Beauty and the Beast (2012) s04e12 Episode Script

No Way Out

1 Previously on Beauty & the Beast You killed the deputy secretary.
JT: Graydal is not just your everyday security firm.
They're like Blackwater on steroids.
VINCENT: Come on, Braxton.
Who is this guy? What does he want from me? Well, it isn't what I want, Keller.
It's what the buyer wants.
Please don't tell me there's another beast out there.
CATHERINE: Are you sure that this is Braxton? TESS: DNA and dental records match.
Seems we have another beast on our hands.
Word came down from the top.
DHS will never make a deal with Vincent.
The fight's over.
We lost.
It's your new life.
I'm Agent Olivia Dylan.
KYLE: I turned the names over to DHS.
Kyle, you have no idea what you've done! (men shouting) Go! You're under arrest.
(handcuffs clicking) You said you had $4,000 in the bank.
I said I had about $4,000, okay? I rounded up.
$2,300 does not round up to $4,000.
Well, news flash: I'm bad with math.
And with money.
Yeah, but without more money, we're not gonna be able to afford a lawyer for Cat.
Please tell me you know her password.
Capital V, F, E, no spaces.
Forever, huh? At this rate, we'll be lucky to get them one more day.
Okay, whatever.
We just have to get Cat out of there, okay? Can't have her spending another night in prison 'cause of me.
Well, it'd be a hell of a lot easier if I hadn't sold my computers.
Doesn't Cat ever defrag this damn thing? I don't know even know what that means.
It means I can't get the auction site to load so I could transfer the retainer over to the lawyer.
Okay, well, just out of curiosity, if it's already costing us this much just to get Cat out of jail, how are we gonna pay for the trial fees? Trial? There's not gonna be a trial.
But Vincent's innocent-- how else is he gonna defend himself? He's not.
Heather, wake up.
We're way past trying to exonerate him.
Cat and Vincent need to bail.
They got to get the hell out of here, forever.
If we could ever find out where they're holding Vincent, that is.
And what if we can't? Let's just try and get Cat out first.
Then we'll worry about Vincent.
(sighs) (door buzzes) (indistinct chatter) Sorry to see you in there, Chandler.
Yeah, well, you're the one who put me in here.
I gave you every opportunity to get on the right side of this.
You could've been the one to bring your husband in.
Instead, you you flushed your career down the toilet.
Nice talking to you.
Open up.
Not just your career either.
I mean, right now it's aiding and abetting, but if you don't tell us Vincent's next move, it'll be conspiracy, too.
What next move? You caught him.
We can't prove that he killed Hill in self-defense, so it's over.
Yeah, well, this is now more than just about Secretary Hill.
This is about the other people that Vincent killed, and more importantly, who he's about to kill.
What are you talking about? Peter Braxton, Lars Ecklund, Albert Garrus.
You know who they were, right? Yeah.
And you know that he killed them, too.
Vincent did not kill them.
Well, we have reason to believe that he did.
Now we have reason to believe that he's not done, that he's planning on an even bigger target.
Come on, from jail? Well, the pieces of his plan are obviously in motion, or else he wouldn't have been getting on a plane to try to escape, now would he? I don't know anything about another target, and neither does Vincent.
Cat, listen to me.
Don't let him pull you down any more than he already has.
I am telling you, there is no plan.
And if somebody else is telling you that there is one, they are lying, they are setting him up.
I don't understand why you keep protecting him.
Yes, he's your husband, but people are going to die if you don't help us stop him.
Innocent people-- the kind of people you were supposed to be sworn to protect.
How can you just let that happen? I do not know what you are talking about.
I'm talking about domestic terrorism.
I'm talking about the Patriot Act.
I am talking about life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Do you understand? (footsteps approaching) Looks like you got friends in high places there, Chandler.
What is going on? She lawyered up.
He got her out.
Look, I don't know what the hell's going on here, Agent Dylan, but I'm gonna figure it out, because despite what you think, I'm not the bad guy here.
And neither is my husband.
(door buzzes) I am so sorry about what Kyle did, Cat.
Where's Vincent? Has anyone spoken to him? No.
Nobody knows where he is, not even Tess.
Well, let me guess-- he's not on the inmate locator either, is he? No.
How'd you know? 'Cause DHS is treating him like a terrorist, not like a murder suspect.
What? Why? I don't know.
That's what I have to figure out.
Somehow they're trying to connect Vincent to Braxton and the rest of the cabal's murders.
They think Vincent killed them, not Braxton's beast.
Wait, so does this mean that DHS knows about beasts? Do you think they saw Braxton's tape showing Vincent? No, not yet.
But if they knew, Dylan would have been asking very different questions.
As it is, they're trying to hang it all on Vincent, including something that hasn't even happened yet.
Somebody's got to be behind this, but who? Yeah.
Um, look, about Kyle.
I just Okay, obviously Well, he's a jerk-- my jerk-- so I'm really, really sorry.
We can talk about this later.
Do you mind taking a cab? I've got to go straight to Tess, figure out what she knows.
Yeah, of course.
(gate buzzes) Great.
Thank you.
Keys? (sighs) Sorry.
You got her out? That must have been some price getting her out of DHS detention.
Where'd you get the money? Well, you know, Heather helped, too.
Plus, I borrowed against what's left of my pension, sold my computers, got rid of everything.
You sold your computers? That's why I'm at Il Cantuccio on Cat's laptop.
Wi-Fi is better here.
Oh, JT.
Come on, what was I supposed to do? If we can't get to Cat, no way we can get Vincent.
What? If I told you I loved you, would you take it the wrong way? Probably.
So any idea where DHS took Vincent? I can't find him anywhere.
No, I have no idea, and that's what scares me.
He should be in a federal pen or DHS detention, but it's like he's just gone.
So where the hell is he? I don't Cat's here.
I'll call you back.
Just work on those new aliases for when we do find him.
(Tess sighs) You okay? I don't know.
Go on.
Sit, sit, sit.
Honestly, it feels like it's all falling apart, everything.
It's okay.
It's all right.
We're gonna figure this out, Cat.
All right? I promise.
I don't know what I was thinking-- it was only a matter time before we both got caught.
You were thinking what you always think: that, you know, you could pull it off.
David versus Goliath.
(chuckles): Isn't David supposed to win? (softly): Yeah.
We should've gotten on that plane.
We shouldn't have hesitated.
Why did you? It didn't feel right-- not with another beast out there killing people.
Or killing the people who turned him into a beast, but I get it.
Except DHS thinks that Vincent is the one killing them.
I know.
(sighs) That wasn't the only reason we hesitated.
I don't know, Tess.
I keep thinking about all of the things that Vincent and I have been through, all the crazy stuff that we've done.
We keep putting ourselves in impossible situations, and I don't know why.
Because you're trying to do the right thing, that's why.
But it never ends; it just keeps getting worse.
And it it doesn't get worse than this.
Cat, listen to me, okay? What's happening, what they're accusing Vincent of doing, what they think he's gonna do, it's wrong.
All right? Since day one, it's been wrong, and we're gonna make it right.
But how? We don't even know where they're holding him, let alone who's setting him up.
(exhales) (footsteps approaching) GUARD: Come to the door.
(keys jingle, door opens) Move.
Beauty and the Beast 4x12 No Way Out @elderman Three days-- I'm impressed.
You're well trained, Keller.
No, No, sir.
I'm innocent.
You're a terrorist-- terrorist who's out to get even with the very country that messed you up, isn't that right? No, that is not right.
Cut the crap, soldier.
I've seen it a hundred times before.
I know all about you.
Scarred by war, forgotten at home, lost, angry-- before you know it, everybody's the enemy.
That's Hill's twist.
That's how he justified trying to kill me in the first place.
Only you killed Hill instead.
In self-defense.
Yeah, so you keep saying.
But Hill died weeks ago, and yet bodies keep piling up in your wake.
How do you explain that? Hill didn't kill Braxton, Garrus, Ecklund-- why did you? I didn't.
What about the targets in that other apartment of yours? City landmarks, buildings, bridges.
I don't have another apartment, okay? I'm telling you, someone is setting me up.
(sighs) (door opens) Listen to me.
My job is to make sure that you don't hurt anybody else.
My job is to find out your plan so we can stop it.
(whispers): It's not me.
The hell it's not.
(panting) Last chance, Keller.
What's the target? I-I don't know.
What's the target? I don't know.
(yells) (Vincent coughing, grunting) (yells) (growls) Titanium alloy, custom-made.
That's right, Keller, we know all about you.
We know all about the super soldier program.
So no matter how much they juiced you up, you're never breaking out of those.
(Vincent screaming) (screaming echoes, fades) All right.
Wish me luck.
Okay, wait.
I can't ask you to do this.
Well, you didn't.
I offered.
Besides, it's no big deal; I'm just gonna try to find out what Agent Dylan knows, that's all.
Yeah, except she trusts you just about as much as she trusts me.
When she finds out why you're really doing this, I just I don't want this to bring you down, too.
Look, stop.
Enough, okay? Look, I know we've had our issues before about crossing the line and taking the law into our own hands, but this time it's different.
It's about more than law and order, Cat; it's about right and wrong.
And what's happening to you and Vincent is wrong.
I want to make it right.
Especially 'cause of who it's happening to, okay? Got it? Got it.
All right.
I don't know what I'd do without you, Tess.
You better figure it out, 'cause if this works, you're definitely getting on that plane next time.
All right.
HEATHER: How are they gonna disappear if we can't even find Vincent? Look, everything's gonna work out, okay? It has to.
And when it does, we need to have everything ready, including new aliases.
Nothing can go wrong this time.
Well, what went wrong last time wasn't the names I picked, it was the guy I picked.
Well, it's true, okay? It doesn't matter how sweet or cute I thought he was.
He stabbed my family in the back.
Cat wouldn't even listen to my apology.
She probably doesn't want you to apologize.
No, and why would she? It's not like I borrowed a sweater; it's a, “Hey, I'm sorry, my boyfriend sent your husband to prison forever.
My bad.
” Wait here.
Wait, what are you gonna do if you run into Kyle? Probably kick his nuts.
(exhales) Hey, Sarah.
Kyle just wanted me to pick something up for him.
(indistinct chatter, phones ringing) (indistinct chatter continues) MAN: But there's gonna be a lot of political pressure on this, so let's just keep it really quiet.
WOMAN: Okay, so we have to coordinate efforts (footsteps approaching) What are you doing in here? I was, uh I was just looking for my files.
Your files? Yeah.
I sent them over to 125th yesterday.
Well, I didn't get them.
You still think there's gonna be an attack? I don't know.
Why don't you ask your partner? Oh, come on, you really think if Cat knew something, she wouldn't tell you? You think she'd let innocent people die just to protect her husband? Why don't you tell me.
Whatever you do, don't tell me that she doesn't know more, because you and I both know that she's been hiding stuff from DHS every step of the way.
Chandler's dirty, Vargas, just like her husband.
And just like you, if you don't do the right thing here.
You know what? Trust me I'm definitely doing the right thing.
Excuse me.
(gasping) You're a disgrace.
An embarrassment to anybody who ever knew you, who ever cared about you.
You've got the wrong guy.
(groans, coughs) Tell me the target.
Screw you! (yells) How can you even admit the truth when you won't even face it yourself? You're not a doctor anymore.
You're not anybody anymore! You're a terrorist! No, I'm not! Yeah, it started the moment you first enlisted, too, didn't it?! You left med school, a cushy job, so what, you could you could get even with Osama? Huh? Is that it? For what he did to your brothers? No, no, no, no This is all about revenge, isn't it? You got it wrong.
You got it wr (gasping) MAN: Any word from your brothers? They're still trying to get everyone out.
They're still trying to get everyone out.
You're pathetic! Get up! Became a model soldier, too, didn't you? First in your class, captain, Special Forces.
You couldn't wait to get out in the field and kill those bastards, could you? When they attacked us, I I joined to help, okay? What's wrong with that? What is wrong with that is what you became because of it.
You became a killing machine.
But you wanted more.
That's why you volunteered for the super soldier program, isn't it? No.
No, you got it wrong.
Nobody knows what the Army did to you, because the Army tried to cover it up, tried to eliminate everybody who volunteered for the program.
But you, you got away, juiced up and pissed off.
You found your way home, driven by demons and-and anger at the people and the country who hurt you, turned you into a mutant! I was just trying to survive! KADISH: How many people did you kill while you were in hiding, huh? (panting) Tell me.
How many people did you get even with for what they did to you? You can't stop what you've become, so you killed Braxton and anyone else (yells) who picked up where the super soldier program left off, still looking for revenge! I didn't kill them! KADISH: Sure you did, and you won't stop! You will not stop until you rip out every last remnant of Muirfield by the root, stop it once and for all, so nobody will ever make another monster like you again! (grunting, yelling) KADISH: Say it! (Vincent yelling) (sobbing): I'm not a monster! I'm not a monster.
I'm not a monst No! (yells) I'm not a monster! No! I'm not a monster.
I'm not a monster.
I'm not a monster.
I'm not a m (panting) CATHERINE: Hey, what's the apartment number? 12C.
They put his name on the mailbox.
Not very subtle.
Hey, whoever's framing Vincent isn't going for subtle.
What are you doing?! (alarm ringing) Cat, it's a DHS crime scene.
We can't have any witnesses, all right? Okay, you guys, don't panic.
This is a fire alarm.
Come down, please.
Don't panic.
Just take it easy.
What? Come on.
Before FDNY shows up.
(alarm continues ringing) (door closes) Holy crap.
No wonder DHS is taking this so seriously.
Someone really did their homework.
How long did you say this place has been here? TESS: According to the landlord, Vincent-- or whoever wants us to believe it's Vincent-- moved in about a month ago.
Right when Graydal figured out he was a beast.
Vincent's brothers, the Towers, Afghanistan, Zhao.
It's like they're trying to make him look like he has a motive, that he's out of control, crazy.
Yeah, and bent on revenge for all the super soldier crap.
They want DHS to connect it all to Vincent.
Yeah, and blow something up, but what? There's just enough here to make DHS suspect Vincent, but there's not enough for us to figure out what the guy's gonna do.
So it can't be stopped.
So Vincent has to take the fall? Yeah.
It's got to be Braxton's beast, right? He's the one taking out the cabal; he needs a scapegoat.
It makes sense.
What better way to get away with this than to blame it on another beast? This guy knows so much about Vincent, and we have never even seen him.
It's like he's taken everything that Vincent's ever gone through, everything that we've ever gone through, and turned it against him.
As though all of the good things that we've done together don't matter.
Cat, I doubt all the people you've saved over the years would agree with that.
Yeah, but it's coming back to haunt us.
And all of it started with Vincent trying to make up for what happened to his brothers.
With me trying to make up for what my mom did to Vincent.
All right, Cat, figuring out how you got into this position is not as important as getting out of it, okay? So let's get Braxton's beast so we can save yours.
Let's go.
(siren wailing in distance) (grunting in pain) You know, after this, I'm gonna go home and take a nice, long, hot shower and have a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs with the wife and kids, maybe watch a movie.
Then I'll be back.
(groans) But you you're never gonna leave, not unless you tell me the target.
And then you'll let me go, huh? (grunting) (groans) (panting) I don't think so.
No, you'll go to supermax, but at least you'll be alive.
It's better than a lethal injection, which is what you'll get if we can't stop what you got planned.
Don't you think I would've told you by now if I knew? Nothing is more powerful than revenge.
(exhales) Except for maybe love.
You love your wife, don't you? Catherine? Hey.
If you cooperate, maybe I can arrange a meet, a conjugal visit maybe.
Would you like that? Keep her out of this.
Aside from the fact that we already busted her, she means everything to you, doesn't she? But you will never see her again, Keller, ever.
And worse, she will live the rest of her life having been scarred by you, having been married to a terrorist who killed hundreds of innocent people.
And if you won't save yourself, don't you want to save her? Think about it, Keller.
(lock clicks) (yells) (footsteps departing) (quiet, trembling breath) CATHERINE (faint, distorted): You're Vincent Keller.
You're Vincent Keller.
You're Vincent Keller.
You've just been hiding out here? JT's the only one I can trust.
Except you-you go out there and you save people.
(softly): No.
You saved me.
I guess it reminds me of who I used to be.
A doctor? Human.
(panting softly) HEATHER: I mean, look at us.
We're stealing identities, faking passports.
Like, what the hell are we doing? The only thing we can do at this point.
Oh, I know you're right; it's just I can't believe it's actually happening.
Even best-case scenario, if Cat and Vincent disappear, I'd be losing my sister possibly forever.
Come on.
It's gonna be okay.
Somehow, some way it's gonna be okay.
TESS: Hey.
What's wrong? I'm fine.
Uh, find anything? Uh, nothing good.
Whoever's framing Vincent's pretty much nailed him to the cross.
But we have an idea.
We have to find Braxton's beast.
Before he does whatever he's planning on doing.
Even if you find him, how are you gonna catch him? I mean, you weren't able to do either last time.
I know.
But at least we know where to start.
The fourth cabal member.
That's who we think he's after.
We think the terrorist attack is just a smoke screen to put it on Vincent.
But his real goal is to kill the fourth guy, finish his revenge on everyone who turned him into a beast.
Which means if we can figure out who the fourth cabal member is We can probably figure out where the attack's gonna be, 'cause he should be there.
Garrus got a text from the last member right before he was killed.
Do you still have his cell phone? Yeah, but even if we figure out who sent it, it doesn't mean we're gonna find him in time, or that we're gonna stop Braxton's beast before the attack.
Only a beast can stop another beast.
Okay, wait.
What are you saying? That that that's it? We just There's nothing else to do or try? We just give up? (sighs) No way.
Cat No, wait, Cat Cat Play with the monsters inside my head Awaken the demons from under my bed They run wild and wish me dead HEATHER: You want to be alone? (sighs) You shouldn't blame her, you know.
I don't.
Not anymore.
She didn't know she'd start all this.
So then why are you here? Because everything changed the night that she was killed.
I certainly did.
You were gonna be a lawyer.
(chuckles softly) Yeah, and I became a cop to get justice for her.
You did get justice.
You and Vincent took down Muirfield.
Did we? I thought so, until Braxton and his buddies decided to start up where they left off, and now here I am again.
Look, about Kyle (crying): Heather, this is not about Kyle.
He was just trying to protect you from Vincent.
(sobs): This this isn't even about Mom.
This is about me.
(sniffles) This is about how I got here, how I kept fighting for justice long after I already had it.
I just kept feeling like I had to do more.
More justice, more bad guys, worse situations.
But it was never enough.
(sobs) No matter how many bad guys I went after, no matter how many I caught, I could never fix this.
I could never bring Mom back.
Take me home (sighs) Take me home And now I might lose Vincent, too.
If I can make it till the morning comes So, God, just take me home.
(fingernails tapping mug) (fingernails continue tapping mug) Do you mind? What? I'm just walking.
No, you're driving me crazy.
I'm having enough trouble trying to find out who the last cabal member is.
TESS: Yeah? So? So your asset seizure computer isn't exactly state-of-the-art, you know.
Okay, well, beggars can't be choosers, all right? And you need to hurry up.
I got to get it back to Property before they notice it's missing.
Property's the least of our problems, believe me.
Beast target now, please.
Just out of curiosity, are you just ignoring the fact that even if I find the name, we can't stop a beast without Vincent, or are you living in complete denial? Complete denial, all right? Continue.
Continue what? Haranguing me? Look, very funny, okay? We can't just do nothing, right? We'll worry about stopping Braxton's beast after we figure out who he's after.
You know, hopefully, we'll get lucky.
Fine, then what? Then we stop a terrorist attack.
Okay? And either get Cat and Vincent exonerated or get them the hell out of here, for good.
What happened to not wanting to cover anymore? Or to wanting a normal life? I still want normal, but this is the right thing to do.
Like you always say, they deserve better.
Then what? Then what, what? I just told you.
No, I mean, then what about you? Because after this, one way or the other, all this goes away with Cat and Vincent.
I know, I know.
You know, hopefully, maybe we'll all get our happy ending.
Back to work, please.
Catherine? You can't give up.
Not now.
Not after everything we've gone through.
(chuckles): I'm losing my damn mind.
No, you're not.
You know that I am always here with you.
You know that.
(panting) I can't, I can't, I can't do it.
You've sacrificed too much.
We've sacrificed too much.
It can't end this way.
Don't let it.
No, they-they they think I'm some kind of monster.
Well, you know better than that.
Come on, we can figure this out, together.
Okay, first we got we got to figure out who's trying to set me up.
Okay, whoever it is, they know what you really are, who you really are.
It c-can't be Braxton's beast.
It makes no sense.
And everybody else who knows about me, they're all dead.
Are they? Think about it, Vincent.
Who would want to set you up more than anybody? And who would know exactly how to do it? S-Somebody that that knows about my past, knows what I am.
Somebody that wants to cover their own ass.
(stammers) (shouts) Son of a bitch.
(grunting) (growling) (gasping) JT: A crown prince? That's the fourth cabal member? How the hell are we gonna get to him? Hey, at least we don't have to go to Saudi Arabia.
He's coming here.
Yeah, Tuesday, which gives us exactly no time to save him.
Plus, he's a head of state.
Won't he be completely surrounded by security? Look, but if we can figure out where he's gonna be, we might be able to narrow down where the beast is planning on killing him.
What's going on? You guys okay? Yeah, did you find the fourth guy? Yeah, but we don't know how to get to him to warn him, let alone save him.
First things first.
He's a head of state.
Maybe we go to Secret Service.
And tell them what, a beast is gonna blow him up? TESS: Yeah, leave the beast stuff out of it.
Nobody's gonna believe us anyway.
DHS certainly doesn't trust us.
Still, now we know who Braxton's beast is after, and saving him might be the only way to save Vincent? There's no beast.
It's Braxton.
(both gasp) He's alive.
(footsteps approaching) Coffee? Maybe something stronger? Vincent? Are you all right? Yeah.
What'd they do to you in there? Oh, you know, they just tried to get me to confess.
How? Every trick in the book.
Hey, don't worry, okay? They didn't break me.
Thanks to you.
Thanks to me? Yeah.
You got me through in there.
You got me through what the hell was going on.
Braxton's beast, it doesn't even exist.
But you think Braxton does? He's alive.
He's got to be.
There's no other explanation.
Come on.
WOMAN (on TV): And you can expect that to clear up around the weekend, then we're gonna see a low pressure system moving in from the southwest.
VINCENT: So, was that Braxton's body in the morgue or not? Not.
How'd you figure it out? A lot of little pieces that just didn't add up about this other so-called beast, right? But if Braxton was behind this thing all along, then these pieces, they fit, they make sense.
He needed us to think that there was another beast, so that we would follow its trail.
Braxton must've switched blood samples with the real victim, postmortem.
After he brutally murdered the other poor guy to make it look like some beast attack.
Which is the exactly what he did to Garrus and Ecklund, but why? To cover his tracks.
Garrus said that the State Department was investigating them.
This must've been Braxton's way of getting away with it.
By faking his own death and disappearing.
Yeah, before his partners could use him as a scapegoat.
So no one would come looking for him, and no one would reopen the investigation.
That's why he sent out these bounty hunters looking for me in the first place, okay? Braxton had his exit strategy from the beginning.
CATHERINE: He needed it to look like a super soldier was out for revenge.
Which, unfortunately, it does now more than ever since you escaped-- especially the way you escaped.
Okay, so then what do we do? VINCENT: Now we got to prove that Braxton is still alive and he's behind it all.
Before you get caught again.
And before Braxton kills the prince, along with God knows how many innocent people.
So, how are we gonna find this maniac? (emergency horn blaring, sirens wailing) (alarm ringing, indistinct chatter) All right, tell Vincent he's got four minutes to try to beast-track Braxton, all right? Five, tops.
Heather still feels bad about what Kyle did.
Come on, Heather doesn't have to apologize for a thing.
That's what I keep trying to tell her, but she won't let it go.
She keeps trying to make things right.
Sound familiar? Who? Me or you? Both of us.
Why do you think we keep getting into these situations? We can't let things go, either.
I know.
I was thinking the same thing myself.
You know, when I was in that cell, I realized that I keep trying to make up for what happened to my brothers.
And you with your mom, right? Yeah, and my father.
Let's not forget everything he did.
(chuckles) How could I forget? Come on, you really think we bring this on ourselves? I think that we've done a lot of good because of it, but it's definitely cost us, too.
Maybe it's time to change, you know? Maybe we should stop trying to fight every damn fight.
Yeah, but we have one fight left.
Braxton is the only person who knew enough about you to set this place up.
Can you track him? Yeah, I'm trying.
That's strange.
What? It's like he keeps coming and going, planting new evidence.
How could he do that without being spotted? (cell phone ringing) Maybe he's closer than we think.
Hey, is everything okay? Oh, my God, he's here.
(alarm continues ringing) Who? Braxton! He just came out of the building.
It's Braxton.
He's right outside.
No, no, tell her not to go anywhere near him.
Heather, stay where you are! Okay, he's walking away.
I'll follow him.
Excuse me.
Hey, where'd she go? Who, Heather? She's following Braxton.
Heather, can you hear me? Where are you? Excuse me.
(gasps) (gunshot) Go! Go! (crowd clamoring) Heather! Heather! (crowd clamoring) Stand back! Oh, my God! All right.
I'm sorry.
You're gonna be okay.
HEATHER: I'm so sorry.
It's okay, you're gonna be all right.
Tess, go after Braxton, go.
Go! Hurry! No, Vincent, you can't get caught again because of me.
She's right.
You got to get out of here, Vincent.
Okay, okay.
Keep pressure on, all right? Tell the paramedics there's no exit wound, all right? You're gonna be absolutely fine.
Okay? Okay.
(sirens wailing, urgent chatter) (monitor beeping steadily) Hey.
The doctor said the bullet missed everything important.
You're gonna be okay.
Did you catch him? No.
No, he got away.
But so did Vincent.
At least for now.
What are you gonna do? We're gonna find Braxton, that's what.
We can't leave until we do, for a lot of reasons.
You're right.
This does feel never-ending.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
But you have to learn when to give up the fight, too.
Heather, I'm not mad at you.
And I'm not mad at Kyle.
Neither is Vincent.
Kyle wants what's best for you, and so do I.
Promise me that you'll forgive him? Yeah.
(sniffles) Promise me you'll say good-bye before you go away.
Of course.
So? So what happened to Mr.
? That's none of your business.
Eh, didn't work out.
Could've told you that he wasn't your type though.
You don't even know him.
I know you.
I know your type.
Yeah, what's my type? Well, it's not dating another cop, that's for sure.
Okay, he's not a cop.
-- close enough.
You need something different.
Somebody that keeps you on your toes, guessing.
Really? Makes you laugh.
Oh, my God.
You got somebody in mind? Uh, maybe.
You gonna be okay? With whatever happens next? You mean with Vincent? Yeah.
As long as we get Braxton, as long as Vincent and Cat get through this alive, I am.
Yeah, well, there's no guarantees there.
It's gonna work out.
It has to.
All right.
I'll hold you to it.
As the words fade away I still believe what your eyes say Fall into your arms I still see you illuminate As I drop my guard Fall into your arms Maybe we should keep moving.
No, if DHS find me here, then so be it.
You know, not everything the interrogator said was wrong.
I did enlist to get even for what happened here and what happened to my brothers.
I just guess I've never stopped trying.
They wouldn't want us to keep going through this, Vincent.
Your brothers, my mother.
I know.
I know, but like you said, we got one last fight to fight.
Catherine, we got to stop Braxton before he does something major.
You know, it's like we've come full circle.
It has to end, Vincent, one way or the other.
Can you just let us grow? You won't let us grow Is that so hard? @elderman