Baywatch (1989) s01e07 Episode Script

The Drowning Pool

1 Some people stand in the darkness afraid to step into the light some people need to help somebody when the edge of surrender's in sight don't you worry it's gonna be all right 'cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here 'Cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight yeah! I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here Baywatch "The drowning pool" Life guard off duty Henry.
It's nine o'clock.
Time to get up and at them.
-Coffee? -Uh-huh.
And half of a prune Danish.
Oh, oh.
Coming for a swim, sweetheart? No, I'd rather save my energy for something a little more-- -expensive? -Entertaining.
By the time this ridiculous merger goes through, we're gonna end up writing Porter a check for the company.
Is that true? No, it's not.
Everything's fine.
All systems are go.
Derrick, why don't you toss the financial section and stick to the sports page? You do better there.
Throw the ball! Throw the ball! -Hey, all! How are you? -Hi! Hi, how are you? Hello! Oh, looking great! How far today? Two miles.
Oh, Alex, come on, that's too far.
Why push? Three miles would be pushing, honey.
Two miles is right on target.
-Oh, really? -Uh-huh.
And that map on your chest, I suppose that's just decoration.
Stronger than the average bear, sweetheart.
Oh, Alex! Is it strong enough to cut a rubber chicken at the fund raiser? It's noon sharp.
Oh, no, Derrick! At noon? Chuck and I are gonna be haggling with Porter's attorney.
You take Jo Anne.
Oh, look everybody! Sweetie.
Lifeguard, hi! We came from a California farm.
Hi, honey.
How you doing? This is my wife, Terry.
Hey, honey, is it cold? Yeah, it's colder than a grave diggers pick! Let's go! Here I come! Oh, lord! Inner tubes are against the rules, sir! I can't hear you, honey! Oh, but Lloyd can't swim a lick.
He needs to get out.
If a wave dumps him, he'll drown.
Oh, but it's his first time in the ocean.
Help! Help! Lifeguard! There's a man drowning out there! Ma'am, I'll give you another 30 seconds to take pictures -and then he's gotta come out.
-Oh Hey! Lifeguard! Hey, help! Lifeguard, a man's drowning.
-Where? -He's out there.
Go to the tower.
Emergency, lifeguard needs backup.
A guy's going down.
A lifeguard needs backup.
Over there! To your left! To your left! Can you hear me? Hold on.
Just hold on.
Take his arm.
Put his legs in parallel.
Ouch! Oh, wow! That was great! Oh, do it again! Something hit me.
I think it was a shark.
- Eddie, clear the area.
- Back up! Somebody give me a back board in here! Back up, hey, back up.
How long have you been at it? Sixty seconds.
No pulse.
Shauni, set up the resuscitator.
Excuse me.
Continue the cpr.
One, two, three, four, five.
-I'm the one that saw him.
-Watch from over here.
-One, two, three, four, five.
-What's the story? One, two, three, four, five.
One, two three, four, five.
One, two, three, four, five.
And one and two Hey, Trevor! Mr.
Benton, there's been in an accident, it's your father.
One and two and three and four and five and one and two and three and four and five and one Alright, champ, get ready to get in here.
- No pulse! - Alright, I got it.
-He's all yours.
-Two and three Breathe! Don't die on me.
Come on, let them work, come on.
It's okay, it's okay.
-Out of the way.
Move it, mate.
-Dad? -Dad? -Stay back! Dad? Is he alive? We're still trying to resuscitate him.
One and two and three and four and five.
Alex, oh, my god.
Alex! What the hell happened here? Where was the damn lifeguard? I got to him as fast as I could.
Alright, we're ready to go, get in.
Get in! Oh, my god.
She was so great out there.
I can't believe, you're swimming, diving, he's over here, he's over there.
Fred rachins.
I'm the guy that spotted him.
Jill? Can I impose on you to come down to headquarters for a statement? Impose all you want.
Fred? And this is where you decompress after your rescues? It's a locker room, Fred.
We take showers here.
Yeah, you sure do.
Um, so, what have you got upstairs? Offices, communications and the watch deck.
Fred, let's go.
Come on, Fred.
Hospital just called.
They couldn't revive him.
If I'd just gotten to him sooner.
Jill, Alex Benton had open heart surgery just last year.
And, if it was a coronary, a few seconds probably wouldn't have made any difference.
"Probably" doesn't cut it, Mitch.
"Probably" means Mr.
Benton's only chance was me.
And I blew it.
Oh, it's your first loss.
It's going to sting real bad for a while.
I can handle it.
Do you like foreign movies? I do.
Especially the ones in Italian.
It makes the guys sound so sexy even if they look like Elmer Fudd.
Maybe, tonight we can rent a fellini and make some spaghetti.
Look, I know you and everybody around here, you're just trying to be nice and supportive.
But you don't have worry.
It's okay.
I'm fine.
Help! Help! Lifeguard, there's a man drowning out there! [Derrick what the hell happened here? Where was the damn lifeguard? One and two and three and four and five! Breathe! Come on, come on, let them work! I got to him as fast as I could.
Have you talked to Jill? I left half dozen messages on her machine.
So did I.
I know she's there, she's just not picking up.
I guess so.
I was just thinking maybe we should send her something to make her feel better.
Like a card and flowers.
Yeah -Hi.
-Hi, Shauni.
If you are talking about Jill, you don't have to send her anything.
I saw her when I got here.
She's in your office.
-Have a good day, don't get wet.
I'm working on my incident report.
Wanted to finish it while the facts were still fresh.
Great! Good idea.
Oh, we got Benton's autopsy report from the hospital.
No traces of alcohol or drugs in his blood.
Jill, the man had a heart attack, what're you looking for? Answers.
Mitch, I spotted him here.
I dove and I didn't sight him until he was all the way over here.
Could have been a strong rip.
The current were three knots.
The water was clear, there was no turbulence.
It would take 12 seconds for a 195 pound man to drift that far.
Jill, I'm not arguing on your math here, but stranger things have happened when a man's life flashes before his eyes.
Oh, you've got answers for everything! Well, I don't.
I've got a list of people who were at the beach when it happened.
I'm going to talk to them.
Maybe somebody knows something.
Like what? I don't know, something.
Jill, you know, this isn't exactly procedure.
I'll have the report finished tomorrow.
No, the report is finished now.
Alex Benton had a heart attack and drowned.
-Jill? -What? Hey Let it go, will you? It's not your fault.
Maybe, you'd like to take a couple of days off and go see Dr.
I don't need to see a shrink.
I haven't lost my mind, Mitch.
I've lost 12 seconds.
It just doesn't add up and I'm going to find out why.
It's going to be a monster party.
Jackie, Kay, everyone's going to be there.
-Would you come? -I can't.
Going down to San Diego for a couple of days r&r.
That one, is it deep? No.
But thanks for the offer.
Can I swim? With a cut like that, you're through for the day.
Yeah, you should probably give it a rest.
-Well, can I come back later? -Sure! You know, so you can check my bandages.
Yeah, if I have the time.
-See you.
-Here, catch! -Oh, man! I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
Fred! Hey, what a pretty looking girl, huh? Fred, can I help you with something? Oh, no, the other way around.
I thought since I had the day off, I can come out and give you an extra set of eyes.
You never know.
Thanks for the offer, but I think we can handle here.
Look, why don't you just relax, spread a towel, catch some zzz's, have yourself a great day.
I used to see your father on his morning workouts sometimes.
He'd wave.
I'd wave.
We never really talked.
Look, I'm really sorry about what happened.
Thanks, Jill.
It was very kind of you to come.
I'm sure this wasn't easy for you.
No, it wasn't, believe me.
Look, there's some things about your father's death I haven't really been able to figure out yet.
Things? Yeah, like the speed of the current, the way he went under and the distance that he travelled.
I spoke to an eyewitness who says he saw him flailing both hands.
Now, if he was having a heart attack, why wasn't he clutching his chest? How could he be waving both hands? If he was having a heart attack, my father was an experienced ocean swimmer.
I'm not a doctor-- and most certainly not a good lifeguard either.
She was on duty when Alex drowned.
Why are you here? Investigating.
She asked some questions about dad's death.
If I were you, I'd concentrate on questions concerning your competence.
Don't say anything more, Chuck.
We'll let our lawyers take care of it.
Lawyers? We're filing a negligence suit.
Against you, your superiors, the county.
I know my job and I'm good at it.
My uncle died in the water.
How good could you be? It's your fault.
Henry? Henry? Coffee? Where'd you get the wet suit? Danish? Not this morning.
Not this morning? Why? Are we at war? Are we rationing? Where did you get the wet suit? Gift from Neptune.
Where? Where what? Where exactly did it washed up? Right there.
Right in front of your tower.
You guys missing a surfer? Hi! Fred, what are you doing? Eddie, I got this amazing dream.
There was this girl in the middle of the ocean.
She was going down.
There was no way out.
Then, all of a sudden, from nowhere comes this lifeguard and I can see his orange can cutting through the water like a knife.
And then he shoves the can underneath her and then, for the first time, I see his face, and you know what? No.
What, Fred? It was me.
The lifeguard was me.
Okay, listen, there's certain things you keep to yourself.
Like dreams.
A guy should keep his dreams to himself, alright? Eddie, you don't understand.
I'm telling you something.
I think this was a message.
I think this was a message from him.
The big lifeguard in the sky? Look, it's gotta mean something.
It's the first time I've come to the beach in 12 years and I see a guy drowning.
And I don't know what to do.
I'm standing and pointing like an idiot.
I wish I could've done something, I think that was his message.
He wants me to learn everything I can about water safety.
Maybe he wants you to stay out of the water.
No, I know he wants me to learn.
I feel this is really something-- read this.
Who am I to argue with the big guy? Wait a minute.
Where are you going? -To make a prevention.
-What is that? Look it up in the manual.
Prevention? I don't-- prevention, I, it's not even in the index.
-Excuse me! -Yes? -Are you a lifeguard? -Well yes, I am.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
You alright? -My head.
-Seriously? -It's spinning.
I think I've been in the heat too long.
-Can you help me? -Yeah, I Oh Oh oh, brother! Here, you take this downtown immediately.
It was bought at Hank's dive shop in Malibu.
Mm, handy piece of detective work.
I guess you read labels, too.
The guy that works there showed me a list of all the people who bought a wet suit like this in the past six months.
And? Derrick Benton? Circumstantial.
No law against keeping warm, is there? No, no, but, garner, I've checked Jill's figures.
You know, the currents, drift ratios There's no logical answers until this damn thing turns up on shore.
What, 20 feet from where she pulled him in? Mitch, the guy died of a heart attack.
Yeah, I know that's what the certificate says.
But imagine if you're swimming along and something pulls at you from underneath the ocean.
That would scare the hell out of you, wouldn't it? Or maybe something even worse? Alright, I'll run a history on this Derrick Benton character, but don't go getting Jill's hope up.
I think this road runs into a brick wall.
No, I do think you could be a movie star.
It certainly was a wild day.
Listen, Lloyd, thanks a lot for letting me look at those vacation tapes and, if you do find the other tape, I'd appreciate if you could drop it off.
Oh, say hello to Ellie for me.
Jill? Things got way out of hands the other day.
It was completely unfair to blame you.
Oh, you're here to apologize? Well, that And I wanted to tell you face-to-face, we're dropping the lawsuit.
Just like that? I'm not my father, but I do wield a small amount of influence over my step-mother.
What's all this? Oh, it's a puzzle.
Puzzle? Yeah.
This is my tower.
The pan is the ocean.
This is where I first spotted your father and here's where I eventually found him.
So murder is definitely on your mind, isn't it? Yeah, it's a possibility.
What about me? Do you think I had anything to do with it? I didn't.
Listen, Jill I would like the opportunity for you to get to know me a little.
Lunch? Tomorrow? Restaurant of your choice? Dad never would have had his surgery if it wasn't for me.
Why is that? Well, he figured he handled his medical problems the same way he handled everything else in his life.
A sure strength of character.
What about after surgery? Did you get closer? Yeah.
He's getting close to death and he finally started to appreciate life.
You know, I spent more time with him in the last six months than I did as a child growing up.
Derrick, I'm sorry, I really am.
Yeah, yeah, I'm coming, I'm coming.
Pepperoni, double cheese.
-Anchovies? -I hate anchovies.
But I like anchovies.
You could've at least ordered half with anchovies, half without anchovies.
You just be happy I'm sharing.
Now just sit down and stop bothering me.
-Will you get out the way? -Excuse me! No matter how many times you see it, it's always beautiful, always special.
You know It's strange The circumstances that bring people together.
I mean, we never noticed each other and yet We probably passed each other a thousand times on the beach.
My butt got chewed good for asking questions about the Benton family.
Hey, hey, hey, if it's too painful to talk about, I don't have to know.
You're gloating.
Mitch, I hate it when you gloat.
Your eyes pop out your head, your nose turns up funny.
-I talked to the coroner.
Said Alex Benton had bruises on his ankles.
They could've come from knocking into rocks.
[Mitch or an underwater struggle? It's possible.
The man was big time.
Seems his scuba enthusiast son stands to inherit 18 million, give or take a hundred thousand or so.
That's enough bucks to nourish a little greed and envy.
What about the wife? There's a wife, son, a nephew, business associates, in a perfect world, more than enough money to go around, but, since nobody's perfect, I'll concentrate on the junior, he stands to get the most money.
You know something, Mitch? I cannot shake the feeling that this guy's guilty.
After 15 years, a cop gets pretty good at faking upset.
Fred, what are you doing here? Oh, looking for Eddie.
Oh, I haven't seen him.
Has anyone seen Eddie? No.
Yeah Yeah, it looks like mine.
You find the rest of my stuff too? What stuff is that? Well, this was stolen along with my tanks and the rest of my gear.
Wow My stuff gets ripped off and you act like I'm the one who's in trouble here.
That's a thought.
Well, obviously, you two have some sort of a theory about what happened.
How about sharing it? It's possible someone was under water, waiting for your father to swim by.
Like he did every morning.
I was in the sauna when the club lifeguard notified me about my father.
Mitch, I doubt there was time, enough to make the swim from the club to my tower and then back again.
According to the report, you pulled Mr.
Benton out of the water at 9:30.
Took another ten minutes for the paramedics.
You're young, strong.
You give your father a head start.
Catch up.
Do your thing.
Plenty of time to brace yourself for the bad news.
Look, officer, if you're accusing me of having anything to do with my father's death, you better have more to go on than a lot of wet assumptions.
Derrick, wait! If you're so sure he's guilty, why didn't you arrest him? Because all we have is circumstantial evidence and your friend knows it.
Well, you want proof he did it? I want proof, he didn't.
Are you coming? Yeah.
Where are we going? In the water? How about you? In the water? I'm sure we can find you an extra-large wet suit.
I don't go in the water, Jill, unless it's hot, soapy, and the reef is keeping me company on the radio.
Yeah? Well, what happened to San Diego, Eddie? Oh, yeah, well, you know, plans change.
You got a tower for me? You got a cold or something? A little more of hoarse.
I screamed my head off at a game, a ball game yesterday.
Um, what about tower #24? Oh, rookies choosing towers now, huh? Hey, tell you what? Why don't I just send a limo out to pick you up? Um I'll take the bus.
Alright, you do that.
Yeah, take #24.
Yeah, okay.
Yes! Okay, we'll do a 50 foot search, either sides of my tower.
Alright, you're all set.
We've got about an hour there.
-I'll be back to get you.
Clean this garbage up and, if I catch you guys doing this again, it won't be just the beer I'm turning upside down.
Oh, man, you got me quaking in my thongs.
Look, pal, statute #45b prohibits me from initiating physical force, but statute #45c gives me permission to respond to it.
You get my drift? Ouch! Nice catch, lifeguard! So they tell me Benton textile is on the auction block.
Not anymore.
Eighteen months, thousands of hours of negotiating, down the drain.
So the company stays private? Well, you might say that Alex's death put a little crimp in our plans to sell.
And who does that benefit? Derrick inherits 75% of my husband's estate.
Jo Anne gets the rest.
Nothing for you? Private or part of a conglomerate, one of the provisions of my uncle's will was that I stay on as senior vice-president, -so you see, inspector-- -officer.
Whether my uncle was alive or dead, my job with the company was secure.
Your cousin Derrick is quite a sportsman.
Do you ever accompany him on any of his fishing or scuba diving trips? The only water I see on vacation is at the golf course.
This has been the most entertaining visit, but I'm afraid, I have an appointment.
Why didn't you ask Jo Anne? What about? About the scuba diving.
Alex gave her a certification course as a first anniversary present.
See you later.
Statute #56 clearly states that flotation devices are not permitted to be used by novice swimmers.
I'm sorry, pal, but rules are rules and I gotta enforce them.
Sid, I dropped off Mitch and Jill here at #24.
Sid, this is Craig, who's in #24 today? Um, Eddie.
Oh, I don't see him.
Well, he didn't kick the phone.
Alright, I'll cover his water until you get backup over here.
Is Jill Riley around? No, she's not.
Well, would you tell her that Lloyd came by? I found another vacation tape for her to look at.
-Yeah, sure.
-Thank you.
Hey, what are you doing here? Well, got as far as capistrano when the weather went bad on me.
Well, wait a minute, what's this about capistrano? I gave you number 24 this morning.
-You did what? -I Oh, man Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Hold the can, hold the can! Get back! Help me up here! What kind of a lifeguard are you? He tried to drown me.
Hey! What the hell were you doing out there? You're not a lifeguard, where did you get those trunks? The guy needed help, he was in trouble.
Fred, it looks to me like you're in trouble.
I'm okay.
I hit my head, I saw monkeys.
But I'm alright.
Hey, I need my can back.
Thank you very much, sir.
Appreciate it.
I'm okay.
Is this your stuff? Yeah.
Jill I didn't do it.
That's what I've been out in the water trying to prove, Derrick.
But you had time to spare.
Time to pull your father under, dump your tank and come back up on the beach without anybody noticing.
So that's it, right? You think I'm guilty.
Are you? I loved my father.
You impersonate a fireman in Fresno, a councilman in Bakersfield and now you're a lifeguard for a day? What is it? You think that, being a lifeguard, you'd be able to score with girls? Well, they do seem to be attracted to red trunks.
Impersonating a lifeguard is not a joke.
It's a criminal offense.
Come on.
Nobody got hurt.
A guy nearly killed you for kissing his wife.
I wasn't kissing her.
I was giving her cpr.
She wasn't drowning.
She was sun bathing.
Alright, Mitch, look, I'm sorry.
Are you going to turn me over to the cops? Get my butt thrown in the slammer? Force me to become a hardened criminal? Yes.
Oh, Mitch, don't do it.
Look, Mitch, I tell you what, for a nominal fee, I'll prepare all your taxes.
Alright, I'll do it for free.
I know all the tax loopholes, you know.
Fred, you told me you worked in a nursery.
You said that you were a tree surgeon.
Alright, good, go ahead, do your thing, man.
Go ahead and sue me, I don't care.
I know my way around the courtroom.
Fred, you need professional help.
Look, I've had professional help.
He's not stupid, Craig.
If he was guilty, why would he leave his scuba gear there to be found? Oh, maybe, he didn't think anybody would be looking for it.
It'd be the perfect crime.
As long as we can't prove Derrick was there, he can't be convicted, maybe he knows that.
Jill, a Lloyd dropped this off for you.
Some more vacation highlights.
Oh, great, just what I want to do tonight, watch other people fun.
Late night viewing? No, just a few hours of a wild goose chase.
Why don't you come over and have dinner Gina and I tonight? Thanks, but I can't, I've got plans.
With Derrick? Yes.
Wait, wait, Jill Maybe you shouldn't see him again until-- until he goes to prison? Listen, if I die of food poisoning, Derrick did it.
He's barbecuing.
Let the hunt begin.
-What do you need? -Matches.
Oh, I think I have some in my bag.
They are in there somewhere.
Ah! Oh, here they are.
You brought entertainment? That's a matter of opinion.
Have you ever watched somebody else's vacation highlights? As a matter of fact, I have.
My father's trip to China.
Sixteen hours of the great wall.
"Lloyd and Ellie do California.
" Lloyd and Ellie? Who are they? It's a couple I met on the beach the other day.
The day my father died? Yeah.
It's going to take a while for these to grey up.
Let's watch it.
I think we'd have a lot more fun if we watch the coals heat up.
No, I wanna see it.
Come on, this is silly.
Why are we watching this? We're not gonna see anything.
Don't you wanna sit? No.
I'm fine.
So you're still not sure about me, are you? They really look like they are having fun.
Sorry for barging in, derrickie, but I need your signature.
Hey, hold on a second, Chuck, we're watching a tape.
What is this? Why are you watching it? This was taken on the same beach where dad died.
Chuck? Chuck? That's you! Sorry, cuz! Ah! Yeah? Garner! I can't I can't! Please! - You okay? - Yeah.
Thanks, garner! I'm touched! Touched? I didn't do anything.
You did it all on your own.
The water, garner.
This is not a bath tub.
Damn! Hi! Ha.
You always smile like that when you're right about something? I wasn't gonna rub it in.
Yeah, right.
Chuck almost had the perfect plan.
You lied to me, you're gonna rub it in.
I can feel it.
You see, he could be the cousin, but he could never be Alex's son.
He was always gonna be just an employee, unless he could get rid of both father and son.
Why don't you just get it over quickly, say "I told you so" and leave me in peace.
So he killed Alex and he left enough evidence to make it look like Derrick did it.
You know, you were wrong about Derrick, I told you so.
Bull's-eye, right through the heart.
Oh, these came for you today.
-Who's this from? -I don't know.
I don't read other people's mail.
Oh, you're even gonna read the card.
It says, "I told you so.
Love, Derrick.
" Hey, Jill.
I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
You were great out there.
Thanks, Mitch.
Hey, hang on a second! I got a quarter! Fred? No! I'm telling you, man, you need help.