Barry (2018) s03e07 Episode Script

candy asses

Here we go.
Guys, you ready? All right, roll and music! Hello.
I'm Gene Cousineau, and I'm a mask collector.
"Wait a minute.
"Isn't this supposed to be a Master Class in acting, given by the great performer Gene Cousineau?" You're saying to your laptop or mobile device, and, yes, it is.
Don't fret it.
And by the end of this class, hopefully, you're gonna be a mask collector, too, God willing.
Let me give you an example of my favorite masks.
To be or not to be! Is that the question? Stanley Kowalski.
Stella! Get down here! Get down here! I want to eat! A cop in "Serpico.
" Hey, Serpie? Are you goin' against us? You see? These are not literal masks.
They are roles that you're gonna play in this class, and they are gonna change your life.
Now, yes, I have given students the tools to go on to great careers.
This class is not about entrances and exits.
It is about reaching into your soul, pulling out that muck, and throwing it on the stage.
Hey! I'm actin' here! Ratso Rizzo.
So, are you ready? You better be ready 'cause the curtain is up, and the spotlight is on you, and welcome to "Gene Cousineau's Master Class.
" - And cut.
- Okay.
Okay, um, that was good.
I'd like to try one more.
- Resetting! - No slouching, class.
Um, y-you're not at home playing video games.
I need you to lean in and pay attention.
Whoever's on the, uh, taxi, try starting earlier on entrances and exits.
Other than that, very good.
Let's go again.
Got a laugh on the taxi.
Yeah, I saw that.
Ah! Fuck! Everybody read the outline on 106? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay, how we feel about it? - So good.
You slayed.
- Killer.
- Awesome.
- Anyone else? I have a question.
Uh, there's that great scene where Medusabby is hooking up with the bartender, and the snakes keep falling out of her hat? - That's funny.
- That's not supposed to be funny.
- It's supposed to be real.
- Oh.
Um, right.
Well, the snakes on her head felt real.
But then, she turns him to stone.
But then, she's still horny, so she sucks and then eats his dick.
Is that literal? - What else would it be? - Um Well, I was thinking that maybe it could be more of a conversation.
Like, uh, it could be about her longing, maybe.
Or, you know, like how she can't get close to people because of the whole snake thing.
I guess I just I just wanna know what she's thinking.
She just wants to get laid.
And it's funny.
Right, but if she wants to get laid, then why does she bite his dick off? What? She does have a point, Mel.
So J-j-just Hm Wow.
Good job.
- That was ballsy as fuck.
- Really? - Oh, my God.
- Yes.
You said everything we've been thinking, but never would've said in a million years.
How the fuck is he a showrunner? He's been around for forever.
I think he was a writer on "Everybody Loves Raymond.
" What's that? Some new show that thinks they're just hilarious.
Apparently, the showrunner is a fucking party.
The villain of the show who's also wait for it, wait for it, the love interest! Okay! I know, I know, I know.
He'll be like Hello! My name is Mike! And I'm gonna be like Make me an appointment at the acupuncturist where Chloe Grace Moretz gets hers done, but make sure that it's with the tattoo guy and not the fangs girl because I did not like her.
Ding-ding! Oof, I'm hungry.
But not for any of that stuff.
So you have your own show? - Yeah.
- Hm.
What's it about? I play a single mom.
I have a cupcake store with my daughter in Central Park.
- What's it called? - "Just Desserts.
" So you stole my show.
It's actually a really important story to me.
It's not a story.
It's a fucking math equation! I'm actually feeling really uncomfortable right now.
You have nothing to say about anything.
You've never struggled a day in your whole fucking life! Nobody's ever put a hand around your fucking neck! This was my story! My story! You don't even have a fucking daughter! Neither do you, Sally.
You are nothing without me! You are nothing! Nobody stupid piece of shit! I brought you into the fold and this is how you fucking betray me?! I cubed your carrots for you.
You entitled cunt! You entitled fucking cunt! You entitled fucking cunt! You entitled fucking cunt! Cristobal Sifuentes? Cristobal Sifuentes! Excuse me! Do you speak English? No.
Do you know where the Sifuentes family lives? They drugs.
Yes, they do deal drugs.
Um Do you know where maybe? A house or apartment building? Maybe a cross street, perhaps.
That's what I thought you were doing, but did not want to be rude, so Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh No, no, no.
Don't laugh.
Keep it going, kids.
Now! How do you feel? - Like a ghost.
- Wrong.
How do you feel? - Embarrassed.
- She's right.
Now, do the scene.
Doctor, the generators are down.
If we don't get electricity back in the park, the dinosaurs will escape.
- Let's split up.
- Stop.
All right, do you see the difference, huh? It is all in the body.
It's much more real.
Now, I believe she's got the code.
He's going to ride the dinosaur.
It's all going to be fine.
You've got to embrace your embarrassment.
I want a lollipop! I want it to be purple! Do I look like a fool? Not my problem.
You know, that was good.
I don't think there's any need to switch out those students.
- So? How was that, boss? - Yeah, fine.
So, you want me to mark the first or second take? You know, I haven't done this in 20 years.
I have no fucking idea what I'm doing.
Do you need a minute? I don I don't want him to know.
I won't tell him.
No, dude, I'm having a full-on fucking panic attack.
Hey, don't panic.
It looks really good.
- It does? - Yeah, you're doing great.
What was your name again? It's Sheryl.
Sheryl scripting.
Thanks, Sheryl.
Mark take two.
- Mark take two.
- Okay.
Jim Moss? Ken Goulet.
Mind if we go for a drive? And, seriously, I don't know what happened, but, uh, the cops just let him go.
So here's my card.
Address is on the back.
You know this how? - He told you.
- Nah.
Got my ways of finding out.
Couple of tours in country, you learn some things.
I was in 'Nam.
- I was a fighter pilot.
- No shit.
Got shot down.
Candy asses.
They make you talk? I got in my interrogator's head, and he ended up committing suicide.
Me and some of the other guys escaped.
You convinced your interrogator to kill himself? Yeah.
Some of the other guys said I had an aptitude for it, but, uh, I thought they were just being nice.
But when I got to SERE school, they pulled me out of class and made me an instructor.
And the guy killed himself? Hm.
Was he depressed? I wanted my daughter, Janice, to get into it.
She resisted.
She said, "Daddy, what you do is fucked up.
" Did you get any sense of his home life? Yeah, and then she went and did her homicide thing.
I was proud of her.
I mean, heh, he worked in a prison camp in the jungle during Vietnam.
Seems like he might have been a ticking clock.
I'm not saying, you know, anything against you, man.
It's just it might be a right man, right day situation.
You know, for instance, I got this super touchy cousin.
And one day at breakfast I said, "Hey, Don, you don't know how to make a proper short stack.
" And he put down his spatula and he went out back and he hung himself.
I'm no kind of genius or anything, but, uh, just a simple tonnage issue Shit.
That's him.
Okay, um Mr.
Moss, he kills your daughter, and then he shows up at your door.
Why? He was claiming that Janice's killer was still out there.
Said it was a student in Gene Cousineau's class, Barry Berkman.
Fed me some line about how I could get justice.
Respectfully, this is the Raven, and he's trapped you like a fox.
If he gets Jim here to kill Berkman, it throws suspicion away from him.
But we're not falling for that.
No matter how many people tell us it was Berkman, we know it was this guy.
- Who else said it was Berkman? - Cousineau.
This is what I'm talking about.
This Raven guy clearly knew Cousineau was convinced it was Barry, and he's trying to keep that lie going.
He's an evil genius.
I want to talk to Fuches alone.
No cameras.
- That's not how we do things.
- Whoa, Mae.
Hey, now, this is the FBI.
Okay? They're pros.
You want a phonebook to hit him with? Sock full of coins? Oh, no No Oh, no What's Hello? Hello! Hank? Akhmal? Hank.
Are you okay? Are they torturing you? Yes.
They want to know about you and Cristobal.
And how Fernando was killed.
Where are we? We don't know.
There are about four men.
And Elena.
Hank I'm almost out of my handcuffs.
I have one loose.
He's bleeding very bad, Hank.
Um What can I do? When I get loose, I'll free Akhmal.
Be ready.
- Hey, Lindsay.
- We have a problem.
- What now? - I just sent it to you.
this is how you fucking betray me? I cubed your carrots for you.
- Oh, my God.
- Entitled cunt! You entitled fucking cunt! - She was recording you.
- Entitled fucking cunt! "Medusas" sent it to me.
They're dropping you.
They don't feel like someone who talks like this belongs in their room.
- I have to post an apology.
- No, you don't! Listen, I-I'm coming over, okay? That was perfect, Gene.
- Wow, really? - Yeah, it was unbelievable.
I loved how engaged the class was.
I loved how warm you are on stage.
Now, I can tell teaching gives you joy.
You know it does.
- But what about Annie? - Shh where are you from? Um, New York by way of Minnesota.
You're a talent.
The way you photographed Gene, you made him so, uh - Masculine? - No.
- Uh, virile? - No.
Rugged? Brawny.
- Nope.
- Robust.
Lantern-jawed? - Un homme pour tous saisons ? - No, no, no, no.
He was like a real giant out there.
He was, uh, very Adonis-like.
- Yeah.
- And actually, it was - it was all really due to Annie.
- Yeah.
Yes, I've got some other projects that I'd love to talk to you about.
Who's your agent? I haven't had an agent since 1982.
Well, I could possibly be of help to you.
It doesn't matter.
I want to get you in a room.
- Very impressed.
- You should be.
You don't know what's coming down the pike.
She's incredible.
Absolutely marvelous.
I think she did great.
What are you What are you doing here? The man who, uh, took you out to Janice's body contacted me.
Why? He said he was some investigator.
He's in jail now.
How? I took him there.
W So he's talking to the police now.
What do you think he's saying? He said your student Barry killed Janice.
Barry's a good kid.
That's not in him.
I mean, you know he was in war, and he's like a mixed-up dummy, but he's a good egg.
He was with us at the cabin.
Now, I wish he was armed.
Maybe he could have killed those guys that took Janice.
You know, those Russians, but No, that's not in him.
Congratulations on the show.
- - I would like to sincerely apologize for my perceived transgression against my former employee Well, friend, and employee Natalie Greer.
Now, despite the fact that the four-letter word in question here was traditionally used as a form of kinship between women and is widely used in Europe, I do understand that I have offended a few people - It's the truth.
- and for that I am deeply sorry, but I just want to say be careful who you trust, you know? Because it takes a certain type of person - to record a private - This isn't an apology.
- This is damage control.
- It's the fucking truth! It has nothing to do with what happened with Natalie, and frankly, it cheapens what you set out to do - with your show.
- My show is me, Lindsay, - and she stole my fucking show! - If you had just let me deal with this instead Why did you have to say something? Oh, fuck off! You don't care about me.
You don't care about "Joplin.
" You just care about your commission.
"Oh! Oh! It's so important to have a great relationship with BanShe!" You want the relationship with BanShe, not me.
You work for me! And I am fucking drowning! And instead of trying to help me, you're just trying to save yourself.
This is honest, okay? This is the honest fucking truth.
And if that makes me unhirable, then I am fucking unhirable, but at least I told the fucking truth! And I promise, going forward, not to let that passion I have to drop you.
And I'm sorry.
'Cause I don't wanna work with liars.
And because of that, I've made a donation to BeatBackBullying.
org Okay.
to share your stories in the comments below.
You know the sound of kids' footsteps early in the morning? I still hear it.
I can hear him in his room on his computer.
I'll talk to him from my office across the hall.
Full conversations.
My wife says I'm losing my mind.
She, uh, she thinks this city turned him into some devil.
I I never wanted to hurt anyone my whole life.
Until we had Ryan.
Oh, the love I had for that child.
It terrified me.
I mean What would I do if something happened to him? A-and then I-I found out what you did, and I can't.
I-I-I could leave you here, and you'll rot.
But I can't.
Why? Why? I want to see my son again.
White male, late 60s, self-inflicted, possible DOA.
Check those vitals! Hi.
Listen, I'm gonna be straight with you.
Um You tell me what you know.
You cooperate.
I help you.
I told you what I know.
Why'd you go see Jim Moss? To give him information about who killed his daughter.
And who's that? - Ask him.
- I'm asking you.
Hm Oh, by the way, those cameras are off.
Why? Because I asked them to be.
Know how I got this? Shaving? Yeah, no, that's a bad joke.
No, I got this while I served in Afghanistan.
Yeah, see, we were on a patrol, and then I got hit by a sniper.
And my buddy Well, he wanted payback, but he took it out on the wrong guy.
And then, he got discharged.
You're Albert.
I am.
Oh, my God.
How do you know Berkman? I'm, uh - I'm his manager.
- His manager.
- Mm-hmm.
- What, like, for his acting stuff? What Look, dude, I'm trying to help you here, so be straight with me, okay? - No, no, no.
No, no.
- Is Barry caught up in all this shit? You served with a guy named Chris? - Yes.
- Yeah.
Too bad what happened to him.
His wife and kids.
How sad.
Little Theo? Hm He still sleeps with his with his mom because he's afraid whoever killed his daddy was gonna get him.
Kid's got intuition.
You ever wonder why Chris, who never saw combat, was basically a computer geek, would even have PTSD? Oh, he loved Sharon and Theo.
They were his whole world.
Why would he take himself out knowing that something like that would fuck them up for life? Yeah.
Well, that, uh switch you saw go off when Barry was avenging you? I harnessed that into a very lucrative job for him.
One day, sent Barry out on a mission, went sideways, and, well, Chris he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Saw some shit he shouldn't have.
You know Barry still participates in those charity runs that Sharon does in Chris's memory? Barry's a good guy.
Hey, what did he say? You can question him if you want.
I'm leaving.

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