Battlestar Galactica s01e02 Episode Script


NARRATOR: Previously on Battlestar Galactica.
[Dramatic instrumental music.]
DUALLA: Radiological alarm! TIGH: From where? The Olympic Carrier, sir.
They've got nukes on board.
If the ship poses a threat to us, we have to eliminate that threat.
The Cylons will be here any second.
If we're gonna do this, then just do it.
- It's a civilian ship.
- Do it.
- Giving up my seat.
- Like hell.
[Tense instrumental music.]
HELO: Sharon? What are you doing here? BOOMER: Let's move, mister.
[Eerie instrumental music.]
[Tense instrumental music.]
- Excuse me, Lieutenant.
- Specialist.
Good evening.
- Sir? - Is something wrong? No, sir.
It's just morning, sir.
- What time is it? - 0545.
[Electronic beeping.]
[Tense instrumental music.]
BOOMER: Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
BOOMER: Where are the rest of them? [Beeping.]
[Beeping intensifies.]
[Tense instrumental music continues.]
[Theme music.]
GAETA: Attention.
Colonial One will arrive in 30 minutes.
GAETA: Honour detail report in quarters.
TIGH: Where the hell is it? Damned son of a sash.
I heard you the first time! TIGH: One.
[Dramatic instrumental music.]
ROSLIN: Do it.
APOLLO: I can't stop thinking about the Olympic Carrier.
That was three days ago.
It's ancient history under these circumstances.
Leave the second-guessing to the historians.
But don't we have a responsibility? I mean, as leaders, don't we have an obligation to question our actions to I don't know.
To make sure the decisions we make are the right decisions.
We did what we had to do, Son.
A man takes responsibility for his actions, right or wrong.
He accepts the consequences and lives with them every day.
[Slow instrumental music.]
LSO: Colonial One, Galactica.
Proceed to Omega Docking.
Contact CIC when you have hard seal.
PILOT: Roger that, Galactica.
BILLY: Excuse me, Madam President.
We've arrived Please don't tell me that we have to go through this every time I step on that ship.
No, ma'am.
But they will always render honours for your arrival.
It's protocol.
The military, they do love their protocol.
I'm sure if they knew you didn't like it, they'd be willing to ROSLIN: No.
Let Adama sound the trumpets.
It makes him feel more comfortable.
Maybe if he feels more comfortable - he'll be a little easier to deal with.
- That's smart.
No, it's not smart.
It's politics.
ROSLIN: I think I'm going to get tired of this outfit.
Seeing as I only have three for the rest of my life.
- That looks fine.
- Fine? It looks great.
You don't know anything about women, do you? - Shall we? - Let's go be "presidential.
" I am confident that I speak for the entire fleet when I say thank you.
Without your extraordinary dedication, your tireless effort, your sacrifice no one of us would be here today.
I'm proud to serve as your President.
Thank you.
[All clapping.]
Carry on.
Sir, the Virgon Express is manoeuvring alongside.
- They're standing by for unrep.
- Thank you very much, D.
Officer of the Watch, you'll proceed with the unrep, please.
Aye, sir.
ADAMA: If you'll step this way.
ROSLIN: Thank you.
- Excuse me, Chief.
A word with you, please.
- Just one second.
You know what? Just let's do it.
What's up? Got a problem.
TYROL: Yes, sir, Lieutenant, sir.
TYROL: I believe the navcon modules are ready for inspection.
DUALLA: Virgon Express, Galactica.
We have you in visual contact.
Maintain current course and speed.
PILOT: Roger that, Galactica.
Maintain current course and speed.
Powering up stabilisation gyros Galactica's water recycling system is close to 100% effective.
For all intents and purposes, there's not a drop of water that's wasted aboard.
ADAMA: We have enough water for several years before replenishing.
- I see.
- Many of the ships like the Virgon Express were not made for long-term voyages - and will have to tank off of us periodically.
- Right.
Whatever it is, we're gonna take care of it, okay? You all right? Now, tell me what happened.
What's going on? There are at this moment six G-4 detonators missing from the small-arms locker on Deck 15.
Commander, ready to extend the water boom.
Excuse me.
TIGH: How's it going? ADAMA: Oh, boy, I feel like a - Tour guide? - It shows? Well, she was a teacher.
Probably sees all this as one big educational experience.
- He thinks I'm a total idiot, doesn't he? - What? No, sir.
It's all right.
What are you telling me for? If munitions go missing, you got to tell the master-at-arms now! BOOMER: I know that! You can't screw around with stuff like this! I'm not screwing around, okay? The only reason I didn't tell anybody is 'cause they're gonna think I'm the one who took them.
How are things? DUALLA: Things are good.
BILLY: Good.
You look good.
I really like your hair.
My hair? [Chuckling.]
I don't know anything about women.
Madam President, if I may? I think you should know that my father - Well, this entire ceremony was his idea.
- I know.
I think he's enjoying it.
Actually, he hates protocol, pomp, and all that.
- Really? - He's making a gesture.
Trying to make you feel like the President.
Open Valves 3 and 5.
BOOMER: I took the one detonator from the duffel, replaced it and then I went back to my quarters.
Well [Tyrol clears throat.]
You know what? It's not your fault.
Someone's obviously setting you up to take the fall for something.
That's what it is.
You wake up somewhere, you don't know how you got there.
You're drugged, or manipulated, or who knows what.
[Tense instrumental music.]
What do we do? Because if I report what's happened, they'll think I'm a Cylon agent.
No, they're not.
Why would they think that? That's crazy.
People are getting crazy, okay? You've heard the rumours.
Cylons who look like humans, sleeper agents hiding in the fleet.
[Alarm blaring.]
Decompression alarm! [Dramatic instrumental music.]
ADAMA: Damage report, Mr.
Ruptures in Tanks 3, 5, 7, 9.
TIGH: Strain on the unrep lines.
They're gonna blow.
Release the lines.
Veer away, starboard! Every tank on the port side has ruptured.
We're venting all our water directly into space.
[Dramatic instrumental music.]
CIC, it's DC One.
We're entering the tank.
DUALLA: Roger that, DC One.
[Suspenseful instrumental music.]
Raptor 478, DC One.
I have you in my sights.
Copy that, DC One, I have you in sight.
TYROL: Understood.
How's it look in there? Can you tell what happened? Lieutenant, don't worry about my team.
I've got things under control.
Copy that, DC One.
I feel better knowing you're on it.
Watch the light, you're off target.
How much water did we lose? Ten million JPs, sir.
Almost 60% of total potable water reserves.
Emergency rations.
Shut down laundry, showers, anything nonessential immediately.
Yes, sir.
- How long will our water supplies last? - Aboard Galactica, about six days.
But one-third of the other ships in the fleet were depending on us for replenishment.
If we don't find new supplies they'll run out of water in two days.
One-third? That's 16,000 people.
Get the names of those ships.
Tell their captains to go on emergency rations immediately.
There's gonna be riots in those ships.
Civilians don't like hearing they can't take a bath, wash their clothes - or drink more than a thimble a day.
- Thank you for the warning, Colonel.
- That'll be all, Mr.
- One more thing.
Lieutenant? Do you have any theories about what may have caused the accident? There are many theories at this point, Madam President.
Do you have a guess? I tell my officers not to guess.
I prefer to wait until we have fact.
Indulge me.
Take a guess, Mr.
I'd have to say the most likely explanation is that the tank was structurally weakened during the Cylon nuclear detonation during the first attack, and that caused it to buckle and rupture.
GAETA: But it's too early to say.
ROSLIN: Interesting.
- Thank you, Lieutenant.
- Back to the matter at hand.
I've ordered an astronomical survey of nearby stars systems - for potential water sources.
Colonel? - Yes, sir.
[Eerie instrumental music.]
Chief, take a look at this.
TYROL: What do you got? CALLY: Not sure.
CALLY: It looks like burn marks from an explosive.
CALLY: What do you think? Umm [Stammering.]
It's tough to tell.
It's pretty rusted out.
Optical and x-ray telescopes say there are five systems within our practical jump radius.
All five have planetary bodies with the potential for finding water in either a liquid or a frozen state.
Put together a plan for Raptors to scout each star system.
- I want the first launch at 17:30.
- Yes, sir.
Colonel, how likely are we to find water on any of these planets? Now you want me to guess, I take it.
- Colonel.
- Sir.
My apologies, Madam President.
Difficult day for everyone.
I understand.
Most planets are just hunks of rock or balls of gas.
The galaxy's a pretty barren, desolate place when you get right down to it.
ADAMA: Thank you, Colonel.
ROSLIN: The water rationing'll make our supply problem worse.
Baltar, please share the results of your study.
I've calculated the rate of consumption regarding basic foodstuffs for the civilian population.
BALTAR: This is based on information available to me at the time.
The current civilian population of 45,265 will require, at minimum - and 2.
5 million JPs of water.
- Is that per month? Per week.
[Thunder rumbling.]
HELO: They found your Raptor.
A few or a lot? HELO: That's what you get for coming back for me.
BOOMER: Frack.
HELO: Yeah.
I was sure they didn't track me coming in.
- I know.
- I set the jiggers to pulse.
HELO: I'm sure you did.
I didn't set off any detection grids, any dradis sweeps, or pingers.
- Never send a pilot to do an ECO's job.
- I can do your job.
I guess that's why the toasters are crawling all over our ride out of here.
HELO: I don't suppose there's a Plan B.
Plans B, C, D and E are the same as Plan A.
Get off the planet and get back to the ship.
Come on.
Where are we going? BOOMER: Don't ask questions.
Just follow your pilot.
Yes, sir.
Umm So far we've found five discrete detonation points in the tank and we believe that there may be a sixth.
I've suspected due to the size of the residual scoring and the burn points that we are dealing with a G-4 type explosive.
So I've requested a spot check of all inventory from the master-at-arms and she indicated to me that there are six detonators missing from a small-arms locker in the port flight pod.
So one detonator may still be unaccounted for.
Have the master-at-arms post guards at all small-arms lockers immediately.
It's already done, sir.
She also has opened an investigation into who may have had access to that locker.
However, due to spotty record-keeping and lax internal security procedures since the attack she believes that we may never know who took the detonators.
[Tense instrumental music.]
[Both whispering.]
ADAMA: Chief, thank you very much.
Everyone except for Col.
Tigh, Capt.
Adama, and Dr.
Baltar are now released.
ADAMA: Please remember: this briefing is strictly confidential.
[Door closes.]
There is at least one Cylon aboard the Galactica.
[Tense instrumental music continues.]
How many people know the Cylons look human? The rumour mill's been working overtime.
Half the ship's talking about it.
There'll always be rumours.
For most people, that's all they'll ever be.
I'm asking how many people actually know? TIGH: The five people in this room, plus three Marines.
ROSLIN: Let's keep it that way.
Once this gets out officially people will be accusing each other of being Cylons for no reason at all.
I agree.
Baltar, how're we doing on the screenings? The screenings? You were supposed to be screening Galactica crew for potential Cylon agents.
6: Do you remember the first time you lied to a woman? Other than your mother, that is.
BALTAR: Other than my mother.
Sherry Bennett.
Fourth grade.
On the playground, behind the band room.
"If you show me yours, I'll show you mine.
" She did.
I did not.
You know, I think I slept with her actually, many years later, of course.
6: Of course.
[Tense instrumental music.]
6: Did she turn out to be a beautiful woman? As a matter of fact, she did.
Very beautiful.
But every woman has her beauty her feminine charms that are hers and hers alone.
ADAMA: Doctor? Doctor? BALTAR: The screenings.
To tell you the truth, there are significant problems with implementing my Cylon detection method that I used aboard Galactica previously and basically because I've run out of natural resources.
I need chemical compounds.
For example, the precursor test.
I need large samples of tetrahydrocycline which I don't have to tell you Maybe I do have to.
BALTAR: It's a highly volatile chemical ADAMA: Let me stop you there.
Your intellect obviously outstrips everyone in this room.
But it's also obvious by the way that you're talking that in order to make large-scale screenings you're going to need help, staff, resources.
Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.
Although, more staff? Someone snooping around, watching your every move? Maybe it'll be a woman, you could find her secret beauty.
ADAMA: I'm going to assign Lt.
Gaeta to aid you in anything that you might need.
So much for that.
But the need for secrecy? Clearly, this falls into the "absolutely necessary" category.
Your screening techniques may be critical to our very survival.
Humanity's very survival rests in your hands.
Now, if only you had an actual Cylon detector.
APOLLO: This is a critical mission.
APOLLO: Fights have already broken out on some ships over the rations.
There's panic in the air.
You don't find water out there and find it soon - I understand, Captain.
We'll find it.
- Good hunting.
APOLLO: Hey, Chief.
TYROL: Captain.
- Lieutenant.
- Chief.
I feel like my head's about to explode.
TYROL: Just relax, calm down.
Focus on the mission.
We'll take care of everything when you get back.
BOOMER: What about the investigation? Master-at-arms is running it.
Don't worry, there's no connection to you.
In fact, there's no reason to believe you had anything to do with it at all.
BOOMER: I didn't.
TYROL: I know.
- I would never do something like that.
- Sharon, I know.
It's really important you believe me on this.
- You do believe me, right? - Absolutely.
TYROL: Yes, sir.
BOOMER: Thank you, Chief.
Carry on.
Please excuse me for keeping you waiting.
I was called into the engine room.
It'll just take a moment.
ROSLIN: That's all right.
Sometime I'd like to borrow a book or two.
I only brought one with me on the flight to Galactica.
ADAMA: What book? ROSLIN: A Murder on Picon.
ROSLIN: I have a weakness for mystery.
ADAMA: Ever read Dark Day? Edward Prima.
I am embarrassed to say it's one of those classics I've never gotten around to reading.
I think you'll enjoy it.
Thank you.
[Soft instrumental music.]
It may be a while before I get this back to you.
It's a gift.
Never lend books.
Well, then thank you for the gift.
I'm really looking forward to working with you, Doctor.
- You have a friend.
- As am I, Lieutenant.
I actually studied genetics in college.
I was planning on going for my graduate degree through the military extension program.
Is that a card game? And the girl wins again.
Another round? Come on, guys.
Grace under pressure.
Nothing like losing a little money to take your mind off those 14-hour patrols.
- Mind if I sit in, Lieutenant? - lf you got the cubits, we've got the chair.
Of course if you've got anything to drink, we'll take that in lieu of cash.
You know I don't have any money, but this jacket must be worth at least 15 cubits.
It's made of the finest Caprican cloth, warm in winter, cooling in summer.
It'd look great on you.
Anybody else got any civilian clothes they'd be interested in putting on the table? [Rapping on table.]
Don't let me keep you.
Tigh was right.
Rioting broke out on a cruise ship when they reduced water rations.
We need to demonstrate an ability to maintain order.
We need to do it now.
We don't have extra manpower for fleet security.
You have the only armed, disciplined force available.
Yeah, but I'm not going to be your policeman.
There's a reason why you separate military and the police.
One fights the enemy of the state.
The other serves and protects the people.
When the military becomes both then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.
I appreciate the complexity of the issue and I won't let that happen.
- I'll send troops to the cruise ship.
- Commander, I won't let that happen.
[Suspenseful instrumental music.]
- Beginning dradis one sweep.
- Beginning dradis two sweep.
So I'm thinking we should give this lovely little rock of nothing a name.
- I'm thinking "Kimiko.
" - "Kimiko"? After a lovely little lady, in a lovely little city, in a lovely little colony - that I used to know.
- Whatever.
[Dramatic instrumental music.]
[Electronic beeping.]
[Music intensifies.]
So sorry.
You had such a good run, though.
Looks like the bet's to me.
BALTAR: I'll try and muddle through for another round.
I'm going to raise you five.
No guts, no glory, Doctor.
I'll see your five and raise you 20.
Now it's just you and me.
I'm not used to playing in this kind of high-stakes game.
STARBUCK: It's not too late to bow out.
Now there's an excellent suggestion.
And before proceeding any further I should really examine my motivations for doing so.
Staying in the game, I run the risk of losing my entire stake and being humiliated in front of these lovely people.
"Humiliated" is a such a strong word.
"Embarrassed" would be my choice.
You do play rough, don't you? STARBUCK: A little too rough for you.
My hand's not that strong.
It wouldn't take much to knock me out of the game.
Well, thank you, Doctor.
[Starbuck giggling.]
However, without a little risk life would be so dull, wouldn't it? Calling.
[Clears throat.]
Three on a run.
BALTAR: Full colours.
[Pilots cheering.]
Thank you all for a most pleasant evening.
A parting gift.
BALTAR: Hand-rolled from some of the finest fumarello leaf in Caprica.
And it's also one of the last left in the universe.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
[Baltar coughing.]
Excuse me.
The Raptors have reported back after three star systems.
- So far, all report negative for water, sir.
- I just checked with Astrometrics.
They're coming up with big goose eggs.
There's no star systems within the range of our telescopes with planetary bodies likely to have water on them.
Another Raptor just checked in.
Negative on water as well.
ADAMA: Who's left? DUALLA: Boomer and Crashdown, sir.
If they come up negative as well what's our back-up plan? We'll jump to another sector and start the search all over again.
- Needle in a haystack.
- More like grain of salt on a beach.
[Suspenseful instrumental music.]
Still nothing and more nothing.
I got nothing here, either.
CRASHDOWN: Then that's it.
Five moons, five zeroes.
I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it.
Hope somebody else has more luck out there.
CRASHDOWN: What's on your mind, Boomer? I don't know.
I have this feeling.
- Let's run that last sweep again.
- You're the boss.
- Beginning sweep 21.
- Beginning sweep 22.
CRASHDOWN: Boomer, I'm getting nothing again.
How about you? [Tense instrumental music.]
BOOMER: I'm having trouble saying it.
CRASHDOWN: What do you mean? [Tense instrumental music continues.]
I think I see Oh! I have positive contact! Yeah! [Tense music reaches crescendo.]
Oh, yes! Yeah! Good call, Boomer.
Dradis just picked up Boomer's Raptor.
ADAMA: Let's hear it.
CRASHDOWN: Galactica, Crashdown.
Dradis sweeps indicate it's time to break out the swimsuits because we've found water! Repeat: Positive water contact! [Crew cheering.]
Patch me in to the entire fleet.
You're connected, sir.
This is the commander.
We have found water! [Dramatic instrumental music.]
Let's go have a drink.
I think they're pleased.
I can hear them screaming in the background.
[Suspenseful instrumental music.]
[Thunder rumbling.]
HELO: Sharon, be careful with that needle.
We're running low on anti-radiation medicine.
- Not really Mom's home cooking.
- Yeah? It beats eating grass and leaves.
We'll be cooking up a fine meal of twigs and moss by the end of the week.
You spoil me.
Can I ask you something, Sharon? Why'd you come back for me? I hate to fly alone.
Come on.
You disobeyed orders, flew back into this hellhole and not that I don't appreciate it, but why? I just couldn't leave you behind.
Let's leave it at that.
[Signal beeping.]
It's a Colonial Fleet signal.
I can't decode it, but it means there's someone.
Someone in the military is still alive and kicking here in Caprica.
Yes! [Soft instrumental music.]
Now all we have to do is find them.
[All cheering.]
- Way to go, Boomer! - Nice work, sir! - Nice job.
Let's get you debriefed.
- Yes, sir.
You think you could take a look at my ejection pyros? BOOMER: I think there's a short.
TYROL: Yeah.
No, Chief.
You could take a look at it yourself.
[Dramatic instrumental music.]
ROSLIN: Thank you for coming, Capt.
I am aware that you were in charge of the mission that destroyed the Olympic Carrier.
ROSLIN: I know what a hard thing that is to live with, for all of us.
ROSLIN: I'm struggling with it myself, frankly.
APOLLO: I can't stop thinking about it.
[Sombre instrumental music.]
But a man has to accept responsibility for his actions.
He doesn't second-guess the choices he makes.
He lives with them.
Every day.
You know, I remember when President Adar sent the Marines into Aerilon.
ROSLIN: Fifteen people died.
ROSLIN: In public, of course, he had to say all the usual things.
He was sure of what he'd done, he made the right choice he stayed the course.
But he knew it was a mistake.
ROSLIN: And he kept the names of the dead in his desk drawer.
He said that it was imperative for a leader to remember and learn from the mistakes even if they can't admit to them publicly.
- You think we made a mistake? - I don't know.
ROSLIN: I don't have a desk drawer yet, but I have a pocket.
ROSLIN: I don't want to add to your burdens, however.
I have a request.
I would like you to be my personal military advisor.
I'm sorry.
My father is the senior military officer.
He should advise you.
No, I don't mean to go behind your father's back.
Nothing like that.
I'm not looking for military advice.
I'm looking for advice about the military.
ROSLIN: That little insight about your father making a gesture, that really helped me.
It made me reassess the man.
I would appreciate more of those insights.
And you can keep your day job at the C-A-G.
It's pronounced "CAG.
" Do you see why I need you? So who's going to tell my father? Well I was thinking that that would be your first assignment.
Somehow I knew you were going to say that.
Thank you, Captain.
BOOMER: That is just what I needed.
TYROL: Oh, yeah? - Did you find that detonator? - Yes, I did.
- I gave it to master-at-arms.
- What? TYROL: No, no.
I told her I found it during maintenance.
Listen, calm down.
This is the best way to go about this.
Okay? That puts them on the same trail we're on and it doesn't raise any suspicion of you.
Trust me on this, Sharon.
I'm not going to let anything happen to you.
Okay? - Okay.
- All right, okay.
TYROL: Don't worry, sweetie.
- I better go.
- All right.
[Man's voice on PA system.]
[Dramatic instrumental music.]
[Theme music.]

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