Bard of Blood (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

So Quick Bright Things Come to Confusion

[in English.]
Do it.
Do it.
Do it goddammit! [in Hindi.]
Sir Sir How can you bring a woman on the mission? How can the agency allow this? A team can only be as strong as its weakest player.
- See for yourself.
- The only weak player is you.
Your intelligence was wrong! The plan has completely backfired! Was the guard asking for money? How is this even possible? How can they resort to this shootout for a few thousands? I've no experience in hostage-rescue operation.
You guys goofed up in taking your pick.
Next time you make sure you select the right agent.
- Only if there will be a next time.
- Please don't talk negative.
I want to go back home.
And sir, we can still disappear in Quetta.
It will take them a long time to find out who's behind all this.
News and sand both travel fast in the desert.
Now, this is more of a suicide mission.
Understood? [in English.]
Collect whatever you can.
Let's not waste any more time.
Come on! [in Hindi.]
Come on! Let's go.
[in Hindi.]
Are you okay? Didn't get much sleep.
[in English.]
We need a plan.
[in Hindi.]
The video message came from Quetta.
[in English.]
We have to identify Taliban control zone in Quetta.
[in Hindi .]
Once we find out where the Taliban hotspots are, we can easily find the location of Mullah Khalid and the agents.
This camp looks like the Taliban's center.
The Taliban is ISA's proxy in this area.
[in English.]
So basically we're dealing with the ISA.
[in Hindi.]
The Taliban never take hostages.
They execute their prisoners right away.
Veer is right.
ISA should be the one negotiating but the Taliban is doing that instead.
What could our agents have gotten their hands on? [in Pashto.]
You can punish me if you must, but I had to teach that infidel a lesson.
Anyone who disrespects you, will not be tolerated.
Jihad is our ultimate cause.
I'll draw every ounce of blood if I have to.
No matter if it's mine.
Or that of our enemies.
The true meaning of Jihad is not to be found in blood.
Modern Jihad deals with everything politically.
We need to build relations with the Haqqanis, - You will learn a lot from them.
- I am ready for it.
Along with the Haqqanis, you, my son, will show the world, who the new supreme leader will be.
If Allah wills it.
[in Hindi.]
All communications are routed through this heavily-guarded hospital, [in English.]
to establish Mullah's fake hideout.
We've to tap the messages that Mullah is sending from here.
[in Hindi.]
Is the transmitting dongle working? The dongle alone is of no use, we'll need a laptop.
[in Urdu.]
This video was uploaded ten minutes ago on the Taliban's internal message group.
Mullah's trying to negotiate with India.
Your wife sends a message.
She wants the father of her children to attend their Annual Day.
Even though she knows I am in Balochistan.
Should I send a reply or leave it.
Say that "Father misses you and sends you his love.
" Okay.
Any more orders? Or is that it? Save a copy of this video, and delete it.
It shouldn't be out on the internet.
We must take those agents in our custody before any more damage is done.
- Excuse me.
- Yes? - I need a charger.
- Okay, I'll give you.
- This one won't fit my phone.
- Okay.
- I need a multiple pin charger.
- Okay.
[in Hindi.]
The agents were captured in Balochistan and then handed over to the Taliban in Quetta.
But why? Or maybe the Taliban captured the agents.
And ISA had no clue about it.
[in English.]
That's not possible.
Taliban is restricted to Quetta.
[in Hindi.]
ISA must have captured the agents.
[in English.]
Something doesn't add up.
[in Urdu.]
What are you looking at? - [in Hindi.]
We must get out of here.
- What happened? Quickly.
Hurry up.
We cannot outrun the police for too long.
They will be here any minute.
Is this place safe? This is all I could arrange for now.
We'll have to be careful in the future.
Is the transmitting dongle working? [in English.]
I want the system up and running.
No system shut down, no patchy network.
[in Hindi.]
This dongle is linked with the satellite.
[in English.]
So I need to connect it to the laptop to be able to decode and intercept.
[in Hindi.]
Go inside and set it up.
I want to talk to Veer.
Why are your posters everywhere? Why is the police looking for you? I don't know.
How can you drop your cover so soon? I escaped, with all the gear.
Jihadi fighters often run away.
Do you know that you've turned the Taliban against you by defecting? Yes I had no choice.
Evil pursuit brings bad reputation.
And their reputation is white-washed.
I know Also that you're an honest man.
The Agency has forgotten you but you must trust me, Veer.
Years later the agency has finally paid heed to your application.
I just want to go home.
You will But, you get to decide whether you go alive or in a body bag.
I'll manage the opium for you.
But you must have faith in yourself.
I want Veer.
[in Urdu.]
That is not acceptable for me.
Please, sir Otherwise the Americans might intervene.
Does Amir Ul-Mu'uminin know about this? Does he approve of this? Amir Ul-Mu'uminin shall be informed of the situation.
[in English.]
Sir, I need you to hear something.
[in Urdu.]
That's not acceptable for me.
Please, sir.
Otherwise the Americans might intervene.
Does Amir Ul-Mu'uminin know about this? Does he approve of this? [in Hindi.]
That's Mullah Fakhar's voice He's third-in-command in the Taliban.
[in English.]
[in Urdu.]
Yes, sir.
Amir Ul-Mu'uminin shall be informed of the situation.
"Amir Ul-Mu'uminin.
" [in Hindi.]
That's how they address Mullah.
[in Urdu.]
I will go only when he orders.
And don't even think I'll step in your jail! I'll go to Kech, to Amir.
[in Hindi.]
Go where? [in English.]
What did he say? - [in Urdu.]
I'll go to Kech - [in English.]
Play that again.
I'll go to Kech, to the Amir.
[in Hindi.]
That's what it sounds like.
Mullah's not in Quetta, he's in Kech.
The Taliban has infiltrated pretty deep in Balochistan.
But the Taliban cannot be outside Quetta.
And Kech is a very small place.
There's no news of the Taliban's presence.
You're hearing what the ISA wants you to hear.
ISA has been fooling everyone.
Mullah and our agents are in Kech.
It all fits.
What now? We'll have to challenge Mullah to free our agents.
Who is that? We didn't order any.
[in Urdu.]
Where is this man? [in Hindi.]
They must have backup.
Let's go.
[in Urdu.]
They have escaped.
Catch them.
[in Hindi.]
Get the car.
I'll divert their attention.
[in Urdu.]
Look behind the building! Catch them! [in English.]
Nihar, don't mess with protocol in your enthusiasm.
Sorry, sir.
- Did you find anything? - [in Hindi.]
Yes, sir.
Kabir is not clean.
[in English.]
This was Sadiq Sir's second call to him [in Hindi.]
in ten minutes.
Something definitely went down within these 10 minutes.
And I've something more to show you.
"ADO," "RLB" and "X.
" [in English.]
Sadiq Sir was playing a puzzle.
[in Hindi.]
And why was he jotting letters in a Sudoku puzzle? [in English.]
I mean, was it some kind of an internal message? Don't worry about that.
You focus on Kabir.
Find out where he is.
[in Hindi.]
The Taliban are looking for Veer and they are in Kech too.
That must be the information which our agents acquired.
They are operating from Kech.
Have you been to Kech before? [in Hindi.]
The Taliban are in Kech.
What could be more important than this? We even had Mullah's coordinates.
This is not the time to think about this.
The question is what about us now? You think someone will come to rescue us? [in English.]
That might be a trap.
[in Hindi.]
They think they control our lives.
We're going to die.
What if we die before the time they have fixed for us? Exposing the Taliban is more important.
We will die but our nation will win.
It's evident that Mullah is in Kech.
But we must find out whether our agents are there too.
This is an abandoned neighborhood.
We can live in any house.
This is the place.
Our agents stumble upon the information that Mullah Khalid is in Kech.
They inform Sadiq Sir.
Get arrested.
[in English.]
Then Sadiq Sir is murdered.
[in Hindi.]
The Taliban didn't order this hit.
ISA is behind it.
[in English.]
Someone from the ISA is running this operation.
The agents are important to his plans, so he ordered the hit.
Since we left Quetta, [in Hindi.]
has something been bothering you? [in English.]
Don't try and read my mind, Isha.
Just follow orders.
Oh shit.
[in English.]
Sir, sir, sir Sir! Nihar, what is the matter with you? Have you gone completely crazy? - Sorry, sir.
It's important.
- What is important? [in Hindi.]
Kabir and Isha are in Balochistan.
[in English.]
Sir, Isha and Kabir are traveling together.
Fake passports.
Delhi to Dubai and Dubai to Kandahar.
That's not all.
Isha made an unscheduled call to an asset in Afghanistan.
Veer Singh.
[in Hindi.]
Send me his file [in English.]
and reach out to him.
[in English.]
Okay, sir.
'ADO' is Kabir, 'RLB' is either Isha or that third guy.
And Sadiq is linked to this.
[in Hindi.]
Find out how.
[in English.]
Okay, sir, but I need some more information [in Hindi.]
to run the trace.
[in English.]
I am going to give you a brief about something which is much much higher than your clearance.
[in Hindi.]
Two days ago we received a message from Quetta.
[in English.]
This is the latest video we received.
Rehmat has been executed.
[in Hindi.]
Download the satellite images of Kech.
And you will arrange phones and sim-cards for us.
You can use my phone.
Keep your phone switched off.
[in English.]
Your cover has been blown.
Analyze those satellite images.
Do a recce.
Find potential Taliban hotspots.
Take pictures.
Look out for any reinforcement cars.
If you see any movement, report to me.
[in Hindi.]
You will have to do it alone.
And Veer, you will have to find us an exit route.
We must get out of here immediately after we rescue the agents.
We can catch a ship from Gwadar.
But we'll have to infiltrate a drug or prostitution ring.
You're already too popular in the drug ring.
The second option is better.
I'll try to meet with my old contacts.
[in English.]
So you've been here before.
[in Urdu.]
Flowers, please.
Thank you.
[in Urdu.]
Greetings, Baba.
- You're back? - I want to meet with Marri.
Where can I find him now? After Marri sir passed away, I never set a foot outside this solitude.
So who is carrying the torch of Balochistan's war for freedom? You have to go to the Medina Bakery.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Four sheermals and meat gravy to go, please.
Please? [in Urdu.]
You don't look like a local to me.
Where are you from? I am a local, but I've relocated to Dubai now.
And the reason for your return.
There's more money in contract work than Balochistan's GDP.
Don't you miss home? No one wants to leave their home.
But staying back means compromising the future of your children.
No freedom or rights.
After Bashir Marri Sir passed away, the war ended, and so did the dreams of a liberated country.
The war won't be over we don't get freedom from Pakistan.
We need brave men and not deserters like you.
I would rather run than fight under the leadership of a teenager.
I've heard that the new benefactor of BAF is some underage boy.
[in Urdu.]
We're born warriors.
I am grateful that your faith in me, and in my late father's goals, has not wavered.
Your father sacrificed his life for us.
We're with you.
And we're prepared to do what it takes for your objectives.
So be it.
Don't let defeat break your courage.
We won't.
We won't.
And by God, we shall conquer our lands again! So be it! So be it! So be it! So be it! - [in Urdu.]
Yes? - Show me some mobile phones.
Camera-equipped phones, please.
See these phones have cameras.
- I want six SIM cards.
- Do you have six identity cards? Infidel.
Take him with us.
I didn't come here for this.
I need your help.
You were brought here via Gwadar.
On whose ship? Listen Don't be scared.
I won't tell anyone.
There is a man, who can help you.
Have a seat, I'll get him.
Thank you.
- You want the information? - Yes.
[in Hindi.]
How does it feel out on the field? [in English.]
I know you're with Kabir Anand and Veer Singh.
[in Hindi.]
Who else knows? Come back and Joshi Sir will go easy on you.
[in English.]
I am here for the four prisoners, as Sadiq Sir would've wanted.
- Three Indian prisoners.
- Four What? Rehmat has been killed.
[in Urdu.]
Tell me what is your purpose? Take me to Nusrat.
What business do you have with him? It's personal.
[in Urdu.]
You've grown up.
Where did you find him? I found them, Nusrat.
You should be more careful.
If anyone can get to you by citing a few insults then you are in danger.
Listen to me.
Help me in my search and I can help you.
Years ago you betrayed us.
You Indians are selfish bastards.
We've been fighting a common enemy.
And look at what that did to us.
First, you deserted us and now you've returned with another fake story.
Untie him and send him away.
You should be thankful that you're going back on your own two feet.
Don't waste time, Qasim.
Why did you let him go? Are you out of your mind? He can be a threat to us.
He's no threat to us.
What do you know? - You haven't even turned 19 yet - Qasim! As your brother-in-law I request you to stop commenting on this matter anymore.
And if in case you decide to ignore my request .
as your leader I order you to shut up! Sadiq is dead.
And 3 agents are still in the Taliban's custody.
They have already beheaded one of them.
Indians are not stupid, they can be mislead for a while.
What if they find out Mullah's location? Call masking won't work for too long.
What? No.
I cannot control the Taliban, only manipulate them.
But don't deviate from your goal, and victory shall be ours.
Any news? A rumor has been circulated on Mullah Khalid's orders, that he personally beheaded that spy.
But according to our sources, it was his son's insanity that led to this.
If this truth comes out, then Mullah's brethren won't take Aftab seriously.
And his terror will be useful for us.
Then they will be forced to work according to my plan.
And what is your plan? These Indian spies will come in handy.
Anything else? Yes.
This man worked for the Taliban.
But he murdered his partner in Afghanistan and now the police are looking for him.
The Taliban has released this picture for an identification.
In fact, yesterday he escaped from a small lodge, evading the police.
But there were two other people with him, a woman and a man.
[in Hindi.]
What happened? All okay? Old contacts are a dead end.
We had our differences.
[in English.]
Did you guys find anything? [in Hindi.]
No, sir.
Nothing yet.
Sir I've kept something from you two.
Before you two arrived here, I murdered a Talibani smuggler.
I wanted to tell you, but I feared that you might neutralize me.
I don't doubt your skills, Veer.
You've braved it out here for years.
This is no time to give up.
[in English.]
Any luck with the recce? [in Hindi.]
Play that again.
Zoom into that.
What happened? Where are you going? - I am coming too.
- I must go alone.
- [in English.]
We'll cover you.
- You stay here.
- [in Hindi.]
We should follow protocol.
- There are no protocols on this mission.
If I don't return, then get to the Indian embassy in Islamabad.
We told you to switch it off.
Who is it? The Agency is calling me home.
My father has Alzheimer's.
They want me to return before my father completely forgets me.
I have to go back at any cost.
Call the Agency.
Don't call them, - [in English.]
it's a trap.
- Trap? [in Hindi.]
Why would Delhi want to trap me? Not you.
Kabir and me.
- I don't understand - We lied to you, Veer.
This mission isn't sanctioned.
[in Urdu.]
Yes? Can we talk somewhere in private? If this involves women or drugs, then I'll have to ask you to leave.
What about Chinese guns, ammunition, and grenades? How did you know that I can be of use to you? I like taking risks.
You're fortunate.
I'll make a call.
Just don't dial the Police.
I know a man who deals with the Taliban.
I'll talk to him.
Taliban? Here? Don't ask questions.
I don't like to lie, and you don't want to hear it.
Where is he? Patience.
He's a cripple.
His name is Saqlain.
Saqlain Anwar.
He's here.
Five years, Saqlain Anwar.
Remember me? I am sure your leg does.
Fate has kept you alive for me.
I know Mullah is hiding out here.
Tell me or I will send all of you to hell.