Becoming Karl Lagerfeld (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

This series is loosely inspired
by the life of Karl Lagerfeld.
Some of the characters, their intimate
and professional relationships,
their actions and statements,
places, incidents and events,
as well as artistic creations
have been invented or altered
by the authors for dramatic purposes.
In the case
of such invention or alteration,
any similarity to the actual character
or history of any person
is entirely for dramatic purposes
and is not intended to reflect
an actual character or their history.
Don't want no streetcar love ♪
Oh, no, oh, no ♪
One who'll carry out a one-hour ride ♪
Oh, no, oh, no ♪
I just want a little girl ♪
To love me all the time ♪
When she needs to ride ♪
Don't want no railroad woman ♪
It won't matter
how powerful his friends are
if this were to happen again.
Those things are against the law.
-Against nature and the law.
Just wait here.
I really don't care who he sleeps with.
But in the morning,
I want him drawing at his desk.
It's funny. I'd also hoped that Jacques
would stop being with people
who only drag him down.
Then we agree?
Yes, we do.
Your gigolo needs a leash
or he'll be taught a lesson.
Get on, you queers.
Wait for me.
Damn it.
I left my lighter with that transvestite.
Shut it.
Ooh. You're mad that I had fun
on the piers with Yves, aren't you?
You're allowed to say
you're jealous, Karlito.
You're so damn immature. Stirring the pot.
Well, you don't feel
anything anyway, do you?
Because if you did, then you would be
You'd be jealous.
You'd be happy, you'd be in love,
you know, alive.
I don't want you to be screwing Yves!
- Huh?
-It's really not that complicated.
There you go.
Finally. There you go.
Took you long enough to admit it. But why?
-Why shouldn't I?
-You know very well why.
No, you never said anything.
-You could screw anyone you wish!
Anyone. But not Yves.
Not Yves!
You know better. That's why you do it.
To humiliate.
I house you, clothe you, feed you,
pay for parties, records
Your whole shitty life,
you've been a writer
who can't scribble down one line!
You're nothing!
What are you without me?
A workaholic.
Just another brain on legs
that's gonna die stupid and alone.
Get out!
Yves has a heart, guts, and a dick.
That's why he's an artist
and you'll never be.
Sorry I'm late. Sorry.
This is sublime, no?
Try and show some enthusiasm.
It's a masterpiece.
-The overhead lighting.
The proportions are perfect.
The Taj Mahal is a masterpiece.
Should we rent the Taj Mahal?
Oh, I see now. You brought the purse.
Let me take a guess.
Monsieur Lenoir says it's too much.
Lenoir would like to make multimillions
without spending anything.
Okay, well, Gaby thinks it's too big.
But that's the point.
We can't continue doing our shows
and restaurants among the saucepans.
All right, we can strike a balance between
doing it at a restaurant and this
this cruise ship.
How am I supposed to fill this?
You need at least, I don't know,
a thousand guests.
From where?
Pierre Bergé can't even do that.
Just what's going on with you?
There's no point in getting so upset.
We're just talking,
sharing our opinions, that's all.
It doesn't matter.
It's your house. You can do what you want.
I'm just an executor.
You're not just an executor.
-I'm sick of it.
What are you sick of, Chloé?
I'm not being taken seriously.
But I do take you seriously.
You know that's not true.
Elisabeth, it's Jacques. Karl there?
Do you know when he'll be back?
He never tells me.
Should I pass on a message?
Nothing, it's
Tell him I called, okay? Merci.
Garçon, today's special, wine and coffee
at the same time.
We're finally here.
A few months ago,
you weren't responding to my invitations.
And now here we are, after you called me.
A few months ago, you weren't working
as a designer at Saint Laurent Homme.
Ah! So like a pigeon
swooping for bread.
Yeah, well
Are we talking ego or business?
Business, of course.
Let's talk business.
Women's Ready-to-wear.
Does that interest you?
As I understand it,
you weren't able to make it work.
Couldn't make it work? Wow.
Thank you.
You had a brand there, uh
The Roza Gouz.
How long did it last?
Well, I have plenty of others.
I wouldn't call it failing anyway.
It's trying.
I try a lot of things,
see what might be new and then refine it.
This is the number one
in men's Ready-to-wear.
And before too long,
it'll be the same for women's.
You know, I started with three scraps
of fabric at my uncle's shop.
My struggling is over.
So, if you're finally interested
in designing for me,
I have quite a few brands that could
use a bit of a kick in the pants.
Okay. Are you interested
or is this just a negotiating tactic
with Gabrielle Aghion?
I thought it was weird you'd want
to meet at the foot of her stairs.
Well, I'm born in this world
By myself, alone ♪
Yeah, this world is mine to own ♪
It's just a race that I can't win ♪
Oh, in this world
Wherever I've been ♪
So we're doing business with Bidermann?
You know, I don't want you
denying yourself anything.
We were just talking.
No, Bidermann isn't a talker.
He's a guy who buys company and people.
-You're quitting?
- Last year,
how much in sales
did your company bring in?
Three million.
3.75 million.
Twice as much.
Twice as much as you made
before I became artistic director.
Yes, of course.
You bring in revenue
and we pay you accordingly.
But I'm still an employee.
And if I wanted to host a show
that highlights that success
in a place worthy of it, I can't.
I think it's time
that you made me a partner
and involved me in the decisions.
If not?
It would only be fair.
If not?
If not, I'll have to give
my options some serious thought.
Okay, that's fine.
Baby ♪
I wanna keep my reputation ♪
I'm a sensation ♪
You try me once, you'll beg for more ♪
Oh, yes, sir, I can boogie ♪
But I need a certain song ♪
I can boogie, boogie-woogie ♪
It feels too Prussian,
it should be more feminine.
Maybe that's my style, hmm?
No, this is too Chloé. This is way too,
way too, way too, way too Chloé.
That's not bad.
Yes, that looks like Courrèges.
See? This is your style.
It's ugly.
You have 20 styles and you need one.
Before trying to launch your brand,
you're going to need to figure that out.
- Bonjour, monsieur.
- Bonjour.
Shall we go to my room?
It's a château in Morbihan.
It's up for sale.
They call it Penoë or Pinoë
I didn't get the details,
but it's in Breton.
There's no water, no electricity,
totally untouched.
Gorgeous 18th century house.
Did you call me here
just to say you're getting a house?
I want your opinion, yeah.
You can get whatever you want, Karl.
Uh, but it's for us.
What is?
I was thinking a place outside of Paris
to get some fresh air.
There's a large park.
Maybe we could renovate it.
I thought it could be a project for us.
If you want.
Here's what we're doing.
You'll get the château,
then invite me
to spend a weekend together alone.
Okay? Nobody else.
No mother, no friends,
no socializing, nothing.
Just you and me for 48 hours.
No mask, just you.
Revisiting the scene of the crime, kitten?
Using Bidermann to become partner.
That's a hell of a twist, huh?
You could have come
and talked to me directly.
You know, you could have offered me
the position yourself.
Here you are, monsieur.
You're not making partner.
Isn't Lenoir stopping you?
You can remind him that--
You've done a lot for Chloé
in the last three years.
Everybody knows that.
But, uh
Someone else has done
even more for Chloé than you have.
It's me.
With my ideas, my style,
the dresses I like, uh
the colors I like.
Chloé is me.
And Lenoir.
No. No, no.
Lenoir invested 15 years ago.
It's my house,
and I'm in the minority.
And now, you're asking me
to give up even more.
I respect you. I believe in you.
But I'm not sacrificing myself.
What now?
Are you kicking me out?
But you're the one threatening to go.
I'd be delighted if you stayed.
But the only thing that I'm able
to offer you is a small pay raise.
And a saucepan-free venue
for the next show.
So if that isn't good enough for you,
and if you go with Bidermann
to try creating your own brand,
well, I'd understand.
I wouldn't blame you.
It's up to you.
They went broke
restoring the north wall.
They put up the scaffolding and, poof,
they realized they were out of money.
So, we'll not do it that way.
We must be methodical.
We'll start with the garden.
Did you know that trees take longer
to grow than wallpaper does?
We'll plant beech trees.
Yes. Weeping willows, too.
I like weeping willows.
-Oh, yes.
And a mirror pool, just like Versailles.
We'll take our time.
Ten years, maybe 20.
We'll be here 20 years?
I mean, I will. But you, I'm not sure.
I like it.
A ruin we restore throughout our lives.
One brick at a time, like goldsmiths.
We can make this a jewel.
One called "Penhoët."
It really does sound
like a savory pancake.
No, no, no.
It's not possible.
No, no, no.
-You know I'm not a drinker.
-Yes, yes, yes, drink.
Join me.
Being with you is lonely.
Bonjour, monsieur. It's ten o'clock.
The train for Paris leaves at 11:00.
We have to leave now if we're walking.
Uh, is Karl here?
He took the car with him to Paris.
I'll be downstairs.
Hey. Hello, Karl.
-How are you?
You have a nice trip?
Got a nice car.
It's this way.
We're here.
I may look like some Belgian
who smells like pomme frites,
but my factory is gorgeous.
Do you like it?
A thousand women used to work here.
The boss was a socialist.
He would pay for their bus tickets
to go swimming in the summer,
so he went bankrupt.
But I can hire workers again.
That's all they're asking for.
Karl, we can do everything here.
We can start shaping canvases over here,
work on patterns and quilting over here,
cutting, assembly
Total control of the line.
Come on, tell me you're happy.
I'm content.
No, with more panache, man.
"I like it!"
I like it.
And voila, let's announce
the house of Karl Lagerfeld.
This is just a rough draft.
We can discuss more.
Where I come from, we like pure white.
Clean, simple, neat.
And because of the oil crisis
and all the anxieties with it,
I think people need a return to that.
The appeal of rigor, white, black, brown,
those are timeless.
Lagerfeld is now where you must go
if you love purity.
But modern, obviously.
Anyways, that's a first thought.
It needs refining.
Great. Let's talk strategy.
No, I would like to hear
what your thoughts are on the style.
Are you kidding me, Karl?
Have you seen the way I dress? Huh?
I'm the guy that hires you
so you can tell me exactly what's stylish.
Who cares what I like?
Is it beautiful to you?
Yes. Great. That's that.
I'm not trying to find
the next Saint Laurent. Okay?
I'm a designer that has
what it takes to create art.
And frankly, it bores me.
You, on the other hand, are a businessman.
We can talk business with you.
And as you said before,
we're in a global oil crisis.
Who's our customer?
An American.
An American.
So, we'll start out nice and easy
with some sportswear.
-With sportswear?
-Sportswear, yeah, exactly.
Yeah, it's cheap to produce
and we can mark it up a ton
because it's made in Paris.
So we'll make a nice profit
and grow from there.
They'll get out of the crisis
faster than we will,
and what's more, it's a paradise for
How about it?
I'll draw up a contract tomorrow.
- Delivery.
Your Yves
about the current state
of affairs with the foreign superpower.
The French Minister of the Interior
bore the brunt
of commentary from the Moscow newspaper--
Mm. Are you in a bad mood?
Not now, mutti.
You could knock the doors down.
Has Jacques called?
I did not agree
to be your switchboard.
Are you making progress with your brand?
I'm giving it everything I can.
But nothing changes.
Perhaps it's not enough.
Oh. Where are you going?
A Warhol party
at the Saint Laurents.
Andy. So good to see you.
And what do you think of that?
Four times Saint Laurent on a canvas, eh?
Still less hassle than the original.
-How are you, my friend?
-You know, uh,
whenever I come
to one of these Parisian soirées,
I feel like I'm crashing their party.
Even when it's in my honor.
Uh, maybe, uh,
people have a problem with my wig?
It's not your wig. It's Paris.
It's a constant lesson in humility.
Is that why the French invented champagne?
-To be able to stand this?
-Beautiful painting.
Congratulations, Mr. Warhol.
Where is your Jacques?
I hear he's fun.
Are you fishing or something?
-What is going on?
-Oh, Jacques!
-Oh, it's terrible. I can't eat this.
All right, let's get a look at you.
Oh, there you are!
-Bonsoir, Yves.
Bonsoir, Yves.
You know, I could use a glass of water.
Ooh. Ooh, well
You know, I left Pierre.
-I left Pierre for you.
We're moving to Marrakesh.
No, Yves, we're really not. Okay?
You've been drinking a lot.
So you should drink water.
Now. You're drunk.
Uh No more.
Could we get a water, please?
Exactly the reason
why I've been interested in doing--
No, no, no, don't touch me.
What are you doing? Stop!
Let me go!
Hey, come on, let's go have a seat. yeah?
-Come on.
-The checkbook. Now.
-Try and calm down.
-It's my money.
-No, no. I hear you.
How much? To buy Jacques?
Write whatever you want.
You have to give him to me.
-I'm so miserable.
- Come on.
I want to be with him.
You have to
Please give him to me.
-I beg you.
-Here we go.
Okay, here, come on.
Settle down.
Yves. Hey, hey, hey. Come on.
Let's get up.
I can only offer what I have.
So, now, you can either accept it
or you can just move on.
All right. What did you decide?
What do you think about parfum?
What? Are you staying or going?
Would you perhaps be
interested in a fragrance?
We're in the midst of a crisis.
We have no way to know
how long sales will be down.
And Paris is an ecosystem
that is contained.
Whereas the outside world
is vast and changing quickly.
Fragrances are something you can buy
when you can't afford luxuries,
and it sells, even during crises.
We're going into the United States.
They don't really care
about existing Parisian hierarchy,
so if it works, it works.
We test the waters with parfum and wait.
Then move on to clothes, try to grow.
We make garments, not parfum.
It's cheap to produce,
so profit margins are good.
So are you leaving or what?
Fifty percent.
Okay. We create an independent company
just for the parfum.
I would take care of the juice,
the bottle, the promotion,
and I'd get 50% of the profits.
And you You would get the other half
You'll stay?
I'll stay.
Okay, you'll sign
an exclusivity agreement with us,
and I'll tolerate old contracts,
but you don't do anything new with anyone.
You're mine. For 10 years, or more.
You'll forget Bidermann.
And your brand.
The world is ours.
Did you decide?
I have always chosen you.
And you?
Would you have dinner with me?
Thank you.
Have you heard?
Heard what?
The rumors about Saint Laurent.
Could there be anyone in my life
who doesn't talk about Saint Laurent?
He's disappeared.
What do you mean, "disappeared"?
Apparently his workshop stood around
all day, waiting for him.
That was 24 hours ago.
-I'd like to see a menu.
- Yes, of course.
What do you know?
Jacques, open up!
I saw him.
Get out!
What are you doing here?
He was upset I broke up with him.
I had my fun with you,
now you need to get out. Go!
It was violent.
I told you this was over, okay?
It was like he couldn't hear
anything I was saying at all.
-He was completely crazy.
-Come on, Jacques.
Obviously, he's unwell.
He's clinically insane.
You little whore!
Where are you going?
He's quite sick
and he's hurt himself before.
- You do what you want!
Huh? Huh?
Shh, shh. Hey, hey, hey. Hey!
What have you done?
Jacques. What did you do?
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