Beacon 23 (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Why Can't We Go On as Three?

Previously on Beacon 23.
[HALAN] Careful, your ship just crashed.
You're okay.
I just need the samples
and access to any data.
If I gotta get rid
of her, that's on you.
What are you gonna do, just
space walk out of here? Hm?
- My ship crashed!
- Or do you think I'm stupid? Hm?
The Crest isn't coming back for you.
When is ISA picking you up?
Aster, please
I saved your life.
[BART] Attention, your entry
to this beacon is unauthorized.
So, QTA, that's who you work for?
You're not here for a
goddamn science project.
You're here to do steal
whatever Solomon found.
I can't be alone anymore.
[ASTER] You think he's okay?
[HARMONY] Relative to what?
I want to get a look at
whatever made him collapse.
I'll see what I can find.
I'm not sure Halan's
condition will become clearer
no matter what we see.
[ASTER] Well, at least he's stable.
[HARMONY] Well, his
PTSD is under control,
but as for his stability,
I recommend keeping a weapon handy.
- Aster?
- Mm-hmm?
Look at this.
The samples trigger it.
That's the only explanation there is.
[BART] What's happening? I'm confused.
Please, tell me what's happening.
[VOICE ECHOING] You're dreaming, Bart.
You need to wake up.
My memory is not functioning.
It's disordered. That's all.
What's happening?
Murder most foul.
Wait! I remember this!
Bart, you were quoting Shakespeare.
It's how Solomon taught
me to speak properly.
He said Shakespeare would cure me
of my "leaden mechanical drone."
Now, it's part of my reboot protocols.
Hm. How thoughtful of him.
And how are your reboot protocols?
Can you hear me?
How are your reboot protocols?
Fit as a fiddle, as the Bard might say.
Though the nightmare of
being silenced again
I'm sure it was trying.
Yes, but fear not, I am ready
to resume control of my beacon!
Bart's ready to resume his duties.
Shall I restore his permissions?
[HALAN] I vote no.
Well, he's been jammed
up all day, you sure?
Yeah, I think I deserve a few days
without hearing that
guy's voice in my ear.
You heard him, Harm.
Got something for you.
The beacon security ring, finally.
Something wrong?
- You see this, right?
- Yeah.
Tell me I'm not imagining it.
It's the same.
It's not a lie, Halan.
It's all connected.
"May cause side effects."
If everyone knew it got you high,
no one would get anything done.
My God. Sit here all day.
How's your, uh everything?
I don't know, I can barely feel it.
- Mm, boop!
- Ow!
[LAUGHING] Shit, I'm sorry!
What was that?
- Is that your real laugh?
I don't know! I don't know, you just
- you look like a dartboard.
- A what?
You know, one of them
Okay, I think you've
had enough of this GWB.
- No, no, no.
- You know what, maybe you need
- to step away from this.
- Make me.
How'd you get that?
Mm. That's, um
That was from my mum.
She, uh
she told me a story about what it meant.
How special it was.
Hm. That's nice, a reminder.
A reminder not to end up like her. Dead.
With nothing.
That took a nasty turn.
Yeah, went pretty dark, sorry.
- Geez.
You know what, get back into the GWB.
Yeah, come back, come back!
Deep breaths, deep breaths.
[INHALING] Deep breaths.
Get it. Mm.
So, Solomon Halan.
- Yeah.
- Halan, right?
How about that?
She said, smoothly changing the subject.
- What, that?
- Mm.
Don't know.
You know, I always wondered,
what was going on with this guy.
Did he get his ticket punched or
- Did he make it back inside?
- Who knows?
What do you think?
Think something different every day.
[SIGH] Today
I think he got crushed.
- Ah
- Poor guy.
Poor guy, just a little help.
First burial detail?
You did good.
I'm glad it's over.
Don't worry, it happens
every once in a while.
Nothing to worry about. Bart? Lights.
Uh, you said you
didn't want to hear him.
- Oh, yeah. Still don't.
- Ha.
- Hey, Harmony?
- [BEEP]
- Could use a little help.
- [HARMONY] Working on it.
[HALAN] You should
put in for combat pay.
[ASTER] Uh, I intend to.
QTA are pretty good at
setting things right.
Even with AWOL soldiers.
Oh, you mean the same
people who sent Wreckers,
hacked the beacon, blew up your ship?
- No thanks, I'm good.
- That's one theory.
Seriously, if that's how
they treat their employees,
I don't want to know
what they'd do to me.
Don't you want to know
why you're having visions?
- Visions?
- Yeah.
That's what we're calling them?
Kinda sound more like nightmares.
Listen, the rocks, my
pendant, your bad dreams.
They're all connected.
I want to know why.
Don't you want to know why?
- Honestly?
- Yeah.
I just want to get lost somewhere.
Somewhere with real atmosphere.
- Oxygen?
- Yeah.
Yeah! White fluffy clouds.
- Rain.
- [GASPS] Rain!
I just want to stand under the rain.
You know, when I first
met you, I was convinced
you were a psychopath.
And I was convinced you were
an innocent ISA employee.
[SCOFFS] And now?
Now, I'm not so sure who you are.
I should check on the lights.
- Hey, Halan?
- Yeah?
Uh, wherever it is you want
to go, I'll get you there.
You sure you'll be the one to decide?
I'll figure it out.
I'll hold you to it.
- You got the lights on.
- As best I can.
Everything below the living
quarters is still blacked out.
I can't go near the GWB.
Hey, could you ask Aster to come down?
Sure. I'll check the breakers
on the Docking Level first.
Bart, I could really use your help here.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm
not allowed to change
your communication permissions.
You know, if you tried to
participate for a change,
- Halan might
Those Wreckers tore apart your beacon.
It was Halan and Aster who
Halan did not kill Solomon.
I examined the data
of Solomon's accident
and the fact that it was
an accident is undeniable.
- Okay, distort the facts
all you want, it's not
gonna change anything.
- Okay, st
Since an offer of help
seems to be beyond your
capability or desire,
I'll say goodbye. Goodbye.
What the hell?
[BART] Your entry to this
beacon is unauthorized!
Attention, your entry to
this beacon is unauthorized!
Attention, your entry to
this beacon is unauthorized!
[ASTER] Hey!
Hey! Stop! Both of you!
I said both of you!
- Who the hell are you?
- I work for ISA.
Well, he knows who we work for, Coley.
- Who's this guy?
- Halan.
You're trespassing.
What the hell, Aster?
Where's the Beacon Keeper?
Solomon? He's gone.
I suppose Harmony didn't update you.
Let me guess, you didn't listen?
You know how I feel about AI.
- And who's Halan?
- A friend.
Oh, I bet it hurts.
Yeah, when you poke at it.
Baby. Kinda serves you right.
Are you saying this is my fault?
Well, you sneak around.
Harmony could've helped you with that.
The place was dark, I thought
you might be in trouble.
Harmony would have told you I was fine.
So stubborn.
You want to explain why
you didn't report in?
Or say anything about
Solomon and Soldier Boy?
Mission's taken some unexpected turns.
I can see that.
I told you Halan saved
me from the Wreckers,
who by the way, said
they were hired by QTA.
- And you believed them?
- Yeah. Why not?
Because they're Wreckers, Aster.
You telling me you know
nothing about the crash?
About the beacon being hacked?
If you didn't report in,
then how the hell would I know about it?
- Do you want another?
- No.
I'm sorry about the Crest.
That's horrible.
But this is the first
I'm hearing about this.
Aster, whatever happened here,
whatever you went through
you kind of brought it on yourself.
How's that?
You had a hunch about the mission.
- Well, yeah.
- You demanded that
we be assigned to it.
When have we ever demanded a mission?
Good point.
Well, was it worth it?
Ah, damn. We struck the mother lode.
That's a lot of rocks.
This glowy stuff. You
said this might not exist.
The glowy stuff?
Well, in theory, it shouldn't.
I don't care, because you
just earned us a huge bonus.
- We're rich, Aster.
- Hm.
We need to load all of this stuff up
and get off the beacon
as soon as possible.
I'll let Halan know,
'cause I offered him a lift.
He knows about the rocks.
He couldn't give a shit about the rocks.
And the money? Does he
care about the money?
Look, I said we'd give
him a lift, not cut him in.
Orders are we go straight to QTA.
That's not your call, Aster.
I made us rich.
You make the call for me.
I'll think about it.
[HALAN] Aster, I think you
better come up to Command.
We got a major dark matter
obstruction rolling in.
How long before the lanes go dark?
Three hours. After
that, we're in a no-fly.
That's not long enough to
get all the samples on board.
[COLEY] How long are we socked in?
Four or five days, maybe. Hard to tell.
And you just found this out?
It's only a few more days.
Or we take off and stay
out of FTL until it clears.
I say we stay put.
Gives you two a chance
to get acquainted.
Play nice.
[SIGHS] Sounded like an order.
Sometimes she forgets who's in charge.
- So, you're military.
- Yeah.
- How many tours?
- Seven.
Impressive. My father did five.
- Special ops. Wet work.
- Serious business.
I learned from the best.
Why are you on the beacon, Halan?
What did she tell you?
Something about your
ship running out of fuel.
A special mission.
She's usually a much better liar.
Yeah, well, it's a long story.
We've got the time.
We can talk about it on your ship.
I'm not sure I want to wait that long.
Aster insists that we take
you wherever you want to go.
Well, I appreciate that.
She seems quite fond of you.
Yeah. We get along.
You know, she's had
her whims, quite a few.
But nothing that would
interfere with her job.
No, you don't have to worry about that.
Her record's intact.
We're just foxhole buddies, that's it.
What about you two?
- We're close.
- Close.
- Did she tell you what I do?
- I think I have an idea.
Then you'll keep it in mind?
Self-defense is my default.
I want to know the
minute these lanes clear.
Oh, you will.
Yes, you will.
Hello, my name is Bartholomew.
I apologize for any
lag in my response time,
but I've been through quite the ordeal,
and my communication
I'm not interested.
I assure you there's nothing
I'd rather do than comply.
Unfortunately, you are not an employee
of the Interstellar Space Authority,
which would make you in violation
Oh, my God, you are a talker.
You know, I'm gonna make this easy.
Do as I ask, or I'll go
back into your root systems,
and I'll silence you for good.
I'd be happy to help
you in any way I can.
I want everything you got on Halan.
Are you friend or
I'm not gonna ask again.
Oh, I assure you, I can tell you
all about that murderous madman.
[ASTER] That looks painful.
- Feels good, actually.
- Hm.
Your friend has combat training.
Well, all company managers do.
She finished first in her class.
- What does she manage?
- People.
Still should have been
able to take her out.
Especially in that goddamn suit.
Well, that suit's way
more expensive than yours.
She'll be flattered you're impressed.
Yeah. She told me you two are close.
We are. Be grateful.
You okay? You look stressed.
- No, I'm good.
- Are you sure?
All right, come here.
- Come on where?
- Come on, have a seat.
No, mm-mm, don't trust ya.
It'll feel good, all
right? Have a little faith.
As long as it's not any of that
Yeah, I'll spare you
the trouble. Have a seat.
- Do not strangle me.
- No promises.
All right.
Relax, close your eyes.
- How's that?
- Mmm
It's pretty good actually.
What's that for?
It's a pressure point.
Helps relieve anxiety.
Feels good.
Told you.
Coley said she knew nothing
about QTA hiring the Wreckers.
She didn't seem that
surprised by it, either.
That feels so good, don't stop.
- Hey.
- Hey.
There's nothing going
on with me and him.
- You'd tell me, right?
- Course.
Pick a side.
Wow. You're gonna let me choose?
Killed someone.
One of the Wreckers.
I'm sorry.
But isn't that my job?
Well, I'm gonna have to
take half your paycheck.
You're gonna have to kill me first.
I know.
There's something else.
Do you see it?
Yeah. You can put that away.
I know what the pendant looks like.
- It's exactly the same.
- It's similar.
It's identical.
- Look, if that's what you want to believe
- I mean, that must mean something.
I'm sure the company will figure it out.
You don't want to give
up the rocks, do you?
Don't have a choice, do I?
No, you don't.
I'm hungry.
When were you gonna tell me he was AWOL?
That AI, Bartholomew. He's
a piece of work, that one.
Yeah, he's pretty annoying.
My father says there's
nothing lower than a deserter.
Well, it's complicated.
I'm sure that's what he told you.
Well, that's the truth.
And you know this how?
[SCOFFS] Because
Uh, somehow, we're connected, him and I.
- Hm, that's convenient.
- By the rocks.
You mean just the two of you?
It appears that way.
- Hungry?
- No.
Look, I appreciate what
you're doing for Soldier Boy.
But you're asking me
to go against my orders,
my training, my judgment.
- Well, I know what I'm asking.
- I like my job.
I get paid well. I'm good at it.
And you want me to
risk that for a runner?
No, not for him. For me.
Are you really gonna play that card?
Well, it's a good card.
One day, it's not gonna work.
But not today.
Look, we should be celebrating.
Biggest score of our career.
Finally, something we agree upon.
- In your eye.
- Up yours.
The tiny little man.
He doesn't even know
he's gonna get crushed
by the big waves that are behind him.
- [ASTER] Coley!
- Huh?
- Come here.
- Hm?
Come here.
Okay, I'm coming to you.
That's it.
Oh, yes. You know what
I'm beginning to think?
No, what?
Life on the beacon
has its compensations.
Mm. I should have brought
you up here earlier.
Yes, why didn't you
bring me up here earlier?
I don't know.
Is there a way to turn up the hum?
Sadly, no.
I already said yes. He can come with us.
Yeah, well, that has
nothing to do with this.
It's pretty to think so.
It's true.
- Aster?
- [COLEY] Oh.
- Yeah, Halan?
Thought I'd find you up here.
Uh, well, you were right, Halan.
Excellent timing.
- Who turned on Bart's voice?
- [COLEY] Hm?
- Who?
- Who restored Bart's voice?
- Oh.
- Bart.
- That would be me.
- Mm-hmm.
- I think it's me.
- She did it.
I'm so sorry if I overstepped.
- Next time ask, okay?
- Okay.
- I will ask.
[ASTER] All right, goodnight, Halan.
- Goodnight.
He's so sour.
- Ah
- Hey, you.
- How'd you sleep?
- Like a baby.
Did you decide where
you want us to take you?
Not yet.
Well, make sure it's not
too far out of our way.
I don't want the company
to get suspicious.
Oh, no, wouldn't want that.
See, you two can get along.
I'm gonna cook tonight.
- Oh, you cook?
- Well, don't get too excited.
Ask Coley.
Doesn't add up. Harmony?
- Aster?
Is something troubling you?
Ten years. Suddenly expendable.
- It doesn't make sense.
- Is this about the Crest?
Perfect employee. Model record.
What happened to your
ship was an accident.
[SIGHS] Was it?
Now, I'm worried.
What are you looking for?
Can I help?
Only if you can hold a knife.
Maybe you should talk over your concerns
with Manager Coley.
Is there something wrong
between the two of you?
Should there be?
Answering a question with a
question is no answer at all.
- There.
You love a riddle, don't you, Harm?
- Okay, I'll leave you to it.
- Hey.
Don't say anything to
anyone at the company.
- Or Coley.
- I wouldn't dream of it.
Whatever you're looking for,
I hope you don't find it.
- Me too.
What are you looking
at? Dark matter clear?
I just got a ping that's
consistent with my ship,
but it's been out of range
ever since Solomon took it.
It must be some sort of mistake.
Well, you've got a ride.
- Backup plan would be nice.
- Hm.
I know Coley's a hard-ass
but I'll make sure
you're coming with us.
So, the Dabo table's
getting pretty crowded,
but we were up, what, 11,000 credits?
- More like fifteen.
- Right, fifteen.
Anyway, I wanted to walk
out of there a winner,
'cause you know who
wins at Dabo? No one!
But Coley had a feeling.
Are you sure this is the
story you want to tell?
She said to bet it all
on Triple Over and I said,
"Only an idiot puts it on Triple Over."
But she said, "Do it." So, I did it.
Forty-five thousand credits later,
we walk out of there arm in arm,
respect and envy on everyone's face.
And then I didn't see
her again for five days.
- Four.
- Four.
As I recall, she was a pilot.
Freighter captain? Great cheek bones.
Or am I getting her confused with, uh
one of your other conquests?
You know, if this is story time,
there's something you
gotta know about Aster.
She'll always let you down. Hm?
Am I lying? 'Cause if I'm
lying, just say I'm lying.
- What?
She used to work for
these mining companies.
Mineralogist. Scam a stone
here and there. Small time.
I brought her to QTA. Partners.
Not that she would know
what that word means.
Aster uses people.
That's what she does. She uses me.
She dresses up nice,
but she's still just
street trash from Menelaus.
Okay. I've had enough.
Apparently so have you.
Why'd you go AWOL?
Tell me. Why'd you run?
I don't know. It's all a blur.
Why rescue her and risk exposure?
Unless do you think that
maybe you wanted to get caught?
You wanted to be punished.
Did you ever think about that?
He saved the mission, Coley.
He saved himself.
'Cause that's what you do, right?
Bart, pull up the report.
Official Report Concerning
Combat Operations on DX-113.
It says it all there. How you ran.
Leaving your squad flanked.
Most of them are dead because of you.
No, that can't be it. It's not true.
Let's see, what were their names?
Lambert, Maba, Ozell, Laurenzano.
Who were the rest?
Rashaan, Kim, Reyes.
Jonas and Gashade.
Me and Gashade go way back.
My father would spit in your face.
Any real soldier would.
Thanks for dinner.
You happy now?
It's time you saw each
other for who you really are.
[HALAN] You know, for a whole year
I've been staring at
that poor son of a bitch.
It wasn't until right
now that I realized
I am that poor son of a bitch.
- What Coley said back there
- It's none of my business.
You've been lying to me
ever since you got here.
It's my job.
I'm I'm not lying to you now.
Maybe you haven't changed
as much as you thought.
Not that I'm in any position to judge.
Whatever happened on that mission,
I know you're no coward.
You had a ticket off this beacon.
You could have left me
to die, but you didn't
They were my squad.
My responsibility.
They died because I left.
You were meant to come here. So was I.
That's bullshit.
Maybe you're right.
One thing's for sure
I am not gonna get crushed by that wave.
Reporting in?
Letting them know we're
loading and leaving.
Keep 'em off our backs. Nice play.
- It's no play, Aster.
- We're socked in.
We're not engaging FTL until it clears.
So what, we're just gonna
fly around in circles?
Well, it'll get us the
hell off this beacon.
[COLEY] I don't want to hear about
I don't want to hear about how
QTA is the source of all evil.
I don't want to have this conversation.
[ASTER] What about Halan?
[COLEY] Can we please
forget about Halan?
The mission's been upgraded.
[ASTER] Since when?
[COLEY] I guess your initial report
got someone to take a closer
look at Solomon's notes.
And they upgraded it to a C-File.
With a C-File, I know
best not to ask questions.
Anyway, your part of
the mission is over.
- It's cleanup time.
- Well, we're not cleaning up Halan.
Did he tell you how long
it took him to get here?
- Hm?
- No.
Four months.
[ASTER] Wow.
Do you know where DX-113 is?
No idea.
It's 84,000 star systems away.
You know what that tells me?
- He's after the rocks.
- Oh my God. He isn't after the rocks.
It's not why he came here.
Not intentionally anyway.
Got a question for you.
How many oxygen canisters
are there on a Sleep Pod?
It's a simple question. How many?
I found two extra on
the Crest Sleep Pod.
That means they knew the
ship was gonna explode.
QTA planned for it to happen. Right?
Okay, Aster.
You're right. It was a set-up.
Psych evaluation said that Solomon
wouldn't let you on board.
So, the company did what it does.
It stacked the deck.
It staged the accident,
forcing Solomon to rescue you.
Except Solomon wasn't here, was he?
Halan rescued me. You put me at risk.
You were never in danger for one second.
I made sure of it. Would
I ever put you at risk?
You seem to have no problem lying to me.
Even if you knew the company's plans,
I don't think it would have
stopped you from coming here.
Now, I'm gonna do my job.
Hey, hey.
Hey, come on.
I don't even know who you are anymore.
- Coley?
- It's just a trank.
- [SPEAKER] Unauthor
- [BANG]
If I were smart, I'd make
sure you'd never wake up.
But I just don't have the heart.
[HARMONY] Aster?
Printing stimulant.
Ten seconds.
Not very impressive, soldier.
It's Aster, isn't it?
I don't blame you.
I've been making excuses for
her for the last ten years.
But you are a traitor.
- Gah!
- Oh!
Oh, Jesus
- I'm sorry.
- Did you, ah
You got me in the liver. Oh my God.
I know you didn't mean this.
Okay, just go.
Get some patches.
Jesus Christ!
- You're just standing there!
You could help me!
Why? Is it because of him?
- Print.
Harmony! Print!
Help me. Help me.
- I'm sorry.
- Ah!
- Aster.
- I'm sorry.
I loved you, Aster.
I would do anything for you.
I'm sorry.
Ah! Ah!
- Shh.
- Aster!
It's okay, it's okay.
Shh, shh
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