Baptiste (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 Oh, hello.
Are you looking for me? Yes.
I come to read the gas meter.
Oh, please, please, come in, come in.
Is that a Romanian accent I hear? Yes, yes.
People call me Polish, Russian.
You have a very good ear.
Just a good friend.
- Used to make the most amazing sarmale.
- Mm.
Sorry you had to wait.
The meters are all through there, help yourself.
- Tea? - No, thank you.
I will not be long.
I was at the beach and found a sinistral shell.
Very rare.
So rare, people have been known to fake them.
No-one understands shells will all open to the right, but these .
these open to the left.
Ha! The lefties of the shoreline.
My wife thought it was silly.
A shell's just a shell, she'd say.
Never mind what it looks like on the surface, how pretty and shiny it is.
You never know what was really underneath.
You never know There's a reason for the sunshine sky There's a reason why I'm feeling so high Must be the season when that love light shines All around us So let that feeling Grab you deep inside And send your reeling Where your love can't hide Hey.
Celia? Celia? Maybe use a loudspeaker next time.
You say it was really quickly.
Well, it was quick.
You're feeding the 5,000 once more.
The more we leave in the freezer, the less they have to cook.
It's hard, you know, your first baby.
I remember.
It was fun.
So, um, what time are you seeing the Commissioner? - Just before lunch.
- Mm.
I should cancel, I'm needed here.
Oh, no.
She called four times, and it'll do you good to get out of the house and talk shop for a change.
Look, I like it here, you know? I want to help.
Sh, sh.
There's that look.
- What look? - The mysterious look.
I never could work out that look, even when we were together.
I'm less complicated than I appear.
You haven't changed, you know.
I have.
I've had to.
I go every six months, they look inside my head.
The last time I went, they told me all is as it should be.
But I'm slower now, I do not feel as I did.
I sleep more, I go out less.
That's called getting old.
- Cancer of old.
- Mm.
Um, listen.
My squad has a case, a missing girl, but we think it goes far beyond that.
It seems fate has plans for you, Julien.
In another life, perhaps.
You have enough detectives in your department, I'm sure.
I mean it.
I could really use your help.
I'm not the man I was.
People fade, Martha.
At least let me tell you some more about the case.
We've got no-one else with your experience.
A sex worker disappeared a few days ago.
We think it's connected to a Romanian gang.
Her name's Natalie Rose, and she was reported missing by her uncle, Edward Stratton.
Have you seen her? Have you seen that girl? I'm on the phone.
Please, she's disappeared.
Do you know who this is? I'm trying to find this girl.
She worked down here for two years.
She's been here for years.
I haven't seen her.
Get out! Come on, come on.
Get out! Argh You're a clever man, Ron.
Wasted in that place.
I like my job.
Intelligence without ambition is a bird without its wings.
In time, maybe.
In time? So often I hear these words - "in time".
Martha's on the phone.
Go on.
Martha? Julien, can you write down an address? Uh-huh, one second.
The missing girl's uncle, Mr Stratton - he collapsed and he was sent to the Emergency Room.
Where is he? OLVG Hospital, 601 Wateringen.
I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important, Julien.
- We need your help.
- I understand.
Thank you, Martha.
Just give me a second.
So .
are you going to help them? I will try.
Thank you.
Mr Stratton? Yes? I'm Julien Baptiste.
How do you feel? Um, a bit embarrassed, a bit relieved.
The doctors said I had a panic attack.
There is no reason to be embarrassed.
To be looking for someone we love, not to know where they are, what they are feeling - it's a scary place to be.
- Who are you? - I'm someone who can help find who you're looking for.
I was a detective, once.
The Commissioner of Police here is a friend, she asked me to help you, so here I am.
Do you mind if we get out of here? I'm starving.
Thank you.
Natalie Rose.
It's not the name she was born with, it's the name she took when she moved here.
It's who she is now.
Never even wanted kids.
Never thought I did, anyway.
Me and my ex, we kept trying until we got used to the idea, we persuaded ourselves we were better off, you know? And then I got a call one night, one of those calls.
A car crash, my brother and his wife.
And so that was it.
There we were, me and my niece.
How old was she?14.
Oh, it's, er .
it's young to lose her parents.
It must have been hard for you both.
A job came up with a logistics firm in Antwerp, fresh start.
When I found out about the drugs, it was too late.
I fought the same battle with my daughter.
She believed she was taking drugs, but really they were taking her, piece by piece.
But for blind and foolish luck, it could be her in the life your niece found herself living.
When did you last see Natalie? I came up from my place in Antwerp at the weekend.
Ever since she moved here I've come every couple of months, see how she was doing.
I used to try to give her money, but she wouldn't take it.
I gave up trying to turn her round and settled for just knowing that she was OK.
When her roommate said she hadn't seen her for a few days, I couldn't go back not knowing where she was.
The police file mentioned a man called Dragomir Zelincu.
You told them about him.
Do you believe he took Natalie? Or he knows who did.
Why do you think this? Do you know him? Dragomir Zelincu ran one of these big Romanian gangs, you know .
trafficking, drugs, you name it.
Natalie said she knew the truth about him, but she had to keep quiet, she had to keep her mouth shut.
Except this guy hasn't shown his face in years.
He's disappeared completely.
I don't know where the hell to start.
I will not lie, Mr Stratton.
I'm not the man I was, but, uh I will do my best to find her, I promise.
Thank you.
This is under.
Yes, I fronted some people.
Just until next week, don't worry.
Don't worry? They'll come good, I promise.
- Oh, you promise? - Mm.
I swear.
There for you My love guaranteed.
I'll give you this, you are persistent.
Isn't that what love is? I'm not sure I've heard that definition before.
What do you think, then? The same way as I did the last three times.
I just, er One day, I want to be able to get up in front of all our friends, you know, tell the world, have a party.
We talked about this.
I know we did, and I chose to ignore you.
We don't need a piece of paper to tell us what we are.
Right now, I want to enjoy that lovely breakfast you made me.
But I need to put some clothes on - It's not me, is it? - No.
It is not you, I promise.
OK? Hey.
I've done all this already.
I've spoken to everyone Natalie knows, everyone she worked with.
No worries.
I'm happy to continue on my own.
No, no, no.
I need to be here.
- So, where is Natalie's roommate working? - There.
I was last here 30 years ago.
It was very different then.
There was a boat moored near Central Station - the heroin boat.
People would come, they would buy, nobody blinked an eye.
Yeah, well, nothing's really changed.
Nothing ever changes.
Are you trying to ruin business for me? Lina, Julien Baptiste.
Look like police detective.
I was, once.
Now I'm simply helping Mr Stratton find his niece.
You last saw her several days ago.
- How did she seem? - No different.
Had her habits changed? Was she working more or less? Her addiction - was it worse or better? I told this guy already.
Enough! What about Dragomir Zelincu? Natalie mentioned his name to Mr Stratton.
I have to work.
Go! Oh, come on Where the bloody hell is the Oh, God, I'm so sorry! No, it's my fault, I wasn't looking.
Nor was I, I'm so sorry, I You have enough on your hands already.
Um Oh, this! Um So cute.
Well, right now she is.
Turns on the charm for an audience.
- She is beautiful.
- Yeah.
It runs in the family, no? Um I, I really should, um, be going.
Of course, yes.
Please, please.
- You forgot this.
- Oh, um, thank you.
- You look busy.
- I am.
What do you want, Lina? I'm not here for a coffee.
You said you were going to protect her and now she's disappeared.
I did what I could.
I'm sure you did.
What the fuck is this supposed to mean? She must've told you.
Natalie told you, didn't she? - And you turned on her.
- What What are you talking about? They will kill me! They're coming after me next.
If you really care about us girls, you will help.
Everyone is terrified.
Do you know this girl? This one here.
Did you see that girl? No? No? - Anything? - No.
Nobody has seen her.
Somebody knows something, course they do.
They're all just scared of Zelincu.
We're wasting our time.
No, I'm not sure.
Did you see him? This young man has taken a great deal of interest in our investigation.
He's been watching us.
That kid there? So it would seem, no? Mr Stratton! Ah, merde.
Mr Stratton! Hey! Hey, stop! Oh! Ah! We only have a few questions.
Just wait.
You can't arrest me, you can't arrest me, I did nothing! I did nothing.
You think I'm a police officer? Yeah, you are, aren't you? No, no, no, no.
Whatever you have in your pockets, I don't care.
OK, let me go.
I can pay you if you answer some questions.
What do you want to ask? You've been watching us all morning.
Why? Are you serious? What do you want? - 400.
- What? You think I need that shit in my life? Make it worth my while.
What is it you're afraid of? 360, it's all I have.
Mr Stratton, you don't need to 360, answer him.
Walter De Louw.
He runs a trans brothel called The Dream Room in De Wallen.
He told me there were two guys asking the girls questions, an English guy and a French guy with a limp.
Why Mr De Louw take an interest in us? I don't know, I do jobs for him sometimes.
As long as he pays me, I don't ask him why.
Anything else? The Dream Room - where is it? Ja, ja, ja, ja, ja.
Oh, nee! Forgive me, my Dutch is not as it was.
Even then, it was bad.
It's 20 euro each.
And if you see a girl you like you can negotiate with them directly.
Actually, we are here to speak with Walter De Louw.
You are police? No, just concerned citizens.
Mr De Louw is very busy.
I believe he has some interest in us.
I'm sure he can see us, why don't you ask him? Excellent choice.
Rita Hayworth's finest film, I think.
The two of them, Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth, always "I hate you, I hate you", and, er .
naturally they are in love.
Human feeling is a mystery.
He's not picking up.
Fine, you can go in.
Mr De Louw? - What do you want? - I came here to ask you the same question.
I'd been told that you sent someone to follow us.
Are our questions about this girl, Natalie Rose, troubling to you? She's my niece.
I just want to know she's OK.
In case you hadn't noticed, girls are not what I do here.
Listen, Natalie hasn't been seen for three days.
Mr Stratton has reason to believe Dragomir Zelincu has something to do with her disappearance.
Have you heard of him? So has everyone.
He was a very dangerous man, but he hasn't been seen for a long time now.
Mr De Louw, I just want to know that Natalie's safe.
If she doesn't want to see me, I don't care.
I just want to know - that she's alive.
- Listen, I sent that man to follow you because it's my business to know what's happening around here, yeah? And about the girl, Natalie - I know nothing.
Zelincu - I know no more than the next man.
So, please, hire some company or get out! Hey! What a waste of time.
No, no, not entirely.
What do you mean? He didn't tell us anything.
True, but it is what he did not say.
When we asked about Dragomir Zelincu, he became tense.
He has something to hide.
I need to take this.
- Of course.
Hello? This is Julien Baptiste.
Did you call me last night? Er, yeah.
Sorry, I know it was probably too late, I just wanted to see how you were doing.
How I'm doing? Are you serious? Yeah, no, I know it's too late, that's why I hung up.
It's been two years, Edward - and out of the blue you want to talk to me about how I'm doing? It's just a question, it's not like I just wanted to talk to you.
Are you OK? No.
What's happened? What aren't you telling me? Ed, just tell me.
Sorry Ed, it's I shouldn't have bothered you, Clare.
Sorry about that.
No, no.
No worries.
We are making noise, it seems.
Someone wishes to speak with us about your niece.
Mr Baptiste, thanks for coming.
Kim Vogel.
- Pleasure.
My wife tells me these are a thing of the past.
I never use them.
You called about my niece, Natalie Rose? I heard you two were walking around De Wallen asking questions.
How? One of my girls had your card, Mr Baptiste.
One of your girls? I run a collective for sex workers.
We buy windows from the government so they can be in charge of their own lives.
What do you know? Your niece was a junkie.
- Yeah.
And she made enemies.
From what I hear, she was unable to finance her habit.
She took to stealing.
She never said anything.
The last time I saw her, she seemed OK.
Imagine - a prostitute good at pretending.
So Natalie was in trouble? She'd run out of people willing to help.
She was in debt to the Romanians.
Did she owe money to Dragomir Zelincu? I heard you were asking about him.
All I know is, Natalie decided to run.
A girl I know, she saw her just before she left.
Natalie told her she was going to Germany.
Germany? She wanted to get far away from here.
Mr Stratton.
Mr Stratton? Where are you going? You said you could find her.
You said you could find Natalie.
We know at least that she's safe.
We know nothing.
She's in Germany! Have you got any idea where you would even start? Mr Stratton, try to be calm.
Please do not tell me to be calm.
You have no idea.
You have no idea what is going on! I understand that you blame yourself! I cannot help you with this! It'd be a miracle if we found her.
Miracles happen all the time.
The fact that I'm here today is a proof of that.
I had a tumour in my brain.
I'm sorry.
I'm not.
To face something like this and still be sitting here .
as I say, every morning I find faith, even when it seems that things are too far gone.
Look, I know things haven't exactly gone to plan, but, um .
thank you for helping.
I appreciate it.
Just feeling this alone in all this is You're welcome, Mr Stratton.
Edward - please.
It's just exhausting, living on a knife edge all this time, and now I just .
don't even know where she is.
This is not over.
These things take time.
We talk with this girl, we retrace your niece's steps.
Yeah, I just think it might bepointless.
No, this is not pointless.
Pointless would be to stop searching.
You're tired, Edward.
I see it in your eyes, in your walk.
Your body is yawning.
You need to rest.
I will.
My hotel room's just round the corner.
I have to go back home tomorrow morning.
Deal with a few things.
I won't be gone for very long, but you'd call if? Yes, of course.
Well, till tomorrow, then.
Yeah, tomorrow.
A demain.
This bloody thing! Here, do you want to try? Oh, no, you know how this will end.
Oh, well.
You look exhausted, love.
You know, Ron said that there were some old DVDs over there.
Go and have a look and see if you can find something you fancy.
You need to take your mind off things.
Ah, I know that look.
Excuse me.
Julien? I'm sorry to call you so late.
It's OK, I'm still at the office.
I thought you would be.
I wondered, could you send over all the files you have on Dragomir Zelincu, going back as far as you have? I need more on Dragomir and the Brigada Serbilu.
I can e-mail it to you now, but be careful what you wish for.
The Brigada Serbilu don't make for light reading.
Hold on.
Should be with you now.
Good luck, Julien.
Thank you.
Where is the computer? So Documents are here What is it you're looking for? Anything regarding this man - Dragomir Zelincu.
On your feet.
Up! Up! Who's that? What's she doing down there? The new girl, I think she's sick.
Here we go.
Number one.
- Six.
Take your time.
This is for life, not just for Christmas.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, please.
No! No! I just don't understand you sometimes, you know? I just want to make you happy.
Sorry, can I help you? Mr Baptiste.
Give us a minute, yeah? I'll crack on.
What is it? Does he know? What do you want? She was born Margarita Cansino.
But the head of the studio thought her name was too Spanish, he felt it was limiting the roles she could be cast in - reducing her to the exotic figure who appears for five seconds and leaves.
Margarita took his advice.
She changed her name to Rita Hayworth.
An appropriate icon for you, I think.
And what do you think you know? I noticed your love of Rita Hayworth in your DVD collection.
Seven films, quite the fan.
And of course I saw the poster in The Dream Room.
I couldn't be sure, but when I find connections, I pay attention.
I'm slower than I used to be, unfortunately.
Then I suggest you speed the fuck up.
I looked into the ownership of The Dream Room last night.
It takes some unravelling, but it appears to be owned by a Dragomir Zelincu.
Mr Zelincu made a number of acquisitions around Amsterdam between 2011 and 2015.
And then nothing.
He disappeared.
But you - you are the opposite.
I can find nothing about you dating back further than 18 months.
Because you are Dragomir Zelincu.
Excuse me? Or rather you were - before you transitioned to Kim.
Natalie told Mr Stratton she knew the truth about Dragomir.
She learned it was you, didn't she? And I assume you offered Natalie protection in return for keeping your secret safe? You've made a life for yourself here, it seems.
Far from Dragomir, far from the life you lived.
And it seems to me you sincerely wish to make amends, trying to restore power to the sex workers of De Wallen.
But, er .
there are agencies who would like to keep an eye on you.
Your past dealings as Dragomir Zelincu.
And others, of course.
People wish you harm.
You called me, you offered information about Natalie.
Information I presume is false, to set me on the wrong path.
You know where she truly is.
You won't tell anyone? If I help you? Ms Vogel, I will not.
You can trust me on that.
- I won't.
You'll find her there.
Caspar! Caspar? Caspar? Caspar! Caspar! Kom, kom, kom! Hey.
Oh, Celia, hi.
- Hi.
Hey, guys! She's woke up! Gorgeous.
Oh, I'd better get that.
Here, can you take her? It's probably your father.
Oh, Julien, hi.
No, that's OK, we'll carry on without you.
What? So you know where she is? You are Baptiste? I've been looking for you, Natalie.
Your accent, where is it from? I am not what you were expecting? Your uncle didn't tell me.
My uncle? Edward Stratton.
He's not my fucking uncle.
He's not who you think he is.
Not at all.