Batwoman (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

How Queer Everything Is Today!

1 Previously on "Batwoman" To Catherine, a most extraordinary woman.
ALICE: You should have first looked to see whether it's marked poison or not.
Jacob would never hurt us.
MARY, VOICE-OVER: You know she died? Exactly the way that Alice planned it.
COMMISSIONER: Hands in the air, Kane.
- You're under arrest.
- JACOB: What the hell is happening? Get your hands off of me! MARY: You had someone impersonate him, the skin pirate.
I'm gonna ask you again, Kate.
Is Alice worth it? [JUDITH HILL'S "UPSIDE" PLAYING.]
HILL: Don't want to wait around till sunday 'Cause I'm the fire you can't escape And if you choose to go my way I'll give you something make you shake it, shake it MAN: Wasn't that our train? What the hell? That's my stop.
He missed my stop completely.
Hey, Keanu.
Some of us have tickets to "Jagged Little Pill".
That's not right.
: Attention, ladies and gentlemen.
It appears our computer system has stopped responding.
We've lost our brakes.
This is not a drill.
Brace for impact.
Conductor sent GCPD an SOS 5 minutes ago that his brakes went out.
Now at his rate of speed and taking into consideration the rush hour passenger weight on a 650-volt, 3-rail system, they've got about half a mile of track before they get to the end of the line.
You didn't hear a word I just said, did you? KATE: I love this bike! Figured you couldn't exactly have the same ride as Kate Kane.
Agreed, but it's not my birthday for two days.
Birthday? You had no idea.
Uh, yeah.
So the next stop should be Got it! [WHISTLE BLOWS.]
MAN: Look out! HILL: Oh, yeah I got you, ma'am.
Oh, boy.
HILL: On the upside VESPER: Good morning, Gotham.
After the death of Oliver Queen, I think we all needed a reason to smile, - and we've been getting it all week.
- A bombshell caped crusader and a cop with Chris Evans vibes? Talk to me, Gotham.
Are we shipping these two or what? Congrats.
Your street cred's off the charts right now.
Officer Slam Bradley is as hometown hero as it gets.
Why is this guy suddenly everywhere that I am? The GCPD's probably stepping up their game now that the head of the Crows is in jail.
Slam is Mr.
March in the annual hunks of the GCPD calendar.
The handcuffs are a nice touch.
I got to say I can't really blame people for shipping you and Captain America.
Have we not had this conversation? I'm very, very gay.
Have you not seen Batwoman? Major straight vibes.
Kate, it's not a total negative.
That I'm apparently dating Mr.
Underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination? That Gotham's confused.
It's misinformation.
The less they know about you, the easier it is to keep you a secret.
A train lost its brakes, and I saved 450 people from smashing into a concrete wall, and all Gotham cares about is Batwoman's sex life.
They just want to see her happy.
Well, too bad because she's not.
ALICE: "Fill up your glasses a quick as you can and sprinkle the table with buttons and bran.
Cats in the coffee and mice in the tea, and welcome Queen Alice with 30 times 3".
Oh, Catherine, do tell me if it's too weak.
What's that, dear? Too bitter.
Then it's perfect.
Now back to sleep.
Nighty night.
Such a shame our dear sister couldn't join us today.
Guess that would require her taking one of your calls or answering a text or a letter or a cryptic gift.
Oh, shh! Your tea's getting cold.
I'm getting cold.
Perhaps we should resume this when the conditions are more favorable to celebration.
Catherine Hamilton is dead.
The sunshine is implied.
Look, Alice.
I know you have this fantasy that the 3 of us are going to be a family one day, but Kate doesn't.
I killed our mutual enemy for her.
She'll come around.
That's not a gesture of love to her.
It's a weakness.
It's another strand in your unraveling psychosis.
She doesn't see her sister.
She sees a soul in need of saving.
She's the city's hero.
The city's hero can't be seen sipping tea with fugitive dreck.
As long as she wears that mask, you're never going to bring her into this family.
Hey, guys.
So this may come as news to some of you, but my insta account's not actually a place for you to list all the ways that I'm human garbage.
My stepdad's a murderer, my mom's company's corrupt, we're all evil.
Got it loud and clear, and since there is not enough bandwidth on the internet for me to explain all of the ways that you're wrong, I'm gonna sign off for a bit.
Be better to each other seriously.
Oh, my God! Sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I know, and you didn't mean for your twin sister to poison my mother, but we all know how that turned out.
I just I wanted to let you know that I put in a call to Hewitt and Associates.
I figured that an extra legal team wouldn't hurt.
Yeah, I know, which is why they've all been hired.
Thanks, but we got this.
- We? - Your dad, Sophie, and me.
Your dad has every lawyer in Gotham on retainer, Sophie built a strike team to try and find Mouse, and I am looking for a plastic surgeon willing to testify that face replacement's a great way to frame someone for murder.
How can I help? You could tell your sister to stop defiling my mom's grave.
She's been looking for a way to get my attention.
She thinks that I want to be sisters.
Isn't that what you wanted? Look.
If you want to help, tell your sister to leave my dead mother alone.
She'll listen to you, right? Oh.
Mary, I am so sorry.
I know.
I know you are.
I know you never wanted to believe that your sister could be capable of doing something so horrible, but I did, and you decided to ignore me So I'm really busy.
Put this on.
We're officials for the transit authority.
Ever since the Scarecrow incident, Gotham city trains run on an independent analogue system.
In theory, that should make them unhackable.
Suicidal conductor? The GCPD already released him.
Black box data showed no indication of engineer error.
It was like the train's brake system got possessed or something.
Please don't touch that.
Well, that made this harder by about 100%.
This help? That could theoretically have something to do with it.
It's a packet analyzer.
It intercepts and jumbles traffic as it passes over a digital network.
The hacker probably used it to hijack the train's brakes remotely.
I love to dig because when I dig I find all the secrets you bury.
- Did you just get - Same thing.
If I can hack your subway, I can hack your phone, computer, home security cameras.
Did I get your attention? Good.
Now crowdfund my escape from Gotham.
Click the link and help me raise $5 million by midnight on Friday, or your secrets come out.
It doesn't matter if you are a porn addict, masked vigilante, or everyday Joe Schmo.
Pay up, Gotham.
Mayor, are you calling this a terrorist attack? Sir, how widespread is the cyber breach? Folks, please just let me speak.
First and foremost, Gotham city has no reason to be alarmed.
We have layers of cyber security in place, and we will certainly not be coerced into the demands of some silly prankster.
I encourage everyone to go about their daily activities.
Authorities are working around the clock to ensure that this never happens again.
- You're kidding me.
- This guy's good.
If you're so safe, why is the Mayor's personal credit card number splashing all across the screen? Go shopping, Gotham.
- What are you doing? - Shutting us down.
Guy just doxed the Mayor.
We are one hack away from total exposure.
What, this thing doesn't have a firewall? Guy just hijacked the subway, the city cell network, and overtook a feed on live TV.
So? So you're the most famous person in Gotham right now.
You don't think you're the obvious target here? Coming from the genius who puts a bat emoji on every single text message.
That was just code.
Can't you just use this to trace the IP address - and find the user's location? - I could if we had internet.
- Hmm.
- Don't do it.
We can't stop him if we can't find him.
We can't stop anyone if everyone knows who you are.
- Please.
- Seriously, don't.
Whoops! 5 minutes, then we go dark.
- Fine.
- Fine.
MAN: Food's getting cold, Commander Kane.
Where's your bite, puppy dog? Some classic-ass poetry that the man who locked up half the fools in here is now eating out of the same doggie bowl.
Welcome home.
Help yourself.
MARY: So after all that, we were able to pull your hearing up a week because the last thing we need is to start your trial on Valentine's Day with a bunch of jurors thinking about their significant others while hearing the D.
's theory on how you killed yours, but less great news I'm still working on finding a medical expert willing to testify that face swapping is totally a thing.
- Mary.
- Dr.
Keller is supposedly on sabbatical, AKA he's just too scared to be associated with you, and apparently, Professor Vivek is too good for us now that he's been on Mary, stop.
Your mother has been killed, and Gotham thinks I killed her.
It's incomprehensible.
How are you dealing with everything? I'm engaging in escapist strategies as a defense tactic so that all the walls holding up everything I know to be good and true don't come crumbling down around me.
Mary, Kate and I think you need to talk to someone.
Like who? You? You wanted to divorce my mom.
Your mother and I had a fundamental difference of opinion, but I never stopped wanting to be your dad.
I don't have time to sit around feeling sorry for myself, so we need to find Alice, force a confession, and get you out of there.
Sit tight.
I will find somebody to help us.
The trace on the device worked.
This place is definitely giving me "Mr.
Robot" vibes.
Batwoman to Batcave.
Luke? You turned the comms off.
SOPHIE: One of you needs to start talking.
We've been surveilling this operation for months.
Up until last night, you were just rejects working for a Russian hacking ring, who got off on stealing social security checks from old ladies, so why hijack a subway? We didn't do that.
We're not terrorists.
Oh, now you want to talk? So which one of you cut the brakes on the train? I swear none of us.
My wife takes the train to work every morning.
I'd never do that to Which one of you cut the brakes? I promise you on my mother's grave it wasn't us! Please don't kill me.
Then answer the damn question! [COUGHING.]
I know you're there.
KATE: Want to talk about it? Not really.
I get it.
Maybe some other time.
You ever feel like you're hiding from the world? I'm literally standing in a shadow.
Not sure why I'm asking someone who crushes on Slam Bradley for life advice.
Try me.
My husband left me.
I'm sorry.
He thinks I'm lying to myself.
Are you? Maybe.
Or maybe I'm too terrified to deal with it.
We all wear a mask.
Maybe it's time you took yours off.
You're one to talk.
MARY: Oh, Dr.
Campbell! - Mary, are you okay? - Yes.
Um I was so sorry to hear about your mom.
That night at the Gala was absolutely horrific.
Thank you.
I know that you're busy, and I don't mean to ambush you after a 3-hour college lecture, but I read your dissertation on skin grafts and facial restoration and wondered if you'd be willing to be an expert witness in my stepdad's trial.
I'm sorry.
I'm not following.
He was set up by a guy who made a face out of real skin that looks exactly like Jacob Kane.
I know what it sounds like, and you think that I'm in denial and grabbing at straws, and, yes, I have seen every episode of "Dateline", and I know the husband always does it, but not this time.
Your mother was really generous to Gotham University, and I wish I could help, but for a man to perfectly resemble another man? It's it's science fiction, Mary.
I know what I saw.
Sometimes when people are under extreme duress, they see what they want to see.
I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.
I really am.
Good night.
KATE: You turned off the comms? LUKE: We went dark.
That includes satellite feed.
Now once you find the Terrier terrorist, I'll reconnect.
Until then, you're running solo.
Packet analyzer was a diversion tactic.
Whoever planted it rerouted the IP to some Snowden wannabe.
So much for honor among cyber thieves.
- Am I a fraud? - You still hung up on this Slam Bradley love affair? Yeah.
Whenever I put on this suit, I feel like I'm lying to our entire city.
Well, that's the job.
According the Multiverse, my job is to be a Paragon of Courage.
Right because a Paragon finder said so before the infinite Earths collapsed into a single space-time continuum.
I'm sure it was all very exciting.
I live in shadows, I wear a disguise, and I let people believe that I am dating Captain America.
What part of that is courageous? Kicking bad guys' asses to protect your city is pretty damn courageous.
You said it yourself.
I'm the most famous face in Gotham, but their image of me is not me.
They think you're a hero, Kate.
You are.
This is going to help you.
It's an electric charge disruptor.
It'll kill every electric current within a 100-meter radius for 10 seconds.
How does that help us? Because whoever hacked Gotham probably has a firewall on her phone strong enough to resist this.
If we narrow down her location, kill the power, her phone stays on, boom.
You keep saying, "her".
I was just about to get to that.
Consider us both guilty of making assumptions.
So I did an offline reverse audio modulation of the talking Terrier emoji to access the hacker's actual voice.
MALE VOICE: If I can hack your subway FEMALE VOICE: I can hack your phone, computer, home security cameras.
It's a girl, like, a young girl.
Play it again.
FEMALE VOICE: If I can hack your subway, I can hack your phone You hear that? Lower the voice, - amplify the background.
- Okay.
If I can hack the subway, I can hack your phone Right there.
Isolate that.
You hear that? That melodic tone? It's a bell.
I recognize it.
I know where she recorded this.
The most vile, lawless place in the world, Gotham Prep.
My old high school.
SOPHIE: What'd Campbell say? MARY: Apparently, the psychological ramifications of witnessing my mother's death have caused me to see and believe things that are not there.
- He thinks you're crazy.
- Totally off my rocker just like everyone else.
Look, Mary.
It's not my business, but have you tried talking to Kate? She lost her mom, too.
She's been through this.
I know, which makes not trusting her that much more tragic.
We'll find someone who can help your dad.
My cousin went to med school in Metropolis.
Maybe she knows a plastic surgeon.
- Okay.
That's creepy.
- What? Alice is at Gotham University.
- Are you sure? - The woman poisoned my mother, then danced on her grave.
Yes, I know what Alice looks like.
Mary, get out of there now.
I'm sending a team.
Who's the Terrier? GIRL: What just happened? I asked who's the Terrier? Um, so not me, but do you mind? GIRL: Batwoman crashed our party.
This is sick.
Is Slam Bradley here, too? - Batselfie.
What's up? - Nope.
- What just happened? Hey! - Who broke my phone? - Who turned out the lights? - Why'd it just go dark? Wait.
What did you do with our phones? [KIDS BOOING.]
- What happened? - Come on.
My phone's not working, man.
WOMAN: Answer me, answer me, answer me, aw [MUFFLED MUSIC CONTINUES.]
What do you want? I'm just a kid at a dance.
MALE VOICE: If I can hack your subway FEMALE VOICE: I can hack your phone, computer, home security cameras.
A kid who hacked a subway full of innocent people.
You got a name? You don't know my name? Thought you were some badass crime fighter.
Parker Torres, and I wasn't gonna crash the train.
My grappling hook begs to differ.
I was on it, controlling it from my phone.
I was gonna stop it, but you stopped it first.
It was a dumb prank.
What the hell were you thinking? I'm sorry, okay? Chill! I don't chill.
I really am sorry.
I just thought if I could scare my parents into thinking I almost died they'd just be happy I was alive and forget their daughter was a freak.
- You're not a freak.
- I am to them.
I'm, uh gay.
Kayla Mason revenge outed me to my mom and dad.
- Kayla Mason? - My ex.
She said being in the closet was prehistoric.
I either told them the truth, or she'd leave me.
She didn't get it.
I couldn't tell the truth, so when I told her to just go, she went nuclear and told my parents for me.
My mom and dad thought they'd been raising some BTS-loving heteronorm.
Now they sleep clutching rosaries and want to disown me.
That's why I need the money To get out of Gotham.
That sucks, and it's not fair, but it is not an excuse to put hundreds of lives in jeopardy My parents want me to be someone I'm not.
Do you know how that feels? I hate myself, okay? And let's raincheck your it gets better PSA.
We both know I'm gonna grow up hiding my girlfriends and aspiring to be represented by an ancillary character on my favorite TV show just like you were probably the cool girl in high school, and now you're famous, and everyone's shipping you and the hottest guy in Gotham.
We have nothing in common.
In fact, you pretending to feel bad for me is kind of making it worse, so could you just leave me alone before I find more reasons to wish I were dead? SOPHIE: Moore to base.
Just showed up to Gotham U.
She saw her go into room 119.
You're that psycho.
Charmed I'm sure, and I understand you're the Terrier.
Run, Parker! ALICE: Don't worry about the Bat.
She'll come play later.
For now, believe it or not, I actually need you.
Mmm! I love living in a world where we trust teenagers with these things.
PARKER: Why are you doing this? Because my inner mean girl never got to live out her high school experience.
- Ahh! - I'm looking for Batwoman, and your moronic classmates tagged her in a photo here.
KATE: Knock it off.
The hall monitor's back.
Let the girl go.
I will, but first, I need you to figure out that you are not a hero.
What does she have to do with this? She is a very important tool in my very important plan, which I'll tell you after you drop the whole hero complex.
Take off the mask, Batwoman.
What's going on? Where is everyone? What's the point of running a clinic when you can't even save your own mom? I'm not a doctor.
If you're here, I'm hoping that means that Alice is at Arkham.
She wasn't at Gotham University.
What are you talking about? I saw her run into that building.
We searched every dorm room, Mary.
She wasn't there.
Maybe Dr.
Campbell was right.
You should go somewhere, relax, grieve your mom.
You think I'm seeing things, too.
I think your world just fell apart, and you're looking for something to distract you from how painful it is.
No judgment.
My marriage just blew up, and I nearly took the wrong guy's head off earlier.
We're human.
We'd rather be doing anything other than feeling our feelings.
I'm not crazy.
I swear I'm not imagining things, Sophie.
Finding Alice isn't going to bring your mom back.
ALICE: What's wrong, Batwoman? Shy? Come on.
Show us your pretty, little face.
Why are you doing this? Because you are obsessed with saving people who don't want to be saved.
Give up, give up, give up! I know what you're doing.
I put away the Bat so I can join you on some twisted fairy tale.
Ding, ding, ding, ding! Ha ha ha! - Aah! - Take off the mask, batty! You're sick, Alice.
Alice, stop.
Aah! No! Stop it! Do it! Aah! Fine! Holy crap.
- You're Kate Kane.
- That would be me.
I, like, drive by your real estate firm every day.
- H-Hi.
- Hi.
I just read "The Advocate", "Lesbian CEOs under 30".
Oh, my God.
I was such a bitch to you earlier.
Why didn't you say you were supergay? Kind of still trying to figure out much to tell people.
Hello! Boring.
Can we move this along, please? Happily.
Just let her go.
I meant with the next phase of my plan.
See, I've been following you, and now I need cyber sunshine to do that thing that she did when she accesses everyone's phone on Gotham's cellular network, and then I need her to out my sister as Gotham's redheaded knight.
Don't do this, Alice.
No hero, no Bat, no one trying to change who I am.
Everyone lives happily ever after.
And if I don't, what are you gonna do, kill me? You need me.
If you kill me, you lose.
As do you because you're dead.
I'm sorry.
Do they not teach Math in school anymore? - Alice! - It's fine.
I'm obviously not going to kill her.
I will kill everyone else in this school, though.
I didn't know who to bring to the dance, so I brought C-4.
They do still teach Science in this school, right? You're lying.
No, she's not.
I'm not outing Batwoman.
Send the message, or she will kill everyone in here.
If I out you, everyone you care about will be in danger.
You'll probably be arrested, you won't be Batwoman anymore.
I can take care of myself.
But Gotham can't! We need you.
If Batwoman goes away, this city's hope goes with it.
I think I just puked in my mouth.
We'll do it.
Tell everyone.
Ttt ttt ttt ttt ttt ttt Do do hmm Well, I guess we figured out why they call you Generation Z because You try hacking 10 cellular networks with one hand.
It's done.
I did it.
All of Gotham now knows Kate's secret.
Is everyone seeing this? Alpha team, we're on the move to Gotham Prep.
Let's go! Do do do do do do do do do do Do do do do do [GASPS.]
- Go.
- Maybe I don't want to.
Maybe I don't care.
Go! Now where were we? Ohh! What? Hey! Right out about there.
How do I disarm this bomb? Enough with the games.
You're not a hero! It doesn't take a hero to know what pure evil looks like.
You ruined my life.
I fixed your life, Kate.
Our father didn't believe us, and now he's being punished.
Catherine tried to keep us apart for 15 years, and now she's dead.
What more do I have to do to prove my loyalty to you? You can tell me that you didn't put a bomb in a gym full of kids.
Here we go again.
Judgy, judgy, judge, judge.
If everything you have done has been some kind of gift to me, then take it all back.
Why can't you accept me for who I am? We're sisters, Kate.
Be my sister.
We were sisters, and then Beth died, and the world would be a whole lot better if she had stayed dead.
I don't believe you.
What did she do? What did she do?! She saved their lives.
- SOPHIE: Establish the perimeter, then make contact.
I'll need a team to the west.
There's a faculty entrance on the south side.
Let's get there now.
Let's go, let's go, let's go! Get off the driveway! There's a bomb in the high school! Get back! Take cover! - Do you know what's happening? - Oh, my God! SLAM: Come on.
Let's go! Come on.
Everyone out.
Go! Let's go now! Move! Well, she saved most of their lives.
What are you talking about? No one said that that was the detonator.
- Where is it? - Hmm! [SIRENS.]
SLAM: Let's go.
Let's go, let's go.
Oh, my God! [KIDS CHANTING, "KISS!".]
Not happening.
GIRL: Why not? It's a office.
What were you expecting? Like, I don't know, a bunker or something.
W-W-Where's your Batbike? What Batbike? Oh.
What Batbike? Tch.
Child, remember? Community service for that stunt that you pulled on the subway and then doxing the Mayor.
150 hours scrubbing graffiti? Yeah, and if I find out that you're still hacking, you'll be scrubbing toilets at Gotham Juvie.
Oh, and you're gonna pay back every single person who sent you blackmail money.
Alice could have killed you.
I was outed before I wanted my parents to know.
I wasn't about to do the same thing to you, and if you're wondering if I'm gonna tell - anyone about you, I'm - I'm not.
Okay then.
See you around.
Parker You're right.
Sometimes, it feels like it's not gonna get better, but you will if you stop hating yourself.
If you ever want to talk about your parents or Kayla Mason or anyone, I'm here.
You know, um, when you took off your mask, I never in a million years expected it to be you, someone like me.
I'm glad it was.
No one offered you anything to drink.
Careful, Sophie.
We know how this job worked out for your old boss.
The Mayor was more than willing to hand you over to me, so you're going to sit here indefinitely until you tell me where to find Mouse.
Ha ha ha! Well, look who reached cover girl status.
I I know what you're gonna say.
It was reckless, it links me to Batwoman, it puts our operation in jeopardy I was gonna say that a whole lot of people are about to feel a lot less alone, and if there's fallout, we'll figure it out.
- Happy birthday.
- Ha! Baked it myself, by the way.
Turns out when I'm not on the comms I have way too much free time on my hands.
Can you not leave me alone like that again? Oh.
It's weird.
Kind of sounds like you missed me.
- I managed.
- So that's a yes.
I hope it comes true.
VESPER: Okay, people.
Time to recalibrate our gaydar.
Batwoman is a lesbian? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but talk to me Gotham.
Whatever happened to politics staying out of our superheroes? WOMAN: Slow back to KATE, VOICE-OVER: We all wear a mask of some kind, a cowl, a husband, wife, denial, anger.
We all need our shield to protect us from the world, but for people like us, it's not always about stopping a runaway train or disarming a bomb.
WOMAN: Each breath I took when I thought that I was Okay.
As a doctor, you should really remove the word "crazy" from your everyday vernacular.
Have fun on the wrong side of history.
WOMAN: We can always begin Hi.
Again Standing KATE, VOICE-OVER: Sometimes, the best way to save someone is to be yourself.
WOMAN: Moving free from all the pain Of everything I've been You were right.
Mary just really needed a hug.
I'm sure she wasn't the only one.
You two are gonna need each other now more than ever.
You're on my phone, puppy dog.
We're gonna get you out of there, Dad.
I wish I could be with you today.
Happy birthday, kiddo.
WOMAN: Begin again Ahh.
Happy birthday! How did you get in here? Uh, easy.
Did you guys fire that hot front desk guy? Because he was the best part of this place.
I'm back.
Happy birthday.
- Did Sophie let you go? - Who? Kate, I finally come home from a semester abroad, and this is how you react? It's bad enough that they converted my apartment into a boys' dorm room, and no one chose to tell Kate! Unh! - Who are you? - What's wrong with you? - Ow! Ow! - Who are you?! Me! Beth! Beth?! Who the hell else would I be?
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