Behind Her Eyes (2021) s01e04 Episode Script


What have you got there, mister? Nothing yet.
They're so fast.
Want Mommy to show you how? Yeah? Food's ready! - Hi.
- Come get it.
Coming! - What would you like, Adam? - Can I have a sausage and bacon? Here.
Come on.
Take them.
Under your tongue, please.
I'll call at 11:30.
Rob, are you mental? They catch us and it'll be another month in here.
Who cares? What's another month? We did all right.
It's 30 days I don't get to kiss David is what it is.
Fuck me.
I don't know who you are out there.
What does that mean? I'm me.
Our lives out there are night and day.
So what? So everything is about to change is what.
For you, that's a good thing.
For me, not so much.
I know you don't want to go home.
But it'll be better.
'Cause you're better.
In here with you, I'm better.
Because we're equals.
Same food, same clothes same rules, same everything.
Out there, you know, I'm just a junkie with a shitty family.
No friends, no talent.
Nothing about that life I want back.
Sometimes I think in here with you is the happiest I've ever been.
Honestly, I've thought about making sure we get caught - just so you have to stay.
- Stop it.
You have to promise me something.
Promise you'll come and visit.
- Don't talk shite.
- I mean it.
Are you saying that to make me feel better or yourself? All right, I'm sorry, I'm being a dick.
I'm sorry.
All right, I promise.
Can I help you? Is Dr.
Ferguson in? It's, um, it's Anthony, I'm a Can you just tell him it's Anthony.
I'm a patient of his.
What happened to your face? You shouldn't be here, Anthony.
Um, are you his wife? This This isn't a good time.
- Please, go.
- Wait, is he here? I can't talk to you.
Are you all right? Did he do that to you? Do you need help? I can help you.
Thank you.
You're kind.
What happened to your eye? I had an accident with the cupboard.
A cupboard? Don't.
I know, it looks worse than it is.
I promise.
Glad to hear it, 'cause it looks like you got hit with a cricket bat.
I thought maybe we could give the gym a miss today.
What's going on? - Are you hurt anywhere else? - No.
Honestly, it was such a silly thing.
Please, don't worry.
All right, can we just go to the park instead? I thought maybe we could go for a run.
Twenty-five up.
Twenty-five down.
Then fifty up.
Come on.
Never again.
I never knew how good a proper night's sleep could feel.
I knew you could do it.
I just knew you could control your dreams.
How did you know? Because you shine, Louise.
Just like Rob did.
I know about people.
So Where did you go? Where did your door take you? I went to my mum's house, up to my old room and crawled into bed and went to sleep.
You can go anywhere, you know.
Anywhere in the world.
With anyone.
I just really wanted to sleep.
I feel weird reading about your past from someone else.
You sure you don't mind? It was a long time ago.
I knew reading about it would be better than me trying to explain things.
Keep going.
You have to.
I think you've maybe changed my life, Adele.
What are friends for? Maybe one day you'll do the same for me.
- Morning.
- Ooh! You're missing all the excitement.
The Hawkins parents came in and now they're in Sharma's office with Dr.
Did something happen to Anthony? - Maybe - Thank you for your concern.
It goes without saying we take matters like this very seriously.
Anthony likes Dr.
He wouldn't just make this up.
I also have to ask, what was Anthony even doing at Dr.
Ferguson's home? Well, I promise you we will get to the bottom of this.
I know my son has his problems, but I don't think he'd lie.
Not about something like this.
No, he wouldn't.
I'll be in touch.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for seeing us.
Anything we can help with, Dr.
Sharma? Just go about your usual duties, Sue.
Thank you.
Who can we refer him to? You know as well as anyone that it's my professional duty to investigate accusations of this nature.
Investigate? The issue here is that a patient turned up on my doorstep at home.
What may or may not have happened in my personal life has nothing to do with it.
All the same, David, these are serious accusations.
What do you need to hear? I didn't hit Adele.
Call her.
I've nothing to hide.
I'll stand here and not say a word.
Hello, darling.
Um, hello, Adele.
It's Dr.
How embarrassing.
I saw the office number and expected David.
This is awkward, Adele, but, um One of David's patients, a young man called Anthony Hawkins, says that he saw David strike you.
So I have to ask, did your husband hit you? I'm sorry, I know it's not funny subject, but, really, David would never.
I do have a bruise on my face, but it's my own silly fault.
I had an accident in the kitchen.
- Surely David told you that.
- span style= "style1" -Yes, he did.
Are you listening? No.
No, I'm on hold.
Gas bill.
Bloody call centers.
I think this might be all my fault.
How's that? Anthony did come to our door.
I didn't want to get the boy in trouble.
He seemed so desperate.
Turning up at our house, I knew that could look bad for him.
But his welfare's not your concern, Adele.
He can't just turn up where he likes.
No, no.
I see that.
But there's really nothing to worry about here, except for maybe my clumsiness.
I thank you for your time.
And again, I'm sorry I had to ask.
Well, what do you think? They're lovely.
Why didn't you tell me? About Anthony Hawkins? I didn't want the boy to get in trouble.
He seems to need you.
So why would he say that he saw me hit you.
You tell me, David.
- You're the psychiatrist.
- Wh - And you've never met him before? - No.
I never once saw him before.
Now tell me which one you like best before I start screaming.
Where are you going? Hey.
What a fucking day.
I had to see you.
- You see me every day.
- Not like this.
Not when we can just be us, properly.
There's hardly an us, is there? Are you okay? Did you hit your wife? How'd you know about that? No secrets in that office.
Well, we'd better hope there are secrets in that office.
Did you? Do you really think I could do that? I don't know.
You close up every time I try and ask you anything.
- What am I supposed to think of you? - Of course, I didn't bloody hit her! She said she opened a kitchen cupboard into her face.
I don't know if that's true, but I know I didn't hit her.
I don't believe her and you don't believe me.
Would you have even told me about it, if I hadn't brought it up? Probably not.
You want to know why I close down? It's because you're the only good thing in my life, and I need you to be separate from all that.
What does that even mean? Do you want me to leave? I want you to deal with your problems.
Because I care about you.
And this Us, it's not helping with that, is it? Do you still love Adele? - Does she still love you? - She loves me.
For whatever that's worth.
Do you know how ugly that sounds? Go home, David.
Go home and sort your shit out.
And maybe stop drinking so much.
One, two, three, four, five Food's ready.
You shouldn't be here.
Yes! I love Adele, properly.
Everything about her.
I don't want to leave this place.
Not if it means leaving her.
She thinks Dr.
David's going to take care of her.
She doesn't get people like I do.
Adele's been protected her whole life.
But I know the truth.
Like, what actually happened to Adele's parents.
Was David really driving by in the middle of the night just in time to save her? Seems pretty fucking convenient to me.
But if Adele thinks I'll forget about her, she's wrong.
I'm going to look out for her, because I don't for one second think David will.
I'm sorry about last night, I shouldn't have put all that on you.
Louise, wait.
Wait, please.
I really care about you.
I think I think about you all the time.
I can't help myself.
It's like I lead a separate life with you in my head and it's keeping me up at night trying to figure out how to be with you.
Like, free and clear.
And I know you don't understand what's going on with me.
But, there's something that I've got to get sorted on my own.
And I know that's really unfair, and you don't owe me anything.
But I'm falling in love with you.
That's not fair.
- It's true.
- And what am I meant to do with that? I can't decide your life for you.
I'm going to fix it.
I am.
Hi, Emma.
Hi, Mrs.
I'm in a rush, but I'd like to get an extended guest membership for my friend Louise Barnsley.
Could you set it up and call me later at home with the pricing and whatnot? Absolutely.
Call any time after 6:00.
After 6:00, no problem.
Hello, Anthony.
I can't see him anymore, Dr.
Ferguson, 'cause of what I said.
You did a brave thing, Anthony.
I'm very grateful.
Your husband wouldn't like any of this.
I don't care what he thinks.
And neither should you.
He deserted you.
Did you get it for me? Yeah.
I know other stuff about him.
But you won't like it.
Why don't you tell me all about it? Fuck me.
Twenty-eight, sir.
- Just leave it, pal.
- Thanks a lot.
Christ on a cross! It's fucking massive! That's my great-great-great-great-great Aunt Adele.
I was named after her.
I can see why.
She looks just like you.
She was madly in love with her husband, but he cheated on her with several of the servants and then suddenly he died of a heart attack, but she spent a lot of time on the moors, and the legend is that a witch taught her a spell to stop his heart.
Adele, that fucking frame is worth more than Ailsa's whole flat.
If we sold this, I could get high for the rest of my life.
And this is the dining room.
When I was little, I used to love standing here and watching the servants cut the grass.
Darling, we really must talk to the maid.
There are fingerprints all over this crystal.
- Shall we fire her? - Yes.
And I'd like dinner at 7:00.
Roast pheasant.
This was their room.
They never even woke up.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
It stinks.
This rug is amazing.
It's from a bear.
You're stoned.
Are there even bears in Scotland? Not anymore.
Thanks to your family.
Did you bring anything else? Yeah.
Did you even try to stop? I don't want to.
You can't have it in the house.
You have to hide it before David gets here.
Wait He's he's coming here? On Saturday.
When he finishes at uni for the week.
Well, you didn't tell me that.
You can't have me all to yourself forever.
Maybe not.
But I have an important question to ask you.
What is it like to be so fucking rich and so fucking pretty? It's lonely.
All right, well I'll swap you.
I'd give my left bollock to have zero friends and this house.
Hello, is this Mr.
Ferguson? Yes, this is David Ferguson.
Hello, this is Emma calling from the gym.
I wanted to confirm a guest membership for a Louise Barnsley.
Sorry you want to confirm a guest membership for who? Louise Barnsley.
It was requested by Adele Ferguson.
Hello? Mr.
Ferguson? Who was that? Where's your phone? Your phone.
Who is it? It's me.
Open up.
What's What's wrong? Hey.
You and Adele.
Um The whole time.
And you said nothing! I didn't know how to.
It wasn't intentional, I literally bumped into her outside Adam's school.
She wanted to have coffee with me.
I couldn't say no! It just happened.
And you didn't think to tell her that we work together?! You didn't think to talk about that?! - How fucking crazy are you? - I'm not crazy! Really? You look like a lunatic from where I'm standing! Fuck off, David! You know what? I didn't want to be her friend.
I didn't! But she was so lonely, I felt sorry for her, and I'm her only friend.
Her only one.
Why is that? What happened with us in the bar, it was a one-off, so I didn't see the harm and then it became more.
We became more.
It's a mess.
I know that.
So many fucking lies.
No, I didn't lie.
I just didn't tell you.
I thought I could trust you.
With your extramarital shagging? With that? What are you really worried about, David? That I'll help her get her life back? Tell her to tell you to fuck off next time you ring to check on her? What has she said to you about me? Nothing really, other than she loves you, but I see things.
I see how you play with her head.
How fucking scared she is of you.
You really think nothing of me, do you? I think nothing of myself right now.
I've become everything I hate because of you.
You want me to feel guilty for being friends with Adele? I feel guilty about you.
Falling for you.
About doing to her what someone else did to me.
Adele? Adele has done nothing wrong.
Don't think for one second that you can understand my marriage.
What are you afraid of, David? That I know something I shouldn't? What exactly do you think you know? I know you've got all her money.
You're fired.
- What? - Tomorrow you hand in your notice to Dr.
- I don't care what reason you give - David.
You make something up.
That should be easy for you.
And if you think about telling him about us I'll show him this.
You stay away from me.
And you stay away from Adele.
We are not your business.
You understand? And like I said, I'm very sorry for such abrupt notice, but there's a very urgent family matter that needs my attention.
I'm so sorry, Louise.
What can I do to help? Nothing.
Well, if you need to talk or anything, you must promise to call me or Dr.
Right, David? Of course.
And let's just call this a hiatus.
Yes? I'm sorry? We'll get a temp to cover your days for now and I'll give you a call in a month to see where you're at.
All right? You're too good, my dear.
I can't let you leave that easily.
All right? I'm sorry.
Are you sure you can't tell me what's going on? I'm gonna miss you.
I really am.
Best of luck with it all, Louise.
What's happened? Can't you tell me? Louise.
Hello? Adele? Adele! Adele! Adele! Adele! Fuck! Adele.
Hey! Adele? Thank God.
Adele? Adele? Wake up.
Come on.
Wake up, wake up.
Come on.
Come on! Fuck.
Louise! - You're soaked.
- Yeah, I - Yeah, I am.
You weren't answering the door.
I saw you through the window and I thought - You need a towel.
- Whoa.
Stay still.
I thought you were dead.
Why are you here? Never mind that right now.
Let's, let's get you some coffee.
Yeah? Yeah? Just hold onto me, come on.
I can't believe David fired you.
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you just tell him I made you promise not to say anything? 'Cause I said I wouldn't.
You kept our secret.
I'll talk to him.
I wouldn't go back now if he begged.
I know you think David is a saint, but there are things you should know.
There's another reason David fired me.
We have been Whoa.
Sorry, what? What have you been taking? Where are they, Adele? There? David prescribed these for you? Yep.
For my anxiety.
These are strong anti-psychotics and sedatives.
How long has he been making you take these? For a while.
I don't always take them.
Sometimes he watches and I have no choice.
Like this morning.
It wasn't always like this.
When did it start? After Brighton.
What happened in Brighton? He had an affair.
She owned the little cafe around the corner from his office.
The Cozy Cafe she called it.
That was about right.
When was this? Right before we moved here.
This house was supposed to be our fresh start.
So much for that.
Why didn't you leave him, Adele? It's not that simple.
Even if I wanted to, 'cause of my problems, my past He has a file on me.
Everything he needs to make me look crazy.
It's his insurance policy.
He's the psychiatrist.
I'm just the "crazy wife.
" I know different.
I can't involve you anymore.
It's not fair.
And he can't know you were here.
Doesn't have to be this way.
Maybe I am crazy.
'Cause I just want David to love me again.
Like he did before.
Or maybe you have to consider that David isn't the man you think he is.
I was always scared of this when I was a kid.
I got warned so many times not to go near it that I used to dream there was some monster down there trying to get out.
You can't even see the bottom.
You can feel how cold it is down there.
It's creepy.
When I was at Westlands, I dreamt of crying all my sadness into it and sealing it up.
Did it make you feel better? A bit.
But when you wake up, the dreams are gone and the world is still real.
I wish I could make it better.
You do.
Being here.
It means so much that you came.
I love this place.
I'd stay forever if I could.
Maybe I could keep the monsters away.
Come in, David.
Don't be silly.
You're sure you didn't know who Louise was when you met her? How could I? We all live in the area.
It's just one of those things.
- What? - Another of those things.
There have been too many things, Adele.
That's just life.
Things happen and you get through them and you move on.
You need to move on.
If you worry about all the things in the past you can't change, it'll drive you mad.
And to you, it's nothing.
That's not true.
For me, it was the moment I really and truly knew how much you loved me.
It's not an unhappy memory.
No one knows.
No one was ever going to know.
Maybe they should.
- Look at us.
- 'Cause you won't let it go.
You want to let it destroy us.
It won't help, David.
Trust me.
I'm going to make us some peppermint tea.
It will help you sleep.
I'm going to fix things, David.
You'll see.

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