Beauty and the Beast (2012) s02e17 Episode Script

Beast is the New Black

Previously on Beauty & the Beast You had Windsor's heart in your hand.
Why would someone want a gem that controls beasts? He is a beast and he always will be.
He is not gonna change.
He has already changed.
Don't be so naive, Catherine.
I won't let him hurt you.
I love you, Catherine.
I love you, too.
We're looking for Vincent Keller.
You're under arrest.
For what? The murder of Curt Windsor.
I think there's been a mistake.
Don't worry.
I'll be fine.
Wait, Detective! I know you have a warrant, but there are extenuating circumstances.
He can't be taken in.
He doesn't have a choice.
He didn't do this.
Tori Windsor's kidnappers-- they killed Windsor.
We have new evidence that says otherwise.
What? Like What do you have? Catherine, I'm fine.
Okay? Okay, but it's the weekend, and the courts aren't open till Monday, which means you'll be locked in I was talking to him.
I think you need to calm down.
Calm down? - Wait, Catherine.
What? - The gem.
The gem.
Get me the gem.
Oh, my God, the gem.
Where is it? It's your partner.
She's calling you? She doesn't know that I'm here, does she? Well, I posted that photo of you in my bed on Instagram, but I'm not gonna say anything.
It was one night.
It's not like we're a couple.
Besides, she's probably calling to gush about her sex life, not ask about mine.
JT, the gem that keeps Vincent from beasting out, where is it? Why? You want to control the beast in the bedroom? No, he's been arrested for Curt Windsor's murder.
What? Yeah.
And I-I think - What happened? - that-that Gabe turned him in.
Vincent's been arrested for murder and Gabe turned him in? I broke up with him last night to be with Vincent, and now You broke up last night? Can you stop repeating everything? Vincent needs the gem.
Where is it? I have no idea.
Think about where he might have hidden it.
In the meantime, I'm gonna try and intercept his lab work.
What lab work? They're booking him, which means they're gonna check his DNA.
DNA? He'll be exposed.
I know.
Just worry about the gem.
I got to go.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Police business.
Detective Chandler.
I-I have a perp in back.
Badge? - Right.
Um Okay, I know that I had it.
Um Oh, my God.
I must've Okay, I know I don't look the part right now, but I had an emergency this morning.
I'm stationed at the 125th.
I need to get into Intake.
Sorry, lady, no badge, no budge.
Can I help you, ma'am? This is Lowan.
You son of a bitch.
You got the wrong number.
No, I don't have the wrong number, Gabe.
We're supposed to be looking for the gem.
It's not here.
He buried it somewhere.
I never trusted you, but even I can't believe you'd stoop this low.
Wait, what are you talking about? It's Cat.
Oh, please, don't play dumb with me.
Shh, she doesn't know I'm here.
Hey, what's going on? Long story.
I'm at the 95th and I can't find my badge.
And since you're, like, five minutes away, can you come down here and vouch for me? If anything happens to him in there, it is on you.
Happens to who? They took him to the 95th? Yeah, and I got to get him out before Wait, you heard? Uh, yeah, JT texted me, but I'm-I'm not at home.
I'm at the gym.
You don't get your ass to the 95th, Who is that? wave your magic ADA wand Just a crazy trainer in the background.
and undo this ASAP, you're gonna have to answer to me.
That's even better.
Isn't your gym around the corner? Actually, I changed gyms.
I'd ask the detective who arrested Vincent to vouch for me, but he doesn't want me here.
He almost arrested me.
So what are you gonna do when you get in there, wear a mask? Yeah, you're right.
I am in my pajamas.
Okay, I've got an idea.
Bring me my old uniform or yours as soon as you can.
- I got to get to the 95th.
- I'm coming.
Oh, we're gonna go together? You're seriously asking me that now? No, I Just drop me off a block away.
Everything off.
Put it in here.
Aren't you that war hero? Yeah.
How the mighty fall.
Everything off.
Uh, excuse me.
Can you buzz me in? I want to go use the restroom.
It's the other way.
That one's occupied.
I was hoping to use the women's locker room.
That one's for officers.
With badges.
Okay, fine.
How about you FaceTime with my partner, she'll show you her badge and she can confirm my identity.
I got a potential 10-50 out here who's armed.
No, I-I'm not a 10-50.
I'm not a psych patient, and this, this is an NYPD-registered weapon.
Need restraints and backup.
Bend over.
Look, I don't have anything on me, okay? Just put your hands on your head.
Turn around.
It's at a press conference, As you can see, my name is underneath, Detective Chandler.
This her? Yes, Detective Chandler.
See what I mean? All right, let's go.
What is going on here? She's a detective.
Gabe, I need to get back there.
ADA Lowan.
Let her back now.
Excuse me.
What's going on now? Just gonna draw some blood, do DNA.
- DNA? No.
I'm afraid of needles.
It's not gonna hurt.
I have a very serious phobia.
I can't.
How is this not clear yet, okay? Nothing in here is optional.
Give her your arm.
No! - I need backup.
Now! Cat? What? What are you doing? Changing.
So you think I did this, too? Doesn't matter what I think.
It matters to me.
I would never do something like this-- it's not who I am or how I operate.
Yeah, just that last night you said you'd do anything to protect me from Vincent and now he's incarcerated.
Yes, the timing is coincidental, and I do think you're making a big mistake going back to him, but I don't want to win you back like this.
I want to do it on an even playing field.
Are we really having a relationship talk right now? Look, I just need you to know that this wasn't me.
And will do whatever I can to prove it to you.
Can you get the charges dropped? I have to go to Intake.
Okay, we're gonna take him on three.
- Three! - Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- He's good.
- The hell you doing? Flannery sent me.
I'm good at talking prisoners down.
Sir, I know this can be scary, but it won't hurt.
And, when the tests are done, I will personally carry the samples to the lab, easy peasy.
Keller, is it? Yeah.
Would you like to take a seat over there? You can come back.
Let's just do a little visualization.
Talk about what makes you feel calm.
Is it the sound of the ocean, a sunset, a special gem? Just tell me where it is in your mind.
Is it on a tropical island? A houseboat? A dungeon? My bliss is not in a dungeon.
And even if I told someone where it was, it's not like they could get it for me.
- She's not actually gonna bring you your bliss, dumb-ass.
They could get in a lot of trouble.
Yeah, but you could get in even more trouble if you don't stay calm, which isn't easy to do in here.
Well, he can refrain from sharing.
No more needles.
- Scary part's over.
- No, it's not.
I'm not gonna stop asking until you tell me and that could get me in trouble.
Open up.
Your brother's headstone? I'm very intuitive.
I will take those to the lab.
Thank you.
- Open.
Hey, it's Lowan.
Listen, rumor has it that you're running point on the Vincent Keller case.
Gabe, where's Cat? Call me back as soon as you can.
And why do you have her clothes? Hey.
Where's JT? - I don't know.
Why would I know? Is he okay? He's freaking out, but I think he's talking about Vincent.
I took a cab.
They dropped me off blocks away for some stupid reason.
You still have your morgue credentials? - Yeah, but, uh, we haven't found the gem yet.
- I know where it is.
Tess and I will go get it.
I need you to swap out these samples, get him some normal bloodwork and DNA.
What's going on with the charges? I left word for the ADA on the case.
Playing both sides? Nice.
I didn't do this.
Gabe didn't do this.
Really? Is that what he told you? JT If it wasn't him, who was it? Pointing fingers doesn't help.
No, but dropping me off a block away so no one knows we slept together does? Um.
I'm gonna draw my own blood.
Sorry I didn't say anything on the phone.
It just felt a little off-topic.
No, it's okay.
Vincent didn't tell me which brother, so I guess we each take one and start shoveling around the base.
Just so you know, it was only two times.
Us, sleeping together.
I'm not judging.
Just keep shoveling.
So what's the plan? I mean, say we find this thing.
We're finding it.
And then what, he'll wear a necklace in jail? I mean We'll take it off the chain.
And then what? Sew it into his jumpsuit? You know, they make 'em change every day.
Prisoners have contraband all the time.
I'm sure we can figure out some way for him to hide one little gem.
It's not that little.
Can you please stop? I get you and JT are having issues, but this is worst-case scenario.
There is no room for doubt.
I wasn't doubting He could lose control, be outed, he could kill somebody.
Okay, we'll get him the gem.
We'll say it's for religious beliefs.
They can't argue with religion.
Okay, even if we do, there are gonna be depositions, trials, talking to lawyers.
Gabe'll get you a great lawyer.
Yeah, well, he better because Vincent did this.
He killed Curt Windsor.
He ripped his heart out.
He could get a life sentence.
I don't know if he could survive that.
I don't know if I could.
You know, we finally just found our way back to each other, and now And now you're both incredibly strong.
You can survive anything.
And yeah, you just got back together, but you're not some fragile newbie couple, you're epic.
And I'm sorry, you know, this this wasn't about my issues with JT, it's just that he and my best friend would be devastated if anything ever happened to Vincent, a-and I don't know how to help.
Look, I think that you already did.
There's something in there.
Oh, my God.
What is that? Money, cell phone, passport, gem.
It's even smaller than I remember.
It's Gabe.
Hey, what's going on? They have pictures of Vincent dumping Windsor's body.
They were sent anonymously to the DA's office.
You remember his body was found in a alley? Vincent obviously moved the body from JT's.
You know, these don't actually prove anything.
It's not of the murder.
We could argue Vincent was being a Good Samaritan.
He found a mortally injured Windsor, and he tried to help.
But he couldn't come forward because he had amnesia at the time.
He was suffering with PTSD.
He couldn't report it.
You really could've been a lawyer.
And then we could bolster our theory with he was a war hero, he saved Windsor's daughter Tori from kidnapping.
Okay, maybe we don't mention Tori.
They found Windsor's heart in Vincent's fridge.
What? They used the photos to obtain a warrant, they searched his boat last night.
Okay, but Windsor's heart wasn't in Vincent's fridge or anywhere on his boat.
So what, someone put it there? Someone is setting him up.
Well, where did they get the heart? I don't know.
But you, me and Tori were the only ones who were there when he killed him.
And Tori's dead.
Whoa, for the record, I have not been holding onto organs in case you and Vincent get back together.
No, you're right.
But he had a handler at the time, who would.
A heart in his fridge? Well how would I manage that from in jail? By paying someone off, like you always do.
Oh, you give me way too much credit.
I don't think so, Dad.
I was here a couple weeks ago, I told you I was working with Vincent and you were concerned for my safety.
You were being a protective father, that's all.
Why don't you just admit it, and we can move on.
All right.
'Cause then you'd have my confession recorded on your cell phone? I will admit to one thing.
I'm very happy that Vincent's finally where he belongs.
In a cage.
You'll never get away with this.
You can fight it all you want, but you and Vincent, it's over.
- No, it's not.
No matter what happens, No matter where we are, we will survive.
Well, we'll see about that, because he's about to go away for a long, long time.
Hey, pretty boy.
Let's go.
Hi, I'm Dr.
In the chair.
Hello, Dr.
There were some issues with your last blood draw, so we got to redo it.
And since I hear you've got a little needle anxiety, just want to be on the safe side.
You Miller? Yeah.
Vargas from IA.
Need to talk to you about that strip search case.
Sounds like you need to take care of that, but, uh, we're good here, aren't we? Yeah, we're good.
What the hell is going on? - We're gonna stick this under your bandage.
She found it.
Wait, what bandage? From the blood draw.
And I've got new blood samples to swap in.
You're an Ashkenazi Jew, but Are you out of your mind? You used yours? JT, they're gonna run it through the criminal database, your DNA is gonna be on file now.
- So? I'm not planning on getting arrested, too.
So, this could get you arrested.
Then they're gonna cross-reference, and figure out that now you've been charged with murder.
And you got Tess in on it as well? - Actually, Cat has Tess in on this, she'll barely be seen with me.
But don't worry, the, uh, strip search investigation she's following up on is totally legit.
Tess is not IA, okay? This is completely illegal.
You You're taking so many risks.
Left and right.
We're here for you, buddy.
No, No, no more, okay? This is it.
- Please, there's still a boatload to do, and Cat's on top of it.
She's even got Gabe going through evidence from the opposing side with her.
Okay, again, totally illegal.
What are they gonna do with it, shred it? Come on man, let's face it, I killed the guy.
- Shh.
In your apartment.
Look, this thing goes to trial, they reopen the case.
They investigate.
They'll find out where it happened, they'll find out that Catherine has covered everything up.
What are you saying? That I can't let that happen.
Hey, JT get the gem? He did.
Oh, you guys are together.
Uh, not like that.
Uh, I put those blues back in the locker.
And I swapped out the labs.
Great, I'm heading to the houseboat to dust for prints.
I think my father paid someone off to put Windsor's heart in Vincent's fridge.
Wait, what? That's who's behind this, not Gabe.
So if you can hack into Reynolds' financials, see if there are any recent withdrawals.
If we can prove this was a frame job, the evidence will be inadmissible.
Great, but we only have about 36 hours.
What's in 36 hours? The arraignment.
I think Vincent's gonna plead guilty.
No, you're not.
Catherine, I am not dragging you all into some drawn out trial.
I talked to JT.
First of all, there doesn't even have to be a trial if we can get the charges dropped.
Second, I thought you were done protecting me.
I am sick of all the men in my life doing that.
You realize that's why you're in here, right? Because my father planted evidence in order to protect me from you, which brings me to third, if you plead guilty, he wins.
No, if I plead guilty, I get a shorter sentence.
They'll still keep you in here for 20, 25 years.
I like older women.
Look, I can't ask you to wait, okay, but for me, nothing changes.
Catherine, I love you.
And I love you, too, but But what, you're worried that You don't think we'll survive this, huh? I didn't say that.
Look, I know that you don't want to be protected, but you also made it very clear that you need to move forward with your life, and risking everything for me, sacrificing everything for me is not moving forward.
You're just you're gonna end up resenting me.
What about you, locked up in there all that time? I will be fine, okay? I have the gem.
I'll get out on good behavior.
Good behavior? You're really gonna do this.
I'm telling the DA that I was a witness, that this was self-defense.
Come on, no, you cannot do that.
That is admitting to a cover up.
You'll face criminal charges.
One good thing about you being in there is that you can't stop me.
And I love you, no but.
Yeah! Wait, you want to come forward about everything everything? No, not about beasts, just about my part, that I was a witness, it was self-defense.
Vincent was arrested in your apartment.
It is not a huge leap to you two are together.
The prosecution is gonna argue that you are fabricating some story to protect your boyfriend.
But I didn't, and you know that.
You were there.
Look, don't look at me like that.
Like what? Like you want me to corroborate.
What? No.
They will point out that we were together, too.
Although, wouldn't that be helpful? Why would Vincent's rival come to his defense unless it was the truth? I could lose my job.
Wait, I'm not asking you to.
You could, too.
Maybe, but I could say that I didn't come forward earlier because I was protecting Tori from finding out that her father was a lunatic, or You're looking at me again.
It's just Gabe, it's the truth.
And we took an oath that we have broken a lot, and this could be our chance to do the right thing.
Okay, forget that I asked.
I just came here to find out who I should talk to.
Do I need my own lawyer, or Catherine, you are confessing to a crime.
Yes, you need a lawyer.
I will get you a good one.
Thank you.
And I-I'm sorry that I keep dragging you into my melodrama.
I did say I would do anything to help.
To level the playing field, not hurl yourself over the bleachers.
What are you doing? It's just hard to breathe, you know? How much longer to the hospital? Just sit tight.
What was that? You hear that? What is that? What's that?! EMS transfer requesting backup.
Detective Chandler? Oh, Gloria, thank you for meeting on a weekend.
Well, it sounds like an interesting case.
Can I get you a coffee? Oh.
- I'll take one.
Just trying to even the playing field.
Hey, Gloria.
You don't have to.
It's the right thing to do.
It's my partner.
Just a second.
What? Oh, my God.
Uh, can you change it to the news? - Sure.
- What's going on? manhunt is currently underway in Manhattan and surrounding boroughs as the NYPD searches for Vincent Keller Isn't that who we're meeting about? We're going to have to postpone.
Keller was being held on suspicion for the vicious I Thought you said JT bandage the gem to it.
He Did.
Then how'd he rip open the ambulance? What was he even doing in there? An ambulance? He must have been hurt.
What if somebody saw something? I'm with the DA's office.
I'm with him.
Why don't you go into the ambulance, see if you can any clues to what happened or where Vincent might have gone? I'll be right there.
Detective Flannery, I told you, extenuating circumstances.
He never should have been in that cell.
- Look who it is.
What did they do to him? - They? Your guards, the prisoners.
He never would have tried to run unless they had done something.
Your boyfriend instigated a fight in jail.
As far as my guards, they were doing their job until he attacked them.
I've got one with such a bad head injury over there, he's having hallucinations.
We got a statewide manhunt.
Hallucinations? Who? Which guard? The one in the undamaged ambulance.
Excuse me.
- We'll be seeing you soon enough.
I just got a warrant to search your place.
I searched the ambulance.
There's no sign of the gem, but I did find something.
That guard saw Vincent as a beast.
I'm gonna go do damage control, but the press is gonna be swarming this place, and you are a DA.
You're supposed to be on the opposing side.
Okay, I'll head over to JT's, see if Vincent went there.
I'll meet you there.
And the doors blew open, he jumped out the side.
No interviews.
He's a witness.
You're the? Visualization officer.
Detective Flannery and I were speaking.
He said that you got banged up pretty bad.
Oh, yeah, my head.
It was Yeah, well, sometimes when that happens, your brain starts visualizing things that weren't really there.
You know, like hallucinations.
What you saw wasn't real.
- I guess He's not here.
- Meanwhile, it's a Harrison Ford movie over there.
The good news is, only one guard saw him as a beast, and I think I put that genie back in the bottle, so So, what about security cameras? What about flashing banners running across every TV screen shouting, "War Hero Turned Murderer Now Fugitive"? - JT.
I just don't understand.
I tied that gem to him so tight, I thought he was gonna lose circulation.
I think Vincent took it off on purpose.
- What? - What? I tried to tell you before.
I found something in the ambulance.
That's his bandage.
It's torn apart.
It's like he wanted to get rid of the gem so he could beast out.
Detective Flannery said that Vincent instigated a fight in jail.
He probably did it because he knew they would transfer him to a hospital; be easier to break out of an ambulance than out of a jail cell.
No way.
Vincent said he was ready to face the consequences, take the sentence.
That was before I told him that I was going to come forward as a witness.
I'm sorry.
You did what? JT.
He was going to plead guilty.
I had to do something.
Fine, but-but don't tell him about it! JT! - Stop JT-ing me! She knows Vincent.
You basically told him you were going to lose your job, face jail time, all for him! That was his whole impetus for pleading guilty in the first place! I didn't know that he would do something this crazy.
Okay, why don't we all just get back to clearing Vincent's name, exposing Reynolds Clearing his name? I think we're a little past Windsor's murder.
Maybe Tess is right.
You know, we can prove that Vincent was falsely accused, that he was set up, and then he panicked, and it triggered his PTSD.
Panicked? That's his ticket to freedom? What do you think, counselor? You've been pretty quiet over there.
How's that gonna fly in a court of law? I recuse myself.
- Smart move.
Especially since it's kind of hard to defend someone that can't take the stand because they blurred away to God knows where! Just because he bolted from prison doesn't mean that he bolted from us.
Yes, it does.
The whole reason he did it was to keep the heat off of us, off of you.
No, he wouldn't just leave.
You think he's gonna hang around now? He's probably laying low somewhere.
Really? Where? Where are you going? He's not gone.
So, you thinking he might have left a clue here about where he might have gone, or? No.
I'm just wondering, why are we here? Especially since it's my second time today.
You didn't have to come.
Is this still about me dropping you off a block away? I only did that so you weren't uncomfortable.
Me? You were the one who said it was just one night.
Because the first thing out of your mouth was, "Cat doesn't know, right?" Oh, come on, we're all a little vulnerable post-hookup, but I'm here now.
But you know what? I'm getting sick of getting yelled at for trying.
I probably just lost my best friend in the world, and you're making it about What? Our non-relationship that you told everyone about without even asking me? Whatever.
Forget I said anything.
I'll be in the car.
Well, he's not here.
Do you think he's gone, too? No, I think he's waiting till it's safe to come find you.
Why are you being so quiet? Because I don't want to seem like some vulture, waiting to swoop in.
- Gabe, what? You think he's doing this to protect you? I think he's afraid that he can't handle time inside.
You also thought that he had a heart in his fridge.
Well, maybe I'm wrong, maybe his motives are pure, but it doesn't feel very protective, okay? Here you are, searching the city, worried sick, and he is gonna show up here, a fugitive, and you're going to be the one protecting him.
I would never do that to you.
Now I really do sound like a vulture.
You know how, when Muirfield was after Vincent, he had to be ready to run? He kept a go bag, filled with cash, phones, passports.
Yeah, in the headstone.
We saw it this morning.
Yeah, well, it's gone, so So he's gone, too.
Looks like we were both wrong.
Your eyes, they did flutter again And my mouth, it did hang wide When you told me every little thing's gonna be all right But we were younger then And now we're not And if there was a plan made Then we forgot about it And if there was time Well, I could figure it out now But life is short And I don't care for most of it And I don't care for most of it Because you're all that I All that I want Because you're all that I Vincent? All that I want Vincent? I knew you wouldn't just leave.
Catherine, I've come to say good-bye.
Because you're all that I Good-bye? Where are you going? I don't know where exactly.
I just don't want you to throw away your life, okay? Oh, right, 'cause this is all for me? No, thank you.
Come on - Vincent, it makes me responsible for this colossal mess.
I don't know whether to kiss you or throw you off this roof.
I do.
- No.
I made the decision to come forward for a whole slew of reasons, and you don't get to negate that.
Look, I turn myself in, you go on the stand, you tell everyone you were lying, you could lose your job.
So you can sacrifice for me, but I can't sacrifice for you? - Yes, because we don't even know if that sacrifice would be worth it in the end, do we? Look, let's say your defense works.
Best-case scenario, they throw me in some ward and label me mentally unstable.
But most likely, I will serve a sentence for a very, very long time.
And I don't know if I can handle that.
But you said you'd be okay.
You have the gem.
Catherine, that gem is just a Band-Aid, okay? It's not gonna protect my humanity.
You could give up everything for us, and I could get out of there worse than the beast I was when I killed Windsor.
Come on, you know it's true.
That's why you were willing to risk everything to get me out of there.
No, I am risking everything because I love you.
I'm sorry, but I gotta say good-bye.
And ask you for one last night where we can love each other as much as we do right now.
You win.
Now give me your burner phone.
How is that me winning? Just give it to me.
I have to call JT.
Hello? JT, he's here.
What? Yeah.
I need security footage, prints, financials, all from the boat.
We have until morning.
Got it.
Let's call it a win-win.
You get your night, and I am not calling it our last.
Wow, I never really realized how many windows you actually have.
Well, that was a big selling point, lots of light.
But that was before I met you.
I mean, we'd met, in the woods, but, uh Where are we going? You realize my bedroom has lots of windows, too.
This is where we're gonna spend our not-last night? Well, at least it's intimate.
What if I have to pee? Well, I won't look.
Or listen.
So, uh what do you want to do? I could take a hot bath.
Drain's broken.
Okay, well, how about some dinner? Yeah, a dry bathtub dinner as some homage to rooftop picnics - Look, Catherine, I know you don't want to accept that tonight could be our last night as much as I do, but it might, so So bring out the tissues? I have those in here.
Hand me your phone.
I'm not gonna call anybody.
Your phone.
Please? Okay.
What are we gonna do? Crank-call people? Play Subway Surfers? Shh Shh So, lately been wondering Our first dance.
Who will be there To take my place when I'm gone? You'll need love To light the shadows on your face What are you doing? Take your shoes off.
What? Your shoes.
We are gonna dance in your bathtub.
If I could Then I would I'll go Wherever you will go Way up high or down low It's so nice.
Way up high Or down low I'll go wherever You will go If I could make You mine I'll go wherever you will go If I could turn back time I'll go wherever you will go The door.
- The door's closed.
- No, somebody's at the front door.
- Coming! Hey.
I was worried it'd be too late.
Oh, no, I was just washing off the day.
Would it help if I said I think I found who Reynolds paid off? What? Yeah, woke up the judge.
I got a subpoena.
About a week ago, Reynolds transferred $10,000 to an ex-convict named Harry Salvo.
Figured we'd surprise him.
See what he has to say for himself.
Oh, my God.
Vincent? He's here? Yeah, I thought you knew.
I figured that JT called you, and that's why you were Hey.
Hey, good news.
Gabe found out who framed you.
I heard, yeah, thank you.
You do know there are cops downstairs, right? - Yeah.
- But see? This could fix this.
This Salvo guy could be the thing that makes this all go away.
Not all, but yeah.
Okay, just don't leave until I come back.
I'm sorry I doubted you.
I mean, you found the guy, you got the evidence.
One more thing and it's a hat trick.
Just leveling the playing field.
Okay, I realize I started with a sports analogy, but this isn't a game, and you can't win me.
I can try.
This is it.
Salvo? NYPD.
What are you guys talking about? Harry Salvo, the guy you paid to put that jar in Vincent's houseboat.
- He's dead.
- So what happened? You knew we'd get to him, so you had him killed? Now, wait a second, I swear to God, I We have records of the transaction.
Okay, yeah, I hired him, but I didn't have him killed.
We're supposed to believe you? Look, I don't know what happened to Salvo, but every TV in this prison is showing footage of Vincent's miraculous escape.
What are you saying? I'm saying that somebody saw it and knows what he is.
And the fact that they got to Salvo means it's probably somebody on the inside.
Inside what? Like Muirfield? They had clients all around the world.
They were hired by governments.
I think he might be right.
You know that jail guard who saw Vincent? I just got an alert.
He died of a sudden heart attack.
A heart attack, not an attack attack.
Hours after he was on the news, saying he saw a beast? This is why I don't want you anywhere near Vincent.
Not just to protect you from him, but from whoever else is after him.
And there's always going to be someone.
I will be fine.
Lowan? There's not much more I can do from in here.
But you can.
You mean protect her? I've been trying.
Well, you need to try harder.
You know, for once, I think you might be right.
Someone else is after you.
They killed Reynolds' accomplice.
And I think they killed the guard that-that saw you.
So we have to go.
Stay away from the window.
Catherine, you can't come with me.
I just got you back.
I'm not letting you go again.
Especially if I know that people are after you.
People are always gonna be after me, okay? I will be fine.
Yeah, but I won't be.
Look, I keep I saying that I need to move forward, but towards what? You know, maybe my moving forward is coming with you.
Unless you don't want me to come? Of course I do.
Look, the whole time I was in there, they're trying to take my DNA, all I could think about was you.
You stopped me from losing myself.
Catherine, don't you get it? You are my gem, okay? I want to take you everywhere with me, but No, it's too much to ask.
It's not your decision.
Where are we going? Canada? What? Come on we gotta go.
Now! Maybe we can get out on the rooftop.
Come on.
What do you mean no? I'm just gonna slow you down.
You won't slow me down.
Let's go.
Vincent, I can't come with you now.
But you and I, we will find each other.
We'll survive this.
You don't know that.
You have to leave without me.
If you don't, they're gonna catch you and they'll kill you.
And that is something I can't survive.
Give me your cuffs.
Why, what for? Sit.
They can't know you had anything to do with this.
Now, sit.
Sit or I won't leave, please.
You realize this is the third time you've done this to me.
Fourth, actually.
I promise you I will find you again, okay? I know.
Police! Don't move! Get on the ground! Nobody move! Where'd he go? He left.
Bedroom's clear! You okay? No.
All clear! Let's get you out of these cuffs.
I thought you said I had till morning.
They found him.
Oh, my God.
He's safe.
But he had to, uh, blur away.
So, uh He's gone.
And he would've said good-bye, but, uh I hate good-byes anyway, so Yeah, me, too.
He's gonna be okay, JT.
And we're gonna be okay, too.
Windmills on the southern plain Hum your name 49 palms Wait for more He's gone.
For real this time.
I'm so sorry.
Thing is I've been preparing for this for over a decade.
I mean, when he went off to Afghanistan, they told me he was dead.
So, I guess that's why I'm doubly upset at myself for taking my freak out out on you.
Yeah, that wasn't okay.
I'm not done.
I'm sorry you thought that I thought last night was a one-night thing.
It never was.
Not for me.
Or me either.
But you didn't want anyone else to know.
No, I didn't want Cat to know.
You know, rub it in her face that I could actually be in a, in a viable relationship, non-relationship, whatever.
We just had our first fight.
Oh, geez.
- In my book, that makes this a relationship.
Which I could really use right now.
Do you want to go get a drink? Like in public? Sure.
You're buying.
being on the run since fleeing a murder charge.
Keller was apparently being transported in an ambulance from the detention complex to a hospital when he somehow broke free of his restraints, overpowered his three guards and escaped out the back of the ambulance.
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