Barry (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Chapter Eight: Know Your Truth

1 You want to know what I'm good at? I'm good at killing people.
The money's good, and these people I take out, like, they're they're bad people.
- What's that from? - What? The story's nonsense, but there's something to work with.
I was told I had to attack you because you were bloodthirsty maniac.
Whoever told you that, he's just wrong.
We need to kill Fuches.
Okay, your name? Barry Bergman.
Barry Bergman.
You gotta change that name.
You sound like an accountant or something.
BARRY: My name is Taylor Garritz.
- This guy and Ryan were working together.
- Okay, just slow down.
We need to connect them to each other.
Well, I'd say that's a connection, wouldn't you? SALLY: Whatever you did tonight to get to that place, that's your new process, okay? All you have to do is do that every time.
[SCREAMING] ANNOUNCER: Viewer discretion is advised.
Hang on.
Wait a minute.
I got a gun.
I got a fucking gun! - Barry! [LAUGHS] - [DOOR SHUTS] Barry, you're alive! You're fucking alive! What the fuck? Hey! Whoa! What? Are you okay? [CHUCKLES] What the fuck happened with Sifuentes? Goran is pissed.
Hank thinks he's gonna come after us.
I mean, fucking Chechens, right? They got no sense of personal responsibility.
What What are you doing there, buddy? Taking my money, and I'm gonna leave.
Your money? [LAUGHS] Your money.
That's funny.
Because, you know, it's our money, buddy.
That-that money is our Ah! [SHOUTS] What the fuck, man? [CHUCKLES] You can't just come here, fucking hit me in the face! [GRUNTS, GROANS] I'm done, Fuches.
Starting now.
[DOOR OPENS] What the fuck? Aah.
My fucking tooth.
- Goran here? - He's totally here.
Come on in.
- Can I get you anything? - [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] - Beer, submarine sandwich? - Uh-uh.
- Maybe a steak for your face? - Thanks.
- Okay.
[COCKS] Everyone is a little on edge because of the whole war with the Bolivians.
[WHIRRING] Hey, Goran.
Fuches is here.
- Goran.
- You have many balls to come here.
Well, I thought we needed to talk.
About what? About how you fucked up my entire operation? About how you talked me into going after stash house and start war with Bolivians? Goran, respectfully, as I recall, I mean, I-I asked you what you wanted.
You said the stash house, and I said, "Well, take it.
" You know, but really, I said it like a - [BEEP] - I said it like a jazz musician would say, you know, like, "Your turn to riff, man.
Take it away!" [WHIRRING LOUDER] Okay, I can see you're upset.
I can.
You know what? I-I didn't run, did I? I didn't run.
I came right back here to make things right.
Barry's alive! - [BEEPS] - No way, Jose.
Yeah way.
He's alive, and I can give him to you.
Goran, out of respect, I can lead you right to him, and all I ask for in return is that you and I are good again, okay, buddy? Also, there's a small amount of money he took from me which is rightfully mine, so.
Why would I do this? You just told me he is alive, and I already know where to find him.
[LAUGHS] I'm sure that you think - you know - Acting class.
You know about the acting class? Yes.
Stupid Vacha follow him there, get himself killed, get cops even more up my asshole.
Yeah, I see, I see.
I-I got it.
Well the thing is Barry turned on me.
You know? He tried to kill me, after I raised him like a son.
I mean, just look at my look at my fucking face, would you? This tooth, you see how loose it is? - You see right there? - He can fix that.
[GRUNTS] - [SPITS] - GORAN: There, that fixed.
Yes! Ow! Yes! Yes! [GROANS] I want you to meet someone.
- [CHOKING] - Ruslan! - Ruslan? - [FUCHES SCREAMS] No, that's the guy who filed my fucking teeth! You said he was dead! No, that was Vacha.
- This is twin brother, Ruslan.
- [CLICKS TONGUE] There are two of 'em? Ruslan here was last one born, so he got a little overcook.
- He is really crazy one.
Hey, Goran.
Hank! Hank, buddy, buddy, buddy, buddy.
Come on! - [GARAGE DOOR WHIRRING] - Huh? Yeah? Hey! Ruslan, right? It's Ruslan? Yeah, you know what, buddy? You are in America now, man.
Hsst! [CLEARS THROAT] - [WHIRRING] - FUCHES: Hey! No! - [SPEAKS CHECHEN, LAUGHS] - [FUCHES SCREAMS] Let Ruslan get rid of Fuches, then we go to this acting class.
You know, Goran, if I put myself in position of Barry, I don't stick around to go to acting class after shootout with Bolivians.
You know the song "Fly Like an Eagle" performed by Seal on the Space Jam soundtrack? If I'm Barry, I fly like an eagle Are you in love with Barry? No, I was just saying I don't think he go take class, knowing that we all think he's dead.
Who are you loyal to? - You, Goran.
- Yes.
You are really loyal.
[SCOFFS] Plant lipstick camera.
Get shot by Barry, then stick up for Barry.
Offer anyone who shows up here submarine sandwich.
- I'm polite.
- You are weak.
We will go.
You will stay here and help Oksana with dishes.
[GRUNTS] Goran.
Don't be like that! [SEAGULLS CAWING] [PHONE CHIMING] [BUZZING] Hank? [QUIETLY] Barry.
So nice to hear your voice.
- BARRY [ON PHONE]: What do you want? - Fuches is here.
He told us you're alive.
All right.
[SAW WHIRRING] I do not know if you'll be seeing Fuches again.
Also, Goran says, soon, he's going to acting class to find you, so I suggest you take your money and, you know - [WHIRRING CONTINUES] - fly like Bug Bunny in Space Jam.
- Thanks, Hank.
- HANK [ON PHONE]: No, thank you, Barry.
Thank you for your friendship.
You are a super good guy.
- [WHIRRING CONTINUES] - I have to go.
[ENGINE STARTS] Thank you.
- MOSS: Loach! - Yeah? Grab your shit.
Judge just signed a warrant to bring in Pazar! [SING-SONGY] Goran Pazar, we're coming to get you.
- [WHIRRING] - Please! Please! No! [WHIRRING STOPS] [CLATTERS] [SIGHS] Now, watch, Ruslan.
This is how you get rid of somebody in America.
Whoa! Whoa! - [MEN GRUNT] Whoa! Whoa! Goran! Goran? - [GUN CLATTERS] - [SPEAKS CHECHEN] - Hey.
- [GUNFIRE] - [GLASS BREAKING] - [YELPS] [FUCHES WHIMPERS] - [GARAGE DOOR OPENING] - Barry? Is that Is that Ba Barry! Motherfucker! [LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY] Oh my God! I fucking love you so much! Cut me out! Cut me out! [SOFTLY] Keep your fucking voice down.
Hey! Oh my God! - I gotta get my tooth.
- Fuck your goddamn tooth.
[BLOOD DRIPPING] - [SIRENS BLARING] - [TIRES SQUEALING] So, I burned a CD for this very moment.
Apocalypse Now, motherfucker.
["FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE" PLAYING] What? What the fuck is this? That's "Flight of the Bumblebee.
" Apocalypse Now is "Ride of the Valkyries," you idiot.
[SIRENS BLARING] [WATER FLOWING] Goran, your tea is getting cold.
I hope you guys like iced tea.
Goran? [CHUCKLES] Barry.
[HELICOPTER, SIRENS APPROACHING] Okay, yeah, that's definitely coming for us.
That's not good.
- Fellas? - [MEN SPEAK CHECHEN] - Barry.
- Get out.
Get out.
- Come on.
- No, I'm done.
Get out.
No, listen.
Look, you're made for this job, all right? You just proved it at Pazar's.
It's who you are.
No, it's It's who you made me.
I'm done with you, Fuches.
Okay, fine.
You don't want to see me anymore, that's great.
That's great.
I still get half the money.
You can have all the money.
Get out.
I'm done with you, I'm done with all this, starting right now.
OFFICER: Let's move it along.
- [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] - Get out, Fuches.
FUCHES: Barry.
Barry, come on, buddy.
- Buddy.
- Fellas.
- What's going on here? - All right.
All right.
- Let's go.
- Thank you.
BARRY: Sorry.
Barry! Buddy, you don't mean it! - [CAMERA CLICKS] - [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] [PEOPLE CHATTERING] MOSS: Hey.
[LOACH SIGHS] What the fuck happened here? Looks like the Bolivians made it here before we did.
Well, now you can't rule other people out just like that.
Now who's making work? This was Bolivians.
- WOMAN: Hey, Janice? - Yeah.
Looks like the shooter - was in the window there.
- MOSS: Mm-hmm.
Shots came from pretty low to the ground.
- MOSS: Mm-hmm.
- Shooter was either crouching or he was extremely short.
BOTH: Bolivians.
which led us to the conclusion that rival crime organizations from Chechnya and Bolivia led by these two men, Goran Pazar and Cristobal Sifuentes, were baited into war by this man, Taylor Garrett, and his partner, the ringleader of the entire operation, this man, Richard Krempf, AKA Ryan Madison.
While he posed as an actor and a physical trainer, his primary occupation was one of crime, violence, and greed.
NOHO HANK: You want a beer or something? Richie can make you a cocktail, submarine sandwich.
We got the six-foot-long, huh? It's gluten free.
You know, you're very polite.
[MEN CHATTERING] - This is nice.
- Yes! Nice.
It is nice, and you know what? Once the guys get to know each other, it's gonna be super great.
[CHUCKLES] [SPEAKS CHECHEN] - - Chht! POLICE CHIEF [ON TV]: At this point, we are highly confident that Mr.
Garrett and Mr.
Madison acted alone.
So, essentially with these men trying to pit two crime organizations against each other, thus reaping the benefits of their demise, much like the Kurosawa I'll open it up to some questions.
Michael Leslie, KNX Newsradio.
- [CELL PHONE BUZZING] CHIEF: I believe it's spelled just how it sounds, - so, "Yo," Y-O - Detective Moss.
COUSINEAU [ON PHONE]: They say that the camera adds 10 pounds to you.
Not from where I'm standing, babe.
CHIEF: such films as Rashomon, famous for I only wish they gave you more lines, but there are no small parts, only small actors.
What are you doing, calling me? You cracked the case.
You owe me a swift kick in the balls.
[DOOR OPENS] Anything else? MICHAEL [ON TV]: Yes, was CHIEF: Oh God, no.
He was highly prolific.
Uh - Hey! Hey! - Hey.
- Hi.
- How's it going? Oh! Hey.
- How are you? - Good.
I just I wanted to come and say, umm goodbye.
I'm-I'm I'm not gonna take the class anymore, - but thank you.
- What? Why? You did it.
You were Oh my God, you were so great.
You were emotional and and honest and No, I get what you're saying, but I I just don't think I can, um You're talking about my process and stuff.
I don't think that can be my process.
I don't think I can go to that place again.
Sit down.
Look, Barry, what you did the other night was real.
I saw it in your eyes, and I know that to get to a real place like that, you had to draw on something so painful.
Okay, I haven't told anyone here this before well, except Natalie and Nick, I think Jermaine, obviously Gene, but I I really I don't like to talk about it.
I was married.
Like, right out of high school.
- Wow.
- I was, like, 18, so stupid.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, he was a real, umm He was a real piece of work and you know, like violent.
He hit you? Oh my God, it was, like, a lifetime ago, but something I draw on a lot in my acting work.
That's how I know that you went to the same place the other night.
You're a real actor, Barry.
I saw it, and I don't say that to a lot of people.
I know where you went, and I know how hard it is, I really I do, but it's not always gonna feel like that.
It gets easier.
Trust me.
I mean, using my pain in my work, it's-it's It's helped me to process it.
It can be the same for you.
Plus, I don't have healthcare.
It's cheaper than therapy, so.
You know whatever it is that you were drawing on the other night you can tell me about it.
I mean, I just told you about my marriage, so.
Well, that's true.
It's okay.
It's a process.
I understand.
[CHUCKLES] But you can't quit now.
Have you ever heard of a play called The Front Page? The Front what? I think we should do it together.
You want to do a play with me? Yeah, we work well together.
Don't worry.
You don't have to get too heavy.
It's not a drama.
It's a comedy, so all you have to do is talk really loud and fast.
Anyone can do it.
You want to do a comedy with me? Yeah! What do you think? Okay.
- Yeah.
- Really? - No, I Let's do it.
- Okay.
- That sounds awesome.
- Okay.
So, we'll start rehearsals Tuesdays and Thursdays - [BIRDS CHIRPING] - [FROGS CROAKING] [WATER LAPPING] SALLY: Okay, try it once more.
BARRY: "Listen, Duffy, I want you to tear out the whole front page.
" "That's what I said, the whole front page.
Johnson's writing the lead.
" Okay, try it again, just, I think, faster and louder.
"Now, Listen, Duffy, I want you to tear out the whole front page.
"That's what I said, the whole front page.
- Johnson's writing the lead.
" - That was funnier.
- You left the word "out" out.
- Oh shoot.
"Whole front page out.
Johnson will write the lead.
" But I got most of the words right, though, yeah? Yeah, it was good.
- Yeah? - Yeah, it's getting there.
[VEHICLE APPROACHING] - Janice is here.
- Oh, does that mean I have to get up? - [ENGINE STOPS] - Yeah.
- You gotta help her with her bags.
- [MOANS] [GASPS] Oh my God.
This is so beautiful.
So are you in that dress, Janice! Wow! - It's beautiful.
- Hey, Barry.
- Hi.
- COUSINEAU: Hello, my love.
Welcome to my sanctuary! - [GIGGLES] - Get up here! - Welcome to my happy home.
- [GASPS] Hot and cold running water.
- The miracle of high-speed Internet.
- Sure.
And our room is up there, right next to the guest room.
- It's a cozy little place, babe.
- Cozy.
And this, this is the poster for the new show? - SALLY: Yeah.
- Yeah, we just settled on that font.
But "Barry Block"? Oh, uh, that's my stage name.
Yeah, it's catchier than Berkman.
Oh, is it? So, I understand it's your first big show, Barry, right? Yeah.
It's a little nerve-racking but I'm in good hands with these two.
- Yeah.
- You're coming to opening night, right? I would not miss it for the world, and thank you for letting me intrude on your rehearsals.
Oh, you're not intruding at all.
I actually think we're in a really good place.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we are.
- Yeah.
You are, Barry.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
["JAMAICA FAREWELL" PLAYING] - [MOUTHING] - [ON STEREO] Down the way - Where the nights are gay - [SALLY LAUGHS] - And the sun shines daily - Oh God.
- On the mountain top - [LAUGHTER] I took a trip on a sailing ship And when I reached Jamaica I made a stop But I'm sad to say I'm on my way Won't be back for many a day My heart is down, my head is turning around I had to leave a little girl in Kingston Town - Thank you.
- SALLY: Woo! - Well done.
Well done.
- SALLY: Bravo! - BARRY: Bravo.
- SALLY: Kiss the cook! It's gonna be good.
Actually, our next production is gonna be, um, Zoo Story.
Oh, yeah.
That's an Eddie Albee, one act.
It is about a nutcase and a square - having it out on a bench in Central Park.
- Mmm-hmm.
Yeah, and, um, and the cool thing is, is that Sally and I are gonna switch roles every night, so one night we play the nutcase, the next night we play the square.
Why? Just to give the audience a different experience every night.
So, you're expecting people to come multiple times? Absolutely.
MOSS: So, Barry, what's your endgame with this? - "Endgame"? - MOSS: Yeah.
I mean, are you hoping to get into TV or movies? - What's your thing? - BARRY: Uhh you know, I think my first and only love is the theater you know, and that's where I'm my happiest.
Actually, Sally's the one who's killing it in those other areas you just mentioned.
I mean, she's doing amazing.
She recently was in the running for a pilot on Fox.
I I didn't get it, though.
But it was between her and another girl.
But my point is, is that people in town are talking about her, you know.
I mean, someone this talented can't go unnoticed for too long.
- [MOSS CHUCKLES] - You're nice.
Just telling the truth.
COUSINEAU: You have to give yourself more credit.
So, the first time I saw this kid perform Okay.
he improvised a monologue about a soldier that came back from Afghanistan who got a job as a hit man, right? The he worried, he said, "Oh my gosh, maybe I am only good at killing.
" he wanted work outside of killing.
Am I right? - I got it pretty good, right? - When was this? Very emotional.
I I don't remember that.
What are you talking about? It was in the parking lot.
I'm sitting in the car, you're standing at the window.
When I heard him do this monologue, I said to myself, "Shit.
This guy has got something.
" Gene, I don't know.
- I don't know.
- COUSINEAU: You are too modest.
- I'm gonna train that right out of you.
So I have a question.
Sally, Gene tells me you wanna do a ride-along.
[GASPS] Yes, absolutely.
Have you, like, ever fired a gun before? SALLY: No, I haven't actually.
MOSS: What are you interested in? - SALLY: Mmm.
- MOSS: Detective? Patrol person? SALLY: I think I'd be a detective.
COUSINEAU: She can do anything.
No, she She could do anything.
SALLY: Well, I haven't played a detective yet, but I feel like one lives inside me somewhere.
- You know what I mean? - MOSS: Yeah.
" Okay.
[GUN FIRING] If this guy was someone you knew [WHISPERS] You'd recognize him.
- MOSS: Hey, Barry.
I'm gonna need to see your hands.
I'm clean.
Here are my hands.
I'm clean.
Janice, listen.
I used to work for a man who who talked me into doing some really bad stuff.
But that's not who I am, okay? I, uh, I realized what I was doing was wrong, and I, uh, I did everything I had to do to put it behind me.
And I did it.
It was hard, but I did it.
And everything's so good right now.
I'm a good person.
I help people out.
And if you could just walk away from this and forget about it, everybody's life will be better.
You know I can't do that, Barry.
No, yes, you can.
Janice, you can, because we want the same thing.
We We wanna be happy.
We want love.
We want a life.
And we're doing it, Janice.
We're the same.
But we're not.
We're not the same, Barry.
'Cause I'm a cop and you're a fucking murderer.
So I'm gonna need you to walk back up to the cabin.
- No, no, no, listen.
Just listen to me.
- I'm gonna cuff ya, and then I'm gonna make a phone call.
Do you understand? No, no, we can figure this out.
- Let's talk about this, please.
- Barry.
- Let's just Janice, please.
- Barry.
Barry! Move.
Think about what this'll do to you and Gene.
You guys seem so happy.
This could this could end all that.
I can't think about that now, Barry.
Can we please not do this? Please.
It's done.