Beforeigners (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 We are the Ben Dover girls! Madde, tell us what's going on.
We're going to fake a timeigration.
Okay, so we're going out to sea.
Madde will swim to the Opera house, and people will think she's a Stone Age woman.
Next, I'll go to Joe & the Juice and order a smoothie in Stone Ageish.
Isn't that risky? What if the Coast Guard shows up? You saw what the Frienemies girls did.
We have to go all in if we want to win the cover name contest.
- It's going to be awesome! - Yeah, fucking awesome! Wait! I have something.
- Fuck! Did you steal that from dad? - Yes, I did! Madde! Ben Dover! Bros! Bros! Bros! Okay, Madde! This is it! Do it! Jump right in! And we're rolling in ten, nine, eight seven, six, five, four three, two, one Shit! Is it cold? Madde? The current's really strong! - I'm cramping up! - Take my hand! You guys are so fucking gullible.
- Typical.
- Every time.
Start the engine.
You have to film me walking ashore.
This is going to be awesome.
What the hell was that? - Shit! - What the hell was that? Madde! Where's Madde? - Where the fuck is she? - I don't know! Madde? - Madde! - Answer us! - She's drowning! - Call an ambulance! No, Ingrid! Why did you throw out my hanging fish? Why do you think? It smells like shit! ODIN LIVES THE ANSWER LIES IN JESUS The victim was found this morning by a hiker.
He's probably been here for a while before he was found.
Yeah, that's definitely our man.
Navn Ukjent.
- Are you okay? - What? Emotional reactions are normal the first time at a crime scene.
It's fine.
Have you found the spear? The spear? Yes! Or I think we can conclude that this man was shot, Alfhildr.
Yes, we can.
But that's about all we know.
The bullets went straight through.
If we can't find the location of the shooting, we've got nothing.
He wasn't shot here? He's got bruises on his knees and elbows.
He seems to have crawled quite a distance after being shot.
We have to find the site of the murder by nightfall.
It's going to rain again.
If we're going by Forensics' theory, we need to search this entire area.
How the hell are we going to do that? Yes? OK Where? OK, I'll be right there.
You'll have to organize the search on your own, Alfhildr.
- Me? - Ingrid's been in an accident at sea.
- OK? Is it serious? - They don't know yet.
1863 D.
What is this about? How's she doing? Good, considering the circumstances.
That is my impression.
But she has been placed in solitary.
What were they up to? Apparently, they were feigning a timeigration as a graduation stunt.
Marie telephoned to notify me of the incident, She is at a conference in Central Europe.
There is, however, a delicate topic I need to mention You see, there has Okay? Yes.
You have to call for a search crew and ask for a thorough search.
Remember to request a dog.
I know.
I have to go.
- You were saying? The situation is this: The medical personnel found traces of intoxicating fluids in the girls' blood.
OK So they were drunk? Far worse.
It was temproxate.
Can you even fathom how those sweeties were exposed to such devilry? - Temproxate? Are you sure? - Can you believe it? No, I don't understand how Is this a police matter now? No, I'm one of the girls' father.
- Right.
- How long will she be quarantined? We always run tests when there's been unprotected contact with new arrivals.
I've been in that tent myself.
It usually turns out just fine.
Oh, my.
This Good day.
- Good day.
- Good day.
- Any news on Madeleine? - I'm sorry, no.
What do the girls say about this drug? That they don't know where it came from.
Are we not going to address the elephant in the room? No? What do you mean by "elephant"? - Are you referring to me? - Excuse me for speaking bluntly.
But this is a beforeigner drug we're talking about.
And as far as I can tell, there's only one beforeigner here.
Are you implying that my background is related to this? Yeah You cannot let your wife speak to me in this manner, Axel.
We're on the PTA together.
Even in politically correct times people are able to put two and two together.
What timesist nonsense! You should be ashamed, all of you! Forgive me for losing my temper in there.
- That happens.
- Not to me.
I suppose it was too difficult for me to return to this place.
Can you tell me what happened here? Marie hasn't told you? I lost my son in a storm when I arrived in this time.
Between Blekøen and Hovedøen.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you for your concern.
All crews are busy with the landslide in Sørum.
You can have them tomorrow.
This is important! We have to send someone! Don't look at me! It's not my fault we're under-staffed! Fine.
But it's going to rain tonight.
You, me and Jørn have to go up there and take care of this now.
Scrutinizing one square kilometer in one afternoon? You can't be serious.
Are you not listening? I found blood here, which means the actual area is only this big.
The blood you found might as well come from an animal as from the victim.
Hello! I know what human blood tastes like.
You tasted the victim's blood? Well That's not really standard procedure With these wise words in mind, this meeting's adjourned.
Sit down! I'm in charge of this case.
I want us to do the search now.
I don't take orders from someone who eats blood and stuffs moss in her pants! - Please! - What did you say? We're not that many women here.
I figured out where that lump came from.
I use Libresse with wings.
But you wouldn't know about that.
Your snatch dried up 20 years ago.
Alfhildr If you want your subordinates to work extra, you need to be more flexible.
Thanks for the input.
Ingrid? Ingrid! - Madde? - Can I talk to you? - Ingrid! - Madde, no! We're quarantined! - Don't come in here! - Ingrid! I have to talk to someone! - What have they done to me? - Nothing.
We were in an accident.
No, there's more than that! - I'm seeing things, Ingrid! - What kind of things? I don't know! I can't explain it, but - They're lying! - Madde, who's lying? They say the discoloration of my teeth is from the electricity in the water.
But they're rotten! Look! - Madde, I don't understand.
- Let me in.
Madde, no! Please, don't do it! Madde, no! Don't come in here! - No! - Madde! - Madde! - Ingrid! They're lying! No! Ingrid! They're lying! Ingrid! Yes.
Yes, but I don't know what to do! - Wenche said - Don't let Wenche sideline you.
She always chooses the easy way out.
All of the evidence could be compromised.
I'm sure you'll find a solution, Alfhildr.
I've got good news.
Throw the knatt ball! Knatt! - Knatt foul! - What are you talking about? You were standing on the line when you hit it.
No fucking way! Stop.
A surveillance car's coming.
So? We didn't do anything.
Are you kidding? My backpack's full of shrooms! Throw the shrooms in the bushes, then! Relax, guys! It's just my friend.
Hey, shieldmaiden! You shouldn't pull up in that thing.
My boys almost had a heart attack.
But I need your help with some cop stuff.
Okay? I have to find the location of a shooting before nightfall.
Tonight's no good.
It's skáld night at Nivlhel, and Skjalg is going on stage.
- When's he going on? - Around midnight.
We can get it done before that.
I'll leave my card in the bar if you can take care of this.
What do you say, guys? Anyone want free mead? - Of course! - Of course! I hope you have a lot of money on that card, Enginnsdottir.
This bloodhound never fails! If you feed him more shrooms, he won't be able to find his own tail! What? You're feeding him shrooms? You do know this is a police car? So? Is it illegal for dogs to eat shrooms? Quit it! Don't be such a Goody Two-Shoes.
If we're going to be cops, let us be cops! Don't go to sleep tonight, robbers! Here come detective Motherless and her squires! We'll grab the city by the balls and bring evil to its knees! Come here.
Do you know what's happening with Madeleine? No.
But She's not in her right mind, that's for sure.
Your father and I have to address the issue with the temproxate.
How could consider trying something like that? I don't know.
It was stupid.
Who procured the stimulant? Can't remember.
- I'm just so tired.
- Of course.
We'll continue this conversation when you're feeling better.
I'm glad you're okay.
Let's not say goodbye on the porch after a day like this.
Come on in for a Vermouth.
I insist.
It'll start raining in two hours.
The search perimeter runs from these masts to the hill over there.
Listen to Nerd-hildr.
"Search perimeters"! Get it together! My honor as an officer's at stake! Okay.
What are we looking for? Large amounts of blood, bullets, shell casings.
Relax, ladies.
Just give me the leaf, and Ginsberg will sort the rest.
Hey, Ginsberg Make daddy proud! Not that way! Ginsberg! Ginsberg! Maybe the two-legged ones should help out, just in case? Can you tell me where you got the temproxate? Why do you ask questions you already know the answer to? - How could you be so stupid? - It wasn't me! It was Madeleine! - Stealing something like that! I begged her not to do it! You could have told me.
- I could have.
- Yeah, you could have.
Why do you have those bottles anyway? They're from a drug bust.
Yeah, right.
I wasn't born yesterday.
Do you mind plastic? My silver plated cocktail sticks were ruined in the dishwashing tumbler.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Sleep well, Ingrid.
- Good night.
Would you like to know what elevates a Vermouth to perfection? A filled pipe.
I'm not a pipe-smoking kind of guy.
You won't know until you've tried.
Now draw.
- Draw in.
Come on.
- There we go.
There you have it.
I can feel it! And then The Vermouth.
So this is where you do your stargazing? Yes.
At least they're how I remember them from the old days.
Most other things are in flux.
- What was your son's name? - Valentin.
He was delightful.
Quite the rapscallion.
And now he's at The Cemetary of Our Savior.
Do you visit his grave a lot? I was there when they telephoned about Ingrid.
His resting place had been vandalized by timesists.
- That's fucked up.
- You can say that.
It's not the first time, unfortunately.
I'll talk to security.
This needs to stop.
- Would you do me that favor? - Sure.
It seems you're a greater man than what I first presumed, Haaland.
I wouldn't go that far.
Give it a week, and you'll think I'm an annoying arsehole again.
That is a highly plausible scenario.
It can't be easy for them.
I suppose we can spare an apple or two.
You guys haven't found anything either? No.
My boy's just having a bad day.
Looks like we have to pay for our own mead tonight.
The old Sami's found something.
What are you waiting for, shieldmaiden? Call the cops, so we can get to Nivlhel! To detective Motherless and her endless wealth! Hear, hear! May this well never run dry! It won't last long, the way you're throwing it back.
It's time for the first skáld of the evening here at the Nivler.
The man who made the earls cry with his lay of deeds: Skjalg Egilsson! The Lay of the King! The Lay of the King! How's it going with that other thing? You know I finally manned up and started the treatment.
Is it working? Like a sword through butter.
Come on, Skjalg! It's nice that you all have a favorite.
But tonight, I'd like to try something new.
It's a free form verse, and it's called - "The Maze.
" - The Lay of the King! "The Maze.
" The salt in tears is the same as the salt in the ocean The sand in the hourglass, like the longing in my songs The Lay of the King! The Lay of the King! Okay! I take the hint! I take the hint! The Lay of the King! Yes, we're having a meeting later.
Look, it's that incessant journalist I have a few questions in regards to the body that was found in the woods.
We see that Haaland and Enginnsdottir are leading this investigation as well.
So there's a connection to the murder at Tjuvholmen? I can't comment on that.
I was referred to Enginnsdottir and Haaland.
They won't answer my inquiries.
We have no further comments at this time.
We need an update on the murder in the forest immediately.
- Is it linked to the Tjuvholmen case? - I think so.
I heard Enginnsdottir found the crime scene, but I've yet to receive a report.
It seems she's indisposed.
- Indisposed? - I've tried to reach her all day.
I emailed and called her about 40 times.
I'm sure there's a natural explanation.
I don't know what's natural to her.
She brags about tasting the victim's blood.
- What are you saying? - We'll talk about this later, Grete.
Get a hold of Enginnsdottir! I want to know where this case stands, right now.
The person you're calling is unavailable Alfhildr? Are you Ravvga's messenger? No, I'm from the Oslo police.
I'm Alfhildr's colleague Alfhildr? Alfhildr! I'm sorry.
I didn't hear my alarm clock.
Rough night? I hosted a small social gathering with the search crew.
Congrats on your findings.
How's the report coming along? Skit'r! I forgot.
The Chief is about to lose it.
Get dressed.
I'll help you write it.
Do you have anything for headaches? In my jacket.
YOU FAILED TO ATTEND YOUR DOCTOR'S APPOINTMEN Alfhildr! Are you coming? Since our own search crew was unavailable, Alfhildr chose to utilize civilian assistance.
She contacted a Norse group of people specializing in traditional path-finding techniques.
We found the crime scene using a bloodhound trained by this group, and an old Sami with special path-finding skills.
I'll admit I was worried.
But this looks excellent.
Good work, Harald.
We have to tell the media about the path-finding.
That's the kind of innovation the Minister wants.
Forensics just sent us an email about the murder weapon.
"Bullet fragments suggest Name was shot by a military drone.
" Exigo Y.
Who would kill a Stone Age guy with a drone? - What was the name of the weapon again? - Exigo Y.
Do you know the incident in Marseilles last year? A newly arrived beforeigner committed mass murder upon arrival.
Obviously, it gave rise to concern.
So management met to discuss potential measures in the event of similar scenarios.
What does this have to do with the drone? Armed drones protecting civilians was one of the pilot projects.
A joint operation between the armed forces and the harbor police.
And you believe the weapon used in Nordmarka is linked to this? I'm more or less certain.
It was shut down after a security breach.
A drone was stolen.
The model was Exigo Y.
Was anyone caught? The military guys said it could be tied to those 1800s idiots who attack technology.
The Neo-Luddites? Why wasn't anyone alerted? Those people barely know how to unlock an iPhone.
According to army experts, this drone is so sophisticated, maybe ten people in Norway can operate it.
That army contact of yours, can you have him send a list of names? Okay.
Meet me in five.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So I spoke to the pathologist.
All that talk about Norse path-finders.
It's bullshit.
Alfhildr brought some shroomies there.
They stumbled across the crime scene.
- Okay? - It gets better.
I have a name.
- Well? - Here.
See the caption under her profile picture? "Once a warrior, always a warrior.
" Could this mean Alfhildr was a warrior too? If so, she should never have been admitted to the Police Academy.
Oh, dear.
Welcome home, detective Motherless.
You look a little pale.
We need to get you some mead.
Bartender! Mead! Coming up.
By Loki's balls! No, I think you and I have to run an errand.
I can't do it.
Let me out.
- Just lay down with your head facing - I said, let me out! It's okay.
Lay down.
I'm going to tell you a story.
Remember that day when we came home from Biarmaland? We were lying on the hills behind the tavern house, waiting for Stinky Finn to finish the horse stew.
Do you remember that a skald came by? The one who chanted so beautifully about Gudrun and the dragon slayer? You and I joined in with our croaky voices.
He said something that I'll never forget: "We don't sing the songs.
" "The songs are singing us.
" So? What do you think? It's like having the good, old Madde back.
I'm sorry.
Perhaps I should keep my lips closed until I've seen a dentist.
That's probably not a bad idea.
Get some rest, and your dad and I will get started on dinner.
Thank you.
What are you looking at? A list of names of people trained to operate an Exigo Y drone.
What the hell.
? Do you see who that is? Skit'r! It's that 1800s wannabe who took our phones at the AFTT.
- Well? - Shit! You scared me! When did you get so jumpy? This is the last time.
TEMPORAL ANOMALIES CONFIRMED Our Father who art in heaven.
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.