Becoming Karl Lagerfeld (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

This series is loosely inspired
by the life of Karl Lagerfeld.
Some of the characters, their intimate
and professional relationships,
their actions and statements,
places, incidents and events,
as well as artistic creations
have been invented or altered
by the authors for dramatic purposes.
In the case
of such invention or alteration,
any similarity to the actual character
or history of any person
is entirely for dramatic purposes
and is not intended to reflect
an actual character or their history.
Karl Lagerfeld, hello.
One could say that you're now
the star of international fashion.
Star? I don't know, but it's true
I've been sleeping in planes
more often than my own bed lately.
Nice bag, huh?
-Was that one of yours?
I'm nothing but a streetwalker.
I am. And it's nearly impossible
to be so busy,
always promoting one's product.
How long have you
been on this worldwide promotional tour?
It was supposed to be
ten days. Now it's been three weeks.
All the big cities
want to have their Chloé shop.
Yesterday, bagels in New York.
Today, pasticcino in Rome.
The real cure for jet lag, hmm?
So will that be
Miss Picasso's wedding dress?
Yes, the evening one.
It's theatrical.
Yeah, well, I'm just getting started.
This isn't a wedding dress.
It's a manifesto.
Do you know what Saint Laurent's
doing for his day dress?
I'm not worried.
-We'll be late. Time to go.
-I'll let you go ahead.
I'll stay for a bit.
But what about the Fendis?
I need to run an errand. They can wait.
Fine. I'll see you over there.
And you never
forget that fashion needs to sell
above anything else.
Of course.
I make dresses, not poetry.
The main problem
is not that you might run out of ideas,
but that you have
to be stopped.
No. Uh, back when I
was working on haute couture,
I turned up 50 dresses twice a year,
it wasn't enough for me.
I was bored to death.
I need to work.
-Drawing is like breathing to me.
I have no responsibility but my work.
And I like to do only that.
You're here.
Between three flights
and two appointments.
You mentioned this was your canteen.
-So I took a chance.
-Of course.
Do you know Xavier de Castella?
He's with Kenzo.
-Ah, yes, of course.
-Hello, Karl.
And here's Gianni.
He's our friend for the day.
Can't understand him
because he only speaks Italian,
but he's pretty, so there you go.
Can we talk a bit?
How's it going with Xavier?
He's like a brother.
I'm just asking how the trip has been.
And you?
Impromptu visits are surprising.
A Picasso wedding invite. Wow.
Well, I didn't give her a choice.
The reception is at my place.
And I want you there.
Will Pierre and Yves be there?
They're at the head table with us, yes.
I'll make them feast on my success
as an entrée, main and dessert.
I hope they can digest it.
I'm good.
I'm keeping my promises.
I'm not asking you to stop traveling,
or to give up your friends.
We're good, aren't we, Karl?
We're at the right distance.
Not too far or close.
This isn't a step back.
This is revenge. For us.
I have no success
to feed Pierre and Yves, Karl.
And what have I achieved
if I keep nothing around me?
If you're not there,
then Pierre and Yves have won.
I'll go one day.
She won't be getting married
every month. Paloma.
I'm still here for you, okay?
Just like you were there for me
through the death of my father.
Don't ask me to go back
into your shadow, Karl.
The day I finally come back
to the crab basket,
I want it to be after I've done
something I'm proud of,
so when I'm still with you,
I can exist on my own.
So when is that?
Karl. You're number one in the U.S.,
rich as Croesus.
You don't need me.
So you're not in my shadow,
but you'll take my money?
Do you want it back?
Because Xavier is filthy rich.
I have to go anyway.
No, I don't mind this one.
-Do you know where he is?
-Oh, he's just a little late, yes.
Oh! There he is
Excuse me.
- I was unexpectedly delayed.
- Nothing important?
No, the only important thing
is work.
Is Rosemarie here?
Uh, she went to answer a call from someone
trying to reach you in Paris.
All right.
The campaign for the collection.
Who do we want as the photographer?
Rosemarie told us that you were going to
design a wedding gown for Paloma Picasso.
In competition with Yves Saint Laurent.
-Never compare, never compete, hmm?
Yes, but we both know
your dress will be better.
The whole world will be watching.
Not the whole world, unfortunately.
I really like this one.
I think we need to go back to Paris.
Thank you all. This means a lot.
How is Madame?
For right now, she's been placed in a coma
so that her body can get enough rest
and we'll wake her up tomorrow.
If it goes well,
then we'll know the extent of the damage.
The house will be ready, Monsieur.
All right. We all have our things to do.
Let's get to work. Merci.
-Uh, Monika.
-Yes, Monsieur?
I know that every second counts
when it comes to a stroke.
If she pulls through without too many
side effects, it'll be thanks to you.
We're never truly prepared.
Monsieur, you have Mademoiselle Picasso
and her fiancé waiting for you.
They're here for the wedding preparations.
- Ah!
-Look at you, you're absolutely glowing.
I thought you'd forgotten about us.
So much so that
One, two, three.
I had my assistant throw this together.
You see the little cards?
Give me the guest list when it's ready,
and we'll place them.
The list?
Look, that's us.
Mmm-hmm. Loulou and Alexandre, perfect.
I wanted them to meet.
Family there. And Mother
Let us know if Jacques is coming.
What about this?
Scuzi, scuzi, uh, I don't understand.
Who's calling me?
Bene. Italiano? English?
Uh, English.
Someone got you
something to drink?
-Coffee, yeah.
-It's good.
-Great. Carla Fendi. Sister number four.
Thank you
for coming all this way.
Are you enjoying Rome?
We are about to start the ad campaign
to launch our Ready-to-wear clothing line.
You are familiar with the brand?
Somewhat, yeah.
We want to update our image.
Something more modern, more unexpected.
We are looking for a new photographer,
someone with a fresh pair of eyes.
Young, but in line
with the Fendi tradition, of course.
And you are asking me
if I know a photographer or
Karl called me last night
and he suggested you.
Okay, me?
He thinks you're the perfect person
to reinvent the image of Fendi.
- His words.
I mean, I know nothing of photography,
so it's, uh
That's what I understand.
Karl has been our stylist
for more than ten years.
And Fendi wouldn't be
where it is without him.
So, there is not much I can deny him.
It's the wedding of the century.
It has to make an impression.
But it doesn't need to be pretty.
It's not a Saint Laurent.
I want the shoulders puffier
and the hips, too.
Do you like the waist?
-More tight, more everything.
I don't want something bourgeois.
I want it to stand out.
Monsieur, there's a telephone call
for you.
Did you ask Carla Fendi
to hire me?
But Why are you taking that tone?
Who do you think you are, Karl?
- I'm offering you a job.
-No. No, no, no, no.
You're setting me up for a job
that everyone knows I'm not qualified for.
Starting with your poor boss
who you're forcing
to hire me against her will.
I am not your puppet
that you can make
do whatever you want, okay?
I don't need you and I don't need a job.
I write. That's it.
I write.
You honestly believe I don't care
about the launch of a line at Fendi?
I, I I'm taking a risk for you.
I'm offering you this job
because I think you can do it.
Yes, but I'm not a photographer, Karl!
All we ask of you is to have an idea,
and you've got plenty of ideas.
What you need is to finally
finish a thing you began.
It'll make you proud.
So accept it.
Come to Paris with your head held high
for the wedding.
For me.
I need you.
Does that look better?
Hmm. Yes.
Lovely evening, no? Hmm?
Shall we fly now?
Okay, it's done. You told Karl no. Voilà.
If you worked, what would you do?
-You know I'm an architect.
You just designed the house you bought.
Of course, who else is living in it?
Why? What would you do
if you didn't have Karl to support you?
I don't know.
Sorry. Excuse me, sir.
Sorry to disturb you,
but Monsieur de Bascher is insisting.
The telephone, sir.
There would be a girl,
a pretty American
who makes her parents think
she's going to a spa in Baden-Baden.
But she's in Rome.
So, she walks around in Fendi clothes.
What are you on about?
The Fendi campaign.
I can't take pictures,
but I can make a movie for you.
It'll be beautiful.
Every image, a tableau.
All the spots of Rome that I love.
So you don't want to photograph.
You're saying you'd rather direct?
To write and direct.
Eh, Jacques. Be reasonable.
What you're asking for is a whole team.
It's a lot, a lot of work
with a real budget.
That's my offer to you, Karl.
It's not a game.
It's a contract
that binds you to the Fendis.
Yes or no?
Fifteen minutes.
If it's good, I'll go to the wedding.
You'll do her hair every day.
She won't want to be unkempt,
even if no one's here.
Of course, Monsieur.
We'll take you back
if it doesn't work out here.
Whether that's Paris or we'll have
to take you back to the hospital.
We'll do what we have to.
And if there's a problem,
you'll let us know, hmm?
I'll visit as often as I can.
Get to work.
Show all of them.
How am I supposed to be myself
if I don't have you?
Who wants to be oneself?
I'm sad
Don't think about it.
Let's go. Back to Paris.
I have a wedding to prepare.
When you're alone and life
Is making you lonely, you can always go ♪
Downtown ♪
When you've got worries
All the noise and the hurry ♪
Seems to help, I know ♪
Downtown ♪
Just listen to the music
Of the traffic in the city ♪
Linger on the sidewalk
Where the neon signs are pretty ♪
How can you lose? ♪
The lights are much brighter there ♪
You can forget all your troubles
Forget all your cares ♪
So go downtown ♪
Things will be great
When you're downtown ♪
Everything's waiting for you ♪
-Oh, shit, you're early.
- You're not done?
We're terribly behind schedule.
She's not made up. Her hair's not done.
She hasn't changed into her dress.
Betty, who is it?
The evening gown.
We have to be
in town hall in an hour.
I'll go see if I can find an iron.
I was wondering if I might run into you.
I made everyone leave.
The skirt wasn't finished.
It's so worth it.
Having conquered the world, only to end up
as you began in the antique chamber.
Waiting for the lady to put on her dress.
You've got your seven-league boots on.
Are you planning on running away
when you see Pierre?
No. Why should I?
-He doesn't run very fast.
How are you doing?
Fine. And you?
-You've aged.
-You've put on weight.
Did you miss me?
He left me, you know.
Yes, that's what I have been told.
For an American gardener.
Guess what his name was.
Madison Cox.
Fine summary of Pierre's life.
Now I live with my servants.
There are days when I don't get up.
Those are the best days.
I'd like to be 20 years old again.
Do things for the sake of beauty.
Oh, listen to you.
You sound like an old fart, you know.
I am an old boudoir
Full of withered roses
Where lies a whole litter
Of old-fashioned dresses
There's no way you have
the whole poem memorized.
Only those two lines.
I've never read Baudelaire.
My mother is deteriorating.
And Jacques. How is he?
He's Jacques.
-I love it.
Falls well, no?
You look beautiful, darling.
That's good.
-Should we move on to the hair?
- Let's go.
Is that your day gown?
You try to draw anything with this
I don't wanna lose you
This good thing ♪
Very beautiful. Very Karl.
-You've seen nothing yet, André.
-I can't wait.
Merci. Good to see you.
Excuse me. Mademoiselle Picasso's ready.
Sir, you're wanted at the entrance.
Uh, stay here when she arrives.
You deserve it.
I'm coming.
-Very good.
-I'll be there.
-Bonsoir, Karl.
Dress me?
I ran my whole way.
I was up
all night editing, Karl.
Right out the door and
straight to the airport. Uh, not that one.
-Classic like Baron de Charlus.
Pierre and Yves here yet?
Pierre, yes. Yves, not yet.
-Uh, white.
How's it look, Paloma's dress?
No special privileges, hmm?
-You'll see her the same time I do.
-No, Karl!
I worked so hard, Karl.
You wouldn't have recognized me at all.
I haven't slept in months.
What the hell am I going to do?
Every morning, I get up and say,
"I'm quitting. I've got to call Karl back.
"I can't do this. It's impossible.
I need to tell him this was a mistake."
That's why I came here.
I didn't wanna make that call.
And here I thought you'd forgotten me.
I have talent.
They said so.
It's true.
Because I had an idea for a shot.
At one point, I could
clearly see this image in my head
of exactly what we needed to do with it.
But I kept insisting,
so they let me play, and it was gorgeous.
Really beautiful.
Then they believed in me.
I knew it.
I told you.
I want to do this now.
-Film things.
-I will help you.
Soon, I won't need you to help me.
Thank you.
The freedom has been nice.
Back from Rome.
-Just now, yes.
Just now?
- Literally.
- Oh.
- I was directing a film.
That's why. For Fendi.
I can't wait for you to see it.
I wasn't expecting that.
No, see, ah It was great.
I wrote, I directed, I did it all.
Really, I was working overtime.
The more you create illusions,
the better I see you.
A lonely man.
Oh, there's Anna. Anna!
My friend.
How are you?
You look beautiful.
-Goodbye. Thank you very much.
- Merci.
Karl, what's wrong? You're not changed?
Everybody's going out.
-I think I'm done.
-No, come out with me.
Come on.
Stay, Jacques.
I'll tell you all about it, hmm?
Carla Fendi for Karl Lagerfeld,
per favore.
Hold on.
Well? Have you seen it?
It's good, isn't it?
- I was incredulous.
I can say that now.
But it's so light, beautiful, sensual.
He understood the spirit of Fendi.
You were so right.
This film was a very good idea.
We'll show it to journalists
to prepare the launch of the collection.
No. No, no, no, no.
Is it too soon?
I'm so sorry. I have
I've made a mistake.
We simply cannot use the film.
But why?
It's not professional.
Uh, it looks like it was made
by a student.
But that's what I like about it.
It's surprising and spontaneous.
Do not premiere this.
I'm happy to refund all the expenses.
But he is good, right?
He's talented.
Talking away ♪
I don't know what I'm to say ♪
I'll say it anyway ♪
Today is another day to find you ♪
Shying away ♪
I'll be coming for your love, okay? ♪
Take on me ♪
Take me on ♪
I'll be gone ♪
In a day or two ♪
So needless to say ♪
I'm odds and ends ♪
But that's me, I'm stumbling away ♪
Slowly learning that life is okay ♪
Say after me ♪
It's no better to be safe than sorry ♪
Take on me ♪
Take me on ♪
I'll be gone ♪
In a day or two ♪
I'll be gone ♪
In a day or two ♪
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