captain Collins, because he has files on you all and he said it is lies.
You were the downstairs maid.
What were you doing upstairs? You enticed him.
You planned to wait until he slept and walk off with his wallet.
What have you to say to that? Not talking? Now, is that because you have no defence, nothing to offer in mitigation? Or is it a tactic of some sort? Hmm? I am a soldier.
Naked and dumb is exactly how I like my women, so if this is meant to disconcert me, I can assure you it does not.
So, please Tell me why you are not speaking.
What food would you like tonight? I have some dried peas.
Would you like some? He does not love you.
He might lust after you, yes, but that is all - lust.
Sharing you cannot possibly hurt him, for you are a whore - and men always share a whore.
This is rather silly, Katherine, because I know how much you like to get it over with and get back to him and sadly, I will not start until you have spoken.
We could be here till morning.
What would you like me to say? Something truthful.
You think I hate you .
and you are right.
I do.
But you think I have nothing but contempt for you - and you are wrong.
Because occasionally .
just occasionally .
I feel sorry for you.
I think I will begin now.
Why bother? Are you seriously asking why a man should be able to read and write? Yes, yes.
You left a letter for Elizabeth - am I right? ~ A letter? ~ Clown! When I thought they were hanging me, yeah.
Thanks for that.
You had to get Letters Molloy to write it for you.
~ What did it say? ~ Nothing.
Are you picking that king up? Is it right for another man to know the contents of such a precious letter? Letters Molloy is one of the most trustworthy men amongst us.
~ Nevertheless ~ Are you picking that king up, or not? ~ I am deliberating.
What did it say? It said, "To be read in the event of my death" and as you can see, I am still alive.
~ Are you having that bloody king? ~ Yes, I am - because I know you wanted it! Thank you very much.
I am out.
Look at that! It's Letters Molloy, sir.
Come in.
I finished it.
Did you enjoy it? ~ Yes, very much.
~ Would you like another? If it's not too much trouble.
No, not at all.
Er The Annual Register of 1762.
Yes Thank you.
Is there something else? You're teaching Stubbins to read.
Stubbins and a few others, yes.
There's no need.
I'm more than happy to go on doing it for them, yes They are very grateful for all that you do, Letters, but they would sooner do it for themselves.
What is wrong? Captain Collins, if Stubbins learns to read, he will kill himself.
~ How can that be? ~ He carries around a letter from his wife, yes? Yes.
~ Have you ever read it? ~ No.
He got it on the prison ship in the Thames, two days before we sailed.
He asked me to read it to him.
He was He was very down - terrified it might be a "Dear John", you know? So .
where she had written, "I have met another man" I read "I will always be true to you, my darling.
" What? He was sailing to the other side of the world, you see - and almost certain never to see her again.
So why crush him? You see my dilemma? I'm afraid you have now made it mine, as well.
I am sorry.
I am truly sorry.
I am a Major.
I'm a Major in the marines.
I have shown courage in battle.
I have wealth and power.
And you? Do you do you think I would even look at you, back home in England? I would have a woman just as beautiful as you, but decent, too.
Educated refined It is only this place that has brought us together - and yet, you treat me like this.
~ May I go, please? ~ No.
No, I will have you three nights a week, in future.
I will make the necessary arrangements with Corporal Macdonald.
Your peas are there.
You do not want them? You may go.
The chambermaid was off that day.
She was getting an abortion, arranged by His Lordship.
I was doing her job.
He wants me three nights a week.
And what did you say? What could I say? Katherine? Katherine! Katherine! Katherine! Katherine! Katherine! It's all right.
Come on.
Corporal Macdonald.
~ Sir.
~ She swam to here? ~ Yes, sir.
~ 100 yards from shore? ~ Yes, sir.
~ In the dark? Yes, sir.
~ She was trying to drown herself.
~ No, sir.
How dare she? How dare she! I'm sorry.
They're bringing in his body.
How do you know? I swam into it, last night.
So far out? I was trying to kill myself.
But sadly, I did not succeed.
I saw Marston and he looked horrible - and I did not want to look like that.
He looked like that alive.
I'm so sorry! James! Listen, you stay and fight your corner, or you run.
~ If it is "run" he will need fresh water ~ I will get some.
He was starving you to death and they would not lift a finger to help you, so what else could you do? It will not work, Tommy.
He has announced to everyone he will hang me once the body is found and he will not go back on that.
I am finished, so I must run! Go! ~ To where? ~ The bush.
~ You will not survive in the bush.
~ I will find Jefferson.
~ Jefferson is dead.
Yeah, well, I'll find the natives, I throw myself upon their mercy.
~ They will not help you.
~ I know.
But it is a shame to waste a good meal.
Till we meet again.
I was cooped up in that hell-hole of a ship for six months, tossed up here to burn, starve, work until I drop.
And do you know what, Elizabeth? I would do it all again - because by doing it, I met you.
Where's Freeman? Chain that man! Go! ~ Shoot that man.
~ Go on! ~ Down! ~ Fire! ~ Fire! ~ After him! Come on! On the double! If you see him, fire at will! Stick together.
~ You two, search down there! ~ Yes, sir.
God Almighty! Oh, no! Take him!