Baywatch (1989) s02e01 Episode Script

Nightmare Bay (1)

1 Some people stand in the darkness afraid to step into the light some people need to help somebody the edge of surrender's in sight don't you worry it's going to be all right 'cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight - I'll be ready - I'll be ready - never you fear - no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here 'Cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight no - I'll be ready - I'll be ready - never you fear - no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here lifeguard Baywatch "Nightmare bay" What? That's as wet as you're going to get today.
-Thorpe? -Mm-hmm.
You weren't here.
You didn't see me.
Mitch, you're never going to make it.
He's on the deck.
No sign of him here No other office quite like it, is there, Mitch? -It's a beautiful thing.
-That it is.
Well, now, you've had the week to think it over.
What's your decision? Haven't made it yet.
Mitch, you can't tread water on this forever.
Have you talked it over with Hobie? Sure, sure.
My son thinks it would be a great career move.
That boy knows what's right.
The move up from lieutenant to captain would mean a substantial hike in salary.
Increased responsibility within the department.
Captain, the only responsibility I really care about is making sure that all these people who come to the beach leave safely at the end of the day.
Mitch, that's what we all want.
You think I'm looking forward to becoming chief? Moving downtown away from all this? Dealing with budget allocations? Not on your life.
But chief Wallace decided that I am the best qualified to replace him.
And I've decided you're the best qualified to replace me.
I'm not.
There are a lot of other lifeguards much more qualified than me.
-Name one.
Ben? Mitch, he is way past his prime.
Ben has never been off the sand his entire career.
He's never even been a lieutenant.
How am I supposed to promote him to captain? Ben's got more experience on this beach than all the lifeguards put together.
He saved five people the day the pier collapsed and crushed his leg.
Mitch, you know, I feel as bad about his injury as anyone else.
I offered him the switchboard.
He's rejected it.
Maybe if we make it a stepping stone.
Sorry, Mitch.
You still haven't named one.
Look, you go surf.
Clear your head.
You'll make the right decision.
-Oh, captain? -Yep? Has the department made a decision on which beach gets a scarab? Not yet.
You ought to see her, Mitch.
34 feet of pure velocity.
Sleek as a stingray.
The most advanced rescue boat in the history of the lifeguard service.
They're leaning towards Zuma.
-Zuma? -Yep.
Zuma got the last upgrade! Come on! Our boat's on its last legs.
It's a funny thing about decisions, Mitch.
They're often made for all the wrong reasons.
See you tomorrow.
Zuma? It's okay.
I got you.
You hurt? You all right? Just relax.
I'm going to take you in on this.
Put your right on arm.
That's good.
That's a girl.
Put your left arm on it.
Okay, now on three, I'm going to hoist you on.
Ready? One, two, three! That a girl.
That a girl.
Hang on.
All right.
That a girl.
Here we go.
Here we go.
You've got it.
That's it.
Come on, work your roundhouse.
Let me see that.
Every time.
Let me see that.
Yeah, left and right.
Left and right.
You got it.
Now, come on.
Let's work it back this way.
That's it.
You've got it.
You're on it.
You're on it.
Come on, let's finish up with something big.
Ready? Let's go.
Come on, one more time.
Now! Come on, here it is.
Oh, Eddie.
I am so sorry, sweetie.
-Did I hurt you? -Oh, no.
Just caught me a little off-guard, that's all.
-Yeah, right, Eddie.
Come on a minute.
What is the matter with you? First you hit me.
Then you sort of kiss me.
What's going on? What's the matter? I'm sorry, Eddie.
It's not you.
-Well, then who is it? -It's my father.
He ventured off our tennis court yesterday and decided to find out exactly what I do as a lifeguard.
So he sat in the parking lot in his Mercedes and he spied on me.
Eddie, I was running all day long.
I must have made at least 30 preventions.
But you know all he saw? He saw his little girl in a bathing suit on display in front of hundreds of guys.
He wants me to quit.
Jordan, don't do that! Jordan, don't! You'll make it ugly! It ain't ugly, all right? And when the homeboys come to the beach and see their tag, -I'll be in tight.
-I don't want you to be in tight with gang bangers.
-I don't want you killed.
-Go play in the sand, Tianna.
If you spray those rocks I'll tell mommy you cut school and took me on the bus.
Took you here? Who even asked you to come with me? Somebody's got to look out for you.
-Give me that.
-Let it go! -Give it! -Give it to me! Jordan! Tianna! Tianna! Please, Tianna! Help! Help! My sister, she's drowning! Help! Tianna! Over here! Help! Please help! Over here! My sister, she's drowning! Help, please! Over here! Please come back, Tianna! Get away from the edge of the rocks! -Please! -Now! Get away from the edge! Tianna! Please, Tianna! You see that building? You go over there and you get help! Now! Go! Now! What happened? I found her floating on some debris.
She's suffering from shock and exposure.
We need a chopper up about two miles off of point dume.
We've got other possible survivors.
Help! Help! Help! Please, help! My sister, she's drowning! -Help, please! -Where? -Help us! She's over there.
-You take care of her? Go! Go! Get in the back.
Jump in.
-I got her.
-You okay? I had her breathing, but she stopped again.
-How long was she under? -At least two to three minutes.
-I got a pulse.
-She's still not breathing.
Get her vitals.
I want them recorded.
Pupils are dilated.
-Can you hear me? -Maintaining the airway.
-What's her name again? -Tianna.
Tianna, can you hear me? I've got capillary refill.
Tianna, if you can hear me, move your fingers.
There's no reflex.
Come on, Tianna.
Come on, Tianna.
-Move your fingers.
-Tianna, can you hear me? Come on, Tianna.
Come on, Tianna! Move your fingers.
Tianna! Tianna, move your fingers! Come on, Tianna.
Move your fingers.
-We got her! Okay, baby.
Okay, Mitch.
Okay, let's go! She's going to be all right, isn't she? She should be.
I need a number where I can reach your parents.
It's only my mom, but do you have to call her? Yeah, she has to give her permission so your doctors can treat your sister at the hospital.
Come on, pal.
You were great out there.
It was all on the line and you came through.
I just swam to the end of the rip, and I dove and she was-- there she was.
She was right there, you know? I was getting so tired I could barely keep my head above the water.
I'd like to hear what your old man has to say about you being a lifeguard now.
Well I treasure the days we were fearless-unafraid we would talk a big game but it didn't end up that way we were bold we were brave but somehow lost our way I remember you'd say we'd be legends one day 'cause all our lives we played it safe and it's overrated now it's time to break the chains yeah it's liberating let's get crazy let's celebrate it yeah we are wild and free no more waiting or hesitating to see who you could be Let's get crazy let's celebrate it yeah we are wild and free no more waiting or hesitating to see who you could be let's get crazy let's celebrate it yeah we are wild and free no more waiting or hesitating to It started out so wonderful.
I chartered a little diving boat.
The captain said that he knew this great spot where I could take pictures for my class assignment.
And he said that he'd charge me what I could afford, you know? We went out to a spot about, I don't know, about four miles out, dropped anchor.
It was so peaceful down there.
So full of life.
We swam to a grotto.
Walt went to find some lobster.
He said we'd have it for lunch.
I started photographing the sea life, you know? The coral and everything looked so beautiful.
I loved being there so much.
Did he say what the spot was called? Sunken gardens? Coral cave? -Does any of that ring a bell? -No.
But there was a cave.
Something was in it.
We heard it moving inside.
Walt swam toward the opening.
I started taking pictures.
Walt was at the entrance shining his flashlight inside.
Then he was, uh-- something grabbed him and dragged him into the cave.
And then, oh-- it's all right.
It's okay, Linda.
Just take your time.
I swam over to him.
I was so scared, I couldn't breathe.
Bubbles were gushing out of Walt's tank.
It was horrible.
He was trying to breathe and he was kicking.
And, uh But it had him from behind and he couldn't get away and I was trying to help and I couldn't.
What had him? I don't know.
It was something Something monstrous.
And it was green.
It was brackish green.
There were bubbles.
I don't know.
There were bubbles all over and there-- and it was dark and the cave was dark.
And it started swimming after me.
I took pictures, but I dropped my camera.
I knew I had to get out of my tank so I could swim faster.
As I was getting on the boat, I felt it touch me.
It had my foot.
I pulled it away.
I got on the boat.
The water around it started to churn.
I ran to the back of the boat to pull up the anchor.
It pounded on the bottom of the boat.
I pulled the line, but it just pulled it back into the water.
When the line ran out, it just started pulling the stern under.
I tried to get to the helm to get it started.
Then something broke through the hull and started reaching in.
I tried to start the engine, but it just wouldn't start.
The boat started to sink.
I knew I was going to die! Aah! Hey, please wait outside.
It's all right, Linda.
It's all right.
It's okay.
It's not your fault.
It was trying to get me and it was-- try and close your eyes and I'll be back in just a minute, okay? Good.
We need to talk.
This girl is a victim, not a story.
If this isn't a story, then I don't know what is.
Rescued at sea.
Boat crushed from below.
There was probably an explosion which would account for her confused state.
Claiming that her companion was killed by some sort of sea monster in the Santa Monica bay? Listen, you were here to do a story on offshore drilling.
Oh, I am, but the public has every right to know if there's something dangerous out there.
The only thing dangerous out there is going to be oil platforms, and that's what the public has a right and a need to know.
Oh, excuse me.
Are you always wet? As often as possible.
I'm kaye moran.
I was here when you brought Linda in.
I'm Mitch Buchannon.
-It's a pleasure to meet you.
-The pleasure's mine.
So what do you think about these sea creatures in the Santa Monica bay? Well, as long as we don't continue to pollute the bay, I think they should all survive.
No, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean sea creatures.
I meant sea monsters.
Sea monsters? Well, who knows? I mean, toxic mutant jellyfish could ooze up on shore to seek revenge for what we've done to their environment.
I remember those eyes.
You're the one who saved me.
Look, I'm not crazy.
I know you're not crazy.
But before any of us jumps to any conclusions, I'm going to go back to where I found you, I'm going to dive down there-- oh, god.
No, don't.
I mean, it could still be down there.
You could get hurt.
Linda, I know something down there frightened you.
Believe me, we'll find out what it was.
In the meantime, you got somebody to pick you up? No.
I'm out here on vacation.
I'm from Virginia.
I'm down at the Marina hotel.
Well, if you don't mind, I'll have one of the lifeguards run you back to the hotel.
And I'll call you as soon as I find out what's down there.
-Okay? -Okay.
Drake, buddy, we haven't got all day.
Can you give me some more throttle? She's an old lady.
This is all she's got.
We better get that scarab.
Judging currents, wind drift, and how long Linda was in the water, our dive spot should be right here.
Don't those oil people realize that there's an entire universe out there more diverse and magnificent than anything that's left up here? Three-quarters of the planet is theirs.
Unfortunately, fish can't vote.
You know that grotto Linda was talking about? I think I did some echinodermata research there, but I don't remember there being a cave.
-Echino what? -Dermata.
You know, spiny-skinned animals-- sea urchins, starfish.
Any of those big enough to crush a boat? Well, just in case.
Oh, come on.
You're a marine biologist.
Don't tell me you believe in sea monsters.
When I was nine years old, my dad bought me a sea monster book.
I said, "dad, there's no such thing.
" He said, "prove there isn't.
" I've been trying ever since.
I haven't yet.
Just in case.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
I just came to see how Tianna was doing.
This is the lifeguard, mom.
God bless you.
God bless you, child, for saving my little girl.
I'm just happy that I was there and she's going to be all right.
I'm happy you were there, too.
My baby should have never been there.
Truth be known, you saved two lives today.
'Cause if anything would have happened to my Tianna, I don't know what I would have done with that boy.
Sarah, I don't know what I would have done if Jordan hadn't brought help as fast as he did.
He got lucky today.
But there won't always be someone like you around to get him out of the trouble he is determined to get into.
Lord knows, working two jobs, I just can't be there all the time.
I would know her just by looking at her little hand.
It's all I looked at, just waiting for one finger to move.
Baby? This is the lady that rescued you.
Her name is Shauni.
Isn't that a pretty name? It's not as pretty as Tianna.
That's a beautiful name.
Don't try to talk.
You don't have to say anything, Tianna.
You just close your eyes and you try to get some sleep, okay? Good morning to you.
Could I get some more syrup, please? This is not going to be enough.
You guys, could I borrow your syrup, please? Pass the jam, please? Thank you very much.
Can I have your syrup, please? Thank you very much.
More syrup.
Thank you.
I need all the syrup you guys got.
I want to drown in it.
Nomi, if I start drowning Do a pull up on me.
Thank you very much.
Hurry, Mitch is coming.
He's coming.
Where's the hole? I want you guys to smear me from head to toe with this stuff.
Can you do that? I want this stuff all over me.
Now come on.
He's coming.
Get over here and dump this stuff all over me.
I want no area of me that is not covered.
Perfect! Give me this filthy mess! All over.
Come on.
All over.
Get the jam.
I beat you.
That makes us blades 3, spokes 2.
I got this thing won.
It's a seven-game series, pal, and I'm going to win it because I'm hungrier.
Oh, yeah, dad? You want to see who can eat the most pancakes? You're on.
Lilly? Two stacks of pancakes for the Hobster and me.
And keep them coming.
Aah! -Artie.
-What? If this is another way to get me involved in one of your crazy business schemes, -forget it.
-I don't believe it.
My creator doesn't recognize his own creation.
You don't know what I am, do you? No, but if you want to stop by later and drip on my pancakes, -that would be fine.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'll give you a couple of hints, okay? I'm zsa zsa Gabor out from one last beauty treatment.
-What? -Let's see.
I'm a Japanese monster movie.
The thing that ate breakfast! Harvey, what? What? What are you? What? I'm a toxic mutant jellyfish oozing out of the water to seek my revenge.
The t-shirt rights alone are going to be worth six figures.
Right here, lieutenant.
You made the front page.
You're kidding me.
She quoted me.
-Let me see that, will you? -Allow me, Mitch.
"When asked his opinion of the victim's contention that her boat had been attacked by a mysterious sea monster in the Santa Monica bay, lifeguard lieutenant Mitch Buchannon stated that it could have been "a toxic mutant jellyfish seeking revenge for what we have done to its environment.
" Dad, cool.
Can we go diving and look for it? No, we can't go diving and look for it.
She quoted me out of context.
What really happened out there, Mitch? -Go get the pancakes, will you? -Sure, dad.
I don't know, Ben.
Waiting for the coroner's report on the body we pulled up yesterday.
Can you believe this picture? Shouldn't be in a newspaper.
It should be in a comic book.
Locally, more sightings have been reported, although nothing has been verified regarding the so-called Santa Monica bay sea monster.
The identity of the victim has not been released pending notification of kin.
Dang, baby? What you trying to do? Hit me? I'm sorry.
I didn't see you run out.
Naw, that ain't even going to work.
Naw, baby.
-Not around here.
-I was looking for an address.
It's 13508.
Baby, what you doing? You wearing this the wrong side out.
Around here, red will make you dead.
You know that? Look, I was just trying to find this address.
Lifeguard? What's this? This ain't no beach! This is blacktop, you know what I'm saying? Stop it.
Let go.
We're going to have fun with this.
Hey, stop it.
Get off of me.
Let me go.
Let me go! Stop the car! Stop it.
Man, what you got? -Let's see what's inside.
-Give it to me! You're going to break it.
Oh, I did break it.
Aw, it's a little pony.
My little pony need a doctor.
-Ha! Ha ha! -Hey! Hey, leave her alone.
Get out of that car right now before I crack your head open.
-Did I break it? -I'm so sorry.
Give me the keys.
Give them here.
Darren, you get inside till I call your mama.
And take that rag off your fool head.
Naw, naw.
You do what I say, not her.
Back on your head.
And get across the street.
And you, too.
Put yours on.
He is only 12 years old.
Why don't you leave him alone? You don't know nothing.
Freak come into our hood wearing red.
Naw, naw.
Without us, he is alone.
Without you, he's alive.
And I'm going to make sure he stays that way.
Now, you want to try to stab me or shoot me? You ought to get your butt off my lawn right now.
Maybe I'll come by and take you by the beach sometime.
Might even take a ride by here one night.
Yo, man.
Better leave it right here.
It'll be safer.
Shauni, why didn't you call me? I would have warned you not to come down here.
I would have come anyway.
You probably jump into shark-infested waters, too, huh? There's not one lifeguard who's got anything on you when it comes to making rescues.
Yeah, we got plenty of our own sharks out here.
I wrote an accurate account of what happened yesterday.
My editor's the one who sensationalized it.
I've already threatened to quit if he doesn't print a retraction.
-Retraction? -Yes.
You mean two lines buried on page eight saying "Mitch Buchannon is not a complete lunatic?" Lady, because of you, I've got lifeguards pulling kooks with spear guns out of the surf.
What you did was totally irresponsible.
I'm sorry, but I am not responsible for all the kooks here in Los Angeles.
That's endemic to this city.
Excuse me, will you? I got work to do.
I just took photographs of a bent anchor and a crushed scuba tank.
Do you want to tell me how they got that way? Why would I want to tell you anything? Because if you don't Those photos are still going to run.
Then the public's going to have to imagine for themselves how they got that way.
Mitch, you and I are on the same side.
Both of us are after the truth.
I'm not trying to exploit it.
Then just tell me what it was and this whole thing will be over.
You can't, can you? Or you won't.
Well, I guess I'm going to have to give Linda a call at her hotel and I'll get the story from her.
I'll leave you my card.
When you get your voice back, use it.
-Marina hotel.
-Linda Harrelson's room, please.
I still can't believe you went to that neighborhood wearing a red jacket.
What do I know about gang colors? I grew up in brentwood.
You're so naive.
If I recall, you didn't seem to think so last Friday ni-- -that was completely different.
-I know, and you loved it.
Don't change the subject.
I'm serious.
Didn't you notice that Jordan was wearing a blue bandanna? Eddie, my focus was on his sister.
Do me a favor.
Don't do something like that again unless I'm with you, okay? I won't.
I just-- I really wanted to get those kids involved in the water program.
I want to do something for them.
I know.
I want to do something for you.
What? It's a new technique in mouth to mouth.
-Oh, really? -Yeah.
It's something completely different.
Takes your breath away.
Well, teach it to me.
Get ready for the set.
Nicky! Winch in the main drag cable! What is it? What's happened? Net must have snagged bottom! Lock off the winch, Nick! Lock it off! Captain! Water over the stern! Cut the cables! Cut them now! Retriever Mayday! Mayday! This is the fishing trawler "retriever.
" This is Baywatch headquarters.
State your condition and exact location, retriever.
We're five miles due west of the palos verdes peninsula.
Something's caught in our net! To be continued