Bay of Fires (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Farmed Salmon

The drum is Nate's been made a Level 5,
so, the powers that be
have bumped him to Health,
which means Brenda has been
shunted sideways to Social Services.
But more importantly, that
means Rani, who is a Level 4,
is now answerable to
Harris's replacement,
Gus Dennon.
Ooh-hoo! That sets the
cat amongst the pigeons.
Gus Dennon as their uber fuhrer.
Mate, we live in interesting times.
Congratulations on making
the indoor cricket finals!
Very much a team effort!
West Wyalong?
It has a population of 2,819
people. That's still too many.
Uh Rainbow.
Population 600 and falling.
It's on the way to a national park.
There is the ever-present
danger somebody might drop in.
Alright, look. Allow me to repeat
this mantra from places upon high.
We need a town that
nobody's ever heard of,
boasts no features
and no outsider wants to visit.
You're talking about half the country.
Orange, then?
That has a rail line, Norm.
I reckon people might find it.
- Jurien Bay
- It's a swimmable beach!
Please, I need Somebody,
help me. I need better.
Wycliffe. Gurley Station. Silverton.
That's only 50 people.
It has 'silver' in the title.
Has the government considered
the risks in doing this?
I mean, it is a bit dangerous, isn't it?
To put all of them in once place?
Let's leave such conversations
to those of us, um
a little bit more qualified.
Might be a little bit
above your pay grade, Irene.
It's Airini.
My name is Airini.
Tassie? Oh, it's a bit jokey.
Jess and I went there
for a week's holiday
and spent five days of it trying
to change our return flight.
There's nothing there!
There's a town we hit by accident.
Rains 324 days a year.
Show me.
Hey, who would like an
old-fashioned humbug to suck on?
Is anyone with me here?
Alright, fine. I will
have one all to myself.
You know, when I was a very little girl,
humbugs were my very favourite
things in the whole entire world.
Your grandma would take me to that
little lolly shop in Collins Street
and buy a whole bag for me.
And my face would be all sticky
and my my teeth
black from the aniseeds,
and I was so happy.
It was wonderful memories.
Iris, stop crying!
And to think, you know, they still
make them right here in Tasmania.
Isn't it great?
Oh, it's so pretty here.
It's got trees, mountains, snow.
It's like a It's like a winter
wonderland. Don't you think, kids?
Alright, let the adventure continue.
Why don't we play a game?
Uh Let's pretend
we're different people,
a whole different family with new names.
Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
I'll be Princess Abigail from Moldavia.
I'll get adopted to another family.
No, uh better. I'll
I'll be called Stella.
I've always loved that name.
Because we love to hike.
When have we ever hiked anywhere?
It's a game, Otis.
Shit, look out!
It came out of nowhere.
No. It was sitting in the middle of
the road minding its own business.
Well, it shouldn't have been.
Are we gonna bury it and
say something kind about it?
No, darling.
We're gonna leave it
on the side of the road
where it should have
been in the first place.
I would like to acknowledge
the Traditional Owners
of the land on which we stand today,
the Peoples of the Kulin Nation,
and pay my respects to their
elders, past and present.
Like, seriously, why not just
give them their land back?
Start with the tennis
court. She doesn't even play.
And let me welcome you to the first
of what I hope becomes many
informal ProsperAus
management gatherings,
where you get to know
me, I get to know you,
and we share ideas.
Thank you. Thanks for coming.
It's so good to see you. It's been ages.
Thank you.
You never want them thinking
of you as a friend, Annika.
It's alright, Father.
I've poisoned their drinks.
I never did anything like this
in my day when I was
running the company.
You can't be soft, Annika.
The bushfire payouts.
There is a difference between compassion
and sensible business practice.
- You paid out way too quickly.
- I thought you'd retired.
I remember a badly attended farewell.
I'll stop by the office
first thing in the morning.
We'll to go through some of this stuff.
No, please, don't.
About 9:30.
Kumar, what are you doing here?
What you discovered, Ms Van Cleef,
what you asked me to check up on
No, it'll have to wait.
This is a private do
for senior management.
it is so much worse
than ever you imagined.
Right, OK.
Tomorrow, in the office.
We can talk there.
- Your Sangiovese, madame.
- Ah, merci.
We'll sort it out first
thing in the morning.
My mother's vindaloo recipe.
As promised.
Who is he?
Oh, he's just a tech guy.
I had him check something out.
Well, "it takes something more than
intelligence to act intelligently.
Another quote?
But of course.
This USB
haven't seen one since the '90s.
Sorry, I I'll just be a second.
Iris! Put that down!
This is how Samurai practise.
Not at a work cocktail party they don't.
Well, you told me to practise.
Yes, the piano.
I've told you a million times.
Listen, you were supposed
to be minding them.
She could have killed someone.
They all look pretty dead anyway.
OK, you need to get that
thing out of my face,
and look after your
sister and grandmother.
I thought that was YOUR job.
Here, can you hold that?
Have you eaten anything, Mum?
I had an octopus before
and several cucumbers.
Thank you.
The very first step
to any curry you're ever going to cook
is to put in some mustard seed.
My mother says the
secret to a great vindaloo
is about what you leave out.
So, I've got some ghee heated
in the pan here already.
So, you're just going to
want to make sure that that
very quickly.
Now, once you've got
the onion cooking
If you are hoping for anything
more than hot chocolate tonight,
you will be disappointed.
A day with my father telling
me how to run the company
has poured oil on any passion.
Maybe you could pour
some of that oil onto me,
see if we can kickstart
things again, hm?
You have saved this company.
Your father, he did some good
things for the company a decade ago.
What, that he hired you?
maybe he did one good thing.
But what you've been able to achieve
in the eight months
that you've been around
is nothing short of remarkable.
Because you're amazing.
And they all love you.
I'll keep the light on.
Ingredient in my mum's vindaloo
um tomato.
We see her.
No, Kumar
Kumar, sorry, I slept
in. Now I'm running late.
Did you look at the USB I gave you?
No, I have glanced at it. I'm
just not a huge curry person.
- It's not just a recipe
- Look, can we just talk in the office?
I've got to pick up some provolone.
- The codes you wanted investigated.
- Uh The custodian registry, yes.
It's not only the four you found.
Sorry, Kumar, I can barely hear you.
Sorry, I've left my phone in the car.
Sorry, Kumar!
I've dropped my keys!
It's not just the
recipe. It's the codes.
Look, I can't hear you!
I'm coming into the office
and we'll speak as
soon as I get in, yeah?
Ms Van Cleef, you must not come in.
Do not
Oh! Oh!
- That's $57.90, thanks.
- On card, please.
There's a fire at the
back. You have to run.
- Go, go, go!
- We're closed. Go.
Run, run, run.
Sula, I can still
only see farmed salmon.
They say it's ethically sourced.
Well, don't believe everything
you read on the packet.
I can put you in touch
with some dear friends
who can supply the real thing
I need you to listen
to me very carefully.
- The two
- Sorry, I have
Shh. No.
The two men who just
entered are here to kill you.
- What
- Just trust me
and come with me.
I certainly will not.
- I beg your pardon.
- If you want to live,
if you ever want to
see Iris and Otis again,
then move.
- What are you doing?
- Closed today, sweetheart.
We're not closed.
- Live or die. Your choice.
- Open those doors now.
So let's go.
Let's go.
OK, hide behind the box.
OK, let's go, Annika!
Pull over.
What happened back there?
Who were they?
Hired hitmen. Russian,
most probably Chechen.
Those sort do it for the
airline food over here.
- What can you tell me?
- Nothing. I
Bankers, insurance
brokers: that's MY world.
Not Chechen.
What? Hit men?
We have to get you out right now.
You must not go home.
They will be waiting for you.
I'm calling the police.
Fine, you visit them, you make
a full report in triplicate
and, in the fullness of
time, they will investigate
not what happened back there
but your murder.
My My kids are still at school.
Otis has a sports day.
Then pick them up.
If you stay here, you will
die and so will your family.
Meet me at the Barkly
skatepark at 5:00PM sharp.
And if I can't make it by 5:00?
Then I will presume you are dead.
Gina! You need to go!
Now. Hurry!
I've only just started, Annika.
Go now! I'll explain later!
Hi, Tobias.
Um I know we haven't exactly bonded.
But now would be a really good time.
Oh, my God.
Argh! Agh! No!
Argh! Argh!
Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh!
Oh, my God. Gina.
You let my kids out!
Oh, Marion. Hi.
Hi. Annika, I'm sorry, I was
just giving them a lift home.
I usually do the after-sport drop-offs.
Yes, I remember that now.
It's always very helpful.
It's just today we've had
a slight change of plans.
Hop out, kids. Come on.
Are you alright there, Annika?
Great. Terrific. You?
Otis, Iris, out. Now.
Come on. Out.
Out you hop.
Hi, sweetie.
Thank you so much.
Say hi to Sam, yeah.
Mum, have you been cooking?
I'll tell you later, sweetie.
You hop in the car
now. Come on, let's go.
You forgot their school bags!
Get in the car!
Alright, here we go.
Listen, we're going
away for a while, OK?
A surprise holiday.
Can we at least go home first?
I'm in my soccer uniform.
No! No. We, uh We can't.
The truth is that a
pipe has burst,
a water pipe,
and the whole house
is completely flooded.
- What about Tobias?
- Tobias is fine.
I I left him with a friend.
And we can buy new clothes.
It's all part of the adventure.
OK, she's here.
She has completely lost it.
Three tickets on tonight's ferry.
Tasmania. Your new home.
I have a perfectly fine home already.
Well, now you have a new one
in a place called Mystery Bay.
I transferred it into your new name.
You'll get the keys off a Francis Pike.
Sorry, what what new name?
What are you talking about?
Stella Heikkinen.
It's all here. Your
complete new history.
Read it, learn it, burn it.
Stella Heika Heikkininnin.
Heikkinen. It's a Dutch name.
I thought you'd be
familiar with Dutch names.
My family left Holland 120 years ago.
Heineken. Stella. It
sounds like two beers.
Alright, what about
What about my kids?
They can keep their first names.
Just make sure they remember
their new last names.
Deed to the house. New
driver's licence. Money.
All that I could get out
of your personal account.
How did you access my account?
Give me your phone and your
credit cards and I'll show you.
Hey! No!
Cash only.
There's a special phone in there
with my private number
and four SIM cards.
They will expire after each call.
Only use them in an absolute emergency.
Mum! Mum, look! Look, I'm balancing!
Remove all their identification,
everything that links
them or you to Melbourne.
Phones, iPads, destroy them.
And what And what if
I want to phone a friend?
You're really not getting this, are you?
Today is the day you cut off ties
to everything and everyone you know.
First you tell me why.
- No. You tell me.
- How? I don't know anything.
Yes, you do, and at some point I'm
going to need you to give testimony
and hand over every bit
of information you have
about ProsperAus and the
way it conducts its business.
In the meantime, trust no-one.
Including you.
Who are you?
The only person currently
trying to keep you alive.
An entire mountain obliterated
just so some asshole
can have a belt buckle.
It's pronounced ARSE-hole.
There's no reception.
You need to get higher.
Oh, hang on, I got a bar.
Holy, holy ♪
Holy. ♪
What's wrong? Did they follow you?
My car has broken down.
- You're kidding.
- No!
No, a wallaby ran right
You wasted a call to tell me that
you have an issue with your car?
I am not a bloody mechanic.
- This is not an emergency.
- This IS an emergency!
I am in the middle of nowhere
and you smashed my phone.
I can see where you are.
I'll find someone.
How can you see?
Stop wasting calls.
Hop out, kids.
You Hatkins?
We are so glad to see you.
Yeah, very excited.
How many tattoos have you got?
Come away.
Why people choose to
put art on their body
they wouldn't hang in
their living room, right?
Half a wallaby still under here.
- Ugh.
- I'll have to tow it to Strahan.
We're not going to Strahan.
I like the drawings on your arm.
This one
I copied off a picture
I've got hanging in my living room.
I draw a lot. Probably because I'm 10.
I'm Iris. Do you have a name?
We're heading to Mystery Bay.
Well, surely there's a mechanic there.
Mystery Bay?
How far is it from here?
Oh, icy road. Couple of hours.
Is there a safer route we can take?
Oh, over the mountain.
- Good. Let's do that then.
- I wouldn't. Takes four hours.
We actually bought a house there.
Why would you do that?
Yeah, why would you do that?
Well, people buy houses
every day. Is that so unusual?
Here? Yes, it's insane.
Where'd you buy it?
On Old Sanders Road.
Do you know it?
Come on, come on.
Hang on! Hang on! You
can't leave us here!
We're going with you!
Oh, my
Alright, get in. Not too close.
Alright, hop on my lap.
Stay here.
Nice bag. Travelling light.
I'm a minimalist.
Bob's your uncle.
What do they mean by
'low-level radiation area'?
Not that much.
- Jeremiah?
- Connor.
This lady insisted I
bring the car to you.
She's bought a place here.
- Here?
- Yeah, on Sanders Road.
We had an accident. With a wallaby.
- Got it with you?
- I took it.
It's dead.
Shame. Would have saved
me buying sausages.
OK, my car?
Not till Thursday
Told her to take it to Strahan.
Well, can't you look at it
now? You don't seem that busy.
Well, I guess I'm busy in
ways you don't understand.
Well, do you have a car that
I could lease in the meantime?
What did she say?
Do you kids need something
healthy to nibble on?
What sort of food have you got in here?
Potato chips, maybe.
So, you run a laundromat as well.
Is this one working?
No. Just out of 'out of order' signs.
We'll get these.
Let's go.
You gonna pay for those or what?
These chips expired pre-pandemic.
So, don't eat them.
Why is everyone staring at us?
Because she's a Toorak wanker and
we're private-school dickheads.
Why WOULDN'T you look?
Just ignore them. Country
people are notoriously shy.
And we will buy new clothes as promised.
What is 'rabies'?
We don't have it in Australia.
THEY do.
No, they
Well maybe just don't pat the dogs.
Oh, my God! What's its name?!
Truffles, dear.
Because they can smell them a mile away.
It's not a dog!
It certainly is not.
Hello there. I'm Stella Hei hi Hi!
Um My daughter's an animal lover.
We're in the process of moving
here and she's overly excited.
You're moving here?
To live?
I know what you're thinking:
we bought in the market
at the most expensive time.
But we were craving a change.
That wasn't exactly what I was thinking.
Uh Do you know any place where
we could get some warmer apparel?
You could try the op shop.
Sometimes Tarquin has some apparel.
Come on, Truffles. Come on.
- Do you have your phone?
- What's wrong with yours?
Can you give it to me?
Thank you.
Francis Pike?
It might be.
Who's talking?
Uh Stella.
Oh, right. The new owner
of the Gurvan place.
Who is currently standing
outside your office
to collect the keys to our new house.
Right. Right.
Right. Right. That's
how you got my number.
How old are these places?
Look at the cars.
They look prehistoric.
That's a Commodore.
You guys, you go find yourselves
some practical clothes.
Off you go.
Sorry. Um Unfortunately,
we had a car accident.
No-one was hurt, thankfully,
but we are without one.
Well, you could walk.
I mean, it's only a
short way out of town.
No. Thank you. I don't know where it is.
Uh Well, I'll, uh
I'll come and get you.
Just give me a moment to arrange things.
Well, what are you arranging?
Meet me at the front in 15 minutes.
Are these bullet holes in the back?
No, it's moths.
You want it or not?
Well, that is heaps
more practical, you guys.
Neither of you will stand out now.
And we got a whole
bag of clothes for you.
Oh! That's very thoughtful of you.
Iris picked them out.
Hurry! Hurry! Hop in, quick, please.
Francis Pike?
Yes, nice to meet you, Mrs Hagendaaz.
Quick, please. Quicker than that.
You certainly took your time.
Well, I don't have a stopwatch.
Little town has almost
everything you need.
Public toilets.
Soon to reopen.
Uh The Thai restaurant.
Post office, which does
banking and some groceries.
Look, kids: a theatre.
Is that still in use?
Uh Yeah, yeah.
You'll find that we're
mostly a friendly bunch.
Most of us. Um
Once you get to know us.
But kind of
hold off
just for a while.
- Where's the school?
- School?
- We're going to school here?
- Uh Yeah, that'd be in Strahan.
Um Primary and secondary all in one.
Uh Just a few kilometres up the road.
37 kays.
Manfred drives the kiddies
every day at 7:45AM.
Oh. Perfect.
It is perfect, isn't it?
There you go. Flips out.
Sorry, bub.
- I love it, Mummy!
- I think we've done OK.
Welcome to your new forever home.
Please, no.
Now, if there's anything you need,
just don't hesitate to to ask.
There's a goat in our yard!
- I have a goat!
- Yeah, it comes with the house.
Iris, we don't want a goat.
Alright, who wants to see the house?
I do!
They've left all their furniture here.
So, we have everything we need.
We've got fresh milk.
Why have they left all this food?
Because they are country
people. Country hospitality.
That's how it is here.
Baked beans, baked beans, baked beans
Oh! This one's special.
Baked beans and ham.
Finally something you can cook.
Piss off!
Otis, there are no power
points in this house!
That's impossible.
There's one over here.
Help me move this.
No way.
It's all rotten.
Can I help you?
I was going past. Thought I'd drop in.
I don't know what arrangement
you had with the previous owner,
but I'm not a kind of
'drop-in' sort of person.
So, if you have something
you need to see me about,
you should arrange a time.
Just wanted to drop off these jackets.
Or should I leave them
with your secretary?
Yeah, fine.
They're old.
But they're warm.
Gets bitter cold here at night.
- Hey, what the hell
- Don't move!
Don't move.
- Why?
- The floor.
What has happened here?
You bought a house
that's totally fucked.
Lose the language, please.
Follow my lead.
To get across you have to walk
in between the white lines.
It's like Indiana Jones.
We marked out all the
bad parts we could find.
Well, now we know why he threw
the furniture in for free.
So not country hospitality.
Holy, holy, holy ♪
Lord, God Almighty ♪
Early in the morning ♪
Our song shall rise to thee ♪
Holy, holy ♪
Holy ♪
Merciful and mighty ♪
God in three persons ♪
Blessed trinity ♪
Holy, holy, holy ♪
The floors in this house are rotten
and we are completely freezing.
I don't give a rat's about your floor.
I don't fix floors.
I'm not a mechanic. I'm not a carpenter.
Sort this out yourself.
That's two cards you've wasted.
I have not wasted
Stop hanging up on me!
Anything in the mail?
Another love letter from the bank.
The whole world's gone to shite.
The only time these days
people send you a letter
is when they want to get money off you
or sell you face cream.
There used to be a time when people
wrote proper letters to one another,
and they'd put in it things
like, you know, about this and that
Oh, whoever wrote you a letter?
Well, no-one.
And now the damn banks do.
Yeah, Dad, I'll handle it. Don't worry.
There's devils out there tonight.
- You hear 'em?
- Yeah.
They can take some of the
rabbits down the river paddock.
Where are YOU going?
To write you a letter.
Ohh, cheeky bastard.
It's Wednesday.
I know it's Wednesday.
You're late.
I thought we had an understanding.
Can't a person make one mistake?
Not in this lady's world.
This lady demands a
lot from a man like you.
Well, I'm sorry, lady, but
I don't operate that way.
Well, that's a real shame
'cause now I'm in a real quandary.
God, are you gonna shoot
me or talk me to death?
I'm gonna shoot.
Mm. And then what would
I do next Wednesday, eh?!
That seems like your
real quandary, you know?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
If you two are gonna start
shaking the nails loose again,
keep it down.
I wanna catch the weather.
- We're going out.
- We'll shake the nails there.
Did you pull those
jackets out of the bin
after me specifically telling
you they'll give you cholera?
- But they're really warm.
- I'm not cold.
- You're shivering.
- I'm fine.
Well, we will wait for him.
Until morning?
It's night-time. He won't be here.
It's not that late, it
just gets dark here early.
It says he'll be back
here in 15 minutes.
Just phone him.
- I don't have a phone.
- You have mine.
The pub will have a phone.
Where is my phone?
This is where the action is.
Let me show you the
inside of a country pub.
We'll have a counter meal,
we'll meet some locals,
and then we'll head back.
Where is my phone?
Where is it?!
Where is everybody?
Everybody? I can hear
them, but I can't I
Yeah? Hello.
Do Do you serve counter meals?
Not tonight.
Is there anywhere in town
that's serving a meal?
Do you have a phone that I could use?
What night DO you serve counter meals?
We will join you then.
Up to you.
Let's go. Let's go.
Burn and turn.
Our new arrival was
just here with her kids.
What'd she want?
But it's not Friday.
Who is this woman, Francis?
I don't know. She seemed nice enough.
- What, she come up through Graham?
- And I raise you 10.
- Francis.
- What?
- Did she?
- Hm?
- Graham knows nothing about her.
- Gotta be trouble then.
What did Frankie say about
you selling her an 'ouse?
I don't need to run
everything past Frankie.
Alright? I'm an independent
man. Those days are over.
Oh, my God. You didn't tell Frankie?
What sort of idiot are you?
You saw what happened last time.
I'm not frightened of her.
Times are very different now.
What'd you make of her?
Busted transmission pan. 250 bucks.
Nice. You are such a reader of women.
And another 20.
We spoke to her.
Did ya?
Anything beyond Jeremiah's rich insight?
No, nothing much.
Kids at private schools.
Jimmy Choo shoes. Prada top.
Watch was second-order Cartier.
Yes, Dutch ancestry from way back.
One adopted child.
The other one's definitely her blood.
Melbourne education, possibly Lauriston.
A couple of years in London and
I suspect a year quite recently
at either Harvard or Yale.
- Have you noticed that too?
- Yeah.
It was the diphthong 'ar' in
the way she said 'apparel'.
Boston pronunciation? Yep.
Probably in MBA for a year.
That's all you picked up on then, eh?
Nothing about a transmission pan?
- Oh.
- No.
Well, we only spoke for a minute.
I'll keep you honest,
Magda. Let's have a look.
Three jacks.
- Come on.
- That's why. That's why.
I don't know why I bother playing.
She remembers every bloody card.
OK, so, is she dangerous or not?
She's frightened of something.
Pfft. That's just gonna
get worse coming here.
Another round?
- Yeah.
- Alright.
Why not?
Mum, I'm so cold.
Here, have my coat.
I want my phone.
I, uh
accidentally dropped it.
We don't have a charger anyway.
Can you just tell me
what's going on, please?
The house didn't really flood, did it?
And this so doesn't feel like a holiday.
Let's all go to bed.
A good night's sleep,
and the world will look very different.
Come on.
It already does look different.
Mum, it's huge trucks.
There's three of them.
Why are they driving through our garden?
What are they doing here?
I'll go and talk to them.
Don't move.
- Mum!
- Mum! Mum! Are you OK?!
Mum! Mum!
Are you OK?
I'm OK!
OK. Just, uh
throw me down a torch!
Thanks, bubba.
We're not staying here long, anyway.
What place next, a meth lab maybe?
Francis Pike sold you the Gurvan place.
A woman rang me. Out of the blue.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Shit. Shit.
I'm your new neighbour!
I brought you a welcome casserole.
Might be exciting to have
a few new faces in town.
Do you have any idea
what you have put us in?
If you want to stay alive,
learn to adapt and help me.
Oh, my God.
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