Baymax! (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


Okay. Yes. Thank you.
Morning, Baymax.
Wow, Cass, look at you all up and around.
Got a cool new boot.
Courtesy of my brilliant nephew.
Have a great one, Sayaka.
Hey, Aunt Cass.
- Baymax didn't come home last night.
- What?
I think he's stuck out there
somewhere with a dead battery.
- He's lost?
- More like offline.
But this shows me where he's been
the past few days.
Wow. We gotta get out more.
It's a pretty big search area,
but I can go look for him.
Know you don't like to close the cafe
- Everybody out!
- Huh?
That may have come out a little harsh.
I'm just having a little family situation.
You know what I'm saying?
Thank you.
- Okay.
- We're going to need a search party.
- I got a list of his recent patients here.
- Cool.
I'm Hiro.
- And this is my Aunt Cass.
- Hi.
It says here that Baymax
treated you recently,
and it just so happens
that he's gone missing.
- We were wondering if you would help us
- Oh!
That seems bad.
And yet, not all that surprising.
Let's save Borax.
His name's actually Baymax
Here you go, Kara. Enjoy.
Thanks, Mbita. I'm loving this new menu.
- Hey, Chef.
- Hi.
- Borax is in danger.
- She means Baymax.
We could use some help looking for him.
He was here, right?
Get in the truck.
Hi. We're putting together
a search party to find my robot,
- I think he helped you recently with
- My period.
- I'm in
- Okay.
Let's go find Baymax.
I just hope he's not in any trouble.
All right. Charges is set.
Okay. Let's seal it up.
Here you go.
- Anything?
- Nope.
- I checked the whole block.
- No sign of him.
We've gotta find him, Aunt Cass.
It looks like someone found a friend.
Hey, look at that.
A freshly nibbled red lollipop.
And that's one of Baymax's.
I think he was trying
to treat this little cat. Hey!
Come here.
Yes. Look, kitty.
Where's the big guy that gave you this?
You know
Hello. I am Borax.
I will make you face your deepest fears.
Have a lollipop.
- That's actually pretty good.
- Uh-uh.
Follow that cat.
What is it with Baymax and warehouses?
Hey, buddy, I need to get in there.
No, ma'am. Site is sealed
and cleared for demolition.
No one goes in.
- But our friend's in there.
- A big, wonderful robot.
A robot?
Sorry, folks.
Wish I could give you your toy back.
But as soon as I finish my lunch,
that building's coming down.
- A toy? Really?
- What now?
You heard the man. It's time for lunch.
- What is that fantastic smell?
- Huh?
Oh, my apologies.
Is the smell of my braised
short rib kimchi stir fry
- ruining your lunch?
- Comes with free coffee.
- I'm here. On the way.
- Yes.
Shall we?
- I'll take a teriyaki bowl.
- Got any fish tacos?
No fish.
The building's welded shut.
Looks like a way in.
Hang on.
I've got something that might help.
Check out that sorcery.
Hurry! I don't know
how long I can hold this.
Lead the way, cat.
Whoa. Don't. No, you don't.
- Balloon man.
- Oh, no.
Come on, grab an end.
There you go, buddy.
Been hitting the pool. I'm all muscle.
All right. This is taking way too long.
Cass, I just realized we have
our 1000th customer.
- What?
- Yeah!
Sound the alarm!
We gotta go.
Okay, there
That seems bad.
- All right, let's get this party started.
- Let us in, please!
Stand clear!
- Pull!
- Okay, I'm trying!
It's like trying to shove
a burrito in a soda can.
- Cat, either help me or get out of here.
- Eight.
- Five.
- No.
- Wait. Let me up. Try to make room.
- Four.
- No time.
- Three.
Why is there a cat up on the roof?
Hold everything.
I love cats.
You did it, kitty!
Good job!
All right, do another
sweep of the site, folks.
I am not blowing up a little cat.
- Hello. I am
- Baymax!
You good?
It appears I am fully operational.
But how do you feel, Baymax?
I am satisfied with my care.
- We did it!
- Little Hero 6!
That is ironic
because there is, in fact, a Big Hero 6.
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