Baywatch (1989) s01e18 Episode Script


1 Some people stand in the darkness afraid to step into the light some people need to help somebody when the edge of surrender's in sight don't you worry it's gonna be all right 'cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here 'Cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here Baywatch "Eclipse" Morning, Kirby.
Hey, Edgar.
Where've you been? I am on time, and don't call me that.
Hey, I oiled the hinges on the flaps.
Straightened out the first aid kit.
No reason why we can't keep things orderly around here.
And that we're getting low on compresses, by the way.
I'll order some more.
I already did.
-Hey, Edgar-- -i warned you about that.
Do you think we're gonna have any rescues today? You got to be kidding me.
Water's 52 degrees.
You'd have to be crazy to go in.
Edgar, you are not going to believe what I saw this morning.
Let me guess.
You saw a little mermaid.
Well, close.
I saw this chick in a nightgown running through the surf.
A long white nightgown, kind of old-fashioned types.
You sure it wasn't the old lady who escaped from the asylum, the one we're supposed to look out for? That was no old lady.
This chick had long blonde hair, had this lavender ribbon in it.
And when I yelled to her, she acted like she was scared or something, just kept running.
Why didn't you try and find out what she was scared of? I was going to, but by the time I went in for my rescue kit, she had just disappeared into thin air.
Is it okay if I take a patrol up the beach? I might run onto something.
Be my guest.
And into the zone-- sorry about that, Hobie.
I'll go get it.
There you're guys, I'll be back in a minute.
Rams hi, Katie.
What are you doing here? Katie, what's the matter? Sometimes I wish I could just walk away and disappear and never come back.
Come on, Katie.
What would you know about it? Katie! Okay, careful.
What are you gonna do with this thing? This thing is a priceless relic.
Yeah, it's a relic, all right.
They haven't made those suits in over 50 years.
Try a hundred.
Well, they're the earliest diving outfits ever made.
It was worn by the first helmet diver ever to explore the Gulf of Mexico, Randall hudspeth.
-No way, not Randall hudspeth.
-Hudspeth? All right, you want to laugh, you guys.
It was Randall hudspeth who first taught Marty landers, who taught George west, who taught Logan Harper how to dive.
And who was Logan Harper? My Navy diving instructor.
Guys, there's a lot of history behind this thing.
Look, it even came with the original hand pump here.
Huh! Hello? Eddie's on the line, sir.
Yeah, put him through.
Hey, Eddie, what's up? Hey, Mitch.
Have you seen Kirby? No, why? Well, he took a patrol about an hour and a half ago, and I haven't seen him since.
Checked with the couple of other towers, and they haven't seen him either.
Okay, sit tight.
I'll send someone to help you look for him.
I wanna kill him.
He's probably up here looking for the lady in the nightgown.
Wait, up here? That's a little bit out of our jurisdiction.
Well, he was hallucinating.
That's what he gets for showing up so early.
Hey, Cort, look.
Go over there, slow down.
Los Angeles county beaches & harbors oh, no.
Yes, sir.
No, no, we understand the procedures, we're ready.
Just let us know when.
Thanks, Scott.
There's going to be an informal enquiry into Kirby's death.
Such a goofball, man.
He didn't deserve it.
Eddie, I heard, I am sorry.
Oh, well, I should've kept a closer eye on him.
It's not your fault.
Please don't blame yourself.
Still should've called him in sooner.
I was just too hard on the guy.
Eddie, there's got to be some explanation.
He knew that stretch of the beach was dangerous.
Why did he go in? You know, he-- he was acting a little weird.
He told me that he saw this lady in a white nightgown running through the surf with long blonde hair.
Now, I was, uh, I was wondering maybe some of the guys staged it to put him on.
That's funny.
Mitch, you remember about 10 or 12 years go, there was this other lifeguard who drowned.
He he'd been talking about seeing some girl who was running along the beach in a long white nightgown.
Strange coincidence, huh? Hi.
Come here.
Here's your new kids on the block album.
Sorry, I couldn't return it sooner.
That's okay, I forgot you had it.
I couldn't think of any other reason why you were so mad at me.
I didn't mean to take it out on you.
We're getting rid of rocky.
Your dog, how come? He bit the landlord, not hard, but Mr.
Barr says either we evict rocky or he evicts us.
My parents put an ad in the paper this morning.
It's tough.
Want to go for a walk or something? I'd better not, somebody might call about the ad.
But thanks anyway.
All right.
Then I'll see you later.
Hang in there.
Hey! Hey! Hey, wait! Wait! The coroner's report is very clear.
Death by drowning.
Apparently there was no other physical condition that might have contributed.
What's your opinion of this, Eddie? Kirby was trigger happy.
He couldn't wait to make a save.
I don't know, he must've seen something and went after it.
What do you think he saw? I have no idea.
Tell me about the woman in the surf.
I told Mitch everything I know.
What was Kirby's mental condition like last time you saw him? Well, if you're asking me if I think he was crazy, no.
No, I don't.
In fact, i-- I saw her myself last night when I was locking up.
You mean you think you saw her? No.
No, no, I know I saw her.
She was wearing a white gown, just like Kirby described.
Eddie, the light's pretty tricky at sunset.
I mean, there were a lot of other lifeguards on duty out there.
If she was real, I think one of them would've seen her.
Yeah, you're right.
You're right, I am crazy.
I didn't see her.
I didn't see her and I didn't hear a foghorn.
Foghorn? Yeah.
Eddie, there are no foghorns within 20 miles of here.
Yeah, well, I heard it.
Look, I know you're taking Kirby's death kind of hard.
Not that hard.
Well, there's no question of anyone holding you accountable.
Kirby's death was an unexplainable accident but I want you to take a week off, take some time to get yourself together.
I mean, after all we can't have our lifeguards hearing or seeing things on the beach.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I don't believe this.
This inquiry was supposed to be so I give you the facts, right? Now, I give you the facts, and you don't believe me? Eddie, I'd like you to have a talk with Dr.
White, -the department's psychologist.
-No way, man.
I think you need to see a shrink, man.
Eddie, it's enough.
Mitch, I want you to set up the appointments.
Eddie, it's for your own good.
I can't believe Cort paid 400 dollars for an old rubber suit and a rusty helmet.
It's not rusty, Craig.
It's perfectly intact.
It's museum quality, Gina, and it's worth twice what he paid for it.
Well, look, it means something to him, okay? If he wanted it, I'm glad he bought it.
Well, we get to help him set up his shop tomorrow.
At least I can work there for a week, huh? Well, give old Randall hudspeth my best.
More coffee? No thanks, Craig.
Yeah, sure! I know how you feel Eddie, but you could use a break right now.
You think I need to see a shrink, too? It's nothing to be ashamed of.
Drop it.
Just drop it.
I wanna know about the woman in the surf.
Why? Nobody believes it.
I believe it.
What was she? Brunette, blonde, what? Blonde.
She had long blond hair with a lavender ribbon.
And she was wearing a long white nightgown.
Hmm, it sounds very familiar to me for some reason.
She was running like she was in trouble.
What I don't understand is, Kirby saw her in the morning, and you saw her at sundown.
So, what was she doing all day, running around in her nightie? You think I'm making this up? Eddie, of course not.
It just sounds weird.
You don't believe me.
-I thought you of all people.
-Eddie! We're just trying to understand.
Yeah, well, I don't need your kind of understanding.
I can't believe my diving suit's gone.
It was right here.
Yeah, I know, I helped you set it up, remember? Yeah, but couldn't very well walk away? You don't think somebody would rip it off, do you? In broad daylight, are you kidding? Yeah, well, it'd be pretty easy to pull up and throw that stuff in the back of a truck.
Oh, where the hell were you, huh? I can't be inside running your business and outside babysitting some stupid rubber suit.
Okay, okay, yeah.
This is a gag, right? You guys are putting me on.
It's okay, Eddie, a joke's a joke.
Just level with me, all right.
Sorry, man.
I'll call the cops.
Hey, rock, come on here, will you? Good dog.
Get it, go get it.
Go get it.
Did you ever have a dog? Once, his name was cookie.
He got old and died.
I always thought that it was kind of strange.
He was hardly any older than I was.
We've had rocky since I was in first grade.
He's my very best friend.
I think I'll die without him.
How come he bit the landlord? Mr.
Barr's mean, that's how come.
My father tried to talk to him.
He threatened to call the police.
Geez, I'd move.
We would if we could afford it.
I don't want to go home.
Well, I don't blame you.
Come on, rocky, come.
You don't look very comfortable.
I'm not.
Why do you think they sent you here? Let's not play dumb, okay.
You know why I am here.
It's in some report on your desk.
My partner drowned.
I found him, helped pull him out of water.
End of story.
The woman in the surf.
Some sort of apparition? Yeah, yeah.
If you didn't see her yourself, I guess that makes it an apparition.
What interests me is this.
After his death, you had the same sort of fantasy that your partner had.
It's as if you were trying to keep a part of him alive.
I'm sorry he died.
But, we weren't buddies or anything.
I didn't even like him.
Well, sometimes that makes it worse.
You didn't want his company, he vanished from your life.
Maybe you feel responsible for his death.
That's a bunch of crap.
Lonny drowned because he went into the water she had no business going into.
Who's lonny? What? Your partner's name was Kirby.
You called him lonny.
So I made a mistake, let's not make a big deal out of it.
Was he a friend of yours? None of your business.
Where is he now? Where is he now? She.
A girlfriend? I don't want to talk about it anymore, all right? Look, Eddie, don't keep it in.
Go to hell.
St Matthews thrift shop I think this is going to do it.
Oh, don't laugh at the grapes, they are for my mother-in-law.
Fine, I'll just put this in the bag.
Okay, thanks.
Suits Just arrived at the pier, I'm checking it out.
Lifeguard help.
My friend, you got to help him, hurry, please.
That's what we're here for, my man.
Calm down.
Tell us what happened.
He was diving off the end of the pier.
Look, we can't get him out of the water now.
You've got to help him.
He's over here.
Where did you get the rig? We borrowed it.
Sure you did.
Coming through.
You're not gonna like this.
I'll talk to you guys later.
Whatever you do, don't stop pumping.
Excuse me.
What's going on? Where're the lifeguards? Down here.
What's taking them so long? There's not even a signal anymore.
Yeah, they're coming back.
Coming through, coming through.
Make way.
All right, give us some room please.
All right, let's go.
You're all right? Hey, good job, you two.
Let us-- I got his head.
Hey, hey, hey.
What's the matter? I mean, at least you got your dive suit back.
Yeah, Randall hudspeth would not be happy.
Yeah, but Logan Harper would be proud.
That's her.
That's the same girl.
It's amazing, isn't it? It's just coincidence.
You're not going to hang that in here, are you? Honey, that's not the point.
This proves that there's something to what Eddie's been trying to tell us.
Eddie, have you ever been to that thrift shop? Yeah, yeah, I was there with Gina once.
What're you saying, that he saw this there? You did.
No way.
No way, I've never seen this painting before, but I swear to you, that's the same girl.
Can't be.
Look, this is painted in 1923.
Hmm, it's got a title.
"Lighthouse at de vargas point.
" That's right above baywatch.
Yes, that's real close to where we found Kirby.
Yeah, except our de vargas point doesn't have a lighthouse.
So, find out if there ever was one.
Look, I know this is weird, but I'm not going to take this thing seriously and make it even weirder.
Why should you? Nobody else has.
Can I come in? Yeah.
I was just making a tuna sandwich, you want one? Uh, no, thanks.
Hobie, I need to stay here tonight.
How come? They're gonna put rocky to sleep.
Your folks? They can't find anybody to take him.
I heard them talking.
They don't know I know.
I guess it'd be okay for you to stay, but I'll have to call my dad.
No, he'll just call my mother.
Please, Hobie, you said you'd be my friend.
De vargas point no swimming dangerous currents Wait! What are you doing in here? Nothing.
Nothing? Nothing.
De vargas.
What's so special about de vargas point? Gina bought a painting of a lighthouse on fire at de vargas point.
I was just curious if there ever was a lighthouse there.
There was.
Says it burned down in 1923.
Eddie says the girl in Gina's painting is the same girl he saw on the surf the other day.
What's going on? Hi.
You haven't been returning my phone calls.
I've been busy.
Still mad about the other night? I just, you know, I just hate being off work.
You want to talk about it? There is nothing to talk about.
Hey, I stopped by Gina's.
She showed me that painting, with the lighthouse on fire and that funny moon.
It's so weird-- Shauni.
I don't think we should see each other right now.
Eddie you are just upset.
I'll see you, okay? Hobie! In the closet, hurry.
Under the bed, under the bed.
Go, go, go, go, go.
What's going on? Didn't you hear me? -No.
What was that? It was me.
You're practicing to be a dog? Yeah, not bad, huh? Downstairs.
Come on, rocky.
Oh, by the way, Katie's mom called, said she was worried about Katie.
She didn't come home from school today.
She is okay.
She is staying with a friend.
Dad I have been thinking, it would be nice to have a dog again.
We've been through all that before.
I know, there is traffic and we don't have a lot of room, but every kid should have a dog.
And let's face it, I am not gonna be a kid much longer.
Yeah, house rules, we don't like guilt trips on each other.
You don't make me feel like Simon legree, and I don't remind you who fed the dog we did have.
So the answer's no? For the time being, no.
What's the address again? 4238 civil street.
Yeah, this whole thing's a wild goose chase, you know that.
Oh, will you give me a break? You have to admit you are just as curious about this whole thing as I am.
How'd you find this guy? Escudero's a pretty unusual name, I checked out the phonebook and I got lucky.
No question.
This is my father's work.
What can you tell us about it? There used to be a lighthouse at de vargas point.
The lighthouse keeper and his wife lived there with their two young children.
The husband and their son were to burnt death in a fire.
The daughter survived, but she suffered severe mental trauma.
I don't think she was ever right.
What about the wife? Melora.
She was never found.
It is said she set the fire and eloped with her lover.
It was a very dramatic story, just sort around which legends often grow.
I don't see the lover in the painting.
My father never believed that story.
He was convinced the fire drove her to madness, that she leaped to her death off the cliffs near the lighthouse.
He was obsessed with melora.
She was the only thing he painted in his last years.
My father was a very talented artist.
He could have been great, but unfortunately he died young.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't without a certain irony.
See, shortly after he painted this, on a night my aunt's always refer to as la noche de la Luna negra, the night of the black moon, he was drowned off de vargas point.
Get up, Hobie, you got some explaining to do.
It's okay, dad, Katie just needed a place to stay.
You know, why didn't I figure this out? I wondered about the closed bedroom door, the pound of hamburger that mysteriously disappeared, the extra wet towels on the bathroom floor.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Buchannon, I meant to pick them up.
Katie, the police are looking for you, your parents are worried sick about you.
Dad, they were gonna get rid of her dog.
Rocky is a good dog.
He hardly bit the landlord at all, and the landlord deserved it.
So when you decided you wanted another dog, obviously this was the dog you were talking about.
I couldn't tell you, I promised Katie.
You kids made a bad situation even worse.
Guys, you can't lie and sneak your way out of trouble.
Why weren't you upfront with me in the first place? I would have gone and talked to her parents.
It wouldn't have done any good.
Rocky would have been dead by now.
What did you do? Did you bite somebody? Oh lord.
He'd be a great watchdog dad.
It would only be until we can move.
And I'd feed him this time, I really would.
You put that in writing? Get out of here.
Thank you, Mr.
Did you hear that, rocky? You can stay.
You get on the phone right now and call your folks.
Tell them I'm bringing you home.
Philadelphia community pool you're all alone an angel lost in time to keep you safe oh, how I've tried and now you're on your own lost ever since to the wind to the shore I see you fade into the sea you're all alone this angel she wants to fly but this world keeps all its ghosts in line so you're falling alone Lost ever since and now I'm falling fast well, you made a believer in me in a world that's such a mess and I have never felt an angel so close to me, no this beautiful ghost now I see and I will be lost ever since Lonny! And so the grim war against drugs goes on.
In lighter news, Griffith park is the scene tonight of a gathering of amateur astronomers who will watch an eclipse of a moon from the observatory high above the city.
Conditions for the viewing are favorable.
Is Eddie here? He was an hour ago.
Why doesn't he answer his damn phone? I don't know.
Hello? Craig, its Shauni, is Eddie there? I got to talk to him.
Hi Shauni, he's not here.
I don't know where he is.
You know that weird moon in the painting? Yeah, what about it? It's an eclipse.
She says the weird moon in the painting is an eclipse.
And the black moon, the night escudero drowned, that was an eclipse, too.
We're having another one tonight.
We gotta find Eddie.
Craig! Fine.
Meet me at baywatch.
I'll be right there.
There's an eclipse tonight.
He's at de vargas point, I know it.
I'm coming with you.
No, no, no.
You stay here, this could be a wild goose chase.
Stay here in case he calls or shows up.
Bu-- Wait, wait, don't move.
Eddie! Eddie! No, don't.
Eddie! I'm not gonna let you drown.
Eddie! Eddie! I'm going in.
We'll tie up on the rock out there.
Eddie! Eddie! It's okay, you're gonna be okay.
Oh, so close.
I almost had her.
Who? Who did you see? It's all right.
Ah, you wouldn't understand.
What happened? Damn it, lonny! What are you talking about? Who's lonny? Lonny was my sister.
She was a couple of years younger than I was.
We were playing in a pool in Philly and-- we weren't supposed to be there.
She fell.
She fell.
I couldn't even try to save her because I couldn't swim.
I couldn't swim.
Excuse me.
Eddie, the coroner's office called.
It turns out the old lady who drowned in the surf was actually melora's daughter.
I did some checking on my own.
This lady has been in and out of institutions most of her life.
She was just a kid when the lighthouse burned down.
She was never able to shake it.
She claims she was haunted by her mother's spirit and that her mother was innocent of setting the fire and that she actually died trying to get help.
There was no old lady that climbed that cliff.
She insisted her mother inhabited her body.
I mean, at least that was the excuse she gave when she dressed up like that and run away.
What about Kirby? I don't know.
Maybe he saw the old lady running through the surf and as eager as he was, got a little careless.
I heard a foghorn.
Maybe there was just a ship in the channel that night.
I don't know about that one.
For melora? And lonny and Kirby.
It's not much of a memorial service.
It's nice way to say goodbye.
I've missed you.
I love you.