Beckham (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

What Makes David Run

- Okay. Yeah.
- Rolling?
Okay. First of all, this has to be
the tidiest room I've ever seen.
- Is this always like this?
- Yeah, always.
- I haven't done it especially.
- Honestly?
Honestly. Always like this.
I hate having an untidy room.
Right, we're looking around here.
This closed wardrobe.
But it's in a mess.
- It's in a mess? How messy?
- Messy.
Not even one sneak look?
You can have a sneak.
It's all quite organized.
Uh, jean shirts, shirts.
And then it goes from jumpers,
cardis, to T-shirts.
And then suits.
So you do this?
I do this.
Kind of color-coordinated.
And then, obviously,
I put them at an angle
just so I can see what's under them.
Yeah, T-shirts.
So, those are my outfits
for the rest of the week.
Wait, wait, wait.
Explain that to me.
I prep my week. Yeah.
It used to be just the night before, but
Is that a new-ish obsession?
Yeah, it is, actually.
Quite organized.
These are my jeans, trousers.
- Ah, someone's been in here.
- Someone's been in there?
Someone's been in there, yeah.
Come on.
I don't know who.
Welcome to the return of La Liga.
It feels good to be back.
The Beckham factor adding considerable
spice to an already heady cocktail.
That first season,
I remember it being different because
Decent delivery, and the header's in!
when the other team
scored a goal,
I remember seeing Ronaldo
laughing and joking.
I was like, "You're losing one-nil."
Beckham frustrated.
But he was like,
"Don't worry. We We're gonna score."
The one-two.
Ronaldo involved here.
Oh, and Beckham arriving! Oh! I say!
If we won we'd go out or grab a beer,
or a guaraná.
And caipirinhas. David was a fan of those.
Wonderful pass from Beckham. Zidane!
When a free kick was awarded,
we didn't know who'd take it, me or him.
Roberto Carlos,
who seems to follow in his shadow.
"No, I'm taking this."
"No, you're ""No, I am."
"Actually, you take it, because,
yeah, it's a bit far away for you."
"Me or you?" Who'll take charge?
Did you love taking free kicks?
I loved
When the other ones let me take it, yes.
David Beckham! Oh!
This was a time when
- David Beckham.
- anything he touched turned gold.
You beauty!
I remember saying,
"You would love to get in the bath,
but you can't because
every time you get in the bath,
the water parts and you just
walk on straight through."
Do you think
you're losing out because you're married?
All these women who love you,
throw their pants at you.
No. Of course, you know,
I'm very happily married
and I've got a beautiful wife
and two gorgeous children,
so, you know, I'm very happy.
But everything he did, everything he said
was great, turned to gold.
- You're married to
- Yeah.
one of the most attractive,
handsome, famous men in the world
and, you know, it's all there for him.
And right now, he's in Spain.
They're throwing themselves at him.
- Yeah.
- Are you worried?
Do you get concerned?
Are you jealous of each other?
I mean, I think it's always healthy
to have a certain amount
of jealousy in a relationship.
They're one of the world's
most recognizable couples.
Over the years, the Beckhams
have actively marketed their union
as a marriage made in heaven.
But today, that relationship is
under a totally different spotlight,
with allegations
David Beckham had an affair
after the footballer's transfer
to Real Madrid.
The News of the World, which
printed detailed allegations yesterday,
said it stood by its story 100%.
So now we have a
you know, a matrimonial difficulty,
which is the biggest story,
kind of, in the world right now.
Allegations of extramarital
affairs have consumed acres of newsprint.
This has been the story of the decade.
It's been on the front page
for ten days straight. It's extraordinary.
Of which the British tabloids
seized with enormous glee.
Does anyone know if any of this is true?
So, multiple tabloid stories broke.
And how did you deal with that?
There was some
horrible stories
that were difficult to
deal with.
It was the first time
that me and Victoria had been put under
that kind of pressure in our marriage.
The Sun carries a photograph
of what it claims
is a tearful Victoria Beckham
as she flew out to Switzerland,
where she'll be joined by her husband
on a skiing holiday.
Would you say that was
the hardest time in your marriage?
100%. It was the hardest period for us.
Because it felt like
the world was against us.
Here's the thing,
we were against each other,
if I'm being completely honest.
You know, up until Madrid,
sometimes it felt like
us against everybody else,
but we were together,
we were connected, we had each other.
But when we were in Spain, it didn't
really feel like we had each other either.
And that's sad.
When I When I
When I first moved to Spain
it was difficult, because I
I'd been part of a club
and a family for my whole career,
from the age of 15
till I was 27 years old.
I get sold overnight.
The next minute, I am in a city,
I don't speak the language.
More importantly, I didn't have my family.
After the week's revelations,
the Beckham family were reunited
inside this chalet for the night,
somewhat under siege from the media.
I can't even begin to tell you how
hard it was
and how it affected me.
You know, every time that we woke up,
we felt, you know,
there was something else.
And, you know, we felt that
I think we both felt at the time
that we were
not losing each other, but drowning.
How do you think
you guys survived that?
Um, I don't know.
Don't know.
I don't know how we got through it,
in all honesty.
Victoria's everything to me.
To see her hurt was incredibly difficult.
Come on. Hey. Let's go. Please.
we're fighters.
And at that time,
we needed to fight for each other,
we needed to fight for our family.
And what we had was worth fighting for.
Today, the Beckhams returned to Spain,
sweeping off to catch
their private jet, together.
But ultimately, it's our private life.
None of this
is ideal preparation for Beckham's return
to the Real Madrid team today.
It's thought Posh will be at today's game,
with much of the world's media
trying to gauge her mood
by the look on her face.
Impossible to hide the fact that it has
been a difficult week for David Beckham.
There was some days
that I would wake up and think,
"How am I going to go to work?
How am I going to walk onto that pitch?"
"How am I going to look
as if nothing's wrong?"
Sometimes with football,
they get out on the pitch,
they can forget about everything else
and enjoy their football.
But I felt physically sick
every day when I opened my eyes.
"How am I going to do this?"
I said, "David, you still, uh, think that
you will be able to perform tomorrow?"
David said, "Don't worry."
Beckham tries one
from long range. Keeper
Well, it's almost
Selhurst Park all over again.
Family enjoyed it.
But there's a real chance here.
And they're a goal down already!
What a start for Osasuna!
And then, suddenly,
we went out of control.
Oh, and Casillas's mistake! It's two-nil!
It was mental. Totally mental.
Could they make it
three-nil here? Oh yes, they are!
And Carlos Queiroz and Real Madrid
surely are down and out.
And they're shaking their heads
everywhere, Gerry.
Fans are waving
white handkerchiefs. They've had enough.
The handkerchiefs come out,
the whistles come out,
and I'm like, "I've heard about this,"
but never witnessed it,
and it's not nice.
What a horrible week they're having.
It's all over here
on a quite unbelievable night
at the Bernabéu.
They've been knocked off the top
of the Spanish league table
for the first time in three months.
So the plan was after the first
season, Victoria and the kids move?
Yeah. That's when they came out.
Have you not been to this house?
I haven't been to this one,
but the previous one
- Oh, he has to talk for a sec.
- Okay.
I'm just gonna
The arrival of
Victoria Adams to Spain can be interpreted
as an attempt by the couple
to help their relationship
that has recently deteriorated
due to the numerous stories.
Loads of the same nonsense
in the papers today.
As soon as I could get the kids
in school, we then moved full-time.
This is the boys' room.
Though they don't sleep in their own room.
They are always in our room.
Look at all those trainers.
Who do you reckon he's sponsored by?
You've still got loads of stuff
left in England.
Not much.
This is the bathroom. I actually
don't want to go back to England now.
and I never thought
I'd say that, David. Did you?
We'll see.
I think she'll tell you herself that
It was a nightmare. From the minute
we opened the door in the morning
I'm going to sneak past him.
the press were there in cars,
and everywhere we went,
we would get followed.
Don't do anything crazy.
Every time that I went
to drop Brooklyn off at his school,
ten, 15 paparazzi there every morning.
The school run, it was live on Spanish TV.
It was an absolute circus.
It's entertaining
when the circus comes to town, right?
Unless you're in it.
It was very difficult for Brooklyn,
because he was older.
And he had photographers screaming.
The things they used to scream to Brooklyn
about his mum and his dad.
at the time, was so young.
You know, he had to go through that,
and I don't know whether
I don't know whether it's, um,
harmed him in
I don't know. I don't know.
- What's going on?
- What's going on?
- What's going on? What are you doing?
- What's going on?
At school, at my home.
Did I resent David?
If I'm being totally honest, yes, I did.
It's all right, Buster. They can't get in.
It's all right.
They can't get in the car.
It's all right. Mummy's
got you. It's all right. Mummy's got you.
It was probably, if I'm being honest,
the most unhappy
I have ever been in my entire life.
You all right, Buster?
You all right, big boy?
I told you it would be okay.
It wasn't that I felt unheard,
because I chose
to internalize a lot of it,
because I was always mindful
of the focus that he needed.
Skips it over the top. Xavi! Oh!
You know the documentaries
of the planes when they crash?
They start to lose control, lose control.
Oh, great strike! What a goal!
I never lived a situation like that
in football. Never ever. I swear to God.
Real Madrid are throwing away the league.
They began to doubt us.
They said that we were
a marketing project,
that we were not
a sports project.
They've lost their last three games.
Never in their history
have they lost four in a row, Gerry.
Well, they don't want
to change history tonight, Rob.
There is Casillas. Oh, who drops it!
And here's a shock.
Already-relegated Murcia are leading.
A disastrous end to the season
for Real Madrid.
Never ever, in their 102 years,
lost four games in a row.
Real Madrid in crisis.
I look
and there's this Real Madrid fan.
And he said,
"Beckham. Muy guapo pero muy mal."
Which is, "You're very beautiful,
but you're very bad."
I was pregnant with Cruz.
David comes home from training
one day, and I said, you know,
"They've told me that I can go in,
you know, Monday morning
and I can have the baby."
He said, "Yeah, the thing is," he said,
"I can't do that
because I've got a shoot."
I said, "What do you mean, a shoot?"
"Yeah, I've got to do a photoshoot
with Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé."
I was like, "Are you" Seriously,
I'm about to burst. I'm on bed rest.
"Are you kidding me?"
"You've got a damn photoshoot
with Jennifer Lopez,
who is gorgeous
and not about to have a baby."
So I had my C-section,
and I remember lying there.
Don't feel at my most gorgeous,
let's just say.
Mrs. Victoria Beckham
gave birth
by prescheduled cesarean section.
And I remember someone showing me
the front page of the newspaper,
which was a gorgeous picture of David
between Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé.
And the headline was,
"What would Posh say?"
One here, please.
Now I've got another beautiful son,
and his mum is very good, so
Let me tell you what Posh would say.
Posh was pissed off.
I am very disappointed
with the performances
over the last few months.
We have agreed, by mutual agreement,
Carlos Queiroz
will not continue with the club.
We have agreed to hire Camacho
as the new coach of Real Madrid.
I accept the resignation
of Antonio Camacho as coach.
Remón is the new coach of Real Madrid.
It was probably one of the most unsettled
I'd felt as a footballer,
because we'd gone through
so many different managers.
He's let the ball go!
What a mistake! What a mistake!
Samuel Eto'o scores against
I have accepted the resignation
of Remón as coach of Madrid.
I'd never had that in my career.
I'd been at Manchester United,
where we'd had one manager
all the way through.
Luxemburgo is the new coach
of Real Madrid.
Goes past Helguera as if
he isn't there, puts it through the legs!
So, during that time,
we didn't win anything.
After having analyzed
the situation,
I think this is the right time
for me to leave
the presidency of Real Madrid.
The first thing we need to eliminate,
the Galácticos atmosphere.
It's hurting us.
So we need a coach
that is going to be tough on them.
And he comes.
- Who is it?
- Of course, our Italian favorite.
Fabio Capello! Welcome to Madrid!
It's always the same.
Would you like a coffee?
- Yes. Why not?
- Yes, great.
But is it good coff Italian coffee, or
It's an espresso.
Fabio Capello
had a message for the heart of Madridismo.
The Galácticos
are players from another universe.
They arrive
from the stars to a club,
which is great motivation
for the opponents to beat them.
So I had to fix that.
It took
Capello seconds to show his hard hand.
Fabio Capello was like a tough,
strict manager, which I loved.
And he made me nervous.
And I don't get nervous.
Capello tried to have a firm hand with us.
But I never agreed with
the firm-hand approach.
Greetings. How are you?
Welcome to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.
News in.
Real Madrid will be without Ronaldo,
without Beckham.
So he benched both of you?
He benched both of us.
You must have burned.
It killed me. It killed me.
No David Beckham in the starting 11
for the second successive week.
So, at that point, I wasn't sure
of my future at Real Madrid.
I always watched the benches
of the great teams.
If they were a really good player,
what I know is they're pissed off.
Those are the guys you got to go get.
I remember looking at that, going,
"You don't put David Beckham on a bench."
And they did.
"We're gonna get this guy."
That's not ambitious, that's rambunctious.
This, you know, American idiot that says,
"Hey, you know, one day,
I'm gonna come and get this player."
And they're all looking at me like,
"Sure. Good luck."
If you look
at soccer around the world,
the one place they've never been able
to break through is the United States.
This is the world's greatest game.
They stop wars for this game.
There are countries
that don't talk to each other
that come together every four years
and compete in this game.
We're gonna have to do some things
to make this country
be as passionate about it
as they are everywhere else in the world.
Tim Leiweke flew over to Madrid
after one of the games
that I wasn't playing in.
I sat with him in a restaurant,
and Tim said, "Okay."
We got a chance to build
something special with this league.
We wanted to be a great league.
We're gonna entertain the people.
We were about to spend
a gazillion dollars.
One of the most important decisions
ever made in sports.
It's the beginning
of something phenomenal.
We can be this if we are just not afraid
to make big, bold decisions.
But at that point, yeah,
it didn't really even come into my head
about moving to America.
As much as I loved America.
David, how was lunch?
Si, perfecto. Gracias.
I was playing for Real Madrid.
So I was more focused
on getting back into the team.
Reyes gets a chance
tonight ahead of David Beckham.
Looks like he's taken a knock.
And I wasn't going to walk away.
A tattooed man is going to enter the fray.
David Beckham is introduced.
But the Monday morning,
Capello called me into his office,
and he says,
"Um, I heard that
you're talking to other clubs."
And then, at the end of it, he said,
"You will never play
for Real Madrid again."
And that's when I was like, "Sorry?"
He said, "You will not
play for my team again."
So, obviously, at that point
uh, I was very upset.
What did you do?
He's an international superstar,
his wife's a former Spice Girl,
and he's kind of a hunk.
Now he's taking that A-game to Hollywood.
The coach of the Galaxy said,
I think we might have a chance
at getting David Beckham."
And I said, "To do what?"
Someone said,
"What team do you play for again?"
I was like, "I play for LA Galaxy."
He goes, "I can't believe
you are signing David Beckham."
And I was like,
"What the fuck are you talking about?"
How much are you gonna pay him?
A lot.
Yeah, it was, it was quite
an interesting contract.
He agreed today
to a $250-million contract.
I went
"Are you sure?"
David Beckham will be introduced
as a new member of the Los Angeles Galaxy
at a news conference.
Were you ever tempted
to go play in America?
Thank you. Thank you, Michael.
Hi, everybody. Welcome.
I see a lot of familiar faces around here.
Is this on? There we go. Hello, David.
It's Pat O'Brien in Los Angeles. Welcome.
David, can you hear us?
Well, these are the things that happen
when you do live broadcasts.
I couldn't understand the fact
that in a restaurant,
someone would expect you
to give them 25% of the bill.
I can't understand Americans,
let alone play football in America.
David, can you hear us now?
Yep. Uh, they're not
I think we wish him well.
It's a big career change
from playing for Real Madrid
to go and play in America.
I I I couldn't agree with it.
I couldn't agree with it.
If he'd asked for my advice,
I would have said, "Not on your life."
I was so relieved to be going
from such a tricky situation in Spain.
Victoria Beckham describes
herself as a busy working mum
whose priority now
is to find a new home for her family
and new schools for her kids.
It was a place where
everything was just so much easier.
Everybody away from the car!
Easier to find a house,
easier to find a school,
you don't have a language barrier.
And so, for me,
it was all my dreams come true.
Thanks. Uh, just to finish that off, Nick,
he is under contract
with Real Madrid until end of June.
David Beckham
was back in training with Real Madrid
while the football world
was digesting news of his decision
to quit Europe for the States.
When David signed for Los Angeles
the Real Madrid board
saw it as an offense.
That had never happened.
The manager came over and said,
"David, you go over there."
And he made me train on my own.
To see David
not training with the team
it was a tough moment.
I remember sitting in the box
with the family, watching the games,
and I'd never experienced
something like that before.
A nice turn
from Fernandez! It's a brilliant pass!
Marcos! Goal!
And Real Madrid are a goal down.
Fabio Capello, a man under pressure.
Even though they went through
a period of not winning games,
I couldn't get into the team.
David Beckham must watch
on, painfully, from the stands again.
He's still frozen out by Capello.
And a goal is slotted in
quite comfortably.
Real Madrid
are struggling. Something's got to give.
But he kept going.
Why didn't he just say,
"Sod this. I don't need this in my life.
Sorry. Checking out."
But he just kept going.
Even if I wasn't wanted,
I wanted to be there.
David was always on time for training
and kept working very hard.
It was quite a surprise for me.
So we spoke to Capello
and pleaded with him
to let David train with us.
I went to see
the president and said
"From tomorrow, I will let David play."
"If I lose, you can send me away."
A month ago, he proclaimed
that David Beckham
would never again play for Real Madrid.
Tonight, Fabio Capello names
the England captain in his starting 11
as he attempts to save his own neck.
Real start the weekend in fourth,
behind the leaders, Barcelona.
But it was impossible.
It was impossible for Barcelona to lose
the championship with that big lead.
But can Beckham
be a catalyst for the title race?
I don't give up easy.
I don't give up.
Just a little bit too
far out for a direct strike? We'll see.
Beckham goes for goal! And finds it!
When David came back into the team,
I said, "We'll win this league."
The prodigal son returns.
People said, "You are nuts. You are nuts."
Can Beckham
put this one right on the money?
He can!
Wonderful delivery from David Beckham
in Real Madrid's search,
maybe, just maybe, for the title.
Maybe I just felt
that I needed to prove a point.
There's a freshness about his play.
There's a spring in his step.
Terrific play from Beckham.
Reaction from the Spanish press.
Right. It says,
"The Bernabéu's in love with Beckham."
All of a sudden, we look like
the smartest guys in the room.
In by Beckham. Great cross!
Brilliant goal!
Everyone's looking at us, going,
"Oh my God. You got David Beckham."
"He's in prime shape."
I'm like, "That's not what
you said three months ago."
Did he ever come to you
and say, "Sorry, David. I was wrong"?
No. No.
David! David! Beckham! Beckham! ♪
Okay. Sorry, I thought
we were rehearsing. Sorry. Okay.
A few months ago, David Beckham was
heading to one of football's backwaters,
the United States,
where it had appeared his football career
would gradually grind to a halt.
Yet here I ham Sorry.
Yet here I am, heading to one of Madrid's
most important matches of the season,
and fans around me
are pretty much in agreement
that Beckham will be one of
the most important players on the pitch.
Live pictures from the
Bernabéu on the final night of La Liga.
If Real Madrid beat Mallorca,
they are champions of Spain.
David Beckham would win his first medal
in Spain in his last match.
He's struggled with an ankle injury
this week, but will take center stage.
I tell you what, Hollywood should get over
the story of David Beckham, shouldn't it?
We also have heard that
Roberto Carlos plays his last game.
We wanted to win the league
and leave with our heads held high.
He'd love to sign out on a winning note.
Tom Cruise sitting in there.
He'll be one of his neighbors, one of
the Beckhams' neighbors, shortly in LA.
It's the biggest game in town.
It's the biggest game
on the planet this weekend.
Roberto Carlos is
seeking Beckham.
Great control from Beckham.
But also
This place is buzzing.
Figo left, Ronaldo left, Zizou left,
so I was the only "Galáctico"
kind of left.
It's in the script
that Beckham scores tonight.
How many important goals
has he scored over the years?
It's Beckham! Whoo-hoo!
So it should have been the perfect way
to finish my Real Madrid career.
Onside. Mallorca spoil the party!
This wasn't in the script.
What does the body language
of Fabio Capello tell you? Arms crossed.
If you go back,
you can see David ran,
not ran really well.
All of a sudden,
my Achilles gave way.
And that was the end of the game for me.
I had to replace him.
And the career
of David Beckham in European football
comes to a rather sad end.
It just wasn't meant to be.
The fairy tale finishes
with the season undecided for Real Madrid.
But this moment
it's not about me.
It's about the team.
Our strength was not individual.
So I said, "Guys
we are our strength."
Now it's Higuaín. Right!
The fight is on!
Reyes with his first touch!
It was a family.
Roberto Carlos comes back.
Well, he's still got it.
He may be playing his final game
in the all-white of Real Madrid.
We were a team of friends.
Real Madrid are champions!
It's not David Beckham who's the hero.
It's José Antonio Reyes.
And I look up
and I see Victoria, the kids.
The celebrations begin!
Real Madrid are champions again!
And there's gonna be a party like
even the Beckhams have never thrown.
That night,
I saw the proper David.
The real David.
Beckham. Becks.
It's over! It's over! ♪
The fight is over! ♪
Becks, are you happy?
- No.
- No? Not much?
A little.
But maybe after
Maybe after that night
if we go to David and say,
"Look, David, stay."
"There's nothing bigger now
than Real Madrid."
"And maybe stay a little bit longer
to win more trophies."
"Whatever you have agreed,
or whatever you"
"Talk to your family. Stay."
Suddenly, David was in favor.
So he was going in to have
one final meeting with them.
So, this is the day of reckoning.
An exemplary
sportsman, here for the past four years
I said, "Are you sure about this?"
"You will be going to a league
that has no value."
We will always remember him
I was ready to leave.
And I, as you know, I went ahead,
I put the kids in school,
I bought a house,
I decorated the house for us as a family.
David, please.
All of Madridismo
is, uh, asking themselves,
"Can't you stay two or three more years?"
Which is what everyone thinks
that you have in you.
But David's smart,
and he remembers they benched him.
A kiss for his youngest,
and it was into Heathrow Terminal One.
It didn't matter what anyone said to me.
Have you got
a final message for your fans?
It was about what me and Victoria wanted.
Now that you've reached the top ♪
And we wanted America.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Beneath the glitter and gleam ♪
Like everyday people
You're just a human being ♪
Superstar, good God
Enjoy your champagne ♪
Welcome to the KCAL 9 News at 4:00.
Our big story on this Friday,
soccer fans on fire with excitement.
David Beckham is finally here.
I remember us getting in the car,
and there was a helicopter
that was filming
us going from the airport to our house.
I mean, it was bizarre. It was like,
"Really? Is it that interesting?"
Welcome to the Home Depot Center.
This would be the biggest news conference
for a sports star ever seen in LA.
The newest member of the LA Galaxy,
Mr. David Beckham.
Superstar ♪
My family
have now moved to Los Angeles.
The most important thing is my family.
The second thing is the foot
is the soccer.
Did you have friends in LA
that you would call? Like, "What do I do?"
Well, the funny thing was
Down, down, down ♪
Drummer keep it going ♪
I was friends with Tom Cruise.
I remember Tom turning around and saying,
"Me and Will are gonna throw you a party."
I was like, "Will?" He said, "Will Smith."
Do you remember
that there was a welcome party?
That's not an efficient enough title
for what it was.
Remember how you got where you are ♪
It was like
an after-Oscars party or something.
Superstar, good God
Do you know ♪
It was like being in Madame Tussauds.
Everywhere you looked, famous person.
And we're just obviously sat,
stood there like that.
We had to make a circle for Tom Cruise
so he can redo the choreography
for the Risky Business, like, dance scene.
Next minute, the piano starts going
and Stevie Wonder
starts singing him "Happy Birthday."
And I was like, "Fuck this."
You know what I mean?
He's gone. We've lost him.
RFK Stadium
in Washington DC is sold out tonight.
45,000 people hoping to see
David Beckham's debut.
The latest on David Beckham,
he is available for selection.
He will not start the match,
but he does expect to play.
It's a gamble to try to become
the Messiah of American soccer.
He was risking everything by coming here.
And we are set for the kick-off.
Like, if it didn't work out, it would
make him the laughingstock of the world.
Great to have you along
on this hot and sticky night,
with a threat of thunderstorms
at some points.
Do you think
that David was a bit shocked
at how, kind of
I don't want to say it, but maybe
How shitty the
the setup was?
MLS has this crazy salary cap,
which meant that
you can really only afford to pay
some guys $13,000 a year.
David Beckham up,
doing a little warm-up here
for the first time tonight.
So the MLS
needed to change the rules,
which meant one player would exist
outside this salary cap,
which was called the David Beckham rule.
And so he was stuck
with these crappy-ass journeymen.
There were some players in the team
that were pool cleaners or gardeners.
I actually I didn't believe it.
A collision there.
When he was using the bathroom,
we timed it and calculated
how much money he made
while he was in the stall.
And it was multiples
of what some of the guys
in those lockers made in a year.
Here's Martino.
The first time you saw
the Galaxy play, did you not go,
"David, this is fucking shit football"?
From my level, who am I to say that?
They were better than me.
You weren't even that good?
The pool cleaner, bro, is playing.
Still on the attack. Blasting away.
And that one is into the back of the net,
off the hands of Cannon!
I actually went out with him
for his first game.
I did sit there and think,
"What have you done?"
He looks ticked off.
He looks like he's upset about
what he's seeing out there.
That was hard for him, because
David was just the ultimate perfectionist.
And Beckham is coming on.
It's like one of the Beatles
has appeared. I mean
I think everyone thought,
"Oh, they're gonna win everything now
because they have one great player."
Galaxy with a corner.
When I was playing
these balls, normally I knew
that there was a player running.
I'd play the ball
and there'd be no one there.
Not a lot of correlation
between what he's trying to do
and who he's trying to find.
I don't think they figured it out.
And we played on pitches
that still had American football lines,
and it was confusing.
Just outside the 18.
Maybe Beckham wants it all to himself.
He is certainly
He's probably never watched
an American football game.
He's , "What the fuck
are these lines doing on the field?"
Gotta figure out He didn't know
where the ball's out of bounds.
He probably stopped
and the out-of-bounds was out there.
Great little move here from Donovan.
Looking for Beckham, but he's not there.
It was a disaster.
Into the near post, and into the goal!
We sucked. We did.
Yes! Yessssss!
We were not getting any better.
It was a bad time for us.
A counter. Onside. Altidore, yessss!
You experienced the longest
non-winning streak of your career,
Twelve games. Do you remember that low?
Yeah, I remember us
I don't remember the number,
but I obviously do now, thanks for that.
Chivas up three-nil.
Good Lord.
Got to where it was embarrassing.
It's embarrassing.
It could not get any worse
for the Galaxy right now.
We wasn't getting any better.
So I wasn't that happy.
I was so happy. So happy.
LA, it was a great place to live.
What up?
I've got my family together.
Can you do your penguin swim?
Now, here's Romeo Beckham
at the FA Cup Final.
Who you gonna kick it like?
David Beckham.
- And I
- Whoaaaa.
let go of a lot of pain.
I remember someone saying to me once
that LA is like rehab for famous people.
That's why we always see people walking
in Malibu in Ugg boots and tracksuits.
Look at me. Wave.
Say, "It's my first day of school."
The schools were great.
There was a private driveway,
so paparazzi couldn't get into the school.
We still got attention.
But, you know, when you've got
Tom Cruise rocking up to a restaurant,
who cares if the Beckhams go?
Everything was a lot easier
for us as a family.
Good boy, Romeo.
Well done.
I definitely felt at peace.
Finally, we seemed settled.
But it's like that saying, you know?
"When there's an itch
that needs scratching"
The BBC has learned
that the next England manager
is expected to be named later today.
Well, he's a world-class manager.
We're confident
he's the right man to lead us forward.
So, explain
how managing England came to him.
They'd never had a foreigner.
No, I wasn't the first.
There was
a Swedish one before me.
- First Italian.
- Yeah. Yes.
When Fabio Capello
became England manager,
he said,
"If you want to make the World Cup squad,
this is what you have to do."
I told him that, in my opinion,
he needed to return back to reality.
He said, "You have to play
for a European club at the highest level."
"How about AC Milan?"
And I was like, "Okay."
And Victoria totally understood.
"Wh What do you mean
you wanna go to Milan?"
"Like, we've just moved from one side
of the world to the other for you."
What I signed up for
was us being in LA as a family.
So I didn't expect to turn up in LA,
have everything perfect, and then he go,
"Oh, guess what.
Surprise! I'm going away again."
You guys just moved to the States.
You moved your family here.
Was it worth the move?
Without a doubt. I think it couldn't have
gone any better, you know? Obviously
It was going to be another time
when I was left at home
on my own with the kids,
because the kids had to stay in LA.
They were in school.
Yeah. America is a wonderful country.
We love it. Our kids love it.
I respected his career
and always have done, immensely,
but not again.
I was really upset.
And off he went.
Selfishly, that was me saying,
"Doesn't matter what any of you think."
"This is what I need to do."
I wasn't thinking about my teammates.
I wasn't thinking about my family.
I was thinking about me.
If there's an opportunity
to play for my country in a World Cup
I will do whatever I can
to make that happen.
But I never wanted to leave LA.
Well, except when
you tried to stay in Milan.
Your lawyers are talking
to Galaxy about the possibility
of making a permanent transfer.
Can you confirm it's your ambition?
You know, I think I've enjoyed my time.
I knew I was going to enjoy it,
but I didn't expect to enjoy it
as much as I have.
And at the moment, you know,
I've expressed my desire
to stay at AC Milan now.
"What do you mean?"
Well, David Beckham, we hardly knew you.
Beckham wants out.
The Galaxy made the mistake
of lending him to powerhouse AC Milan.
He wants to make
a more permanent move across the pond.
Let the lawsuits begin!
Hey, well, I thought he was into the whole
hanging out with Tom Cruise
Yeah. The Hollywood thing. Yeah.
Left for
Milan. Beckham tries to score and scores!
Fantastic move from David Beckham!
It was frustrating, really frustrating,
because I felt like if we're gonna
deal with all the other shit,
he better show up and play.
Like, that's the least that he can do.
Landon Donovan was the best
homegrown talent we had.
He's hurdled.
He's not like these
$13,000-a-year players.
He could make it, theoretically,
anywhere, and he chose to play at home.
So it's pretty easy to see
Cuts inside. Donovan!
how that could have
rubbed him the wrong way.
Landon Donovan says, "We're not done!"
Even though it's a shitty little MLS team
that he doesn't really care about,
but it meant a lot to me.
Might fancy a shot. Beckham! Goal!
I've enjoyed myself so much here,
you know, I'd like to stay for a while.
Sorry, David.
He can't stay in Italy?
No. We owned him.
So it was like,
"We're not doing it. Period."
David Beckham,
good morning. Welcome. Good to see you.
- And you. Yeah.
- How you been? You were gone six months.
You've got three kids and a beautiful wife
at home in LA. How did you manage that?
And I was frustrated.
I want to get to a bit
of an uncomfortable subject,
because there were more reporters
than normal at that practice
because of something
one of your teammates, Landon Donovan,
said about you in a book
that was not flattering.
He questioned your commitment
to US soccer, your professionalism.
He even said you were stingy.
That could make for some testy times
in the locker room.
Landon felt
that I abandoned the team.
I don't think he handled it
in the right way.
David Beckham has called his LA Galaxy
teammate Landon Donovan "unprofessional"
after the American publicly criticized
the former England captain.
Whatever goes on in the changing room
stays in the changing room.
I played for some
of the biggest clubs in the world,
and not once in 17 years have I been
criticized for my professionalism.
If you've got something to say,
say it to my face.
And, um
it became real ugly real fast.
I've never seen American fans
boo a home-team player as badly as that.
- Do you remember that?
- Oh, yeah.
It was just the vitriol
that was getting tossed at him.
They obviously
were really upset about me.
And, by the way, I agree with them.
I would feel exactly the same.
So I get it,
but I wasn't going to take that
from my own fans.
That's when I said,
"Fuck this shit."
We were not a team.
And we said,
"Okay, this ain't the circus."
Our coach
sends me and David a text.
It says, "I want to speak to you guys
in the morning before practice."
I said, "David, what I said,
I felt and I believe and it's my truth."
"I should never have said that publicly,
and I should have just said it to you,
and I'm sorry."
And in that moment,
if it were me on that side of the table,
I would have said, "Fuck you.
I can't believe you did this to me."
And he said
"I get it, and I respect
that you're saying that to me."
Then our coach
said something I'll never forget.
He said, "David, to Landon,
this is his Manchester United."
"You grew up in Manchester United"
I get chills talking about it,
'cause for David, that was everything.
"This is what you care about. I get it."
Then I remembered
my responsibility to the MLS.
We know what David Beckham
can do, can bend it over the wall easily.
I remembered
my responsibility to my family.
I had to make it work.
Beckham's shot. David Beckham!
His first of the year!
Wow! Wow, wow!
Who has shown up today to play?
Oh, man! What a goal!
I could feel it. He was on a mission,
and I was on a mission.
Donovan keeps it in.
Donovan. To the top. Beckham!
All of a sudden, we were a team.
Landon and David put their shit aside,
stopped bitching at each other,
and started playing.
And then everything clicked.
We were a friggin' football club.
It's Beckham!
It's a superb goal!
I loved that team.
They were fucking warriors.
This is a big night.
Is there a sense of destiny in the air
for LA Galaxy and David Beckham?
And Donovan has scored!
Oh, can you believe this?
Winning the MLS Cup was probably one of
the most rewarding moments of my career.
Galaxy are champions!
I think I stood there
on the pitch and went,
"It worked."
I didn't obviously say that.
Well, welcome to the White House,
And congratulations
to the LA Galaxy on your MLS Cup.
Um, we also have
a young up-and-comer on the team,
a a guy named David Beckham.
I have to say, I gave David a hard time.
Uh, I said half his teammates
could be his kids.
Um, we're getting old, David.
Although you're holding up better than me.
Do you remember when
you first started to think about retiring?
'Cause I know you're the kind of guy
who doesn't ever want to stop.
No, I didn't ever want to stop.
After five years, David Beckham
is hanging up his American soccer jersey.
The British soccer superstar played his
final Major League Soccer game last night
and even managed
to go home on a high note.
But the soccer star says he's not
ready to leave the sport just yet.
I never thought about retirement.
I wanted to play until
I literally couldn't walk anymore.
That was me.
And at that point,
we decided it was time to go home.
We hadn't seen our families
for a long time.
So we moved back to the UK
and he pulls a David Beckham special.
"I'm moving."
I get the phone call from Paris.
They say, "Do you want to come
and help give us a boost?"
"You know, we haven't won
the league for 18 years."
Even before he'd even asked me,
my mind was made up.
- David, please!
- David!
I was like
"What the fuck?"
I laugh about it now, but I was like,
"Seriously? Really? You're Really?"
Yeah, but I liked the move to Paris.
I liked the fact that he wasn't retiring.
I think I loved the game
more than anyone has ever loved it.
That's what I think.
I know it's not true, but I think that
I loved the game more than anyone.
But I felt different.
My body felt different.
I was waking up after games,
I felt beaten up.
I felt every time
that I was getting out of bed,
I was aching, I was hurting.
I'd roll out of bed in the mornings
because I just was in so much pain.
He looked shattered.
I remember seeing him walk off,
and he looked up at me,
and I remember thinking, "It's time."
"You're tired. It's time."
So coming to that decision was, um
It was actually a really tough one.
Former England captain
David Beckham is retiring from football.
The former England captain
on 59 occasions.
He won 115 caps for his country.
I'd been emotional
from the moment I decided.
So, um
The manager said to me before the game,
"Ten minutes before the end
of the game, I'll bring you off
'cause it's the right thing to do.
You deserve it, to come off like that."
At that point,
we'd already won the league.
What a super ball over the top!
So when it came to this moment,
all of a sudden, I couldn't breathe
and I couldn't control my emotions.
When I finally come off,
I completely lose it.
That's it.
It's the end of a career, immense career.
An immense player, an immense global star,
hangs up his boots.
Monsieur David Beckham!
But as much as it hurt me,
knowing I was never
going to play football again
I knew that I'd made the right decision.
On a Saturday morning,
I just potter around this place.
I love it. It's kind of my escape.
I'm in here from, like, 11
till nine o'clock at night,
ten o'clock at night,
later sometimes, just grilling.
That's all I do.
I bring my iPad,
we watch the football, so it's good.
- Did you put thyme in there as well?
- Yep. Yes, chef.
We've tried to give our children
the most normal upbringing as possible.
But you've got a dad
that was England captain
and you've got a mum that was Posh Spice.
Ah, rolling his little trolley over.
He wakes up at 6:00 a.m.
every morning just to start the fire.
But I actually do.
I know that. That's what I was saying.
But you're saying it in a sarcastic way.
No. I was saying it in, like, a
- In a what? In a loving way?
- In a loving way.
You can't try and be funny with these
That little thing you've got going on.
- The little tuft under his chin?
- I know. I know.
And they could be
little shits, and they're not.
- Is that cooked?
- It's all cooked.
- Do you want to taste a bit?
- Sure.
And that's why I say that
I'm so proud of my children.
- You always eat nicely.
- Can I eat a bit of the skin?
You can eat whatever you want.
- Can I eat this bit?
- Yep.
And I'm so
in awe of my children,
the way they've turned out.
You You're rowing the wrong way.
- He seems to be going that way.
- You twat.
Look at him. He's a disaster.
- Don't film this! It's embarrassing!
- Sorry.
It's only embarrassing if you fall in.
Where's the other oar?
Darling, your mussels are ready.
I probably didn't realize
half of what I've talked about
until I sort of started this,
What shall we call it? This, uh
What should we call it? Therapy.
Oh, Kenny Rogers!
I feel at peace with a lot of what,
maybe in our first session,
was still a lot of pent-up anger,
I understand it now.
It has been some form
of therapy, this.
When I've looked back and I see footage
of her on the phone to me, saying,
"Hi, babes!" And she doesn't talk
like she does now, by the way.
- She was a lot more common than now.
- I don't know how that happened.
I don't know what She's never had
any kind of elocution lessons.
- That's how you say it, right?
- I'm so glad you know what that means.
I think
By the way, I sound exactly the same
as I did when I was 13.
I think your voice
got a little deeper.
Yeah, it was quite high-pitched.
Going through
every part of my life,
it has given me clarity on many things.
And one of the things is, which is
Which is the most important thing
to me is what we've what we've got.
Making love ♪
Islands in the stream ♪
That is what we are ♪
No one in between ♪
How can we be wrong ♪
Sail away with me ♪
Why I feel happy now
is I feel really content now.
And I think I get that sense that
you feel content now.
When we were younger,
you were constantly chasing,
and there's an element of,
you're passing the baton on a little.
And you want that for your kids,
wouldn't you say?
Yeah. I'm not ready
to pass the baton on yet.
Football, it's, uh
it's like a drug.
When we retired from football
we don't have this adrenaline.
Which is a strong drug, I think.
Physiologically, we can feel it
inside of us, you know?
Yeah. We all miss the crowd, because
the crowd gives you the adrenaline.
That's the difficulty
when you've retired from football.
Your body has to accept it.
I genuinely believe
all football players are addicts.
We've got that adrenaline,
that addictive mindset of something.
We have to have something.
You know, I thought
I'd probably made my last selfish decision
going to Paris, for me.
It wasn't.
He's captained his country,
become a global brand,
but now that he's hung up his boots,
what does David Beckham plan to do next?
Today he's confirmed
he's heading back to the United States
to start a new
Major League Soccer team based in Miami.
But has Goldenballs
still got the Midas touch?
Nice hairband.
I got on the plane that next day
to announce Miami.
The next day you go to Miami?
Yeah. I didn't want to sit still.
If I should call you up
Invest a dime ♪
The next day?
What was that about?
Fisher, we just got things to do.
We got shit to get done.
I can't see me lovin' nobody ♪
So, pink nets is a first.
Pink nets was, uh, proud to say, my idea.
The suits, uh, were my idea.
My mentality was not to just reflect on,
you know, what I'd just achieved.
He always knew
he had to have a plan afterwards.
So happy together ♪
'Cause, otherwise, he'd have spiraled.
He'd have just spiraled.
I can't see me lovin' ♪
We had to keep him busy.
- Neymar.
- Hi, David.
I hope you have lots of success.
He'll be playing for us one day.
I want to win,
with the best players and the best team.
What about Leo?
Oh, L Oh, there you go.
Hi, David. Well, firstly, congratulations.
I wanted to wish you lots of luck
in this new project.
And, well, maybe give me a call.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I cannot wait to see Leo
take the field in our colors.
Your number ten,
Inter Miami, number ten,
the best number ten in the world,
Lionel Andrés Messi!
How is the weather ♪
So happy together ♪
We're happy together ♪
So happy together ♪
So happy together ♪
So happy together ♪
Can you take that off?
I quite like it.
All right, let's see how this free kick
goes with wearing that top.
Then you can take it off
and take a proper one.
There you go.
Target. Hit the target.
Not your dad.
Now, take a breath.
Don't need to be nervous in front of me.
I've only got six Premier Leagues
and a European Cup,
a couple of FA Cups,
La Liga, uh, French league
You got nervous.
- I know where you're going.
- You know where I'm going?
- Yeah.
- Do you?
- Not bad.
- Not bad? 47 years old.
One day, mate.
One day, you'll get like me.
Out of your goal!
No. No.
Watch the trees!
Go again.
There we go. Go again.
All right, go in goal.
You stepped on your flowers.
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