Baywatch (1989) s03e01 Episode Script

River of No Return (1)

1 Some people stand in the darkness afraid to step into the light some people need to help somebody when the edge of surrender's in sight don't you worry it's going to be all right 'cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here 'Cause I'm always ready I won't let you out of my sight no I'll be ready I'll be ready never you fear no, don't you fear I'll be ready forever and always I'm always here Baywatch "River of no return, part i" Where'd he go? There he is! Get on him! Come on, row! We got to get him before he reaches honson.
He's headed for devil's mouth.
Crazy old motchbag.
Well, catch him! No way, man.
That run's a widow-maker.
Shut up bushwat! -Hurry up! -All right! -We're losing him! -You got it! Push it! Get me close! Can't you keep this damn thing steady? We're on the rapids.
What do you want from me? That's it! A little closer! Steady.
Aah! Damn it.
He's gone into devil's mouth! -Hurry! -Yeah, I want to see this! There he goes.
Sunsets over the ocean it makes way for the moon feels like heaven but from way up here it's a hell of a view I got my head in the clouds I just don't know what to do point your head to the stars above it's a hell of a view it ain't the worst thing that I could do don't you know it don't you don't you this is the first thing I wanna do don't you know it don't you don't you it's a hell of a view It's a hell of a view Feels like heaven It's a tough job, huh, big guy? That's why you assigned yourself this tower this morning, huh? I just thought I'd remind myself of what I'd be missing when the onslaught of summer starts.
Wait a minute, I thought we were getting a new supervising lieutenant to run the headquarters so you could work the beach? Not yet.
Not until the budget's approved.
Shauni, you still feeling sick? Why don't you take the afternoon off? No, I'm feeling much better.
I think it was the shrimp I ate last night.
You've been sick ever since chief Thorpe picked me to go to Australia for a year in the lifeguard exchange program.
I'm sure a very cute Australian lifeguard could take your place here just fine.
Oh, really? You'd go crazy without me.
Listen, we got to get out of here.
I'm at tower 14 right next door.
If you need any help in the water, you just let me know, and I'll be right here.
See you.
Help me! Buchannon, tower six.
I got a problem in my water.
I need full backup fast! Oh, my god! Jellyfish! There's jellyfish out there! Hurry! Sharon's there! She's there! Hurry! Oh! -Aah! -It's all right.
Take her.
I'll get the other one.
You're going to be all right.
Come on, come on! Yeah! Yeah! All right, Brody! You did it! Double or nothing.
If you want to lose more money.
Okay, breast stroke! On the blocks! Brody, Chandler, off the blocks.
The rest of you, take your marks! Yeah! You champs need additional motivation to improve your times.
You better start thinking about losing races instead of bets.
-Listening, Chandler? -This goes for you, too, Brody.
We've got a swimmer transferring to Malibu high who's won every major meet on the east coast.
Now, my money says Bobby Quinn will blow both of you out of the water.
Hit the showers.
You ever hear of this guy Quinn? Big deal.
He's won all of the east coast meets.
Even you can win those, Chandler.
So put your money where your mouth is.
$200 says my time's faster in the lifeguard rookie test.
I'm not going out for it.
I thought your old man told you to get a job this summer.
What the hell's better than lifeguarding, huh? You get to hang at the beach all day, hustle the babes.
You can work on your tan and get paid for it.
My old man won't notice what I do.
Besides, I don't need the money.
I live at the beach and I've got a girl who's working on her an hustling me.
Malibu high school swim team locker room There it is, mom! We're finally here.
Summer, sit down! Put your seat belt back on.
-Mom, look at the ocean-- -i know! Come on, let's go swim in it.
No, honey, I want to get to the trailer park, and I want to get everything settled before we do anything.
Mom, we've been driving for five days.
A few minutes won't make a difference.
Mom, look! There's a parking lot.
Pull in it! Summer, sit down before you fall out! Oh, god, I got to learn how to surf.
Summer! Okay, okay.
I'll pull into the parking lot if you sit down, and only if you promise to stay seated.
You are the best, mom.
You are going to be the best singer in California! Okay, now.
Hold on, hold on.
Wait for me.
Just wait a minute.
Okay, let's go.
Be careful.
All right.
I'm going to race you! Yeah! Whew.
Now, you know, I hear that it's better if you just jump in all at one time.
Yeah, but I want to remember everything about my first time in the ocean.
It's a whole new beginning for us, honey.
Oh, it is.
He is 2,000 miles away and he can't hurt either one of us anymore.
My girl.
Let's go! -Let's go! -Tong.
Dad, it's some sheriff from a place called placerville.
He says it's about your uncle Alex.
Who's he? I got a crazy old uncle named Alex who lives up on the American river.
Thought he was a '49er prospecting for gold.
Don't let the chicken burn.
Hello? -Get that, will you? -Yeah, sure.
-Hey, guys.
-How you doing? Good.
My dad's on the phone with some sheriff.
Buchannon, your name and number are on the last will and testament identifying you as the sole heir to Alex Buchanan, who drowned several days ago in a river accident.
He drowned? Yes.
I'm sorry.
Well, that seems impossible.
I mean, my uncle knew that river like the back of his hand.
Unfortunately, this time he took his kayak over a class-five rapid into an area known as the devil's mouth.
I see.
Well, I'll certainly make whatever funeral arrangements are necessary.
The devil's mouth is connected to an underground river, and I'm afraid anything or anyone trapped in it is seldom if ever recovered.
Man, I wish I could go to Australia with you.
Eddie wants to go by himself, Hobie he wants to have the adventure of his life.
Mitch! Hobie said that was a sheriff on the phone.
What's going on? An uncle of mine just died.
-I'm sorry.
-No, it's okay.
Thanks anyway.
I haven't seen him since I was a kid.
He left me in his will.
Really? What did he leave us? Don't get too excited.
Uncle Alex was always in debt.
It will probably end up costing me money.
Would you do me a favor? I'm going to have to go up there and deal with this, could you watch Hobie for a couple days? -Yeah, sure.
-Dad, why can't I go? I've never been to the gold-mining country, and it would be cool to go.
-You want to go? -Yeah.
-Let's do it.
-All right.
Why don't you guys come along? You know, make a weekend out of it, huh? Really? Oh, hey, that would be great.
I love camping.
How about you? You want to go? I don't know.
Are you sure you wouldn't rather go -without me? -Aww, come on.
Of course I wouldn't.
Hey, dad, there's the river.
It's a thing of beauty, isn't it? Whoa! Check that out.
Whoo! She tipped over! Yeah, but watch how she recovers.
Ooh, beautiful.
Beautiful, beautiful.
-I'm talking about the river.
-Yeah, right.
Sure, dad.
Since your uncle's cabin now belongs to you, Mr.
Buchannon, I'm afraid you're responsible for the cleanup.
Any leads on who trashed this place? I had a forensic team up from Sacramento.
No fingerprints, hair, blood-- no evidence whatsoever.
The cabin was apparently ransacked after his death.
Doesn't make any sense.
Uncle Alex prospected for gold his whole life.
He never found more than two nuggets.
What do you think they were after? Well, a week or so before he died, Alex was apparently drunk and started bragging that he found the boot.
The what? The boot! The boot.
It's the biggest gold nugget ever discovered during the gold rush.
Here, see? The shape of a cowboy boot and just as big.
It's worth millions, and uncle Alex found it? I wouldn't count on it, Hobie.
Uncle Alex used to brag that he found everything from the lost dutchman mine to the treasure of the Sierra madre.
He was nuts.
Wait a minute.
It says the golden boot was stolen during the tong wars.
It hasn't been seen since the 1850s.
It's supposedly buried somewhere along this river.
I'm afraid that's just a rumor that too many people -would like to believe.
-Well, maybe it's true.
Maybe he really did find something this time.
I mean, why else would somebody tear up his cabin like this? I'm hoping you'll be able to help answer that question, Mr.
Your uncle left you something else in his will.
That must be him.
Wonder what the sheriff is telling him? "I Alex Buchannon" Come on, dad.
Read it out loud.
"I also bequeath to my nephew Mitch all objects of value concealed in our secret spot, which is known only to him.
" What secret spot, dad? -Where is it? -I have no idea.
Are you sure you're not just trying to keep it known only to yourself? Sheriff, last time I saw uncle Alex, I was Hobie's age.
I have no idea what he's talking about.
Well, maybe being back here will trigger some old memories.
It's going to be dark pretty soon.
You better get back into town.
Dad, I'd kind of like to camp out here.
I never knew uncle Alex, or anything, but it sure would be cool.
Sure, why not? It's okay, huh? It's your property now.
We're going to stay in that cute little bed and breakfast -we saw in town.
-Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I think it would be fun.
It would be romantic.
We could zip ourselves up in a bag.
Zipping myself up in a bag on the ground with insects and spiders like that crawling on me is not my idea of romance, okay? I prefer a four-poster bed at the inn we saw.
But you can stay wherever you want.
See you guys.
No campout.
Okay, wait up, guys.
I got to get the sleeping bags.
Historic Sierra Nevada house Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where you going? I'll be right back.
Okay? Shauni? Hello? What are you doing? -What's wrong? -Nothing.
You go in with a negligee and you come out with an attitude? What-- I don't have an attitude, Eddie.
Shauni, awhile ago you were kissing me like there was no tomorrow.
Yeah and if you go to Australia, there won't be, will there? I see.
If I go to Australia, it will be for a year, that's all.
Oh, that's all? Just a year.
A lot can happen in less than a year, Eddie.
If two people love each other, they should be able to-- what? Be halfway across the world from each other and still stay committed? Yes.
Well, um-- I'm talking about real commitment.
Hobe, I was just a kid.
You must remember something about him.
Come on.
The thing I remember most about uncle Alex were his hands.
He had these big calluses on both of his hands from swinging picks and shovels.
He once told me the best way to get rid of calluses is rubbing gold dust between your hands.
Did he ever find any gold dust when you came up to visit him? Once.
One day we went downriver, panned for hours and hours.
All we got was dirt, rocks, sunburn.
And I said, "come on, let's go home.
I'm tired.
" He goes, "no, no.
At the end of the day-- get lucky at the end of the day.
One more time.
" So I took the pan.
I put it in the river.
I swirled it around and around and around.
Washed off all the water, and there it was in the bottom of my pan.
A gold nugget.
-Real gold? -Real gold.
Now, I'm sure uncle Alex put it in there.
But it was real gold.
-Wait a minute.
-What? Uncle Alex said, "why don't we take that piece of gold and put it in a pouch and hide it in a secret spot so that no one ever, ever steals that from you?" -Did you find one? -Yeah, we did.
I mean, I have no idea where it is now.
I mean, that was years ago.
It was downriver someplace.
Well, come on! Let's go look for it.
Maybe he hid the golden boot there.
Come on.
It's the middle of the night, Hobie.
Sit down.
I tell you what, tomorrow morning when Eddie and Shauni get here, we'll go downriver, and we'll look for that secret spot.
-All right.
-Try it.
It's ready.
-It's hot.
Don't burn yourself.
Hey, Hobie? You're swirling it too fast, son.
You got to scoop up a pan of spring, come up straight up with it, and get between you and the sun, and swirl the slag off nice and slow until you see gold kicking up light.
You're welcome.
You got a name? -Hobie Buchannon.
-Buchannon? Good name.
You and your old man planning to go downriver today, are you? I hope so.
I don't know.
Hobie? Hobie, where are you? I'm over here, dad! Hey, Hobie! -What's going on? -This guy's teaching me how to pan for gold.
What guy? He was here a second ago.
Come on, let's get breakfast, huh? Yeah, okay.
I told you we were going to be late.
Honey, do I look all right? This dress, is it too tight? Mom, look how buff these people are.
They've probably been swimming in the ocean their whole life.
I never even saw it until yesterday.
You know, I wore this dress when I sang at the city bowl lounge, and it went over really big.
I might as well not even sign up.
They're probably going to hate it.
They're going to love it.
-You'll do great.
-Knock 'em dead.
Make new friends.
-Love you! -Love you! Okay, baby.
Go get 'em.
Which one of these guys is Quinn? I've been checking it out.
I don't think he showed up yet.
So, do you know how many rookies they're going to take this year? Ten.
Maybe 12.
-That's it? -Yeah.
Well, how do they decide who's going to-- they have testing, interviews-- mostly it's just the strongest swimmers that are going to make it in the rookie school.
But then only half of those are going to make it out.
Hell, I knew it would be sing or swim.
Suddenly everybody wants to run off chasing their dreams.
Well, I chased mine clear cross-country.
Now that I've caught it, I ain't never letting it go, baby.
Jed, my mother doesn't want to see you anymore.
Well, then won't she be surprised? Now, where'd you park the trailer? Somewhere nearby? Come on, I'll drive you.
We'll wait till she gets home.
Why don't you just leave us alone? -Hey, what's going on? -Want me to butt in or out? In.
This has got nothing to do with you.
It does now.
It's got to do with me and all my buddies here.
We'll back you up, man.
You tell Jackie I'm here to stay.
Who the hell is that dork? That was my mother's ex-boyfriend.
Thank you.
My name's Summer.
Matt Brody.
Come on, dad.
Let's go.
-Hey, Jim.
-Mitch! -How are you, bro? -Good to see you, man.
You sure you want to do this? Why? You'd rather go without me? Would you stop saying that? What if you, you know, get sick again this morning? Don't worry.
I'll be fine.
You'll have a great time.
The southpark rapids are some of the best you'll find.
Casey Jean's one of our best guides.
Great, because we're not looking for class ones or twos.
We want threes, fours, and fives.
-Right? -Right.
What's that? Casey's learning how to play the saxophone.
Say, maybe you know her.
Casey was a beach lifeguard in L.
Before she came to the river.
You said her name was Casey Jean? C.
? Is there a lovesick moose around? -Mitch! -Whoa! Oh, my god, Mitch.
I'm sorry.
I was just so surprised to see you standing there.
Not as surprised as I was.
How are you, C.
? How's Larry? Mention that name again, you're going back in the river.
Oh, no.
Not again, huh? Yes.
How are you doing? Never had a better day.
Good to see you, doll.
Okay, everybody gets a vest.
-Here you go.
Here, Hobie.
Get that.
, it's beautiful up here.
You got to love it, huh? I know.
It's beautiful, but I miss the beach.
You should come back to Baywatch.
Yeah, rookie swim starts next week.
Re-qualify, I'll get you a tower.
I guess there's nothing holding me here anymore, is there? Hobie, just make sure this doesn't come up over your head.
-Is it on there okay? -Yeah.
Can you hand me my vest? Yeah, sure.
Hey, were you kayaking on troublemaker yesterday? -Yeah.
-Hey, yeah.
We saw you.
You were awesome.
A little practice and you can be making moves like that in no time.
-Let me give you a hand.
-I got it.
I know, these vests were not designed for women.
There it goes.
So Eddie's pretty cute.
How long you guys been together? Um, two years next month.
Two years? I've never made it that long.
You know, it seems like until then you don't really have to worry about commitment.
Then you got to pull it altogether or it just slips away.
I know.
What's with you and Shauni? It's this Australian thing, you know? She's all upset about it, but it's going to be all right.
It's going to work out.
So what's up with C.
? What's she all about? C.
? Every two months the guy she's been dating breaks her heart.
Apparently the latest dude, Larry, just dumped her.
Took everything she owned except her saxophone.
-Oh, wow.
That's brutal.
-Yeah, I know.
He left her with nothing.
No, I meant leaving her with the saxophone.
Come on! Come on, you guys, hang in.
All back! Look out! Okay, everybody! Forward paddle! Aah! -Woohoo! -Hobie? That was great! That was better than any water park ride ever invented! Yeah, it was fun.
Hey, you all right? It was like a roller coaster.
Up and down, up and down.
Like most relationships.
I'm sorry about last night, Eddie.
I was, um-- you were what? -Can we take a walk? -Yeah.
We'll be right back.
Hey, dad! That's the guy that was teaching me how to pan for gold this morning! Oh god.
Stay away from those guys, Hobie.
They're just lowlife dredgers.
All they care about is gold, and they don't care if they screw up the river looking for it.
-You don't want to know them.
-This is it.
-The secret spot? -It's around here someplace.
Secret spot? What are you talking about? My uncle left me something in his will.
It could be hidden around here someplace.
Well, let's go look for it.
What's up? You know how I've been nauseous in the mornings lately? Yeah.
Well, I'm also three weeks late.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying you're pregnant? I don't know.
How? How is that possible? I thought we-- nothing's foolproof, Eddie.
I mean, sometimes even the best precautions don't work.
I guess I should go back to the cabin.
Hmm? What? I'm sorry.
What? I said, I guess I should go back to the cabin.
I mean, if I am, I probably shouldn't be rafting.
This is where I caught my first fish with uncle Alex.
Wait a minute.
Is this it? -This is it.
-We found it! Come on, dad.
Hurry up.
Open it.
Let's go.
Pull her on up! What is this? There must be a map.
"In a cavern in a canyon excavating for a mine, lived a miner, forty-niner and--" that's the lyrics to "my darling Clementine".
Uncle Alex could never remember anything.
So he'd always put things down into song because he could always remember lyrics.
-Hey, I know that song.
-Go for it.
In a cavern, in a canyon excavating for a mine lived a miner, forty-niner and his daughter lollypop lollypop? It gets even weirder.
Near the x down in the clearing on the way to devil's mouth it was lost and gone forever where the river's heading south angle inland towards new england to Tammy's tree that's been cut down grind the ground towards Wilma's table if you're able leap and bound It's about the boot.
I know it.
"When you find it and you've climbed it, teeter totter to and fro.
Slide it off and see the coffin, and the golden light will glow.
" It's got to be near.
You know, there's a tree on a hill downriver, and it's tall and it has a round top, and some people call that the lollipop tree.
My darling lollypop! Let's go there.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Eddie and Shauni aren't even back yet.
If we're going to go, we have to leave right away.
Because that stretch of the river rises fast and it can get real hairy.
-I'll go get them, dad.
-All right.
Let's go.
Let's not tell anyone, okay? I'd like to keep it private for now.
All right, but I'm going to go back with you.
I really need to be by myself.
We could both use some time to think, and you could probably use some time with the guys anyway, okay? Eddie! Shauni! Come on, hurry.
My dad found the map to the treasure.
We got to go dig up the boot! -Come on, let's go! -All right, all right.
Jim knows exactly where you are.
He's going to four-one-one here to get you, and he has a phone, too.
So if you need him, just call him.
The number's on the back.
You be careful.
Damn, they're going back on the river.
-Come on.
Be safe.
Don't fall out.
Come on, Hobie.
Let's go.
See you later! Bye, Shauni! Steady forward.
Good job, guys.
Jim? I'm over here! -Aah! -Help! Help! Help! To be continued