Baywatch (1989) s01e11 Episode Script

Shelter Me

1 Some people stand in the darkness afraid to step into the light some people need to help somebody when the edge of surrender's in sight don't you worry it's gonna be all right 'cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here 'Cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here baywatch "Shelter me" What started as a tropical depression several days ago, off the Hawaiian island, has finally reached the coast of California.
The storm came ashore just north of San clemente, and has beach communities in Los Angeles county preparing for what could be the worst we've seen in eight years.
These pictures are a graphic reminder of the millions of dollars of damage done when that storm caught the southland off-guard.
This time, authorities are busy evacuating people from hermosa beach all the way north to Malibu.
Who was that on the phone? My mother.
She has another prospective client for me to meet when we go up next week.
Anything interesting? A friend of hers wants me to draw up a new will, something about cutting out his wife.
Why's he want to do that? He claims she's trying to kill him by cooking with too much salt.
The weather is gonna be bad.
We're really gonna get it.
You know, we could go someplace else, and see your parents another time.
Let's not have this conversation again.
My mother already knows we went to New York last spring to see your folks.
So? She keeps a little scorecard on her refrigerator.
If we go to see your parents more than my parents, she'll hit me with that favoritism thing.
And I'll never hear the end of it.
That's the craziest thing I've ever heard.
We've been over this a hundred times.
We're going to San Francisco.
Just once, I'd love to see you do something that was not planned out.
Do something spontaneous! You wanna see something spontaneous? Yeah! Watch this.
Garner to baywatch.
Come in.
Go ahead, garner.
I hope you're snug as a bug down there.
Yeah, don't worry about me.
I'll be out there shortly.
How's the evacuation going? We're taking some of the homeless, and everybody else with no place to go, down to the shelters.
I've got a nice hot cup of coffee waiting for you here.
I'm gonna check under the pier and I'll be in.
Oh, and garner? Try and keep your feet dry.
I wouldn't want you catching a cold.
Yes, mom.
You guys take off.
If I find anybody else, I'll take them to lifeguard headquarters.
Okay, right.
Hello! Anybody down here? We got a storm coming in.
It's a cop.
Come on now, I'm just gonna get you outta the bad weather.
Hey! Come on out! Oh, no! You, jerk! You had to go and kill a cop? What was I gonna do? He recognized us.
You don't know that! He was just looking for bums.
I saw the look in his eyes.
He recognized us.
Every cop in this city's looking for us.
Maybe he'll wash ashore in Hawaii someday.
I am not going back to jail.
Not again.
Let's get out of here.
No, consuelo.
Not the pig farmer.
He's not good for you.
Hello? Mr.
Dietz? Yo.
Mitch bucannon.
Listen, is my roof gonna be alright in this storm? What roof? I'm sorry.
I'm kidding.
As long as we get it down before the rain hits, you don't got nothing to worry about.
Ah Will you call me if there's a problem? Absolutely right.
I gotta go.
And slightly smaller waves up from Santa Monica and will Rogers beach.
But checking Zuma and broad beach, surf is expected to be in the four to six foot range.
So wax down your sticks and pack up your woodies.
This is captain Don Thorpe This is captain Don Thorpe speaking for the kbla's Surf report.
Oh sorry, sir.
I didn't mean to sneak up on you like that.
As a matter of fact, I had no idea you were still here.
I was just on my way out.
All right.
How was it? Super! Great.
I mean What exactly were you doing? I'm practicing for an audition I have to take at kbla.
They called down here to see if anybody was interested in trying out for a new radio spot they are doing with the daily surf conditions.
You'll be a hard man to beat.
I figure with my qualifications, and incredible charisma, I might have a pretty good shot.
Why not? Wish me luck.
-Hello, Craig.
What're you doing here? Where you going? I'm gonna take a final patrol.
Make sure the beaches are empty.
I'll navigate.
All units You wanna tell me about it? Tell you about what? Okay.
Gina thinks everything I do has to be perfectly laid out.
She thinks I'm not capable of doing anything spontaneously.
You're not.
Oh, come on.
Really? Craig, it's no big deal.
It's just that some people have a deep seeded, psychological need to always be in control.
You function better when you have everything planned out.
Have you been watching donahue, or something? You always take sausage and mushrooms on your pizza, you always leave dodger games after one out in the eighth, you get your hair cut every three weeks, and I bet you lay your clothes out every night before you go to bed.
Ha! I don't lay my clothes out before I go to bed! Every night.
It's no big deal.
So you're predictable.
Come on.
Let's check the restrooms.
About time you guys got here.
You didn't think we'd rest until we found you, Henry? You boys are too good to me.
I hope you got something to eat back there.
Come on, Henry.
Hey, you can wait the storm out at headquarters.
We'll be alright.
This place floods.
You'll have to come with us.
Come on.
These boys will take good care of us.
We appreciate it.
Are you nuts? We can't go with them! They're a couple of lifeguards.
What can they do? Let me help you with that.
We got it.
This is kind of a neat idea.
I've never been to a hurricane party.
Well I know this isn't officially a hurricane, but I figure we might not get another chance.
Besides, I love a good storm.
I love a good party.
You're both gonna love these movies.
The three stooges, Laurel and Hardy tweety and Sylvester? What? I love tweety and Sylvester.
So does Craig.
Where is Craig, anyway? I think he went in to headquarters.
Headquarters? We kind of had a little fight this morning.
What about? I mean-- you know the dumb part? We weren't fighting about anything.
You don't have to go on, Gina.
It's no big deal.
When you get married, you'll understand that every so often, you have to fight.
It's like a requirement.
I can't wait.
The dumbest thing s you find the stupidest things to argue about, even if you're not really mad at the other person.
I think it has something to do with making up.
Where you going? Married people can be really weird.
Oh, I don't know.
You're not married and you're really weird.
Ow! What-- Uh! Everybody off the beach? I hope so.
I just brought in three more in.
One of them has a cut on his face.
Wanna take a look at it? Sure.
Hey, Mitch.
Hobie called.
Everything all right? Yeah.
Call him at home.
He said it was important.
Take it easy on you.
Hello? Hi, dad.
Hey Hobe, what's up? Everyone got sent home from school because of the storm.
Everything all right? It depends.
Depends on what? Depends on what home owner's liability means.
What happened? Some guy fell off the roof.
They're taking him to the hospital for x-rays.
Did they finish getting the roof down? Not completely, but we got it under control.
Alright, I'll get home as soon as I can, but this storm might hold me up.
It's getting bad out there.
Okay, bye.
I'll go get more.
You think you should call your mom? Why? She'd just make me go home.
The wind was blowing so hard, I wasn't even sure where I was going.
This storm came in so fast, I guess we were lucky to get out of it.
I've seen it get pretty bad out there.
Yeah? How long you been doing this? I started lifeguarding in high school.
I never knew they made such pretty ones.
Baywatch headquarter dick.
Get in here.
What? I don't like this.
What's not to like? We hang here until after the storm, then we split.
I don't know, not after what happened this morning-- shh! Look, no one has any reason to suspect anything.
We just got caught in the storm, like the rest of these folks.
But what if that cop-- shut up! He is dead.
All we gotta do is play it cool.
Okay? Come on.
That was my mom on the phone.
She's gonna pick me up after the storm.
That is, if you don't mind me waiting it out with you.
Mind? No, that'll be just fine.
What if the roof blows off? No chance.
How do you know? The workman said he laid down his best tarp up there.
He personally guaranteed me we have nothing to worry about.
That's reassuring.
What do you-- what were you gonna say? No, go ahead.
I was just gonna say maybe I should Get up and check the place out.
See if all the windows are secure and everything.
I think maybe I'll go in the kitchen and Make some coffee.
Coffee? Great.
On a day like this, there's nothing like a good, strong cup of coffee.
Rattail! I thought we outlawed those in Mazatlan? Oh, no, señor, we're not in Mazatlan anymore.
No? You brat! What're you doing down here? -Apologizing.
-Give me my towel.
It was a stupid thing to fight about.
No, it wasn't.
I gave the whole thing a lot of thought.
-You have? -Yes, I have.
No more plans, no more schedules, no more predictability.
Okay, your turn.
Good luck, man.
Peterson, right? Excuse me.
Are you like a bus driver, or something? -Captain Thorpe.
You here for the audition? Yes, that's right.
We might be here a while.
The road is blocked.
The police aren't letting anybody put.
Killer accent man.
"God save the queen," right? I didn't know any of the other guards would be trying out for this.
Yeah, I noticed you didn't exactly spread the word when the station called headquarters asking for people.
Scared of a little competition? I'm gonna tell you something, and it's only because you're a neophyte, the lowest rookie on my beach.
I'm here because I'm the most qualified person for the job.
That's a good one.
You really look like you're part of today's surfing scene.
I could barely pick you out from the rest of this pack.
Hello? Come in.
Officer in trouble.
Can you read me? Come in! Come in.
I'm sorry if I scared you.
It's all right.
I just didn't hear you come in.
This place is amazing.
I never would have guessed so much goes on in here.
It's a bigger job than most people realize.
All the trucks and equipment you guys have.
And a kitchen! Man, it's really something.
You know, I really appreciate you taking care of my face like that.
It's no problem.
What were you doing out in this weather, anyway? Like I said earlier, the storm hit awful fast, kinda caught us off-guard.
Well, I see you.
Yeah, see you.
What's going on? She suspects something, dick.
Southern California's really taking this storm on the chin.
The national weather service has upgraded it to a tropical storm with winds gusting to 69 continues to batter the coast.
We're reporting a section of the pacific coast highway, south of Malibu are closed due to flooding.
So what's with this weather, anyway? What do you mean? I mean, whatever happened to it never rains in Southern California? Propaganda.
That song was written by the chamber of commerce.
You know, we used to get weather like this back in Philly, except it was a lot colder and it'd last for weeks.
I think it's kinda romantic.
What's romantic about the rain? I don't know.
I guess it reminds me of Dave Williams.
Dave Williams? Yeah.
He was my first boyfriend back in fourth grade.
I remember he came over one day and it was raining.
And my mom had just gone to the grocery store, and we were home alone in the den, watching the munsters.
That is romantic.
Shut up.
Anyway, I knew he really liked me because he would write me notes all the time in class and I knew he wanted to kiss me.
Did you let him? Every time he was about to try, he would start sweating and hyperventilating.
So, finally, I kissed him.
And how'd he take that? I don't know.
We were, like, an item for a couple weeks and then he dumped me for k.
What about you? I -- I don't remember.
Everybody remembers their first kiss.
Now, come on.
Let's hear it.
Come on! I was maybe, what? Thirteen.
Late bloomer.
Yeah, yeah.
I guess I was kinda like your friend Dave.
Except the thought of kissing a girl didn't make me throw up.
Susie depinho.
I had it all planned out.
As soon as the train went into the 10th street tunnel, I'll make my move.
And? And I chickened out.
But I did get that kiss.
Down on the wharf, in front of all the old schooner ships.
You're right.
It is something you never forget.
I talked Jill into coming to the party.
Did you talk to Eddie and Shauni? Phones are out.
-Really? -Yep.
Let me check the downstairs line.
Maybe it's just that cranky old switchboard.
Operator? I can barely hear you.
There's lot of static.
Can I help you? This is the baywatch lifeguard headquarters-- Gonna call the cops, huh, baby? Gonna call the cops? Don't think so! Hey! Back off, pal.
No, you back off, pal.
All right.
Just take it easy.
Everybody better take it easy.
Now, every stay real relaxed and no one's gonna get hurt, okay? Okay.
Come on.
Are you out of your feeble mind? What are we gonna do? Maybe you should've thought of that before you pulled your gun.
Let's just get out of here.
We gotta wait till after the storm.
You know what your problem is? You don't think.
You're the same stupid -- shut up! I do think.
I always think.
That one recognizes us.
That one recognizes-- okay.
Shut up.
Excuse me.
I just wanna know what's going on here.
Is this some sorta stick-up or something? Yeah.
That's right.
We couldn't decide whether to Rob a bank or a lifeguard station, you sand-for-brains.
Now, stay there and shut up.
Make sure all the doors down here are locked and we'll move everybody upstairs.
We should try and reach garner on the radio.
I talked to him this morning.
He said he'd stop by after his patrol.
Maybe there's some way we can reach or tip him off we got a problem.
We're all locked in now.
Okay, everybody.
We're gonna wait this out upstairs.
Come on.
Move it! Cover them.
Hey, what the hell is that? Somebody's trying to call in from one of the towers.
Well, answer it.
Get rid of it.
Come on.
Mitch, this is garner.
What are you doing out there? I need help.
Somebody fired me under the pier.
You gotta be the only lifeguard crazy enough to work a tower today.
Are they there? Yeah.
The place is all locked up.
Why don't you just go home and get some rest, huh? Mitch, be careful.
If they are who I think they are, they were doing time on a murder rap at terminal island.
One of them shot me.
Who was it? One of my guards.
If you're lying, you're the first one I kill.
It was garner that called in from the tower.
Does he have any idea what's going on down here? Yeah.
He's got a real good idea.
He says one of these guys shot him.
What? These characters are real bad news.
They're the two that escaped from terminal island at long beach.
Thanks for the sweats.
You're welcome.
Days like these you just have to put on your comfies.
I know what you mean.
-What's wrong? Oh.
Nothing's wrong.
You just-- you look really great in my sweats.
I wonder where Craig and Gina are? I don't know, but I'm starving, enough for Gina's goat dip.
Well, I'll fix you something.
Really? Okay.
If you're volunteering.
Let's see.
Grilled cheese and tomato soup.
-I think I can handle that.
It's kinda like you and your comfies.
To me, a day like this calls soup and sandwiches.
That's cute.
How about some music? Sure.
Anything in particular? Something soft.
You know That kiss kinda surprised me.
I guess it kinda surprised me, too.
Oh, oh, yeah Oh we have known our greatest pride but you said it before my eyes I dream of you and me take on the road to make you see just one kiss and I cannot resist and now you have my heart just one kiss to find a love like this and we'll never part just one kiss is all it took Uh oh, oh oh, baby eh, eh just one kiss I think it's a big mistake, us waiting around here.
The highway's flooded.
Soon as we leave, they'll radio the cops.
We could take one of them with us.
This guy is really giving me the creeps.
Don't pay attention.
Honey, he's staring at me.
Why is that, that in monster movies, they always do weird things with their eyebrows? What do you mean? You know? How about when they know the monster's hiding in the attic, but they go up there anyways? That's so fake! All they have to do it get out of the house.
You know, this storm reminds me of the watermelon baby.
So let's hear it.
But I'm warning you, it's not pretty.
The watermelon baby lived in this old, scary, broken down, house out in the woods.
His mother kept him locked up in a root cellar.
How come? Because he was half animal and half human.
Anyways, during a storm, you could hear the watermelon baby howling.
He hated thunder.
So, finally, during one storm, it got so bad.
His mother couldn't stand listening to him anymore, so she ran out into the rain and unlocked the cellar door then what? Then after all those years of being fed nothing but watermelon, he was waiting for her.
He killed her? Then he ran out into the woods and was never seen again.
Supposedly, during a bad storm, you can still hear him howling out in the woods at night.
You're just trying to scare me.
Is it working? Yes.
Don't worry.
It's only the power.
See? There's nothing to worry about.
Could-- could you Hold me? Just for a minute.
The emergency generator will keep us lit for a while.
I wouldn't tax it too much, just in case.
Get up.
Come on, I'm not gonna hurt you.
Hey, what are you doing? Hey, I'm gonna take a look downstairs! These boys won't give you any problems as long as I have a little collateral with me, now will you, boys? I'll go with you.
Oh, thank you.
But you're not even my second choice.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Double-dare me, lifeboy.
You know I'll do it.
Come on.
Up, up, up.
Let's go.
Come one, sweetheart.
Why don't we go for a little walk here, huh? Right this way.
Get down! Hold on.
Craig! Don't shoot! Don't shoot I'm telling you, frank.
Just be cool, okay? Shh.
How does that feel? Wonderful.
You are in big trouble, mister.
What did I do? Could've gotten yourself killed, that's what you did.
Gina He wasn't gonna drag you downstairs for a nice stroll through the locker room.
I love you.
We're gonna get out of this.
How'd it go? They loved me.
Said I was just the sort of colorful personality that they're looking for.
So, what kind of stuff did they ask you? Strangely enough, because this is surf report, mostly surfing.
But I guess you can skip over that part.
Oh, I know a thing or two about riding a wave, Trevor.
Although, I don't usually waste my time with the kind of mush we've got here in Santa Monica bay.
Where do you waste your time? Away, sunset beach.
Two weeks every winter.
I used to compete there.
Hell, I competed everywhere, even your own Australia.
Wow! -Really? -Yeah.
The last time was the gold coast, 1968.
Only three of us made it to the final round of competition.
I lost out to a local named midget-- midget farrelly? Yeah.
You're kidding me.
You remember him? Remember him? He was my idol.
I'd nearly break my neck trying to pull of some of his maneuvers.
He was amazing.
I had no idea you were-- hip? Cool? Full of it.
Don't listen to him, man.
Earlier he told me he was lifeguard.
What the hell's going on? The generator's run out of gas.
There's more in the garage.
Shut up.
Hey, hey.
You know how to deal with this? Look, why don't we just go down there-- was I talking to you? How about it? Yeah.
You're coming with me.
Anybody get out of line, you shoot them.
Wait a minute.
Give me that.
The generator's in a shed, outside the garage.
Go on.
-Jill! -Shh! Dick? Dick? Everything all right? What's going on here? You tell me.
He's got one of my people with him.
Come here.
Bring that light with you.
Come on! Give me that light.
Hold up.
Anybody moves an inch, by the time I get back, I will waste him.
Jill? Go on.
You okay? You okay? Dick, quit playing around.
-You all right? The Santa Monica pier, long-time landmark of that town, seems to have weathered the storm pretty well.
We're getting reports, though, that the redondo pier wasn't so lucky.
That's my mom.
Listen, Hobie.
Thanks for everything.
You gotta go? Yeah.
My parents are probably freaking.
You know how they can be? Yeah.
I guess that verbal guarantee the workman gave you wasn't good for much.
Well, I'm sure my dad's gonna have a couple choice words with that guy.
Well, see ya.
Alex, wait.
Being with you today was great.
I think you're great.
I think you're great, too.
Call me? Rock music playing on radio.]
We've got a new surf reporter at the station and says we should have quite a swell for the next few days.
That's right.
And it'll be plenty dangerous, so I don't wanna see any surfers out until the waves have calmed down.
Hey, man.
What are you talking about? Lifeguard's gonna be busy enough without having to babysit a bunch of hotdogging airheads that don't know enough to keep out of storm waves.
Who let that guy in here?