Beckham (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Seeing Red

- Thanks for making me a coffee.
- Pleasure.
It's quite temperamental,
this, but I love it.
It's the best.
I feel like that's important.
Everything has got to be kind of
Oh, thank you.
Does anyone use this kitchen?
It looks like it's never been used.
Of course. I was cooking here last night.
Dude, it's like
I know. It's pretty clean.
Because I clean it so well.
I'm not sure it's actually appreciated
so much by my wife,
in all honesty.
The fact that when
everyone's in bed, I then go around,
clean the candles,
turn the lights on to the right setting,
make sure everywhere's tidy,
because I hate coming down
in the morning and there's cups and plates
and, you know, bowls.
It's tiring.
It's tiring,
going around every single candle,
cleaning it, clipping the wick and,
you know, it gets tiring.
You clip the candle wicks?
I clip the candle wicks,
I clean the glass.
That's my pet hate,
the smoke around the inside of a candle.
I know, it's weird.
He's just so perfect.
See? Not appreciated.
That's what happens.
- You are. You are appreciated.
- Yeah?
- You are.
- All right.
I don't believe that for a second.
It sounds so sarcastic when she says it.
Look, he's straightening the chairs.
I know. Well, that's
Darling, where does this go?
Do you remember?
I do.
Of course you do.
Sorry about the cup.
- I'm going.
- You got a busy day today?
- Where are you going? Going to work?
- Heading to work.
I'm heading off
to the fashion factory, kids.
- No, where are you actually going?
- Facial.
There you go.
I wish there was a pill that
you could take that could erase certain
It's a red card for David Beckham.
Argentina go through, and England go out.
Michael Owen distressed.
Paul Ince shedding a few tears.
I feel so sorry for all of them.
I made a stupid mistake.
He can't be seeing
where he's kicking.
- But he still flicks out at somebody.
- He flicks out.
If that's a sending off, I'll eat my hat.
Changed my life.
Had Beckham not been sent off,
we could have probably snatched a win.
It's arguable, isn't it?
He'll regret this terribly.
But he'll have to learn to live with it.
Did you think he deserved
a red card for the kick?
Absolutely not. Absolutely not.
The contact was minimal.
You can see I was hamming it up,
knocked over by David's imaginary kick.
Good actor.
I want to put you in my next movie.
As they passed
England's players and families,
the Argentine team jeered.
England's players'
World Cup dream in shreds.
I felt very vulnerable and alone.
England's World Cup squad
have arrived home
after their defeat on penalties
by Argentina last night.
Watch out, guys.
David! David!
And as I'm walking,
there was this horrible paparazzi guy
walking along.
"How do you feel
about letting your country down?"
"You're a disgrace."
David, do you ever think
you'll play for your country again?
They organized a private lounge
for me to meet my mum and dad.
Are you off to run and hide, David?
He was just distraught.
He fell into my arms and he said,
"I've let everybody down."
I said, "No, you ain't."
I said, "You ain't let anybody down."
I said, "Get your head up."
So then I said to my mum and dad,
"I've got something to tell you."
"Uh, Victoria's pregnant."
And the first thing
that came out of my dad's mouth was
"Oh, blimey. You couldn't have picked
a worse time, could ya?"
Beckham is leaving England,
flying straight out again to New York
to be reunited with his girlfriend,
Victoria Adams.
I'm seeing David tomorrow.
I haven't seen him for two months.
I can't remember what he's like to cuddle.
Like this!
And I'll go
I'll go, "Come on, baby!"
I remember really not understanding
how serious it was,
what had happened.
Because, you know, I
I've never really been into football.
I love watching him play football,
but then I'd love whatever he does.
He could be painting a wall
and I'd love watching painting a wall.
Do you know what I mean?
It was him that I wanted to support.
- Is everybody decent?
- Yeah.
Hello, Daviiiiid.
How art thou?
All right. You?
Good. Nice to have you back on Spice Cam.
I'm very happy for you both,
that you're here together.
- Let's look at a few of these.
- Okay. Just finishing
Not keen on that one.
God, I've got a right face on me.
When he came to me in America,
he felt he let himself down,
he let his teammates down,
he let his country down,
he let the fans down, me.
He felt that he let everybody down.
But when he was with us Spice Girls,
there was a protection.
People couldn't get to us.
We could put a little bit
of cotton wool around him.
I thought,
"Okay, I'm in America. I'm safe."
You know, we were
just about to have our first baby.
And I just thought, "I'll be fine."
"A day or two, you know,
people would have forgot."
It was a bleary-eyed
and deeply upset England
that dragged itself to work this morning.
"A good match," they said, "but
desperately disappointed with one man."
Beckham was out of order, basically.
To get sent off in a match like that
is a disgrace to anybody.
I'm sorry for his career.
Gutted. I mean, you know,
I'm sure the whole country is.
The country needed this.
For one fan here, it was all too much,
sending their television straight out of
their third-floor window after the match.
"Gutted. Devastated."
That's what people are saying.
And most of them
hold David Beckham to blame.
I don't think either of us really
realized what was going on in the UK.
Has there been
any sight of him yet?
As far as we understand it,
David Beckham was flying back
to England later this afternoon.
"Childish. Petulant.
Disgraceful. Stupid."
Some of the politer words
used today by reporters
to describe David Beckham.
David went home ahead of me
because I was still on tour,
and he went from having that protection
into absolute carnage.
And I don't think I've ever
talked about it, just because I can't.
Uh, I find it hard to talk through
what I went through
because it was so extreme.
We're all disappointed
and we'll talk about it for years to come.
He's let his teammates down,
and he's let the country down.
The whole country hated me.
Hated me.
Even the Prime Minister gave his verdict.
After David Beckham was sent off,
the way that they held together
and reformed themselves,
it was an extraordinary achievement.
If things turned out differently,
I think there'd have been no stopping us.
And Glenn Hoddle
didn't come out and try to protect David.
At this level, he's got to learn
that we can't afford to do them things.
You'll get punished,
and we've been punished.
And how old was David, 23?
You're a kid at 23.
And Glenn Hoddle was a man, and a man
Well, I wouldn't call him a man, actually.
He was an older person.
I mean, the absolute hate.
Public bullying to another level.
There was a bang-bang-bang on the door.
Opened the door, and couldn't believe
there was about 30, uh, reporters
and photographers outside.
And then I finds out
that there was a van just up the road
with a massive great aerial
tapped into the phone.
David Beckham's dad says he speaks
to his son on the phone most days,
and he says
his son's just not himself at all.
We grew up together.
You know, I-I played for
Manchester United when I was a kid.
I joined when I was ten.
And obviously, I was smart.
I was like, "Fuck,
I'm not gonna be as good as him,
so I might as well be his mate."
I think the first time we went into
a restaurant after the World Cup,
and it was silence, and everyone looked,
and he got death stares off everyone.
You got the whole room looking at you.
That was only the beginning.
And it just got worse.
You'd walk down the streets
and people would be spitting at him.
You know, people would be,
you know, going to barge into him,
to knock into him, like,
"Fucking this! Fucking"
"You're this. You're that."
We'd take turns taking him to the toilet.
"Who's taking Becks to the toilet now?"
You'd follow him to the toilet,
couldn't leave him on his own.
We probably broke the world record
for the fastest walkers in between bars,
you know, trying to get to places.
You'd go into the car,
you'd get to a traffic light.
It's the worst thing to be in,
traffic lights,
'cause you get people
winding the window down, getting out,
banging on the car, banging on the window.
They're like, "Fucking this, mate!"
But it just It was crazy, you know?
And you're like that,
sat there in the car.
But he never reacted. Not once.
An effigy of the 23-year-old
was hung from a noose outside a London pub
until police ordered it be removed.
It's your dummy, isn't it?
Can you explain what
No, it's not my dummy. I borrowed it.
I guess the police are saying hanging
this dummy outside could incite violence.
Nonsense, isn't it? It's nonsense.
It's ludicrous.
Wherever I went,
I got abused, every single day.
To walk down the street and to see
people look at you in a certain way,
spit at you, abuse you,
come up to your face
and say some of the things that they said,
That's You know,
it's difficult. That's difficult.
I wasn't eating,
I wasn't sleeping.
I was a mess.
He was broken.
He was absolutely broken.
He was in pieces.
I didn't know what to do.
You like my singing?
The boss called me.
He said, "David, how you doing?"
I said, I think I got quite
I think I got quite emotional.
He said, "How are you doing, son?"
And I said, uh, "Not great, boss."
He said, "Okay."
He said, "Don't worry about it, son."
And I told him, "Go on your holiday."
"Come back here. We'll look after you."
Then I saw your letter ♪
"Don't read the papers."
"There's no point to it."
"What you can do is you can ignore it."
Can you open this?
The press in England
I live in New York.
We're bad. But the press
in England hammer people.
We get murdered.
Who's this?
I remember him
coming back to training.
Morning, Dave. How you doing?
You all right, Dave?
David always looks a million dollars.
He looked gaunt.
He looked You know, he normally
has a tan. He looked milk-bottle white.
His eyes were drawn. Uh, he was hurting.
Pardon? Yes, very much so. I might
Morning, David.
Was it hard for you to see
England turn on him like that?
I didn't like it at all,
but I've no say in the matter.
I'd love to have said something,
but you can't.
You just keep your You know?
Like I've always done.
He was battered
and bruised.
But Sir Alex created an island.
And any unfriendly that came
near the island didn't get near it.
We, you know, fought them off.
It's like an inner sanctum.
No windows.
We all look after one another.
You never fuck each other over.
You never leave your own.
You never shit on your own.
My kind of game!
We'd never leave
one another in trouble,
and we never would.
Right, okay. As far as I'm concerned,
you look after your defensive duties.
What Sir Alex was the best at was,
"It's us against the world."
"It's Manchester United against the rest."
I don't think
they have a chance against us.
I don't think they have a chance,
what you've got.
"We win despite of, not because of."
And I think we enjoyed being
in that position, that everyone hated us.
You just make sure
you're fucking ready for tomorrow. Right?
But fucking enjoy it.
Any questions?
Right, okay. Let's go.
And that's what
Sir Alex did with David.
Us against the world.
It was just kind of,
"Okay, you're playing tomorrow,
so get your shit together
and do what you do."
That was the only thing
that I could control.
Once I was on the pitch,
then I felt safe.
There are fears
that the football hooligan group
linked to the stabbing
of an Arsenal fan in '92
is planning to attack Beckham
when he takes to the pitch.
That's when Kathy
found bullets in letters.
So obviously,
the club had to get the police in
because of the threats to him.
He got a bullet in the mail once?
We I would never speak about it,
so forgive me.
I don't I won't speak about that.
How do you envisage
this match unfolding tomorrow?
Uh, he's going to be nervous.
What you'd expect of any young players.
But he's going to get great help
from the players round about him.
And from me.
- Expecting to sell many T-shirts?
- Umm no.
Not David Beckham. Not at West Ham. Sorry.
Everybody here, if we had the gift
of playing football like he can,
you stay on the pitch for 90 minutes.
West Ham can be as bad as it gets.
And they were lining the streets
in the thousands for him.
Beckham, you wanker!
Beckham, you prick!
You fucking wanker, son!
You cunt!
You twat!
You fucking wanker!
You fucking prick! Wanker!
You're sitting there.
Everyone's going,
"Is this for real? Is this what it means?"
"This seems like life or death."
And the fans were giving him laldy.
You know, they were, oh
Number five, Ronny Johnsen.
Number seven, David Beckham.
To Beckham.
It was awful.
I remember, a woman was
sat there with her newspaper, like,
showing him the picture of him hanging.
A United corner, though.
That means Beckham.
Beckham, you bum!
I was getting angry,
the way they were shouting about him.
And there was one guy,
asked me to go outside.
Like, "Come on, then. Outside."
Beckham, you fucking wanker!
Beckham, you asshole!
Yeah. It's not nice as a parent
to see that happening.
Yeah, makes me want to cry now.
It brought a lot of attention
that I would never wish on anyone,
let alone my parents.
And I can't forgive myself for that.
That's the tough part
of what happened then, I think.
Why to yourself, though?
You're not
Because I was the one
that made the mistake.
It's only now,
that I'm 47 years old
It's now that I beat myself up about it.
- Still?
- Yeah.
Your best mate's getting killed.
More than I thought.
I knew he'd get killed
in the short-term for one or two days.
But it went above and beyond.
This carried on for months.
Well, David Beckham
not the first to find out
that the wind blows strongest
at the top of the mountain.
In that time,
mental health, it wasn't a thing.
Whereas now, the first thing
that gets mentioned is,
"How's your mental health?
Have you spoken to anyone?"
David would've been alone.
He used to drive on the M6.
It wasn't, like, five minutes.
It's, like, you know, three hours.
Just driving in his car, nowhere to go.
He'd get to a certain place,
and then drive back.
They will hit a crescendo
of noise any moment now.
He didn't open up.
He just kept everything inside.
You know, working-class,
old-school mentality,
to like, roll your sleeves up,
you get through this.
When I've gone through
difficult moments,
I'm able to block it out.
But, but inside, it was
It killed me.
Here's David Beckham.
How about that for a pass?
And he was really depressed.
Absolutely, clinically depressed.
It pained me so much.
I still want to kill these people.
Still getting booed
everywhere he goes, David Beckham.
Personally, I think
the continuing vendetta against Beckham
is quite ridiculous.
And oh, dear.
Any time that I got kicked
during that season,
it was like the team had scored two goals.
But, lucky for Becks, he's got players
on his team that can flatten people.
There's going to be trouble here!
You go after him,
you're going after all of us.
It's inhumane
what he had to put up with.
It would've broke everybody,
it would have broke 99.9% of footballers.
It's David Beckham country, this.
How do you function?
I don't know. I honestly
I actually don't know.
You're a prick, Beckham!
Beckham, you fucking wanker!
- You're a fucking wanker!
- You're a tosser!
- You're shit, mate!
- You fucking prick!
Many a time I used to stand here
and watch David play as a youngster.
Seems Seems strange coming here now
and seeing it all change around.
I think I was able to handle
being abused by the fans
I think I could handle it
because of the way my dad had been to me.
Seems funny.
My dad was
absolutely obsessed with United.
They ain't got no Man U pictures up,
I see. I'll have to get them one of them.
That was his dream.
I see a lot of Arsenal jerseys.
His dream was to have a son
that played for Manchester United.
And here comes Charlton! Oh, a great goal!
What a team.
There's the great man.
Back to Charlton. This could be it! It is!
And that could be the goal
that puts England in the final!
Bobby Charlton is my hero.
I'm an instinctive player.
I tend not to think too much about it.
What's David's full name?
David Robert Joseph.
"Robert" is after Bobby Charlton.
A great shot!
Did you practice that sort of shooting?
All the time, yeah.
Like every walk of life,
football, like everything else, shooting,
like everything else, is practice.
I'd love to have been a footballer.
But, you know, I had the next best thing.
My dad
would take me out for hours.
I taught him how to kick a ball
properly. Left foot, right foot.
Left foot, right foot,
over and over and over again.
And it was all about control.
Even when I was seven, eight years old,
he'd boot the ball up
as high as he could and he'd say,
"Control it. Okay. Not good enough."
"Do it again.
Not good enough. Do it again."
- Over and over again.
- Beautiful long kick.
He started playing
for Ridgeway Rovers.
He was brilliant.
From then, he never stopped winning.
Never, ever lost. It was weird.
And people used to say, "Who's that boy?"
He won 92 games without getting beat.
That's a good 25 yards out.
He was that good.
Oh, my word! It's in!
I said to him,
"See what we've been practicing?"
No trouble.
I was a bit worried
about the size of him,
so that's when we started giving him
Guinness and a raw egg.
To be fair to the boy,
he did it every week.
Whenever he played
Decided to take it.
I phoned the clubs up
and got the videos sent to me.
I've got about 1,300, 1,400.
Games? Wait Say that
1,300 or 1,400 games?
Yeah, on videos.
Unlucky. Go on, Dave! Go on, son!
It was just a pleasure watching him play.
And he loved it, he enjoyed it.
I was more scared when he was there,
'cause I knew
that if I put a foot wrong, he'd tell me.
And he'd always tell me. Always.
Go on! Dave! Kick it! Come on!
Do you ever think
that you were too tough on David?
I used to think he was too strict.
I used to say, "He's only young.
Just leave him. Let him be happy."
But no, because, you know,
if I told him how good he was,
then he's got nothing to work at.
Right, come on! Let's pressure it!
Come on!
Higher! Dave, get up!
I would hear my mum
turn around to my dad and say,
"Stop talking to him the way you're
talking to him. Stop shouting at him."
"Stop telling him off. He did well today."
And my dad would always be like,
"He did all right."
Dave, get up!
Come on, now! Let's go!
Did you ever pull him aside
and say, "Ted, don't be so hard on David"?
I tried, but he wouldn't listen to me.
Go ahead, son!
Come on, now, let's go! Come on, Dave!
I used to get upset
when he used to make him cry.
Can I ask you a question?
Was there ever a moment, though,
where you just wanted to just clock him?
- No.
- Never?
'Cause I know I'd get one back.
Take it in! Take it in!
Come on!
Yeah, so I was hard.
But it turned out, I think,
to be the right thing.
Play it if you're gonna do it!
Help Dave out then!
Have you had scans done
of your babies?
- Yes.
- Are they kicking?
- Yeah.
- Yeah? More than husband, or less?
- About the same, I think.
- Yeah?
Do you think it's a girl or a boy?
Have you found out?
No, I don't know what it is.
I was so pregnant. I was so tired.
I wanted to have this baby.
Get this baby out.
Enough of this pregnancy.
Football now, and the Argentinian
international Diego Simeone
and David Beckham will come
face-to-face again tomorrow night,
when Manchester United take on Inter Milan
in their European Cup quarterfinal
at Old Trafford.
Diego, are you happy
to be playing against Beckham?
The whole talk was about
Beckham versus Simeone.
But in the back of my mind,
we was just about to have our first baby.
This is the main event.
Pull up your chair
a little closer to the set
for Europe's premier tournament.
And I was, I think,
two or three weeks over my due date.
And I'm like, "For the love of God!
Come on. Just, what's going on?"
Walking out to massive expectations.
David Beckham is
the youngest player on the field.
He is one of the most gifted.
But there must have been times
in the last six months or so
when he felt his life
had been made a misery by this man,
Diego Simeone of Argentina.
Was there any talk in,
kind of, the dressing room about,
"Oh, fuck. This motherfucker's back"?
Yeah, there was a little bit of talk.
"Okay, let's see how you do
against this lad now. See how you react."
Now, this is when
David Beckham and Diego Simeone
will shake hands.
They don't have to mean it.
He wasn't happy.
That's understandable.
and we can forget half
of the morning headlines now
and get on with the match.
I don't think we as a team went out
to say, "Okay, we'll do him for you,"
but there's a secret code there that,
"If we get the chance,
we'll smash him for you."
Cole losing it to Simeone.
No foul by Keane on Simeone.
Beckham trying to drive it in.
David Beckham is due a goal.
It's Beckham.
I remember him on his phone
to Victoria during the day.
Beckham's free kick.
He was distracted.
They were at each other.
Victoria was saying,
"If you miss this birth,
if you're not here, if you're not back"
And I went,
"Turn your fucking phone off."
I said, "You'll be melted
by the time you get to the game."
Gary Neville.
David Beckham.
But I remember saying to him,
"You're gonna have to switch on here."
"This game is too big tonight."
Now Simeone. Got his shot away!
Wasn't playing at all.
And then, all of a sudden
One David Beckham!
There's only one David Beckham!
the crowd just started
chanting his name.
One David Beckham!
There's only one David Beckham!
And that was
the turning point for David.
There's only one David Beckham!
Recognizing that the people of Manchester
were gonna look after him.
One David Beckham!
There's only one David Beckham!
That's what families do, you know?
It's what United did.
Beckham's cross. Oh!
David Beckham.
Crossed in towards Cole! Oh!
The noise was just deafening.
Did I detect a little bit
more fire in Beckham's challenge there?
To Beckham.
It's in towards Dwight Yorke.
It's one-nil!
From David Beckham's cross,
and Manchester United
are in charge of this quarterfinal.
Neville to Beckham.
In towards Yorke. Two-nil!
Baggio with the free kick.
Header away is by Beckham.
You could almost see the sparks.
I don't think the baby
will be called "Diego."
Manchester United two, Inter Milan nil.
At the end of the match,
he was sensible enough
to exchange shirts with me.
Did you, like,
shoot darts at it or some shit?
No. I framed it.
In the end, they told me that
I had to have a Cesarean section.
I remember the headlines,
"Too Posh to push."
I wasn't too posh to push.
I was told it would not be safe
for me to be put into labor.
It's the most amazing thing.
My first child.
Someone came up to us and said,
"David, you should go out and announce
that baby has been born,
name, weight, Victoria's doing fine."
I'd had an epidural,
and I remember him leaning over
as I was lying there in hospital,
numb from the waist down.
And I was like, "Can you do my hair?"
Which I'm not sure
she was over the moon about.
David! How's the baby doing?
How's Victoria doing?
Always got to do the hair, though.
Always got to do the hair.
Over here, please! Thank you!
Brooklyn. A boy.
Give us a wave, David!
David, what's the baby called?
It's Brooklyn Joseph.
- Brooklyn Joseph?
- Yeah.
- David, over here!
- David!
The moment he came out,
I all of a sudden thought,
"How am I going to protect him?"
"What am I going to do to protect him?"
That night,
Brooklyn slept next to Victoria.
Victoria was like,
"Come and squeeze on the bed with me,"
and I was like, "Absolutely not."
I said, "I'm sleeping
with my head against the door."
Here, David! David!
Because I was paranoid
someone was gonna steal him.
You know, it's meant to be a happy moment.
And it was a happy moment, of course.
But I was worried.
I didn't want him to come into this life
at a time where I was going through
what I was going through.
- Windows were blacked out.
- Yeah.
This started to happen.
And this was David with Brooklyn,
cradled in a blanket.
Did you feel guilty sometimes,
taking pictures of him and his kids?
Yeah, they You wouldn't do it now.
It's just a
- Times have changed. You wouldn't do it.
- Yeah.
People were paying fortunes
for pictures of our child.
So they were doing
anything possible to get that picture.
We don't want him photographed, you know,
until he's at the age where he can decide.
And, you know,
he's our private little baby,
and that's the way we want to keep it.
- You can see the baby.
- Yeah.
But when there was kidnap threats,
that's when it got scary.
We were getting
kidnapping threats
right from when we had Brooklyn.
And it's I mean, you can't even explain
how that feels, because we couldn't hide.
This was a trip
to Chester Zoo.
I think this was a Wacky Warehouse.
- Yeah, Wacky Warehouse.
- Was that the Wacky Warehouse?
You followed them everywhere.
I know.
These are all things that,
now it's coming back to me,
I realize why
I've found it quite stressful
doing these interviews with you,
because I've blocked so much of it out,
and I think David has as well.
But now it's coming back to me.
I mean, imagine having a baby
and having death threats.
David had to play
knowing this was all going on.
Beckham giving it
away again. Not like him at all.
Just seems, uh,
not at one with himself, Beckham.
Maybe it's been a late night
with the baby or something.
And I was on my own,
in an apartment with a baby.
And so I'd go to the games with Brooklyn.
And the abuse was
I mean, I It's hard to explain.
And then they start
singing songs about Victoria.
And there was one song,
which she'll kill me for singing.
Every football fan sang this song.
"Posh Spice takes it up the ass."
Excuse my language. Not very ladylike.
But 75,000 people singing that.
I mean, it's embarrassing, it's hurtful.
I remember sitting down,
and the lady next to me turned to me,
she didn't know what to say.
She said, "Do you want a Polo?"
"Do I want a Polo?" What do you say
when you sit next to someone
and 75,000 people have been saying
that you take it up the ass?
We did not know what to do.
It felt like we were drowning.
David could just about handle
anything about him as a person.
But as soon as they go to your family
and your kids, uh, your wife,
that's when you react.
What did you do?
As horrible as it was
to look up at Victoria in the stand
um, actually
it was the one thing that spurred me on.
Here's Beckham.
It's in! He's done it now!
David Beckham ends the long goal drought.
Still getting booed
everywhere he goes, David Beckham.
When fans felt that they could get
to me by singing songs about my family,
I ended up scoring a goal.
Oh, and surely! Beckham!
He went almost five months
without a finish at goal.
Now he's scored two in two games.
I'd love to tell you
about the chants going on here,
but most of them are obscene.
The criticism he was getting,
it was a waste of time to him.
Absolute waste of time.
Beckham. Oh, a lovely bit of play.
Whipping in the cross, very dangerous.
And it's there!
Another superb ball from Beckham.
The more attention David got,
the better he played football.
He is in the mood.
Beckham refusing to give it up.
for Manchester United.
Here goes Beckham. Brilliant!
That's what Sir Alex
prepared us for.
Here's Sheringham.
Beckham! What a goal!
Well, it was going to take something
to make a breakthrough here
for Manchester United.
He made a mistake.
He got a lot of criticism for it.
What do you do afterwards?
Sink or swim?
Beckham with the corner.
In towards Keane!
Manchester United are in sight
of a European Cup final again!
We went on an away trip,
and we were actually
put in the same hotel as the press.
And there was
one newspaper reporter from The Sun.
And we had a meal on the last night,
and we put it all on his room.
Manchester United
on the verge of true sporting greatness.
A win will make United champions.
A crazy season. It wasn't something
You set out at the start of the year
to win every competition.
Of course you do.
We just kept ticking the games off.
We get to the final week.
It's in!
Manchester United are champions!
The first leg
of this astonishing treble is in place.
Fans of Manchester United and Newcastle
are streaming towards Wembley
for this afternoon's FA Cup final.
For United, it's the next step
in their bid for an historic treble.
It's the 118th final
since the competition began back in 1872,
and it could turn out to be
one of the most significant ever played.
Winning the league,
yeah, it's great.
But winning the FA Cup?
That's a whole different thing.
Sheringham. To Scholes!
Manchester United could
write themselves into the history books.
They've already won
the FA Cup and the Premier League.
If they win the European Cup in Barcelona,
they'll have achieved a unique treble.
The treble was just
Just not possible.
How can any team do that?
It's just not real.
Well, this is This is the suit we wore
for the Champions League final.
That was the suit. That had
That had a That had a badge on there,
but we've taken the badge off
so I could wear it after the
for weddings, et cetera.
I bet if truth be known,
I bet I couldn't even get in this now,
'cause I think
I've put a few pounds on since.
Manchester United are preparing to fly out
to Barcelona to take the European Cup.
We had this mad week.
Photos, the clothes,
the this, the that and the other.
There's blue suits, there's gray suits.
"Try these pants on. Try this jacket on."
Now, has the gaffer got his?
'Cause he's been on to me
this morning about, uh, white socks.
There was jackets and pants everywhere.
I had suits coming out of me ears.
- Down there?
- Yes.
Manchester Airport
was awash with red today
as United fans flew out to Barcelona,
carrying their hopes of victory.
At the start of the season,
you could get a handsome 80-1
on Manchester United winning the treble.
The team traveled in some style,
knowing that a victory
will put them in the record books.
We fly to Barcelona on a Concorde.
It was an experience.
It was horrible. I hated it.
I actually had to go in the toilet
and throw up.
Right now we're traveling
over 1,000 miles an hour.
- What about the flight?
- Fantastic.
Thousands of Manchester
United fans have invaded Barcelona.
Manchester United
and Bayern Munich
are both chasing an historic treble.
Tomorrow night,
one will be named
best club team in Europe.
What would it mean to me? I'd be
I'd be the happiest man in the world.
It's what I've worked for.
This is the moment
that Manchester has been waiting for,
for 31 years.
The fans here
may be too young to remember 1968.
- Okay, are you watching, David?
- Yeah.
- Can you see it, I mean?
- Yeah.
European Cup final.
Portuguese defense try to clear.
It was a massive day for my dad,
watching his team.
This was a big game
for you, right?
Oh, yeah. It was a massive game.
Charlton headed it home!
When you look at the way
Sir Bobby plays, it's unbelievable,
the way he moved with the ball
and the things that he could do.
You know, he was just unbelievable.
The Benfica fire
had nearly been extinguished.
But were United finished?
Not on your life.
Bobby Charlton made it 4-1.
Manchester United
had well and truly done it.
They were supreme soccer champions
of Europe. At last
But victory in 1968
was a poisoned chalice.
Manchester United hadn't won
the European Cup since then.
And the longer it goes on,
the worse it is,
the bigger the legacy of the past
that nobody can live up to.
What a night
for David Beckham.
It's the chance of a lifetime.
A treble chance the likes of which
no English team has had before
or may ever get again.
There is a place in history beckoning.
With everything
that had happened that year,
when the teams were lining up,
I was searching for
Victoria and my mum and dad.
Our parents were never not there.
But I remember looking up,
and this stadium's vast.
Almost 100,000 people here
in the Nou Camp this evening.
If I couldn't see my dad,
something would have been missing.
It unnerved me.
The same with David,
with his mum and dad in the stand.
Seems ridiculous
when you're a 23-year-old football player,
but it became more of a comfort blanket.
"They're there. They're watching."
As soon as I saw them,
I was ready.
Just listen to the atmosphere
welling up inside the stadium.
But they stand here
on the brink of history.
And there's Bobby Charlton,
the man who lifted the European Cup.
Well, for once,
a Beckham free kick comes to nothing.
We were bloody awful.
Shocking. We were terrible.
Oh, that's a mix-up, that.
We struggled
in the first half an hour of the game.
We struggled badly.
Tense moment.
It's Basler. Oh, deflected and in!
First blood to Bayern Munich!
And Manchester United
have made it hard for themselves.
With David,
that night,
there was something inside him saying,
"I'm not going to let this happen."
It was a personal thing
that he had in him.
Perfect for Cole. A good first touch.
That stubbornness and determination.
David Beckham.
After coming through the red card,
the abuse
Here he is again.
and absolute shitstorm
the national disgrace
that he was supposed to be
Beckham's starting to spray the ball.
he'd taken the whack from the country.
But he came out of it
and he grew.
He's really trying to boss
the whole performance, isn't he?
It used to have to be on the pitch
that I'd get him going.
Always talking to him.
More for me than him.
I think that game was the point
where he became a leader.
Here he is again.
And I thought,
"Shit. He's inspiring me."
This long season
comes to its dramatic finale
with Manchester United still stretching
for an equalizer, and time running out.
Is there a hero in the red out there
waiting to be revealed?
Andy Cole is going to be replaced by
Ole Solskjaer for these last ten minutes.
Tell me your feeling
when he called you.
- "- Oh, finally.
- Um It's It's about time."
Now, has he got a goal up his sleeve?
I can't remember too much of it, but I've
seen myself, uh, running onto the pitch.
And when I run like this,
I'm in the zone, so be ready for this.
This is going to be class.
It's Beckham's corner.
Header away is by Kuffour.
Gary Neville is first to the ball.
Teddy Sheringham onside. Neville's cross.
Oh, the header from Solskjaer!
His first touch!
Oh, what a story that would have been.
Will it happen for them now?
Time was running out.
Three added minutes.
I'm done.
I am I have nothing left to give.
I wanted to fall on the floor
and just sleep,
because it had been one of those seasons.
I was absolutely shattered.
I said to my husband at the time,
before he passed away um,
"Oh dear.
I'm going to make a cup of coffee."
It's not over till it's over.
So they say.
I remember looking up and thinking,
all those Manchester United fans
We're gonna lose this final one-nil
and they're not gonna even jump up.
I remember look at them, thinking,
"What a disappointment this is."
But something happened
from a different planet.
David Beckham.
Now Gary Neville.
Cross deflected.
Effenberg. Out for a corner.
Can Manchester United score?
They always score.
We get a corner.
What are you thinking?
"Do what I did when I was a kid."
When my dad used to make me do corner
after corner after corner after corner.
And put it in the exact
same spot as he wanted it.
And if I didn't, he'd kill me.
He used to tell me, "It's moments
like corners at the end of the game
that can create history."
Is this their moment?
In towards Schmeichel.
It's come for Dwight Yorke.
Cleared. Giggs with a shot! Sheringham!
With 30 seconds of added time played,
has equalized for Manchester United!
They are still in the European Cup!
They'd scored. And he said,
"We've got to do extra time."
"We'll have to do extra time."
Then I said, "Oh, I'm going then."
Then I went out again.
As things stand,
we will go into extra time,
unless Ole Solskjaer
can conjure up another.
Beckham's corner.
Into Sheringham.
And Solskjaer has done it!
Manchester United
have reached the promised land!
And what happened
after you scored the goal?
Oh, just mayhem and chaos and players
choking me.
History is made.
Manchester United
are the champions of Europe again.
And nobody will ever
win a European Cup final
more dramatically than this.
That year made my son
It made my son grow up into a man.
It was the most amazing football game
I've ever been to. It was fantastic.
It didn't make you fall in love
with football, though?
No. But I do
I love him, and I love to watch him.
- Is that him?
- That's him in the checked top.
Yeah, white glove.
Watch your heads.
He's gonna overshoot the pin.
Pre-match nerves!
Look at this picture
on the front page of The Mirror.
All eyes will be on
Posh and Becks this weekend,
because the couple's
fairy-tale wedding is in an Irish castle,
and it's expected to be
the show business bash of the year.
David Beckham
and Posh Spice may have had
a romantic image of Luttrellstown
when they booked the wedding,
but the venue has taken on
the atmosphere of an outdoor concert.
What do you think of David Beckham?
He's a bit lucky.
Let's talk a little bit
about the wedding, because, um
The fucking wedding.
There may be trouble ahead ♪
Gary's had his hair done.
Oh, dear.
Oh, dear, dear, dear, dear.
You nervous, then?
No, not at all.
Just been on the toilet about 50 times.
And Gary's the nervous one.
The only camera allowed into
the event will belong to OK! magazine.
It's paid a million pounds
for the exclusive.
What's this I read about guests being told
they can wear anything,
so long as it's black?
Black and white, apparently.
- It's going to be rather dull.
- It is. Oh, yes, it is.
The wedding
was a spectacle.
[ tried to think back to when
I decided to wear a purple suit.
I don't know when that happened.
I think I just took Victoria's lead on it.
But what what were we thinking?
But it was fun.
We weren't worried
about what people would say.
I mean, Christ, how lovely to be that way,
when you just don't really care.
You just want to express yourself.
That was who we were.
And thrones.
And thrones.
I don't know where they came from.
Um, we've got
distinguished guests present.
Ladies and gentlemen,
David said that the Spice Girls
requested that the Bayern Munich team
be present today.
And David was puzzled
at this request and asked why.
He said that the Spice Girls replied
they'd love to meet men
that can stay on top for 90 minutes
and still come second.
I know it's up for me ♪
If you steal my sunshine ♪
Making sure I'm not in too deep ♪
If you steal my sunshine ♪
Keeping versed and on my feet ♪
If you steal my sunshine ♪
It had been
such an emotional and draining season.
I wouldn't have got through that moment
if I hadn't have been
at a club like Manchester United.
But she was the biggest reason
that I got through that time.
I was married to Posh Spice,
and my life had become
something different.
The noise around David,
the noise around Victoria was massive.
And Sir Alex just never liked that.
He thought that I was a distraction
and I was going to jeopardize
David's career.
Being at the apparent
beck and call of Mrs. Beckham
may be difficult for Ferguson,
who has been in control
of his player's life for so long.
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